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TALBOT, Lyle (February 8, 1902; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – March 2, 1996; San Francisco, California) 
The Sky DragonAndy Barrett (alias Andrew J. Smith, also called Andrew J. Barrett)

TAMBLYN, Eddie (January 5, 1908; Yonkers, New York – June 22, 1957; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OperaCall Boy

TANG, Frank (November 27, 1905; San Francisco, California – June 29, 1968; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan’s Greatest CaseOswald Chan

TANNEN, Charles (October 22, 1915; New York, New York – December 28, 1980; San Bernardino, California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandAirline Passenger
Murder Over New YorkVoice of Radio Announcer
Dead Men TellSailor with Girl

TANZEL, Bobby (Active in films 1936) 
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackGilroy

TAVARES, Freddie (February 18, 1913; Maui, Territory of Hawaii – July 24, 1990; California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandSteel Guitar Musician

TAYLOR, Carlie (September 16, 1897; Pretoria, South Africa – September 19, 1955; Sunland, California) 
Charlie Chan in LondonManorGuest

TAYLOR, Donald Dexter (Donald D. Taylor) (Active in films 1945) 
The Red DragonWalter Dorn

TAYLOR, Ferris (March 25, 1888; Henrietta, Texas – March 7, 1961; Hollywood, California) Docks of New OrleansDr. Dooble

TAYLOR, Forrest (December 29, 1883; Bloomington, Illinois – February 19, 1965; Garden Grove, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackPhoto Booth Worker
The Golden EyeManning

TEAD, Phil (September 29, 1893; Somerville, Massachusetts – June 9, 1974; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in ShanghaiReporter

THOMAS, Jameson (March 24, 1888; London, England – January 10, 1939; Sierra Madre, California) 
Charlie Chan in EgyptDr. Anton Racine

THOMPSON, Anita (December 15, 1915; Texas – December 23, 1991; Sherman Oaks, California) 
Charlie Chan at the CircusCircus Performer

THURSBY, David (February 28, 1889; Cumberland, England – April 20, 1977; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackSteward

TILBURY, Zeffie (November 20, 1863; London, England – July 24, 1950; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan Carries OnMrs. Luce

TIMM, Marjorie (April 18, 1910; Oakland, California – May 4, 1986; Walnut Creek, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OperaVillager in Opera

TODD, James (July 8, 1908; Chicago, Illinois – February 8, 1968) 
Charlie Chan’s ChanceKenneth Dunwood

TOLER, Sidney (April 28, 1874; Warrensburg, Missouri – February 12, 1947; Beverly Hills, California)
Charlie Chan in HonoluluCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan in RenoCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan in PanamaCharlie Chan (also posing as Fu Yuen)
Charlie Chan’s Murder CruiseCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumCharlie Chan
Murder Over New YorkCharlie Chan
Dead Men TellCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan in RioCharlie Chan
Castle in the DesertCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServiceCharlie Chan
The Chinese CatCharlie Chan
Black Magic/Meeting at MidnightCharlie Chan
The Jade MaskCharlie Chan
The Scarlet ClueCharlie Chan
The Shanghai CobraCharlie Chan
The Red DragonCharlie Chan
Dark AlibiCharlie Chan
Shadows Over ChinatownCharlie Chan
Dangerous MoneyCharlie Chan
The TrapCharlie Chan

TOLLAIRE, August (March 7, 1866; Paris, France – January 15, 1959; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in ParisConcierge

TOM, Jr., Layne (Born: June 29, 1927; Los Angeles, California – January 14, 2015; Huntington Beach, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsCharlie Chan, Jr.
Charlie Chan in HonoluluTommy Chan
Charlie Chan’s Murder CruiseWillie Chan

TOMBES, Andrew (June 29, 1885; Ashtabula, Ohio – March 17, 1976; New York, New York)
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsChief E.K. Scott

TONG, Sam (Sammee Tong, Sammy Tong) (April 21, 1901; San Francisco, California – October 27, 1964; Palms, California)
Charlie Chan in ShanghaiWaiter
Charlie Chan at the OperaOpera Extra Soldier

TORNEK, Jack (Jack Turner) (January 2, 1887; Minsk, Russian Empire – February 18, 1974; los Angeles County, California) 
Docks of New OrleansSidewalk Passerby

TORRENCE, David (January 17, 1864; Edinburgh, Scotland – December 26, 1951; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan in LondonSir Lionel Bashford
Charlie Chan in ShanghaiSir Stanley Woodland

TREE, Dorothy (May 21, 1906; Brooklyn, New York – February 13, 1992; Engelwood, New Jersey) 
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessCharlotte Ronnell

TREVOR, Edward (March 11, 1910; New York, New York – March 19, 2009; New York, New York) 
Charlie Chan’s SecretFred Gage

TROWBRIDGE, Charles (January 10, 1882; Vera Cruz, Mexico – October 30, 1967; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumJudge
The Red DragonPrentiss

TROY, Sid (March 20, 1908; New York, New York – September 10, 1966; Panorama City, California) 
Charlie Chan in PanamaSailor

TUCKER, Harlan (Harland Tucker) (December 8, 1893; Toledo, Ohio – March 22, 1949; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackGangster
Charlie Chan at the OperaPrivate Detective

TUCKER, Richard (June 4, 1884; Brooklyn, New York – December 5, 1942; Woodland Hills, California) 
The Black CamelWilkie Ballou

TUTTLE, Edward (Active in films and television 1939 to 1969) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandAudience Member

TWITCHELL, Archie (November 8, 1906; Pendleton, Oregon – January 31, 1957; Pacoima, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumCarter Lane

TYLER, Lelah (January 23, 1899; Golden, Colorado – March 17, 1984; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServiceMrs. Winters

TYLER, Tom (August 9, 1903; Port Henry, New York – May 3, 1954; Hamtrank, Michigan) 
The Golden Eye

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