Chat Archive 10/17/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for October 17, 2022

The Chinese Ring

Rare Footage of Chinese Princess Deling Calling for Peace Between US and China; Douglas MacArthur’s Secret Affair with a Filipino Showgirl; Barbara Jean Wong Tribute

hounder/Hounder 2
TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx

Rush has joined this room

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mda19083: hello Rush


Rush: Hello, MDA!

mda19083: I am early – can I help set up the chairs

Rush: I was just putting up the sign!

Rush: Yes, please!

Rush: Thank you!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: what sign – the doctor is in

Rush: “The Chinese Ring”

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mda19083: someone left gum under their seat

Matt1: Hello Rush & MDA!

mda19083: hello matt

Rush: Hello, Matt!

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Rush: And…Aloha to Steve!

Matt1: Alohaaaaaa, Steve!

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha from the land of Chan.

mda19083: greetings steve

Rush: Again, I Sigh…

Hawaii_Steve: And how are all the little Chanettes tonight?

Rush: One day I may be able to return!

mda19083: i am glad i have a week to prepare my costume

Rush: Chanified and ready to go!

mda19083: for the party

Rush: Yes…next Monday is the big Halloween Party!

Matt1: Always a fun evening!

mda19083: i get it – a macarthur joke

Hawaii_Steve: Chanified. Oww.

Rush: Oh, yes!

Matt1: It’s a real who’s who!

mda19083: always in chan mode on mondays

Rush: Chanified, gratified, and satisfied!

mda19083: love it rush

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, a triple threat.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Yep.

Rush: I think we have three interesting extras tonight.

Matt1: They look interesting

mda19083: turning cold her in the philadelphia area

Rush: I hope that you will enjoy them.

mda19083: may need to put on mu bunny slippers

mda19083: my

Hawaii_Steve: I hope so too. I have not watched them.

Matt1: Oh, good luck to your Padres Rush…..but go Phil’s! 


Hawaii_Steve: Here is the first extra.

mda19083: matt – yes!!

Rush: One is a short plea from an actual Chinese princess….

Hawaii_Steve: Nice.

Matt1: Cued here

Hawaii_Steve: Cued here.

Rush: Another is about Chabing and about a general in her life!

Matt1: Scandalous!

mda19083: always wanted to know more about Chabing

Rush: And the third is a tribute to Barbara Jean wong, who plays Princess Mei Ling in tonight’s movie.

Rush: The info about Chabing is pretty unusual!

mda19083: and she is no Disney princess

Rush: No.

Rush: Chabing is one of three names she went by.

Hawaii_Steve: Interesting. selection.

mda19083: I also have 3 names I go by – no details will be forthcoming from me on that though

Rush: As Steve can attest, it is not always easy to come up with extras directly relating to a Monogram chan film!

Rush: MDA…:)

mda19083: I am in the witness protection program

Rush: AH!

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: You are so correct, Mr. Rush.

Rush: We actually had some light snow flurries in my area this afternoon!

Hawaii_Steve: I’ve been reading the Karloff Lugosi book.

Matt1: Yikes!

mda19083: what!

Rush: Yes, steve?

Rush: Yes…winter knocks at Fall’s door!

Hawaii_Steve: It states that only two Monogram buildings are standing today (1990).

Rush: Supposed to have higher temps later this week.

Matt1: How is the family adapting to the change of seasons, Rush…..especially the cold & snow?

Rush: How many buildings were there originally?

mda19083: the annotated jeckyl and hyde will be released tomorrow

Rush: Do we know?

Hawaii_Steve: “The Story of a Haunting Collaboration” by Gregory William Mank.

Rush: Or, was it sort of a mish-mash of structures?

Rush: Sounds like a good one, Steve.

mda19083: where abouts was the M studio located?

Hawaii_Steve: There is conflicting information about the buildings and number of stages at Monogram.

Hawaii_Steve: Sunset Blvd.

Hawaii_Steve: Hollywood

mda19083: thanks – I am ready for my close up

Hawaii_Steve: I have read about two large studios and one small studio.

Rush: In 2 1/2 minutes, let’s see the first extra…

mda19083: mr DeMille

Hawaii_Steve: There are images on the net.


Rush: There’s the link…

Hawaii_Steve: John Carradine, Huntz Hall, etc. talk about filming at Monogram. Always a rush job.

Hawaii_Steve: Crank ’em out. Get ’em out to the public.

Matt1: $$

Rush: I had to wait for commercials…

Rush: Cued now…

Rush: ready?

Matt1: Yep

mda19083: cued here

Rush: 45 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: Executives never renewed the copyright on Monogram film. No value in them.

Rush: 40…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Hawaii_Steve: Princess is first image.

Rush: 20…

Rush: 16…

Rush: Yes.

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

mda19083: quite a bit of regalia there

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: Very nice

Rush: Evidently from 1930.

Rush: Republic of China.

Rush: And before WW2.

Hawaii_Steve: Apparently shot in the usa by Fox Movietone newsreels.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: during a royal visit, no doubt.

mda19083: interesting

Hawaii_Steve: Sadly, the Chinese do not feel that way today.

Rush: So, that was a relatively recent Chinese princess.

Rush: We see Princess Mei Ling tonight.

Rush: Next…


Rush: Chabing…


Rush: Tell me when you are ready, please…

Matt1: Ready

Hawaii_Steve: Cued here.

Rush: Okay…

mda19083: cued up here

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Hawaii_Steve: First words: 18 year old …

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: “Dimples”

Rush: At age 14!

mda19083: the 3 blowhards – love it

Rush: 🙂

Rush: AUTHOR’S quote…

Rush: $15,000 was like about $300,000 today.

Matt1: Sad ending

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: Age 46

Hawaii_Steve: Amazing story.

Rush: But at least now we have a little information about Chabing.

Rush: And who whould guess of her relationship to MacArthur?

mda19083: we now know the rest of the story

Hawaii_Steve: MacArthur was an old army dog.

Rush: Could also explain the general’s deep desire to liberate the Philippines.

mda19083: he did more than smoke a pipe

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: rush 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: As a tour guide at the SS Missouri, we spoke often about MacArthur. Never heard any of this stuff.

Rush: I would guess not!

mda19083: it is on You Tube – it must be true

Rush: Although, who among us is perfect? We are all human, subject to flaws…

Hawaii_Steve: If true, this happened a decade before WW2.

Rush: Yes.

Hawaii_Steve: Very interesting story.

Rush: She was in the US during the war.

mda19083: perfection is overrated

Rush: If it is even attainable!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Ms. Cooper is in tonight’s film?

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Okay….

Rush: Barbara Jean Wong…


mda19083: cued here

Matt1: Ditto

Rush: About 3 minutes long…

Rush: No dialogue…

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Dimples is in tonight’s film. Amazing.

Rush: Just images accompanied with music…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

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Matt1: Hello Me2!

Me_Too: Hello everyone.

mda19083: hello

Rush: Hello, Me Too!

Rush: WeWe are watching the last extra…


Rush: And there we have it!

Matt1: Very nice, thnx for the extras

Rush: I wanted to end on a more upbeat note.

Hawaii_Steve: Very nice collection of extras.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Rush.

Rush: I once had a good communication with a lady who was the daughter of the actress who played Ling Chan in “Honolulu,”

Hawaii_Steve: Barbara Jean Wong. Nice video profile.

Rush: as well as Number One Daughter in “Circus.”

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Hawaii_Steve: Yes ….

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Dona: Hello Everyone!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: She called Barbara jean wong “BJ” Wong.

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Dona.

Me_Too: Hello Dona.

Rush: She was either family or friends with many who wwere in Chan movies.

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Dona: Glad I made it.

Matt1: wb MDA!

Rush: sadly, she passsed away in 2003.

Rush: Hello, DONA!


Hawaii_Steve: In the olden days, the was a tight group of Asian actors working Hollywood. James Hong was among the youngest.

Rush: Now…please get your copies of “The Chinese Ring'” ready!

mda19083: hello dona

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Matt1: Hello Louise!

Louise2022: Hello Chan Clan

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Dona: Hello MDS

Matt1: Hello GS!

Dona: Hi Louise

GodwinShelley2: Hello everyone

Dona: Hi GS

Rush: GS!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

mda19083: hello folks

GodwinShelley2: So is next week our halloween party

Rush: And…LOUISE!!!

Matt1: Wahoooo!

Rush: Good evening to you!

Louise2022: Just got back from New York City so I am a bit fuzzy tonight after three days of art museums and walking.

Hawaii_Steve: Cued here.

Matt1: Cued

Louise2022: CUED here, too

Rush: Cued as well!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha GS.

mda19083: all ready here

GodwinShelley2: Had a houseguest for a week+ here

GodwinShelley2: hello Steve

GodwinShelley2: I’m cued

Rush: we DO have 4 minutes to go…

Rush: maybe a later arrival or two!

Dona: ready to go here.

Rush: Louise, i am working my way through the transferral process…

Rush: Currently working on the Gallery.

Rush: Pretty good progress over all.

Hawaii_Steve: Good for you.

Rush: TYSM, Steve!

Rush: 🙂

hounder has joined this room

Matt1: Can’t wait to see all the hard work

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…

Hawaii_Steve: Lou and I feel that the Gallery is one of the most important areas of the website.

mda19083: hello hounder

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Dona: Hi Hounder

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Hounder.

Rush: It will look a bit “cleaner” and “crisper,” and perhaps a little “sleeker.”

Rush: 2 minutes…

Hawaii_Steve: Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Rush: I am enjoying the black and white look.

Hawaii_Steve: Hmm.

Rush: Me too, steve.. 🙂

Louise2022: I agree, Rush, on the need to make the Gallery great: so many cool pictures you ahve collected.

Rush: It’s coming along…

hounder: hi everyone

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: And newspaper clippings.

Rush: 40…

mda19083: the new me will also have a cleaner and sleeker look

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

Rush: Music….

Louise2022: My old me is getting worn out!

Rush: Credits…

Rush: The “Charlie Chan Theme”

GodwinShelley2: where is the photo from

Rush: A drawing…

Rush: maybe from a photo?

Rush: Princess mei Ling….

Matt1: BB!

Rush: Barnara jean Wong.

mda19083: avon calling

Rush: (Barbara)

Rush: :

Rush: yes 🙂

Rush: Recall her from “The Trap”?

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx has joined this room

Rush: And, that would have not been too long ago for her.

mda19083: nice digs

Rush: Not the difference in character!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Our DVD won’t PLAY!! What’s the link?

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: Angel!

GodwinShelley2: pictures of lips on chan’s wall

Rush: Welcome to you and foxx!

Rush: Air gun!

mda19083: good thing i brought my tetragene antidote this evening

Rush: or…spring gun?

Louise2022: da window…doesn’t anyone keep their windows locked?

Rush: Yes, MDA!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: mda, ALWAYS have it on you! Axis spies luirk!!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: lurk!

GodwinShelley2: no air conditioning – though the kind of coat the lady was wearing makes me think it was cold

mda19083: yes a & f

Rush: Jimmy discovers the body!

Rush: Yes, GS!

Louise2022: Hmmm?

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: BB: “MM!”

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Link?

mda19083: wow – that was quick

GodwinShelley2: who is running the can noise


Hounder 2 has joined this room

Rush: “Virtual” can noise!

mda19083: stick out your can – here comes the garbage man

Rush: Hounder!

Dona: Hello Angel and Fox

Louise2022: Put that ring right in the tin can


Rush: Only a few minutes into the movie!

GodwinShelley2: TCM ran a couple Mantan movies a week or two ago

mda19083: hello – H2 OH!

Rush: Yes! I watched “Cabin in the Sky.”

Rush: How is your mother, Hounder?

Hounder 2: I’m back. I’m having to chat on my tablet and watch disk on laptop. Daily motion doesn’t like my computer setup.

mda19083: oh no – not the poison dart

GodwinShelley2: “Mister Washington Goes to Town” and “Harlem on the Prairie”

Rush: Not able to watch along, hounder?

Hounder 2: As well as can be. If I wasn’t stubborn and strong she’d be bedriddennos

Hounder 2: Now. Thanks for asking rush

Louise2022: I love all the girl reporters in these movies

Rush: I know you are doing your very best for her, Hounder.

Hounder 2: I can watch butnot chat on laptop.

Rush: Love brings the needed strength.

GodwinShelley2: TCM is running “Whats the Matter with Helen” RIGHT NOW on the East Coast – great film if you get a chance to watch it

Rush: Probably on here right now, GS.

Hounder 2: Was sorry to seeboth Angela Landsberg and robbie coultrainpassed away

GodwinShelley2: Could always check to see if it is On-Demand on your cable

Rush: Capt. Kong.

Rush: Yes, GS.

mda19083: AL was wonderful in Gaslight as well as many others

Rush: I love how they use actual SF street names.

Hounder 2: She was a classy lady

Rush: YES.

mda19083: she left a wonderful film legacy

GodwinShelley2: Could she sue for kidnapping?

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: What’s the TIJME?

Rush: A bit of that ‘ol “Honey and molasses…”?

mda19083: loved her in tHe Manchurian Candidate

mda19083: The

GodwinShelley2: 11:15

GodwinShelley2: 11:30

Rush: Monogram studio exterior, steve?

GodwinShelley2: 11:45

Rush: The brick wall see then?

GodwinShelley2: 12:00

mda19083: A & F – if youve got the time weve got the beer

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: it’s on the cart

GodwinShelley2: 12:30

Rush: “Look busy!”

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: 12:40?

mda19083: Philip Ahn

Rush: 13:00

GodwinShelley2: 13:00

Rush: Yes, MDA.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: He looks like tuna wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Rush: 13:30…

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Many go to school. Few get educated.

Rush: Understand, Angel.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Captain Korn?

GodwinShelley2: kong

Rush: No…Krunch.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: 14:00?

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: TYSM!!!!!!

Rush: We have two Captain “K”s…

Rush: That would be a good nickname for an ace pitcher!

Louise2022: Can I be a captain K also?

Rush: Sure!

Hawaii_Steve: Brick wall could be a Monogram exterior building. Requested more investigation.

Rush: Correct initial!

mda19083: little known fact – Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch was his full name

Rush: I have a feeling it was, Steve.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: As distinct from Charlie Chan the speedboat racer.

Louise2022: That’s a lot of money

Rush: indeed!

mda19083: a great big pile of dough

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Klever Kong!

mda19083: king is king

Rush: Captain Kool and the Kongs”

mda19083: kong is king

Rush: Monogram wall again???

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: I LIKE those ‘spenders! I’m getting to the age where i’m, uh, needing some.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Was that a DeSoto Skyview??

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Rike rotus brossom.

Rush: Lee Tung Foo is uncredited as the Butler in this movie.

Rush: BUT…

mda19083: I thought Desoto came over in a boat

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: I want to be uncredited as a butler.

Rush: He also has another role if we listen carefully later!

Rush: Thatr’s how we would pay you Angel…in CREDIT!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: uh oh

Rush: Knocked herself out!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Just my luck, Rush!

Rush: :0

Dona: lol

mda19083: lets give credit where credit is due

Rush: Yes!

Number1son has joined this room

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Dailymotion is HORRIBLE, Ads CONSTANTLY, and on Full Screen they cover the top third of the image.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: This WAS it.

Rush: Number One Son!

Matt1: Hello #1!


Number1son: Hello! sorry im late

Rush: Not ever a problem!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: 20:00? Sorry to keep asking, but the wifi keeps going off also here.

mda19083: greetings no1son

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: HIYA, Num1!!

Rush: If you ahve a copy of our movie, we can guide you to where we are presently!

GodwinShelley2: 21:15

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: You only missed—how many murders, y’all? One? Two?

GodwinShelley2: 21:30

GodwinShelley2: 21:45

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: WHO’S PEGGY?

Rush: Chabing.

GodwinShelley2: 22:00

mda19083: Mrs Cooper

Rush: Lily Mae Wong

Rush: Yes, MDA

mda19083: Mrs MacArthur

mda19083: Ms

Rush: “Mrs”

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: I HATE this part, cuz of what happens later. Seems the Code woulda stopped that, wouldn’t you think, Historian-Detectives?

Rush: The little boy.

Louise2022: I have a bad feeling about the boy in the basement…

Rush: There IS sadness later.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: I have a bad feeling FOR him. Might go for a break.

Rush: Sign language…

Rush: No…he was BOXING…

Rush: “It’s my bedtime…”

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Good marks for #TWO Son.

Hounder 2: Pantomime works well as communications.

Rush: Are you caught up, Number One Son?

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Exchange Specie Bank!! Is your current bank a dog? Come to XCS!!

Rush: 🙂

Louise2022: Second son of little wisdom!

Hounder 2: They all leave without the chair arm. How they gonna fix the chair?

Number1son: trying to get there!

Rush: “Hip Sing Tong”

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Am i AHEAD of y’all now? CC is at bankers desk on my Device.

Rush: And, later in his career, Victor sen Yung was “Hop Sing.”

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Looking at check.

Dona: I’m there now Angel

Rush: Teletype maching behind the other man.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: WE’RE at 28:40

Rush: Actually a Westrn union type of machine.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Heh heh heh.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: TYSM!!

GodwinShelley2: 28

Rush: The messages are printed on a continuous strip of paper.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: 30:00 here. Should we pause??

GodwinShelley2: 29

mda19083: the pause that refreshes

Rush: specie – Coined money; coin.

Dona: My first job I used a telex machine

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Tin can

GodwinShelley2: 29:30

Rush: Yes, Dona?

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Dona, now we suppose you want to be our telex vendor!

Dona: lol

GodwinShelley2: 30

Rush: Not a very competitive field today, Angel!

mda19083: she “checked out”

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: GS, we’re gonna pause—tell us when all are at 31:45? CC talking to cop

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Anybody?

GodwinShelley2: 31:30

Dona: now

mda19083: go

GodwinShelley2: 31:45

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: 31:45

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: 32


TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Chan on roof.

Rush: Sorry, Angel…

Rush: 32:20

Hounder 2: She was right to be afraid

Dona: yes angel

Rush: 32:30…

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Shoe-clue. This is where we go out for a minute.

Rush: I think you are with us now…

Rush: While we are all here…

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: ALL BECOMES CLEAR.

Rush: I will remind that NEXT MONDAY is our ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY!

Louise2022: Yes, screwy case

Matt1: Yipeeeeee!

Matt1: Dress to impress!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Uh-oh. Very bad coming.

Hounder 2: Ooooh. I look forward to our party everyyear

Rush: We need to have it a week early, because our Melbourne Cup Night is the following week…October 31!

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Was there ever a Mel Blanc Cup?

Rush: Number One Son, this is something we do every year!

Dona: I’m working on my constume

Louise2022: Little Kid will talk no more

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Rush: Choose any character from a Charlie Chan movie…good or bad…human…or animal!

johnr has joined this room

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: SCURRILOUS badguys.

Matt1: Hello John!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Hello hello John!!

Rush: I think we even had someone come as “White Fox Fur” one time!!!

Rush: Hello, John!


Hounder 2: Hi john

johnr: Boy! I was fooling with a new watch and went past starting time. Princess is just about to be zapped!

Rush: I was just reminding everyone that our Halloween party will be held NEXT WEEK!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: If White Fox Fur married Redd Foxx & got divorced to marry Perry White, they’d be White Fox Fur Foxx White!

Me_Too has left this room

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Me_Too! WElcome back!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: TYSM.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: How do you do WHAT?

Rush: This is due to the running of the Melbourne Cup being on the night of October 31, our time.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: hEH HEH HEH.

mda19083: A & F – 🙂

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: He owes a lot of people a lot of money. For a lot of airports.

Rush: Sale of airplanes for the Chinese Republic, probably, as they were fighting off the Communists at this time.

Number1son: looking forward to the halloween party!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Captain Kangaroo.

Rush: AH!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Rush, you’re undoubtedly correct.

Rush: Another “Captain K,” Angel!

mda19083: MR Greenjeans

Rush: 🙂

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: mda: Mr.GJ surely an accomplice.

Rush: Yes, MDA!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: She get her shoulders inflated since last scene?

Rush: Nice right!!!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: THIS is pretty weird. Rush, were the Code guys on VACATION when this came through?

Rush: as I was saying, we choose any character from a Charlie Chan movie, and we can use that identity ti enter the Chat Room.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Reminds me: fry some ants for tomorrow.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: The old switcheroo? A new switcheroo? Last year’s switcheroo?

Rush: e try to remain in character until the end of the movie, and we reveal our true identities at the very end!

Hounder 2: I like bb armor

Rush: Yes!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: BB ORIGINATED Under Armor!!

Rush: “Or something like that”, Angel!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Rush, i don’t like to enquire too closely about others’ trousseaux.

Rush: Wise, angel!

Rush: The guard dogs

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: RELEASE THE HOUNDS, Smithers!!

Rush: yakamein – A popular soup in several areas of the United States, sold mostly in small neighborhood bodegas of New Orleans in the past.
Birmingham Brown: “Watch them dogs! They’ll chew you into a mess of yakamein!”

mda19083: there he is

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: How loud it thunder, how OUCH it rains!!

Rush: Lee Tung Foo…

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Chairman Mao! We meet again!!

Rush: In one of his TWO roles tonight.

Rush: “Sarsapirilla.”

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: What a RATT.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: YES, Rush, sarsa-etcetera!!

Rush: Ah, an ’80s reference, there, Angel!

Rush: I miss “real” telephones.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga phone call?

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: DISPOSE? Of the GARDENER?

mda19083: the dog or the gardener

Rush: Getting warm, Angel…

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: TYSM

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Like the Teletubby baby.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: In iblary.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: You know man in kidney.

DanVenture has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Dan!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: DV!

mda19083: DV!

Rush: MAjor 4782

Rush: DV!!!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Rush: Happy you made it!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: BB been nippng at the rat cheese again?

DanVenture: Evening, all! Sorry to have been absent so long. Shift work can be a real drag.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Chan must go to dogs.

Rush: Understood!

DanVenture: Great to hear Charlie Chan again!

Dona: Hello Dan

Hounder 2: Hi dan.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: In metal underwear?

Rush: I have been fortunate in that regard throughout the years.

mda19083: DV – we are all “shiftless” here in the chat room

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: “Much may be revealed”? Not sure we wanna see that.

Rush: Yes, DV, about hearing Chan!

Hounder 2: That’s a loud coat

Rush: Recalls the old TV test patterns.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: I ordered plaid paint for my Chan rom.

Rush: AH! Bugs Bunny can help you with that one, Angel!

Hounder 2: Lol@ruah

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: The disappearance of the Indian from the test patterns was bad enough; now there’s no dedicated test pattern at all, just programs that amount to same.

Rush: CC walks into the trap…

Dona: lol

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Come On Down To His Boat Baby

Rush: When I was a kid, I would wake up very early, and, turning on the TV, all I could watch was the test pattern!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Round the endless curve of Police Street.

Rush: Boring, but better than nothing!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Rush, i did the same! Also said Good Night to the Indian too!

Rush: Sounded like an actual police radio broadcast earlier.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Her loud plaid tipped ’em off.

Rush: Angel, for me, it was the National Anthem at sign-off!

Dona: didn’t they have finger printing back when these took place

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: The metaphoric Last Gleaming, yes!


TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Horn Blows At Midnight was a good flick.

Rush: 1947 Calif. plates.

Rush: I love BB’s running trot!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: The Adventures of Birmingham Brown could have run for YEARS!

Rush: I do not disagree…

Rush: “Not very funny…”

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Forties thugs were such good speakers.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: “And change that coat!”

johnr: And chewing gum allc the while!

Rush: Yes, both of you!

Rush: Captain Kong gets a bit condescending here…

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Kong just put his foot in it.

Rush: “Mr. Policemen…”

Rush: a

Hounder 2: Brb dog walk

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Great scenes coming. If only Brando and the “Waterfront” crew could have overlapped!

Rush: They will be in trouble as they are not union dock workers…

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Too bad there wasn’t a barrel of PBR she could have rolled at Kelso!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Rush, you ARE correct!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: What’s all this brewhaha?

mda19083: h H

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Who’s the mug in the mask?

mda19083: ha ha

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: You can never find fine-toothed combs at my Walgreen’s. Must be a lot of detectives in my area.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Happy chain! Rrrrrrrr!

Rush: Our Halloween Movie for next week: “Charlie Chan’s secret”

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Not so. Hmmm!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: YOU DOYTY RAT!

Dona: Good one for Halloween

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: So ALL are rats!!

Rush: TYSM, Dona.

GodwinShelley2: That plaid coat is growing on me

johnr: it is awful!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: VERY sad.

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: NO DOG.

Rush: Please forgive Mr. Chan for comments coming up. He is “old school,” and only means well…

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: En GARDE!!


TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Chan ALWAYS forgiven!

Matt1: I just couldn’t do it

GodwinShelley2: What would MRS Chan say

Rush: Sorry, I jumped in with it…

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: Mrs. Chan SMARTEST OF ALL! No movies!!

Rush: CC talks to US!

GodwinShelley2: The END


Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: (Applause…)

GodwinShelley2: And next week HALLOWEEN

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: WE caught brass ring, huh?? Great film!!

Hounder 2: Back just in time for end. Thanks for the fun.see you next week.

Rush: hit the snack bar, everyone!

Rush: TYSM.

Louise2022: Get your costumes ready for next week

Rush: Remember…Halloween party NEXT WEEK!

mda19083: drinks are on me!

GodwinShelley2: Night everyone

johnr: Vaya con dios

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead!

Dona: I like a good party.

Rush: Yes, louise!

GodwinShelley2 has left this room

Dona: we need to stock up the bar.

mda19083: be well all until the party next week

Number1son: goodnight! have a great night. Glad I found this group

Hounder 2 has left this room

Rush: The more obscure the character, the less likely to replicate another’s!

Rush: Have a GREAT week, everyone!!!

Louise2022 has left this room

johnr has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

mda19083: thanks for the tip rush

Rush: May the weather be beautiful for all of you in your respective regions!

Dona: We are glad you found us, Number 1 son

Rush: MDA: 🙂

Rush: Yes!

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great night! See you all next week in costume

Rush: I hope that you had a good time tonight, Number One Son!

Number1son: thank you!

Number1son has left this room

mda19083: thanks all for another fun on

Rush: Please join our party next week!

mda19083: one

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: Dona, angel, MDA, and DV…

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx: GNITE!!

Rush: have a happy and safe week!

Rush: ‘NITE to YOU, Angel!

TetrageneAngel+Ringo Foxx has left this room

Rush: hounder, my best to you and your mother…

Rush: Dona, take care of my old SoCal for me…

Dona: Good night all!

Rush: Good night….

Rush: Sweet Chan-filled dreams…!

Rush: take care….

Rush: Good night….!

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