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Charlie Chan Family Chat Archive for the year 2009

Welcome to our collected Chat Room text record from our Charlie Chan Family Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing for the year 2009. Unfortunately, there is no chat text available for any of the Chats listed for this year, however, the title of the featured film for each date along with any other available information is presented is listed below:

1/5/2009: The Red Dragon (“Tonight our tour through the entire Charlie Chan Series continues as we watch and discuss The Red Dragon, starring Sidney Toler.”)
1/12/2009: Dark Alibi
1/19/2009: Shadows Over Chinatown
1/26/2009: Dangerous Money
2/2/2009: The Trap
2/9/2009: The Chinese Ring
2/16/2009: Docks of New Orleans
2/23/2009: The Shanghai Chest
3/2/2009: The Golden Eye
3/9/2009: The Feathered Serpent
3/16/2009: The Sky Dragon (“We will be crossing the finish line of our group trip through the entire Charlie Chan series, as, this evening, during our Monday Night Chat/Film Viewing, we watch and discuss The Sky Dragon, starring Roland Winters, and featuring Keye Luke.”)
3/23/2009: Behind That Curtain (“For our Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewing, we will kick-off our second journey through the entire Charlie Chan series, as we watch and discuss “Behind That Curtain,” with E.L. Park as Charlie Chan. Although this is not an “official” Charlie Chan film, and, as Mr. Chan appears in only a handful of the movie’s concluding minutes, it was this film, from Fox studios, that eventually led to the series proper from that studio less than two years later.”)
3/30/2009: Eran Trece (There Were Thirteen)
4/6/2009: The Black Camel
4/13/2009: Charlie Chan in London
4/20/2023: Charlie Chan in Paris
4/27/2009: Charlie Chan in Egypt
5/4/2009: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
5/11/2009: Charlie Chan’s Secret
5/18/2009: Charlie Chan at the Circus
5/25/2009: Charlie Chan at the Race Track
6/1/2009: Charlie Chan at the Opera
6/8/2009: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
6/15/2009: Charlie Chan on Broadway
6/22/2009: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
6/29/2009: Charlie Chan in Honolulu
7/6/2009: Charlie chan in Reno
7/13/2009: Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
7/20/2009: Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
7/27/2009: Charlie Chan in Panama
8/3/2009: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise
8/10/2009: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
8/17/2009: Murder Over New York
8/24/2009: Dead Men Tell
8/31/2009: Charlie Chan in Rio
9/7/2009: Castle in the Desert
9/14/2009: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
9/21/2009: The Chinese Cat
9/28/2009: Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight
10/5/2009: The Jade Mask
10/12/2009: The Scarlet Clue
10/19/2009: The Shanghai Cobra
10/26/2009: Charlie Chan at the Opera (“Please plan on joining us for our ANNUAL CHARLIE CHAN FAMILY HALLOWEEN PARTY as our Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing features Charlie Chan at the Opera, starring Warner Oland and Boris Karloff. With this movie, we take a brief departure from our continuing tour through the entire Charlie Chan series.”)
11/2/2009: The Red Dragon (Posted by Virginia on 10/30: “Rush, I just realized . . . What about the Melbourne Stakes and Race Track?!” Sadly, this message was missed, and our annual Melbourne Cup Night did not happen.)
11/9/2009: Darl Alibi
11/16/2009: Shadows Over Chinatown
11/23/2009: Dangerous Money
11/30/2009: The Trap
12/7/2009: The Chinese Ring
12/14/2009: Docks of New Orleans
12/21/2009: The Shanghai Chest
12/28/2009: The Golden Eye

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