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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for March 29, 2021

Charlie Chan at the Olympics

The Landini Murder Case: Blind Sight

angel & jesse o. foxx

Matt1 has joined this room

hounder has joined this room

hounder: hi matt1

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: hope you had a good week.

Matt1: How is the “east” coast tonioght?

Matt1: I did, thnx….u?

hounder: quiet and cooler than the last 2 days.

Matt1: We’re still quite humid, but cool front coming in Thu

hounder: mom and i had a pretty good week. our neighbors are opening a food truck and did a soft opening yesterday to test their process. mom ctually felt like going and we stayed for 2 hours!!

Matt1: That’s awesome!

hounder: we dropped 15 degrees from yestrday

Matt1: They are quite popular now

Matt1: A friend has recently opened on here in St Pete

hounder: thank you. it might not seem like much to some but its been a long time since we did that. between mom’s age, dementia, and pandemic. it was so good to see people. and they were being responsible.

Matt1: That’s great and I understand.

hounder: i really hope it works for them aparently its been a dream of several families for a while.

mat has joined this room

Matt1: People around here are quite respectful

Matt1: Hello Mat!

hounder: hi mat

Matt1: Any plans for Easter?

mat: It” always sunny in Phila. Hi everyone!

hounder: no just a quiet day at home. plans are easy to make and hard to accomplish. your plans?

Matt1: I’m originally from Philly….Bucks County

hounder: nice matt. i grew up outside pgh.

Matt1: Heading to Lake Mary to meet In-Laws and we’ll stay at Disney for two nights

Matt1: Ah!

mat: Nice area.

hounder: oh nice!! at this point i can only dream of that matt

Rush2 has joined this room

Matt1: Born in Philly, moved to bucks around age 5

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Matt1: How is the trip?

mat: where are at now?

Rush2: Hello, Matt, Hounder, and mat!

hounder: hi rush. doing well on the trip

Matt1: St Petersburg, FL

mat: Lovely!

Matt1: Especially during the winter! lol

Rush2: Busy, yes! Painted ceilings all day today!

Matt1: Ugh….Stiff neck?

mat: I will be quiet for awhile.

hounder: good for you. starting at the top and working down?

Rush2: The weather has been very nice overall!

hounder: no mat,join in.

Matt1: Very nice!

mda19083 has joined this room

hounder: hi mda

Matt1: Hello mda!

mda19083: greetings all and our guest host


Rush2: Stiff

mat: Hello MAD mda!

Matt1: lol, we’re not as young as we once were, huh?

Rush2: Typing on my phone is not fast or easy!

Rush2: That’s for sure, Matt!

mat: I am one day older!

Matt1: Do you have the “Chan Cave” ready? 🙂

hounder: boy is that true matt

Rush2: “Once was” recedes deeper into the abyss each day. 🙂

mat: I have my Mat ready!

Rush2: It will be ready, Matt, yes! Nice room in our basement!

mda19083: mat – MDA stands for Mad Dog and the first letter of my last name

Rush2: Hello, MDA!

Matt1: We’re about 5 minutes away from our radio program….link is above!

mda19083: hello Rush

mat: you are the best!

Matt1: Nice, Rush….I can only imagine!

Rush2: Ah, very good MAD!

Rush2: MDA!

hounder: ah, makes me think of that paritcal board stuff. sory. lol

Rush2: Sorry, finger is sometimes too big for a phone keyboard!

mat: I am having fun with you guys!

Rush2: Matt, could you please save the dialog from tonight and next week for me for the archive?

Matt1: TWO minutes until radio program, please que !

hounder: so glad you found us and are enjoying our little group mat

mda19083: sounds like a fair number of the chat members spent/did time in Pennsylvania

Rush2: That always the goal, mat…FUN!

Matt1: Yes, I’ll copy tomorrow and email to you!

Matt1: ONE minute!

Matt1: Everyone ready?

Rush2: I will tag along as I cannot play the radio drama and be in our room.

Matt1: 45 seconds

mda19083: i am on the edge of my seat

Matt1: 30…..

hounder: ready here

Rush2: 🙂

Matt1: 15…..

Matt1: 10…

Matt1: 5

Matt1: GO!

hounder: thanks for doing the countdown matt

Rush2: I am imagining the music….

Rush2: And the intro…

Matt1: Right on mark, Rush!

Rush2: 😉

mda19083: love the intro music – i may use it for my ringtone

Matt1: And, we begin

Rush2: Nice!

Matt1: No clues!

Rush2: Good idea, MDA!

mda19083: tysm rush

Rush2: Let us know how it works out!

Rush2: I think it would turn some heads!

Rush2: How is your mother, Hounder?

Rush2: I will only be able to stay a short while tonight as I need to make a supply run to Home Depot.

hounder: she had a great day yesterday. we went to a neighbor’s soft opening for their food truck ans stayed 2 hours! she’s exhausted today.

Matt1: No problem, Rush!

Rush2: That’s GREAT, Hounder! And that is the best type of exhaustion!

Rush2: How was the food? What is their specialty?

Rush2: TYSM, Matt!

mda19083: charlie chan would be extremely interested in the technology here on the chan chat

Rush2: Nearing the end of the radio drama I suspect…

Matt1: 10 min in

Rush2: True, MDA!

mda19083: do we have a flouroscope rush?

Rush2: About five to go.

hounder: it was good. we were taste testers. they had a fancy grilled cheese, 2 chicken salads, a tofu vegie thing, and an avacado toast. they plan to be beachside near Marineland and cater to the beachgoers and surfers.

Matt1: Yes!

mda19083: great menu – i am now hungry

Matt1: That sounds awesome Hounder

hounder: they alsohad a short rib and a smoke salmon taco.

Rush2: I would go for the tofu thing and I LOVE avocado on a toasted bagel!

Matt1: I know Marineland well, both as child and adult!

hounder: mom had a ball watching the little kids play. and neighbors were so nice to come up and chat with her.

Rush2: The very best medicine, Hounder!

hounder: it was such a bright spot

Rush2: Yes!

Matt1: Commercial break….Ovaltine or Lucky Strikes?

hounder: got to say, i have incredibly great neighbors here

Rush2: I am happy for you both.

hounder: thanks rush.

Rush2: Good neighbors are a treasure, indeed!

Matt1: Agreed!

mda19083: lucky strikes – smoke em if you got em

Matt1: CC wise words for the evening

Matt1: THE END

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush2: We will be leaving some really nice people behind when we move.

mda19083: lsmft – lucky strike means fine tobacco

Rush2: Yes, MDA!

hounder: dad smoked those for a long time

Rush2: I wonder how many people still recall that!

mda19083: old lucky strike jingle from an old sinatra radio program

mat: I thought you didn”t smoke!

Rush2: I never have.

mda19083: mat – i do not inhale

Rush2: We used to get candy cigarettes!

hounder: good neighbors really are a treasure. I realize how blessed i am to have these. and can feel sorry for people who don’t have them

Matt1: I remember those, Rush!

Rush2: Amen!

hounder: me too rush. i never smoked though

Rush2: Yes, Matt!

mda19083: i live in the town that produced bubble gum cigars

Matt1: Talk about influencing kids

Rush2: Those would be impossible today!

Matt1: Yep

Dona has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Dona: Hi Rush!

mda19083: hello dona

Rush2: My sister and I used to dip the very end of a French fry In ketchup and pretend it was a cigarette!

Matt1: lol

Rush2: Our parents got mad at us for playing with our food!

Rush2: Hello, Dona! I hear it’s been hot in SoCal!

Nothere has joined this room

hounder: lots of candy we used to get. remember the penny bubble gum that came with a comic?

Nothere: Hey all

Dona: Yes in the 80’s

hounder: hi dona and nt

Matt1: We’re about 10 minutes from CC at the Olymics!

Nothere: Jo Blo

mda19083: hello nt/nh

Matt1: Link is above chat room if needed

Rush2: Yes, Hounder! Bazooka!

Rush2: GREAT film!

hounder: yup rush

mda19083: was bazooka joe the one with the eye patch

Rush2: Yes!

Rush2: The modernized version of Joe and his gang lost their edge.

hounder: ready here

Rush2: I liked Mort, whose turtleneck covered the lower part of his face!

Dona: Ready here.

Matt1: Please cue to Opening Title!

mda19083: mat and i were remarking that it would be a hoot to see a chan film on the big screen

Rush2: Wish I could, Matt!

Matt1: We’re going for the GOLD tonight!

Dona: I agree mda

Rush2: Hi, NT!

Dona: Hi NT

Rush2: I missed your arrival!

Matt1: Hello NT!

Matt1: We’re about 5 minutes to start!

Rush2: Right on time, Matt!

mda19083: the 20th century fox opening would make a great phone ringtone also

Nothere: So Matt isn’t in charge yet?Everyone move away from the wall. Were not upto anything warden.

Rush2: Again, Matt, can you please save a copy of the chat dialogue for me?

mda19083: nice one nt

Matt1: I will Rush. Probably tomorrow.

Matt1: 3 Minutes!

Rush2: He is definitely in charge!

Rush2: Tysm, Matt!


Matt1: A LOT of pressure! lol

Rush2: Idling….

mat has left this room

Nothere: Relax Matt were not going to start anything the second your in charge. We’ll give you a minute 🙂

mda19083: no press here matt1

Rush2: Lost mat

Matt1: TWO minutes, folks!

mda19083: pressure

Matt1: No pay raise either!

mda19083: time and a half

Rush2: Overtime?

Nothere: Extra Extra read all about it. Press banned from chat room. Mda and Matt in cover up?

Matt1: Deal!

Matt1: ONE minute….Cruch time!

Matt1: 45 seconds….

hounder: lol@nt

Matt1: 30 seconds….

mda19083: 🙂

Matt1: 15….

Matt1: 10…

Matt1: 5….

Matt1: GO!

Rush2: Wow, Matt!

Nothere: GONG!

Dona: I thought i had in the wrong movie circus music

Rush2: By my phones clock you nailed it EXACTLY!!!

Matt1: Thnx NT for the GONG!

Matt1: I’m only human

hounder: matt’s a good substitute rush. but let’s see how he controls the mayhem.

Matt1: CC working out!

Rush2: Fun scene!

Rush2: Look for the family photo on his wall!

Nothere: EXTREE! EXTREE Crzed conspiracy theorist posits that Matt isn’t human.

Dona: lol

Rush2: Crazed, indeed!

Rush2: Well, as the sun is setting here, I should get going on my errand!

mda19083: charlie jr is quite an actor

Nothere: Don’t you raise those eyebrows at me.

Rush2: Tysm for the help Matt!

Matt1: Don’t work too hard, Rush….Enjoy too!

Nothere: Bye Rush. Have fun. Or sorry depending on what your up too.

Dona: Good to see you Rush!

Matt1: Have a good week and maybe catch you again next week!

hounder: nite rush. don’t overdo.

Rush2: Take care everyone! See you again next week for “Charlie Chan on Broadway”!

Matt1: NYC!

Rush2: Don’t steal any towels!

Matt1: Shhhh

Rush2: Good night…

mda19083: glad you could join the show rush

Dona: Bye Rush

Matt1: Take care!

Nothere: Towels? I don’t know how theose got there. After all I’m not here:)

Dona: lol

mda19083: 🙂

Rush2 has left this room

mda19083: a lot of red herrings in this one as i recall

Nothere: So I know he said but I forgot. What’s Rush up too?

hounder: the plane is kidnapping edwards

Nothere: Dr. Cream? Never heard of him.

Matt1: He’s in Iowa, getting ready for the move

Dona: Is he still painting Matt?

Matt1: Oh, yes!

Matt1: 2 weeks

Dona: Poor guy

Matt1: With family

Nothere: Ah the move. No wonder I forgot. Easy now. No on is gonna ask you to move furniture.

Dona: I thought he was alone. That isn’t as bad if you have company

Matt1: I think it’s Sprin Break

Nothere: Charlie’s so good he solves cases he’s not even investigating.

Matt1: His house in CA goes on the market next month

Nothere: Anyway I hate do this to you after answering me Matt, but Rush I gone. Let the chaos begin

Matt1: Wahooooo!

mda19083: chaos and mayhem

Nothere: I have matches, champaine, and a rubber snake.

mda19083: all the shennanigans will be recorded in the chat

Matt1: Small group tonight

Matt1: Big brother watching?

Nothere: American idol watching?

Nothere: So does anyone still live in a hotel?

Matt1: WFF? <slap>

mda19083: not with her keeping watch

Matt1: <tin can>

mda19083: death count 1

mda19083: oh no – white fox fur

Zoe has joined this room

Nothere: Hi Zoe

mda19083: hello zoe

Dona: Hello Zoe

Zoe: hi trying to get synced – joined late

Zoe: think I’m ok

hounder: be back. d17:50

Matt1: Hello Zoe!

Nothere has left this room

hounder: nite nt

Nothere has joined this room

Nothere: Well that was annoying.

Nothere: so we at 1750?

hounder: that wff is a con artist

hounder: 2041

Dona: 21:15

mda19083: i thought she was a golddigger

Nothere: tysm’

Matt1: Thnx Hounder, I don’t have a counter

hounder: that will get them close.

angel & jesse o. foxx has joined this room

Matt1: Hello A & J!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Alloo! Alloo!

Dona: Angel & Fox good to see you

hounder: hi a n j

Nothere: Hey A J

angel & jesse o. foxx: Good to be seen!! Missed y’all!

mda19083: not the hindenburgh charlie

angel & jesse o. foxx: Did somebody say Hindenburg?

mda19083: oh the humanity

angel & jesse o. foxx: You read my mind, mda!!

mda19083: what exactly is an adventuress

Nothere: I retract my earlier comment about having matches. No matches here.

angel & jesse o. foxx: KWIK KWESCHUN, mda: Would 19083 be a ZIP CODE??

angel & jesse o. foxx: I grew up in 19081

mda19083: yes

Nothere: Like a gentleman adventurer, but with a mink stlle.

mda19083: nice one nt

angel & jesse o. foxx: Well, a DOUBLE-DOG hello to you mda!

mda19083: swarthmore is right around the corner

angel & jesse o. foxx: What’s our “time”, Chairpersona?

mda19083: hello angel and jesse

Dona: 27:30

angel & jesse o. foxx: (mda): Indeed it is. I gradjiated Swathmo’ High. Have not been back in awhile. Fox is my imaginative companion. I like to have a fox fur with me at all times.

mda19083: 🙂

angel & jesse o. foxx: (28:00) now?

angel & jesse o. foxx: CANT YOU HEAR ME KNOCKING

angel & jesse o. foxx: Look for her cell phone.

mda19083: white fox fur

Nothere: 27 20

Dona: 28:45

angel & jesse o. foxx: Y’see?!! Fox fur!! Everywhere!!

Nothere: But I lot a couple minutes.

mda19083: 28:45 hut hut hut

angel & jesse o. foxx: “Unusual noise”? There is no usual noise, no unusual noise. There is noise.

Nothere: O.k. that’s it. I’m putting on my cape. But your don’t deserve my clocak or topa hat.

mda19083: yes angel

angel & jesse o. foxx: Holding for 29:15

angel & jesse o. foxx: NOT THE NOTTY CAPE!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Time now?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Heavy fog. Conditions perfect. Porthole open. So i put in some port.

Nothere has left this room

angel & jesse o. foxx: I beg your pardon.

angel & jesse o. foxx: You DID do that rather awkwardly, MEIN HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

angel & jesse o. foxx: “Explode” theory. They can’t resist the zeppely jokes.

Matt1: Pop!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Chip Varnish. Didn’t he play shortstop for the ’34 Orioles?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Hair Inspector?

Nothere has joined this room

Nothere: Oh come on

Matt1: wb NT!

angel & jesse o. foxx: NOTTY! You find your cape?

Nothere: 28?

angel & jesse o. foxx: I’m at (32:30). Late?

Matt1: <slap>

Nothere: nope.I got inteupted by the seach for the dog’s ball.

Dona: 34

angel & jesse o. foxx: I have a linoleum floor with the same pattern as Lee’s jacket.

Dona: lol

angel & jesse o. foxx: Dick Masters. Hmmmmm.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Uh-oh.

angel & jesse o. foxx: There are only planes. There are no “special planes”.

angel & jesse o. foxx: “Europe is not too well situated,” said Gracie Allen; “but it’s too big to move”.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Is that a papaya stain on the train window?

hounder: charlie is past master of the hesitation inuendo.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Keep the one i have now? I have no cat.

mda19083: nice one hounder

mda19083: the chan boys are great

angel & jesse o. foxx: Better to be a PAST master than a D—well, anyway, just be a master, kids. Don’t listen to—well, just don’t listen.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Plush kommodations.

Nothere: Their finally at the

angel & jesse o. foxx: Betty should have spelt her name backwards.

Nothere: Olympics.start the dramatic music.

angel & jesse o. foxx: YTTEB SMADA.

mda19083: they took the slow boat to the olympics nt

angel & jesse o. foxx: (40:00) now?

Nothere: Oh no. not the forbidden candy! /next its the forbidden water.

angel & jesse o. foxx: She’s HOTTTTTT.

mda19083: we have ways to make her talk

angel & jesse o. foxx: Luckily.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Not much of a “Hotel Regulations” placard there.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Those Germans were just wound too tight.

mda19083: ‘

mda19083: betty is jealous

angel & jesse o. foxx: Block-knocking was shedduled for the ’40 Olympics & then all that unfortunate bother started in ’39.

mda19083: candy gram

Nothere: These are obviously Prussians. The Bavarians are at the pub. Relly tight.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Slowly they turn.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Every woman was Dietrich.

Nothere: Inch by inch.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Step by step.

mda19083: she ditched her white fox fur

angel & jesse o. foxx: Then this IS serious!!!!

hounder: bang

angel & jesse o. foxx: ALWAYS invent a DECOY INVENTION.

angel & jesse o. foxx: They should have spelt “desk” backward.

Matt1: Chan & Son!

angel & jesse o. foxx: What’s with Lee’s hair? I’ve never seen a side cowlick before.

mda19083: not in berlin

angel & jesse o. foxx: Surprised it’s not Son & Chan!!

Nothere: well folks this time I really am leaving. And I’m taking a medal so there are only two left. But cheer up. I only got the bronze.

angel & jesse o. foxx: DEVO woulda rocked this room.

mda19083: brawl

angel & jesse o. foxx: Notty, we applaud your mettle.

Dona: They don’t look

angel & jesse o. foxx: More fur! Wake up, F!!

mda19083: congrats on the bronze nt

Nothere has left this room

angel & jesse o. foxx: Hope she wore her Kevlar.

hounder: that’s all we have to do. simple. lol


Matt1: lol

mda19083: big noise – love it

angel & jesse o. foxx: You don’t wanna meet Santa Claus. Trust me.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Thank GOODNESS they didn’t make any script implication or, gawd help us, cameo visual, of Schick L. Gruber.

angel & jesse o. foxx: GOTTA get me one of them chauffeur uniforms that buttons up the side.

mda19083: lee is in trouble

angel & jesse o. foxx: I suspect a BAD German.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Notice curtain moved well before brick arrived.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Why, you gonna throw another brick?

hounder: small ours as opposed to large hours?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Go Jesse!!

mda19083: great olypics footage

mda19083: olympics

angel & jesse o. foxx: “Look at that boy go!” —i HOPE this film will not fall to Cancel Culture.

angel & jesse o. foxx: These girls seem RAHTHUH “wired”.

mda19083: see dick run – run dick run

Dona: he’s wearing dress shoes?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Dona: Later that evening, he’s wearing the dress.


angel & jesse o. foxx: Rotflol? Is that a stomach remedy? A chic resort? An alien leader?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Czechmate.

angel & jesse o. foxx: How do you do WHAT?

angel & jesse o. foxx: TYSM

angel & jesse o. foxx: Bring hydrogen.

mat has joined this room

mda19083: welcome back mat

hounder: wb mat

angel & jesse o. foxx: mat mat mat

angel & jesse o. foxx: Bonus ball 17.

mda19083: car 54 where are you

mat: thanks call me when your done mda

angel & jesse o. foxx: They gotta stop building devices.

angel & jesse o. foxx: YAY!!

mat: just enjoying the chat.

mda19083: the jigs up boys

angel & jesse o. foxx: Those FLOORS are JIG-ready, mda!!

mda19083: right your are angel

angel & jesse o. foxx: Uh-oh.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Better call KIWI!

Matt1: The Ole ink on shoe trick

hounder: sorry. had to give

mda19083: love those white shoes

angel & jesse o. foxx: Then you’re saying greed is BAD, Charlie?

hounder: my french fries’s not eating them.

angel & jesse o. foxx: hounder, i ALWAYS accept castoff fries.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Into arms of CONFEDERates?

Matt1: Time for Lee to go for the GOLD!

hounder: i had a big baf of frozn fries. they have 2 little girls. seemed like a good match. and i hate to aste anything

hounder: go lee

Matt1: THE END

mda19083: horray lee

angel & jesse o. foxx: i LOVE Lee’s suit. Gotta get my boyfriend to check it out.

Dona: Wahooooo!

Matt1: <yee-haw>

angel & jesse o. foxx: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!

Matt1: Great night folks!

mda19083: three cheers for our guest host matt1

hounder: thanks for the fun. see younext week

Matt1: Next week we’re off to NYC-Broadway!

Dona: Yes Matt. Great night. Thank you, you are a good host

angel & jesse o. foxx: See everyone next week, lawd willing. Keep 19083 clean, mda!! Gnite!!

hounder: be safe

mat: enjoyed myself thanks

Matt1: Thnx everyone!

Dona: Have a good week everyone! See you next week in the Big Apple

mda19083: goodnight to all – always a lot of fun here in the chat

angel & jesse o. foxx has left this room

hounder has left this room

Matt1: Have a great week ahead!

mda19083 has left this room

Matt1: Good night

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