Chat Archive 4/13/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for April 13, 2020

Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo

Lost City of the Jungle (Chapter “2” [episode error, Chapters 2 and 3 next week])

Len Freeman
Library Jim
Mike n Rachel in DC

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Matt1: Hello Ten!

tenman: Hey. Used to be a registered member, but can’t find regis info now

tenman: So we all hit’play’ at 7:30 or is there a countdown?

Matt1: Me too…..That’s why I have a “1” next to my name, lol

tenman: Only time I did this was lie 12-15 years ago

Matt1: Ah, new chat room now

Matt1: We start out film “short” around 7:40ish….Chan film starts at 8:15

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Good evening, Matt..and WELCOME, Tenman!

Matt1: Hope you had a good week and Happy Easter

Rush: We did, thank you! A bit different than usual, but, yes!

Rush: I hope that yours was nice as well, Matt!

Matt1: Yes, it was an odd one, but made it work

Rush: And…Tenman…welcome BACK!

Rush: I see you were klast here a “few” years ago! 🙂

Rush: (last)

tenman: yup. so when do we hit play so that we all synch

Rush: Very good…

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Rush: Yes…we will start off with our movie SERIAL with Keye Luke which you can access through the link above!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all!

Matt1: Hello M & R!

hounder: happy belated Eater to all. hi matt and rush. nice to meet you tenman, i’m hounder

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Matt.

Mike n Rachel in DC: A special hello to 10man

hounder: hi mn r

Rush: THE….at 15 minutes after the hour…we start our synced versions of “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey hounder

Rush: (THEN)

Rush: Hello, Mike/Rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel sez “hi everyone!”

Rush: And…Hounder!

Rush: Great to see you!

Rush: “Hello, Rachel!”

Mike n Rachel in DC: We watched “Monte Carlo” at Rach’s request last week. One of her favorites…

Mike n Rachel in DC: (Huber fan)

Rush: We have Tenman with us tonight who, I think, has set the record for the longest absence and return!

Matt1: Always a sad film for me…..end of an era

Rush: Yes…

tenman: Hahaha. I have checked in on the forum a time or two, but since I work nights, it’s hard for me to make this

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Matt. And sort of an odd exit for Oland

Rush: Understood, Tenman!

tenman: SO when do we start the movie

Rush: Sometimes the harsher realities of life get in my way on Mondays as well!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We think that Tenman’s earlier appearances predate us…

Rush: Not too often…but on occasion!

Rush: Seems from what Tenman says above…10-15 years ago!

Rush: So, again…welcome HOME!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: This is our 21st year, now…

Matt1: I’ve been “around” aprox 15 I would guess

hounder: i didn’t realize you were a returnee tenman. welcome back!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sounds like a case of, “you can run, but you can’t hide,” Rush. 🙂

Matt1: Yikes

hounder: lol@ m n r

Rush: We should probably roll our serial soon, as it runs 26 minutes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan Family: Generations

tenman: Thanks. I wonder if there’s a search function on the forum part that would tell me how long ago my last posts were?

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re like Star Trek!

Matt1: Where do we start the short tonight?

Rush: When, or where, Matt?

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Mike n Rachel in DC: We have “Part 2” cued up (link above). Hopefully this is the episode that follows last week’s

Rush: The link should take us to the right spot…i hope! (Gulp!)

Matt1: Didn’t we stop at a point in the short last week?

Len Freeman: Hi freinds

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Len!

Matt1: Hello Len!

Rush: hello, Len!

Rush: Good evening to you!

tenman: The serial link leads to a video which is 45 minutes 38 secs long. Is the link wrong?

Len Freeman: Nice to be back… is part 2 chapter 2

tenman: Sorry, 54 minutes. dyslexic here

Matt1: 54:38!

Rush: We will be running our serial in….60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: I hope everyone is ready?

Rush: 35….

Len Freeman: yes

Matt1: Ready

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 0…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Universal Presents!

tenman: Like the music

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rachel dons veil*

Rush: Yes…and YES!

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Rush: M/R: 🙂

Rush: DV!

hounder: hi dan

Rush: Welcome and good evening!

Matt1: Hello Dan!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi DV!

Rush: st started the serial…

Rush: 1:30 in….

Mike n Rachel in DC: United Peace Foundation

Rush: yes…better known today as the United Nations…

Mike n Rachel in DC: What do these guys do all day?

Rush: Good question!

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Gov’t

Len Freeman: Hmmmm. I wonder if this is the Serial, or the feature version of it?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Zalibar…Rabilaz spelled backwards?

Rush: It would be pretty lengthy, Len!

Rush: With each installment being 25-ish minutes!

hounder: wonder where pendrag is?

Len Freeman: It was common to cut the chapters together into a feature film as well… 54 minutes would be about right if it’s a version they cut together to sell to early TV

hounder: nd what it’s language is

Mike n Rachel in DC: *growl*

Rush: Someplace near Outer Slobovia, I would imagine, hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’m sure Mr. Moto has solved cases in Pendrang

Rush: Yes.

Len Freeman: Key Luke as Sabu!

Rush: Looks to be, Len!

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Dan Venture: Yes, I wondered too about a Chapter 2 vs Part 2. Part 2 ends abruptly then launches Part 3. Am I lost?

Len Freeman: That would work well for cutting in old Sabu footage for stunts!

Rush: WB, Tenman…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *ring ring*

Mike n Rachel in DC: *calling Tenman phone*

tenmanphone: Ok now here on phone so I can watch video full screen

Rush: It’s apparently “Casino Night” tonight!

Rush: Very good, TM!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “The fewer people you trust, the less chance you have of being double-crossed…”

Rush: Two not-so-good words: Power and Control.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Asian Machiavelli

Rush: Yes.

tenmanphone: She looks familiar. Who is she?

Rush: I was thinking the same, TM!

hounder: are those grapes in her hair or is it just braided funky?

tenmanphone: ???

Mike n Rachel in DC: Why is there British music for San Francisco?

tenmanphone: Lol

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Rush: Again, I was thinking the same!

tenmanphone: Emoticons don’t translate here apparently

Rush: And, the stock music used throughout is “interesting.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pretty much have the Asian music nailed…the other stuff is erratic, though.

tenmanphone: Is that Choir?

tenmanphone: Cukor

Rush: TM, our old Chat Room, which came to an abrupt end last january, was mush better in that respect.

Mike n Rachel in DC: eeeeeee

Rush: Yow!

Rush: hangers within cliffhangers!

Rush: CLIFF hangers.

hounder: weird looking fire

Mike n Rachel in DC: BarBQ…hot off the grill tonight!

Rush: My sentence beginnings get cut off sometimes it seems!

Rush: Keye Luke in more familiar garb!

Len Freeman: Yes, I think this is the cut-together feature… the original serial has 13 chapters

Rush: It IS odd, Len.

hounder: so convenient to have such a nice walkway in the mountains

Rush: But there is an “actual” ending coming up at the end of 26 minutes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The “Shining Death”. How charming!

Rush: Yes.

Len Freeman: Well three 26 minute parts would make a nice 3 half-hour sessions for selling to TV.

Rush: True!

Mike n Rachel in DC: fan-tan?

Rush: I missed that, Mike.

Rush: A reference?

Rush: AH!

Mike n Rachel in DC: No…just the gambling house. Maybe a foreshadowing of Chan?

Rush: Tao Shan.

Rush: Yes, Mike…

Rush: “Number 15, black…”

Rush: Yes, that’s why tonight is an unplanned “Casino Night.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Have you tried 22?”

hounder: he’s dressed might casually for a casino

Rush: Yes.

Len Freeman: Made in 1948, nuclear radioactive material would

Rush: Maybe we have a more “casual” place.

Len Freeman: have been a hot b movie topic

Rush: True, Len!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Nevermore”

Mike n Rachel in DC: “I said, 22”

hounder: lol @ m n r

Rush: We have the nuclear topic appear in 1945’s “The Red Dragon.”

Rush: That was pretty fast.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hornet-mobile?

Matt1: bzzzzzzz

Rush: 🙂

Rush: And…”The Red Dragon” was produced during the month of September 1946!

Rush: just weeks after the bombings in Japan!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Um…Japan was August ’45, right?

Len Freeman: Post WWII atomic was hot (brought us Godzilla!)… not too mention a big concern for “war mongers.”

Rush: True, Len.

Rush: Yes, M/R.

hounder: love these old cars

Rush: August 6: Hiroshima, August 9: Nagasaki.

Rush: yes, Hounder…when they start!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, so Red Dragon was a year later?

Rush: “Honor” can fast turn very sour….

Len Freeman: oops

tenmanphone: Why does the tribesman have a NY accent?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Don’t you just HATE when that happens?

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I think you are right, TM.

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Rush: Can ruin one’s day.

Len Freeman: Can see this cliffhanger coming..

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Suspense builds

Rush: Prepare for the “Shining Death.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think the Shining Death needs a music upgrade

Rush: Uh-OH!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Put. The. Candle. Back.

tenmanphone: Hahaha

Matt1: lol

Rush: Okay!

Len Freeman: OK… stop there.. would have been Ch 7 next week!

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: we have already seen SIX episodes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Express serial. 🙂

hounder: i don’t think that handkercheif will help much.

Rush: Oh well…

Rush: No problem!

tenmanphone: K.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I bet that the door will be more open when we resume.

Mike n Rachel in DC: A nice lesson in film history…how these things were re-packaged.

Rush: He’s close to it…and, that’s the way serials are!

Rush: yes, Mike!

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Rush: Dona!


Dona: Hello Everyone!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Len Freeman: Well if we start here on part 2 next week, it’ll probably take us through chapters 7,8,9 or so cut together. and {art 3 will give us 2 shot at the rest of the way

hounder: hi dona

Rush: Let’s get our copies of “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo” ready, shall we?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Correct, Rush. There’s always some opening that wasn’t apparent in the cliffhanger.

Rush: How are you tonight, Dona?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rarin’ to go gambling here!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Dona

Len Freeman: BRB, moving to other computer

Rush: It looks like our Chan showing in El Segundo might not happen…:(

Dona: I am good. Still some rain up here, but its supposed to warm up tomorrow.

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tenman: WIll be watching the DVD on the tv and chatting on the laptop

Matt1: Hello Jim!

Dona: Did they cancel?

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Dona: Hi Jim

Rush: I suspect that they will.

hounder: 🙁 but better it not happen this time than you get sick. people are still dying from this virus.

Library Jim.: Hi all, honorable pop won’t be joining us tonight, he’s a bit under the weather.

hounder: hi jim


hounder: hope he gets better quickly lj

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi LJ. Hope dad feels better soon!

Dona: Sorry to hear that Jim

Library Jim.: Thanks, all.

Rush: LJ, hopefully your venerable dad will be feeling much better very soon!

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes to go…

Matt1: Cued!

Library Jim.: Cued

Dona: Ready here

hounder: i finally broke down and went to the doc in a bos. the antibiotics are helping me feel much better

Rush: Getting there, too…

hounder: ready here

hounder: box

Rush: Giood to hear, Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Glad to hear it, hounder

Mike n Rachel in DC: (Doc in a box?)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong-ready in DC

hounder: one of those quick med clinics

Rush: My typos are flourishing so far tonight!

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Mike n Rachel in DC: ah

hounder: mine always do rush

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello CD!

Rush: Yes, they can be very helpful, Hounder.

Matt1: Hello CD!

hounder: hi cd

Cdirus: Hi guys!

Dona: Rush I just looked on the website and they are closed until further notice.


Library Jim.: Fat fingers + small

Rush: Less than 2 minutes to go…

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Rush: 90 seconds to go…


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Matt1: wb Len!

Len Freeman: Back and cued up

Rush: WB, Len!

hounder: hi len

Library Jim.: Keyboards = many typos

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Len and Phil!

Cdirus: Hi Phil!

Rush: 75 seconds…

Dona: Hi CD

Phil: Aloha to all my Chan friends!

Rush: PHIL!

Dona: Hi Len


Cdirus: Hi Dona!

Dona: Hi Phil

Rush: 60 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Two gin-and-tonics = many typos. 🙂

Rush: 50 seconds…

hounder: keyboards have less typos than when i type on my phone. lol

Library Jim.: And inconvenient enters

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *dons green eye shade*

Rush: 15…

Phil: Quite a few of us on here tonight

Rush: …

Mike n Rachel in DC: *sharpens pencil*

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

Rush: Music…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice waltz


Rush: Credits…

Rush: 🙂

hounder: lets face it we all finally have time we may not normally have had

tenman: amen

Rush: Yes, Hounder.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very elegant

Rush: That’s the proverbial “silver lining.”

Library Jim.: Lovely old cars

Rush: yes, LJ.

hounder: besides this is a great way to beat cabin fever

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan et fils

Matt1: HH!

Rush: I love this one for the more “authentic” French language use and cultural “feel.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sharlie Shan!

Phil: The Man The Myth The Huber!

Len Freeman: Lindsay and I are here together tonight… so nice

Rush: LOTS of actual french used.

Mike n Rachel in DC: But NOT by Lee. 🙂

Library Jim.: That is French, no?

Rush: And, Lee does his “best” with the language!

hounder: lee does as well with french as i do with spanish

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mais oui, LJ

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tenman: I can insult in five languages

Mike n Rachel in DC: 9325>

Rush: Inspector Joubert will get to brag the rest of his life that he paid Charlie Chan’s visit to the casino!

Mike n Rachel in DC: 9325?

Rush: Yes…but Lee was wrong.

Library Jim.: Lee doesn’t recognize sarcasm.

tenman: Lee is seldom right

Mike n Rachel in DC: Didn’t I just see that it was around 4300 in the Chinese calendar?

hounder: sugguest you start attack on smallest bank


Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah. Rush = font of knowledge

Library Jim.: LOL, Rush

Rush: Very good guess, Mike!

Phil: Is 1937 the year this is set in Rush?

Rush: Your were MUCH closer than Lee!

Mike n Rachel in DC: It was something about the year of the Rat

Mike n Rachel in DC: (Chinese new year a while back)

Rush: That was the year of production.

Rush: So…it would probably be the actual time portrayed.

Rush: Lee’s “system” flops.

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Mike n Rachel in DC: If at first you don’t succeed…

Rush: “Lose, lose, again..”

Phil: Kaye Lanaker

Rush: yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: A Chan regular!

Mike n Rachel in DC: (in her younger days…)

Rush: Kay Linaker: Joan Karnoff

Rush: Kay Linaker in Chan films:

Rush: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo: Joan Karnoff
Charlie Chan in Reno: Mrs. Russell
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: Séance Apparition
Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise: Mrs. Pendleton
Charlie Chan in Rio: Helen Ashby (alias Barbara Cardosa)

Rush: Not a centime…

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Oooh. Missed the “seance apparition” role.

Phil: I just saw a white fox fur fly by

Rush: So, it seems that Lee and Pop returned home from NYC as seen in “CC on Broadway,” and then, after hearing that Lee would be in the Paris art show mentioned, they headed back to Europe.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ze train, boss, ze train

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: lol

Cdirus: I would have called for another taxi

Phil: Indeed

Dan Venture: Ditto.

Dona: You would think so CD

Rush: Lee’s participation in the 1936 Olympics, as seen in “CC at the Olympics” would have been August of 1936…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ze pluge de sparke, she does not work, no?

hounder: yeh i think i would have gotte a different txi too

Rush: They toured europe a little, and then went to New York City in “CC on Broadway.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: White fox fur!

Rush: That would probably be late summer of 1936…

Library Jim. has joined this room

Rush: then, this would be sometime in 1937.

Cdirus: I think she just draped two foxes over her shoulders

Rush: WB…LJ!

Rush: Sorry about the troubles tonight!

hounder: don’t think that wrap would be much good at keeping you warm

Library Jim.: Sorry, had to bring Pop some water and timed out

Rush: True, Hounder.

Mike n Rachel in DC: But perhaps the wrap lures someone who WOULD keep one warm?

Phil: Oui Oui

Library Jim.: Lol

Mike n Rachel in DC: French bonds were all in the news at this time…

Rush: Yes, M/R?

hounder: brb dog walk

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wasn’t this around the time of the Stavisky scandal?

Rush: Interesting, Mike! I’ll need to look into that!

Rush: t would be a nice historical tie-in!

Library Jim.: France’s #1 mechanic, right there.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Here’s a short history:

Mike n Rachel in DC: This really de-stabilized the French government…ultimately leading into the collapse in 1940

Rush: Interesting, mike! Early 1930s.

Mike n Rachel in DC: But I think this was enough in the world news that this film and “Paris” could make some noise about French bonds and seem current to their audiences

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Packard?


Rush: Verified by CC.

Matt1: <tin can>

Mike n Rachel in DC: “too late for doctor, call for tin can”

Rush: TYSM…Matt.

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Chan-Can ™ Verified”

hounder: good eyes to see small rhinsstone in dark

Len Freeman: Warner looking older

Rush: Tenman…when we had sound effects available in the past, we used to have a “kicked can” when a victim died, as their was no “bucket” sound!

tenman: ah

Rush: Now that we have no sounds, you will notice that the “tradition” carries on via typed approximations!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Arret? That can’t be good…

Phil: Then, I took it upon myself to be the guy who called out “Cue the can”

Phil: And typically Matt types out <tin can>

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: Poor Lee, lol

Dona: We are a well oiled machine

Rush: “Tongue often hang man quicker than rope.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: It takes a village, Dona. 🙂

Library Jim. has left this room

Rush: (“oil can”)

Phil: “..with the hot and cold water that runs..”

Library Jim. has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yikes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is she wearing the draperies?

Library Jim.: I guess I’m out tonight. I’ll keep watching, but no chat.

Library Jim.: Good night all

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care, LJ. Give our best to dad!

Rush: Okay, LJ…

Library Jim. has left this room

Rush: Give our best to your dad, please…

Rush: The man who played Ludwig was also in “Charlie Chan at the Opera.”

Phil: “I am slowly confusing.” Love that line.

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not the caretaker in the asylum?

Rush: Emphasizing English being his second language.

Rush: Yes, Mike. he was the caretaker who was overpowered by Gravelle.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. Learn something every day. 🙂

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK. Earned extra cookie from Rach for that. 🙂

Rush: Very nice reward, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *chomp chomp*

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Homemade chocolate chip

Rush: Much better than online cookies!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS!

Cdirus: Hi GS!

Godwinshelley3: A quick hello from Indiana

Dona: What kind of cookies go with Gin and Tonic Mike?

Rush: GS!!!

hounder: hi gs. hope all is as well as can be.

Rush: Good evening, quickly!

Dona: Hi GS

Mike n Rachel in DC: Any kind, Dona. You just need to have enough gin and tonics. 😉

Rush: How is everyone and everything, GS?

Godwinshelley3: Still having family fun

Rush: Hopefully the fun is not too tiring, GS.

Godwinshelley3: Mom doesn’t start chemo for a couple weeks

Rush: Okay.

Rush: And your dad?

Rush: How’s he doing?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Maybe that will let things get a little more back to normal?

hounder: hoping your dad is adjusting and things have calmed down a bit.

Rush: Theyshould have separated them and wquestioned them separately.

Godwinshelley3: Dad is slow and confused most days. Didn’t get out of pajamas until noon today.

Rush: GS…I took it a bit easy this morning, myself, I will admit!

Godwinshelley3: We’re doing ok – though getting old is not for the meek.

hounder: it’s hard gs. all you can do is your best

Len Freeman: Agreed on that GS

Rush: That’s correct, GS.

hounder: too true gs

Godwinshelley3: Just checking in – have a good week everyone

Rush: Each day I draw closer…

Godwinshelley3: Night

Phil: The older you get, the tougher you’ve got to be.

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

Rush: You as well, GS!

Rush: You are ALL in my prayers.

Dona: Very true Phil

hounder: mine to gs

Rush: That is TRUE, Phil…yes!

Rush: A friend of mine is helping to care for his 102-year-old mother.

Mike n Rachel in DC: My grandma always said “you gotta be tough to get old”.

Phil: I wish life was like it is in tv commercials but alas, no.

Rush: Yes, Mike.

Rush: I agree, Phil!

Rush: “FIRE!!!”

Len Freeman: Tricky here

Phil: A variation on the light switch trick.

Rush: YES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie…seems to be setting a trap…

tenmanphone has left this room

hounder: distraction

Phil: Cue the can

Rush: Tenman…are you still with us?

Phil: Remote death

tenman: Yup

Rush: Very good!

tenman: Enjoying

Rush: The other “Tenman” departed!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Remote Death” sounds like a Mickey Spillane yarn

Rush: It does sound like a goot title, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lord what a dress

tenman: Dress makes me wish it was in color!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We can hope for the “colorized” version, Tenman

hounder: bright whtie on that white tie

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Room = 22!

Rush: Sometimes the lobby cards, which were “colorized” still images, might show the color of the clothing seen in the films.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Would they have been color photos, Rush? That is, the actual colors of the clothing…

Rush: No…black and white that was “colorized”.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah ha.

Rush: But, they might have based the clors on reality.

Rush: Ah…the “waffles” bit!

Mike n Rachel in DC: wa-FELL

Dan Venture: Yes, Rush. One of the best bits.

Phil:’s wa-fell-EH


Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. My French accent sucks…

Dan Venture: Of course, a bit of a strain the waiter didn’t get it.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Maybe…

Phil: Dan, an odd question but what time is it where you are?

Rush: 5:59.


Mike n Rachel in DC: $0.10

Rush: Good thing that Lee ordered FROM the menu!

Phil: You guys are both in Cali?

Rush: Yes, Mike.

hounder: a good reason for pictures on menus

Rush: That would translate to about $1.50 or so today….still a bargain!

Rush: Realistically, that magazine would run several dollars at least today!

Mike n Rachel in DC: If you travel somewhere where you don’t speak the language…learn the names of foods you don’t like or are allergic to…then you can “menu point” with confidence

Rush: $5.95?

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Rush: I have done that.

Rush: Lee does his spy work…

tenman: White shoes? Really??

Mike n Rachel in DC: With his usual subtlety…

Rush: YES!

Angel has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Maybe the white shoes are a relic of his Olympic uniform?

Rush: Angel!

Phil: You know, when I try to do stuff like that, people always call the cops on me.

Rush: Good evening to YOU!!!

hounder: nothing good ever comes from eavesdropping

Cdirus: Hi Angel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Angel! (Where’s the fox?)

Rush: How have you been?

hounder: hi angel

Dona: Hi Angel!

Angel: HI!

Rush: “Minus FOX”

Angel: Hello

Rush: How have you been?

Rush: Lee got away with it.

Angel: Minus fox because I couldn’t log in here

Rush: AH!

Angel: Helllo

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh dear

Rush: Hello, and…welcome again!

Angel: Been trying to enter, screen brings up messages in cyrillic

Rush: We are at 50:00 if you want to catch up!

Angel: So am just saying hi. I hope everyone is ok

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Len Freeman: So far so good Angel

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dosvidanya, Angel. We’re ok in DC. Hope you are too!

Angel: Happy to meet tenman, glad to see so many here!

Rush: You need to log-in with the password, etc. that you created in the past.

Angel: Will try to rejoin. .

Rush: if not…”Angel” works!

hounder: so fsar angel, except for cabin fever

Angel: next week, ok? Y’all take care, y’heah?

hounder: glad you’re ok

Mike n Rachel in DC: You too!

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Dona: Take care Angel

Rush: Next week …”Mr. Moto;s Gamble.”

hounder: nite angel

Mike n Rachel in DC: 30 francs / dollar?

Rush: Angel, I hope that all is well for you.

Angel: At 58 min ok?

tenman: Questions are keys to the door of truth

hounder: brb

Rush has left this room

Angel: Tenman speak important truth. Known in West as SCHLAGE’S LAW

Cdirus: What happened to our fearless leader?

Rush has joined this room

Rush: Sorry!

Dona: He seems to be gone

Rush: I accidentally left!

Dona: He’s back

Dona: yay

Dona: Hi Rush



Angel: I am afraid fearless leader lost key.


Rush: That’s what I was getting…

Angel: 58:45?

Phil: Cue the can

Rush: 56:00

Dona: 56

Rush: Yes…

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: Cue it…

Rush: TYSM…Matt…

Angel: I am afraid of heights

Rush: Me too!

Mike n Rachel in DC: boîte de conserve

Rush: This reminds us of the “suicide” in “Charlie Chan in London.”

Angel: Kaiser always helpful

Rush: Happy you didn’t leave, Angel!

Dona: Yes Angel

Angel: Kaiser is a spy

Rush: Monte Carlo was a pretty SAFE place, it seems!

Angel: Hitler is a jerk

Rush: WAS…

Rush: Thankfully!

Angel: Jesse Jackson was the greatest¡

Angel: The Ignited States, buys drinks for all!!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, if she was married to Al Rodgers, she’s not really your wife…

Angel: 2 guys with 14 feet! Hmmmmm.

Rush: Were they divorsed?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sounds like no, Rush. He was blackmailing her…

Rush: Maybe annulled?

Angel: Safe looks safe.

Phil: She said she heard he had divorced her.

Rush: That clears her of bigomy.

Len Freeman: contradiction,,,

Angel: Obviously a she said situation.

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I had assumed that she heard that, but he DIDN’T divorce her. So then he shows up and demands money or he would say that she couldn’t have married again…

Angel: CC blindfolded is a readymade ad for self-driving cars.

Angel: Hairy Hopkins?

Rush: 🙂

Angel: North by Northeast was Hitchcock’s comedy show.

Rush: THAT would be interesting, indeed, Angel!

Rush: Next week: “Mr. Moto’s Gamble.”

Rush: ilm the began filming as “Charlie Chan at the Ringside” starring warner Oland.

Angel: Rush, I bring up the Fortunately Unpossible to spare my colleagues.

Rush: HM!

Angel: Gimme dat ding.

hounder: back. mom wanted to go to bed.

Rush: We have missed you, Angel!

Rush: That certain “spice” has been missing!

Rush: 🙂

Angel: Founder, whatever Mom wants she should get…

Angel: Tyson, rush!!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “hen…YOU are murderer…”

Rush: THEN.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Big moment

Angel: *Hounder*, with an H!!

Rush: I seem to lose the first letters I type!

Rush: Interesting thing coming up!

tenman: squish

Angel: I am on a tablet that skips & hesitates

Rush: If we look carefully, Gordon mysteriously vanishes at the last millisecond!

Rush: WATCH….


Angel: I have missed everyone!!

Rush: You have been missed, too!


hounder: we’ve missed you as well;

Mike n Rachel in DC: Look both ways before you cross the street…

Phil: Can’t escape karma baby.

Rush: SEE?

Phil: cue the can

Mike n Rachel in DC: Like magic, Rush!

Rush: Gordon disappears just before he’s hit!

Angel: RUSH—- CRIMINAL rat, not you!!

Rush: I suggest he was beamed into some future time era!

Matt1: Yuck

Rush: We may hear from him somewhere…some TIME….

Dona: lol

Angel: HERO Hopkins!!

Rush: Joking, of course!

Rush: okay…

Dan Venture: I wouldn’t be in a RUSH to be at that time, Rush.

Rush: ere is Mr. Oland’s final scene coming up….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Merci so much

hounder: the spark plug wasn’t the problem though

Angel: The future is now!! It was, anyway.

Rush: His final wave to us.

Phil: I was going to observe he didn’t look so good in this movie.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bye Werner!

Angel: Bye bye baby bye bye

Mike n Rachel in DC: Warner…

Dona: sad

Len Freeman: Agre Phil

Len Freeman: Agree

Rush: Phil, I would agree, if we compare him to previous films.

Rush: THE END….

Rush: (Applause)

hounder: sad to see his era end

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: Yes….


Angel: Lose life? Lose face? Don’t lose keys,

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Len Freeman: A good sendoof …. sorry to see him go

Rush: Whe will see the “transitional film” next week…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not really any duds in his run of Chans

Rush: Yes, Len…

Dan Venture: Thanks, everyone! Stay healthy.

hounder: thanks so much for the fun. see you next week.

Len Freeman: Look forward to it.

Rush: I will see what I can do to salvage our serial next week.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Same to you Dan!

Phil: Wash your hands kids!

Mike n Rachel in DC: WASH YOUR HANDS!

Matt1: Good night folks and hope you have a good and healthy week. Be safe!

Len Freeman: See you all nxt week

Mike n Rachel in DC: 🙂

Rush: it seems that Len was absolutely right!

hounder: and wear those face cloths in public

Cdirus: See everyone next week!

tenman: Most enjoyable. Night all!

Len Freeman: Yes… shelter in place..

Angel: Is bittersweet…hope though WE all persevere!! Good night America!!


Len Freeman: Night

Mike n Rachel in DC: See you next week for Mr. Moto. Hope to see you again 10man!

Phil has left this room

Rush: serial’s chapters should only be about ten minutes long.

Rush: So…

Rush: We will see what we can do.

Rush: In the meantime…

Rush: ood night, everyone…

Rush: take care….

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Matt1 has left this room

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Len Freeman has left this room

hounder has left this room

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great fun as always. Good to see everyone. Good night all!

Rush: Have a very happy and SAFE week!

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: BE WELL!

Rush: TYSM, Dona, Angel, and CD!

Cdirus: Bye Rush!

Dona has left this room

Cdirus has left this room

Rush: I hope that these evenings help the passage of these “interesting times” we currently find ourselves in!

Rush: take care, Angel….

Rush: d night, and I hope to see you next Monday!

Rush: Good night….!

Rush: And, thank you…

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