Chat Archive 5/24/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for May 24, 2021

Charlie Chan in Panama

The Landini Murder Case: More Accusations

Mrs Phil & Phil

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Matt1: Hello Dave!

Rush: Hello, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: How are you tonight?

Dave: Greetings!

Rush: Hi, dave!

Matt1: Good, thnx….u?

Rush: Hello to YOU, too!

Rush: Doing well, thank you.

Dave: Hello, Rush…

Rush: Hi, Dave! How are you this evening?

Dave: Doing well…

Rush: Very good!

Dave: Another nice item tonight…

Rush: I was working on 8th grade portfolio evaluations and lost track of the time!

Rush: Yes…”Panama”!

Matt1: Ah….end of year creeping up

Rush: SPRINTING….not creeping!

Dave: My daughter teaches high school English…

Matt1: lol, I can relate

Rush: Yes, Dave?

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Matt1: Hello Zoe!

Rush: I am sure she has her share of stories!

Zoe: hello

Rush: Hello, ZOE!


Dave: She is in SC. Lots of stories.

Rush: ðŸ™‚

Dave: Heoo, Zoe…

Dave: hello, sort of…

Rush: Understand, Dave.

Rush: As the “Typo King” I understand!

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mda19083: hello all

DanVenture: Evening, everyone!

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Dave: Don’t know what is worse, poor typing or auto fill…

Matt1: Hello Dan!

DanVenture: I hope no one falls over because I showed up on time.

Dave: Greetings, folks

Rush: Hello, MDA and DV!


Rush: As Dave said above, we have another good one tonight…”Charlie Chan in Panama.”

Dave: To me, one of the top Toler titles…

Rush: I love the “exotic locale” Chan films.

Dave: agreed, rush…

mda19083: CC in Panama is another of my faves – if you are taking an informal poll

Rush: Very good!

Rush: This one has a LOT going for it, i feel!

Rush: VERY interesting suspects for one.

Dave: One of the first I recall seeing on the Charlie Chan Theater, 11:30 pm, Friday night

Rush: AH!

Rush: The nostalgia angle always works on me as well!

Dave: Like the variety of suspects…

Rush: Well…

Rush: Radio drama in 70 seconds…

Matt1: Ready here!

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: Please cue up!

Rush: Link is above!

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: Ready?

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Music…

Rush: Announcer…

Rush: 30 seconds in…

Rush: Commercials placed here….

mda19083: i don’t believe/recall that the Monogram films were shown here on TV in Philadelphia in the 70’s and 80’s

mda19083: they will be new to me

Rush: Could be true, MDA.

Dave: I didn’t see the Mongrams till later…

Rush: In 1968 20th Centurey-Fox released nearly all of their Chan titles.

Rush: Those were widely aired for a number of years.

Dave: Watched in the DC area in early/late 70s…

Rush: The Monograms were shown a lot in the ’50s on TV.

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Dave: They also had Money Movie Seven in the afternoons…

Rush: MIKE!

Rush: Welcome!

Matt1: Hello Mike!

Mike in DC: Good evening all!

Dave: good evening…

Rush: Alone tonight, Mike?

Mike in DC: I can’t stay this evening, unfortunately, but wanted to at least stop by to say hello. And yes, I’m solo for this brief “flight.” 🙁

Rush: AH.

Dave: Mike, did you grow up in the DC area?

Rush: Happy you could stop by at least!


Mike in DC: No, Dave. I grew up in Detroit…moved to DC in 2008.

Dave: Wondering about Chan films on tv…

Mike in DC: Hopefully once we get more into the summer, the MnR duo will be back to regular “Channing.”

Rush: It would be interesting to research the history of Chan film TV airings.

Mike in DC: They used to be on “Bill Kennedy at the Movies” in Detroit in the 1970s.

Rush: Very good, Mike!

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Louise: Hi Gang!

Rush: We miss the “DC Duo”!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

mda19083: hello louise

Rush: Good evening, Louise!

Dave: What time of day/week was that?

Louise: Hello to all.

Mike in DC: He never failed to mention that Chan had never been played by an Asian actor…very aware for his era!

Dave: Hello, Louise…

Louise: As for Chan movies on TV, I watched them in Connecticut in the 1970s.

Mike in DC: Bill Kennedy was a Sunday afternoon “ritual” for Detroiters. He hosted movies a la TCM.

Mike in DC: Hey Louise!

Dave: Sounds good…

Rush: Actually, the silent films had Asian actors playing Chan, as did “Behind That Curtain.”

Louise: Hi to you Mike before you leave

Mike in DC: (and the DC Duo misses the Chan clan, Rush!)

Rush: owever, the character was pretty much secondary to the plot in those.

Mike in DC: …like ships passing in the night… 

Rush: Mike: 🙂

Rush: Understand the concept, Mike!

Dave: DC area also had two films on Channel 20, a uhf station

Mike in DC: Aha. Learn something every day!

Rush: How are you tonight, Louise?

mda19083: louise – i believe you are in charge of the lights this evening

Mike in DC: Are you a DC native, Dave? (Channel 20 in Detroit had “The Ghoul” who hosted bad horror movies…)

Dave: Grew up in dc area…

Rush: I love the old local horror hosts!

Louise: I will turn off the lights at the crucial times!

Rush: TYSM, Louise!

Mike in DC: Keep an eye on Louise. She’s hidden a light switch behind the sofa.

Rush: ðŸ™‚

Dave: Right….same guy that did Captain 20…

mda19083: Dr Shock was big here in the Philadelphia area

Louise: And I am good, Rush, thanks for asking. Just talking on phone to hubby who was stuck on the George Washington Bridge for a while.

Mike in DC: Those were the days, MDA.

Matt1: I remember Dr Shock!

Louise: You accuse me Mike???

mda19083: Dr Shock was also a magician

Rush: My favorite in my early college years was Seymour on KHJ, Channel 9 in L.A.

Mike in DC: With a name like that, he must have been electrifying! (sorry)

mda19083: ðŸ™‚ mike

Matt1: Boooooo

Mike in DC: J


Mike in DC: J’accuse!

Rush: he would have a double feature on Saturday nights, starting at 10:00

Mike in DC: LOL, Matt

Rush: Matt: 🙂

Louise: e had as a host that weird freaky guy who looked like a zombie…what was his name…

Rush: Chan will be right back with his words of wisdom…

Mike in DC: Are you thinking of “the ghoul?”

Louise: Not the ghoul…

Rush: After this word from our sponsor…

Dave: Our guy was Dick Dysel, who did Count Gore De vol, and Bozo…

Dave: Channel 20 was low budget.

Rush: Wow…polar opposites, Dave!

Mike in DC: Sorry to say that I must run to my 8:00 meeting. A pleasure to “see” everyone, even briefly!

Dave: Had another on channel 9, called Sir Graves Ghastly

Rush: Take care, Mike!

Louise: Zacherley!

Rush: See you next week!

Matt1: Good luck, Mike

Dave: so long…

Rush: …hopefully!

Louise: Bye Mike, take the lights with you

mda19083: ? just discovered the emojis

Rush: Okay…that was our radio drama for this week, as Chan made his accusation.

Mike in DC has left this room

Rush: Unfortunately, when I copy the chat text for our archive, the emojis don’t copy…!

Rush: 14 minutes until “Panama”

mda19083: oops – it didn’t work


Rush: 12 minutes…

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Rush: DONA!


Dona: Hello Everyone!!!!

Rush: (W)

Matt1: Hello Dona!

mda19083: hello dona

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Rush: I am getting my DVD ready…

Dave: Hello, folks…

Rush: paul! Welcome to YOU!

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Dona: Hello Paul

Rush: BRB…

PaulM: good evening

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Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

Mrs Phil & Phil: A warm ALOHA! to all my Chan friends. Good to see you here tonight.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Matt1 good to see you.

Rush: Mrs Phil and Phil!

Rush: LCOME!


mda19083: hello mrs phil and phil

Mrs Phil & Phil: Good to see you G-Man and mda too!

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Rush: GS!

Matt1: Hello GS!

Godwinshelley2: Hello guys

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued

Nothere has joined this room

Mrs Phil & Phil: Hello GS

Rush: Goode evening to you!

Louise:   not much masking going on at the beach. Thousands of people yesterday and not a mask in sight.

Nothere: Hey all

Rush: NT!

Matt1: Hello NH!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Sensible people Louise

Louise: That was just an excuse to use an emoji!

Rush: 4 1/2 minutes to go…

Matt1: Cued!

Rush: Me too!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Cued

Rush: 4 minutes…

Louise: just finished talking to #1 son so I lost track of the conversation here…

Louise: CUED

Mrs Phil & Phil: Priorities Louise

mda19083: louise – please keep an eye on the light switch

Rush: That’s ecactly where the conversation is now, Louise…”cued”!

Rush: Yes, Phils!

Rush: 3 minutes…

Louise: I need to put my glasses on if I am going to stare at the wall with the switch

Rush: ðŸ™‚

Mrs Phil & Phil: What’s for dinner tonight Rush?

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…

Rush: A mystery at the moment!

Rush: TWO minutes…

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: 75 seconds…


Louise: When I was in Panama we stopped at a roadside stand and ate grilled pulpo: octopus. It was delish but I would never do that today with my aging digestive system. 

Rush: 60 seconds…

Nothere: Be bold be dring Louis

Rush: “Gnang!”

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Louise: NT: huh?

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Nothere: Eat it Eat it

Rush: 15…

Rush: 0…

Rush: ten

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


mda19083: louise has discovered the emojis

Rush: Title….

Rush: Music….

Louise: Yes, emoji queen here

Rush: Credits….


Rush: ðŸ™‚

Mrs Phil & Phil: And remember, it’s Lionel Atwill in tonight’s show. Not George Zucco.

PaulM: hey GS….are you going to Monsterbash at the Drive-in next month?

mda19083: and NT

Rush: Nice deco title background.


Dave: Subtle music…

Nothere: Obey The Emoji Queen 

Rush: The music “hints” as to the identity of the spy!

Louise: I “piloted” a ship through the canal: actually the pilot just let me be on the deck. So cool.

Rush: Will do, NT!

Dave: Anchors away…

Rush: That MUST have been GREAT, Louise!

Nothere: That ship sank my siesta I should seek a smallr sombrero.

Louise: It was exciting Rush.

Mrs Phil & Phil: The goal is to shoot him BEFORE he gets in the water.

Rush: Yes, Phils!

mda19083: i am wearing my panama hate this evening

Rush: Miss Finch.

mda19083: hat

Nothere: Lucky he wasn’t in at the Olympics that was a terrible dive.

Rush: AH! I should wear mine too, MDA!

Louise: No, hate was probably the right word

Rush: ðŸ™‚

Rush: Ah…those pesky typos!

PaulM: i dont have a panama. i have a fedora and a deerstalker

Rush: Those work!

mda19083: panama hats are made in ecuador

Rush: Yes!

Nothere: A fedora an a top hat

Dave: Everyone has a hat….

Rush: My wife bought mine for me at a Panama hat shop at the Royal Hawaiian.

mda19083: come to the cabaret

Nothere: My city is so gay. Why is the audience laughing?

Godwinshelley2: A FANCY Panama handcrafted hat – that is Rush’s hat

Louise: Miss Finch is turning wild

Rush: I can break it out this summer.

Rush: Yes she is.

mda19083: we are laughing with you nt not at you

Rush: (“cough…cough…)

Dave: Wonder if she has some beads later….

Rush: just so you laugh!

Mrs Phil & Phil: She was the woman David Lee Roth sang about in “Panama.”

Nothere: Miss Finch a bird gtting out of hand

Rush: yes.

Dave: How about the Fez


mda19083: he is a shriner

Godwinshelley2: My husband has a fez

PaulM: hey, Fezes are COOL

Rush: Douglas “Dolphin” flying boat.

Louise: Fezes don’t block the sun

Rush: true!

Rush: Apt name: Dr. Grosser.

Louise: a cage for Miss Finch???

Dave: No hat for the doctor now…

Rush: “Caged birt will not sing.”

Rush: (bird)

Mrs Phil & Phil: Mr. Happy Face.

Dave: Enjoy Atom Smasher guy here….

Rush: Yes, indeed!

Rush: I believe that these “canal” scenes were shot at San Pedro (L.A.”

Dave: Fu Yuen, a great salesman

Louise: Oh my, Charlie sells hats!

Rush: Fu Yuen.

Rush: Don’t blow his cover!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Yeah stupid, it’s FU YUEN!

Mrs Phil & Phil: NOW he says he can’t be too careful.

Rush: Yes!

PaulM: why wouldnt he sell egg fu yuen?

Rush: “D’oh!”

Dave: ahhh…

Mrs Phil & Phil: Hey don’t smoke that cigg…

Rush: Paul: 🙂

Mrs Phil & Phil: Oops, too late.

Mrs Phil & Phil: CUE THE BELL


Louise: Ooops, too late

Dave: Too late…

Mrs Phil & Phil: Can, I meant CAN.

Louise: Wackt tobacky


Louise: Wacky

Rush: Indeed!

Dave: Cannot speak good english

Rush: That fatal combo!

Louise: A suit with no wrinkles

Rush: (SMACK!!!)

Louise: POP!

Dave: Famous spanking scene…

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Lee got the same treatment in “CC at the Olympics”!

DanVenture: Indeed!

Dave: Right, rush

Rush: “Man without relatives is man without trouble.”

DanVenture: Beat me to it, Rush!

DanVenture: Can’t pick your relatives…

Nothere: And sparking in carries on as I recall.Or am I misremembering?

Rush: Sorry, DV!

Rush: “Boanide”

mda19083: mapichari

mda19083: mapuchari

mda19083: sorry wrong film

Nothere: But where is the electric train? Or at least a toy boat?

Mrs Phil & Phil: Way wrong.

Rush: boanide – A fictitious chemical mentioned by Charlie Chan as being “most deadly when inhaled with smoke from cigarette.”


Louise: Nice robe


Dave: Nice photo…

Dona: Yes

Mrs Phil & Phil: Cool down Jimmy

Rush: He can’t help himself!

Dave: Czech that singer out!

Rush: ðŸ™‚

Nothere: Fa la la la woah

Mrs Phil & Phil: It just struck me that in CC in Egypt, there were no sons around.

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: we had snowshoes and dragoman for comic relief

Dona: We had Snowshoes for comic relief

Rush: “City in Darkness” too.

Rush: And in that one, Marcel (Harold Huber) was the relief!

Mrs Phil & Phil: He sure was.

Rush: Frenzied relief!

Dona: Yes, he is always good

Louise: Jimmy is always the comic relief

Rush: I agree.

mda19083: not sure if huber was a treat or a treatment in that one

Rush: jimmy too.

Dave: Any son in CC in London?

Mrs Phil & Phil: So, he left the door unlocked with all his experiments inside.

Nothere: Weid hallway with a door sticking out into it.

Louise: I did not turn the lights off

Nothere: No son in London, but there was a bunny.

Dona: lol

Mrs Phil & Phil: And a cow that was a horse.

Dave: lol


Louise: and a monkey from Pirates of the Caribbean

mda19083: the monkey from race track is back

Louise: Jack

Nothere: Quit monkeying aroung this is serious business. If you make me go ape I’ll send you to the circus.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Or at least a guy who couldn’t seem to tell the difference between a cos and a horse.

Mrs Phil & Phil: cow

mda19083: i thought jack was a sparrow

Rush: That might have been Josephine the Monkey who was in “CC at the Race Track”

Rush: OUCH, MDA!

Rush: ðŸ™‚

DanVenture: Might the monkey be a cousin of the one in Indiana Jones? Both look might suspicious covorting with dangerous people.

Dave: Producers girlfriend having a quick shot there

Rush: One never knows, DV!

Nothere: Nah the Indiny monkey was in charge. People saluted him.

Rush: ðŸ™‚

Nothere: Phooey on you Fu

Dave: Risky visit by Fu…

Nothere: So what is the exact time and place of your troop movements? Just asking for a friend,

Dave: nt, lol

Mrs Phil & Phil: Hit the road sailor.

Rush: Yes, NT!

mda19083: many men smoke but Fu Manchu

Rush: Miss Fince.

Rush: I got it, MDA!

Louise: not at the bar, I’m a lady…

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Jimmy spills the proverbial beans!

mda19083: old joke rush

Dona: big mouth

Louise: The Great Charlie Chan!!!

Dave: Jimmy attracted attention by saying Pop!!!

Rush: Old, perhaps, but new to me!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Jimmy’s an idiot

Rush: Impulsive maybe!

Mrs Phil & Phil: ChamPAGna

DanVenture: Well. Too bad no one could recognize him in that disquise.

Rush: Right!

mda19083: nice one phils

Dave: right, dv

Rush: Cat this time!

mda19083: honorable pussycat

Dave: honorable rats…

Mrs Phil & Phil: Yo Jimmy, shut up.

mda19083: who turned on the lights

mda19083: usually the lights go out

Dave: honorable plague…

Rush: Welcome back the monkey!

Rush: Is it smart of Grosser to let a monkey run lose around his lab with infected rats, etc.?

Mrs Phil & Phil: So…what’s Grosser going to do when he comes back and finds all his animals gone?

Nothere: Roll out the barrel for the monkey

Nothere: Probably go. What the heck?

Mrs Phil & Phil: Something like that, no doubt.

Dave: Frito bandito song

mda19083: good one dv

mda19083: sorry dan

Rush: AH! Yes, Dave!

mda19083: too many dans

mda19083: not enough daves


mda19083: ðŸ™‚

Dave: She was meeting Chan?

mda19083: we dont need no stinking badges

Dave: Almost like the police officer….

Rush: Jimmy!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Good thing he had a mask on.

Louise: Jimmy 

Rush: This week, it’s lights ON!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Too close for social distancing.

Dave: This should also happen regularly

Rush: Great toss, Jimmy@!

Rush: The USC baseball team.

Rush: Marlo Thomas.

Dave: lol, rush

mda19083: that girl?

Rush: THAT girl.

Louise: X

mda19083: people are dying to get in

Rush: True!

Dave: Jimmy strikes a pose…


Rush: We will hear that one in “Dead men tell.”

Dave: yes, rush…

Mrs Phil & Phil: Cue the can

Rush: matt first…

Matt1: <tin can>


Rush: Then the viual next!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Thank you both so much!

Louise: and Charlie walks away

Rush: Jimmy unknowingly helps Pop here.

Dave: Enjoy this scene…

Rush: Me too!

Rush: There’s the light out!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Lights OUT!

Louise: LIGHTS

Rush: Poor Jimmy!

mda19083: louise!

Louise: Hey, that was my job

Rush: The power of suggestion!

Dona: lol

Matt1: Too funny

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Dave: Huh.

Rush: It would say, “BANG!”

Dave: Panama, CSI

Rush: ðŸ™‚

mda19083: charlie chan could be reiner

Rush: Any of US could be Reiner!

Nothere: Ah an Egyptian in a cemetaary. Just the place to bry secrets.

Rush: Carl could be Reiner!

mda19083: ðŸ™‚

Dave: The one wearing a hat!!!


Mrs Phil & Phil: Carl Reiner Rush?

Rush: ðŸ˜‰

Dave: lol,

Mrs Phil & Phil: We’ve got to keep an eye on him at all times.

Louise: Love the styrofoam rock door

Dona: Yes, Louise

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Look, it’s Professor Arnold laying there.

Rush: The Chan taste test.

Dave: Taste it!

Matt1: Taste test?

Rush: Note the skull.

mda19083: cue up the flouroscope


Louise: Let’s bring in those bottle of explosives…

Dave: lol, louise

mda19083: fire water

Rush: (Tick-tick-tick-tick…)

Louise: tick tock

Dave: ggod, mda

Rush: The “Arizona”

Rush: The “Lexington”

Dave: Looked like Juan Valdez

mda19083: achors aweigh

Rush: Yep!

Rush: Yes, Dave!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Are you sure about the Arizona Rush?


mda19083: its him

Rush: Yes, to the “Arizona”

Rush: I looked at details and compared some time ago.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Cue the can

Rush: Matt first…

Matt1: <tin can>


Louise: I am beginning to not trust her…

Rush: Hmmm…

mda19083: hasta manolo

Rush: yes!

Rush: I would think that they could halt the fleet where is is presently.

Rush: I love the flywheel shadows here.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Apparently you DIDN’T search every inch of the plant.

Dave: This is some refreshing nitro!!!

Rush: Clock reads :10:10.

mda19083: round up the usual suspects

Rush: CC knows what he’s doing…!

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. Don’t join the Navy until I am not here again.

Louise: nothere: you will miss it

Dave: See you, soon, nt

mda19083: later nt always enjoyable

Mrs Phil & Phil: Aloha NT

Rush: Wait just a few minutes, NT!

Nothere has left this room

Rush: “In the name of MERCY…!”

Mrs Phil & Phil: Did I miss something? Why do they all expect the bomb to go off at 10?

Rush: AH! Left before the “reveal”!

Louise: she changed fast

Rush: A CRABBY teacher!

Dave: a woman!!!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Break out the waterboard! It’s still legal back then.

Rush: Fraulein Reiner.

Louise: Cut the red wire,,,no, the blue wire

Rush: ðŸ™‚

Dave: lol, louise

Matt1: ooops

Rush: THAT was the vital clue!

Godwinshelley2: Saw something on facebook – in Britian during WWII, Girl Guides (like Girl Scouts) were used to pass messages. They initially tried the Boy Scouts, but they bragged and gossiped too much. So they changed to using the girls – much more effective.

Rush: AH!

Louise: Anchors Aweigh!

Mrs Phil & Phil: YEAH!

Rush: THE END.

Dave: great facts

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Dona: Very patriotic

Dave: Nice film

Rush: (applause…)

Dona: good one

Godwinshelley2: Yea!!

Louise: lots of suspects as usual

Dona: WAHOOOO!!!!!

mda19083: another chan in the can

Rush: Next week, we takke a nice MURDER cruise!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Well, ALoha to all and to all a good night.

DanVenture: Too bad they only had two more years of peace…

Matt1: Good night everyone and have a great week!

Mrs Phil & Phil has left this room

mda19083: thanks rush and all for a great show

Rush: “Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise.”

PaulM: night

Dave: Looking forward to seeing everyone

Rush: Thank you ALL as always!

Rush: You are all GREAT!!!

mda19083: always wanted to go on a cruise

Dave: Good evening, all

Louise: nite all

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Zoe: good night

Dona: Thank you Rush! looking forward to next week.

Rush: The trick on this one is to…SURVIVE!

PaulM has left this room

DanVenture: Enjoy your week ahead and the holiday!

Rush: take care, everyone!

Matt1 has left this room

Dona: Goodnight Everyone.

Godwinshelley2: Have a great week everyone.

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: Again, I thank you ALL!

Louise has left this room

Zoe has left this room

Rush: Dona, enjoy the heat!

mda19083 has left this room

DanVenture has left this room

Dona has left this room

Rush: Good night, Dave!

Rush: Take care, and have a wonderful week!

Dave: Hope to see you, next week. Thanks, rush

Rush: :0

Rush: Good night!

Dave has left this room

Rush: ðŸ™‚

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