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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for June 20, 2022

Murder Over New York

Footage and History of the Five Boroughs of New York City (1946); 10 Things You Should Know About Ricardo Cortez

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox
Phil & Mrs. Phil
Rich Maine

Matt1 has joined this room

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Matt1: Alohaaa, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Wake up Matt, Hawaii_Steve is in the room.

Matt1: zzzzzzzzzzz

Hawaii_Steve: Hey, thanks for the good communication regarding the extras.

Matt1: Of course, glad to help

Matt1: I think we really need to start the NYC on at 20 before the hour though

Hawaii_Steve: The N.Y. travelogue is a bit long. I agree with your suggestion of starting it at 20 mins before the hour.

Matt1: The Cortez one, while short, was very interesting and more should be in the room at that point to enjoy it

Hawaii_Steve: There are several NY videos on YouTube, but the one I picked fits the time period and explains the sections of the city. Great old cars!

Hawaii_Steve: Agreed.

Matt1: Agreed!

Hawaii_Steve: BTW, there is an attorney with your same name. Is that you?

Matt1: Not that I know of, but good to know, if ever needed :-)

Matt1: FYI, huge shelf cloud rolling in with thunder, in case I lose internet/power

Hawaii_Steve: I know little about you except that you’ve been with the Chat Room for some time now.

Hawaii_Steve: Good to know. Where are you located?

Matt1: I forget how long I’ve been here….maybe 16 years? I remember our old Yahoo Group

Matt1: St. Petersburg, FL

Hawaii_Steve: I came after the Yahoo group.

Hawaii_Steve: Feb. 2006 was my introduction to Rush and the gang.

Hawaii_Steve: Are you working? Retired?

Matt1: That’s impressive! I really wish I could remember. Been so long.

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mda19083: good evening gentlemen

Matt1: Retired early after wife was relocated here to FL for work. She has less than two years for early retirement

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha.

mda19083: matt – hope you will have an uneventful evening in charge

Hawaii_Steve: Steve Owens introduced me to Rush. Steve read an article about my research on The Black Camel in Honolulu.

mda19083: hello steve

Matt1: I would suggest we hold off on clip until 15 min before the hour and see if we get a couple more people to enjoy it?

Hawaii_Steve: Hello Mda.

Matt1: lol, thnx, MDA

Hawaii_Steve: Sounds okay to me.

mda19083: looking forward the the extras tonight

Hawaii_Steve: I think we have a couple of interesting EXTRAS tonight.

Hawaii_Steve: MDA, I live in Hawaii. Matt is in Florida. Where are you located?

mda19083: the western Philadelphia suburbs – nice and cool today

mda19083: hope you both had an enjoyable weekend

Hawaii_Steve: MDA and Matt are on the same time zone. Correct?

Matt1: Hot & humid here in FL, but a nice weekend, thnx

Matt1: Correct

Hawaii_Steve: Muggy and overcast in Hawaii.

Matt1: Ok, we’ll start in 2 minutes?


mda19083: steve – when I make it to hawaii I will need to do a Charlie Chan – Hawaii Five O combined tour

Hawaii_Steve: We’ll see what we can do.

Matt1: Cue the clip, plz

Hawaii_Steve: Okay.

Matt1: ONE minute!

mda19083: cued here


Hawaii_Steve: Ready.

Matt1: 15 seconds!

Matt1: 10…

Matt1: 5….

Matt1: GO!

Hawaii_Steve: The Story of a City

Hawaii_Steve: Any ideas of where the camera is shooting from?

mda19083: i want to wake up in a city that never sleeps

mda19083: to find i’m king of the hill …

Matt1: $24!

mda19083: … top of the heap …

mda19083: was it ever called the Richmond ferry?

Matt1: Not sure

Matt1: All the vehicles looked alike

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mda19083: … these little town blues …

mda19083: hello sb

Matt1: Hello SB!

sarabell: Hello fellas, glad to be here. Thanks for being in charge Matt

Hawaii_Steve: Amazing.

mda19083: … are melting away …

Matt1: Hello SB, we’re currently watching a clip of NYC from 1946 from Steve

Hawaii_Steve: Hello Sara.


Hawaii_Steve: We are 9 minutes into it.

Matt1: About 9 min in….it’s 19 min clip

sarabell: Mondays are hard for me, But I really like Sen Yung so I hope I can watch the movie

sarabell: Thank you Steve, I will watch it after the movie

mda19083: the MTA

mda19083: .. if i can make it there …

Hawaii_Steve: I’ve only seen images like this in old movies, ie. the East Side Kids.

Matt1: You can make it any where, MDA

mda19083: .. it’s up to you New York …

Hawaii_Steve: I feel a song coming on.

mda19083: … New York …

Hawaii_Steve: What’s that big monkey doing on top of the Empire building?

Matt1: That’s where FDR’s car is still located

Matt1: or was

mda19083: i am unaware of the story behind FDR’s car – care to elaborate?

Hawaii_Steve: Interesting.

Matt1: His Presidential train car

Matt1: Used so nobody noticed him in wheel chair

mda19083: thanks – will google it later tonight

Matt1: THE END

mda19083: great video – thanks for sharing

Matt1: Thnx, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Ah, yes. FDR’s train car. You are most welcome.

Matt1: The next clip is a short 2 min about Ricardo Cortez

Matt1: fNzZWmvwZMo

Matt1: Oooops



Hawaii_Steve: Double your pleasure.

Matt1: We’ll start that in 2 minutes!

Hawaii_Steve: Sounds good.

Matt1: Plz cue the clip

Hawaii_Steve: I trust you forks have been to New York.

Matt1: MANY times

mda19083: cued here

Hawaii_Steve: Cued. Ready.

Matt1: Worked in NYC a number of years

Matt1: ONE minute

Hawaii_Steve: So how many of those tall old buildings are still standing?

Matt1: 30 seconds!

Matt1: Oh, yes

mda19083: nyc – a nice place to visit\

Matt1: 15 seconds

Matt1: 10….

Matt1: 5….

Matt1: GO!

Rich Maine has joined this room

Rich Maine: Evening all!

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rich Maine: Hey Matt

sarabell: Hi Rich in Maine

Matt1: We’re watching a short clip of Cortez

mda19083: RICH!

Rich Maine: Hi Sara

Rich Maine: Thanks…am all queued up

sarabell: Shoot, I thought you were watching the main movie

Hawaii_Steve: The first Sam Spade.

Matt1: I like this clip

Matt1: THE END

Hawaii_Steve: Short and sweet.

mda19083: another good one – thanks for sharing

Matt1: Thnx again Steve for finding these

Matt1: Ok, time to cue up tonights film Murder Over New York!

Hawaii_Steve: Which link for the feature film please?

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hounder has joined this room

Matt1: We’ll start in Three Minutes!

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, and family, you are most welcome.

mda19083: hello folks

Rich Maine: Hey hounder, NT

sarabell: Hi Nothere and Hounder

hounder: hi everyone. Hope everyone had a good week.

Matt1: Hello NT & Hounder!

Nothere: Ladies n gentelmen please put your seats in the uprigh position and stay in your seats until the corpss are cleared:)

Rich Maine: And touch nothing!

Matt1: TWO minutes!

hounder: lol@nt


Matt1: ONE minute to go!

Hawaii_Steve: Can somebody provide me with the link?

Matt1: Tonights film is located above chat room

Dona has joined this room

Matt1: 30 seconds!

hounder: hi dona

Dona: Hello All

Rich Maine: Hey dona

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Nothere: Its right ver head. f you ca’t find it. You tube murder over ne york

Matt1: 15 seconds

Nothere: Hi Donna

mda19083: greetings dona

Matt1: 10……

Matt1: 5…..

Matt1: GO!

Dona: JUst in time

sarabell: Hi Dona

Hawaii_Steve: From YouTube, I selected the top one.

Nothere: Fashonably late.


Matt1: 3rd link

Nothere: Hey no Rush. The lunaticas have the asylum. Remember if anyone asks Matt keep order. No pass the kegs.

Rich Maine: All aboard

mda19083: coffee … tea

mda19083: alcohol

Nothere: So it has leg room and passangers face each other. This is no airline. This is madness.

sarabell: You are the head lunatic NT, -you are very funny

Rich Maine: Bench seats

hounder: not sure i’d like taking off backwards

Nothere: This film in no sense is like Charlie Chan carries on.

Matt1: NYC

Rich Maine: Inspector has large travel budget

Nothere: Ah Sarah. Your so smart and vise I blush.

Dona: Some of the Southwest flight have the seats like that

Matt1: Cortez!

Nothere: Perry Mason

mda19083: i thought cortes was an explorer?

Nothere: He had to do something after the movie carrer

Rich Maine: Another world fair

Phil & Mrs. Phil has joined this room

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

mda19083: welcome phils

Nothere: Hey Phil type people

Rich Maine: Hi Phil’s

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Aloha everyone!

Nothere: Film at 645

Hawaii_Steve: Great stock footage of New York.

mda19083: I hope Angel & Fox get here soon with the tetragene antidote

Matt1: <tin can>

Nothere: If not I have tana laves. But only use nine.

mda19083: taking a nap

Nothere: Right napping. Vith a gin bottle.

Rich Maine: Dead! NO!

mda19083: drake was also an explorer – like cortez

Nothere: The bird is dead? The killer is a coal miner.

hounder: charlie also believes the adage no such ting as coincedence

Rich Maine: Tetra Eugene how did Jimmy know it already!

Nothere: Matt you forgot the can fr the bird.

Matt1: <mini-tin can>

mda19083: call THe Police – Canary in a coal mine

mda19083: white fox fur sighting

Matt1: <slap>

Nothere: Ah yes. Lets just sit around the living room in tuxes as you do.

mda19083: terribly civilized

Rich Maine: Of course, dress for success

Matt1: As I’m in shorts and a tee shirt

Nothere: Don’t make me use my mustache

mda19083: matt – being the boss has its perks

Matt1: Clue

Matt1: lol

Rich Maine: Nosy butler

mda19083: funny way to make tea

Nothere: Speaking of is that your ten dollars that just appeared at your feet Matt?

mda19083: the yard

Matt1: All I asked for was a Sarsaparilla!

mda19083: white fox fur

Nothere: Musse hair? Hov gouche.

Rich Maine: Don’t leave town

mda19083: NARVO!

Rich Maine: Love the feathers

mda19083: too late – drake is dead

hounder: jimmy getting exercise early jumping to conclusions

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox has joined this room

hounder: hi aa n f

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: (16:00)?

Dona: Hi Angel

Dona: Fox

Nothere: You could change your name and pretend your a butler. Helped the other guy.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Hi all! All our intimees!!

Nothere: 1900 here

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Notty, i’m removing fake mustache & installing real one as we speak.

Matt1: Sutton Place…..Nice area

mda19083: Angel & Fox – thank goodness you made it – did you remember the tetragene antidote

Rich Maine: Yes swanky area

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: At (20:00), CC looking at jewel

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Paused at (20:10)

Nothere: Tell mom I’m not skipping school for the 800th time. Hov my grades aren’t suffering I don’t knov

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: (20:30)?

Rich Maine: 3 sutton is a townhouse now

Nothere: I should say myseious shadov, but Charlie has ne too.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: mda, antidote in flying buttress—wait—forgot to pack BUTTRESS!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Really, Rich? Tours available? Even likes of us?

Dona: 24

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: (22:00)?

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Don—(24 mins?

Matt1: Oh, that Paul Narvo

Rich Maine: Nope looks like private home, doubt they need the money

Dona: i must be ahead of everyone

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Rich—Bet they wouldn’t ignore a nickel buffaloed on their stoop.

Nothere: Here Charlie s picking up his hat to leave after talking to the blonde.

Matt1: One step ahead of us Dona

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: I’m at (23:30).

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: PATRICIA WEST

Rich Maine: Mamula!

Nothere: Vorth going vest for.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: I don’t know Paul Narvo’

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Happy solution

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: She’ll crack.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Nothing’s Too Good For My Little Goyl.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: AIRPLANE MEN. Ah so.

Matt1: Funny line up

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Let the son in!

Matt1: Shemp!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: I like his outfit!

Rich Maine: Every Hindu in nyc! Really?

Matt1: He looks short

Nothere: Lets call it even

Matt1: Toler trying not to laugh

Nothere: Yes really! Especially if they look lik Shemp.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: In my Fantasy Chan League, Ringo Starr does a couple of turns as a Son, one with Winters, one with Toler.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: (28:45) EVERY HINDU!


Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: (Fox whistle)

Matt1: <tin can>

Nothere: Do you do the voodoo the Hindu do?

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: It IS Shemp!

Matt1: Shot in the back!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: “What’d you bring him in for, he ain’t the guy” (Bob Dylan)

mda19083: NT – 🙂

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: I think i’m way behind. What’s our “time”?????

Nothere: 3300

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: In wrecked shop?

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: We’re at 34:30, will pause a minute to synchronize.

Rich Maine: The formula!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: It’s always a formula.

hounder: and nw plans

Nothere: A very simple formula

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: We gotta make a list. Formula One and Formula 44 are taken, Plan 9 is classified, Grecian Formula is for Corinthian Leather . . .

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Gat!

mda19083: the jockey

Nothere: Round up all the glass blovers in Nev York.

mda19083: from race track

Phil & Mrs. Phil: You won’t believe this but as soon as I logged on here my pc, for reasons unknown, suddenly went into reboot mode. We’re back now. Where we at, please?

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Shreds of shards in shard shed.

Nothere: 3630

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Notty, thanks!!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Thanks NT.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: “Anything can happen”

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: WHY YOU LITTLE —-!!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Callllll forrrrrrrrrr Philippppp Morrrrrrrrrrrisssss!!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Anybody here have any effects?

hounder: boy. i sat boy….. reminds me of foghorn leghorn from the looney tunes

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: TETRAGENE!!!!!!!!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: I say boy

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: We’re all imperialists here.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: BOY!

Nothere: Behold and bevare the breifcase from beyond.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Dude on left looks like Robert Maxwell, pere de Ghislaine.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Notty, i’m writing that—OOF!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: And I happen to have the key right in my pocket.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: SNICK

mda19083: uh oh

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: SPRUNG reminds us: Tomorrow ends SPRING: SOLSTICE!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Lotta glamorous legs at the Courtney Arms.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: We take STARES.

Nothere: I’ll see your briefcase and raise you a satchel.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Someone prevaricatin’/

Nothere: Possibly precisely.

mda19083: there go the fingerprints

hounder: yeh right…. sendthe young boy unescorted with important info.

Rich Maine: Of course hounder

Matt1: <tin can>

mda19083: duh?

Matt1: Taste test, lol

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Whoa Matt, you’re living waay in the future.

mda19083: i’d take the one with brandy only

hounder: ok. lets taste for poison…. and no one sees a problem with this.

sarabell: Name your poison

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Boom boom out go the lights.

mda19083: tetragene

mda19083: snookie

Nothere: Did anyone pay the eletric bill?

mda19083: NT – you were in charge

Dona: I have been baking chocolate chip cookies and brownies tonight for a trip I leave on Wednesday. I wish I could share them with all of you. So I have been here and in the kitchen during the movie.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: We wish you could share them with us too.

mda19083: i thought i smelled cookies

Matt1: Must smell wonderful, Dona!

Dona: good nose mda

Dona: thank you!

hounder: oh yum wish i could smell and taste them.

mda19083: virtual cookies have no calories

Nothere: Brovnies? Choclate chip cookies? Donna Vhy Vhy vould you tell m I can’t have them:(

Dona: they do. I have the air on in the house, it was 100 when I got home from work.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: They have no taste either.

Matt1: Thren I’ll take two, MDA!

Rich Maine: Get everyone on the plane!

Dona: If you want to come by I will give you some.

Dona: If only we could put them through the computer

Nothere: Alas and alac by the tim I get there they’d probably be stale.

Dona: lol

Dona: i would make more

mda19083: lets use the 3D printer for the cookies

hounder: great idea mda

mda19083: that’s why they pay me the big bucks

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: I’m at your disposal, said the plumber.

mda19083: 😉

mda19083: 🙂

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Fenton ill from fentanyl.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Bummer plane, you mean.

mda19083: hats are mandatory

Nothere: And this uis vhere I leve you. A great job as alvays Matt. Take care all.

mda19083: NT be well

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Notty, happy flying!

Matt1: Good night NT!

Dona: Have a good week NT

Rich Maine: Bye nt

hounder: nite nt

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Anybody ever see any photos of the Airport Scene for Casablanca?

Nothere has left this room

mda19083: round up the usual suspects

Dona: I’ve seen the movie many times Angel

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: It is AMAZING. All miniatures, with distance & perspective resolving sizes to proportion. Astonishing.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Dona, you & i both always thought (probab;ly) the scene was “real”; NO!

Rich Maine: Up and away

Dona: I did not know that Angel

Matt1: No seat belts!

Dona: interesting

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: There are no same leopards.

Dona: i will have to read about it.

Matt1: Will there be coffee service?

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Dona, the internet now reveals all, for good or ill.

Dona: How true!

mda19083: charlie pulls a fast one

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Uh-oh.

mda19083: hold your nose

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Certainly SOUNDS SMOOTH.

hounder: charlie’s always 1 step ahead

mda19083: 1 or more – always

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: BIG EYES!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: THAT’S TETRAGENE!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Trick for Trap!

Matt1: Maybe he knew Dr Cream too?

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Matt, Charlie sours all those bad eggs.

Matt1: THE END

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Dona: Another good one!

Rich Maine: A great one! See you next week

Dona: <WAHOO>

Hawaii_Steve: VEry good.

Dona: Thank you Matt

Matt1: Next week: Dead Men Tell

Matt1: Thank you all SO much.

Dona: I should get home from my trip just in time to join next week.

Hawaii_Steve: Shemp Howard did not get credit.

Dona: I’m looking forward to it.

mda19083: thanks matt for a great outing tonight

mda19083: and steve too

Hawaii_Steve: At the time of this film, Shemp was under contract to Universal.

Rich Maine has left this room

Matt1: Good night everyone and have a great week. We’ll see you again next Monday!

sarabell: Thank you MATT, great job

Matt1: TYSM!

Phil & Mrs. Phil has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you so much. My pleasure.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: TYSM NARVO!!

hounder: thanks for the fun. good night all.

Hawaii_Steve: And thank you Matt.

Matt1: Thnx Steve for the clips!

mda19083: another fun one – thanks all and good night

Dona: Was that before he was part of the Marxx brothers steve?

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: One only wants humorous automobile accidents.

sarabell has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, part of the Stooges.

hounder has left this room

Dona: oopps

Dona: yes them

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: They’re ALL Favorite Sons.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: YAY!!!!

mda19083 has left this room

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Standard theme music from these guys.

Hawaii_Steve: This film, which I haven’t seen for a while, had many elements of Charlie Chan Carries On.

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox: Till next we meet!!

Capt.Angel + Co-Pilot Fox has left this room

Dona: Great night everyone. Thank you all

Hawaii_Steve: Congratulations Matt. A job well done.

Dona has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: I don’t know why Rush did not add links to feature films, like he usually does.

Hawaii_Steve: Anyways, I’ll talking to you during the week. Have a good one.

Matt1: Sorry, stepped away….Above chatroom are the links Steve

Matt1: Take care Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Thanks again. Aloha.

Matt1: Let me know if there are any clips for next week

Hawaii_Steve: Will do.

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