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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 24, 2023

Feature: The Chinese Cat

Chat Number: 1,213

Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 02 – Ringed by Fire – 1945

Angel Santiago Saltamontes
Mike in DC
Rich Maine

07-24 18:24Rush: 

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07-24 18:25Rush: Good evening, Hounder!

07-24 18:33Matt: Hello Hounder & Rush!

07-24 18:33Rush: Good evening, Matt!How was the week?(I think Hounder has stepped away…

07-24 18:34Matt: Very good, thnx. Went to Disney for a long weekend

07-24 18:34Rush: Did you stay there overnignt?Mike!WELCOME!

07-24 18:35Mike in DC: Greetings all!

07-24 18:35Rush: I see that you are alone this evening.

07-24 18:35Matt: Yes, Dolphin (Marriott), but it’s on Disney property, so we saved $$ and enjoyed the perks

07-24 18:35Mike in DC: Yep.  Rach has a meeting to attend.

07-24 18:35Matt: Hello Mike!

07-24 18:35Rush: Good way to go, Matt~!

07-24 18:36Rush: Ah…”meeting”…a word that still makes my ample stomach chuen!

07-24 18:36Matt: IRush, I have friends in Iowa for the bike ride now Ragbrai

07-24 18:36Rush: (Churn)YES!I think it comes through my area.

07-24 18:37Matt: They sai it’s MUCH cooler than FL, but later this week it’s going to get hot

07-24 18:37Rush: We visited one stop on their route two summers ago.

07-24 18:37Matt: It looks amazing

07-24 18:38Rush: It’s pretty much that, Matt!

07-24 18:38hounder: hi matt m n r and rush

07-24 18:38Rush: If my late father-in-law were alive, he would most certainly be involved!

07-24 18:38Mike in DC: Greetings hounder!  Hope all is well with you & mom

07-24 18:38Rush: Hi, Hounder!How are you and your mother tonight?

07-24 18:38Matt: Hope you had a better week Hounder

07-24 18:39hounder: thanks we’re holding on. Mom’s not eating much anymore.

07-24 18:39Rush: Understood.I had a lot of trouble trying to get my mom to eat much of anything.

07-24 18:40Rush: Even Ensure.

07-24 18:41Rush: We should probably begin this week’s extra…part 2 of the “Agent X9” serial.

07-24 18:41hounder: i’m sneaking in the berry flavored ensure by mixing in seltzer water anf calling it pop.

07-24 18:41Rush: it is…Everyone ready?

07-24 18:42Mike in DC: Happy that you can be here, hounder!

07-24 18:42Matt: Ready!

07-24 18:42Mike in DC: All set!

07-24 18:42Rush: 15 seconds…

07-24 18:42hounder: ready

07-24 18:42Rush: 10…5…GO!!!

07-24 18:43Rush: Credits….

07-24 18:43Mike in DC: suspenseful music builds

07-24 18:43Rush: Yes!

07-24 18:44Rush: “Tokio” was one way of spelling Tokyo.

07-24 18:45Rush: It seems it’s “Brother against Brother.”

07-24 18:45Mike in DC: minimal crew on that sub…lots of room

07-24 18:46Matt: Better call up SA X-10?

07-24 18:46Rush: That’s actually a believable escape.Matt: 

07-24 18:46Rush: He better let them know he’s NOT a NAZI!

07-24 18:46Matt: Swimming in hat and all!

07-24 18:48Rush: I guess that is why he kept the hat!

07-24 18:48Rush: Shadow Island…not far from Monster Island…”The House of Shadows”

07-24 18:50Rush: I would feel really weird walking around in a NAZI uniform!

07-24 18:50Mike in DC: lots of Chan alums in this

07-24 18:51Rush: Indeed!Cy Kendall.

07-24 18:53Rush: Nobura

07-24 18:54Rush: Photo of Hitler on the wall.

07-24 18:54Rush: I still think she’s reading her lines from a board on the floor!

07-24 18:56Mike in DC: sign on floor says “run down that hallway”

07-24 18:56Rush: 

07-24 18:57Rush: His cover is blown!Keye Luke as Ah Fong.

07-24 18:58Rush: 

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07-24 18:59Rush: it’s a good thing these Germans speak only English!

07-24 18:59Matt: 2 for 1 punch!

07-24 18:59Rush: I sense a fire of explosion coming!

07-24 19:00Nothere: Maybe even a firey explosion?

07-24 19:01Rush: I suspect so!

07-24 19:02Matt: SA X-10 on deck….again, until next week

07-24 19:02Dona: Hello Everyone!

07-24 19:02Matt: Hello Dona!

07-24 19:02Rush: (Applause…)Next week…”Death Curve”!

07-24 19:02Matt: Thnx Rush4Hello NT!

07-24 19:02Nothere: Hey DonnaHey Matt

07-24 19:03Rush: Good evening, Dona!WELCOME!

07-24 19:03Dona: I just had a root canal done on my home.  I’m hoping not to fall asleep during our movie.  LOL

07-24 19:03Nothere: A root canal on your home? Thats new.

07-24 19:03Rush: “On your home”?

07-24 19:04hounder: hi dona. hope you feel better

07-24 19:04Mike in DC: Hi Dona & NT

07-24 19:04tenman: Hola all!

07-24 19:04Matt: Hello Tenman!

07-24 19:04Rush: Root canals are about the last thing I would want!  I have had three in the past!

07-24 19:04Nothere: Hey TEn

07-24 19:05Rush: Thenman!  WELCOME BACK!

07-24 19:05hounder: hi ten

07-24 19:05Rush: Tenman

07-24 19:05Dona: I agree Rush

07-24 19:05Nothere: Donna you pass out already?

07-24 19:05Rush: 

07-24 19:05Mike in DC: Yo 10man!

07-24 19:05Nothere: Oh there you are.

07-24 19:06Mike in DC: Root canal?  Yikes!

07-24 19:06Dona: This was a root canal I had 15  years ago or so and became infected.  They had to go back in.  I went on my way home from work.

07-24 19:06Rush: I recall them having to continuously shoot novacaine into the tooth!  OUCH.

07-24 19:06Dona: I’m here nt

07-24 19:06Nothere: That sounds unpleasant.

07-24 19:06Mike in DC: 

07-24 19:06Rush: 9 minutes to go…

07-24 19:06Dona: I feel like one side of my face is all swollenbut it’s not but my mouth sags on that side.  It will go away in an hour or so.

07-24 19:07Dona: I’m all set here Rush

07-24 19:07Matt: Hello Rich!

07-24 19:07Nothere: Hey Rich

07-24 19:07Matt: Hello Rachel!

07-24 19:07Dona: Hi Rich

07-24 19:07Rich Maine: Good evening all !

07-24 19:08Nothere: So anyone gonna volunter to scoop the litter box?

07-24 19:08Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rich.

07-24 19:08Rush: Hello, Rich!Good evening to you!

07-24 19:08Mike n Rachel in DC: Sorry, NT.  No litter scooping for Chinese kitty

07-24 19:08Rich Maine: everyone staying nice and cool I hope

07-24 19:08Rush: Managing.

07-24 19:08Dona: lol

07-24 19:09Rush: Our basement is nice and cool, and that is where I am now.

07-24 19:09Mike n Rachel in DC: when we’re inside, yes, Rich.  Outside it’s pretty warm…

07-24 19:09Dona: It’s 93 outside was up to 99.  cool in my house.

07-24 19:09Rush: Yes.

07-24 19:10Rich Maine: not too awful in Maine, pretty breezy from ocean so sunny but better than all the rain we have had!

07-24 19:10Rush: I recall about five or six years ago when we still lived in san Diego that the temperatures soared WAY over 100 in early October!About a week.

07-24 19:10tenman: Uh-oh. Power just blinked off (thunderstorm). Hope it doesn’t go out.

07-24 19:10Rich Maine: SD usually not that bad!

07-24 19:11Rush: 4 minutes to go…

07-24 19:11Dona: So far we haven’t has that yet. but it’s not October yet either.

07-24 19:11Rush: Everyone ready?

07-24 19:11Rich Maine: yes lots of tstorms last week

07-24 19:11Rush: “The Chinese Cat”

07-24 19:11Matt: Cued!

07-24 19:11Nothere: Amurder on a dark and stormy night Tenman. And your alone in the house….BWAHAHAHAHA

07-24 19:11Dona: Ready

07-24 19:11Rich Maine: just realized there is an app for this chat…works nicely

07-24 19:11Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong-ready in DC

07-24 19:11Rush: Very good…

07-24 19:11Matt: Really, Rich?

07-24 19:11Rush: 3 minutes…

07-24 19:12hounder: ready here

07-24 19:12Rich Maine: I am on a chromebook so it ust be an android app called Rumbletalk

07-24 19:12Rush: Good discovery, Rich!

07-24 19:12Rich Maine: it asked to open it from the browser

07-24 19:12Matt: I’ll look for it, thnx


07-24 19:12Matt: Helpful when traveling

07-24 19:12Mike n Rachel in DC: vroom

07-24 19:12Rush: TWO MINUTES…

07-24 19:13Rich Maine: meow…….here pussy here girl

07-24 19:13Rush: You have to say it in CHINESE!90 seconds…

07-24 19:13Rich Maine: Ah So

07-24 19:13Rush: 

60 seconds…50 seconds…

07-24 19:14Mike n Rachel in DC: 来这里猫

07-24 19:14Rush: 40 seconds…30 seconds…

07-24 19:14Dona: HI Angel

07-24 19:14Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hi everyone!!!!!!!

07-24 19:14Rich Maine: Angel!

07-24 19:14Rush: 25…

07-24 19:14Mike n Rachel in DC: Hola Angel!

07-24 19:14Nothere: Hey Angel

07-24 19:14Rush: 20…

07-24 19:14hounder: hi angel

07-24 19:14Rush: 15…10…

07-24 19:14Mike n Rachel in DC: starts cat

07-24 19:14Rush: 5…GO!!!

07-24 19:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hello Rich, Dona, M&R, Rush . . .

07-24 19:15Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-24 19:15Rush: Title….Music…Great GONG!

07-24 19:15Dona: Good one Matt

07-24 19:15Rush: Credits…

07-24 19:15Matt: Hello A & F!

07-24 19:15Nothere: Angel was last. He has to clean the litter box.

07-24 19:15Mike n Rachel in DC: Benson Fong, Cy Kendall

07-24 19:15Rush: Angel…and Foxx….welcome!!!

07-24 19:15Phil: I feels GONGED!

07-24 19:15Matt: Hello Phil!

07-24 19:15Rush: Hello, PHIL!

07-24 19:15hounder: hi phil

07-24 19:15Dona: Hi Phil

07-24 19:15Phil: Hey Matt,  Good work as usual.

07-24 19:15Nothere: Hey Phil

07-24 19:15Rich Maine: evening phil

07-24 19:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Notty, Matt, Hounder . . .

07-24 19:16Matt: TYSM

07-24 19:16Rush: Chess solitaire…

07-24 19:16Phil: Hi Dona and Hounder,  You too Mr. Glick.

07-24 19:16Rush: Uh oh!

07-24 19:16Mike n Rachel in DC: now that’s a killer move…

07-24 19:16Rush: SHOT!Secret door!

07-24 19:16Rich Maine: feather alert

07-24 19:16Phil: But not necessarily dead.

07-24 19:16Rush: Right!

07-24 19:16Angel Santiago Saltamontes: CHESS wound!

07-24 19:16Rush: Not verified yet!

07-24 19:16Phil: Cue the can

07-24 19:17Rush: VERIFIED NOW!

07-24 19:17Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-24 19:17Rich Maine: DB#1

07-24 19:17Mike n Rachel in DC: Una O’Connor wannabe

07-24 19:17Rush: TYSM…Matt…Angel…:)

07-24 19:17Nothere: Died because he was shocked they took his queen

07-24 19:17Dona: Is that the fastest death at the beigining?

07-24 19:17Rush: Headlines…

07-24 19:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush, you’re such a stickler!  Phil, you’re Mr.Initiative!

07-24 19:17Rush: Eventually the case is dropped!

07-24 19:17Phil: Impeccable timing Matt

07-24 19:17mda19083: reetinggs all

07-24 19:17Rush: BB!

07-24 19:17Rich Maine: BB!

07-24 19:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: I think all of us hope to be a socialite.

07-24 19:18Matt: BB!

07-24 19:18Rush: He’s gonna get a surprise!

07-24 19:18hounder: bb found a new job

07-24 19:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes: 670.  Must play that number.

07-24 19:18Nothere: Thats not how you alterate. Manning Murder Mystfies Mob

07-24 19:18Rush: “Every time I meets a Chan I meets TROUBLE!”

07-24 19:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: FRANCIS NOT HERE

07-24 19:19Rush: Tommy…no other sibling this time.

07-24 19:19Nothere: I did, but now that I have I don’t

07-24 19:19Rush: “DeSoto Skyview”

07-24 19:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: And your k-NICKERS!

07-24 19:19hounder: seeig charlie really shakes up bb

07-24 19:19Phil: I believe she was a dancer in CC in ?

07-24 19:20mda19083: sorry i am late – timee hek please

07-24 19:20Angel Santiago Saltamontes: She may be a lover but she ain’t no dancer.

07-24 19:20Rush: 

Image thumbnail

07-24 19:20Matt: Nice pic

07-24 19:20Rush: “Helter Skelter…”

07-24 19:20tenman: Lost a minute there due to power fliip. Where are we now?

07-24 19:20Rush: MDA!  What is “late”?WELCOME!!!

07-24 19:21Angel Santiago Saltamontes: (6:00)?

07-24 19:21Rich Maine: bellhop still hitting puberty

07-24 19:21Rush: How have you been, MDA?

07-24 19:21Dona: Hi MDA

07-24 19:21Matt: Hello MDA!

07-24 19:21Mike n Rachel in DC: 6:40Hi MDA!

07-24 19:21Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Clerk there looks like he’s ready to hit Kid Puberty, if we do say so.

07-24 19:22Rush: University of California.  That would be Berkeley.He came across the Bay to se his Pop.

07-24 19:22Rush: The desk clerk is a “no-nonsense” guy!

07-24 19:23Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush, did all the collegiate Chans do Cali colleges?

07-24 19:23hounder: charlie looks relaxed in this scene.

07-24 19:23mda19083: hello folks – excuse my erratic attendance the last few weeks – I have a new woman in my life

07-24 19:23Rush: Toler looks GREAT hear as

07-24 19:23hounder: why did charlie go to cleveland?

07-24 19:23Nothere: 48 hours to solve crime. Look outside the window see if their in London.

07-24 19:23Rush: I gues ie IS “here to HEAR.”

07-24 19:23Mike n Rachel in DC: Congrats, MDA!

07-24 19:24Matt: Yes, congrats MDA!

07-24 19:24Rush: Congratulations, MDA.

07-24 19:24Nothere: You sly dog Mda

07-24 19:24Matt: Hopefully a Chan fan too, MDA?

07-24 19:24Rush: Happy for you…and her!

07-24 19:24mda19083: I am trying to educate her on the merits of Charlie Chan

07-24 19:25tenman: You didn’t meet her in a Charlie Chan bar???

07-24 19:25Nothere: Brushed him off a little too fast there eh B

07-24 19:25Rich Maine: Murder By Madam…now on Kindle !

07-24 19:25mda19083: is there are cc bar?

07-24 19:26Nothere: There might be or at least a 20s mystery themed bar

07-24 19:26Rush: a $5 fare would be worth about $85 today!

07-24 19:26Mike n Rachel in DC: Murder by Madam…sounds like a mystery set in a brothel…

07-24 19:26Rush: A $2 book would cost about $30 today.

07-24 19:27Rich Maine: Crazy twins!

07-24 19:27Phil: Creepy twins if you ask me.

07-24 19:27Rush: One of the Karzos brothers.

07-24 19:27Nothere: No I’m not calling back. What make s you think I’d call back?

07-24 19:27Rush: In there case, we will see that “water is thicker than blood”!

07-24 19:28Rush: theirWow…my ‘pelling is off a lot tonight!

07-24 19:28Nothere: So is this 4 dollars the real amount or what he racked up after kicking Charlie out of the cab?

07-24 19:29Rush: $4.90

07-24 19:29Nothere: Your pelling eems ine o e.

07-24 19:29Rush: That was the amount for a ride from point A to point B.

07-24 19:29Rich Maine: fog machine

07-24 19:29Rush: Fog!

07-24 19:29Phil: No fog, it’s somebody vaping

07-24 19:29Nothere: And so the first Monogram fog decends.

07-24 19:30Rush: Yes!

07-24 19:30Mike n Rachel in DC: the Monogram era has truly begun!

07-24 19:30Nothere: Considering all the smoking in these films vapeing is ok.

07-24 19:30Rush: Watch a very “cooperative” victim!

07-24 19:30Phil: Gotta’ put gloves on to strangle somebody.

07-24 19:30hounder: oops. you should never assume who is walking through the door

07-24 19:31Nothere: I was just gonna say. Don’t just stand there while your killer puts on gloves.

07-24 19:31Matt: Not much of a struggle

07-24 19:31Rush: Practically none!

07-24 19:31Phil: I hear that can acoming, it’s coming down the tracks…

07-24 19:31Rush: Yep.

07-24 19:31Nothere: Sorry Phil gloves aren’t neccasary to strangle someone. But they help.

07-24 19:32Phil: Can me baby!

07-24 19:32Rush: It’s OFFICIAL!

07-24 19:32Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-24 19:32Rich Maine: DB#2

07-24 19:32Rush: TYSM…Matt…

07-24 19:32Nothere: One of those good news bad news deals. Man still waiting but dead.

07-24 19:32Rush: Harvey Dennis…Yes, NT!

07-24 19:33Matt: Harv!

07-24 19:33Rush: Angel…we are missing your aptly tuned quips!

07-24 19:33Nothere: Everyone follw Charlie. With 14 kids hes used to it.

07-24 19:34Rush: How does he know it’s KURT Karzos?It could be KARL.Radio program suggests “Lights Out.”

07-24 19:34Rich Maine: yes rush!

07-24 19:34Rush: Good ‘ol wax paper!

07-24 19:34Nothere: Ah Rush is invincible. He easily beats me to the lights out reference.

07-24 19:35Rich Maine: sourdough bread loaf

07-24 19:35Rush: GREAT for making slides slicker!

07-24 19:35Matt: Must have had a sale on bread

07-24 19:35Mike n Rachel in DC: day-old bread

07-24 19:35Rush: Sorry, NT!  But at least I know I was correct, thanks to you!

07-24 19:35Nothere: Arrst the bread man and bring in the milk man for questioning.

07-24 19:35Rush: “BUY WAR BONDS”Not upset about his brother’s death.

07-24 19:36Nothere: Takes news of his brothers death awfully well.

07-24 19:36Rush: Poor BB!

07-24 19:37Rush: 

Image thumbnail

07-24 19:37Nothere: Ah the glasses defense.

07-24 19:37Rush: Yes!

07-24 19:38Rush: 10 t0 1.

07-24 19:38Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Foxx think Pop pretty good too.

07-24 19:38Matt: It’s a bet!

07-24 19:38Nothere: Sorry dude your in the room with Charlie. Your expert title is suspect.

07-24 19:38mda19083: my money is on charlie

07-24 19:39Angel Santiago Saltamontes: ‘Scuse me / while i kiss this guy

07-24 19:39Rich Maine: $2K is a lot then!

07-24 19:39Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie has come a long way from $0.50 on the horses

07-24 19:39Angel Santiago Saltamontes: So right, M&R!!

07-24 19:39Nothere: Between Reno and nmonte Carlo the gambling bug has got him.

07-24 19:39Rush: Reknik would owa $210,000 today if he loses.

07-24 19:40Angel Santiago Saltamontes: If the glove don’t—well, you know.

07-24 19:40Matt: Yeah, BB!

07-24 19:40Mike n Rachel in DC: BB: 

07-24 19:40Rush: Chan would pay off about $20,000!Angel: 

07-24 19:41Rush: And, I owe you a  for the one above it!”If mind not too small…”

07-24 19:42Rich Maine: bang that chair!

07-24 19:42Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We love this particular movie.  We refer to it as a “film” when having coffee at the Piggly Wiggly.

07-24 19:42Rush: Yes.  Deacon is not pleased!

07-24 19:42Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Martin Mull had fabulous furniture.TYSM

07-24 19:43Rush: 

Image thumbnail

07-24 19:43Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush, YES!

07-24 19:43Rush: Know that CC loves his son.

07-24 19:43Dona: lol

07-24 19:43Nothere: I played bad guys in just about every movie, but I didn’t do it this time.

07-24 19:43Matt: That was just on Food That Built America

07-24 19:44Rush: AH!

07-24 19:44hounder: ..

07-24 19:44Angel Santiago Saltamontes: I have a particular Piggly pic in my pantheon that i might share if i find it.

07-24 19:44Rush: Interesting, Angel!Uh oh…

07-24 19:45Mike n Rachel in DC: tick tick tick tick tick

07-24 19:45Rich Maine: bombs away

07-24 19:45Matt: toc toc toc

07-24 19:45Rush: A suspicious ticking device is planted!!!

07-24 19:45Nothere: For the 1930s thats a small bomb, or we in the 40s?

07-24 19:45Rush: “Inflation’!

07-24 19:45Mike n Rachel in DC: good thing BB has good ears

07-24 19:45mda19083: hurry

07-24 19:45Rush: BB should see that NOW!

07-24 19:45Rich Maine: big special effects

07-24 19:45Rush: BOOM!!!!

07-24 19:45Matt: Kaaaaaaaaa-BOOM!

07-24 19:45hounder: boom

07-24 19:46Mike n Rachel in DC: do cabs get tin cans?

07-24 19:46Dona: good ears BB

07-24 19:46Rush: How will BB explain this to the Yellow Cab Co.?

07-24 19:46Nothere: So how much is the fare on a cab?

07-24 19:46Matt: Bowling bag?

07-24 19:46Rush: I’d say about $1,500 in 1944.yes!  Looks like one!

07-24 19:47Dona: It look like one Matt

07-24 19:47Matt: Jackpot!

07-24 19:47Nothere: Which os why all great artists put hidden compartments in their work. You wouldn’t beleive whats in the Mona Lisas frame.

07-24 19:48Mike n Rachel in DC: a BLACK cat!

07-24 19:48Rush: “Boing!”

07-24 19:48mda19083: if the shoe fits …

07-24 19:48Rich Maine: the cat appears

07-24 19:48Angel Santiago Saltamontes: 

Image thumbnail

07-24 19:48Rush: I was a bit early!Ah!  Nice photo!

07-24 19:49Dona: Nice picture!

07-24 19:49Rush: Where was Foxx?

07-24 19:49Nothere: Is that the reveal of Angel?Piers end will end case.

07-24 19:49Mike n Rachel in DC: Lookin’ good, Angel!

07-24 19:49Rush: “Boy, you is CRAZY!….So am I…”Nice line!Did you buy anything there?

07-24 19:51Rush: HonoluLou’s new book…

Image thumbnail

07-24 19:51hounder: piggly wiggly. i’ve shopped there before

07-24 19:51Nothere: Dead man in fog like angry cat. Best avoided.

07-24 19:51Rush: You can pre-order it at Amazon.

07-24 19:51Matt: How cool, Rush!

07-24 19:51Rush: Due out September 6.

07-24 19:52Nothere: New book? Honolulu has more>?

07-24 19:52Matt: Way to go, Lou!

07-24 19:52Rush: I got an advance copy.  It is really worth getting!

07-24 19:52Dona: Is the book on Amazon?

07-24 19:52Rush: He told me he worked on it for about ten years!Yes.

07-24 19:52hounder: cool!. i wish hl great success with his new book

07-24 19:53Rush: also ordered a copy at Amazon.

07-24 19:53mda19083: wonderful – we have a published author in our midst!

07-24 19:53Rush: Indeed we do!The chase!

07-24 19:54Rich Maine: the chase!

07-24 19:54Nothere: He flew the coop ion a coopee

07-24 19:54Rich Maine: 

07-24 19:54mda19083: follow that ar

07-24 19:54Mike n Rachel in DC: playful chase music

07-24 19:54mda19083: car

07-24 19:54Nothere: An Author and with Rich and offical IMDB member.

07-24 19:54Dona: II just pre-ordered it.

07-24 19:54Matt: BB looked tired

07-24 19:54Rush: Very good, Dona!Just $12.

07-24 19:55Dona: Yes.  I wonder if he will sign it for me?\

07-24 19:55Rich Maine: DB#3

07-24 19:55Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-24 19:55Phil: Cue the can

07-24 19:55Rush: It’s about the aphorisms found in the Biggers books.TYSM…Matt…Yes, Rich…number 3 dead body…

07-24 19:56Nothere: M. Chan we had one unsolved murder when you started. Now we have three. Would you please stop helping.

07-24 19:56Rush: Tommy played a trick on his Pop…

07-24 19:56Matt: BB has a wedding ring on

07-24 19:57Rich Maine: yes matt!

07-24 19:57Rush: Mrs. Chan is happy about that, Matt!

07-24 19:57mda19083: tetragene?

07-24 19:57Matt: BB plays the field

07-24 19:57Mike n Rachel in DC: the canary in the coal mine…

07-24 19:57Rush: No….

07-24 19:57Nothere: Monocaine?

07-24 19:57Rush: No….

07-24 19:57Mike n Rachel in DC: Bowanide?

07-24 19:57Rush: No….

07-24 19:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: BUY ANYTHING?  Here’s the quick Story Behind The Story: not long after i (and the bank) bought my home, in NC, a sister of mine who isn’t NAMED Karen posted something on Facebook about the Horrible South, &:in her screed (we both do that, but she’s a humorless would-be academic) she japed at “hicks who [redacted] at the Piggly Wiggly.”. Within an hour i’d drafted a friend to come over and made him.shoot 5vor 6 frames till we got my big head exactly between the words.  I posted the pic in a Reply to her calumny, to no immediate reaction but months later she told me she would never visit my manse because [redacted].  I’m a Piggly boy!!

07-24 19:58Rush: OXYZONE!

07-24 19:58Rich Maine: of course…..precursor to tetragene

07-24 19:58mda19083: 

07-24 19:58hounder: oxyzone must not be too deadly. they’re all alive

07-24 19:59Mike n Rachel in DC: excellent scrabble word

07-24 19:59Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rich, thanks for noting that.  We must be vigilant.

07-24 19:59Rush: Great tale related, Angel!

07-24 19:59Matt: Back to normal…

07-24 19:59Rich Maine: but notice its not flammable

07-24 19:59Dona: Oh my gosh Angel

07-24 19:59Rush: She can learn much from the South!

07-24 19:59Angel Santiago Saltamontes: You’re ALL RIGHT.  Whatever THAT is!

07-24 19:59Rush: IF she wanted to!

07-24 20:00Mike n Rachel in DC: You are always remarkably centered, Angel.  Kudos for the camera work…and for some NC love.

07-24 20:00Nothere: Fortunatly for the killer he was dealing with the Cha who skipped chemistry class.

07-24 20:00Dona: agreed Rush

07-24 20:00Rush: “Dog cannot chase three rabbits at same time.”

07-24 20:00Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Fellows & friends, thank YOU so much!  YOU are of course as always invited!

07-24 20:01Rush: We just MAY do so….

07-24 20:01Mike n Rachel in DC: lived in Durham for about 20 years.  

07-24 20:01Rush: One never knows….

07-24 20:01Nothere: Sadly must disagree. Have alwauys found Angel off center, and kilter, and rocker.

07-24 20:01Rush: At this point, BB is still not “officially” a member of the Chan “team.”

07-24 20:01hounder: angel, what would she do with a grocery store called hogglw woggly? and yes, there was at least 1 named that.

07-24 20:02Rush: NT, that’s exactly why we love him!

07-24 20:02Mike n Rachel in DC: It all depends on WHICH center one is contemplating, NT

07-24 20:02Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush, think the world could use an a capella rendition of “Hound Dog” (“you ain’t never caught a rabbit) by a trio?

07-24 20:02Rush: AH!

07-24 20:02Dona: That’s true Rush.  When I retire I plan to make a very long car trip and go visit everyone I can think of.  So all of you beware.

07-24 20:02Rich Maine: and the cats in the closet….

07-24 20:02Rush: BB meets Carolina!

07-24 20:03hounder: bb never misses a chance to make time, just like the chan boys.

07-24 20:03Rush: THAT is SOME rock!

07-24 20:03Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hounder et al. (not al gore!), there’s dozens, maybe hundreds of PigWigs!!  All over the Horrible, Beautiful South!

07-24 20:03Rush: Now the “fun” REALLY begins!

07-24 20:04Rich Maine: yes rush, the funhouse is the best

07-24 20:04Mike n Rachel in DC: BB + fun house…can’t miss entertainment

07-24 20:04Rush: A machine to teach how to count to 6.

07-24 20:05Rush: Caught by Karzos.

07-24 20:05Angel Santiago Saltamontes: What fools these mortals be.

07-24 20:06Rush: YES!Tommy!

07-24 20:06Rich Maine: poor tommy

07-24 20:07Angel Santiago Saltamontes: The war is the cameo guest star of all these great, great early ’40s Chans.

07-24 20:07Rush: Tommy takes a beating for his Pop.

07-24 20:07Nothere: Many movies the killer aims at Chan, but I think this is the third film he was taken prisioner.

07-24 20:07Rush: True, Angel!VERY much so!”Tasted like RAT!”

07-24 20:07Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Let’s try Fourth Degree.

07-24 20:07Mike n Rachel in DC: here we go

07-24 20:08Rush: (Cough)Fun house mirror.

07-24 20:08Rich Maine: I take the fifth!

07-24 20:08Nothere: Stop fooling around. Use sisxth degree.

07-24 20:08Rush: 

07-24 20:08Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Right behind you, Rich!  Sixth!

07-24 20:08Rush: A jitterbuggin’ skeleton!”

07-24 20:08Angel Santiago Saltamontes: SEVENTH, then!

07-24 20:09Rush: Tommy is in a BAD way!We see CC’s love of Tommy.

07-24 20:10Rush: His put-downs, though sounding harsh, are actually in good nature!

07-24 20:10Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Saints preserve us from any CGI or AI runs at these films.  These scenes would only be wrecked by tech, say me & the kwikbrown Foxx here.

07-24 20:11Mike n Rachel in DC: heavy fur moment

07-24 20:11Angel Santiago Saltamontes: YOW!

07-24 20:11Nothere: Got to hand it to BB. Even being shot at he gets his hat first.

07-24 20:11Rush: True again, Angel.

07-24 20:11Dona: Agreed Angel

07-24 20:11Rush: There goes this week’s gimmick!

07-24 20:11Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush, it’s all thanks to Confusion!

07-24 20:11Nothere: Uhm Charlie you missed the bulbs.

07-24 20:11Rush: In a few, it seems he did!

07-24 20:12Angel Santiago Saltamontes: BOOM BOOM Out go the lights!

07-24 20:12Rush: As long as he got 1 and 2….

07-24 20:12Matt: lol, BB

07-24 20:12Rush: Those were the ones that seemed to matter!

07-24 20:13mda19083: good on charlieone

07-24 20:13Rush: BONK!

07-24 20:13mda19083: good one bb

07-24 20:13Rush: GONG!!!

07-24 20:13Mike n Rachel in DC: solid, BB

07-24 20:14Rush: I think that was added to the script.

07-24 20:14Nothere: Ah the old clunk on the back of the head. Who wants to bet on amnesia?

07-24 20:14Rush: An adlib.

07-24 20:14tenman: Surprise party continue!! lol

07-24 20:14Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush, has anybody ever culled to isolate, then compiled, MUSIC from the films?

07-24 20:14Rush: Not that I know of, Angel.But it would be a fun project!”Monogram Stock Music…and more…”

07-24 20:15Mike n Rachel in DC: there is a lot of recycled music from film to film and with other films…the same licks keep coming back

07-24 20:15tenman: Tommy to the rescue!

07-24 20:15Rush: Karl Karzos.

07-24 20:15Mike n Rachel in DC: and a lot shared with sherlock holmes films

07-24 20:15Rush: Yes, Mike!He had it all the time!Nice!

07-24 20:16Mike n Rachel in DC: would love to find a book with the history of this film music

07-24 20:16Rush: And…the gloves DID fit.

07-24 20:16Dona: lol

07-24 20:16Rich Maine: OK, his name is Webster Deacon but in the news headline it said George Deacon!….Rush?

07-24 20:17Rush: YES, Rich!  You caught that!

07-24 20:17Nothere: And so we end with good reading, and a promise of exciting visit by august persononage of Donna.

07-24 20:17Mike n Rachel in DC: Webster was short for George?

07-24 20:17Rich Maine: 

07-24 20:17Rush: Chalk it up to poor reporting! 

07-24 20:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: tenman, you social butterball you!!

07-24 20:17hounder: charlie likes giving the credit away to improve love

07-24 20:17mda19083: take off on Koh-i-Noor diamond?

07-24 20:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Observe.

07-24 20:17Rush: Yes, Hounder!CC the matchmaker.I sense a future poll question there!

07-24 20:18Mike n Rachel in DC: Doc R. is going to the poor house

07-24 20:18Rush: INDEED!

07-24 20:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Notty, we’ll ALL be AUGUST PERSONAGES after nextweek

07-24 20:19Nothere: Never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

07-24 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: WISE WORDS from favorite fools!!

07-24 20:19Rush: “Thank YOU!”

07-24 20:19Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

07-24 20:19Matt: <yee-haw>

07-24 20:19Dona: Another good one!

07-24 20:19Rush: THE END

07-24 20:19Mike n Rachel in DC: Buy war bonds!

07-24 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Thank YOU ALL!

07-24 20:19Rush: BUY WAR BONDS

07-24 20:20hounder: thanks everyone. have a good week.

07-24 20:20Rich Maine: good one!

07-24 20:20Rush: (Applause…)

07-24 20:20Dona: <WAHOO!!!>

07-24 20:20Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Yay!  YES, buy Bonds!!!

07-24 20:20Nothere: BB. Such rudeness, and after he let you hide with him.

07-24 20:20Rush: I agree, Rich!

07-24 20:20Nothere: Yeah

07-24 20:20Mike n Rachel in DC: A big jump forward from Secret Service

07-24 20:20mda19083: fun time in the funhouse

07-24 20:20Matt: Good night folks and have a wonderful week!

07-24 20:20Rush: I have a soft spot for the Monograms!

07-24 20:20Dona: Yes Mike

07-24 20:20Rush: Well…

07-24 20:20Rich Maine: and next week?….

07-24 20:20Rush: Next week…”Black magic”

07-24 20:20tenman: Until next time!

07-24 20:20Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Gnite, to all, & Mrs Catherwood wherever you are!

07-24 20:20Dona: Ok.

07-24 20:20Mike n Rachel in DC: They’re very fun, Rush.  And they did hit their stride pretty well.

07-24 20:20Rush: AKA…”Meeting at Midnight”

07-24 20:20Rich Maine: Excellent !

07-24 20:20mda19083: my best to all – until next time!

07-24 20:20Nothere: I don’t know Mike and or Racheal. The walking to the car scene just didn’t have that Service oomph/

07-24 20:21Rush: Take care, everyone!

07-24 20:21Dona: I will see you all next week.  Have a good week everyone.

07-24 20:21Rush: Thanks to ALL of you!GREAT job tonight!

07-24 20:21Mike n Rachel in DC: True, NT.  But better chase scene music…win some, lose some

07-24 20:21Rush: You are all nimber ONE in my book!

07-24 20:21Nothere: And now Mr. And Mrs. America and all the ships at sea. That concludes our brodcast fdat.

07-24 20:21Rush: And…

07-24 20:21Mike n Rachel in DC: Cheers!  Have a wonderful week!

07-24 20:21Rush: HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!Be happy and safe….and may your dreams be happy and Chan-filled!

07-24 20:22Rush: Thank you ALL again!Take care….

07-24 20:23Rush: Good night, MDA, Mike, NT, Rich…and TENMAN….Good night…

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