Chat Archive 8/22/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for August 22, 2022

The Shanghai Cobra

Extras: World War II Ends. Honolulu Celebrates; JAPAN’S SURRENDER (1945); Have Aloha Will Travel – A tour of the Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Oahu (With Steve Fredrick!)

Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine

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Hawaii_Steve: Hello Rush. I hope that you are in fine condition today.

Rush: Good evening, steve!

Rush: Better every day!

Hawaii_Steve: Good afternoon Rush.

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Rush: And to you!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Matt.

Matt1: Hello Rush and a Alohaaaaa, Steve!

Rush: I was watching “Topper” before coming in!

Rush: Hello….MATT!

Hawaii_Steve: Doing well. My day off today.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes.

Rush: Good evening to you!

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Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: Dora!

Dona: Hello Rush, Steve and Matt


Rush: I have been working on the new version of the site.

Rush: A lotta work ahead!

Hawaii_Steve: When researching Chan during WW2, I could not find a YouTube to next week’s film, The Red something.

Matt1: How has that been going Rush?

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Dona.

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Rush: Dark Alibi next week.

Dona: I don’t know if any of you use Audible but living in CA and commuting I listen to lots of books. I am listening to the Chinese Parrot right now. It was just released.

Rush: Mike and Rachel!


Matt1: Hello M & R!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings / Aloha, everyone!

Rush: My best to rachel, please!

Dona: Hi MNR

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s great to be back!

Rush: How’s SoCal, Dona?

Dona: Hot

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Rush: I will be going to San Diego with family at the end of September.

Hawaii_Steve: Is the Red Dragon on YouTube? I cannot locate a link.

Rush: MDA!

Dona: Nothing much is new

Matt1: Hello MDA!

mda19083: hello all!

Rush: Good evening!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey MDA

Dona: Hello MDA

Rush: We can see that Steve’s extras are drawing everyone in early!

Matt1: They are interesting!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Like flies to honey, Rush. 🙂

Rush: Warm weather, Dona?

Hawaii_Steve: Very cool Dona. I used to listen to Old-time radio dramas when driving to and from work.

Rush: Yes, Mike!

mda19083: if its Monday it must be time for the Chan chat room

Mike n Rachel in DC: bzzzzz

Rush: And some good “honey” tonight, courtesy of steve!

Dona: I have seen those on Audible, I will check them out Steve

Rush: And, a “surprise” guest appearance in the third Extra, if you don’t know it already!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, you are hired as my new press agent. How do you wish to be paid?

Rush: We will try to get started on time tonight!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I had no idea we were in the company of movie stars, Rush!

Rush: Just good vibes from Paradise, sir!

Rush: That’ll do fine!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: The ALOHA from the Isles!

Hawaii_Steve: Mike, no autographs please. After all, I AM a star. LOL!!!

mda19083: caught The Maltese Falcon radio broadcast on The Film Detective Podcast the other day – a great episode and worth a listen

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Steve, do you have the forst link?

Rush: (first)

Hawaii_Steve: RAdio’s Falcon, I believe had Bogart and Greenstreet in the broadcast.

Dona: One of my favorite movies Steve

Rush: We can have it ready to go for :45

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, I don’t have the forst link, but I do have the first link.

Rush: Nice, Steve.

Rush: 🙂


Hawaii_Steve: While Charlie Chan was investigating crime and corruption in New York, a celebration was under way in his home territory of Hawaii.

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you Matt.

Matt1: 75 Anniversary

Rush: Yes!

Rush: I LOVE this one!

Hawaii_Steve: The first extra is VJ Day in Waikiki. Home Movies from the day.

Matt1: Ready here

Rush: As I noted to Steve, it brings goosebumps for me.

mda19083: i am cued

Mike n Rachel in DC: all set in DC

Dona: Ready here.

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you Rush. One the best history videos on YouTube.

Rush: The great relief expressed after such a hellish war!

Rush: You can feel the emotion and happiness and…RELIEF!

Rush: The Greatest Generation to be sure!

Hawaii_Steve: A different perspective than Time Square, NY.

Rush: ready everyone?

Hawaii_Steve: Standing by.

Matt1: Yep

Dona: yes

Rush: Yes, Steve…TRUE!!!

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Hawaii_Steve: Can you guess who the singer is in the video?

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Honolulu….


Hawaii_Steve: During the 1940s, Hawaii got it news, by short-wave San Francisco.

Rush: AH!

Matt1: Break out the booze!

mda19083: durante

mda19083: jimmy

Hawaii_Steve: Yes !!!

Hawaii_Steve: See Diamond Head?

Rush: YES!

Rush: GREAT shots!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Moana Hotel.

Matt1: GREAT footage!

Hawaii_Steve: Waikiki Movie Theater in background.

Matt1: Something we take for granted today

Mike n Rachel in DC: captured literally a “moment” in history!

Rush: I love the cars dragging cans!

Hawaii_Steve: Notice the streetcar wires, above.

Hawaii_Steve: Great message at the end.

Matt1: Wonderful

Matt1: Goose bumps here

Mike n Rachel in DC: lovely film

Rush: Waikiki shots…

mda19083: very moving

Dona: That was very touching. Thank you Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Goose bumps here too.

Hawaii_Steve: And that’s the real deal. Can you believe it?

Rush: Yes.

mda19083: thanks steve

Rush: Durante’s song was perfect!

Rush: TYSM, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Glad that you folks liked it. Thank you.

Rush: Memorable!

Rush: LOVED it!

Rush: Beautiful in COLOR, too!

Hawaii_Steve: That footage is from an 8mm color home movie.

Rush: WOW!

Dona: Yes!

Rush: Speechless…

Hawaii_Steve: The children and grandchildren of the photographer went to great length to restore the film.

Rush: It shows, Steve!

Rush: Shot by the same person?

Rush: All of it?

Mike n Rachel in DC: glad they did, Steve, its a treasure

Hawaii_Steve: It blows me away each time I watch it.

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: and color film and processing was very expensive in those days!

Rush: Indeed!

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Rush, shot by the same U.S. officer.

Rush: WOW!

Rush: Knew what he was doing for sure!

Hawaii_Steve: Truly amazing footage.

Dona: Amazing. Brought me to tears.

Rush: I admit to misty eyes, too….

Hawaii_Steve: Oh, Dona.

Hawaii_Steve: Okay, let’s move on.

Rush: I think of all our parents, or grandparents.

Rush: What they went through.

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, can you load up the b&w newsreel?


Matt1: News Parade

Rush: TY, Matt.

Rush: Ready everyone…?

Mike n Rachel in DC: yes

Rush: This one contains some vintage WW2 “language.”

Dona: yes

mda19083: great song – music and words by Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal

Rush: Remember the times, and it is less “offensive’!

Hawaii_Steve: When I visit the bookstore at Pearl Harbor, the store is playing very moving DVDs of WW2 vets. I get teary eyed.

mda19083: ready here

Rush: Yes, Steve, I would react the same.

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Hawaii_Steve: Narration is a reflection of the times. The Japanese were the enemy of the USA.

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: CHARLES McCarthy…

Hawaii_Steve: Castle Films had access to Universal Studio Newsreels for home use only.

Rush: Not to be confused with CHARLIE McCarthy!

mda19083: nor Mortimer Snerd

Rush: While Stalin…smokes…

Rush: Some really historical pieces coming…

Rush: China went through literal HELL during the war.

mda19083: he did return!

Rush: Love the corncob pipe!

Matt1: That pipe

Rush: yes, MDA…he DID!

mda19083: just like Popeye!

Rush: His trademark!

Hawaii_Steve: Douglas MacArthur was an imposing figure of a man.

Rush: YES!

mda19083: pass the Bataan

Rush: USS Missouri….remeber this ship, everyone!

Hawaii_Steve: YES. Please remember this ship.

Hawaii_Steve: It is stationed, as a museum, in Pearl Harbor today.

Rush: MacArthur would treat the Japanese people VERY fairly during the occupation.

Hawaii_Steve: MacArthur’s speech went around the world.

Mike n Rachel in DC: There’s a fascinating film called “MacArthur’s Children” about his influence on the next generation of young Japanese.

mda19083: Chester A

Rush: Yes, Mike?

Rush: Those were the days when God could be mentioned!

Mike n Rachel in DC

Matt1: Very interesting….Thnx, Steve!

Rush: Yes, Steve…another winner!

Hawaii_Steve: I have been told that the Japanese built a statue in MacArthur’s honor.

Rush: GREAT historical footage!

Dona: That was great. Thank you Steve.

Rush: I had never seen so much of the surrender ceremony!

Rush: And, now…the “capper”!

mda19083: I am enjoying these extras Steve

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice, concise documentary. And (except for “Japs”) not offensive, even by today’s standards…there was absolutely NO reason for the Americans to trust that the Japanese wouldn’t try some kind of a trap.

Dona: I am too MDA

Hawaii_Steve: Please remember that these events were going on at the same time that tonight’s movie was being prepared for general release to the public.

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Rush: Can we have the link, please…?

Rush: Louise!

Louise: Hi Chan Clan!!!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

mda19083: hello Louise

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Louise

Louise: Hi all

Dona: Hi Louise!

Rush: We are about to see a really NEAT extra!

Rush: Please join with us!

Matt1: Room not allowing me to post clip

Hawaii_Steve: Today, the relationship between Japan and the USA is one of the strongest in the world.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wow, Steve, that battleship looks really cool. I wish we could see a tour of it or something…

Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush: Yes, Steve…SO TRUE!

mda19083: or something

Matt1: Thnx, Mike

Rush: Please ready the video…

Mike n Rachel in DC: teamwork 🙂

Matt1: Ready

Rush: YES!

mda19083: I am wearing my dress whites tonight

Mike n Rachel in DC: all set!

Rush: Ok…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Hawaii_Steve: MDA, nice.

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Hawaii_Steve: have Aloha will travel.

mda19083: OMG

Rush: OUR STEVE!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: yay!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The camera loves you, Steve. 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Did you see the intension?

Hawaii_Steve: For two nights, I got to sleep on the ship.

Rush: GREAT job, STEVE!!!

mda19083: wonderful

Hawaii_Steve: M&R, thank you so much.

Mike n Rachel in DC: very cool. I think it would be claustrophobic in those bunks though

Rush: Nice! How was it?

Hawaii_Steve: My three minutes of fame.

Hawaii_Steve: Quickly, any questions about the last video?

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Rush: But, preserved for posterity!

Rush: Hounder…WELCOME!

mda19083: what a treat – thanks for sharing Steve

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s a very nice film. And great acronym: HAWT!

mda19083: Hounder!!

Rush: How are you tonight…and your mom?

Hawaii_Steve: There was no script. I was making up the dialogue as we went along.

Dona: That was wonderful Steve. Thank you so much.

Rush: Again…GREAT job!

Hounder: Hi everyone.hope y’all had a good week

Mike n Rachel in DC: It came across like we were on a tour being shown around the ship…very natural.

Dona: Hello Hounder

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Hounder!

Rush: Interesting about the kamikaze dent that was left on the side!

Hawaii_Steve: The battleship is so long, that the cameraman had trouble shooting the video.

Matt1: Another wonderful job Steve!

Mike n Rachel in DC: How so, Stever?

Mike n Rachel in DC: *steve

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Hawaii_Steve: As a former editor/director, I just in and suggested a few camera angles. It turned out great.

Godwinshelley2: Hello all

Rush: I am sure that there is a special marker at the spot where the surrender was performed.

Rich Maine: Evening all, nice work Steve!

Rush: GS!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rich & GS!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Matt1: Hello Rich and GS!

Godwinshelley2: Hello

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

Rush: Times running…

Rush: I need to cue up!\

Godwinshelley2: Sounds like I missed some great stuff

Dona: you did GS

mda19083: greetings Rich and GS

Mike n Rachel in DC: The extras in Rush’s email are very interesting…worth a look when you get a chance

Louise: Cued here

Dona: Hello GS and Rick

Dona: Rich

Godwinshelley2: I’ll have to check them out

Rush: GREAT extras tonight!

Rush: TYSM, STEVE!!!

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued here BTW

Rush: Ready?

Rich Maine: I love the alexa jukebox tonight

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong-ready in DC

Rush: Yes, Rich…and WELCOME!!!

Dona: no

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed Rich. Besides, “Alexa” is cute. 😉

Rush: We can wait…

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, I believe the starboard side of ship is where the plane hit the ship.

Rich Maine: TYSM rush

Rush: Yes, steve, was that the dent in the shot in the video?

Matt1: Hello Hounder….Missed your arrival, as I was star struck with Steve

Dona: Now I’m ready Rush. Sorry

Rush: okay…

Rush: Everyone ready?

Matt1: Cued!

Godwinshelley2: yes

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Rush.

Mike n Rachel in DC: all set

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 20 seconds..

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Gong…

Rush: Title…

Rush: Credits…

Rush: music…

Rush: TYSM, Matt!

Louise: MM is in the building

Godwinshelley2: Pathe – so that was the distribution company for when it went to TV syndication?

Rush: Our “gongster”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Standard Monogram Chan music…

Hawaii_Steve: And we’re off on another wartime adventure with the amazing Mr. Chan.

Rush: Yes, steve!

Rush: and, i believe so, GS!

Hounder: I’m going to mostly lurk tonight. We’ve had a couple of very awakenings here.

Louise: That lovely watery music

Godwinshelley2: The rain – of course

Hawaii_Steve: Correction please. Pathe is the British division of Monogram. Not TV.

Rush: Nice riny scene!

Mike n Rachel in DC: and…the Bank

Rush: Good ancles used!

Rich Maine: Rain but no fog


Rush: Sorry!

Rush: Trying to eat dinner and type!

Mike n Rachel in DC: film (very) noir

Rush: YES!

Godwinshelley2: Wonder if the sets had drains set in them to catch the rain

Rush: VERY!!!

Louise: That can get messy, Rush

Rush: It can, Louise!

Rush: BTW, I have been working on the site.

Hounder: Would hope so gs

Rush: I emailed a couple of questions.

Hawaii_Steve: For television release of Chan, they were released using the Monogram titles.

Louise: Great Rush. You should tell everyone what you are doing.

Matt1: I’m getting in the mood for some stew!

Louise: No beef stew!

Godwinshelley2: I am so bad about your site and emails. i just show up usually in the chatroom directly

Mike n Rachel in DC: Grade A beef!

Rush: I have been tossing out a hint or two, Louise!

Rush: Joe’s beef stew.

Rush: And no one wants any!

Rich Maine: No stew for you

Matt1: Two years!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ll have the meatloaf, please

mda19083: Rich 🙂

Rush: I have been resuming the construction of our new, eventual WordPress CCF site!

Rush: LOUISE has been an ANGEL of assistance!

Hounder: Wonderful rush!!

Rush: Ned stewart.

Rush: Yes, Hounder.

Godwinshelley2: It’s good to have an IT resource like Louise

Rush: It’ll take a lot of work, but it will happen!

mda19083: drop dead Ned

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looking forward to seeing it, Rush!

Rush: (Me too!)

Rush: :0

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not looking good…

Rush: No too good…

Godwinshelley2: Just say what you need to. Never start with “What I want to tell you”

mda19083: he ate the stew

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: Now the parade through the coffee shop!

Mike n Rachel in DC: eeeeek

mda19083: keep the nickel

Rush: This actor is an “old friend” of ours.

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Hounder: Hi dan

mda19083: DV!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mr. Gray is the “old friend?”

DanVenture: Ta-dah! Late, but not “late”….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Dan

Matt1: Hello Dan!

Dona: Hello Dan

mda19083: better Nate than lever

Godwinshelley2: Is every needed “walk to the cab” scene

Hawaii_Steve: California State Building.

Rush: DAN!

DanVenture: Good to “see” everyone. Good croud.


Hounder: Changing computers be back.

DanVenture: RUSH!

Rush: HI!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: WELCOME, DV!!!

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Rush: Flashback…

hounder 2: back

Rush: WB, Hounder!

Matt1: Hello Hounder….2!

Hounder has left this room

Rush: Poor Hounder.

hounder 2: i’m here. changed computers and the site still thought i was here.

Rush: Gret to have you persevere to be here, Hounder!

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Matt1: Hello NT!

Nothere: O.k. ‘m fashionably late. here are we?

Dona: Hi NT

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey NT!

Godwinshelley2: 11:00

Rush: that would be October, 1937.

Godwinshelley2: 11:15

mda19083: greetings NT

Rush: NT!

Godwinshelley2: 11:30

Rush: Good evening!

Rush: GS will guide you in!

Matt1: BB!

Godwinshelley2: 11:45

Godwinshelley2: 12:00

Rush: BB and Tommy talk too much here!

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Godwinshelley2: Oh no – where did he go

Godwinshelley2: 12:30

Louise: Their talk always gets them in trouble

Rush: YES!

Nothere has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: 13:00

Rich Maine: Wait in car!

mda19083: it always gets me in trouble too!

Rush: This is the film with the “No U Turn” running gag.

Louise: Hi Nothere

Nothere: O.k. slight tech problem but the Chan Gang has my back. TYSM

Godwinshelley2: 13:30

Rush: Again, nice camera angles.

mda19083: back on the Chan Gang

Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley2: 14:00

Godwinshelley2: 14:30

Rich Maine: Skunk hair!

Rush: Yep.

Godwinshelley2: 15:00

Rush: “But they’re dead!…”

Louise: Hah! I have the key.

Godwinshelley2: NT – are you up to us yet

hounder 2: 12lightening outside so I may disappear.

Rush: AH!

mda19083: Rafferty Dunham and Black – sounds like a law firm

Matt1: Be safe, Hounder

Rush: Living with lightning now, I understand, Hounder!

Godwinshelley2: 15:30

Nothere: Far as I know.He just held up a key

Rush: Yes.

Rush: THAT’S some vault!

Nothere: Ah the prison one. Never have figured out the Cobra from the title

Rush: Radium stores for the government.

Louise: They are all going to glow in the dark.

Rush: NT, the “cobra” part will become evident.

Matt1: We’re here for the stew

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: were all ut of stew

mda19083: out

Rush: Tommy was wrong.

Rush: NOT: “Chez chez.”

Rush: The reverse video juke box.

Rich Maine: Alexa what’s her name

Rush: CR 1000

Louise: I liked your description in the email of the video box, Rush.

mda19083: what would mrs chan say

Rush: Thank you, Louise.

Nothere: 1940’s technology. Mind control drugs, elvator trap doors, video jukeboxes. If you could get hold of some of this could RULE THE WORLD>

Rich Maine: Yes nt…if only

Rush: As we see the love of gimmicks in the monogram movies, we will see more tonight, including the video jukebox!

Rush: Nice dark lighting.

Rush: Noirish.

Rush: Even the lamp is dim!

Rush: Probably 5 watts!

mda19083: what?

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Watts on forst?”

Nothere: Fortunatly the goverment keeps the tetragine formula in a hidden vault next to the Dr. Zodiac mask.

Louise: Watt?

Rush: What?

Nothere: Who’s in the chair on second?

Rush: “Which watt, what?

Mike n Rachel in DC: meaningful glances there

Nothere: “Which witch sandwitch made a switch?”

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: who said tetragene?

Rush: I like Cc’s white suit and hat.

Rush: MDA: 🙂

Nothere: The New York dispatchdispatch the news since 1882.

Rush: “Bowl…air conditioned”

Rush: Peek-a-boo!

Rush: “The Tropics”

Rush: CC’s tactical retreat!

Nothere: So as long as were doing puns perpare for more punishment. Never honk your horn at Van Horn.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie plays Cupid yet again…

Rush: NT: “ouch!”

Rush: Yes, mike!

Rush: Protective netting…

mda19083: what a smooth operator

Rush: Indeed!

Nothere: He has a pretty good track record at that. Wonder if he has a side job in Honolulu?

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I miss phone booths!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Come, we go”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not one of the more profound lines

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Their lack makes it hardd for you to become SuperRush eh?

Rush: BUT…direct and to the point, mike!

Rush: “Rising generation sit too much.”

Nothere: Did anyone check the roof?

Rush: “No U Turn”

Mike n Rachel in DC: There was a prominent “No U Turn” sign in Steve’s extra this evening, too. 🙂

Rush: YES, Mike!

Rush: i DID see that!

Nothere: Turn left next right.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Turn left right here.”

mda19083: they look guilty

Rush: “Why this detective job ain’t sanitary!”

Nothere: Not with that lamp ffrom the other office. Maybe use a ten watt bulb for the third degree.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: “Eager routine number five.Z”

Rush: Excuse the errant “Z”.

Nothere: The Comp Lette service? That sign seems incomplete/

Rich Maine: Not even first degree burn from that bulb

hounder 2: time check please

Dona: crawling areound

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Godwinshelley2: 31:10

Godwinshelley2: 31:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: time for #3 son and BB to get in trouble, Hounder. 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: 31:30

Godwinshelley2: 31:30

Rush: Angel and fox!

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Nothere: Hey Angel and Fox

hounder 2: thanks

Rush: Snake-themed!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: So solly for rateness!

Mike n Rachel in DC: A&F! Hello!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

hounder 2: thanks

Godwinshelley2: 32:00

hounder 2: hi a n f

Nothere: Wonder if Charlie ever considered a leash.

mda19083: Angel and Fox!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Must do screen-leaps—our Device has chit da bed.

Dona: Hi Angel and Fox

Rush: Now the puns will be freely flying in here!

Mike n Rachel in DC: It takes so long to housebreak computers these days, Angel

Rush: We started it off for you, Angel!

Godwinshelley2: 33:00

Rush: Funny, there!

Nothere: And returning to the phone booth conversation. Is your computer running? Better go catch it.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Alexa!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: You know it, Rush! Hiya Dona! And YES, the start should never be delayed, not for man nor—well, should never be stopped.

Rush: The VOICE.

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Poor BB

Rush: BB found something….

Matt1: One of the few times BB can’t speak

Nothere: Yeah, and he wishes he’d quit finding these things.

Mike n Rachel in DC: He was a genius

Godwinshelley2: I find Mantan so amusing

mda19083: no, but my refridgerator is

Rush: Matt…?

Matt1: <tin can>


Rush: OOps…

hounder 2: bedtime for mom

Rush: Okay, Hounder.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: MnR—and ALL—LOOK in UPPER RIGHT CORNER of your cellphone screens: if yours says “4GLTE”, your Device will be blind, as ours is, when your carrier flips to Full 5G, as ours did. Damn phone is less than 2 years old, too, & i bought it with all kindsa ad fluff saying “5G”.

Rush: come back if you can…

Nothere: One iof the few real shoot outs in the series.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Hounder, give Mom a hug for us all! Tell her Fox is vegetarian.

Rush: “Fangs of the Cobra.”

Nothere: Rememinds me of a Remmington Steele bit. Steele and another client are tracking this guy on the docks when someone starts shooting at them.

Mike n Rachel in DC: sounds like a Bruce Lee film, Rush. 🙂

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: But THAT’S a ZONING VIOLATION!!!

Nothere: The client tells Steele to sashoot back and Steele says “Love to. You wouldn’t happen to have a gun?”

Louise: Mr Black with the radium in the vault

Rush: Tic-tac-toe.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: These guys stole this chalk from some little moppets doing hopscotch at corner of Drucker & Fourth.

Rich Maine: Tic tac toe

Nothere: But what about the halfback in the endzone?

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Louise, i hope their radium is stereo.

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Godwinshelley2: But the door opened the other direction before

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Notty, we need a pep rally at halftime.

Rush: It looked like the laundry door was on the other side from before.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Why would you call my laundry square?

Rush: Plenty of starch’ll do it, Angel!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Rush, you know, that’s a thought! Think Heloise knows?

Rush: No, but MOE does!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: This guy stole those pants from Wilt Chamberlain.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Pentalite.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Uh-oh. Assistants approach!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Tetragene.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: NOT INSANE, NOT INSANE! Time to launch the Papoon Balloon!!

Rush: No gas tonight, Angel….just explosives!

Nothere: Now you will pay for all that starch.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Notty: :-D :-D :-D

Rush: “THANK YOU, Mr. Chan…thank you VERY much!”

Nothere: And once again the case is solved. Thanks to the US Post Office.

Rush: CC’s hat is dented.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Laundry moved one door over, overnight. At that rate, laundry should be near OUR HOUSE sometime soon! Or sometime later, again, or again again.

Rush: Yes, NT!

Rich Maine: CC can’t fit

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Notty, Special Delivery often requires Special Devilry. Don’t say we told you.

mda19083: no tickee, no laundry

Godwinshelley2: It’s the Majorette Suit – where is her baton?

Rush: Mobile laundry service, angel!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: mda: :P :P :P

Rush: “Police do not read emily Post.”

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: How about SatEve Post?

Rich Maine: Yes rush

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Collier’s?

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Field & Stream?

Rush: Ganging up on Joe!

Rush: Jan Van Horn!

Louise: Stew?

Rush: Great description.

Rush: Joe’s beef stew?

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: How about the big color supplement in next week’s Country Gentleman? With Rexall’s 1c Sale, you can buy all the US postage stamps you want, with the savings!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Where is Alexa?

Rich Maine: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Siri, find Alexa

Dona: lol

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Cartons of Chesterfields, 79c—TWO cartons, with Arthur Godfrey and the Little Godfreys on the box, 80c!!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: I want a weak explosive. I’m kinda tired tonight,

Mike n Rachel in DC: Probably made from tetragene

Nothere: It’s o.k. I’m out of my jursiticon I can’t arest myself.

mda19083: Angel – my grandmother worked for the publisher of Country Gentleman


Rich Maine: Picoltye?

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Notty, can’t you at least try?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cute curly hairstyle

Nothere: Fine. But I’m going to insist on my rights and not talk withouf a lawyer.

Rush: We see an unused screen on the juke box.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: MnR, thanks forf mentioning Tetragene! They sponsor Fox’s & my variety show Saturdays at 10 PM on Dumont!

Rush: That would be the “soundies” screen.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I bet it’s a gas, Angel!

Matt1: <boing>

Rush: OUCH!

mda19083: beef stew for everyone – its on me

Nothere: Explosives, secret monitoring systems. Tell me this dosen’t scream evil lair.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Like Jumpin’ Jack Flash, MnR, with FREE 45RPM single in specially marked boxes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I mean, if it’s on a tee you should swing the driver, right?

Rush: Tempting, MDA…but no thank you.

Nothere: Oh thats the Cobra. I keep forgetting.

mda19083: eat at Joe’s and get gas

Godwinshelley2: That’s a pretty elaborate setup to get rid of one guy – like a Batman villain would use

Rush: “Want a suggestion, Pop?” “No.”

Nothere: Nah Joker has a shotgum in the jukebox.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good point, GS. Dr. Evil comes to mind, too.

Nothere: Oh and a phonograpgh record for the threats.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Hey Rush, or GS, Hawaii Steve & other deans: were there REALLY any of these jukeboxes with video screens, & this jazz (so to speak) of talking to inevitably pretty-goyl deejays? We’ve seen them in other movies & agree they’re just TOO WEIRD. Real?

Godwinshelley2: Weren’t they called “Soundies”

hounder 2: back

Mike n Rachel in DC: wb hounder!

mda19083: the soundie of music?

Mike n Rachel in DC: The guy in the hat has been in other Chans I think


Mike n Rachel in DC: Ouch MDA 🙂

Nothere: As I mentioned earlier Angel. Mind control drugs, Video jukeboxes, Elevators with trap doors. The goverment decided 1940’s tech was too dangerous for the general populus and locked it away.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: In my boyish days, we’d fling 78RPM discs as skeet, & blast them with the Daisy rifles we all had.

Godwinshelley2: It’s kind of irresponsible of the government to keep radioactive products in a public place like a bank vault.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: My mom always said we’d put an eye out.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: TYSM

Godwinshelley2: What about the people who work near (or over) the vault.


Rush: Soundie juke box.

Rich Maine: Wow!

mda19083: Angel – what a devil you were as a child!

Dona: I don’t remember those.

Louise: Cool juke box

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: So, Rush, it IS for real? We could get into that, if we inhale!

Rush: Thankfully, Dona!

Godwinshelley2: Probably only in very large cities

Rush: You would be in your 90s!

Dona: lol

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: mda, we were all Special Devilry boys!

Mike n Rachel in DC: And probably one “Soundie girl” operated many boxes…

Dona: Not yet

Godwinshelley2: Like running a telephone switchboard?

Rush: They contained film selections of hit music.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Rush, don’t rush me! I’ve been 39 a lotta times already, & intend to keep at it but not to pedal the metal!

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s what I’d imagine, GS

Rush: Precursor to music videos.

Godwinshelley2: So it was early TV??

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Rush: “hit”? Just 3 letters?

Rush: Outside of Monogram studios in that one scene?

Godwinshelley2: Was it sent like a cable television signal?

Rush: DON’T add that 4th letter, Angel!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: GS, it always struck me as totally bizarre, & seemed like it couldn’t possibly be labor/capital floatable.

Nothere: Well they did have Tv since the 1920’s so yeah it was probably a Tv signal.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Rush, we put our Scrabble tiles away & will sit quietly for 2 minutes.

Rush: Very CRUDE TV in the ‘twenties.

Nothere: Look up a Bela Lugiso movie I think is called Murder by Televison.

Rush: VERY experimental.

Rush: Yes, NT!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Brandon did say he saw FDR on TV announcing the Hindenburg had crashed into the stock market.

Rush: Pentalite!

Godwinshelley2: I know, though WWII had the US putting television production on hold

Rush: BOOM!

Rush: Yes, GS.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Tutti fruti, oh rootie!

Godwinshelley2: And then there was the whole licensure freeze for new stations after the war.

Mike n Rachel in DC: fortunately they’re ok!

Matt1: Trapped like rats!

Mike n Rachel in DC: oh dear…spoke to soon

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Anybody ever seen any of the 1930s-early ’40s GERMAN TV? About 50 hours (if i recall correctly) exist, and they are REALLY SPOOKY.

Rush: You can look up German TV broadcast videos from the 1930s. Eerily immediate, looking like live TV.

Nothere: Can’t say I have.

Rush: Youtube.

Mike n Rachel in DC: FORTUNATELY the telephone operator knows Morse code!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: BB would be a lively addition to Chinese Heaven.

Rich Maine: Just happen to know Morse code

Rush: Luckily this operator can read Morse code!

Godwinshelley2: Post war – I bet alot of people knew morse code

Nothere: It’s a 40s film. Did anyone not know moorse code?

Rush: Lengthy message!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: MnR, we Boy Scouts had to learn it! I forgot mine, acourse.

Rush: Military and HAM operators did.

Mike n Rachel in DC: She must have been a Girl Scout. Boy Scouts had to learn it. 🙂

Dona: Calling All CArs

Godwinshelley2: So when you send morse code, does it work like shorthand where you drop some letters?

Rush: great cars!

mda19083: … — …

Rush: Another monogram “gimmick”

Rush: BOOM!!!

Dona: The only thing I remember of morse code is sos i think

Rush: Yes, Dona…same here!

hounder 2: me too dona

mda19083: … — …

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Was thinking the same, Rush! Woulda paid the cops to drive ’em home, tarp ’em, file Stolen reports & then sell ’em as classics at The Proper Time!

Rush: Or…the “V” for victory: …-

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: ALL Mister Rogers’ letters had fingerprints.

mda19083: time to unmask Jan van Horn

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mr. Rodgers?

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: He DID dye!!!!

Rush: His height would help identify him.

Rush: And, angel, he didn’t LYE.

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Rush, OOOOF!

Rush: 🙂

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: NOT strange powder!!

Nothere: Somehow I always miss 10 minutes of these things. Having missed the begging I’m here for the finish

Matt1: <boing>

Rush: The weapon!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Excuse please!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The ring!

Godwinshelley2: why the cobra – why not “the vampire”?

Rush: Interesting murder device!

Mike n Rachel in DC: And…The Ticket!

Rush: Now does the “Cobra” make sense?

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Yeah, Rush, ain’t it cool?

Rush: “No…YOU turn!”

Nothere: Ah the old phoney exploding bag trick. I feel for it twice last month.

Dona: I love his laugh

Rush: Nice ending!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Matt1: <yee-haw>

hounder 2: g’night folks. see you next week.


Rush: (Applause…)

Mike n Rachel in DC: have a great week hounder & all!


Rich Maine: No turns allowed!

Rush: Next week: “Dark Alibi”

Rich Maine: Great one!

Hawaii_Steve: Very good.

Mike n Rachel in DC: No U Turn…Go straight to Dark Alibi

Rush: Right, Rich!

mda19083: good to see Charlie smile

DanVenture: Indeed!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: WE turn! To next attraction! Fox & ourselves bid all a great week. Meantime, we have a cow out back, a lighter & some Chesterfields, and the cow has methane. Till we MEAT again?!!

Rush: “YOU! Right HERE!”

Matt1: Good night folks and have a wonderful week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re getting to the films in which he was ill…

hounder 2 has left this room

Nothere: Remeber all you turn here and join us next week. Where we’ll here one of Chan’s kids say. Pop!

AngelRattler+FoxSnake: Gnite all! Buy War Bonds!!

Rush: So…another good one!

Godwinshelley2: Rush – I didn’t know if you kept a database of Chan references, that’s why I sent the photo. Especially since it had the date of the broadcast.

Rush: My favorite Monogram Movie!

Dona: Another fun evening Rush! Thank you.

mda19083: thanks all for another fun one!

Rush: Thank YOU, Dona!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush…I sent another installment of the quiz if you’re interested. 🙂

Rush: And, thak YOU, everyone!

Nothere has left this room

mda19083: be well until we meet here next week

Louise: Thanks all, nite!

Rich Maine has left this room

AngelRattler+FoxSnake has left this room

Rush: TYSM, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: And thanks again, Steve, for the extras!

Rush: Will include it in next Monday’s email!

mda19083: thanks Steve for the extras

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night all! (Great, Rush!)

Dona: yes, thank you Steve

Rush: Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Matt1 has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: you are most welcome.

Louise has left this room

Rush: Thank you, again, Steve!

mda19083 has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, Thank you for your assistance.

Dona: Have a good week all. I will see you all next Monday.

Rush: GREAT extras tonight…even better than last week’s!

Dona: I think they get better each week.

Rush: Take care, everyone…

Rush: Be happy…be safe!

Hawaii_Steve: Have a great week. Aloha.

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Rush: Aloha, sir!

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: Good night, DV, Dona, GS…

Rush: See you next week!

Godwinshelley2: Night everyone – have a safe week

Rush: TYSM, GS!

Rush: You as well!

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Godwinshelley2: next week

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: Will do!

Rush: Good night, DV!

Rush: Have a good week!

Rush: And…thank you!

Rush: 🙂

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