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Welcome to our archived records from our Charlie Chan Family Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewings, weekly gatherings in our various Chat Rooms going back to the year of our beginning, 2000.  Prior to the year 2019, the collection of full-text records of the Monday Evening Chats was not possible, so, for the archived records for the years 2000 until 2018 the title of the featured film for each week, along with any additional information is listed. If the title of a movie for a particular week is unknown, it is so noted. There are a number of exceptions to this, however, beginning with the final chat of the year 2010 and continuing sporadically until the year 2017 through the use screen captures of portions of the texts from a number Monday Evening Chats. For these we gratefully thank member Louise Krasiewicz for her great foresight and generosity.

During the first few years, the weekly focus films were simply discussed by chat participants who had viewed the movie in ahead of time in preparation for the group discussion. In June 2003, the practice of shared, simultaneous group viewings of the weekly featured film via personal copies of Charlie Chan movies began, and this practice has been followed since then.  We therefore humbly offer all possible information to you, especially to those who may be unfamiliar with our weekly Chat Room gatherings.

If you have never participated in our Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewings, perhaps you would like to join us at our humble table sometime. Please consider yourself invited!

To access our collected text records, please use the links provided below:

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