MOVIES: 1935 Pennsylvania Referendum

Charlie Chan Speaks on the 1935 Pennsylvania Referendum

(Bowing) Biggest mysteries are not always crimes.  Most mysterious is what mankind does to itself for reasons difficult to understand.  For instance, Eskimo will not eat meat of seal in certain season even if starving.  Men in India will go barefoot on hot coals to prove devoutness.  South Sea Islanders may not smoke before grandfather.  African tribesman put painful sticks through nose to be beautiful, and his lady love stretch neck like ostrich to be more beautiful.

And in honorable state of Pennsylvania, populace will not permit itself to enjoy motion pictures on Sunday.

Old proverb says, “Strange laws make even more strange bedfellows.”  Humble self very much puzzled why one man may play golf game on Sunday, and other man cannot see Charlie Chan bring criminal to justice on same day.

Respectfully suggest you use mighty power of ballot on fifth day of November to remove unnecessary obstacle to innocent pursuit of happiness.

(Bowing) Thank you – so much.

Watch the video HERE