MISC: The Scarlet Clue footnote page

In the Scarlet Clue the eastern seaboard city goes unnamed, but given the date an the suggestion that the Cosmos Radio Center is beginning to branch into television suggests only three possibilities: NYC, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, which were the only cities on the eastern seaboard with television licenses in 1945.  We can eliminate NYC as this city is referenced as Chan’s prior location.  Similarly, I feel comfortable eliminating DC as the setting as this is supposedly Chan’s base of operations during several films.  As a result Philadelphia emerges as a leader, with some additional support.  The licensed Philadelphia Station in 1945 was WPTZ which was owned by Philco.  Philco was originally founded as the Helios Electric Company.  I find the Graeco-Roman similarities between Cosmos and Helios highly suggestive perhaps even derivative.

Pete Rawlik