MOVIES: Charlie Chan in Panama

Charlie Chan in Panama
Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Distributed: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, March 1, 1940
Production: Began early October 1939
Copyright: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, March 8, 1940; LP9651
Opened: Albee, Brooklyn, N.Y., the week of February 25, 1940
Sound: Western Electric Noiseless Recording
Film: Black and white
Length: 8 reels, 6,061 feet
Running Time: 67 minutes
Production Code Administration certificate number: 5892
Song: “Vereda Tropical” (music and lyrics by Gonzalo Curiel) (not credited)
Source: Based on the character “Charlie Chan” created by Earl Derr Biggers
Executive Producer: Sol M. Wurtzel
Director: Norman Foster
Assistant Director: Saul Wurtzel
Original Screenplay: John Larkin and Lester Ziffren
Director of Photography: Virgil Miller
Art Direction: Richard Day and Chester Gore
Film Editor: Fred Allen
Set Decorations: Thomas Little
Costumes: Helen A. Myron
Musical Direction: Samuel Kaylin
Sound: Joseph E. Aiken and William H. Anderson
CAST (as credited): 

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan (also posing as Fu Yuen)
Jean Rogers: Kathi Lenesch (also known as Kathi von Tzardas and Baroness von Tzardas)
Lionel Atwill: Clivedon Compton
Mary Nash: Miss Sarah Finch (billed as Miss Jennie Finch; alias Reiner)
Sen Yung: Jimmy Chan
Kane Richmond: Richard Cabot
Chris-Pin Martin: Lieutenant Montero (billed as Sergeant Montero)
Lionel Royce: Dr. Rudolph Grosser
Helen Ericson: Stewardess
Jack La Rue: [Emil] Manolo (alias Ramon Gonzalez)
Edwin Stanley: Governor [D.C.] Webster (also known as Colonel D.C. Webster)
Don Douglas: Captain Lewis
Frank Puglia: Achmed Halide
Addison Richards: [R.J.] Godley
Edward Keane: Dr. Fredericks

UNCREDITED CAST (alphabetical): 
Eddie Acuff: Sailor
Jimmy Aubrey: Drunk at Club
Brooks Benedict: Nightclub Dancer
Lane Chandler: Officer at Powerhouse
Russell Custer:: Soldier
Alan Davis: Soldier
Alphonso DuBois: Waiter
Franklin Farnum: Marine Officer
Edward Gargan: Plant Workman
Harold Goodwin: Military Police Corporal
Sol Gorss: Soldier
Bobby Hale: Prisoner
Chuck Hamilton: Dancer
Alberto Morin: Hotel San Pablo Desk Clerk
Philip Morris: Plainclothesman
Anthony Natale: Street Vendor
Gloria Roy: Hostess
Charles Sherlock: Soldier
Bhogwan Singh: Prisoner
Charles Stevens: Spy on Dock
Sid Troy: Sailor
Max Wagner: Soldier