Cast List – Q

QUALEN, John (December 8, 1899; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – August 9, 1990; Torrance, California) 
Charlie Chan in ParisConcierge

QUAN, Helen (Born: March 23, 1927; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in HonoluluChan Daughter

QUIGLEY, Charles (February 12, 1906; New Britain, Connecticut – August 5, 1964; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan’s SecretDick Williams

QUIGLEY, Rita (March 31, 1923; Los Angeles, California – August 25, 2008; Arroyo Grande, California)
The TrapClementine

QUILLAN, Diane (Active in films from 1939 to 1947) 
The Shanghai CobraTelephone Operator

QUINN, Tom (January 22, 1903; New Jersey – February 26, 1982; Orange, California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandPerson at Arrival Gate
The Scarlet ClueChemist
Dark AlibiCriminologist

QUON, Helen (Helen Quan) (Born: March 23, 1927; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at the CircusNumber Four Chan Daughter

QUON, Mae Jean (Active in films 1936)
Charlie Chan at the CircusNumber Three Chan Daughter

QUON, Marianne (September 20, 1923; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – 1991; Piedmont, California)
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServiceIris Chan

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