A Guide for The Charlie Chan Family Home and Museum

Please allow us to better guide you through the various sections of our House on Punchbowl Hill which is also a Museum dedicated to the world-renowned detective, Charlie Chan.  Hopefully, by using this site directory, you, our honored guest, will be assisted on your visit.  As you go through our directory, please note that each heading is also a link that will open the door to that particular section.  You may also use the links that appear on each page.

The Charlie Chan Family Home

The entrance to our Museum, The House on Punchbowl Hill.


The Charlie Chan Family calendar of events for this month, including important Charlie Chan-related dates as well as information regarding our Monday evening chats, and more.

Chat Room

Please join us Monday evenings beginning at 7:30 Eastern time in our humble but very Charlie Chan Family Chat Room, where we meet to view and discuss a particular Charlie Chan film and more. After arrivals and greetings along with the sharing of an “extra” presentation, we begin synchronized viewing of that week’s feature beginning at 8:15.

Message Board

Our Message Board offers a collective, friendly forum for the thoughts, information, and questions of our members and honored guests.

Bulletin Board

In this section of our Charlie Chan Family Home, we post recent information on events, links to items of interest, releases, etc. that relate to Charlie Chan.  Please feel free to contribute information!

The Films of Charlie Chan

A complete, chronological list of the forty-four films in the Charlie Chan series, each with a link to more information.

The “Lost” Charlie Chan Films

An introduction with links to the illustrated script-based reconstructions for the four “lost” Charlie Chan Films, CHARLIE CHAN CARRIES ONCHARLIE CHAN’S CHANCECHARLIE CHAN’S GREATEST CASE, and CHARLIE CHAN’S COURAGE.

Cast List

A full listing of all available names of actors and actresses who played roles in the 44 films from the Charlie Chan film series proper, including basic information and a list of the movies in which they appeared.

The NEW Adventures of Charlie Chan

A complete list of the 39 episodes of The NEW Adventures of Charlie Chan television series from 1957 starring J. Carrol Naish as Charlie Chan and featuring James Hong as Number One Son, Barry, including links to more information.

Other Charlie Chan Media

A lengthy, complete as possible, chronological listing with information on the “other” films of Charlie Chan, including those made in the land of his honorable ancestors, and more, from studio productions to amateur undertakings!

Charlie Chan on Radio

Listen to vintage Charlie Chan radio adventures.

Charlie Chan

A brief biography of detective and family patriarch, Charlie Chan.

Charlie Chan’s Aphorisms

Read through a complete, alphabetized, list of the aphorisms, or sayings, as stated by Charlie Chan in all of his 44 films plus those gleaned from the 39 episodes of the 1957 TV crime drama, The NEW Adventures of Charlie Chan.

A Charlie Chan Chronology

Our Charlie Chan timeline, where you may go through our collection of the many important dates that relate to Charlie Chan.

A Charlie Chan Glossary

A collection of definitions of slang and idioms, both of obscure and well-known meanings, notable places, people, and things that are mentioned or seen in Charlie Chan movies.

Earl Derr Biggers

Meet the mystery writer who, in six novels, brought Charlie Chan and his adventures to life.

The Chan Actors

Brief biographies of the three actors who brought Charlie Chan to life on the big screen: Warner Oland, Sidney Toler, and Roland Winters, and J. Carrol Naish, the TV Charlie Chan.

The Chan Family

Meet Charlie Chan’s “multitudinous family.”


In this section, we will offer you, our honored guest, the opportunity to read through or view a continuously growing collection of material which, it is hoped, will add to your knowledge and appreciation of honored detective and family patriarch, Charlie Chan.


Our Gallery contains a growing number of original images which, as a group, relate to all 44 films in the Charlie Chan series, and more.  All images are taken from the original items, and as new material becomes available, it will be added to our collection.


In our Library, you will find information on many of the books that have been published over the decades that relate directly or in some way to detective Charlie Chan.

Charlie Chan Comics

Each Sunday, for one week, a vintage Charlie Chan Sunday comic will arrive here at our doorstep for your reading pleasure, and from there, you may access any of the Sunday Comics series that ran for 3 1/2 years between 1938 and 1942. Visitors will also find a collection of downloadable, complete Charlie Chan comic books.

The Cartoons

A complete list of the sixteen episodes of The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan Hanna-Barbera cartoon series from 1972 featuring Keye Luke as the voice of Charlie Chan.

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