Chat Archive 1/24/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for January 24, 2022

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (The Airport Murder Case; Something Old, Something New)

angel & foxx, adventurers
Len Freeman

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Godwinshelley2: Hey guys – I a zoom class at the same time as our Chan chat. In my East Coast Time Zone Arrogance, I assumed they meant EST but it was PST. So I will be missing this week.

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Rush: Hello, GS!

Rush: Understood!

Godwinshelley2: Yeah 0 time zone caught me – will be online for a zoom class in a couple minutes

Rush: Okay.

Rush: Thank you!

Rush: See you next week!

Rush: “Charlie chan in London”

Rush: Good luck in your class!

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Matt1: Hello Rush & GS!

Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Matt1: Hope you all are well

Rush: How are you in the warmer climes?

Matt1: COLD here in FL

Rush: Doing well, thank you!

Matt1: You?

Rush: Yes?

Rush: Cold here, too, but not terrible.

Matt1: Frost & freeze warnings last night

Rush: Should be a lot colder tomorrow!

Rush: Ah!

Rush: That can happen, even in Florida!

Matt1: Yes….Northern areas of the State get snow sometimes…..Not here though

Rush: I remember back in the ’70s when the orange crop was ruined there.

Matt1: Yes, the HARD freezes

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I got to use the snowblower this morning before work.

Matt1: Ah, Fun!?

Rush: At least it went pretty fast!

Rush: Then I spread salt.

Matt1: I LOVED using it in PA

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I am glad that we got one!

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Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: Last year when I was here, i did the whole thing by hand.

Rush: Angel!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Hello, early birds!!

Rush: Welcome…and Fox, too!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Are we having any worms?

Rush: I guess I was a late bird!

Rush: No worm.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Fox is closer to me than my hairpiece. Fox is my furpiece.

Rush: Or…it was frozen!

Rush: Or…a lace piece?

angel & foxx, adventurers: We come a fur piece to get here, sometimes. But it’s worth it!

Rush: (“Dead Men tell”)

Rush: GS is attending a class via Zoom right now.

Matt1: Ah

Rush: She’s still logged in, though.

Rush: aybe she will drop by, still.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Matt, GS, Rush, i hope you’ll hold our seats—to forestall theft, Fox has draped a stole—

Rush: Sounds ominous!

angel & foxx, adventurers: We must get our repast, will rejoin all in time for JCN!

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I had an earlier dinner, so I am good to go!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Ominous indeed, Rush: CAPERS are on the menu!

Rush: AH!

Matt1: I’ll probably only stay for the first Chan, btw

Rush: Okay.

Rush: That first one is interesting, as it is named “The Airport Murder case.”

Rush: Actually, there is NO airport involved!

Rush: A train station, yes…airport, no.

Matt1: I don’t remeber us seeing that one

Rush: I think this is the first time we are sharing this one.

Rush: lately thare have been more of the “New Adventures” available on the Internet for viweing.

Rush: In the past, the pickings were more sparse!

Rush: I am guessing that they are in the public domain.

Matt1: I added the Chan cartoon to my basket on Amazon last month and forgot about it….It’s gone and I didn’t see any others a few weeks ago

Rush: yes?

Rush: You might check eBay?

Matt1: Very upsetting

Matt1: I didn’t try

Matt1: I know there was talk of them being pulled, but….

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HonoluLou has joined this room

Rush: I see one there, but it’s about $45.

HonoluLou: Greetings Earthlings

Matt1: Hello Dan & Lou!

Rush: Good evening, LOU!


Rush: And…DV!

Matt1: I’ll check back, thnx

Rush: Welcome to YOU as well!


Rush: LONG address, but there it is!

DanVenture: My apologies for missing last week. Despite my New Year’s Resolution to faithfully attend, I spaced it again. <sob> Not today, tho!!

HonoluLou: Can’t stay, but wanted to show my face for awhile. Wow! That’s a hyperlink to be proud of!

Rush: HAPPY to have you, DV!

Matt1: Thanks again!

HonoluLou: Rush, are you doing OK with the conversion? I imagine now it’s just about finding time, yes?

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Rush: I will go for it maybe tomorrow evening.

DanVenture: If you look, Best Buy has Chan Clan for $20.

Matt1: Hello MDA!

HonoluLou: Cool.

mda19083: hello folks

Rush: It should work as well as can be expected.

HonoluLou: Hi MDA

Rush: Not perfect, but we will get what we get, and then go from there!

Matt1: Thnx Dan!

HonoluLou: Yep Rush, that ole first step is a doosey!

DanVenture: NP, Matt!

Rush: Matt, there is one at Amazon for $19.99….


Rush: Agreed, lou!

Rush: I want a clear head when I do it.

Rush: MDA!


HonoluLou: Rush, I understand. It’ll be trying and exciting. Best of luck and don’t let the first round get to you.

Rush: Correct.

mda19083: without dating myself – I recall CC and the Chan Clan from Saturday mornings

Rush: MDA…so do I!

mda19083: hello Lou

Matt1: lol, me too!

Rush: 🙂

HonoluLou: MDA, hat tip 🙂

mda19083: not sure how often I watched it – it was before I discovered the CC films

HonoluLou: The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan. You can watch all the episodes through your site also, correct Rush?

Rush: The Chan films were not aired too much in the ca. 1972 era, I believe.

Rush: Actually, no, Lou.

Rush: They are not accessible via the free Internet at this time!

Rush: HOWEVER, i do see a set for sale via Amazon…$19.99.

Rush: Not bad at all!

HonoluLou: Ahhh! I just visited your page. I see. Still, you have a great rundown of each episode!

Rush: Maybe in the future we can figure out how to run the films, etc. directly from our future site.

mda19083: if I recall – the films were on UHF on Saturday evenings during the mid to late 70’s here in the Philadelphia area

Rush: Yes. I had fun with that, Lou!

HonoluLou: Rush, nice. Ever forward 🙂

Rush: It was interesting to see the “real world” references in some of the cartoons.

Matt1: I think you are correct MDA

HonoluLou: I’m working on a September Blog for the 50th anniversary of the Cartoon.

Rush: That would make sense, MDA.

mda19083: Matt – my memory is not what it once was

Rush: Yes, the Chan movies appeared on local stations in some areas.

Matt1: We’re a LOT alike, lol

mda19083: LOL

mda19083: The New Adventures of CC episodes are quite enjoyable

Rush: Here is an example of a “Charlie Chan Mystery Theatre” from a San Francisco Channel of that era…


Rush: A very short video.

HonoluLou: Very Cool, Rush. I saw that in your study, correct?

mda19083: hello angel

Rush: Sacramento, actually…sorry!

HonoluLou: Is anyone else snowed in? All I did all day was shovel the stuff, but it kept comin down in Cleveland, OH.

Rush: Not snowed in here (Bettendorf, Iowa), but we did get some show early this morning.

HonoluLou: There’s around 20 inches on the ground right now. Took me awhile to get to the birdfeeder…poor little guys.

Rush: 14 minutes until our first adventure…

Matt1: Yikes

Rush: That’s a LOT of snow!

mda19083: Lou – sorry to hear – no snow but COLD here in the Philadelphia area

HonoluLou: It is. Can’t go anywhere until the snowplow comes. Yeah, Philly get’s pretty cold, too MDA.

Rush: Our first one tonight will be “The Airport Murder Case.”

mda19083: I have family in the Buffalo area – they know how to handle it though

Rush: As I noted earlier, if anyone sees an airport in this one…please tell me!!!

HonoluLou: I was wearing flip-flops and barbequing in Honolulu 8 years ago, this time of year…haha.

Rush: Yes, Lou!

HonoluLou: Yeah, I remember Buffalo gets it worse than us. You gotta be a tough cookie to do winters there.

Rush: Indeed!

Rush: Places like North Dakota, too!

Matt1: 20″ is a dusting for them

mda19083: Lou – did you leave Hawaii just for the winter weather in Ohio?

HonoluLou: LoL, Matt.

Matt1: Cued to “Rome”

Rush: Makes life interesting, right, Lou?

HonoluLou: MDA, I came back for Mom. She was asking me 40 years, “When are you coming home?”

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Rush: Hounder!


Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Dona has joined this room

Rush: And…DONA!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Dona: Hello Everyone!

HonoluLou: Rush, indeed it does. But I actually like the snow, 4 seasons, and especially the forests.

hounder: hi everyone.

Rush: Lou, we are enjoying the same here.

HonoluLou: Hi, Hounder…Donna.

Rush: My wife LOVED our first real Fall!

Rush: Marie.

hounder: we had heavy frost this morning

HonoluLou: Rush, I agree.

Rush: I forgot, you have met her!

HonoluLou: Yes, in HNL.

Rush: yes, hounder!

Rush: Yep!

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Matt1: Hello SB!

Rush: 67 minutes to go….

hounder: hi sb


Rush: Sorry!

Matt1: lol

sarabell2: Hi Ya’ll

HonoluLou: Give her my regards, Rush.

Dona: Hi Sarabell

Rush: Ah! Sarabell!

Rush: Good evening to you!

HonoluLou: Hi Sarabell.

sarabell2: Have you started the show?

HonoluLou: 7 minutes.

Rush: I have no control over the snow, sorry!

Rush: 🙂

sarabell2: You have snow? Ours melted

Rush: Actually, I used our snowblower this morning on the driveway.

hounder: please forgive typos tonight. my vision is a bit off.

Rush: Still have snow on the ground here.

Rush: Somewhat patchy.

sarabell2: That just amazes me you have that much snow. we get a sprinkling and the stores get emptied

Rush: We had above freezing temps lately…snow melted a bit.

Rush: Yes, SB?

Rush: Please ready our first feature…

Rush: “Airport Murder Case”

sarabell2: They think the state will turn into the Donner party

HonoluLou: I have the film ginned up in youtube, and it’s a picture of ROME with large words ROME across the bottom.

Rush: Yes.

HonoluLou: Yes ROME or Yes the Donner Party…Yuk, Yuk.

mda19083: at the first hint of snow everyone makes a mad dash to the grocery store for milk, bread and eggs – everyone makes french toast I guess

mda19083: cued here

HonoluLou: MDA, don’t forget the T.P.!

sarabell2: That is it, MDA

hounder: please forgive tyops tonight, my vision is a bit off.

Rush: I had trouble with mine…one moment, lease…

Rush: Ok

Rush: Say…2 minutes….

hounder: ok

Rush: Everyone ready?

mda19083: on the edge of my seat

Rush: 90 seconds…

Dona: ready here

HonoluLou: Check.

Rush: 🙂

angel & foxx, adventurers: ready herre!

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

sarabell2: Si Si

HonoluLou: I’m scared!

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


angel & foxx, adventurers: Every Autumn Foxx & i wish we could be in Italy, so we could experience a FALL OF ROME!

Rush: “ROME”

Rush: A train arrives….

HonoluLou: A girl off the train and into the lobby.

mda19083: angel – 🙂

HonoluLou: OH!

Rush: Murder!

Matt1: <tin can>

mda19083: that was quick

angel & foxx, adventurers: Did they have dual exhaust?

Rush: at the train station!

mda19083: cue the can


mda19083: fog

angel & foxx, adventurers: That’s exhaust JCN / CC is walking thru right now

Rush: Intro…

Rush: Bernini

angel & foxx, adventurers: 5:07 is terribly early. You think R. WAS built in a day?

Rush: Reference to actual Rome monuments.

angel & foxx, adventurers: HUBBA HUBBA, Chaz! What a suit!

Rush: Actually, it was at NIGHT, Angel.

angel & foxx, adventurers: WHO TOLD YOU THAT?

Rush: well…logic.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Rush, we will adjust our Rolexes.

Rush: If Rome wasn’;t built in a day…it HAD to be built in a NIGHT!

HonoluLou: Rush, I believe this is the episode I did the reading with James Hong at Steve’s EDB Birthday Celebration.

angel & foxx, adventurers: The latest system. This is 1957 AD, yes?

sarabell2: I never understood putting a robe over mens street clothes, they never have women putting a bathrobe over a dress

Rush: AH!

Rush: Yes, Lou!

Rush: A great tie-in!

angel & foxx, adventurers: What are 1000 1957 thanks today, Rush?

HonoluLou: 10 minutes of fame 🙂

Rush: Around 10,000, Angel!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Signor so&so has the hots for the younger Chan.

angel & foxx, adventurers: An ex-parrot would go well in that room.

Rush: “Pronto.”

HonoluLou: Why is he speaking with a French Accent?

angel & foxx, adventurers: We’ll set a bomb for you!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: charlie has a friend in every port

Rush: maybe he was born at the Swiss border?

HonoluLou: Rush, true, true.

Rush: 🙂

angel & foxx, adventurers: ‘luLou: He’s still resisting Muscleini

HonoluLou: A&F, LoL

sarabell2: Or port in every friend, MDA

angel & foxx, adventurers: They TOLD him to CHECK his coat!

Rush: “Very sedate…like nuclear explosion.”

mda19083: SB – 🙂

angel & foxx, adventurers: ATM

Rush: SB..:)

Rush: VW bus!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Those are the hounds of the Baskervilles. The Baskervilles always bring the hounds with them.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

HonoluLou: Yeah, weren’t they made in Italy…not.

Rush: No.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Rush: Yes! One of the first to have the Fahrvergnugish VW instead of a swastika up front!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Abe Lincoln!

angel & foxx, adventurers: VERY SPECIAL lobsters.

Rush: VW…”People’s Car.”

angel & foxx, adventurers: I think we all know what kind:

angel & foxx, adventurers: R O C K L O B S T E R !

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: angel – YES

angel & foxx, adventurers: The gods may be kind, but one of the dogs is a bitch.

Rush: Hm.

mda19083: she went to see the parasites

HonoluLou: Oh yeah, and where were you at the time of murder!

Rush: Yes, MDA!

angel & foxx, adventurers: She needs a thought-balloon over her head: ‘ALIBI??!!”

angel & foxx, adventurers: Dino today, Reno tomorrow.

Rush: Cute dog.

angel & foxx, adventurers: That was before their Women In Prison movie.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Extra-long Fatimas!!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Crazy like a Foxx!

Rush: (Cough…)

HonoluLou: She just called Charlie Chan, Crazy. Bad move!

Rush: True!

angel & foxx, adventurers: The worst, ‘luLou. She’ll regret it.

Rush: I love the location shots!

angel & foxx, adventurers: “I must marry money”. I must, i must, I MUST increase my BUST!

HonoluLou: I understand. but hasn’t worked (marry money)

Rush: That’s his pet name for her, perhaps?

Rush: “Money.”

angel & foxx, adventurers: FROM THE DESK OF!!!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Marsh was mellow.

sarabell2: Funny Angel, I remember that exercise, it did not work

Rush: He should at leasrt look at the warrant.

hounder: would the gun still smell of fresh powder 12 hours later?

mda19083: he is innocent

Rush: Maybe, hounder.

Rush: Residue?

angel & foxx, adventurers: sarabell, that’s because you’re so ‘umble & luffable. That stuff doesn’t work on you. REST of us, totally taken.

Rush: Ballistics test was performed?

hounder: so if there were no fingerprints how can you be sure he fired the shot.

Rush: We need a parafin test.

Rush: (“CC on Broadway”)

HonoluLou: Don’t point that gun!

Rush: I love the bow ties.

Rush: Looks like Naish is reading a cue card there!

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: Len!

HonoluLou: Unfortunately, gotta run. Honolulu Lowes is on the line with my appliances. Sorry, have fun all. Aloha. Lou


HonoluLou has left this room

hounder: hi len

Len Freeman: Hi… just a quick check in tonight

Rush: We are watching the first of two Adventures!

Matt1: Hello Len!

Rush: w are you tonight?

Dona: Hi Len

sarabell2: Hi Len

Rush: (How)

Len Freeman: Wow a friendly group tonight!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Yes!

Rush: We try!

sarabell2: No I want to know where Len is

Rush: He’s …..right HERE!

Len Freeman: Hi Sarabell

angel & foxx, adventurers: LEN is in da house!

Len Freeman: Angel &

Rush: This is our assigned reading….

angel & foxx, adventurers: Motion of the ocean bubbles with suspicion.


sarabell2: Hi Len. Where are you from? We seem to have the US covered

Len Freeman: LOL…. agreed. Good reading

angel & foxx, adventurers: How do we influence lobsters?

Rush: Coast to coast tonight…and parts in-between.

Len Freeman: I’m in Metro Minneapolis

sarabell2: That’s right, now I remember. Hope you are warm

angel & foxx, adventurers: Is a mini apolis cheaper to heat than a larger one?


Len Freeman: metro area that is..well the high for tomorrw is schedule to be 0, so I hope that gives you some idea

angel & foxx, adventurers: A French Surrender Lobster!!

Rush: Ah!

mda19083: the lobster did it

Rush: Chan carries out a close investigation….

angel & foxx, adventurers: So “back to zero” is fightin’ words up there?

Len Freeman: Is it toastier down in Iowa Rush?

Rush: “Should I bring the butter sauce?”

angel & foxx, adventurers: I had an uncle who was Claude.

Dona: yummm

Rush: Yes, today it was just over 20.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Holy oleo!

Rush: Much colder expected tomorrow.

Rush: Morse code…

Len Freeman: I think you get more actual snow than we do, because when it’s too cold it can’t snow

angel & foxx, adventurers: Instead of the butter knife she grabs a better knife.

mda19083: charlie is quite spry

Dona: it’s not that cold here Rush

Rush: Nuclear espianage….

Rush: No, Dona!

Rush: i imagine it is not!

angel & foxx, adventurers: If they grab his liquor, they can get Alfredo-sauced.

Rush: OUCH!

angel & foxx, adventurers: TPA! For when you don’t want an airline!!

Rush: CC is fighting very well!!!

Rush: Traitors!

angel & foxx, adventurers: I LOVE flatulent horns!!

Rush: “Old Pop still packs good wollop!”

Rush: Indeed!

Rush: Closing credits….

Matt1: <yee-haw>

sarabell2: I always wondered if they had to be careful of that , Angel, while playing

Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: So…a short break…?

sarabell2: That was so fast, I am used to our movies

Dona: “{YAY}

Rush: While we “change reels”)

Rush: Next…

Rush: “Sometghing Old, Something New”

Matt1: I need to run, but enjoy the 2nd Chan. I’ll see you next week in London!

mda19083: later Matt

sarabell2: Bye Matt

angel & foxx, adventurers: I think that’s what those rubber discs are for. I thought they were plumbing instruments till i saw Beethoven or somebody live. You couldn’t use that on a terlet.

hounder: bye matt

angel & foxx, adventurers: We will watch radar, Matt!

Len Freeman: Yes, I have to head out early tonight too… but will catch you all next week in lovely London

Matt1 has left this room

angel & foxx, adventurers: Len, good night good nice!

Rush: I missed Matt’s departure…

Rush: orry…

Len Freeman has left this room

angel & foxx, adventurers: Rush, it’ll be replayed. Sarabell has alerted me to the threat the trumpets pose, so they’ll wait in the terlet.

sarabell2: I have got to load emojis on this old laptop, just for Angel’s witty remarks I cant respond fast enough

Rush: Disc 8 in my set…

Rush: “Something Old, Something New”

angel & foxx, adventurers: I noticed on a F***book group today, this is Portland Hoffa’s birthday.

Rush: We pause at the very beginning, please.

sarabell2: My friend had to attend a Heimlich maneuver class, the instructor did make the volunteer toot

Dona: ready here Rush

Rush: A building exterior at night.

angel & foxx, adventurers: A very good place to pause.

Rush: Are we ready?

angel & foxx, adventurers: I see chan & some old guy.

mda19083: ready

angel & foxx, adventurers: Ready!

angel & foxx, adventurers: *adjusts stole*

Rush: Let’s say…. 75 seconds…

angel & foxx, adventurers: 74

Rush: 60 seconds…

hounder: ready

angel & foxx, adventurers: 57

angel & foxx, adventurers: 43

Rush: 50 seconds…

angel & foxx, adventurers: HIKE!

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 25…

angel & foxx, adventurers: *breaks Swan soap in two*

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10….

sarabell2: Portland Hoffa, Fred Allen’s widow?

Rush: 5…

angel & foxx, adventurers: Yes, Sarabell!

Rush: GO!!!

mda19083: Jimmy’s sister?

Rush: Running up staire?

angel & foxx, adventurers: I am a big fan of Porty.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Imagine that hat full of nickels.

Rush: Entering thru window?

Rush: Am I seeing what you are?

sarabell2: Love Fred Allen, watching him on Whats my line

Rush: Thief in an apartment?

angel & foxx, adventurers: Is he THAT hard up for folding stuff? I only kiss $100s.

Rush: Woman yelling.

Rush: Killed!

Rush: Thief escapes.

Rush: Cop stops him.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Uh-

angel & foxx, adventurers: oh.

Rush: Title….

angel & foxx, adventurers: OUT OF THE FOG, into the SMOG!

Rush: Chan enters thru fog….

Rush: CC and Barry.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Are we still in Rome?


angel & foxx, adventurers: oH: canTON.

Rush: Stabbed.

angel & foxx, adventurers: *Oh: CANton*

angel & foxx, adventurers: Damn Caps Lock.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Happens to me, too!

Rush: Thread.

Rush: Spool.

Rush: Inspector Duff….Junior?

mda19083: Inspector Duff

angel & foxx, adventurers: DUFFY!!

Rush: The sneak thief…

angel & foxx, adventurers: He got the long version of that necktie.

Rush: “Second Story Pete”

Rush: Hm….

Rush: Alice Gardner….

angel & foxx, adventurers: THIRD DEGREE! THIRD DEGREE!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Robert Crane? The future Colonel Hogan?

Rush: HM.

Rush: “Scotland Yard”

angel & foxx, adventurers: He’s thrilled. Ain’t had no lovin’ since—uh, the last time.

Rush: It IS hard to hurt a fly with a knife.

angel & foxx, adventurers: DAVY JONES?

Rush: Did they check the knife for fingerprints?

Rush: Did they even find the knife?

angel & foxx, adventurers: The ‘OOK!

Rush: Pete puts down Inspector Duff!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Pete is cruisin’ for the bruisin’.

Rush: His late wife….

angel & foxx, adventurers: Khrushchev with hair?

Rush: Seems she was not well-liked.

hounder: ..

angel & foxx, adventurers: Take off your shoe, Khrushchev, i dares ya.

sarabell2: Dang, daughter must take after the mother, or Dad check his dna


angel & foxx, adventurers: SB, better call Forensics.

sarabell2: No, Maury Povich

Rush: No weapon found as of yet.

Rush: Any main suspect yet?

Rush: Anyone?

mda19083: not the will thing again

angel & foxx, adventurers: She puts the strychnine in the rouge.

angel & foxx, adventurers: mda, there’s always a will. And then the Everybody In One Room.

mda19083: she is quite an actress

Rush: The knife!


Rush: Like the weapon in “Reno”

sarabell2: Not quite an actress, MDA, but pretty

angel & foxx, adventurers: Their flowers look fake.

mda19083: rock – paper – scissors

angel & foxx, adventurers: mda:   Chan needed scissors to complete the game prep.

Rush: THAT will show he’s innocent!

Rush: Bad move.

Rush: Now we add assault to his charges.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Rush: He had to get it in before those Marines.

Rush: I guess so!

angel & foxx, adventurers: If he hurries to Dollar Tree, he can get a salt AND batteries, cheap!

angel & foxx, adventurers: JOHN BOLTON?

hounder: ..

Rush: Yes…John Bolton.

angel & foxx, adventurers: He WAS up to some wide-ranging stuff!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Now i’m SURE this is Khrushchev here.

Rush: 🙂

angel & foxx, adventurers: Now J.B. has to start all over again.


mda19083: go ask alice

Rush: Sorry!

angel & foxx, adventurers: SHE brought you up, YOU bring us down, lady!

Dona: What happaned

Rush: Tried to post an image.

Dona: lol

Rush: Oh well.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Rush, we understood every word.

hounder: wow rush. and i thought i had typos tonight. lol

Rush: The thief is something of comedy relief here.

sarabell2: Thank you for trying, i can’t send images on my phone

Rush: Yes, SB?

angel & foxx, adventurers: SB, you are LUCKY. Less distraction.

Rush: Alice….Alice….ALICE.

Rush: Hm….

angel & foxx, adventurers: The cosmetics company must be out of control with all the execs hanging here all day.

Rush: I like his bow tie, too.

angel & foxx, adventurers: THe b.t. is killah!

sarabell2: i am going to buy you a bow tie rush

Rush: A trick by Chan here.

angel & foxx, adventurers: UH-

angel & foxx, adventurers: OH.

mda19083: what the frock

Rush: She’s nuts…

sarabell2: I am going to get you one that spins when a pretty girl walks by, rush

angel & foxx, adventurers: There ya go. Now all can go back to smashing facepowder & rolling lipstics.

Rush: will definitely plead insanity!

Rush: Ah, SB!

mda19083: haul her in Charlie

Rush: And Duff fails.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Better than rolling lipsticks all day.


angel & foxx, adventurers: YAY!!

Rush: Closing credits…

angel & foxx, adventurers: That’s why they call it Blighty!!

Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: Next week….

Rush: “Charlie Chan in London”

DanVenture: That one impressed me. Good writing and a witty ending.

hounder: that was fun.thank you.

Rush: Tonight we saw these adventures to commemorate the birthday of J. Carrol Naish.

angel & foxx, adventurers: Three guesses what photog Suschitzky’s nickname was.

angel & foxx, adventurers: NICE!!

Rush: We will see him later in “CC at the Circus”!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Same Foxx time, same Foxx website next week for me!!

mda19083: happy birthday JCN

Rush: So…a thankfully UNEVENTFUL evening!

Rush: thank you SO much, everyone!

Dona: Thank you Rush!!!!

sarabell2: It was good, thank you so much, Angel I enjoyed every line you wrote, especially the Dollar tree one, I was there today, they were out of salt and batteries, though

Rush: I enjoyed myself, and I hope you did as well!

mda19083: thanks to all for another great evening – be well

Dona: Always a fun evening with everyone

hounder: good night all

Rush: I think that Angel is the fifth Marx Brother!

mda19083: good night hounder

Dona: Good night all. See you in London.

Rush: Good night, Dona!

Dona: I agree MDA

Rush: take care of California, please…

DanVenture: CU next week!

Rush: Especially SoCal!

hounder has left this room

Dona: I wish I could Rush.

Rush: I understand!

sarabell2: thank you Rush,, for your usual excellent job. You are like those people who never win awards because you are so good at what you do it is not noticed. But appreciate you muchly.

mda19083: I agree SB

Rush: You may guess why I now come to you from Iowa!

Dona: It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. But I don’t think I can give up on her yet.

DanVenture has left this room

Rush: and, yes…it IS heaven….!

angel & foxx, adventurers: Ditto, Rush! And we’ll KEEP you from winning awards! You’re OURS!!

Dona: Yes i understand Rush

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: 🙂


Rush: See you next week!

Rush: in LONDON!

sarabell2: Much love everybody, Nite!

Rush: You as well, SB!!!

Rush: Good night!

Dona has left this room

Rush: Pleasant Chan-filled dreams…

Rush: Take care….

sarabell2 has left this room

Rush: Good night….

angel & foxx, adventurers: Gnite!!

angel & foxx, adventurers has left this room

Rush has left this room

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