Chat Archive 1/3/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for January 3, 2022

Behind That Curtain

flaming angel+fiery fox
Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine

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Matt1: Hello A & F!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Hi, Matt! We fell in accidentally—i was trying to change our screen names to fir the movie theme, & suddenly we was in. Happy New Year! We wish you a prosperous 1929! They say it’ll be a great year for the stock market; we’re investing in fox fur futures!

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Rush: Hello, Matt and Angel!

Rush: Happy New Year to you both!

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Matt1: Alohaaaaaa, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Happy New Year from the Land of Chan !!!!!

Matt1: Happy New Year everyone!

Rush: Aloha, and Happy New YeAR, STEVE!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Rush, Matt, Flaming Arrow.

Hawaii_Steve: Ah, Flaming Angel.

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Hawaii_Steve: Great job Rush collecting all the feedback about the EXTRAS.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ho Ho Ho…Happy New Year everyone!

Rush: TYSM, Steve.

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Rush: Mike and Rachel….good evening and Happy New Year!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We ARE a bit “extra” Rush. 🙂

Rush: YES!

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Hawaii_Steve: Good Afternoon It’s 2:30) from Hawaii.

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: So, I hope that all of you saw the input that was included in this week’s group email.

Rush: MDA!

Rush: WELCOME and Happy New Year!

mda19083: A belated Happy New Year all!

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, I did. Very interesting.

Rush: LOTS of ideas!

Rush: We could vary things each week.

Hawaii_Steve: Most interesting indeed. We thinks that we hit a nerve.

Rush: We could go with suggestions from our members…

Rush: A good nerve, perhaps!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re a very creative bunch!

Hawaii_Steve: For example, I am against adding an extra to a long Chan movie. Tonight is a perfect example.

mda19083: Rush – I appreciate receiving the comments on possibly revising the Chan Chat format.

Rush: I was even thinking that we could seek out Mantan Moreland movies and share a portion each week?

Rush: Yes, MDA.

Hawaii_Steve: For the shorter Monogram films (61 to 64 min), please add an extra.

Rush: This is our chance to bounce a few thoughts around tonight.

Rush: That’s true, Steve.

Hawaii_Steve: Mr. moreland appeared in some great movies during the 1940s.

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s always fun to see some of the “other” actors in other films

mda19083: Rush – I am an East Coaster but I did not even think about the time difference until your email

Rush: yes, mike/Rachel.

Hawaii_Steve: MDA, I completely agree with you.

Mike n Rachel in DC: So MM films would be very interesting

Hawaii_Steve: I think so. Rush???

Rush: Well. actually way back 20-plus years ago the time was set at 8:00 PM Eastern to accommodate both west and east coast persons, as wella s those in between! Of cours, in honolulu, the time is even earlier!

Hawaii_Steve: In Hawaii, it’s 2:36 P.M. now.

Rush: Yes.

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Matt1: Hello Len!

Rush: We have even had people from Europe and Asia where the time is VERY different!

Hawaii_Steve: Usually, I am at work during the Chan chats and cannot attend. Go with the Mainlanders.

Len Freeman: Hi Matt

mda19083: Rush – It appears that people come and go based on their other responsibilities/lives outside of the chat

Rush: But the majority fell between the Pacific and Eastern time zones.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Len

Hawaii_Steve: Years ago, I remember a member from England joining the chat.

Len Freeman: are we just getting started on a discussion?

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Len. Jump in. The waters fine.

Rush: People could possibly be off work around 5 in the West and that left 8:00 on the east Coast.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Our “extra” tonight is talking about the extras. 😉

Rush: Hello, Len!

Rush: happy New Year!

Len Freeman: Hi M&R

Hawaii_Steve: In New York, it’s 7:30 PM.

Rush: Our discussion has begun regarding the format for our Chats. please jump in!

Len Freeman: And you too Rush

Rush: And 6:30 where I am.

Hawaii_Steve: It’s 4:30 PM in California now.

Rush: Central time.

Hawaii_Steve: Actually 4:40.

Rush: Yes, that’s where I was.

Hawaii_Steve: The point is the not have the member staying up late for an old Chan movie. People have to work the next day. Right?

mda19083: Rush – For what it is worth, I would think that the options considered should include how they impact those hosting the chat most of all and we should be considerate of them and the demands on their schedules

Rush: i guess the first question is, should we continue to have “extras” in any form, or, just have a simple arrival time and start 15 minutes aftert hat?

Rush: (that)

Rush: Well…I am adaptable.

mda19083: I have enjoyed the extras this year

Len Freeman: There are a number of excellent suggestions in the responses

Matt1: I enjoy the extras too

Mike n Rachel in DC: DC vote(s): The extras are fun and a nice chance to socialize a bit…as long as they don’t create a lot of extra work for Rush.

Rush: We could go with visual extras over the radio dramas.

Rush: Len suggested the Keye luke serials.

mda19083: Mike – I agree

Hawaii_Steve: I have an idea. Why don’t we do the EXTRAs after the feature film?

Len Freeman: I’ll jump in with my sense.

Rush: We ran those before, but they were much more “engaging” than audio material, i will admit.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The serials are fun; neither Rach nor Mike are big fans of the radio shows.

mda19083: This should be a fun experience and not a chore

Rush: Please do!

Matt1: Extra after the CC film would be too late for me

Rush: TYSM, mike.Rachel.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, Matt. Rachel has to get up early for school, too. 🙁

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, what is your priority? Feature films or extras?

Len Freeman: For a number of reasons I’d suggest going to one extras night per month… say 1st Mondays — and then do the other weeks with an 8am start and 8:15 film

mda19083: Rush – again thanks for your efforts

Rush: Yes, i feel that any extras are best used as something of a “warm-up” to the feature.

Matt1: Feature over extra

Rush: If it is missed, notheing really is lost on the main featuer.

Rush: You are welcome, MDA…:

Len Freeman: Doing one per month would motivate to come in for it… and be easier on the host

mda19083: Unless things change drastically on my end, I do not have to get up early for school

Rush: I would agree on that, Len!! 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: For people that have to work the next day, the feature should start and end at a respectable time.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good point, Len.

mda19083: Steve – I am with you on that

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Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: hi everyone

Len Freeman: We’ve a number of videos, radio pieces that we could do as one offs,,, a serial chapter would not have to be “next week”… we could just jump into them as we liked..

mda19083: Hounder – happy new year

Rush: For my part, steve, I have to get up at 5:00 AM the next day for work, and this has not been a problem personallt.

Len Freeman: Hi Hounder

Hawaii_Steve: Regardless if we play EXTRAS or not, the feature should start at the same time. Correct? 8:15 PM?

Rush: Hello, Hounder!

Rush: WElcome to the “forum” andf happy New Year!

hounder: len 8 am start?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Hounder

Len Freeman: 8pm —

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Steve. The current time for main features works well in DC!

Rush: Well, Steve, that has actually been the start time for as long as we have been actually sharing movies, yes.

Hawaii_Steve: For my part, this chat sessions usually starts in mid-afternoon in Hawaii. Today it is raining off and on.

Len Freeman: 8:15 film. extra nights start at 6:30

Rush: We should ask Dona tonight about the west coast start time, as she lives in SoCal.

Rush: Yes, Len?

Len Freeman: Yes

Rush: That’s sort of what we do.

Hawaii_Steve: Len? 6:30 or 7:30?

hounder: hi. sorry to not say hi before but len’s am caught my eye. then was trying to read catch up

Matt1: 6:30PM is a bit early for me

Hawaii_Steve: Hounder, what time do you get the next day after the chat?

Rush: BNow, if the extras are only one night per month, say the first Monday of each month, we could have an “open” doailog time prior to the fil.

Rush: film

Len Freeman: I was referring to the idea that we’d do 1 extras night per month.. so that would be 8pm EST for regular sessions start, and 7:30 for Extras (I’m in CST so pardon my time confusions)

Rush: It would be 7:30 Eastern time, matt….right?

Hawaii_Steve: Todays film starts at 15 min after the hour correct?

Rush: yes.

Matt1: Oh, sorry….7:30 for the extra is good

Rush: For me it’s 6:30, so I am often eating dinner at the computer.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes to 7:30–and if it’s an “extra” we can scamper in a few minutes late on occasion

Rush: No worries on my part.

Len Freeman: Me too.

Len Freeman: I’m eating right now

Mike n Rachel in DC: Occasionally munching with the extra here, too

Rush: Yes. i finished just before I arrived tonight.

Len Freeman: SO it’d give you a saner dinner most gatheringnights

Mike n Rachel in DC: *glumly eyes dirty dishes in kitchen*

mda19083: for me, Chan is more important than dinner

Mike n Rachel in DC: food for the soul, MDA 🙂

Rush: Yes…we could still “open the room” at 7:30 eastern.

Len Freeman: a real trooper MDA

mda19083: mike – 🙂

Rush: matt might be here first on those nights while I finish dinner.

Hawaii_Steve: Let me understand. The feature Chan will always start at 8:15 (EST) regardless if we have an EXTRA or not. Correct?

Len Freeman: sure… and people come in as they wish

Len Freeman: Yes

Rush: But, again, it’s no big issue, really!

Matt1: Not at all Rush

mda19083: that is part of my “lose weight” yearly resolution

Rush: I even had that happen when I lived in CA!

hounder: as

Rush: 🙂

Rush: yes, Hounder?

Mike n Rachel in DC: MDA lol. The “Charlie Chan diet” is born.

Hawaii_Steve: 7:30 PM – Chat Room opens doors. 8:15 PM – feature film starts, regardless of EXTRA or not. Correct?

Len Freeman: lol

hounder: can’t guarentee any presece of mine, I will be happy with whatever you all deide and be glad when i can make it. 🙂

mda19083: Mike – 🙂

Rush: And, just for the record, tonight and last week are our two longest movies of the year at 91 minutes each.

Rush: TY, Hounder.

Rush: You have been doing this since very cloce to our very beginning, Hounder!

Rush: I think you may even recall when we only DISCUSSED the movies and didn’t watch them “live”!

hounder: i have. was back when it was we three.

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Matt1: lol, that was before me Rush

mda19083: The greatest thing about the Chan Chat is the people

Rush: In fact, way back then we started at 8PM eastern and went for TWO HOURS till 10PM eastern!

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Rush: Yes, Hounder!

hounder: yes mda

Rush: I agree, MDA.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: And that has been the case from week ONE.

Rush: nearly 22 years ago.

mda19083: time flies

Rush: As I say, it is allo of YOU who make our Mondays what they are.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: When do we start??

Len Freeman

Hawaii_Steve: In 15 minutes.

Rush: Start what, Angel, Tonight’s movie?

Rush: No extra tonight! WWE ARE IT!

mda19083: Angel!

Rush: (we)

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Thanks, Steve! Hey, do you find it difficult waking up for our gatherings?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel looks hot tonight. 

Rush: Yes…14 minutes now…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Howdy, emdeeay!! How’s the Philly burbs, and the cream, cheese?

Rush: Actually, my analog clock is 30 seconds fast…!

Len Freeman: So do we have a sense of what format we’re nudging towards?

Hawaii_Steve: No Angel, I just have a sip of Tigar Tea and I’m ready to go.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Yes, Steve!

mda19083: Angel – we were supposed to get snow today but none arrived

Rush: My tiger tea tonight is DFiet Coke.

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Mike n Rachel in DC: We got buried…8 inches

Rush: OOHH…those typos!

Matt1: Hello NT/NH!

mda19083: I almost forgot the Tiger Tea

Hawaii_Steve: Gotta love it.

Nothere: Sorry tio hear the mike and or racheal

Rush: hello and happy New yEAR, mt!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Everything is shoveled now.

mda19083: MNR – I have an extra shovel if you need it

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Matt1: Looked pretty Mike

hounder: hi nt

Matt1: Hello Louise@

Rush: lOUISE!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thx, MDA. Only if it comes with a replacement back for Mike…

Louise: Hi Chan Clan! Happy New Year!

hounder: btw happy new year to all

mda19083: NTH is in the house

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey NT and Louise!

Rush: welcome…AND Happy New Year!

Len Freeman: HI L, Nowhere,

mda19083: hello louise

Louise: Hi all, from cold New Jersey

Rush: We have been discussing the format for our Chats this year.

Len Freeman: Little snow here… but minus 19 this mornkng

Rush: y thoughts, louise?

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Louise: Good, Rush

hounder: hi louise

Matt1: Yikes, Len!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Len: OUCH! -19 Fahrenheit???

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Louise

Len Freeman: yup

Matt1: I love Florida

Louise: As I said in my email, Rush, I prefer to have a chat before the movies, maybe starting at 7:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jeez. Y’all may need to switch to the Kelvin scale soon.

Rush: 7 degrees here this morning…tropical by comparison, Len!

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Len Freeman: when we get up to 20 above we call that balmy

Nothere: Happy New Year all

Rush: And the same to you, NT!

Nothere: Balmy how crazy

Rush: May 2022 be a great year for all of us.

mda19083: len – what part of the country are you in

Len Freeman: Minnesota

Mike n Rachel in DC: Amen to that, Rush. A happy, healthy one for all.

Rush: Indeed!

Louise: I love my Chan family!

Hawaii_Steve: On Sunday, we got over 3,000 people with new cases of COVID-19.

mda19083: I would need heated socks if I lived in Minnesota

Rush: So, in case anyone is using the Fox DVD for “Behind That Curtain,” it is side B of “CC in Monte carlo.”

Rush: This strain is very weak.

Len Freeman: Louise et al, I was suggesting that we do 1 extra /month— say 1st Mondays, start that at 7:30 eastern time, and then do an 8am start and 8;15 film the other weeks

Nothere: So as we prepare for one of if not the first Chan. Time for the trivia question. Who from the Universial horror films is the first to appear in the Chan series?

Mike n Rachel in DC: We have the “public domain cinema” download…

mda19083: Boris

hounder: and long handles mda

mda19083: Karloff

Rush: YES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: AHA, NT. The Burmese servant!

Rush: Mr. Karloff!

Nothere: Mda wins he’s in this very film

Matt1: Cued!

Louise: Can’t stay for the movie tonight: my husband is having problems with his TV and I seem to be the only one who can solve techno issues in this house!

mda19083: hounder 🙂

Rush: 7 minutes to go…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Louise…errand of mercy. 🙂

Rush: As usual, please pause at the Opening Title.

Nothere: Ah yes Louise technology is wonderful when it works.

hounder: glad you stopped in louise. stay warm and dry

Len Freeman: But there are a lot of other good ideas on the response list as well

Louise: Knowing how to repair tech things is a curse.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, at least you’ll never run out of “friends,” Louise.

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mda19083: Louise – you are correct

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Louise: M&R: that is sooooo true!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rich!

mda19083: hello rich

Rich Maine: Evening all…happy new year

Rush: It’s also something of a curse NOT knowing how to fix things tech!

Len Freeman: Hi RM

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Len Freeman: GS

Matt1: Hello GS!

Godwinshelley2: Hello all

mda19083: hello gs2

Rush: Great for one’s humility, though!

Rich Maine: Hi friends!

hounder: hi rich

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS!

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hounder: hi gs

Rush: GS!

Rich Maine: Never watched this one, very exciting

Rush: Good evening and Happy New Year!

Godwinshelley2: Wow from sea to sea – Altantic and Pacific is here

Rush: 4 minutes to go…

Godwinshelley2: Rich you obviously have NEVER watched this one

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha GS.

mda19083: this evening’s feature is new to me too

Len Freeman: cued here

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’ve got all of the US covered…east to west; north to sout

Godwinshelley2: Did you get any floodiing with the recent rains out there Steve?

Mike n Rachel in DC: *south

Rush: This movie has some good points.

Godwinshelley2: BORIS

Louise: This is definitely a weirder Chan example

Godwinshelley2: And scenes from San Francisco

mda19083: the Chan Chat is coast to coast

Rush: The use of locations is interesting to me.

Nothere: What Rich you never saw the infamous Charlie and his wife sex scene in this one?

Rush: 3 minutes…

Matt1: Boris has more screen time than Charlie

Mike n Rachel in DC: LOL

Len Freeman: The star (Warner Baxter) was the first Cisco Kid on film

Nothere: Louise: Nothere: shame on you!

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is the “where’s Waldo?” of Chan movies

Nothere: Gentelmen start your engines

Rush: And…Chan shows up only foe the last several minutes of this one.

Mike n Rachel in DC: NT: Shame on you. Rachel is choking on her cookie.

Godwinshelley2: He is mentioned at the beginning, isn’t he

Louise: NT just detroyed the eyeballs of all the Chan Clan

Nothere: The only one based on one of the six books ass I recall.

Rush: We will note that it is the INspector who states the aphorisms tonight!

Rush: 90 seconds to go…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Isn’t there a “Chinese Parrot” movie too?

mda19083: cued here

Rush: Very good…

hounder: ready here

Rush: yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong-ready in DC

Godwinshelley2: I’m ready

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: TYSM…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *peeks behind curtain*

Rich Maine: All set

Rush: 30 seconds

Rich Maine: No peek nt

Rush: 25…

Nothere: Did you see Oz

Rush: 20…

Hawaii_Steve: REady. Starting with the gong.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *sees infamous scene*

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: ANNNNNNNND, we

Rush: Organ music…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: we’re OFF!

Rush: Credits…

Nothere: But I don’t want to go. I want to watch the moive.

Matt1: And we start a new year!

Mike n Rachel in DC: minimalist music here…not exactly starting with a bang

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Is this Irving Cummings reliable?

Rush: 1929.

Hawaii_Steve: youTube from Public Domain Cinema.

hounder: lol@nt

Rush: “London”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Uondon?

Godwinshelley2: Rush – are any of the Biggers stories going into public domain with this new year

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I mentioned to Matt when we arrived early, that 1929 is supposed to be a GREAT year for the stock market.

Louise: And so another year begins

Rush: I have students who cannot read an analog clock.

Hawaii_Steve: This film is 93 years old. Good lord.

Rush: YES, steve!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I have siblings who cannot clock an analog read.

Rich Maine: Yes amazing Steve

Louise: Rush: and they cannot read or write cursive

Matt1: We’ll need to celebrate in 7 years!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Betty White coulda been in this.

hounder: sad rush. and somone mentioned how much easier it is to forge a printed signature

Louise: Bye Betty

Rush: So, the late Betty White was 6 years old when this film came out.

Hawaii_Steve: Betty White was older then this film.

Matt1: Amazing

Rush: Yes.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I don’t care WHAT condition the colonel’s in, i want him IN my office.

Len Freeman: One of the earliest sound films… they originally thought that sound wasn’t needed… that it had been “filler” and now people would want to just see/hear it as we would if we were standing there.

Rush: Colonel BETHAM.

Len Freeman: This made as a “star” film for baxter who was a big star of the day

Hawaii_Steve: Len, there is also a silent version of this film.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Same thing, huh, Rush? Empire and all, eh wot? We can bury our differences in remote parts, can we not?

Rush: I love the stage-like acting by some of the actors in this early talkie!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I love the trrrrrrrilled r’s.

Len Freeman: Not the great profile

Rush: Truly, Angel.

Rich Maine: Yes looks like a filmed play

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Gramps there looks soused.

Len Freeman: note

Rush: Yes, Len to the above.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Friggin’ Matilda!!

Rush: Allsops lager

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Everything sops lager, Rush!


mda19083: looks like the chan chat room

Godwinshelley2: Link to article about what is becoming Public Domain with this year

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Thanks for putting up your Dukes, GS!!

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Rich, it does look like a staged play.


Matt1: What some people do for a pair of shoes

Rush: Yes, Matt!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Pumps, even. Pumps lager if necessary. What heels!

Godwinshelley2: Wasn’t audio production so bad that things were mostly staged to help the microphone

Rush: A Chan “regular”…

Rush: We see him in “Charlie Chan in London” and in “Charlie Chan at the Race Track.”

Len Freeman: Great link GS

Rush: I think you are right, GS.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: They left the light on for ‘im.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Don’t forget the “Oomie-Oomie” song coming up later!

Len Freeman: Yes GS — After Warner Baxter made The Cisco Kid, as the first sound western, the big studios all dumped their westerns because of the cost to do them in sound

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Sounds like a shower’s running, in the print i’m watching.

Rush: Thank you Len! Interesting! Makes a lot of sense!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: He’s in his Sir-gery.

Godwinshelley2: I always heard the song as “Pundii Pundii”

Rush: I think you are right, GS!

Louise has left this room

Rush: I have done my best to cloud my memory on that one!

Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley2: Rush – the song scared Louise away

Rush: YES!

Godwinshelley2: We had over a foot of snow here today! Very unusual for us

Rush: She’s making a huge mistake!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Last times they did Punji Punji we had to quarantine for months. Muntz, even.

Hawaii_Steve: Angel, there is a very clean copy from Public Domain Cinemas/YouTube.

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: HD version.

Godwinshelley2: Is her father so bad that she is looking for any way to run away

flaming angel+fiery foxx: HS, THANKS! Do we look under index “public domain cinemas”?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Time for scrapples?

Rich Maine: Yes it’s quite good for its age

mda19083: I hope

flaming angel+fiery foxx: This guy’s doing better than HIS parents.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The print we’re watching is remarkably clear.

mda19083: I hope I look that good at 93

flaming angel+fiery foxx: By the time it was over, Eric was a half a bee.

Hawaii_Steve: At YouTube, search Behind That Curtain Charlie Chan. It should pop up.

Rush: Along the way tonight, please feel free to toss in any thoughts regarding an “extra” for next week…or none at all such at this evening…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: mda, you’ll be radiant. Fox & me will send you some isotopes.’

mda19083: angel – thanks

Rush: The YouTube link to the film is above the Chat room, if needed.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Your clicker will let you know The Package has arrived.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: These folks don’t remove a single article of clothing in the whole first reel. Anybody got any Sen-Sen?

Len Freeman: super mixed feelings there

flaming angel+fiery foxx: A BOUNDER!!

mda19083: A CAD

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I’ve ALWAYS been an Angel, Sir George.

Rush: The best way to get a daughter to marry the wrong guy is for her father…or uncle…to outwardly hate the guy!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “messy affairs” with women! Egad!

Rich Maine: Dash it all!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Rush: DEFINITELY. Reverse psychology revvs like an Edsel transmission.

Rush: AH! Rich! Missed your arrival! happy New year to YOU!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Is that you, Myrt?

Hawaii_Steve: The acting in this scene is horrible.

Rush: 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Remember our Maine!!

mda19083: maybe he should rewrite his will

Rich Maine: Hey rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The pace of this dialog could be described as “glacial”

Rush: “I started working for him in my teens, Sir…”

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Imagine working every day of your life for 93 years.

Hawaii_Steve: The composition of this film is better than The Black Camel. The film looks great.

Mike n Rachel in DC: OH WOW. Is this guy from “London?”

Rich Maine: Please sir may I have more…

Rush: Agreed, steve!

Godwinshelley2: Certainly not the “rapid fire” dialog of “His Girl Friday”

Rush: Yes, Mike.

Len Freeman: yup

Hawaii_Steve: Chinese slippers.

Rush: He’s also in “Charlie Chan at the Race Track.”
As the Ship’s Steward.

mda19083: he looks familiar

Hawaii_Steve: GS, far from it.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh yeah. Chan tosses him out of the porthole

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Methought you said “STRIPPERS” on the battlememnt. Neigh????

Rush: That was Mr. Moto, actually, who made the toss!

Len Freeman: Mr Moto throws him

DanVenture has joined this room

Rush: DV!

mda19083: greetings dv

DanVenture: HURRAH! I remembered guys!!!

Rush: WELCOME and Happy New Year to you!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Who’s Hillary Gault?

Rush: How are you this evening?

Nothere: Hey Dv

Len Freeman: twintching mustache

DanVenture: Happy New Year to all you in the Chan Clan.

Rush: TYSM!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gotcha. My “old movie memory database” is faulty. 🙂

DanVenture: Thanks Rush, MDA, Nothere

Godwinshelley2: Someone had “enhanced” the book Frankenstein – available on amazon – listed as “Now with MORE MONSTERS” Perhaps we could do something similare by making it “Now with more Chan!’

Rush: We are at about the 18 minute mark in the movie…

Hawaii_Steve: ERic is her husband. But he is bad guy.

Nothere: Twintching? Careful Len first it’s twinching then twirling.

Len Freeman: wowza

hounder: hi dan

flaming angel+fiery foxx: India?? Oh, INJAH!

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol GS

Nothere: Well there are four Chans God

Len Freeman: they call that “acting” in silent movies

Rush: Yes.

Hawaii_Steve: Why not send this film to the station?

DanVenture has left this room

Nothere: Take your hand off me, I’m emoting here.

Rush: She married the bounder.

DanVenture has joined this room

Rush: Great sets in this film.

Nothere: The Cad the rotter the vagabond.

DanVenture: Q: Where are we in the video?

Hawaii_Steve: Good luck Eve.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The marriage I can forgive. That HAT, though…

Rich Maine: Good bye eve

Nothere: 2000

Hawaii_Steve: When you’re***ilua, look me up.

Nothere: Guitly of hat crime. 5- 10 years sentence

Mike n Rachel in DC: 20:30

Rush: There is a version of the Earl Derr Biggers book, “Behind That Curtain,” with still images from this film.

Dave has joined this room

Rush: Hands out cigars, but smokes cigarettes.

Rush: Hello, Dave!


Rich Maine: Our friend Chan…..

Dave: Sorry for belated arrival!

Len Freeman: ah Chan — the ab

Rush: And…happy New Year!

Len Freeman: t detective in the world

Len Freeman: greatest detective

Rush: Yep.

Nothere: The Chan writers would confuse the globe in this scene as a challenge later in the series.

Dave: Happy so far. Six plus inches of snow this am…

hounder: ..

Rush: Note how the Inspector states the aphorisms tonight.

Rush: NOT, Chan!

Nothere: O.k. every one complaining about inches. I will take one and exactly one inch.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Dave, where are you?

Dave: DC area now

Mike n Rachel in DC: Give her an inch, and she’ll take a mile, NT

Rush: “…and carry a big stick…”

mda19083: :}

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Catchee monkees in about 5 years hence?

Rush: Spun globe transition.

Dave: Been traveling back and forth to SC to help my mom out

mda19083: nice transition

Mike n Rachel in DC: Beats the “flipping calendar” Rush

Nothere: Well if the plan catches the monkey it works. But a plnan that needs five years? I’m unimpressed Angel.

Rush: 🙂

Len Freeman: early audiences loved this kind of footage

Rush: Yes.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Ah, Dave, thanks for info. I am in Boston now (snow expected Friday) but my house is in NE NC; don’t know if there was much there & must call a neighbor. You’re my Weather Girl for the moment.

mda19083: this hat is better than the last one

Nothere: Dude the clapper won’t be invented for decasdes.

Len Freeman: say there baby…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: To the bizarre indeed!

Hawaii_Steve: Great atmosphere in this film.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Uh-oh. Punji-Punji time?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Here we go

mda19083: tea for one – not two

flaming angel+fiery foxx: We gotta put the cats out. Now.

Rush: Why she would agree to have a woman who is obviously a temptation in the hose does not speak well of her thought processes!

Rush: (house)

Nothere: She’s going to the bizzare. how bizzare.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tea for one. Earplugs for two, please.

Hawaii_Steve: Travelogue were popular during the 1930s. That’s how people got to see the world.

Len Freeman: oh yeah baby

flaming angel+fiery foxx: She has an ample bazoom, he sees.

mda19083: NT – 🙂

Rush: “It’s just the way…you like it…”

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Unh-hun, unh-huh, i like it!

Hawaii_Steve: At 58 minutes, Mr. Karloff appears in this film.

Nothere: And the travellog wass completely accuratee.

mda19083: a real CAD

Rush: Yes, Steve…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: All the flowerpots in Delhi are missing.

Nothere: Good man she was about to fall so he had to grab her.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: A chukka!!

Len Freeman: there he is

Len Freeman: just walked by

Rush: Yes…just a glimpse!

Godwinshelley2: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (Now with Extra Monsters): At Least One Monster Per Paragraph! This Is Our Guarantee! Kindle Edition

Nothere: You half man. Your turban is no where near as pointy as mine.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Stocks are about to fall; why doesn’t he grab THEM?


Rush: Great backdrops.

Godwinshelley2: In case you need the updated Frankenstein now with extra monsters – at least one monster per paragraph!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: He wants a dagguerotype of her but he left is dagger at the scene of the last scene.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Sometimes we feel like a nut.

Godwinshelley2: So we need to “chan up” this film

Rush: Is it a book you are noting, GS?

Hawaii_Steve: GS, I’m afraid to click on the link. It may bounce me out of the movie.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Right-o, GS, quite. Spot-on. Needs a bit of Chan-up.

mda19083: Angel – sometimes you are one

Godwinshelley2: The frankenstein book

Hawaii_Steve: I shant. Really, I shant.

Godwinshelley2: But we would need to Chan up this film

flaming angel+fiery foxx: The damn universe again. How about a Milky Way?

Dave: great ad…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Anchors away from everybody.

Nothere: Now is it a different monster per paragh or is it all werewolves on one page and mummies on the next?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Dave, sometimes we don’t, huh?

Dave: of course!

Rush: I think that the original is good enough!

Hawaii_Steve: I shant be afraid of the danger.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: OH NO!

Nothere: Never mind the hat what about the dress?

Rich Maine: Fan me!

Rush: You were right, GS…”Pungi-Pungi” it is….

Rush: Oblivious wife!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: If i turn the volume up the LEAST bit, i shall obtain COMPLETE privacy. And in England, privvacy!

mda19083: how did this get by the sensors

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not so oblivious. Keen-eyed.

Rush: She’s surprised??

Len Freeman: oops

Mike n Rachel in DC: They obviously were deaf, MDA. 😉

flaming angel+fiery foxx: mda, you have enough there for an indictment.

Len Freeman: pundi

mda19083: mike 🙂

Rush: She allowed him to bring her into their home.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: How did this not make Number One? What stopped it?

mda19083: her voice

Nothere: Well she followed him home and it was raining.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I like when blackmailers SPELL the numerals.

Rush: It was number one in parts of India in 1929…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Rush, i get the feeling you’re not kidding.

Rush: Her next shock!

hounder: there’s that really annoying song

Rush: Not a good day.

Godwinshelley2: So Mike – are you putting this song in your next concert?

Len Freeman: double oops

Rush: yes, Hounder.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: In what parts did it fail to scale? We shall go there, Fox and me. To premiere our own act.

Rich Maine: Stop! I confess!

mda19083: catchy tune huh?

Mike n Rachel in DC: It would no doubt bring down the house, GS. 

flaming angel+fiery foxx: “Eunice” was short for “Euthananasia”.

Rush: Yes…catchy as a virus!

Dave: “one more time!”

Godwinshelley2: Perhaps the last song – to help clear the theater

flaming angel+fiery foxx: For her unmentionables.

hounder: did anyone read the subtitles on the song?

Rush: GS: 🙂

Nothere: Too what do you confess Rich? Did you put the bop in the bop she bopp, or did you let the dogs out?

Rush: No hounder, but a thought!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Alfred Poohnick? Composer of Pundi Pundi?

Nothere: No Hounder I didn’t

Rush: NT: 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Flighty creature, eh wot?

Rich Maine: Anything, NT…just stop the singing

Nothere: Pip pip I say oldd chap chin up.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: The “posing” is magnificent. Profiles, over & over.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Notty, you’ve nailed it. This is how he hopes to pull it off.

Nothere: But where is the close up?

Rush: She should go right to the authorities!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: He feels like a bee and a half now.

Rush: That’s what they all say!

Nothere: Quick someone cap the bee’s knees.

Rush: “I did it for YOUR sake!”

Hawaii_Steve: And the winner for “Worst Acting in a Chan Movie” goes to …

Rush: 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: HS, please tell us! The competition is tight.

Len Freeman has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: It would be a difficult choice, Steve

hounder: some definition of love

flaming angel+fiery foxx: They got LEN!!!

Godwinshelley2: Now the song has driven Len away

Rush: 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: She needs to take a powder. Several powders.

Hawaii_Steve: Eve Moran or Philip Strange.

Rush: I think I saw him run out holding his ears!

Nothere: Face, baby, anti fungal.

Dave: baking?

Hawaii_Steve: mike & Rachel, LOL.

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: “Cheapened” isn’t the word!

Mike n Rachel in DC: tooth?

Rush: WB, Len…

Hawaii_Steve: EVe, let is rip.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: A tad overwrought, harrumph harrumph.

Nothere: Curse you door. Curse you.

Rush: Karloff…

Mike n Rachel in DC: BEST acting of the evening award: Rachel. The pantomime was highly entertaining.

Nothere: Sorry HS I don;’t recall either at the moment.

Rush: Wish we could’ve seen her, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wish I had a video.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: We’re thinking Greta Thunberg about this acting.

Rush: 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Is that a PROMISE, lady?

Nothere: How dare you Angel. :()

Hawaii_Steve: Eve, no one must know how horrible your acting is.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Notty: Blah blah blah blah blah!!!

Rush: He does…

Rush: Great desert shots….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Please John, please please please…get me acting lessons. I beg you!

Rush: 🙂

Rich Maine: Into the desert….

mda19083: mike 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Come away with me,Louzeel, in my diesel-powered solar catamaran!

Nothere: Well I’ll take you into the desert. But I can’t promise silence. The jackles are fighting again.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The singing is improving!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Or is someone being disemboweled?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: What separates the jackals from the grackles?

Rush: Maybe!

Rush: Dunes.

Rich Maine: It’s almost a musical

flaming angel+fiery foxx: In case of disembowelment, use spackle.

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Their singing in the dessert. Just singing in the Dessert. It’ll never catch on.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Beautiful photography.

Rush: You guys are ON tonight!

mda19083: dragoman

Len Freeman has left this room

Rush: Nice shot here.

Hawaii_Steve: If you look carefully, you’ll see Valentino hiding behind a sand dune.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Can’t use the umbrella props, NT

Rush: 🙂

Dave: Great scenes…

Rush: Yes, Steve!

Rush: Agreed, dave.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Someone’s smuggling cantaloupes and he’s innocent. Not guilty, anyway.

Dave: Innocent!,,

Rush: Is he reading cue cards?

Nothere: But is she? I

Nothere: ll have to examine the matter.

Rich Maine: Yes rush

Hawaii_Steve: Behave yourself Angel.

Nothere: How did I get slapped?

Rush: Her acting is better than his!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *squints at cue card*. “Who is that?”

Nothere: He better not. He’s not Marlon Brando.,

mda19083: angel always behaves

Rush: NT: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Hmm.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: She’ll sing Punji Punji if he’ll tip her a sixpence.

Rush: He gets the swing.

Rush: Or…a rupee or two?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Baksheesh!

Nothere: moola denerio cash

Rush: 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Baksheeshals in motion!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I’ll dispose all your aeroplane.

Nothere: Well if I can’t beat Betham I won’

Dave: angel/fox: sheesh!

Nothere: t send anymore caravans.

Rich Maine: Really a personal plane?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Nyuknyuknyuknyuknyuk.

Hawaii_Steve: Excuse me while I tie my shoelace.

Rush: Just tell him you are afraid to fly!

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, that’s the ticket.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Set each other’s clothes afire, whydoncha?

Rush: He sees he’s rattling his nerves.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: TORTURE!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Here, let me help you make your hand shake.

Rush: Right on cue!

Rich Maine: No! Stop!

Godwinshelley2: I’d say there is a lack of music to fill the audio space – but I am afraid they would use – OH NO – there it is again

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Scot Yard here paid her to cork off.

mda19083: she’s back

Rush: Cue camel sound…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Camel music?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Music in this entry is way wayward. Grammyworth.

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Fox did spend money on this film, but not for acting lessons.

Rush: Hear the camera?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: You came to me one summer night, and from your beam you made my dream

Dave: noisy…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Someone could remix this music with some heavy metal or rap and win a Grammy

mda19083: steve – 🙂

Rush: You can hear the sound of the camera here.

Hawaii_Steve: yes, I hear the camera.

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rich Maine: Yes I can hear it

Len Freeman: yes

flaming angel+fiery foxx: He’s a sucker for peroxide. Bought a year’s pass for the Hindenburg.

Rush: Sorry about that revolving door, Len!

hounder: i never noticed the camera noise before

flaming angel+fiery foxx: The Milton Caniff of Injah.

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s the fluttering of her heart…not the camera. Where is your sense of romance?

Rush: They should make a stopover in Reno on the way to san francisco!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: DEFINITELY a Greta type.

Hawaii_Steve: Are you sure it’s the film running through the camera?

Rush: Too subdued…

Len Freeman: a touch of … tension… here

Dave: Ridin’ on the Marakesh Express…

Rush: It sounds like it to me, but who can say for sure, Steve?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: In the 30th from next tent would be scarce improvement. A tent-sion!!

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: You think its easy being a man and … and … here in the desert.

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s so difficult to be a man…with a woman in the next tent. Sheesh. First world problems.

Rush: 🙂 and 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Bet you’ll be sorry you win1

Hawaii_Steve: This is a pre-code film. They should be able to express themselves better.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The brazen hussy…sleeping in a nearby tent no less.

Dave: The same sand beneath your sheets….

Rush: They rely on the imagination.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dave: LOL

Nothere: It’s easy being a woman with you in the next tent. Now Rupolph Valintenio would be a problem.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: HS, i think Punji Punji had a lot to say subliminally. Not that we’d stoop so low.

Hawaii_Steve: Nothere, LOL !!!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Get a ROOM, you peoples!

Rush: Again…:) and 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: And afraid of WORK.

Hawaii_Steve: For God’s sake, dont say the “L” word.

Rush: She did…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: “and LASSSSST time???”

Hawaii_Steve: Oh, the shame of it all.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: He doesn’t wanna become Mister Greta Thunberg.

Rush: Has anyone timed the length of this scene?

Hawaii_Steve: Fritz, get me the heart. Quickly.

Rich Maine: Needs editing

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, I’m sorry. I was taking a nap.

Rush: One of the longest such scenes in movie history, certainly!

Mike n Rachel in DC: CUT

Godwinshelley2: No Steve – Fritz is NEXT WEEK

Rush: “De plane….”

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Cary Grant should come running under that plane shortly.

Godwinshelley2: along with Dracula

Len Freeman: Basically the whole story was made to do this lengthy scene would be my bet

Hawaii_Steve: Cameo by a black camel.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Native voices: “THey’re kissing!”

hounder: camel closeup

Rush: I think you are right, Len!

Nothere: AHHHA Desert Yeti. Oh thats a camel.

Rush: Scared the horses with that low pass…

mda19083: da plane

Dave: Closeup!,

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Narcississississicist.

Nothere: Shut up horses your extraas were not paying you for lines.

Hawaii_Steve: Eve, the camel and I will protect you. Or at least the camel will.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: She’ll poop in his hat if he gives in.

Rush: Nice pith helmet.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I’ll bet she says that to all the boys.

Nothere: You think your kidding Steve. But camels can get mean,

Hawaii_Steve: Remember, it’s All About Eve.

Rush: And, they spit!

Nothere: Rush has pith envy.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Rush, you’re RIGHT. What uncouth, pooping in the pith helmet!

Rush: Don’t touch the engine! still hot!

mda19083: BK

Rush: Got it, Angel!

Godwinshelley2: Boris is so good in this sequence

Rich Maine: Yes!

Rush: 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Myself, i’ve done well by tricking wealthy folk to bribe me to feign stupidididity.

Nothere: AHHa Boris Karloff run hide. Oh wait no lightning. Were good.

Hawaii_Steve: And there goes Boris.

Mike n Rachel in DC: They all think I’m mad!

Rush: What everyone takes along in their supplies on an expedition.

Nothere: Pay no attention to the creepy shady man making the drinks where you can’t see them.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: This guy is the Tallulah Bankhead of the guy world.

Len Freeman: love the kneee pant

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Ignoring rigorously, Notty.

Nothere: Tallulah will remember that insult Angel.

Mike n Rachel in DC: My slipper? Do I look like Cinderella?

Hawaii_Steve: What this movie needs is a good chocking by a mummy. Boris???

Godwinshelley2: So the guy is in the middle of the desert on an expedition and you expect him to have these special slippers on him?

Dave: Or some opera music?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Definitely, Steve. Some morgue-action.

Rush: Yes, dave…

Godwinshelley2: Yes – maybe add that lovely “looking pond” ImHoTep uses

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Your caraVAN!

Rush: Noticed how he placed his hat over something?

Nothere: Karis isn’t jealous of ImHo Tep. He may be able to walk normally, but Kharis got a lot more movies.

Len Freeman: hmmmm

Mike n Rachel in DC: Obeyment? OK. Skip the English.

Rush: Yes!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Nice dress, Abdul!

Godwinshelley2: Wish they would find that lost footage from the Mummy of the couple through the ages – there is a credit for a Saxon Warrior if you read the credits

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s a kilt.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I’m at 1:03:00. Everybody else?

Nothere: One day he’s gonna clap and really get the wrong person.

Godwinshelley2: I like this scene

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Angel

Nothere: Yep

Rush: Me too.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: That guy can make his swagger stick.

Rush: Indeed@!

DanVenture: I love the three piece suit in the desert.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Ta-ta, Tut-tell!

Nothere: Hey Rush whatever happended to the changing rooms again thing?

Nothere: Toodle loo.

Rush: “I am great honored to say, goodbye…”

Hawaii_Steve: The Lady’s tent is next to the Mummy’s Tomb.

Rush: 🙂

flaming angel+fiery foxx: DV, you are reading my mind. Three pieces just right up to 112F, huh?

Nothere: It’s o.k. as long as she isn’t the 17th reincarnation of Anaka he won’t peek….often.

Rush: Yes….

Rush: In Tehran.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: He’s full of pith & vinegar.

Rush: Must not be too far from tehran.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Just keep the helmets clean, Angel

Len Freeman: British indeed

Nothere: Sure you don’t mean vim and vigor?

Rush: Horses were not as spooked this time.

Nothere: Well the plane didn’t sneak up on them this time Rush,.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: She’s out looking for sailors.

Rush: A young lady riding off alone in the Persian desert…not smart.

hounder: eve vamoosed

Dona has joined this room

Dona: Hello Everyone!

hounder: hi dona

Rush: What could go wrong?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Oh Dona!!

Dona: I just got home

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh dear. We’re eve-less

Rush: Hello, Dona!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Dona!

Rush: you made it! Happy New Year.

Len Freeman: Dona

Godwinshelley2: Welcome to our long evening

Rush: Did you work late today?

Dona: Happy New Year to all!

mda19083: hello dona

Dave: greetings, dona

flaming angel+fiery foxx: This guy is FBI material.

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Dona. Pull up and sleeping bag and join us.

Dona: yes, unfortunately.

Rush: Nice backdrop. Has to be rear projected, but it looks very convincing.

Nothere: Well this is where I leave you. May a camel not pee in your Oasis until we are togther again. And have a good year.

hounder: nite nt

Rush: Next week…

Dona: by NT

Rush: “Earan Trece”

Rich Maine: Good night!

mda19083: later NTH

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bye NT. Happy camel-free trails.

Dave: be seeing you….

Rush: “Eran Trece”

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Notty, we shall look to your next apotheosis!

Rush: The Spanish language version of “CC Carries On”

Nothere has left this room

flaming angel+fiery foxx: He’s thinking of Punji Punji.

Rush: As we have about 20 minutes to go, does anyone wish to watch an extra next week?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: No GG Bridge!!

Rush: or just let it ride for now?

Len Freeman: Eran Trace is an excellent version… the lead is a great Chan

Rush: No Golden gate Bridge when this was filmed.

Rush: Agreed, len!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: We here would be up for an extra, Rush, if “Eran Trece” does not be a long-runner.

Rush: Manuel Arbo as chan.

Mike n Rachel in DC: How about if we just meet and chat for another week? We might discover that we enjoy that…

Rush: Location shot to be sure!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Great scene!

Rush: More to come….

Rush: Some great Chinatown street shots.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: We are equally amenable to Chat.

Len Freeman: I agree MnR…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: If i been out till quahtah to 3, maybe it’s an elevator.

Rush: Anyone second Mike and rachel?

Len Freeman: reminds me of my second HS job

flaming angel+fiery foxx: NEVAH!!

Rush: okay…just chatting it will be!

Dave: ok with that…

Rush: Same arrival/greeting start….

Rush: same film start time…

Dona: I should be home earlier next week. Year end is kind of crazy.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: ‘is bloody nerves!!

Rush: It IS just nice to visit befor the movie, I agree!

Rush: Looks like a slot machine lever.

hounder: ..

Rich Maine: Folks, need to exit but will return next week……stay safw

mda19083: later rich

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Hey! We got a department store to run here, you bloke!!

Len Freeman: nite RM

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care, Rich!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Rich, stay warm!

Matt1: Take care Rich

Rush: Or…a licorice pop.

Len Freeman: oh pleeeze

flaming angel+fiery foxx: They have nevah seen such shoddy service.

Rush: Nice shove!

Dave: best to you

Rush: Stranded elevator passengers!

Rush: Streets of SF shots!

Len Freeman: It’s not hard thing to operate

Dona: I am going to look for food. I’ll be right back.

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Rush: Some nice things in these Chan scenes.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: They’re gettin’ punji widdit.

Len Freeman: was that CHan

Rush: Yes.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: What’s a “newspaper”?

Rush: The one who greeted her on the stairs.

Hawaii_Steve: So that was Chan.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: She was born in 1850.

Rush: Her “bob” has developed a “flip.”

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Video freezes?

Rush: Not mine.

Rush: Perhaps the YouTube version, Angel?

Hawaii_Steve: So Chan has the letter. What was written in the letter?

Rush: It proves who committed the murder in London.

Rush: I have been at this corner.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I guess so. There are 3 or 4 YT entries; maybe i picked the bum one. Audio proceeds, but video stops with the old lady and the scheming harlot in conference.

Rush: GS has some “today” pictures of the same corner!

mda19083: lecture anyone?

Hawaii_Steve: GW, I like the way you matched up the pictures from this scene.

Rush: Meets with charlie Chan.

Len Freeman: the version on the Chan set is excellent

DanVenture: The Chan!

Godwinshelley2: it was fun

Rush: He’s the father of the actress who plays the Chans’ number One Daughter in “The Black Camel.”

Godwinshelley2: I’d love to figure out the street she is running down

Rush: She’s also Lee’s girlfriend in “Shanghai.”

flaming angel+fiery foxx: I just switched to another version on YT. Is moving smooth. Inspectah is doing the recap in conference with CC.

Mike n Rachel in DC: An actual Chinese actor portraying Chan!

Rush: Bo Ling.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Could he have taken the series to 1950, though??

Rush: As we see from his acting ability here….no.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bo Ling? Really?

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Punji-Punji coming up, yes??

Godwinshelley2: He has a more natural speaking way than the Inspector

Rush: “Fear and love make their own destiny.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: His nickname must have been “ten pin”

Godwinshelley2: market street?

Rush: The band opens the lecture…

Rush: GS, you might be right.

Godwinshelley2: Yea! Boris

Hawaii_Steve: E.L. Parks, the actors playing Chan, looks like the illustrations of Chan in the Saturday Evening Post.

Rush: Karloff speaks.

Dave: yes…

Len Freeman: Chan at the door? I’d never noticed before

Rush: I agree, Steve.

Godwinshelley2: As long as the checks clear

Rush: Earl Derr Biggers was, however, very pleased with Warner Oland as the choice by Fox to portray chan, though.

Len Freeman: a great role for BK here

Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: Sees her.

Mike n Rachel in DC: dramatic entrance

Godwinshelley2: He was playing French Canadians, Bad cowboys, indians, all kinds of things

Rush: I think we see “Dr. Cream” in the audience.

Hawaii_Steve: karloff trivia: In how many films has Boris worn a turban?

Rush: HM.

Godwinshelley2: At least two?

Rush: See him?

Rush: Behind Eve.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Maybe love.

Rush: Did they pay to hear him say THIS?

Godwinshelley2: Did he wear one in that Wheeler & Woolsy film? or maybe “His Magesty, the American”?

Hawaii_Steve: Answer: this film and A&C Meet the Killer BK (1949).

Rush: TYSM, Steve!

Godwinshelley2: Ah – of course

Len Freeman: twitches

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Imagine being with the one of your dreams in the back row of the Pantages while THIS was in first-run. And you with certificates for 1000 shares of Pierce-Arrow stock in your kit bag.

Rush: They get quite a show soon!

Rush: Worth the quarter!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Shots fired. Not actors, only shots. Actors will be fired soon.

Mike n Rachel in DC: this lecture needs some action

flaming angel+fiery foxx: She’s showing some calf. At the County Fair on Route 6.

Rush: “Happy days are Hear Again…”

Rush: Chan actually kills someone in this movie.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Bet he folds.

Godwinshelley2: And you barely see him do it

Rush: Yes.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Who’s he kill, Rush?

Rush: Her husband the killer!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Her cheating husband

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Is he—?

Len Freeman: yup

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Ah so. Killed offscreen, then?

Rush: The Colonel got winged first, than Chan shot him!

Godwinshelley2: Wonder how Boris will be as a Nanny for this couple once they get married

flaming angel+fiery foxx: If i didn’t HEAR Punji-Punji, i would not know Punji-Punji.

Rush: He could be retained, GS!

Rush: I would imagine so!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: He’s really into this walking thing.

Rush: Now they can get married.

Dave: softly….

flaming angel+fiery foxx: YAY!!! Walking softly away!!!!

Godwinshelley2: And carried a BIG STICK

Rush: …and gone far…

Rush: Yes, GS!

Dave: hooray!

Mike n Rachel in DC: bleeding all the way

Rush: “Walk softly…go far..”

Rush: Cue the organ…

Mike n Rachel in DC: …and get me a band-aid

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Next year we’ll have some tetragene with us. Great film! Can see how it started the Depression!!


Matt1: <yee-haw>

DanVenture: Wow.

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: (Applause…”

flaming angel+fiery foxx: APPLESAUCE

Rush: Exit music….

Rush: Black screen…

Godwinshelley2: so – new guys – how did you like this Chan feature

mda19083: great film

DanVenture: Great quote “How careless of Chan…”

Hawaii_Steve: Well, that’s an hour and a half I won’t get back.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Take all Punjis with you! Not responsible!

Rush: Actually, this movie is growing on me a bit.

Dave: I like the quote tooo….

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s…er…historical

Rush: Yes, dave.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Dan, you’re RIGHT. Notice that speaker is never heard from again.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Gnite!!

Rush: It does offer some unique moments!

Rush: karloff….

Rush: of course!

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead.

Rush: Some nice scenes…

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, funny you say that. I felt the reserve about last weeks film.

Rush: Some tiresome ones too!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Karloff . . . Karlon . . . The Klapper!

Hawaii_Steve: Night Matt.

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s fun in a campy way

Len Freeman: If you just roll with it, and allowing for its moment in time, it’s really pretty good

Rush: Yes, Steve!

mda19083: enjoyed the film with the exception of the punji punji song

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Punji New Year!!

Rush: YES!

Godwinshelley2: nice as a travelog

Rush: Well!

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Or a yule log.

Rush: TY ALL SM!

Mike n Rachel in DC: And it’s the beginning of the Chan Year

Dave: Best to you all…

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Beast to you!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have a great week everyone!

mda19083: until next time folks – be well

Rush: I thank you for your opinions on the format…

Hawaii_Steve: There were some high production scene in this film.

flaming angel+fiery foxx: Farewell!!

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Godwinshelley2: Have a great (and safe) week everyone

Godwinshelley2: night

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Hawaii_Steve: Night.

Rush: We can perhaps add the occasional extra through acclamation!

Len Freeman: Which of course audiences — who had no TV etc, loved about films… the travelog part

Rush: YES1

Rush: And, it was an early talkie.

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Rush: That was a draw then.

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Rush: And fairly “epic” at that!

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Rush: well…

Rush: Good night all!

Hawaii_Steve: BTW, the first time this film was broacast on television was as part of Fox Movie Channel’s Charlie Chan’s Mystery Tour in 2003.

Rush: Thank you ALL , again!

Rush: And Happy 2022.

Len Freeman: A good night… hope to catch next week’s Eran Trace

DanVenture: Here’s hoping I keep my New Year’s resolution to remember our Fun Day Mondays!

Rush: Yes, Len!

Rush: thank you!

hounder: good night all. see you next week

Rush: Please feel free, anyone, to suggest an extra at some point!

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Rush: We can have “Chatters’ Choice” night!

Rush: Anyway…take care…

Rush: have a GREAT WEEK!

Rush: be happy and SAFE!

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Rush: Good night, Steve and Dona!

Dona: Good night. See you next week.

Dona: Thank you Rush!

Rush: And, I hope that things are drying out, Dona!

Hawaii_Steve: Good night.

Rush: Good night!

Rush: 🙂

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