Chat Archive 11/21/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for November 21, 2022

Shanghai Chest


Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine
ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Rush!

Rush: Good evening, Mike…and rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: No one here but us chickens?

Rush: I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be here alonre tonight!

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Your coin went out in today’s mail, Mike.

Rush: Sorry about the delay!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, as my grandmother would say, “All the important people are here.”18:42

Rush: i hope that she was right!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks! (coin)…now Rachel and I will each have one.

Rush: AH!

Rush: That’s right.

Rush: Wecan wait a little more than start the extra.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I carry the one I already have in my briefcase as a good luck charm. 🙂

Rush: it’s a nice one tonight.

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Mike n Rachel in DC: MDA!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hounder!

Rush: Very good, Mike!

mda19083: hello folks

Mike n Rachel in DC: Our party is growing

Rush: Now rachel has one coming to her!

hounder: hi everyone.

Rush: Hello, MDA!!!


Rush: And, Hounder!


mda19083: everyone ready for thanksgiving?

hounder: mostly

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Gotta do the shopping tomorrow.

Rush: Yes, pretty much! We will have five people coming to stay with us.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Hi ALL!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We are cooking for Rachel’s family

Rush: Angel.Fox!

Rush: Welcome!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Fox/Angel/Chest

mda19083: hell AnF

mda19083: hello

Mike n Rachel in DC: MDA…language! 😉

Rush: Here is the link to the extra…


Rush: I think you will enjoy it!

mda19083: sticky keys – i am baking the pies for thursday as we chat

Rush: Color home movies of San Francisco in the 1940s.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: We saw in the Message Board that Muddy Waters was disturbed by strange things on the surface! Doesn’t he know about Postwar old Dutch Cleanser?

Mike n Rachel in DC: mmmmmm…pies

hounder: I think there will be 7 of us Thursday, including a girl from Peru.

Rush: Careful, MDA! Don’t drop dough into the keyboard!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: mda: my granny used to wake and bake.

mda19083: any requests from the kitchen>

Rush: Yes, Hounder?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: CHERRY!

Rush: WOW!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Big pumpkin pie fans here…best time of the year


ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: DROP DOUGH HERE.

Rush: Please ready the extra…

Rush: Runs about 21 minutes…

hounder: ready here

mda19083: carmel apple walnut is my new fave

Rush: Ready?

mda19083: cued here with the extra

Rush: Short countdown….

Rush: 15 seconds…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: I had two ads at the start.

Rush: Alcatraz…

mda19083: looks like it was filmed yesterday

Rush: Yes!

Rush: But note the way people dressed then.

Rush: Like in our movies…

mda19083: lots af hats

mda19083: of

Mike n Rachel in DC: and suits

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: no sneakers…

mda19083: chop suey

Rush: Right, Mike!

mda19083: smile for the camera

Rush: Golden Gate Park, I think…

mda19083: strike a pose

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wonder if this is before or after the war

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: What’s our “time”? Player was recalcitrant.

Mike n Rachel in DC: 3:50

Rush: Could be in and at both ends of the war.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fie on the recalcitrant player.

mda19083: recalca what?

Rush: Mix of home movies?

mda19083: coyt tower

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Spooky.

mda19083: love the music

Rush: Yes.

Rush: “Fishermen’s Grotto”

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: LEO!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: GGB was just THREE YEARS OLD here!

Rush: Maybe these shots are all by the same family!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: I have a shirt just like his.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Paint was barely dry….

Rush: I see some repeating “characters.”

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: He’s the Duke of Earl.

Rush: Sailing inder the bridge…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Lighht up a Chesterfield! They SATISFY your life insurance company!

Rush: “Berkeley” ferry boat!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Within months these bombshells would be making bombs.

Rush: I think it is in San Diego now!

Rush: As a museum.

Rush: True, Angel.

mda19083: always reminds me of Hitchcock’s Vertigo

Rush: Chinatown

mda19083: the big house

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: MARBLE RYE!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I didn’t do it!

mda19083: ham on rye – hold the mayo

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: It does double dujty: put it on, it’s a bathrobe—pocket your lighted pipe, and it’s a SMOKING JACKET!

Rush: There are shots of Treasure island at the end.

Mike n Rachel in DC: This music has taken a bizarre turn

Rush: It is an interesting music collection.

mda19083: the Gar East

mda19083: Far

Rush: “Gar, bilimy!”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, but this is like an Indian refugee wandered in. Om, everyone.

Rush: (Blimey)

Mike n Rachel in DC: *downward dog pose*

Rush: I have a feeling that this was just before the war.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Ten thousand flounder at the drop of a hatg / I’d give it all gladly, if our lives could be like that.

Rush: Angel…I am a romantic, too!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Says 1940, which tells you this was about as good as it was gonna get, though none could have known.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Hence the shots of Treasure Island at the end.

Rush: it ran from 1939 though 1940.

Mike n Rachel in DC: AH. Do we get to see Rhadini?

Rush: Maybe with binoculars!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: We were about the only ones still dancing, then. Europe had been overrun, and England had repelled the first assaults with others to come.

mda19083: or The Turk?

Rush: That is true, angel.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Actually, he’s probably in Alcatraz.

Rush: Probably, Mike/Rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I was thinking that everyone looked pretty carefree

mda19083: She’s back with that hat

Louise-today has joined this room

Rush: Louise!

Louise-today: Hi Chan Clan!

Rush: Good evening to you!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Hi Louise!!

mda19083: hello louise

Rush: our extra is about to conclude…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Louise

Louise-today: I am ready to be Shanghaied

Rush: Me as well!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: We’re just bringing in the Chest.

mda19083: louise – who will you be tomorrow?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Looks like broccoli/.

Rush: And, it DOES appear briefly.

Louise-today: I am never me each day

mda19083: good way to be

Rush: I think I understand, Louise!

mda19083: wow – a college for women

Mike n Rachel in DC: what will they think of next?

Rush: Has the extra ended for everyone?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Got another couple minutes to go here.

mda19083: 1 minute more

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’m still in a garden…check that the zoo

Rush: Okay.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rooting for an anteater sighting

Rush: I accidentally started mine a few minutes in…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: I think some parts are duplicated in here. Lovely, though.

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Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: The lady with the hat appears twice.

mda19083: greetings dona

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Dona! Pull up a duck!

Rush: Dona!

Rush: Good evening to you!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: DEFINITELY broccoli.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Dona

Rush: As the sun sets in the west…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Polar bear

Rush: Yes.

Rush: And a zebra comes soon…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Beautiful! Thanks, Rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah…finally..Treasure Island

Rush: You are welcome.

Mike n Rachel in DC: This was great! many thanks, Rush

Rush: (Applause…)

Dona: Boy I miss something.

Rush: Fot those who took those home movies!

mda19083: TYSM for the wonderful extra

Rush: Dona, you can take a look later.

Rush: the link is in the newsletter.

mda19083: I now want to go travelling

Rush: Hounder, how are you and your mother tonight?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: We arrive in Shanghai in 6 minutes??

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Rush: Let’s cue up our movie, shall we?

Dona: I will you all have made me curious.

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Rush: The online link is locarted in the usual spot above.

Rush: GS!


mda19083 has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: Hello all – I’m cued

Rush: Just readying our movie…!

hounder: we’re doing pretty well this weel. thanks

Dona: ready here rush

mda19083: set 3 on the aisle please

mda19083: seat

Rush: You got it!

Godwinshelley2: I have my Ginger Chai ready

mda19083: cued here for tonight’s feature

Rush: Pause at the opening title…

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes to go…

mda19083: coffee … tea

Louise-today: Ginger chai sounds yummy. I have been drinking chocolate chai from Belize

Rush: Tea for me…please…

Louise-today: Cued and ready

Rush: NICE, Louise!

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Godwinshelley2: I put a touch of hot chocolate mix in with my ginger chai

Rush: 3 minutes…

Rush: Rich!

Louise-today: GS: perfect


Dona: Louise that sounds amazing

Rich Maine: evening all!!!! gobble gobble gobble

Rush: We start in 2 1/2 minutes…

mda19083: tea and coffee are no charge … drinks are 3.50

Rush: Please cue to the opening title…

Louise-today: We always eat and drink well here

mda19083: tips are appreciated

Rush: I think I can do that, MDA!

Rush: TWO minutes…

Rich Maine: took tips and was glad to get them….

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 90 seconds…

Louise-today: Here’s a tip: start the movie on time like everyone else!

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: Louise: 🙂

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Hi Rich! I likewise earned a lot of my tucker from tips, & vice versa.

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

mda19083: tip: Blue Serge in the 5th at Hialeah

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: B UJ L O V A Watch Time

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: WHAM!

Rush: Title and music….

Rush: Credits….

Rich Maine: opening the chest

Rush: “WHAM” works…

Rush: TYSM…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Russell Hicks

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Monogram brought the state of the art to the art of the state.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: An “old friend”

mda19083: nice clear print here on OTM&R using the link

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: JIMMY BURKETT!

Godwinshelley2: Philip van zandt – isn’t he a regular bad guy in the 3 stooges

Rush: Very good…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: William Beaudine was a cousin of Jethro Bodine.

Rush: The man in black…

Louise-today: Does no one go in the front door?

Rich Maine: no fog !

mda19083: the shadow knows

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: He’s her Back-Door Man.

Rush: Armstrong at his desk…

Rush: Side door in this case, Angel…

Mike n Rachel in DC: French door?

mda19083: sitting behind a desk is bad luck in these films

Godwinshelley2: No one sees this person clad all in black on this bright sunny SF day

Rush: Must be…NO Venitian blinds!

mda19083: letter opener?

Rush: KNIFE!!!

Rich Maine: doesnt even bring a weapon

Rush: AHGGG!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: WSHO KNOWS what EEEEEVIL lurks in the charming reception area flanked by cozy breakfast nook and half-bath with French Traditional fitmets?

Mike n Rachel in DC: *thud*

Rush: The nephew enters…

Rush: Don’t answer!

Louise-today: Vic?

Rush: THUNK!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: WHOMP

mda19083: now that I have email I have gotten rid of all of my letter openers

Mike n Rachel in DC: *thud*

Rich Maine: sorry wrong number

hounder: time check please. mom and i were in a battle of wills. lol

Rich Maine: good idea mda

Godwinshelley2: “Vitus – even the phone is dead”

Louise-today: Looks like big shoulders time

Mike n Rachel in DC: 4:10

Godwinshelley2: 4:10

mda19083: Irene Ryan’s husband Tim

Godwinshelley2: 4:30


Godwinshelley2: 4:45

hounder: thanks.

mda19083: avon calling

Godwinshelley2: 5:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: Quick! Grab the knife! Look guilty!

Rush: NEVER pick up the murder weapon!

mda19083: more hats

Rich Maine: alway pick up the murder weapon

Mike n Rachel in DC: Touch nothing!

Rush: Especailly if it makes you look as if YOU did the deed!

mda19083: nice cape

Rich Maine: everyone has a cape

mda19083: is she a super hero

Rush: Cold evening in san francisco!

mda19083: try the window

Mike n Rachel in DC: BB music

Rich Maine: still no fog…..wsa the machine broken ?

Rush: “The Hatchet in the head”

Mike n Rachel in DC: “The hatchet in the head”

Louise-today: All these window entries

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi ho the merry-o

Mike n Rachel in DC: The hatchet in the head

mda19083: had a splitting headache?

Rush: Already, Louise…right!

Rush: BB “theme”

Godwinshelley2: Mantan – NO! Remember what happened in Spider Baby!!!

Rich Maine: harder to see in the dark!

Rush: In this case, it’s for BB and “Tommy”

Rush: Poor BB….

hounder: is anyone els’s movie freezing?

Godwinshelley2: Im running DVD

Rush: Mine’s okay because it is my DVD.

Rush: Are you watching online, Hounder?

Godwinshelley2: 9:10

mda19083: my online is fine

Godwinshelley2: 9:15

hounder: yes rush.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: What is the online source for our film?

hounder: seems to be ok now

Godwinshelley2: 9:30

mda19083: TTM&R

Rush: Could be your Internet connection, Hounder.

mda19083: OTM&R

Rush: Might “pause” as the connection is reestablished each time.

mda19083: Old Time Movies and Radio

Rush: Russel Hicks.

mda19083: he looks familiar

mda19083: RH that is

Godwinshelley2: There are your Venetian Blinds

Rush: We first see him in “CC in Shanghai.”

mda19083: ah

Rush: Next, he is the warden in “Dark Alibi.”

Godwinshelley2: quite the lounge jacke

Rich Maine: love his robe

Rush: Now we see him in this one.

mda19083: a chan “regular” then

Mike n Rachel in DC: He just grabbed the first tablecloth he could find

Rush: I like her beret.

Rich Maine: yes mike or curtains

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ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: We don’t have a Full Movie anywhere we’ve looked. WHERE ONLINE is The Shanghai Chest??

Mike n Rachel in DC

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: Well nice camera movement


mda19083: this film is in black and white but I think her headwear was “green”

Godwinshelley2: Is she a superwoman! She has the belt and cape

mda19083: my thought too FS

mda19083: GS

Rush: Miss Powers.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looks like she’s supposed to be Lauren Bacall II

Rush: Enter CC!

Rich Maine: YES Mike


Rush: OOPS! Caps locked!

Louise-today: Lauren Bacall but not a sexy

Rush: AH!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: TYSM!! “Time”??

Rush: She sort of has that “look.”


Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley2: 15:05

Rush: Tony Pindello.

Godwinshelley2: 15:15

Louise-today: Someone is using his severed hand?

Rich Maine: tony back from the dead

Godwinshelley2: 15:30

mda19083: he’s pushing up daisies

Godwinshelley2: 15:45

Dona: its a ghost

Louise-today: Very funny?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: “Chinese puzzle, Chinese cop”!! Ah, SO funny!

mda19083: we’re not laughing

Godwinshelley2: Roland looked rather non-plussed about that remark

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Very funny.”

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: CC oughta FLING that guy out the nearest opening.

Louise-today: Willie Best

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: DOUBLETALK!!!

Rich Maine: BB!

Rush: Willie Best.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: You need an In to get Out.

Number 1 Son has joined this room

Rush: The BB “Trot.”

Rush: Number 1 Son!!!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Don’t those people have SHEARS?


Godwinshelley2: Superwoman and The Shadow seem to be in this feature

Louise-today: They need to start locking windows

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Rush, thanks for highlighting the BB Trot! A key element!!

mda19083: uh oh

Rush: we are about 19 minutes into our movie…

Rush: Do you have it on DVD?

Number 1 Son: Hello everyone! I am watching with my family tonight. It is my birthday!

Godwinshelley2: 19:00

mda19083: happy birthday


Godwinshelley2: Happy Birthday #1 son

Rush: (Birthday!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Congratulations #1!

Number 1 Son: Thank you thank you!


ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: He’s looking for an Out.

Rush: For Bronson…

mda19083: your birthday cake will be coming out of the oven soon!

Rush: “Then Went Bronson…”

Rich Maine: 🙂

mda19083: with Michael Parks

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Number One Suspect.

Rush: May your birthday be a VERY HAPPY one, #1!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: POSTMAN on HOLIDAY!!

Rush: YES!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Number1 is #1!

Number 1 Son

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: How many hounds had to die for that suit?

mda19083: that’s a lotta teeth

Rush: “Happiest walk in life of mailman are on holiday.”

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: All want to find what was after.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: mda:   

Godwinshelley2: Nice Mailman quote – a shame we are missing Paul – he just retired from the USPS

Rush: YES?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: O’Really? No, O’REILLY.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Walter is a doyty ratt.

mda19083: neither snow nor sleet ..

Rich Maine: walter plays the races 

Godwinshelley2: PLAID!!!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: PLAID ALERT!!

mda19083: legal ethics – isn’t that an oxy moron

Louise-today: Oh my eyes: plaid overkill

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: mda: you got THAT right!!!!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: That woman looks like her head is sticking out of a plaid box.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: TYSM

Rich Maine: thats a horse blanket

Rich Maine: she lost her beret

mda19083: he works for that esteemed firm Dewy Cheatham and Howe

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: TYSM

Rush: GS, I have another CC actor/Horror Film connection: Lee Tung Foo in “The Thing from Another World.”

Rush: Nice coat!

Godwinshelley2: Was he a chef in that

Rush: i think it was worn in another chan movie!

Rush: Yes, GS.

Louise-today: The Thing from another World is one of my all time favorite movies

mda19083: she should have been in the film Dead Men and Women Wear Plaid

Rush: TCM ran it last week.

Godwinshelley2: It holds up well

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Rush: It does indeed, GS!

mda19083: dig him up

Godwinshelley2: Did Howard Hawks direct that one

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: These kill-the-jury plots spare writers a lot of heavy lifting.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The “dig” scene is a favorite

mda19083: BB has the shovel

Rush: Christian Nyby and Howard Hawks (Per IMD

Rush: (imdb)

Godwinshelley2: I thought so – Hawks does the talking-over-each-other very well

Rush: Here is your fog.

mda19083: was he carrying a shovel

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: These kill-the-jury plots apare the writers a lotta heavy lifting.

Rush: Looks like a “Plan 9” grave.

Rich Maine: yes fog machine cranked up at last

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dig.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Rush:  

Rich Maine: yes rush!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Can you dig it, BB?

mda19083: Plan 9 is the best

Rush: Paging Vampira and Tor!

Dona: lol one teaspoon at a time

Rich Maine: Carrie final scene

Rush: 🙂

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: ESPECIALLY Tor!!

Rush: We have those owls in the summer.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Who?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: “Combing hair of iron donkey”

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Another good one.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: NEW HAT!

Rush: The seach of the funeral homes…

mda19083: suicide door on that car

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Determination” music

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: A C M E

Rush: Chinatown…

Godwinshelley2: The EXCITING search of Funeral Homes

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think they did Wylie E. Coyote’s funeral

Rush: Chabing

Rush: Yes, Mike.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: You gotta have FUN if you wanna spell FUNERAL!

Rich Maine: I do not speak chinese

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Turn the record over.

Rush: Neither do I…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Her eyebrows look press-on.

mda19083: I know nothing …

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Her brush-off made him bristle.

Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley2: I didn’t do it – and I promise to never do it again!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Lt. Mike waxes poetic.

mda19083: Shakespeare!

Rush: Cartwright…

Rush: Hm….

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Shake your own spear.

Rush: A….

Rush: B….

Rush: Cartwright….

mda19083: uh oh

Mike n Rachel in DC: the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy sleeping dog…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: That wallpaper looked old in 1880.

Rush: Cue the Jackson 5…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: It’s TIME . . . for TETRAGENE!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *thud*

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: WHUNK

Godwinshelley2: Why does everyone sit facing away from entrance points!!

Rush: You are right, GS!

Rush: Not a good idea.

mda19083: did someone say tetragene

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: BENNIES . . . It’s not just our name, it’s our leading product!

Godwinshelley2: Bad Fung Shui

mda19083: wher are the Jets?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: She wants to get him alone.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Any mafioso could tell you that

mda19083: where


Rich Maine: hang em high

Rush: Mr. cartwright was just gonna hang around his apartment…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Rush:

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest:   

mda19083: ben cartwright just bought the ranch

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: They don’t seem to have had anything over 15 watt bulbs back then. Geez!

Rush: And, future Hop Sing was listening in…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Wipe that smile off your dial, BB!

mda19083: yES

Rush: Next: Harvey Dunkelstein.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Whose behind IS the Giant Rat of Sumatra?

Rich Maine: Easy as ABC 123

mda19083: the answer must be in those papers

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: You and me.

mda19083: baby you and me

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Or those peepers.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Steak. Smells good.

Godwinshelley2: I just don’t believe anyone would murder in alphabetic order – that’s just too much work

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Still ringing Mr.Waters. Is there a message?

Rush: “Sometimes muddy waters, when stirred sufficiently, bring strange things to surface.”

Rush: BB helps CC with the making of fake fingerprints.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Just look for someone with extreme OCD and you’ve got the murderer

Dona: Agatha Christie ABC Murders

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: BB is cute.

Rush: CC should be very good at this by now!

hounder: bb helps with experimant

Godwinshelley2: I know – and I don’t believe

Rich Maine: yes Dona…Poirot

Rush: Yes, Dona.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: MnR: Yes, BUT you’ve got about a million Didn’t Do It’s.

mda19083: tiny grey cells

Rush: Cue dolphin.

Louise-today: I miss the dolphin

Rush: Me too.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Us Detectives would rather fight than switch!

Rush: it would be nice if we could have a Chat Room with sound effects again.

Rich Maine: the fingerprint trick is similiar to the other film

Rush: The search is officially ON.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Who’s there?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Dol.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Dol who?

hounder: i miss those sound effects. they were a fun addition

Rich Maine: beret is back

Rush: Yes it is.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Dolphinia. Anyone seen my boyfriend, or did he blow?

Rich Maine: Tony Lives!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Did these guys not get the memo that gentlemen remove their has a) indoors and b) in the presence of a lady?

Rush: No.

mda19083: murphy the cop?

Rush: MUR-phy!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: 40s etiquette police need to get on this.

mda19083: how un-PC

Rush: Wasn’t invented till the ’90s.

Rich Maine: Master Bates……

Rush: A-HEM.

Mike n Rachel in DC

mda19083: he’s too old to ne a master

mda19083: be

mda19083: brains AND beauty

hounder: so seldom brains and beauty dance in street together

Rush: That was a COMPLIMENT.

Rich Maine: its the beret

Rush: Nice car.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Must be a mile long.

mda19083: murphy got his men

Rush: He did!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: hounder: Maybe they should START! Arthur Murray was 50c an hour in ’48.

Rush: Seven Dwarfs music…

Rush: Good line!

Rush: “I must have gotten the water company!”

hounder: lol. it was charlie’s way of complemnting her in a backhanded way.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: CC’s Great Undertaking.

Louise-today: AAA: first place you find when looking for a funeral

Rush: Never use the funereal parlor at the top of the list.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: ZZZ offers Perpetual rest.

hounder: ghost grotto

Rush: Angel: 🙂

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: “Ghost grotto” we LIKE!!

mda19083: Birmingham you start with the B’s

Rush: I will take the “X” listings.

Louise-today: He’s creepy

mda19083: apt name

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Is my AAA card good at this place?

Rich Maine: My friend appears!

Rush: Milton parsons.

Rush: another “old friend”

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Let’s dispose.

Rich Maine: best on the boat

Rush: YES!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Eauh.

Rush: Tricked Jimmy on the plank!

Rich Maine: yes Rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Udderly positive

Rush: Prison music…

Godwinshelley2: That is the exciting – walking to the curb music

Rush: SERIOUS music…

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Graves rocks out on weekends though,

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey…that phone book doesn’t have addresses. How do they find the places?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: wse ALWAYS like the double images where signs float up & away!


ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: BB trying to drive CC insane.

Rush: Address included…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ha…read the fine print!

Rush: 🙂

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: BIrmingham 7-5309

Rush: BB gets to go in first.

mda19083: AnF 🙂

Godwinshelley2: Again – Birmingham – stay away from windows

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: feet do’nt fail me now

Rush: Grail is a sound sleeper!

Rich Maine: Milton sleeps with the dead

hounder: mm has the best facial expressions

Rush: He sure does!!!

Dona: he really does

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: “Live Dead” was a great album.

Rush: Truly a master of the comedic craft!

Godwinshelley2: Aren’t they breaking and entering


Dona: He is familar

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: That’s right, Charlie, spin the onus!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: THERE YA GO, Rush!

Godwinshelley2: Milton Parsons was in alot of movies and television – wasn’t he the boss of Herman Munster

Rush: Painting of the Colosseum in rome.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: And we have our own Cosmic Charlie every Monday night!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: I thought the painting was in SF.

Rush: Back in Chinatown…

Rush: Angel: OUCH!

Rush: We will now see the “Shanghai Chest”

Rush: …of drawers.

Rush: THERE it is.

mda19083: hah!

Rich Maine

Godwinshelley2: That’s it?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Do yoiu have this in an armoire?

Rush: That’s it.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: CC, BB and Tommy are the Dave Clark Five of Detetectiving.

Godwinshelley2: There is the 3 Stooges Villian

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: NYUK NYUK NYUK NYUK NYUK!

Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley2: I expect a pie coming from no where

Rich Maine: beret returns

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Looks like Monogram sprung for a 40-watt bulb!

Rush: No white fox fur…but a black felt beret?

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Torn with grief.

Rich Maine: low budget rush

Rush: Ah.

Louise-today: GASP

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Rush, this may have been filmed after Labor Day.

Rush: The GREY beret.

Godwinshelley2: He’s lucky the guy didn’t pull the trigger

Rush: Tommy should have tried out for the USC football team.

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: TORN again!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: YOU DOYTY RAT.

Rush: BB’s turn!

Rush: TYSM….Birmingham!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: DRAT!!!!!

Godwinshelley2: Nice to see the Sitting Assistants are really assisting

Mike n Rachel in DC: Don’t you just HATE when that happens?

Rush: HE sure did!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: NICE WORK, BIRMINGHAM!!

Rush: Next week….

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Did WHAT again?

Rush: “The Golden Eye”

Rich Maine: #1 detective

Mike n Rachel in DC: #1 detective!

Louise-today: This Chan likes jokes

Rich Maine: thanks all ! happy thanksgiving!

Rush: (Dolphin)

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>


Mike n Rachel in DC: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Rush: (Applause…)

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: BB’s title short-lived—

Dona: <WAHOO>

Godwinshelley2: Yes everyone – have a safe Thanksgiving – and enjoy your family time

mda19083: another fun one all!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: but he gets the LAST LAFF!

Mike n Rachel in DC: And happy birthday, #1 son!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: YAY!!!

Rush: Again, next week we visit the Lazy-Y Dude Ranch.

hounder: happy thanksgiving everyone

Dona: Another good one Rush

Rush: In “The Golden Eye”

Rush: I agree, Dona!

Rush: I love ’em all!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Another magnificence from the magnates of Monogram!!

Rush: yes…Angel!

hounder: nite all

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest: Till next week. Happy Thanksgiving all!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Monogram reign continues….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cheers, all!

Rush: Good night , Hounder

mda19083: only dudes and dudettes allowed

Rush: My best to you and your mother.

Godwinshelley2: Night all

Rush: May you both have a great week.

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: Tha nk you ALL.

hounder has left this room

mda19083: be well all until we meet again

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: Another wonderful evening entered into our voluminous book!

mda19083: happy birthday no 1

Dona: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Enjoy!!!

ShanghaiAngel+Fox E.Chest has left this room

Rush: And, YES! Happy Birthday, #1 Son!

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: Take care, all…

Rush: have a GREAT week!

Dona: Happy Birthday #1

Rush: Stay warm…

Number 1 Son: Thank you so much!! And happy thanksgiving everyone!

Rush: Louise, pretty soon, i may ask some help in afddint the links to the pages.

Rush: (adding)

Rush: I will need to design a suitable “home page”

Rush: Anyway…

Rush: take care…

Number 1 Son has left this room

Rush: have a restful night and a wonderful week!

Rush: take care….

Dona: You too Rush

Rush: And, good night!

Rush: Take care of SoCal for me!

Rush: Add a tough of sanity where you can!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Thank yo as always!

Dona has left this room

Rush: (TOUCH)

Rush: I can see my fingers need a rest….brain, a well….

Rush: Take care…

Rush: Good night….

Rich Maine has left this room

Rush has left this room

Louise-today has left this room

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