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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for November 30, 2020

The Golden Eye

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 9)


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Rush: Hello. Lulu!

Rush: elcome!

Rush: (W)

Lulu: Hi Rush. I’m back after last week.

Rush: Yes! I am happy we didn’t scare you away! 🙂

Lulu: Did you finish The Chinese Parrot?

Rush: No, I didn’t get the chance to read it last week!

Rush: Busy holiday!

Rush: How was tiur Thanksgiving?

Rush: (your)

Lulu: I’m reading Charlie Chan Carries On.

Rush: Nice one!

Rush: I have the illustrated version vintage cpoy.

Lulu: Thanksgiving was lonely. Only the two of us.

Rush: Illustrated with pictures from the lost movie.

Lulu: I thnk thes

Rush: We had our immediate family this year.

Lulu: I think there is a Spanish version o

Rush: Four of us plus my mother-in-law.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: “Eran Trece”

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Rush: (“There were Thirteen”)

Matt1: Hello Rush & Lulu!

Lulu: I;ve seen it.

Rush: We share that film as our second movie of the year each year.

Rush: Hello, Matt!

Lulu: Hi Matt1

Rush: Good evening to you!

Matt1: And to you…..Hope Thanksgiving was as well as it could be!

Rush: Our first meeting of the year is always “Behind That Curtain.”

Lulu: I’m sorry to hear of your loss Rush.

Rush: From 1929 with Boris Karloff in an early role.

Rush: My loss?

Lulu: Is it a talkie

Rush: Did I make a typo above?

Lulu: I read that wrong

Rush: AH!

Rush: We have been very blessed in that regard, lulu.

Lulu: thank God

Rush: YES!!!

Rush: How are you tonight, Matt?

Matt1: Pretty good, thnx….u?

Rush: Well, thank you! I drove to school this morning, only to find it was CLOSED!

Matt1: Really?

Rush: I missed an email over the vacation!

Matt1: Online?

Rush: Yes, but my position makes it kind of worthless, as i would need the teachers to work out a way to send the kids over to me.

Rush: So, it looks like a week off without pay.

Rush: Anyway..I cannot complain!

Matt1: Ouch…..This year can’t end soon enough

Rush: OH…and my glasses were smashed today! I was leaving a store, pulled off my mask. When I was driving, i realized I had lost my glasses! I hurried back…but too late, a car had smashed them!

Rush: Strange day!

Lulu: Hope 2021 is Better

Rush: We ALL do!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I won’t jinx it by saying it couldn’t be worse!

Matt1: I would think teachers would be early vaccination candidates after 1st responders?

Matt1: Or close to top

Rush: Tonight’s movie has a very fun ending!

Rush: Birmingham does something that is really unique!!!

Rush: He addresses us, the audience directly in the closing moments!

Lulu: I love Birmingham

Matt1: It’s fun, yes

Rush: I do too, Lulu. He is SO important to the Monogram Chan movies!

Lulu: For a few years I understand he has one of the highest paid in Hollywood

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Rush: That would make sense, perhaps, as he stayed pretty busy!

hounder: hi everyone.

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Lulu: I love his routine with his partner

Lulu: Hi hounder

Rush: His forte was the “B” movie, though, so not lots of money to be had in that realm.

Rush: Hello, Hounder!

hounder: hope everyone is well

Rush: Doing well, thank you, Hounder, and you, and your mother?

hounder: pretty well.

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Rush: Hello, Louise!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

hounder: hi louise

Rush: Good evening!

Louise: Well hello all you early birds.

Louise: Since you seemed to be having such a nice conversation I thought I would crash the party.

Rush: Yes…youself happily included in our little “nest”!

Louise: I am not usually ready so early.

Lulu: Hi l

Rush: Happy you were tonight, Louise!

Lulu: Louise

Louise: Hi Lulu. Welcome back

Lulu: Thanks

Louise: I made turkey soup today so that is the last of the Thanksgiving meals!

Rush: I am busy putting the 2021 calendar together, and in the coming year, we will be listening to Chan radio mysteries as our weekly warmup!

Matt1: Fun!

Lulu: After last week I didn’t think I’d do it again

hounder: yea. i like those rush

Rush: Really, lulu?

Rush: I think they are fun!

Lulu: I coudn’t type so quickly on a laptop

hounder: did we do something to turn you off lulu

Rush: We will hear the Landini episodes, which were based on “Keeper of the Keys.”

Rush: Lulu, I think you will appreciate those!

hounder: that’s no problem for us lulu. and we don’t worry about typos

Lulu: Oh no hounder, just the opposite

Rush: Especially if you have read the book!

Louise: We also don’t worry about commenting all the time. I regularly disappear to get food!

Rush: Lulu…I am blushingly the “master” of the TYPO!

Lulu: H

Matt1: Or fall asleep 

Lulu: Ha ha, youe

Rush: You have seen some examples already!

Rush: 🙂

Lulu: You have competition

Matt1: I’m ready here!

Rush: Well…we can watch our serial…

Louise: Well Rush, we could have a count today and see if I win the typo wars

Rush: Please access it above and pause it till we are all ready!

Louise: Back later…

Rush: Let’s say…60 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Lulu: How do we access it?


Rush: At the top of our Chat Board you see “The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack”?

Matt1: The link above this chat room

Rush: That’s the link to the serial.

Rush: See it?

hounder: ready here

Rush: Also, tonight’s movie is just above it, if you need it.

Rush: Just click on it, Lulu, and the serial opens in a new window.

Lulu: I’m sorry I opened the chat in a new window

Rush: That’s okay.

Rush: Do you have the serial ready, Lulu?

Rush: Did it work?

Lulu: Begint he serial without me I’ll come early next week SORRY I don’t want to hold you guys usp

Rush: We can go ahead and start, and we can get you to the right spot!

Lulu: Bye

Rush: Okay!30 seconds…

Rush: NO!

Rush: Please stay!


Rush: Here we go….

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Lulu has left this room

Rush: 10….

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!

Rush: Title….

Rush: Credits….

Rush: BOMB!

Rush: Three Chan actors….

Rush: Luke, Toler, Ahn…

Rush: December 8, 1941…Honolulu

Rush: Looks like they are adrift near some islands.

Rush: I am sorry that Lulu thought she should leave.

Matt1: We’ll bring her up to speed next week….Learning process

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Thankfully, no sharks in the water!

Rush: Negotiations…

Rush: “The German Black Samuri”

Rush: Sounds a bit odd!

Rush: Multi-cultural assassins.

Rush: Seriuos stuff!

Matt1: Nothing to see here

Rush: Right!

Rush: A switcheroo.

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Godwinshelley2: Hello all

Rush: Good evening, GS!

hounder: hi gs

Rush: How are you tonight?

Louise: I’m back…but not doing the serial

Louise: Hi GS

Godwinshelley2: Doing ok on the coast

Rush: We got a late start on the serial tonight…

Louise: Crazy storms here today

Rush: Good to hear, GS!

Godwinshelley2: Will the main feature be late?

Rush: Yes, Louise?

Rush: No.

Rush: it will run on time!

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued here

Louise: Heavy rain and wild winds

Godwinshelley2: Yes Louise – we had those too earlier

Rush: 4 minutes left in the serial.

Louise: CUED here, too

Rush: They left Janet behind!

Rush: I am cued as well.

Rush: “The Golden Eye”

Matt1: Cued

hounder: ready here

Rush: Approaching the cliffhanger moment…

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: Why did they crash the car to avound that slight crossing guard?

Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: Okay!

Rush: Are we ready for tonight’s feature?

Rush: “The Golden Eye”

Rush: Look for the closing moments tonight. A really UNIQUE moment where BB addresses us DIRECTLY!

Godwinshelley2: 4th wall alert!

Rush: TWO minutes…

Rush: YES!

Rush: 90 seconds…

Louise: That will be fun to see (the BB end).

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Louise: Yay!

Rush: Here wego…

Godwinshelley2: Why does Wanda McKay get special billing

Louise: feet

Rush: Good question.

Godwinshelley2: Looks like cuffed pants are the fashion

Rush: Chow mein

Rush: Chop suey

Rush: Making me hungry!

Rush: Lee Tung Foo…our old friend.

Rush: Chinese New year.

Louise: This may be the first time I am seeing this movie. It does not look familiar to me.

Rush: Chinese New Year was on February 10 in 1948

Rush: This is an interesting one, louise!

Louise: I think because we watch it around Thanskgiving and I am usually travelling

Rush: Bad aim!

Rush: Or, was that on purpose?

Godwinshelley2: Washington St was on my walking tour – you had to go uphill there

Rush: Chan came out of the rain, by the look of thr droplets on his hat.

Rush: Funny rendition here.

Louise: Oh Lordy! I may never get that cowboy outfit out of my mind!

Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley2: Like the belt wrapped in front

PaulM has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: Hello Paul

Rush: Funny bit with the suitcase.

PaulM: good evening

Godwinshelley2: 6:30 into film

Rush: WELCOME, Paul!

Godwinshelley2: 6:45

Godwinshelley2: 7:00

Rush: BB fixes the problem!

Rush: Put a belt around it!

Godwinshelley2: socks with sandals

Rush: At the Lazy Y Ranch…

Matt1: Lt Mike!

Rush: Fashion plate!

Louise: Lots of drunks in Chan movies

Rush: Lt. Mike…under cover…

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Godwinshelley2: Bet his clothing color scheme is a wowser

Rush: But there’s a purpose to this one!

Louise: Yes, GS. It would be fun to see it in color

Godwinshelley2: Jacket doesn’t seem to match the pants

Rush: Looks like a leisure suit from 30 years in the future!

Godwinshelley2: Doesn’t it have that belt-in-the-back look like the Desi Arnez jackets

Rush: I used to sell those, including the Bill Blass shirt.

Godwinshelley2: no I gess not

Godwinshelley2: It’s tucked along the top back seam – interesting – like you see on artist smocks

hounder: time please?

Rush: Chan takes it all in…

Godwinshelley2: 11:40

Godwinshelley2: 11:45

Rush: 11:50

Godwinshelley2: 12:00

Louise: Hello Charlie

Rush: 12:10

hounder: thanks, cat stooped the player

Rush: AH!

Rush: Here comes a splash!

Godwinshelley2: That’s a small pool by today’s standards

Rush: Yes it is.

Rush: A wading pool.

Louise: He’s a good physical actor

Godwinshelley2: Welcome to the Plaid room

Louise: I like the lamp

Rush: This was probably shot at an L.A. area motel.

Godwinshelley2: They seem to like “patterns” in this room

Rush: Yes! Nice vintage lamp!

Godwinshelley2: Again, color might be eye-popping

Rush: Probably right!

hounder: that room might be hard on he eyes if it were in color

Rush: “So much for so much.”

Godwinshelley2: Now Tommy was not to use Lt Ruak – and then Charlie just does it again

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Godwinshelley2: See mike boom reflected in car hood as charlie exited car

Rush: AH!

Rush: Good catch!

Rush: Alliteration!

Rush: “Manager of Mr. Manning’s Mine.”

Louise: I wonder what Chan really has in that box

Louise: Opiates for several days: sounds like fun

Rush: Good question.

Rush: Yes, louise.

Rush: That will keep him spaced out.

Rush: On Lee’s baseball team.

Rush: Looks like that lamp has a ship’s helm design below the shade.

Louise: I wan to be a cowgirl!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Desert presents many mysteries.”

Rush: The prospector.

Louise: In some of my historical research about the 19th century, I studied a gold assayer from a famous family of assayers who cheated his clients and ended up in prison. Oddball story.

Rush: Appropriate to tonight’s film!

Rush: Into the mine…

Godwinshelley2: I was reading about a girl in 1938 who went to jail for wearing pants/slacks.

Rush: Really?

Rush: Where did that happen?

Godwinshelley2: Helen Hulick – in LA – Nov 9, 1938

hounder: there are some really odd ball laws still on the books

Godwinshelley2: She was going to testify against 2 men in court for something and the judge went all crazy since she was wearing slacks. Was ordered to go home and put on a dress.

Rush: “Where there’s shoes, there’s feet. And where there’s feet, there’s legs. And where there’s legs, there’s a body.”

Rush: Here comes an “Echo” bit…

Godwinshelley2: I guess the story was from the LA Times

Rush: Proper judge of the era!

Godwinshelley2: And I was not allowed to wear slacks in school until Senior high school – after we had a sitdown strke about it

Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley2: Indiana is COLD in the winter – skirts are just stupid when you have to walk to school

Rush: It was the same at my high school, too.

Louise: GS: I was never able to wear pants to school: only uniforms with skirts

Rush: Short skirts were the main concern then!

Godwinshelley2: Yuck – I was public school – so weird rules but no uniform

Godwinshelley2: Our band uniforms were skirts for girls, slacks for boys – and the Christmas parade was miserably cold

Rush: I wonder if he noticed his breath doesn’t smell of alcohol?

hounder: i was in high school bfore we could wear slacks…. not jeans. ans yes it was very cold waiting in a dress at the bus stop

Rush: Long black fade there.

Rush: I thought my DVD player stopped for a moment!

Rush: BB nearly spills the beans here.

Rush: he doesn’t know that she knows CC’s real identity, though!

Louise: I remember this now. The nun is problematic

Rush: Yes.

Rush: CC probes here.

Rush: CLUE!

Rush: Shoe-clue.

Rush: Some Spanish here…

Louise: We don’t have a lot of time

Rush: Right!

Rush: Good job!

Rush: Probably filmed in the San Fernando Valley.

Rush: West end…near Chattsworth.

Rush: We will see the same area (in my opinion) next week.

Louise: Bang

Rush: No…GOLD.

Rush: Slow posts!

Rush: Ah, working again.

Rush: Again, it’s a GOLD mine!

Louise: I would not shoot in a mine

Rush: NO!

Rush: Speaking of the boys…

Louise: Lots of guns.

Rush: Yes…

Rush: Lt. Mike faints…loss of blood…

Louise: Sister

Rush: Or…”sister.”

Rush: A bargain, even in today’s dollars!

Rush: Where the car just drove, looks like a spot in a park that I visited as a kid.

Rush: It was Chattsworth park.”

Rush: Some “Classic Birmingham” comming.

Rush: Or…coming…

Rush: Notice the foot moving…

Rush: Poor BB.

Rush: Mr. Manning’s mobile body brings to mind “A Weekend at Bernies.”

Louise: Jump

Rush: Tommy dodged just in time there!

Louise: Those foam rocks would hurt!

Rush: 🙂

Louise: sista…

Rush: “Sister’s” mood changes here…

Louise: yep!

Rush: And, Mr. Manning changed, too!

Louise: Sex change

Rush: In a manner of speaking…yes!

Rush: This is the first of her shocks tonight….

Rush: The second one is just around the corner.

Louise: Ouch

hounder: Charlie is good at this.

Rush: Second disappointment for Miss Manning.

hounder: nite y’all

Louise: #1 suspect from first? Really?

hounder: see you next week

Rush: Wait one minute, hounder…

hounder: ok

Rush: Fun bit coming…

Rush: Here!

Matt1: Fun

Godwinshelley2: 4th wall

Louise: Great ending BB

Rush: There we are!

Rush: BB talked directly to US!

Matt1: <yee-haw>

hounder: i guess i was a little ahead

Rush: perfect ending!

Rush: Next Week….

Godwinshelley2: Was there a 3-d craze around then

Rush: “The Feathered Serpent.”

Louise: Ah, another archaeolofgy one

Rush: Looked that way, GS!

Rush: So….

Rush: Have a wonderful week….

Matt1: Good night folks and hope you have a great week


Rush: Be HAPPY….

Rush: Be SAFE!

Rush: Thank you ALL as ALWYS!

Godwinshelley2: Ok – be safe out there

Rush: FUN night!

Louise: Nite to all!

Rush: Good night!

Godwinshelley2: night all

Rush: Take care.

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Rush: Be well.

Rush: My best to all of you!

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Rush: TYSM, Paul, Louise, Hounder.

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Rush: Good night, Hounder!

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