Chat Archive 12/2/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for December 2, 2019

The Golden Eye

The Eye of Buddha (Part 1)

angel & fox
Len Freeman
Library Jim
Mike n Rachel in DC

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Louise: Hi Rush

Rush: Hi Louise!

Rush: Good evening to you!

Rush: How was your week?

Rush: Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

Louise: I have not gotten around to scanning that stuff yet. My hand is finally recovering from the surgery so I will get to it soon.

Rush: I am happy to hear of your healing.

Louise: Thanksgiving was travelling too much. I sat in the back of the car for hours!!!

Louise: So I am off to make dinner and will be back at 8.

Rush: When I do that, I usually catch some sleep between reading!

Rush: Okay.

Rush: See you then!

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Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: How are you this evening…and welcome back!

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Matt1: Just got back to town today…..A bit tired and I may be coming down with a cold

Rush: Mike/Rachel!

Matt1: Hello M & R!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all!

Rush: Are you recovered after the trip, Matt?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt–hope you shake the impending bug!

Matt1: The trip was amazing, but it was long

Rush: AH! I missed your post above, matt!

Rush: Takes a little time to recover from relaxation!

Matt1: Yes!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: How was the Canal?

Matt1: Did you get the pic I sent you from Panama?

Rush: Did you stop off at Manolo’s Cabaret?

Rush: I saw “Chan-Chan”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope you didn’t run into Reiner!

Matt1: lol, No did a partial transit in a ferry and then a full transit in our ship…..full days

Matt1: Yes, I had to laugh

Rush: Be right back….

Mike n Rachel in DC: How long does it take to sail through the canal?

Matt1: Typically 6-7 hours, but ours was close to 11 due to heavy traffic in canal

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wow. Bring a good book…

Matt1: Never have I felt humidity like I have there

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wait. Aren’t you from Florida?

Matt1: On a cruise ship, so plenty to do…..with great view!

Matt1: YES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: And you thought Panama was humid? Merciful Jesus…

Rush: Okay…I am back.

Matt1: Panama and Columbia were like wet rags…..horrible humidity

Rush: Panama is more humid than Florida?

Matt1: Yep

Rush: YOW!

Matt1: I was drenched with in 30 minutes outside

Rush: The worst humidity I ever felt was in mobile Bay a long time ago. It was so thick I actually got sick.

Mike n Rachel in DC: We were just remarking on the same thing. Not at all like the dry, cool climate of DC. /s

Rush: Right!

Matt1: The avg high is 88 and the avg low 84

Rush: And it does not vary much I am sure.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that temperature or humidity?

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: I’d never go back, but an amazing trip…..bucket list

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: Humidity gets near 97% frequently

Rush: The ship was climate controlled, though, of course.

Matt1: That’s crazy

Matt1: Yes, but ferry is not and a/c isn’t there in Panama or Columbia…..We’re spoiled

Rush: I guess in that humidity, you drink the air more than breathe it!

Matt1: lol, yes

Rush: AH!

Rush: Well, whenever we watch “CC in Panama,” you can have something to relate to!

Rush: You will “feel” the humidity!

Matt1: I’m a cyclist here in FL, so I deal with it, but not prepared for it at that level there

Rush: No.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Next time we watch “Panama,” we can hop in the sauna to get the authentic feel.

Rush: Also, the low latitude makes the sun much more of a factor.

Rush: Yes, mike!

Matt1: I remember they were wiping sweat a lot in movie

Rush: Yes.

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Matt1: Hello Len!

Rush: Len!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Was that one shot in Panama?

Rush: Good evening, sir!

Len Freeman: Hi Matt, Rush et al

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Len!

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Rush: And, Hounder!

Rush: WELCOME to both of you!

Len Freeman: MnR, Louise, Hounder

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: Sorry I’m late. Mom needed some help.

hounder: Hi everyone

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Hounder!

Len Freeman: I’m in for Buddha tonight

Mike n Rachel in DC: Om.

Rush: OKAY!

Matt1: Ready here!

Len Freeman: @7:15 the MN Vikings kick off against Seattle, so have to be ther

Rush: We can start it in 2 1/2 minutes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Vikings fan, Len? Hawks?

Len Freeman: Stepping over to download

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re set here.

Rush: AH! Understood, Len!

Rush: I am ready, too.

Mike n Rachel in DC: MNF is always on at Chan time here. 😉

Rush: Don’t be confused by the Chan Sunday comic page on the screen!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes…is this a radio program?

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: Yes…radio drama.

Rush: 40…

Len Freeman: Ok.. got it… the comic was confusing

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 25….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Time to let the radio warm up…

Rush: 20…

Matt1: I’ll be in/out tonight….unpacking/laundry

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: adjusts dial

Rush: GO!!!

Len Freeman: NICE INTO

Len Freeman: intr0

Matt1: Yes!

Rush: Mine messed up.

Rush: Tagget ad…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Harp…spare no expense on the orchestra!

Len Freeman: Well Target is a MN company… they know that you’re coming our way

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I am back on track…

Rush: Music still going…

Matt1: Commercial

Len Freeman: 1:38 in

Rush: Commercial slot, no doubt.

Mike n Rachel in DC: …aimlessly…

Matt1: I may need a nap

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: gong

Rush: “Meditative” music.

Rush: Here we go…

Rush: Announcwer.

Rush: “CC in Maui”

Len Freeman: more gong — or wcowbell

Len Freeman: cowbell

Rush: Ah Sing.

Len Freeman: Whitey Burke

Len Freeman: darn White guys

Matt1: Never a good guy name

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Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Hello A & F

Rush: angel/fox!

Rush: Good evening!

angel & fox: Helleau, Helleau!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yo AF

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Rush: We are a couple minutes into the radio drama.

Rush: Actually the action is just starting!

angel & fox: Did Louise flee my advent, or just fall thru the virtual hole?

Len Freeman: This voice closer to film Chans

Rush: The sound of fingers thumping on a cardboard box!

angel & fox: I’m actually just sticking my nose in here, till the Main Feature—got some activities but got the screen on whilst!

Rush: To simulate a group running!

Rush: Okay, Angel!

Rush: This one is a two-parter.

Rush: Wrap-up next Monday.

Rush: Chan uses the power of suggestion.

Len Freeman: who’s playing Chan?

Rush: I think it’s Walter Connoly again.

Len Freeman: voice is subtler

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I didn’t see any details on the one.

Rush: The voice sounds sort of like him.

Rush: It was Connolly.

Rush: ust verified.

Rush: (Just)

Rush: “SEARCH FOR EYE OF BUDDHA 12-26-35 :15:00*

Mike n Rachel in DC: Must have got the 3 for the price of 1 gong deal…

Rush: Are you here, Hounder?

Rush: Mike: 🙂

hounder: yes.

Rush: Very good!

Rush: I was starting to think you might be having connection issues!

Rush: Speak into the mic, please!

Rush: OUCH!

Len Freeman: sorry tp have missed you

hounder: no just writing tomorrow’s to do list. 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Again?

Rush: Be right back….

Len Freeman: a little more action in this CC

Mike n Rachel in DC: And…back to the languid music.

Len Freeman: commercial break music

Mike n Rachel in DC: So, folks, don’t forget Groves Bromo-Quinine tablets. Take them at the first sight of a cold!

Len Freeman: with 3-4 mins of music, clearly kept their script writing duties down to a minimum!

Mike n Rachel in DC: You don’t have time to waste being sick with a cold. You need SERIOUS medicine…

Rush: Back!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lots of filler music.

Len Freeman: What we had was good though

Rush: The next part is coming up…

Rush: So…

Len Freeman: now or next week?

Rush: No words of wisdom, it seems!

Rush: Next week!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: So…we can just pause the player.

Rush: OKAY!

Rush: We have 13 minutes until showtime!

Len Freeman: FYI, I sent along a piece to Honolulu for the next Newsletter on “The Other Guys”– Wong and Moto.

Rush: “The Golden Eye”

Rush: AH!

Rush: NICE!

Rush: I have to get my article going, too!

Len Freeman: Think it’ll be fun

Rush: And, if anyone has something you would like to contribute to this year’s compilation, please do!

Rush: The time is flying by!

hounder: boy is that an understatement rush

Rush: Also, our poll from last month indicates that people are intersted in trying another Charlie Chan script adventure.

Rush: So, if anyone is really interested….

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tempus fugit

Len Freeman: Speaking of that, we’re getting towards Vikings kickoff…

Rush: We can start at your leisure…

Rush: Yes!

Len Freeman: So I’m gone for tonight…

Rush: Enjoy the game, Len…

Matt1→angel & fox: Take care Len!

Rush: Good luck to the Vikings.

hounder: rush have you looked to see if there are other radio shows available? i seem to remember seeing one about santa

Louise has joined this room

hounder: enjoy the game len

Louise: Hello again.

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: WB, Louise!

Len Freeman: Thanks… when you get out here we’ll have to get you a Vikings hat or some such.

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ludos tempus adit, Len.

Len Freeman: Good nite

Rush: You are right!

Mike n Rachel in DC: See you!

Rush: We could put that into the mix!

Rush: Thank you for the reminder!

Matt1: Take care Len

Louise: Matt, I saw your comments on Panama. I lived there a ew months doing research. Loved the place but I agree the weather is tough.

hounder: i’m thinking there might be others out there as well

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Matt1: Was not prepared Louise, especially this time of year I guess

Rush: lj!

Rush: welcome!

hounder: hi lj

LibraryJim: Hi all! I’m back!

Matt1: Hello Jim!

godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Rush: LJ

Matt1: Hello GS!

godwinshelley2: Hello all

Rush: Caps locked!

hounder: hi gs

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello LJ and GS

Louise: I am not a fan of hot and humid weather no matter where it is!

Rush: GS!

Rush: How have you been, LJ?

hounder: me either louise

godwinshelley2: Hope the holidays went well for everyone

LibraryJim: good, but busy

Rush: Very relaxed Thanksgiving at our home.

Louise: Agreed hounder

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godwinshelley2: Hello Paul

Louise: Hi GS

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Rush: Just the immediate family this year.

godwinshelley2: So is the Weather sucking for everyone right now

godwinshelley2: Hi Louise

Rush: How about you, GS?

hounder: when do you move rush?

LibraryJim: pretty cold here in north Florida, getting down to 33 tonight.

godwinshelley2: Doing well – dreading my temp job tomorrow – weather might not be great on the road at 6am

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Drive safely, GS.

Rush: Be careful on the drive in.

Louise: Snowing here in New Jersey

hounder: be careful gs

LibraryJim: yes, be safe

godwinshelley2: Yes I worry about deer and hunters this time of year

Cdirus has joined this room

Rush: Yes?

Rush: CD!

Matt1: Hello CD!

hounder: hi cd


LibraryJim: Hey, CD!

godwinshelley2: Hello CD

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi CD. Deer on the road?

Cdirus: Hi Guys!

PaulM: getting the movie set up

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi CD!

Rush: Good evening to you!

godwinshelley2: Yes – in rural Delaware

godwinshelley2: It’s hunting season right now

Cdirus: No deer here, just a dead raccoon

godwinshelley2: I think maybe just for water fowl right now

Rush: Do they get driven out to the roads?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Deer taste better, CD.

Matt1: Ready here

LibraryJim: My wife and I went for a hike in the state forest Saturday, my son chided us for not wearing orange. Totally forgot it was hunting season, but we didn’t see another person on the trek.

godwinshelley2: I’d have to be pretty hungry or have a hungry family for me to go out and shoot something.

Rush: Please get your films ready….

godwinshelley2: I’m cued here

Rush: “The Golden Eye”

LibraryJim: cued to title screen

godwinshelley2: It’s cowboy time

Cdirus: Orange is a good idea anytime in the fall and winter.

Mike n Rachel in DC: All set!

Rush: As always…OPENING TITLE

godwinshelley2: My husband insisted I get an orange kayak – in case it flipped over it would be seen

Cdirus: You may not see the hunters especially if they’re in a tree stand

LibraryJim: I put a few orange hats and bandanas in the trunk for next time, so they will be there

hounder: really need the orange during humting season.

Cdirus: Good idea GS

hounder: true cd

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: When I lived in NC, I knew several hunters–it was a family thing for them–started hunting with grand-dad, etc.

Louise: Cued and ready to go

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…

Rush: Very good…

godwinshelley2: If you use the meat, it’s one thing.

Cdirus: I’ve got uncles and cousins who hunt


Cdirus: I fish

godwinshelley2: But I’m not up on this bow-hunting

LibraryJim: oh, boy! I missed this. but lately I’ve been exhausted on Monday nights. After a long holiday weekend, I’m feeling pretty good.

Rush: 90 seconds…

hounder: hunting is actually good for population control, but i do object to hunters who don’t eat what they kill

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: Agreed, Hounder.

LibraryJim: hounder, or at least donate it to a food kitchen!

Rush: 60 seconds…

hounder: that works too lj

Rush: 50…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

godwinshelley2: You might have to worry about deer carrying Scrapi (not sure of the spelling)

Rush: 25…

PaulM: my friend bagged 2 deer. he’s getting the meat processed right now.

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt’s back. 🙂

Rush: Music…

godwinshelley2: Monogram Presents

Louise: Very Oriental music

godwinshelley2: Nice title card

Matt1: in/out tonight, though

Mike n Rachel in DC: New backdrop for credits

Rush: Wanda McKay….

angel & fox: Clip-CLOP, clip-CLOP…

LibraryJim: modern city with Chinese temple in background.

angel & fox: CHOP SUEY…CHOW MEIN…

godwinshelley2: Looks like SF Chinatown

angel & fox: Where can a guy get a decent CURIO in this town?

Rush: Yes…

Rush: We are in Chinatown…

Louise: Hey Rush, have you ever looked into these directors to see what else they have done?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tailing a suspect…

LibraryJim: not doing a good job of it….

Rush: Not too much, Louise…but a fun idea.

angel & fox: Louise–i think the PROSECUTORS ran down that path ALREADY.

Louise: Chop Suey” Invented at the World’s Fair in 1893

Rush: Lee Tung Foo.

angel & fox: I KNOW, Louise! I was THERE!

Rush: February 12…Chinese New Year.

angel & fox: Some people talk pretty rough about Grover Cleveland. I knew Grover Cleveland. Grover Cleveland was a friend of mine. They’re no Grover Clevelands.

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: The Chan Family SOCIETY! Hmm.

Rush: HM!

godwinshelley2: A Benevolent Society?

Louise: What is the Society?

angel & fox: SHOT HIM, RIGHT thru the “o”!

Rush: We should pay a visit.

Mike n Rachel in DC: A precursor of the Chan Family?

angel & fox: Imp [bullet hole] rts

Rush: Of course!

Rush: 🙂

hounder: if you knew ou were being followed would you really linger in front of a big window?

Louise: “Bang!”

Rush: Gunshot!

Louise: True, hounder

LibraryJim: good thing he didn’t break any of the curios

angel & fox: MnR: My dad was a precursor! His language was ASTONISHING, like when he smacked his thumb with a hammer while trying to archive cell phones!

godwinshelley2: Weren’t there organizations for Chinese to belong to that were organized around familys – some of which may have been considered Tongs?

angel & fox: LJ: Gawd protect the CURIOS!!

Louise: Hitler reference

Rush: Yes, GS.

Rush: And, yes, Louise.

angel & fox: gs2: And probably USED tongs!

Rush: “Recent unpleasantness with Mr. Hitler.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lazy-Y Dude Ranch!

Rush: BB!

angel & fox: BB get his duds at the Curio shop?

Mike n Rachel in DC: He looks like pinata…

Matt1: lol

Louise: THE BEST costume!!!

Rush: He’s ready for that dude ranch!

Rush: YES, ouise!

Cdirus: Looks like the back end of a bear

godwinshelley2: There is some name for those BIG spurs?

angel & fox: That’s “dude” with an E?

Rush: (Louise)

LibraryJim: oi, get a load of those getups!

angel & fox: They got spurs, that yingle yangle yingle!

Rush: Yes, Angel…but…dudes ned the duds.

Louise: Looking sharp

hounder: those are HUGE rowels on bb’s spurs!

angel & fox: They REALLY ARE remarkable!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Ray-anch

Louise: But why is he bowlegged already?

Rush: Tommy’s even got the “walk” down.

angel & fox: Probably a tumbler of sake before the scene.

Rush: Good idea, Birmingham!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Three Stooges gag

angel & fox: I LOVE this bit!!!!!!!!!

LibraryJim: can’t believe he did that.

Rush: (BOING!)

Rush: Lt. Mike.

godwinshelley2: Louise when you walk through SF Chinatown now, you still see the names of the benevolent societys on many doors along the smaller streets and allies

LibraryJim: shh, he’s incognito1

angel & fox: He reminds me of the Jerry Colonna “character”. NOBODY could REALLY have been that obnoxious, not EVEN Jerry Colonna

Mike n Rachel in DC: Posing as the lovable drunk

Rush: Angel: 🙂

angel & fox: He’s in COGNITO? He’s in THE POOL!

Rush: Bathing cap.

Louise: GS, that is cool. I was just studying benevolent societies in Los Angeles

Rush: Yes Louise?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Isn’t cognito Spanish for “pool?”

angel & fox: “Driscoll” looks like Jimmy Hoffa.

Rush: Mike: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Esta en cognito

angel & fox: Louise: any BENEFICENCE in Los Angeles?

godwinshelley2: If you look at the walking tour, I think there is at least one photo of a society off Waverly street.

Rush: Chan and company arrive.

angel & fox: SAFARI suit looks like precursor of LEISURE SUIT.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The dudes arrive…

Rush: Yes, Angel!

LibraryJim: I bet “POP” told them to ditch the outfits.

angel & fox: “SAFARI” was Chinese for “leisure”?

Rush: probably right, LJ!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sa Fa-ri

Cdirus: Drunk guy reminds me of Mr Howell from Gilligan’s Island

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh yeah…that’s right, CD

angel & fox: YES, cd!! THAT’S who i was trying to think of!!

hounder: yes cd

Cdirus: I think he wore a similar outfit

angel & fox: Lieutenant O’Brien’s Wardrobe by Harry Truman

Mike n Rachel in DC: The buck stops there

Rush: “Aren’t you going in the water?”

angel & fox: Mr. Chan’s outfits by Mr. Cleveland

Rush: (Not yet…)

angel & fox: (cue “Jaws” theme)

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: H2O

Rush: SPLASH!!!

angel & fox: Mr. Hoffa will Soon Be Seen in the trunk of a Mercury

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah…just saw the shark

angel & fox: What’s the “time”? I’m at 15:00

Rush: If so, Angel, you have solved a great mystery.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Isn’t he buried under the Meadowlands stadium?

Rush: At least Lt. Mike got the finger prints!

angel & fox: Rush, i’ve looked at a lotta Mercurys.

Rush: You may just look into that right one!

angel & fox: BTW, Rush: i HOPE you weren’t offended by my reference to you in my Message Board post yesterday, as a “dictator”…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh Lord.

angel & fox: I KNOW i should have spoken of you as a GREAT dictator!

angel & fox: I wanna be sent to San Francisco for identification.

angel & fox: MORE CURIOS!!!!!!!!!!

Rush: Angel…there would be no argument on that score for my elder daughter!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Curios-er and curios-er

angel & fox: MnR:

Louise: angel, be careful or you will be sent to the corner…

Rush: As I noted earlier, HonoluluLOU is looking for material for this year’s CCF compilation!

angel & fox: Louise, my present remarks are datelined The Corner…

Louise: Tight clothes on that cowboy

Rush: Feel free to write on anything of interest relating to Charlie Chan or our Family!


Rush: I need to really get going on mine!

angel & fox: Rush: i’m sure your daughter regards you as so many of some years still regard Stalin!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Imhotep!

Louise: I should do that Rush. What is the deadline?

angel & fox: Amenhotep to you too!

Rush: Angel…sometimes that is definitely so!

Mike n Rachel in DC: A benevolent dictator, I’m sure, Rush.

Rush: Chan works under cover.

Rush: He did so in “Panama.”

Rush: Also in “Charlie Chan’s Courage.”

angel & fox: Could our creative staff launch a new script (in response to OVERWHELMING poll result)—perhaps Charlie Chan Goes To The Kremlin…

angel & fox: Mmmmmmmm, OPIATES!

angel & fox: Looks like Bud Collyer.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sounds like fun.

Rush: Definitely in the news of our time.

LibraryJim: Morphene? More? I haven’t had any phene yet.

angel & fox: Chair upholstered with fabric from loudly-coated ingenue in other recent film.

LibraryJim: cover blown

angel & fox: LJ—i’m ringing for the valet. Catherwood? CATHERWOOD!

Mike n Rachel in DC: That didn’t take long…

angel & fox: Ore? Or what?

angel & fox: Morphine gives Sudden Service.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is being shot an an “accident?”

Rush: So, this gentleman played on the same high school baseball team as Lee.

Louise: The gold mine is a money laundromat?

angel & fox: It was with steel baseballs.

Rush: Good for building muscles, Angel!

Rush: Hard on bats, though!

angel & fox: “He’s still unconscious”: she’s so described her father to attractive boys since she was 12.

Louise: I want a pony!

Rush: “Talbot Bartlett”

angel & fox: SteeeeeeeeeeRIKE!—CLONG!

Rush: yes, Louise!

hounder: ….

LibraryJim: boy, can he keep a secret? Nope!

angel & fox: Spelled backward: tteltraB toblaT. Hmm. Sounds Russian.

Louise: I wanted to be a cowgirl when I was growing up. Penn on Sky King was my model.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Or satanic, Angel

Louise: Penny

angel & fox: Three Petes to the wind.

Rush: Angel…I cannot keep up with you tonight!

angel & fox: A clean—OOF! A LADY is present!

LibraryJim: The old prospector. Staple of Hollywood westerns.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice burro

Rush: As BB stated earlier: “You GONE!”

Louise: Donkey

angel & fox: I’m a little juked, i do believe! Think i’ll creep over on the paws that refreshes, to the concessions. Maybe concede!

Rush: In 1948, I believe gold was valued at $35 per ounce.

LibraryJim: Make a clean breast of it. How about Miss Manning over there? Nope, her breasts stay covered.

LibraryJim: oops, is that too risqué?

LibraryJim: .

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel is laughing.


Mike n Rachel in DC: But we might lose our G rating…

Rush: If Rachel is laughing…we can let it pass…!

Mike n Rachel in DC: BB needs to get back into his pinata costume.

Rush: 🙂

LibraryJim: I guess I’ve been hanging out with the wrong crowds.


Rush: 😉

Mike n Rachel in DC: No worries, LJ. The Chan clan will save you.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Nice logic by BB.

Mike n Rachel in DC: He ain’t goin’ nowhere

Rush: Good indication of “disceacement.”

Louise: ECHO ECHO!

Rush: Did we get a can?


Rush: That is SOME echo!

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Louise: That’s a tiny or quiet can, Matt


Mike n Rachel in DC: …

Rush: The prospector.

Rush: An echo even for the can!

Mike n Rachel in DC: First-rate effects department here…

Rush: 🙂

LibraryJim: lol

angel & fox: i’d WONDERED about the FONT SIZEindicator!

angel & fox: NOBODY was stigmatized, in those wild & woolly days!

Mike n Rachel in DC: If he wants to hide behind that tree, he’ll have to lose 20 lbs.

Rush: Did Lt. Mike think to make his breath smell of alcohol?

Rush: True, Mike!

angel & fox: RUSH, you were READING MY MIND!

angel & fox: NOT, i hope, checking my BREATH!

Rush: Please consider investing in a set of “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan” for future showings!

angel & fox: Actually Fox & me are teetotalers.

Rush: There are some really nice episodes that rarely if ever show up online.

angel & fox: She’s got a balcony you could do CHECKERS on.

angel & fox: That CHAIR speaks mutely of the MYSTERIOUSLY NO-LONGER-PRESENT Ingenue.

Rush: And, the online availability is always in question, anyway!

Rush: I believe that some of us have the series already.

angel & fox: Even for PLAID CHAIRS?

Mike n Rachel in DC: The coverlet has its own sinister story to tell as well…

LibraryJim has left this room

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Rush: Actually, it looked a lot like a table cloth!

angel & fox: Hello, Amazon? I want to order a plaid chair. A hundred plaid chairs. My secretary is—missing.

Rush: 🙂

LibraryJim has joined this room

angel & fox: I’d rather pay a visit to the Curio room.

Rush: WB, LJ!

angel & fox: Welcome back, cd!!

LibraryJim: I forgot about the time-out in the room

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think there’s an upcharge for that, Angel

Rush: Yes, LJ.

angel & fox: There’s an upcharge for EVERYTHING, innit?

Cdirus: I don’t think I went anywhere angel?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Curse of the Mummy

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: Since i first saw this, i wait every moment for “Sister” Theresa to pull her gat.

angel & fox: Was Mother Theresa REALLY her mother?

angel & fox: Maybe those were HER shoes.

Rush: Chan will have nun of that.

Louise: Opiates!

LibraryJim: high heels on a nun? Hope she doesn’t make a habit out of that.

Rush: (Sorry, Angel!)

Louise: Nice shoes for a nun

Rush: (Could not resist!)

angel & fox: LJ

Mike n Rachel in DC: High heels on nun. And sedating someone in a coma?

Rush: Sylish nun.

angel & fox: Nun better!

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: I wouldn’t wanna be in her shoes.

Rush: OUCH! But funny….

Louise: Pun city tonight

Mike n Rachel in DC: Careful, Lt. Mike

Rush: Indeed!

godwinshelley2: The quilt on the bed when Mike first walked in looks rather raggedly sewn

angel & fox: John Lindsay ran for President saying “New York Is Pun City”.

Rush: That prospector was pretty obvious leaving a ladder going from the shack into the mine!

Rush: And, it seems to be a pretty shallow mine!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah. But he lost the sign that said “Secret Entrance”

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: gs2: Early in the script, mention was made of The Ragged Edge. Probably where they got the quilt.

Rush: YES!

angel & fox: The Secret Password? I can’t tell you that, Boss, it’s a SECRET!

angel & fox: I forgot it myself.

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: They left in a HUPMOBILE. Open your EYES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh oh

angel & fox: A precursor of Amtrak.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Seems to be faster

LibraryJim: It’s MINE! Mine I tell you! Yeah, you got the mine, I got the shaft.

Rush: Charlie Chan’s car is a 1947 Hudson convertible. Learned that last night!

angel & fox: Talkin’ bout SHAFT—

Mike n Rachel in DC: ouch

angel & fox: (shut yo’ mouff!)

Rush: No…gold.

Mike n Rachel in DC: No, you idiot. It’s a gold mine

godwinshelley2: is that what Warner was selling in the car ad?

angel & fox: SLUG SLUGGED

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush: 🙂

LibraryJim: looked like a woody wagon.

angel & fox: COPPER found in “GOLD” MINE!

LibraryJim: like the surfers would use.

Rush: The Oland ad featured a Desoto, I believe.

godwinshelley2: ah – I don’t know cars at all

Louise: We had surfers in the water today, while it was snowing!

hounder: ..

LibraryJim: (Referencing the ve-hickle they loaded the crates into)

hounder: brrrr louis.

Cdirus: That’s nuts Louise1

angel & fox: Rush—gs—do i infer W.O. did a car ad? For DeSoto?!!

Cdirus: !

Louise: Yes Rush, that is the ad I will scan for you

Rush: Surfers will brave any weather to catch a wave!

angel & fox: Surfers are UP!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Poor shooting

hounder: that seems to be true rush.

LibraryJim: well, it is dark out….

Rush: We have them sufing here in san Diego even when the Tijuana River sends raw sewage out to sea during heavy rains!

Rush: BB doesn’t shoot.

angel & fox: Raw sewage is more healthy, i’ve heard.

Rush: Lt. Mike suffers the effects of a concussion.

Rush: I would not know, Angel!

angel & fox: Concussion repressed concession.

Louise: She’s a hell of a nun

Rush: Yes, Angel.

angel & fox: They seem to have CORNERED the PLAID MARKET here, wardrobewise.

Rush: I guess it is now established that she’s a fake nun!

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s just having trouble adjusting to it…

Rush: Navajo rug on the wall.

LibraryJim: nice!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Navajo rug on the wall, ingenue on the chair, quite the decor

angel & fox: A fake—huh? I don’t notice anything—why, she seemed so PLEASANT!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Day for night.”

angel & fox: Navajo rug, or one from Frederick’s of Hwood at least, needed on Lt. Mike.

angel & fox: They call him Flipper.

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: I don’t like the look of that CHAIR. OOF!!

Rush: That crossed my mind, too, Angel…

Rush: “Whatever happened to yellin’ and screamin’?”

LibraryJim: yeah, with those big flashlights, the bad guys will never see them coming.

angel & fox: CHAIR may cross SCENE. I don’t trust it. Something NOT RIGHT.

Rush: Watch out…the express is due soon….

angel & fox: Mm, mm, mmmm! Go, BB!

Mike n Rachel in DC: woo woo

hounder: mm has such great facial expressios

angel & fox: Never wear a tie to a railroad.

Rush: Left foot is twitching…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Something is afoot

Rush: Poor BB.

LibraryJim: I wouldn’t be caught dead in those striped pajamas.

Rush: My Rachel just said, “He’s my favorite.”

angel & fox: Mr. Chan! Mr. Chan!!

godwinshelley2→Rush: yes he is good

angel & fox: They’re the cat’s pajamas.

Louise: Mines are scary

Rush: GS: “The BEST.”

angel & fox: “South Shaft”. Say that 5x fast while having what Lt. Mike was having.

Rush: Agreed, Louuse.

angel & fox: Louise: Mines are MORE scary than YOURS!

Rush: (Louise)

Cdirus: Dead men can’t walk, but we can run

angel & fox: ROCKin’ at MIDNIGHT!

Rush: Yes, CD!

angel & fox: Anaheim…Azusa…Cuc…aMONGA!

LibraryJim: with all the echoing you would think that clunking of the rocks would be heard.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Indiana Jones where are you?

Rush: Cue the silent movie piano with dramatic music…

Louise: Rush, someday you will get my name right!

angel & fox: clop-CLICK, clop-CLICK—look OUT, Charlie!

godwinshelley2: has Rachel seen King of the Zombies – Mantan is good in that

Cdirus: Why not just stand against the wall?

Rush: We will need to watch that together.

LibraryJim has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: King of the Zombies? That sounds fantastic.

angel & fox: I liked Administrative Assistant of The Zombies.

godwinshelley2: And Revenge of the Zombies might have Mantan in it too

Cdirus: That’s a good movie

angel & fox: The Zombies’ Return (Amended) got 7 of a possible 10 green eyeshades, i heard.

Rush: Chan: “I have news for you…”

Matt1: Need to run, but hope you have a great week.

angel & fox: You’re wanted on the telephone—AND, we know now, in 32 STATES.

angel & fox: Matt! Feliz noche!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is the nun related to Mother Teresa?

angel & fox: WHAAAAAAAT?

angel & fox: MnR: She’s her REAL daughter.

LibraryJim has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Now the truth can be told!

Rush: Len should be happy…Vikings 14, Seahawks 7…

Matt1 has left this room

LibraryJim: Battery died on tablet.

Mike n Rachel in DC: snip

Rush: Mr. manning????

LibraryJim: Switched to phone

Louise: I always scream when there is a nun in the room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Feisty

angel & fox: LJ: maybe “Sister” Theresa can nurse battery back to health. Or blast it, with that big ol’ .44.

Rush: The Fighting Nun.

hounder: lol@rush

LibraryJim: LOL. A simple matter of finding the cord and plugging it in.

angel & fox: Rush:


LibraryJim: Just keep her away.

Mike n Rachel in DC:

Rush: In Matt’s absence…

Rush: TYSM, Mike.

angel & fox: Having FOURTEEN KIDS can help, at times!

Rush: That counts!

Rush: True, Angel…

angel & fox: Running to his DeSoto, no doubt.

Rush: Next week….

Rush: “The Feathered Serpent.”

Rush: We are at the border in this one…

Rush: next week, we travel south of the border.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm.

angel & fox: TOMMY picks pockets like the gypsies do!!

Louise: Husband calls again before movie ends. Mym life is a vicious cycle…

LibraryJim: “Contradiction please” my favorite Chan-ism

Mike n Rachel in DC:

angel & fox: “Activities”. I ALWAYS suspect “activities”.

Rush: Louise…understood!

Rush: I have had several interruptions tonight!

LibraryJim: Broke the fourth wall.

angel & fox: Birmingham gets the last word!

hounder: thanks for the fun tonight. see you next week

Rush: You are a little ahead of me, LJ…

godwinshelley2: night hounder

angel & fox: i LOVE that man!!!!

LibraryJim: Good night all. I’ll try to be back next week.

godwinshelley2: Ha

Rush: NOW BB speaks to us…

Mike n Rachel in DC:

Rush: (Dolphin…)

angel & fox: Good night all, and especially to you, O Great Dictator!!


Louise: Dolphin

angel & fox: Gnite!

Mike n Rachel in DC: BB for President!

godwinshelley2: A good Mantan film – when is Mantan’s birthday?

Rush: Angel…

Rush: Good night to you!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Goodnight all. Thanks for a fun evening!

Rush: Pleasant dreams.

LibraryJim: Ahead of you? I was 30 second behind most of the night!

Rush: Thank you, everyone!

LibraryJim: Night!

Rush: Please think of writing something for HonoluLOU.

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Rush: To be included in his year-end extravaganza!

PaulM: night

Rush: Also, think about a group-produced Chan script!

Louise: Yes Rush, we need to do that

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: Thank you ALL for a great frolic tonight!

Cdirus has left this room

Rush: I hope that you had as much fun as I did!

Rush: So….

Rush: Take care…

PaulM has left this room

Rush: have a happy and safe week….

Rush: If you are in a snowy area, stay warm….

Rush: Nothing like hot chocolate and Chan!

Rush: Good night, louise and GS!

Louise has left this room

Rush: See you next week…..

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