Chat Archive 12/23/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for December 23, 2019

The NEW Adventures of Charlie Chan (Circle of Fear; Backfire)

The Man Who Moved Mountains

angel & fox
Library Jim
Mike n Rachel in DC

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Rush: Hello, Jake!

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hi, Matt!

Matt1: Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

Rush: An early “Merry Christmas” to you and yours!

Rush: Yes!

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: You and your family as well, thnx

Rush: Our weather has felt like Christmas.

Rush: Cold and rain today.

Matt1: We should be sunny and 75 for the 25th….Perfect

Rush: Yes!

Rush: The norm in your region!

Matt1: Rain is good in SD, no?

Rush: Oh, yes!

Matt1: Yes, but we’ve had a wet weekend

Rush: We can always use rain!

Rush: That’s why you have a lot of green.

Matt1: Yes!

Rush: Do you ever need to water lawns in your area?

Matt1: Oh yes, everyone has sprinkler systems here

Rush: AH!

Matt1: We’re on sand, so rain drains quickly

Rush: A few months ago, our sprinkler system turned on late at night, as set, but was still running the next morning! Cost us an extra $100!

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Matt1: Water is gold here…..very expensive

Rush: DV!

Matt1: Hello Dan!

Rush: Good evening to you!

danventure: Am I on time?

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Jake: Hello

Matt1: Hello Jake!

Rush: Jake!

Rush: Welcome back!

Jake: hi all!!

Rush: How is school?

Jake: its been a while 🙂

Rush: YES!

Jake: its going great

Rush: I imagine you are a bit busy, Jake!

Rush: Very good!

Jake: I just had finals last week 🙁

Rush: I knew you would do well.

Jake: I did good though!

Rush: GOOD!

Matt1: Holiday vacation now?

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Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: hi everyone. hi jake

danventure: Thanks to Rush’s reminder email!

Rush: Sarah had her finals, too, and she got her grades…straight A’s this time!

Rush: She really worked hard.

Matt1: Congrats to Sarah!

Rush: Hounder!

Rush: Good evening!


Rush: DV, I am glad that the email helped!

Rush: Jake, Mrs. Frampton came back to our school.

Rush: TYSM, Matt.

Jake: is she still the 7th grade teacher?

Rush: She was “quietly celebratory”!

Rush: Yes.

Jake: oh wowwww

Jake: Ok, I have to leave now, Ill hopefully be back before it ends!

Rush: And, to your earlier question, Matt, yes, our family is off for two glorious weeks!

Jake: bye all!!

Rush: Take care, Jake!

Rush: Keep up the great work!

Matt1: Wonderful…..enjoy the break!

hounder: night jake

Rush: Yes! rest!

Matt1: Take care, Jake!

Rush: Good night!

Rush: Say hello for me to your parents.

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Rush: Well, we are nearing the end of the year!

Matt1: Quick year

Rush: Next week, our recent tradition of watching “The Return of Charlie Chan” will continue!

Rush: Yes, Matt!

Rush: “The older I get….”

hounder: in some ways matt. painfully slow in others.

Rush: Ah…that can happen, too, Hounder, yes.

Matt1: Sadly

hounder: thanks for having links for tonights show rush. i think these are on my disk that won’t play

Rush: “The Return of Charlie Chan” was, at last check, available at YouTube.

Rush: Is your DVD player acting up, Hounder?

hounder: no, just that particular disk

Matt1: Ready for Ed Begley, Jr’s Dad

Rush: Today, I added the Chan sayings/aphorisms from “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan” to our “Aphorisms” section…below those from the films.

Rush: Yes, Matt!

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…

hounder: ready here for the extra

Rush: The radio program is available through the link above us…

Rush: “The Man Who Moved Mountains.”

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes to go…

hounder: are you both ready for Christmas?

Rush: (I am ready now, too…)

Matt1: Sytaying put in FL this year

hounder: brb dog walk

Rush: Yes, Hounder…we are ready for Christmas, too!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 90 seconds to go…

Rush: Okay, Hounder!

Rush: 75 seconds…

hounder: lol. back. he heard the rain and decided he didn’t really want out. lol

Rush: 60 seconds…

Matt1: lol

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

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Rush: GO!!!

hounder: hi dan. sorry i didn’t see you

angel & fox: YES!!!!

Matt1: Hello A & F!

hounder: hi angel

hounder: and fox

danventure: Glad to have made it, Hounder, right on time.

Rush: “The Incomperable Charlie Chan.”

angel & fox: hi you fours!!

hounder: 🙂

Rush: Hello, ANGEL!

Rush: (and FOX!)

Rush: Just starting the radio show!

Rush: 60 seconds in.

angel & fox: Humbly giving greetings here!! Seasoned greetings!!

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: FREE GIFT; DEATH! 🙂

Rush: Same from us to you, Angel!

Rush: I love the “live” organ music in this one.

angel & fox: My peripatetic attendance of late is cuz i am becoming A Man Who MOves Furniture

Rush: (Not DEATH, of course, Angel!)

angel & fox: No, no, never THAT!

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: An EARLY example of voicemail hell, performed live for audience.

danventure: What’s the order of the other two programs tonight?

Rush: Chan takes a complaint.

angel & fox: Assume nothing.

Rush: “Circle of Fear”, then “Backfire.”

angel & fox: Only ONE?

Rush: Both on Disc 4 of my DVD set.


Rush: Of course, they are available above through links!

angel & fox: History gwine repeat itself anyway, massa!

angel & fox: “Man who jumps to conclusions ends up in ignorance”.

Rush: The “Straight Jacket Squad.”

angel & fox: I thought jackets were optional.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Snake oil” salesman.

Rush: “Everything’s on the square.”

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Rush: AH! Someone impersonated the professor…

Matt1: Hello M & R~!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all!

Rush: Mike/Rachel…good evening!

Matt1: 8:00 in

angel & fox: MnR!! Felicidades!!

hounder: hi m n r

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s been a while…good to see everyone again.

angel & fox: You don’t wanna know what those statues are made of.

angel & fox: The HAUL of History!!

Rush: Yes!

danventure: Yes, a good choice for the season. We can deck the halls with throes of horror…

angel & fox: Ancient GREASE!

Rush: Happy to have you both back with us, Mike!

Rush: How have you been?

angel & fox: The Nights of the Roundtable for a Square Deal!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good, but busy. Concerts and a big conference…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel had a MAJOR concert–big success!

Matt1: Awesome, congrats!

angel & fox: Uh-oh. Reproductions work as well as original guillotines, i hear.

Rush: That was, I assume, a “good” busy, Mike!

hounder: hurray for r’s success

angel & fox: Rachel, congrats!! A Standing O, i hope!

Rush: Congratulations, Rachel!

Rush: Well done!

Rush: (Commercial break)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes…there are two kinds of musicians. Those who are too busy and those who are unemployed. We’re happy to be in the former group. 🙂

angel & fox: How to keep cool…not ONE WHIT improved!

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Very good!

Rush: May you stay BUSY!

hounder: commercial

LibraryJim has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel…yes, plus rave reviews

Rush: Yes.

angel & fox: “Coke for civilian use is always short”, announcer sniffs.’

Rush: LJ!


hounder: hi lj

Matt1: Hello Jim!

angel & fox: We’re filling up!!

angel & fox: Hi Li!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Plenty of good seats still available, folks

Rush: Yes.

LibraryJim: Hi, all! Can’t stay, way too busy, but I wanted to stop by to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Rush: We can seat upt to 20.

danventure: I was expecting a Blue Coal commercial…

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Merry Christmas to you too, Jim!

hounder: Merr Christmas and Happy new Year to you as well

angel & fox: Fox can hang on seatback. Eyes have been glassy since…hmm…since we got together.


Rush: If more were to arrive, we bring in the extra folding chairs!

Matt1: Hello CD!

Rush: (Applause…)

angel & fox: “A transciption—” What, tetragene send the studio into a sudden spin?

Cdirus: Hi guys!

angel & fox: Cd!!!!

Rush: Next week we will be sharing “The Return of Charlie Chan,” starring Ross Martin.

LibraryJim: Ok, see you all after the First!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello CD!

Rush: There is a copy available online as of now.

angel & fox: LJ, happy new to you!

Mike n Rachel in DC: See you next year, LJ

Rush: CD!


LibraryJim: And thanks for a year of making Mondays fun!!?

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Matt1: Happy Holidays, Jim!

Godwinshelley2: Howdy all

angel & fox: GS!!!

Matt1: Hello GS!

Cdirus: Hi GS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS

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hounder: hi gs

Rush: Thank YOU and everyone for making our evenings what they are!

Rush: GS!

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Rush: Good evening to you!

Nothere: Ho Ho Ho Merry Chanmas

angel & fox: This is like a roll call on Mystery Science Theater 19something! Or the Night of 100 Debauched Stars!!

Cdirus: Hi Nothere!

Matt1: Hello NT!

angel & fox: Hoho to YOU, NT!!!

Godwinshelley2: Nice that the 2 programs are both on the same Disc on the set I have

Rush: And…NT!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Merry Christmas saNTa…

angel & fox: Kwite a kworum abuilding!

Rush: This is building to be a very nice evening!

Nothere: And have you all been good little boys and girls?

angel & fox: MnR: that “saNTa” noted: clevvvvver!!!

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Godwinshelley2: Got my Secret Santa giftee a membership at the Niles Silent Film Museum outside of SanFran

Nothere: SaNT prefers cookies to puns, but he’ll take them.

angel & fox: Notty, i’m on report as usual. They’re going to read the riot act to me; i’m SO tired of the riot act.

Rush: So…Merry Christmas, and a Happy Hanukkah as well!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel…oh yes…

Rush: They coincide this year.

Godwinshelley2: I mentioned the Chan group, and who knows, they may be joining us in the future

angel & fox: I prefer jewels to furs, but i took Fox when i saw those glassy eyes beading up at me.

Rush: Nice, GS!

Nothere: Try asking them for the mob act Angel

Rush: One never knows!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush…Happy Holidays. 😉

Rush: TYSM!

Rush: 12 minutes until our first episode…

Mike n Rachel in DC: (has Hanukkah started yet?)

Rush: “The Circle of Fear.”

Nothere: The Circle of life

Rush: Started at sundown last night.

Nothere: Bicycle

Godwinshelley2: Saw the film Aeronauts – very good – though might be a horror film if you are afraid of heights

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aha.

Matt1: Cued to dude w/ hammer?

Rush: I AM affraid of heights, yes!

Rush: I saw the preview, and it looked visually stunning.

Nothere: Nope I’m cued to London.

Godwinshelley2: Well – prepare to clutch the arm of the chair – and it was very good

Godwinshelley2: We liked it

Rush: 9 minutes…

Godwinshelley2: I need to cue up –

Rush: So do i…

Rush: I am using my DVD copy.

angel & fox: Notty, will do. Soon as Hanukah’s over. I don’t want to chat up anybody near an open flame.

Rush: Of course, the links are available above if needed!

Nothere: It’s not cute if your not cued or missing a pool cue.

hounder: hi dc and nt

hounder: ready here

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey hounder

Nothere: Hey Hound

Mike n Rachel in DC: YouTubed in DC…

Rush: How was the short dog walk, Hounder/

Mike n Rachel in DC: woof

Nothere: How much is that doggie in the chat room? The on with the stubby little tail.

Rush: I am paused at the man with the small hammer.

Godwinshelley2: Thank you for NOT airing the episode where they hurt the dog or the one where they blind the woman – they are good but sad episodes

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dunno…just hope it’s housebroken

Matt1: I’m there too Rush

Godwinshelley2: Rush – the YouTube starts with the title LONDON – the disc skips past that

Nothere: So I need to go past London?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Paused at “LONDON”

Rush: “Circle of Fear.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Do not pass London. Do not collect $200

Matt1: DVD & YouTube are a bit off in timing

hounder: still raining and my dog doesn’t like to get wet. lol

danventure: Got it. LONDON.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dude w/hammer is just past LONDON

Rush: Mine starts off with a man about to cut a diamond.

Nothere: Yep Episode 13 circle of fear. I’m at the start , and it says London. No mention of which London.

Godwinshelley2: Yes – the disc starts with they man and the jewelers hammer

Rush: Mine seems to lack “London”.

Nothere: Your dog doesn’t like getting rained on? How odd.

Rush: 4 minutes…

angel & fox: I have it on YouTube, cued up on LONDON with Eyeful Tower rising from phog.

Mike n Rachel in DC: It seems to be the first 5 seconds of the YouTube version

Nothere: Right so everyone in London. It’s hammer time.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Time to get hammered

Rush: Okay, then!

Rush: I was “fearing” that I posted the wrong video!

angel & fox: If i had a video of a hammer, as the Nude Christmas Minstrels used to sing…

Nothere: Well there’s a guy. He doesn’t have a hammer, but h’ looking at a big jewel.

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: If I had a hammer…I’d hammer in the morning…

Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley2: cued

Rush: TWO minutes…

hounder: i’m in the same spot as nt

Nothere: But would you hammer in the evening? Or all over the land?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Must be blind, NT. That thing is big enough to see without that magnifying glass

angel & fox: The jewels haven’t gotten bigger, it’s only the actors have gotten smaller.

Rush: Yes, but he seemed nervous.

Rush: Didn’t want to ruin his diamond!

Nothere: That’s no jewel. It’s a space station.

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: 75 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: …danger…warning…love…



angel & fox: Notty, i’d hammer out Danger. Nick Danger, Third Eye.

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: (Cranking…)


Rush: 50 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: tunes guitar

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

angel & fox: DeGAULLE of these people!

Rush: Cue fog machine…

Rush: 25…

angel & fox: How DARE you!!

Rush: 20…

Mike n Rachel in DC: gets bell

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Shakes head…

Matt1: This guys needs more coffee

Rush: Wipes mouth…

danventure: LOL

Rush: Makes a phone call…

Mike n Rachel in DC: If I had a gong…I’d gong in the morning…I’d gong in the evening…

Nothere: Maybe it has something to do with them being Thacher in a Churh well.

Rush: Jittery.

Rush: The gloved hand.

Matt1: Ouch

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oof

angel & fox: He cut the cheese.

hounder: pretty nervous for a gem cutter

Nothere: You foolish glove. You missed the phone.

Rush: Chinese characters to…”The New Adventures of Charlie Chan.”

angel & fox: tin can; more fog; chinese characters

Rush: “Archway Hotel London”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good looking Chan

danventure: Theme sounds more like “Creature from the Black Lagoon”…

angel & fox: Hubba HUBBA,J., what a SUIT!

Rush: Agreed.

Rush: CC and Number One Son…BARRY.

angel & fox: The Archway Hotel! They give cookies?

Nothere: Well the last film the Creature was framed for murder. He objected.

Rush: J. Carroll Naish as Chan.

angel & fox: BARRY?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Barry Chan. Hm.

Rush: Of course, he was Gangor the Snake Charmer in “CC at the Circus.”

Rush: Yes…

Rush: Barry is played by James Hong.

Rush: “Scotland Yard.”

angel & fox: I can see him & a snake face-to-face, ready to arm-wrestle.

Nothere: Your bald head cowers before the power of my mustache.

Godwinshelley2: James Hong has a nice facebook page – he lists things he is doing

angel & fox: Notty, your mustache is always on my list.

Rush: Yes. He remains very busy, doesn’t he!

Rush: he will be 90 in February.

hounder: wow. 90

angel & fox: Scotty Yard there has a nose like a pickle.

Rush: Inspector Duff.

Nothere: The James Hong marathon will take awhile.

Rush: As Duff died in “CC’s Murder Cruise,” we can think that this Duff is related to the late Duff!

Rush: I love Chan’s tie!

angel & fox: Chesterfields. They satisfy.

Rush: Very mid-50s!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Could be a younger cousin Rush. 😉

Nothere: So your for bowties. How about bowlegs?

Rush: Could be!

Rush: That would provide us some continuity!

angel & fox: He’s smoking Parliament—or WILL, soon as he can get some fuse cord.

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Guy Faulkes got into trouble like that, Angel

Nothere: THe subtitles must be drunk. They claim Number one son is Berry Chat.

angel & fox: MnR, you are so right. Guy didn’t have the Miracle Tip.

angel & fox: Notty: ; subtitles are for CHUMPS.

angel & fox: I want to know about that WALLPAPER.

Rush: Rupert Davies: Inspector John Duff. Davies appears in ELEVEN episodes.

Nothere: Dr. LAird doesn’t seem to be good at his jb.

angel & fox: Notty—blame it on the National Health.

Rush: Patience can be likened to sleeping flower; cultivate same, and it will reward you handsomely.

angel & fox: Looks like REGULAR heroin.

Nothere: Oh I don’t know Angel. Youtube is usually not that exciting. But you can find some very interesting subtitles.

Rush: J. Carroll Naish was famous for his cross-cultural roles over his long career.

Rush: Barry investigates on his own.

Nothere: You need a court order to challenge this guy’s reputation? Man getting a second opinion must be murder:)

Rush: Maybe not the best idea…

angel & fox: Oh, Notty, i actually revel in the errors. I was a PROOFREADER, in my early days, for some hi-toned stuff (Harvard Business Review asked that my employer put me on their stuff whenever possible)—

angel & fox: i’ve saved wonderful typos in my boxes of junk.

hounder: cool angel

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: A Chan kids tendency to break and enter gets him in trouble. Bout time.

Rush: Yes.

angel & fox: I’m sure Inspector Duff was asked all the time if he was any relation to the Duff Beer duffs.

Nothere: If he was he had the nicest apartment in all of Scotland Yard.

Rush: One does not solve crime by committing another.

angel & fox: “Doctor—mind if i take this 8-year-old issue of Punch?”

Rush: Barry comes through.

hounder: sad charlie doesn’t remember this in his movies. 🙂

angel & fox: NOT “squid pro quo”, i hope!

Nothere: No Chan you really need to discuss this. All your kids seem to have burglary as their second choice of profession.

angel & fox: More criminal wallpaper.

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: Notty, you introduce a salient line for discussion.

Nothere: So Angel did you see the youtube comment about no one matching the drapes and wallpaper in these things?

angel & fox: JCN has ears like china cups.

angel & fox: BOO-hoo! POOR you, as Mama Soprano used to say.

Rush: Large ears can denote longevity!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Whereas large hands…er…never mind

Nothere: Everybody check your lifeline. Or maybe you shouldn’t.

Woyro has joined this room

Rush: Yes…”never mind”!

Nothere: Hi Woyro

Godwinshelley2: Yes the statues with such long earlobes –

angel & fox: I’m thinking of Lyndon Johnson (not a pretty thought, btw)—HIS ears didn’t keep him vertical.

Woyro: Woyro=PaulM

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Woyro/PaulM

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Mike n Rachel in DC: What’s the new name?

Cdirus: Hi Paul1

Rush: Yes, but LBJ had, I am sure, a pretty stressful life!

Cdirus: !

hounder: hi paul and woyro

Woyro: Woyro is my name in the furry community

Rush: Woyro!

angel & fox: Greetings to new characters now at table! Hey Woy!

Nothere: Your secret code has failed. o can’t = both a and m

Rush: I missed your arrivel!

Rush: Sorry!


Godwinshelley2: Ha – I never knew the Woyro name before

angel & fox: Rush: LBJ stressed his HOUND DOGS’ ears, as i recall—speaking of Furrys—

Godwinshelley2: I hope you can hold up for the next couple of days of deliveries, Woyro

Woyro: when you go to Monsterbash you’ll know my car because it has WOYRO licence plate

Rush: “Consisting of or resembling fur.” Learn something every day!

angel & fox: APB! APB! BOLO for WOYRO! 10-4!!

angel & fox: Fox consists of AND resembles fur.

Rush: Nice CHOP, Barry!

Matt1: Chop!

angel & fox: DEPLORABLE!

Mike n Rachel in DC: kung fu

Nothere: So ths isn’t just a secret code, but a hidden meaning. Alright someone get me the floodlights, bamboo stalks, and heat up the pincers. We’ll find out whaat Woyro means.

angel & fox: (CC just deplored it)

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “YOU are colaborator!”

Woyro: if you take the word SKUNK and move each letter 4 spaces forward along the alphabet….you get WOYRO

angel & fox: I think Woyro is derived from the Seychelles Islands. Something MUST be, & so far nothing has been found to be. So i say Seychelles.

Rush: “YOU are traitor!”

angel & fox: How about if you transpose QWERTYUIOP?

Rush: The other end of the gloved hand we saw at the beginning.

angel & fox: I hated Van Heflin but i didn’t scratch up a nice attache case with diamonds & Chesterfields.

Rush: Good news follows bad news like day follows night.

Nothere: Well Thanks Paul. But I didn’t even get to threaten you. LEt alone use the stalks. Do you know how long it’s gonna take to put away all this toture junk?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Husband now out of coma!

angel & fox: I like the thick, not-coiled Brit phone cords,

Rush: Clocing credits…

Mike n Rachel in DC:

Rush: (Closing)


Rush: (Applause…)

angel & fox: While we cue BACKFIRE i’m gonna look up a sunburned friend.

Nothere: Touching sunburn friend like pulling suddenly. Jerk move.

Rush: Yes, Angel…

Rush: A five-minute break….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Need to get my sunburn ointment

Rush: Please ready your copy of “Backfire.”

angel & fox: Ready! Aimed!

hounder: ready here

Nothere: (YEaaaah)

Cdirus: I’m paused at the Sphinx

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ready to unwrap the mummy

Matt1: Cued to Sphinx

danventure: Ditto

Nothere: Nobody fir. Five minute break called. Hve your blindfolds and cigarette at the ready.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Imhotep!

Rush: 3 minutes…

Nothere: Arbek Bey

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ardeth?

Godwinshelley2: Sphinx

Rush: TWO minutes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sphinx, plank…ready for my workout

Rush: Yes, we start at the Sphinx.

Rush: 75 seconds..

Rush: 60 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sounds like the Egyptian tour…start at the Sphinx

Rush: Everyone ready?

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Si.

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Nothere: Tanna leaves are packed and ready for the unholy…nothing to se here move along.

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: lights torch

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Enters tomb…

Nothere: (Wolf Howl)

Rush: Slides huge stone.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Moves 10000 lb stone

Nothere: Should be a jackel, but we didn’t have that sound effect.

Rush: Twins.

angel & fox: I like how the ancient Egypsheens had smooth-rolling casters,

Rush: Seals him in the tomb.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Buried alive!

Rush: Laughs…

angel & fox: BAD showwwww! BAD showwww!!

Rush: Title…

angel & fox: His WIFE?

hounder: iknew that was coming.

Mike n Rachel in DC: He always wanted to get away from it all

Rush: SHE will hang him!

Nothere: Oh not another evil twin seals his brother in an ancient Egyptian tomb plot. If I had a dollar for every time that happened.

Rush: “British Museum, London”

angel & fox: These double-dudes NEVER consider the ifey-wifey part. Ooooof, in the case of THESE two!

Nothere: Stiff upper lip Angel.

angel & fox: Notty, we can’t talk here.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Egyptologist…

angel & fox: Sir Basil has been HELD UP indeed!

Nothere: Don’t want to confuse it with the British Museum of Alabama Rush.

Rush: Should use white gloves to touch antiquities.

Rush: YES, NT!

angel & fox: I was troubled, too, by the title “BRITISH MUSEUM / LONDON”. In Ohio, London is a big town too. London, England is but a dustmite to a Buckeye.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ammon Roz in subtitles. 🙂

Rush: Yes?

Rush: Phonetic spelling, no doubt!

angel & fox: THE DORCHESTER. Oh, REALLY? We’re supposed to take a WORD for that?

Cdirus: angel

Mike n Rachel in DC: Amun Ra, perhaps?

angel & fox: Many are eaten at Oxford.

Rush: He forgot: “Irreconsilable differences.”

angel & fox: In remaster series coming 2020, 2TunkAmen has a rap right about here.

Mike n Rachel in DC: He said tomayto, she said tomahto

angel & fox: A “quarter”?

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Home for Gentlewomen?

angel & fox: PEnnsylvania 6-5000.

Rush: “St. Mary’s Home for Gentlewomen”

Nothere: Ah but when we learnwho had the potato , we’ll have made real progress Mike and or Racheal.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that like a “home” of ill-repute?

angel & fox: SHE looks WAY past “gentle”.

Rush: “857-4309”

angel & fox: MnR: The HOIR’s have blue lights, not so much bronze plaques.

Rush: “11th Commandment”

Mike n Rachel in DC: She clearly stole some curtains to make that dress

Cdirus: 11th commandment?

angel & fox: 867-5309.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel: Upscale…

Rush: “You shall love one another as I have loved you.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Keeping with the theme…

angel & fox: ELLINGTON School for Boys? Take the “A” train!

Rush: She’s blind.

Nothere: No I wanted a photo of your daughter not your cow.

angel & fox: She’d blond.

angel & fox: Richard Dawson? From Hogan’s Heroes?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. Must serve a lot of beef…

Rush: Slip of the key turns blindness to blondness!

Rush: HM…Richard Dawson…

Nothere: I see Nothing NOTHING

Rush: Later the host of “Family Feud”?

angel & fox: A purveyor of political nonsense…? He should STICK AROUND! Probably have his own show by NOW!!

angel & fox: I see NOTHING…

angel & fox: ERMINE for VERMIN!!

Woyro: i caught that too Rush

Rush: Yes…AND on “Hoagan’s Heroes.”

angel & fox: She’s totally hot.

Nothere: Revoking titles? THe madman how will we know which book is which?

Rush: Draws a huge crowd…

angel & fox: Notty: Down the memory hole, all of ’em.

danventure: Or was it for Richard Dawkins? My head spins.

Nothere: Hey don’t underestimate him Rush. He has the dg vote.

Nothere: dog even

angel & fox: You can’t spell “congratulations” without finding a RAT in the middle.

Rush: Got me there, DV!

angel & fox: EXCELLENT graphics, Mr. Dawson.

Rush: “Richard Dawson was a British-American actor, comedian, game show host and panelist in the United States. Dawson was well known for playing Corporal Peter Newkirk in Hogan’s Heroes, as a regular panelist on Match Game and as the original host of Family Feud.”

Nothere: You found my wife? She just wansn’t in the kitchen? By jve baad show.

hounder: she’s in danger now

angel & fox: So R.D. escaped notice re this regrettable foray into pollyticks?

Rush: Tea’s ready…

Nothere: After Bob Cranes sex tape the scandal was ignored in the press Angel.

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Mike n Rachel in DC: One lump, please

Rush: AH-HA!

Rush: Like in “The Jade Mask”….”Ear…ear….”

angel & fox: Notty, i wish EVERYTHING would get ignored in the press. Except the Found Money ads. In my perfect world, those will be Breaking News.

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK. We just need to find the fresh mummy…

Nothere: Sherlock Holmes ws a proponent of ears as a sign of identification.

Rush: Only kings can abdicate by choice.

angel & fox: Does that apply to the Duke of Earl?

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wrote a monograph on it, NT

angel & fox: I LOVE monographs.

angel & fox: Wonder what the rent is on this place?

Rush: Guard: “Please don’t touch that!”

angel & fox: THIS is awkward.

hounder: ugly hat

angel & fox: Mighty white of them.

Nothere: Well folks. Time to put a finger aside of my nose, give a nod and vanish in the fog. But you;’ll hear me explain as I go out of sight Merry Chanmas to all and to all a goodnight. Oh and if you hear any gunshots your drunk.


angel & fox: Looks like STALIN—and his MUSTACHE is GONE! NOTTY! You predicted this!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have a great holiday, NT

Rush: Recalls “Charlie Chan in Egypt”!

Matt1: Merry Christmas, NT!

Rush: Merry Christmas to you and yours, NT!

Rush: See you next week!

angel & fox: Papyrus. No mention of any Antiquities Acts, or thefts of indigenous baubles.

Rush: “The Return of Charlie Chan.”

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Mike n Rachel in DC: He’s getting her pickled already…

angel & fox: What does anyone want after 12 years? Some hootchie-koo? I DON’T THINK SO!

Rush: She noticed the difference.

hounder: son messed up again

Rush: Yes.

angel & fox: Son is gonna get fired, just like Prince Andrew.

Rush: a “happy honeymoon.”

angel & fox: Nyuknyuknyuknyuk!

Rush: (Short and not sweet.)

angel & fox: How DARE you!!

Rush: Chan sets the trap.

Rush: (A pie to you, Angel!)

angel & fox: I pull out a PLUM??

angel & fox: In the Name of the Kaween, or Whoever—!

angel & fox: Oh-HO!!!

Rush: “D’oh!”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oops.

angel & fox: If ONLY the Real Sir B. had donated spouse-corpse to WARSAW Museum!!

Rush: Combed his hair for the occasion.

Rush: THE END.


Rush: (Applause)

Mike n Rachel in DC:

angel & fox: TONIGHT’S Moral has RELEVANCE for today!!!!

Rush: Clocing credits….

danventure: Indeed–one dose of aristocracy…

Rush: Yes, Angel.

hounder: he is being stuffy.

angel & fox: FRED TURTLE, Sound Guy!

Rush: Be careful, even the best laid plans may…”Backfire.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: 🙂

Rush: So…

Rush: We reach the end of another evening!

angel & fox: I’m gonna watch MY back AND my posture when i walk like an Egyptian! A cautionary tale, this! Cancelling ALL my bequests to the B.M.!!

Rush: Woyro! Thank you for joining with us tonight!

danventure: Pleasure it was, Rush! Merry Christmas to all

hounder: thanks for the fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

Matt1: Good night folks and wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Many thanks for another fun evening Rush!

Godwinshelley2: Good Holidays to everyone

Mike n Rachel in DC: Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and cetera!

angel & fox: Yes, Woy!! Hope to see ALL for Bash next Mon.! Gnite!!

Cdirus: Have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone!

Rush: Thank you, GS, for inviting Woyro!

Godwinshelley2: Night all

Rush: Take care…

Matt1: Hoping Santa will locate a “lost” Chan…….again this year!

Woyro: feliz navidad

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope to see everyone before the new year

Godwinshelley2: Glad to share the fun

Rush: See you next week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cheers!

Rush: Same to you, Woyro!

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Godwinshelley2: Night all

Rush: And a VERY Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Rush: may you have a happy and meaningful one!

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Rush: And, be safe and warm!

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