Chat Archive 12/26/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for December 26, 2022

The Return of Charlie Chan

Angel & Foxx
Mike in DC
Rich Maine

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Mike in DC: Hey Rush!

Rush: Good evening, Mike!

Mike in DC: Hope all is well in IA!

Rush: How are you tonight?

Rush: Is Rachel out of town?

Mike in DC: I’m well…Rach is under the weather though. 🙁

Rush: It’s been pretty COLD here!

Mike in DC: She’s got a cold (not COVID, fortunately) and is wheezing, coughing, etc.

Rush: And I have been under the waether.

Mike in DC: Sorry to hear that! Hopefully you’re on the “good” side of it…

Rush: I may have had that cold for about a month. THEN, I came down with flu!

Mike in DC: Arf.

Rush: Still working my way iut of it!

Rush: Mu best to rachel!

Rush: SO MANY people are sick!

Mike in DC: Thanks. She had some soup for dinner and is back in bed.

Rush: Look at the typos!

Rush: Sorry!

Rush: Good plan for her!

Rush: Sleep and soup…can’t beat them!

Mike in DC: I may be in and out this evening (“Mr. Nurse” duty).

Mike in DC: Fortunately we have some down time so she can rest.

Rush: Well, if all goes according to plan, we will be in our new Chat Room next Monday!

Rush: Located at:

Mike in DC: I saw. How exciting! Can’t wait to see the new diggs.

Rush: I will be announcing that all evening!

Rush: It’s been a bit of work to be sure!

Rush: There will be the necessary tidying up later, but I think we will be good to go!

Mike in DC: I’ve been seeing the asides with Louise for quite some time. It has to be a lot of work…there’s a LOT of information here!

Rush: Indeed!

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Mike in DC: Hopefully you were able to just “export” a fair amount of the text?

Mike in DC: Hello Dona!

Dona: Hi Mike and Rush

Rush: I basically copied and pasted ALL material into new pages.

Dona: Good to see you.

Rush: The transfer didn’t really work satisfactorily.

Rush: HI…DONA!!!

Mike in DC: Ah. Well, and then you’ll have to tweak the formatting, no doubt.

Rush: Welcome to our rep from WAQRM CA!

Rush: (WARM)

Mike in DC: OH. Thought that was a town in the desert.

Rush: I have, mike…!

Dona: Yes it’s been about 80 for the last few days.

Mike in DC: Waqrm, CA

Rush: Could be…somewhere…Mike!

Dona: could be

Rush: WE had an Arctic Blast come through a few days ago…wind chill down to -35.

Mike in DC: It’s been cold here, but nothing like that!

Dona: I was in Oklahoma last week I can

Rush: I hope not, mike!

Rush: Yes, Dona?

Dona: came home Wednesday just before the blast hit

Rush: For Christmas?

Rush: AH!

Rush: I know it was bad ther, Dona.

Mike in DC: We were in Chicago for a conference and got out Thursday *right* before the storm…last flight out of town.

Rush: Thakfully, our heating system was repaired just in time!

Rush: We were living with inside temps of 55.

Mike in DC: Yikes. Coats in the house!

Dona: Oh dear

Rush: As I mentioned to Mike…tonight should be our final Chat at this location!

Rush: Next week:

Mike in DC: We are part of history!

Rush: Yep.

Rush: Two decades here.

Dona: I did have the fireplace on this afternoon, it was getitng chilly. I froze in Oklahoma

Rush: I’ll bet, Dona!

Dona: We are changing locations Rush?

Rush: The official opening of the new site should come at midnight Eastern on New Year.

Dona: I know you have been working on it.

Rush: Yes, we are, Dona!

Dona: Wahooo!

Rush: The process began about a year ago.

Rush: We need a much more reliable support.

Dona: That’s great.

Rush: So…PLEASE watch your emails!

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Dona: I would be glad to help if I can. I’m not much of an IT person.

HonoluLou: Greetings Carbon units!

Rush: I decided on no extras tonight so we could focus on the upcoming change.

Rush: LOU!


Dona: Hello Lou! Carbon units?

HonoluLou: RUSH! (like John, Marsha, remember that?) 

HonoluLou: Hi Dona.

Rush: I don’t need to explain to you about this being our final chat at this location…should all go according to plan!

Rush: SNL

Rush: No?

HonoluLou: I know. I did send you an email about making a “Menu” to try and put the links on your homepage.

Rush: TYSM!

Rush: I will work on that tomorrow!

Rush: I am finishing up the links to info in the cartoon series.

HonoluLou: Rush NO. An old radio thing, John, Marsh. Check it out on youtube. from the ’70s I believe.

Rush: I will need to look when the dusts of change settle!

Mike in DC: Good evening Lou!

HonoluLou: Wow! Rush that is great. I’m really amazed at what you accomplished.

Rush: It’s been a BUSY several monthS!

Rush: I hope it waill match any expectations.

HonoluLou: Mike, G’evening. Can you send me your email please to check the great Charlie Chan quiz:

Rush: We can always fine tune things later.

HonoluLou: Thanks.

HonoluLou: Rush, true, true

Mike in DC: sure! one sec…

Rush: You have been prteey sick, too, Lou…with the flu.

Rush: Is yours totaly gone. or are there any residuals?

HonoluLou: Yes, but I’m over it and understand from Steve, you have it. Really was a bad one this year!

HonoluLou: Totally gone.

Rush: I am going with RumbleChat. They tell me that they DO have sound effects.

HonoluLou: I saw that in your email…about the Chat, correct?

Rush: I still have some of that sensitive skin and a dry cough, and weakness.

Mike in DC: Email sent, Lou.

HonoluLou: Awesome Mike. Thank you so much. I’ll get you something tomorrow to review.

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Rush: I was thinking of an “extra” about Aristotle Onassis, as it is pretty certain we have a character patterned after him tonight!

Dona: Hello Hounder

Rush: Hounder!


hounder: hi everyone. yope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Mike in DC: Hi hounder!

Rush: However, i opted to note our change over to the new location.

HonoluLou: Rush, OK, got it.

HonoluLou: Hello Hounder.

Mike in DC: Santa was good in DC 🙂

Rush: Hounder, I am letting everyone know that tonight should be the final chat at this location. Next Monday we will be at:

hounder: forgiv me if I’m a bit distracted. trying to converse with mom and you guys at same time.

Dona: can I look it up now or do I have to wait?

HonoluLou: My Granddaughter just txt me that my Christmas present got returned to her in Honolulu. So I guess I’m on the bad list.

Rush: We did, hounder. My bolder daughtER came to stay with us AND IT WAS REALLY GOOD!

hounder: yay!! thank you and everyone who helped you for the new site for us to use and enjoy.

HonoluLou: Dona. I tried earlier and it wasn’t active.

Rush: sORRY, lOU!

Rush: Sorry…caps locked.

Dona: I’ve been having Christmas most of the month. It has been wonderful. Thank you.

Rush: (Sorry, LOU!)

Rush: nICE!


hounder: Rachel or sarah is out on their own now???? how did that happen? they were just babies yesterday!


HonoluLou: I know. I told her to save it for Valentine’s day, so she’s fine with that even though she told me what it is…Happiness is a warm clue!.

Rush: Sorry about my tyos!

hounder: mom’s mostly been good although i see bedridden in the near future.

Rush: (TYPOS)

Rush: Sheesh!

Rush: Probably my cold hands!

HonoluLou: Cold hands…

HonoluLou: Hounder, sorry to hear that.

HonoluLou: Mike, no email yet?

Rush: So, please check your emails, everyone!

hounder: thanks hl. i knew it was coming and just a matter of time. it’s getting harder for me to lift her and she can’t help as much.

Mike in DC: Lou: oops. apparently it bounced back. Take 2 on the way…

Rush: Lou, it will be nice to have Mike’s quiz all together!

HonoluLou: Rush, yes it will.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: As I mentioned…the new Chat Room should have sound effects…and who knows what else!

Mike in DC: There are still a couple of parts we haven’t done here. Lou, I’ll make sure you have the WHOLE thing.

HonoluLou: Hounder, so sorry to hear it. I tried tending my mother in her last days and it became too much for both of us. So she had to go to hospice. It’s tough.

Rush: Along with everyone else, I am sorry…

hounder: woo hoo.

Mike in DC: Hope all goes well with mom, hounder. She’s so fortunate to have you with her.

Rush: Yes, regarding the new Chat Room!

HonoluLou: Great, wait till I send it tomorrow Mike, then you can tweak it, etc. Maybe we can keep it as a recurring entry to the Annual Newsletter.

HonoluLou: That’s of course, lies in approval from our fearless leader!

Mike in DC: Of course. *bows*

hounder: right now, hospice is coming here. I have a nice area set up for her on the porch but the cold drove us inside this weekend. i need some more insulation out there.

Rush: I would HOPE that it could become a TRADITION!!!

hounder: thanks mike.

Dona: I agree Rush

Rush: 17 minutes to showtime…

HonoluLou: So be it Dona & Rush have spoken.

Rush: 🙂

HonoluLou: Hounder, where are you?

hounder: fl east coast. we were in the 20’s the last 2 nights

Rush: Not terrible.

Rush: I was mentioning our recent Arctic Blast here.

Rush: THAT was tough!

HonoluLou: Wow! That’s amazing for FL. I hope you have some kind of heat?

hounder: not terrible compared to everyone else, except it was 70 last thurs.

Rush: Not bragging, as I wish it didn’t happen!!!

Rush: Ah…seventy….

hounder: have heat, had to cover plants and may have lost some anyway.

Rush: Yes, as we hAVE TOO.

Rush: 13 minutes.

Rush: A number of us will be absent tonight.

Rush: Matt, Louise…

Dona: You are in Florida Hounder? I am hoping to visit my grandson in the spring in Florida. He just moved to West Palm Beach.

Rush: Louise and her husband are in Belize.

Mike in DC: Holiday times are often light chat lineups…

Rush: Yes.

HonoluLou: I understand, Hounder. Over the winter I put my ivy’s in the garage and water them every two weeks. They actually last through the winter although it gets down to below zero in Cleveland. So far kept them going 5 years now.

hounder: ah. i’m north of Daytona Beachh

Dona: Lucky Louise

Rush: Yep.

hounder: yay you hl. i’ve been known to kill plastic house plants, but i try.

Mike in DC: Have relatives in Pompano Beach, Hounder. Further south…

HonoluLou: The case of Louise in Belize…sounds like a Chan film!

Rush: Hounder: 🙂

HonoluLou: Hounder, LOL

Rush: It gets my wife mad, but I have told her that plants come to our home to die…

HonoluLou: Lol

Dona: I have a cousin I will be visiting in Melbourne, that is closer to where you are?

HonoluLou: Dona, I’ve been to Melbourne, very nice!

Rush: 10 minutes…

hounder: lol. i can grow trees, just not plants. I think Melborne is a couple hours south.

Rush: If you need a copy of our movie, pleare use the link above the Chat room.

Mike in DC: I’m a hands-off gardener. It goes in the ground, then it’s between the plant and God. It generally works out ok…

Rush: Wise words, Mike!

Dona: I’ve only been to Florida once and it was for a funeral, and it rained the entire time I was there.

hounder: good plan mike.

Mike in DC: Today’s sermon: God is better at growing plants than I am.

Rich Maine has joined this room

hounder: hi rich

Rich Maine: Evening all!

Rush: But it was at least a WQARM rain, right?

Rush: WARM

Rush: That typo again…

Mike in DC: Hey Rich! Hope you’re not completely frozen.

Dona: Yes Rush

Rush: Ignore the Q.

Rich Maine: hiya hounder, nice to see you back Rush

Rush: RICH!

Mike in DC: Wqarm, CA. Suburb of Waqrm.

HonoluLou: Good soil there in D.C. I got two emails, one from Mike Bloomberg and another Mike. Can I assume the Mike V. is you 

Dona: yes, it was Rush.

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Rich Maine: actually not bad, no snow here, just high winds & rain, temp was 15 in morning but now 28

Rush: I agree, Rich.

Mike in DC: Yep. I’m Mike V.

Rush: Not bad.

Dona: Hello Rich

HonoluLou: Hi Rich, get out the suntan lotion!

Rush: It is supposed to get a little warmer in my area over the next few days.

Rich Maine: hey dona…..yup winter not bad so far

Rush: 7 minutes to go…

Mike in DC: 28 in Maine sounds normal-ish.

Rush: Please ready your movies at the UNUVERSAL LOGO.

HonoluLou: A good Italian name, yes?

Rush: Things sort of begin there.

Dona: Ready here Rush

Rush: Yes, lou!

Mike in DC: The online version just starts with a ship…

Rush: That works!

Mike in DC: Ahoy!

Rush: I think that the logo is fairly brief…

Rich Maine: yes all set here….and dont call me Shirly !

Rush: :)!\

HonoluLou: I hate to be a party pooper, but I’m not going to be with for the film. Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Happy New Year and Detective Chang Apana a Happy Birthday…99 today! Have a great evening all.

hounder: ready here.

Rush: Perfect for tonight, Rich!

Rich Maine: Have a happy new year Lou!

Rush: TYSM…Lou!

Mike in DC: Happy Birthday Chang! And see you soon, Lou. Have a very happy, healthy New Year.

Dona: Have a good rest of your evening Lou.

HonoluLou: Sayonara (as Kashimo would say!)

hounder: happy new year to you hl. can’t wait to see you here in our new chat room next week

hounder: aloha

HonoluLou has left this room

Rush: 4 minutes…

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: Greetings all

Dona: Hello GS!

hounder: hi gs

Rich Maine: hey GS

Godwinshelley2: my computer is back from the shop

Rush: Rich, I have been telling everyone that this should be the final chat at this location. Next Monday we will be at:

Rush: 3 minutes…

hounder: yay for the computer gs


Mike in DC: Good evening GS!

Rush: GS!

Rich Maine: yes! saw the email and did check out the new site last week….great hard work, THANK YOU


Dona: YAY GS!

Godwinshelley2: Glad I gave away almost all those cards for your page. Now we need to design new ones for next year.

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Mike in DC: Easy-to-remember url and everything

Rush: 50 seconds…

Godwinshelley2: If you have suggestions Rush – or want me to use color images, let me know.

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

hounder: can we check out the new site?

Mike in DC: Last Chan on the last chat of the old website…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Mike in DC: <GONG!>

Rush: Music begins…

Rush: Yacht at sea…

Rush: TYSM…Mike!

Rich Maine: wait, no fog???

Rush: Hydrachi…the heir to the HYDROX fortune.

Mike in DC: Obviously not a Monogram production

Godwinshelley2: Universal doesn’t have to hide sets with fog

Rush: Not Monogram!

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Rush: Smke though…

Rush: MDA!


Mike in DC: Love the campy 70s look to this

Dona: Hello MDA

mda19083: A belated Merry Christmas to all!

Mike in DC: And to you, MDA!

Rich Maine: hello mda

Angel & Foxx has joined this room

Rush: GS abd MDA…please note that tonight should be our final chat at this location. Next Monday, we will be at:

Rush: Angel!

mda19083: Rush – I hope you are feeling better1


Rich Maine: man down….call the Police Squad

mda19083: better!

Angel & Foxx: Hello awl!!

Dona: Hi Angel and Foxx good to see you

Mike in DC: I miss the gargantuan bow ties

Rush: Better each day, TYSM, MDA.

mda19083: A and F

hounder: hi angel n fox

Angel & Foxx: We’re at (2:00). We BEHIND?

Rich Maine: Actor from Sound of Music …just watched other night

Mike in DC: 3:30 here

Godwinshelley2: Title credit

Rush: Angel, as I noted to all the others so far…please note that tonight should be our final chat at this location. Next Monday, we will be at:

Rush: Title sequence…

Mike in DC: Complete with “cool” 70s music

Angel & Foxx: i’M AT (4:00) NOW. ok?

Rush: 4:20

Rush: 4:30

Mike in DC: Groovy, Angel. 🙂

Rush: 440

Angel & Foxx: jack lard!!

Rush: 5:00

Rich Maine: “The Chan Family”

Mike in DC: This music doesn’t seem to capture the Chinese feel of a Chan movie…

Angel & Foxx: I don’t need the magnifying glass to zoom in & out like that, my old eyes do that already.

Angel & Foxx: GRMPA!!

Angel & Foxx: Strange car, strage star!!

Rush: MDA, I think you said you saw the site in advance? I had accidentally “published” the entrance page, but I “unpublished” it!

Rush: Official opening will be midnight, Eastern in New Year.

mda19083: not me Rush – perhaps another Chan groupie

hounder: oh good. when i tried it said page not found and i was afraid i had missed someting.

Rush: Rich?

mda19083: Max Detweiler

Mike in DC: The guy in the blue suit was always the bad guy in Missing in Action movies.

Rush: HM!

Mike in DC: Chuck Norris was always blowing him up.

hounder: i have a shirt like that in blue

Rush: How might this film have been had they asked KEYE LUKE to portray Charlie chan?

Rush: Maybe the series would have succeeded!

Rich Maine: CC is 60….yes where is rest of the family ?

Godwinshelley2: Is Charlie supposed to be 60??

Rich Maine: and 500 acres of pineapple

Rush: This is sort of an “updated” charlie Chan…in the ’70s.

mda19083: Hounder – if so, you are the well dressed man

Rich Maine: he retired at 50?

Rush: “Rustis Rubrics of Philosophy”

Rush: This Chan did.

hounder: lol. well dressed woman

Mike in DC: This Caucasian Chan makes what Oland and Toler accomplished more striking.

Angel & Foxx: I rest on top shelf of refrigerator!

Rich Maine: yes mike, tehy were far better

Rush: 10:00

Mike in DC: Easy to take their work for granted after dozens of films…

mda19083: hounder – hah!

Rush: When the Olands visited China in 1937, the people took him for Chinese!

Mike in DC: Does anyone else remember those little “egg roll pockets?

Rich Maine: hahah Rush!

Rush: true.

mda19083: he still has the hat

Rush: The hat…retrieved.

Godwinshelley2: Is that considered a “Derby” hat?

Rush: Not really.

Mike in DC: TSA

Angel & Foxx: Braniff? TWA? Eastern? Northwest Orient?

Rich Maine: The red zone is for loading and unloading only!

Angel & Foxx: RED ZONE CUBA


mda19083: coffee or tea anyone?

Angel & Foxx: Looks like Col.Klink.

Rush: The derby image didn’t “take.”

Mike in DC: coffee, tea or me?

Angel & Foxx: Looks like Pierre Trudeau.

Rush: but a derby was what John Steed wore in “The Avengers.”

Rich Maine: not bringing #1 son 🙁

Godwinshelley2: Nice he has his fidget ring

mda19083: definitely you Mike!

Mike in DC: Red Zone Cuba is a great MST3K episode, Angel

Angel & Foxx: Mike   

Rush: Small, curved brim.

Angel & Foxx: A radiant Botticelli. You report that to the atomic police, rightg?

Mike in DC: That was a “tell-all” book about flight attendants from the 70s.

mda19083: i spot a fake berd

mda19083: beard

Mike in DC: Turned out it was written by a guy.

Angel & Foxx: Speaking of Trudeaus.

Godwinshelley2: I’m thinking of buying a juggling Derby hat (extra heavy felt) to learn a little juggling.

Rush: yes, MDA!

Rush: “Peace” cufflinks…

mda19083: fortune cookie

Rush: UH-oh!

mda19083: pop is for champagne

Rush: Who bought the ticket?

Rush: Pop?

hounder: brb. bedtime 4 mom

Rich Maine: the old cuff link gun trick…..

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Some things about flying hae not changed!

Rush: Is he….?

mda19083: nice tat

Rich Maine: can ?


Mike in DC: <tin-can>

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: pop is for corn

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Rich recognises this song…

Godwinshelley2: Yes I do too

Rush: Via MUZAK

Rich Maine: Oh yes!

mda19083: la la la la la

Rush: Familiar one, yes.

Angel & Foxx: WE have a hidrachi on the deck. FOXX! Throw some shrimp on the ‘drachi!!

Angel & Foxx: PONG

Rush: 🙂

Rich Maine: ping pong….cruisers dream 

Angel & Foxx: SEE SENOR!

Rush: Next week REMINDER…

Rich Maine: white fur

Angel & Foxx: Foxx says the same thing!

Rush: Annoying!

Angel & Foxx: Somebody oughta slap her face.

Mike in DC: Some things never change, Rich!

Rich Maine: true true Mike

Angel & Foxx: WE expect rich Corinthian leather at any moment.

Rush: Ping Pong game continues…

Rich Maine: yes, leather, ermine, mink, spare no expense

Angel & Foxx: SNAP . . .POP . . .

Angel & Foxx: There are no innocent messages. There are mno gbuilty messages. There are just messages.

Rich Maine: whats with the groucho eyebrows????

Rush: Before Leslie Neilsen’s comedic roles…

Angel & Foxx: I been in dotage so long i’m in steerage.

Angel & Foxx: Soon will be in storage.

Rich Maine: cold storage Angel with the furs

Angel & Foxx: I was raised on Cornfucious. Corn flakes.

Angel & Foxx: Alice Gardz? Wasn’t she in “Broadway Babes of 1944”?

Rich Maine: privacy is the tomb?


Rush: Yes, Rich!


Rush: LOTS of “alone time”!


Rush: Close to the time where I am!

Angel & Foxx: SAY IT! “Rich Corinthian leather!”

Rich Maine:  Angel

Angel & Foxx: What does one have to do to be a criminal in this town?


Rush: dangling participles – a participle intended to modify a noun which is not actually present in the text.

mda19083: and don’t call me Shirley

Angel & Foxx: She DRIVES the boss’s Nova.

Rush: MDA: 🙂

mda19083: Antonio Carlos Jobim

mda19083: more ouzo please

Angel & Foxx: I need a revamp. Don’t cryogenic for me, Argentina.

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: ah he’s a cruse ship doctor

Rush: Actually sounded like some NAZI experiment!

Godwinshelley2: I’d prefer Retzina please

Mike in DC: If I were a Rich Man…

Rich Maine: are we breaking plates yet?

Angel & Foxx: Many confuse ACJ with Antonio Carlos Schmidlap-Wuenckweld of Fanbelt on Fritz.

Mike in DC: We need Zero Mostel

Angel & Foxx: Zero was a hero.

hounder: back

Angel & Foxx: If only he’d gone hostel: we could gather at a Mostel Motel.

mda19083: often confused – never in doubt

Rush: He was!

Angel & Foxx: mda: you peeked at my autobio!

mda19083: auto what?

Mike in DC: The editing in this movie is…primitive

Angel & Foxx: It’s too late, baby.

Rush: Auto Buss.

mda19083: it is only a TV movie

Mike in DC: though we really did try to make it, Angel

Rush: The white fur…

Angel & Foxx: Mike, indeed Jimmy Burkett and H.B. Humberstone would barf at these cuts.

Rich Maine: actually it was a feature film but never released due to protests, then jsut went to TV so budget should have been big

Mike in DC: The Fur returns!

mda19083: a screamer!

Angel & Foxx: Many Greeks don’t know where their Onassis.

mda19083: 🙂

Angel & Foxx: mda: tysm!!!

Rush: True, Rich. This was actually something of a pilot for a possible TV crime series.

Mike in DC: *potential tin can*


mda19083: huh?

Mike in DC: *potential hash*

Angel & Foxx: EXACTLY!!


Mike in DC: <tin-can>

Angel & Foxx: That outburst came JUST as that lady screamed, did it not?

Mike in DC: the getaway barge!

mda19083: what are you guys smoking?

Rush: Sorry about the first attempt!

Angel & Foxx: mda: WHADDAYA GOT?

Rich Maine: Similiar to Fame is the name of the Game…..started as movie then became weekly show

Rush: YES, RICH!

Rush: You are correct!

Angel & Foxx: Surprised the victim doesn’t sit up, too, & say “we need some privacy, wouldja MINNNNND?”

Rush: Possible concussion!

mda19083: is the “new” room going to be a “chat and vape” room?

Rush: Chat: yes…Vape: no

mda19083: karma?

Mike in DC: hookahs, perhaps?

Rush: Why?

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: TYSM Rush for the confirmation

Rush: For watching “CC in Egypt”?

Rush: No mapuchari, either!

Mike in DC: a little Eastern ambience…

mda19083: mapuchari anyone?

Rich Maine: really like that show, Anythony Franciosa, Gene Barry

Rush: Of “psychogknosis”…

Rush: OR.

Rush: Divorse her quickly!

Angel & Foxx: KARMA! This IS the ’70s!

Angel & Foxx: More fur!

Mike in DC: and horoscopes

mda19083: forgot about that A and F

Angel & Foxx: MOOD RINGS $3! MOOD RINGS $3!!

mda19083: lots of bad moustaches in the 70’s


Angel & Foxx: There are only coincidences. There are no . . .

mda19083: 🙂


Rush: I could hear a soft busy signal earlier in this scene.

Rich Maine: So this film is post- wild wild west, Ross would have been very well known

Rush: Maybe a phone was off the hook while the scene was shot.

mda19083: Artemis Gordon

Rush: Yes, Rich.

Rich Maine: also after 7 Faces of Dr. Lao

Rich Maine: sorry…i go off on tangents 

Rush: Still I would againpose the question of how might this film have faired had KEYE LUKE played CC???

mda19083: he was probably using an IBM Selectrix

Angel & Foxx: GORDY N. KNOTT?! Didn’t he play golf with Penny Singleton in that medieval romance movie?

Rich Maine: yes,or anyone from the series Rush

Rush: yes.

Rush: Maybe keye luke was under contract for another project.

Angel & Foxx: I’m gonna start concluding all important correspondence with “However,”

Rush: Yes!

Angel & Foxx: Might have that put at the end of my Will, too.

Rush: AH!

Angel & Foxx: “Why, thank you!”

Rush: “Happiness is a Warm Clue”

Rich Maine: Keye was in The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan in 1972 16 episodes so might have been busy

mda19083: Anita Bryant said that

Rush: The alternate title for this movie.

Angel & Foxx: 2 HITS, 1 OUT!

Rush: True, Rich!

Rich Maine:  Rush

mda19083: elementary my dear Watson

Angel & Foxx: Rich, i don’t know how i never connected the Chan Clan’s possible production schedules with this film. Of course! BAD MOVE.

Angel & Foxx: She looks like she’s been to an ophthalmologist who can’t spell.

Rich Maine:  Angel

Angel & Foxx: He’s a world citizen.

Rush: “Easy blow-up, easy pop!”

Angel & Foxx: Few gold thieves are not seen as gilty.

Rush: OUCH!

Angel & Foxx: JIFFY, Pop!

Angel & Foxx: All is vanity.

Angel & Foxx: All is vanity

Rush: TRUE.

Rush: Wisdom.

Angel & Foxx: My buddy Solomon.

Rush: 🙂

Angel & Foxx: Imagine somebody trifling WITHOUT his wife.

Rich Maine: Where have you been for 10 years CC?

Rush: Retired.

Rush: Claiming he’s “rusty.”

Angel & Foxx: Buddhists musta been peeved about that swipe.

Rich Maine: yes Angel!

Rush: Maybe she needs to stop drinking!

Angel & Foxx: I like the idea of Bone Herring.

Angel & Foxx: I see Vlad Putin in this role.

mda19083: they call him the count because he likes to count things

Angel & Foxx: mda, go to your rfoom and count to 100!

Rush: She decided to put clothes on!


mda19083: time out again?

Rich Maine: she gets around ……

Rush: Busy lady.

Angel & Foxx: He was no a count.

Mike in DC: Oh. Bo. He played the oboe.

Angel & Foxx: She needs ANOTHER drink.

Rush: …or two…


Mike in DC: Charlie gets more clues…

mda19083: what did he say?

Rush: Doctor’s need to drink.

Rich Maine: chan family photos at last

Angel & Foxx: *Hic*

Rush: So they can see “twice as well” while operating.

Mike in DC: Hopefully AFTER performing the surgeries, Rush. 🙂

Rush: 🙂

Angel & Foxx: Without the Tang Dynasty, the astronauts would have to drink alcohol.

Rush: The phone bill will be astronomic!

mda19083: 🙂

Rich Maine: YES Rush…..person to person!

Rush: Charge it to Hydrachi.

Angel & Foxx: 555-5555

Angel & Foxx: IFFY Pop!

Rush: RI 9-5171

mda19083: pop is for champagne

Mike in DC: Rat furs?

Angel & Foxx: C R E S T A B L A N C A

Mike in DC: Jeez. Times are tough…

Rich Maine: It was Paris Mike

Angel & Foxx: These guys need rat hats.

Angel & Foxx: We’ll always have Paris.

mda19083: play it again Sam

Mike in DC: Yeah, Angel, but the rat fur coat sort of took the romance out of it.

Rich Maine: when price of rats dropped, they became so common….

Angel & Foxx: Mike, something was bound to. Best we got it over now. We’ll always have a pawn ticket from Paris.

Rush: Get it together, lady!

Angel & Foxx: We need common-law rat reform legislation.

Mike in DC: what just happened?

Angel & Foxx: HIP! HIP! HOP!!

Rich Maine: yeah mike….2 second bar scene then bedroom ???

Angel & Foxx: Chan doing the frug is something i’d have paid to see.

Rush: a not-so-subtle trasition.

mda19083: what the frug?

Rush: Our copy was probably altered for TV commercials.

Mike in DC: One of the only dances I ever tried to do

Angel & Foxx: Mae West was still around at this time, i think–in my Fantasy Chan Castings, i’d use her in several entries, maybe this one.

Rush: At the very end of my copy there is an ad for a channel.

Rush: Two bad shots!

Angel & Foxx: HEY, fellow geezers—should we tell mda what’s the frug?

Angel & Foxx: Or oblige her to Goog it?

mda19083: please do!

Angel & Foxx: Tin cvan?

Mike in DC

Rush: A popular dance of the mid-’60s.

Angel & Foxx: THANKS, MIKE!

Rush: Was there a death?

Angel & Foxx: mda, we’ll expect your video on the Family page.

mda19083: how old do you guys think I am?

Rich Maine: no death yet

Mike in DC: who knows Rush? it was probably lost in another bad edit. 

Rush: We can all come

Rush: clean…

Rush: if you like?

Angel & Foxx: Really, Rich? Yeah, i guess you’re right—geez.

Angel & Foxx: What are our troops gonna do with no tin cans?

Angel & Foxx: YO, HANSON!

Rush: Nearing the conclusion….

Rich Maine: yes this film has very few cans compared to orignals

Rush: Again…

Mike in DC: Too young to have danced the frug, MDA?


Rush: charlie

mda19083: A and F – that’s how we say it in Philadephia


Rush: The film: “Behind That Curtain.”

Angel & Foxx: If only i could get the Bunny Hug going at a family event.

Godwinshelley2: Prepare for the EARWORM

Angel & Foxx: Sorrry, Bunny Hop.

Rush: Please have earplugs ready…

Rich Maine: NOW there s a death

Angel & Foxx: He’s a five-dollar drunk.

Rush: Yes.

Mike in DC: <tin-can?>

Godwinshelley2: Yes – next week has some singing


Angel & Foxx: We’re not making the doctor ANYTHING!

Angel & Foxx: You’re ON, aren’t you?

Angel & Foxx: Chlolral hydrate IS a heavy thang. Knock a reindeer down the stares.

Rush: Uh-OH!

Rush: He left something incrimination somewhere!

mda19083: no wonder grandma got run over by the reindeer

Mike in DC: Ze plot, she thickens, no?

Angel & Foxx: The reindeer was asking for it.

Rush: yes.

mda19083: I hope everyone got a present from Santa

Angel & Foxx: He’s groovy.

Angel & Foxx: Santa gives me presents cuz he don’t know about my past. And DON’T ANY OF YOU TELL HIM!!]

Mike in DC: Mum’s the word, Angel

mda19083: ah – I “see”it now!

Angel & Foxx: Mum AND Pop.

Rush: CC’s daughter has a thing for yarn hair ties!

Mike in DC: FAST, spooky music now

Rich Maine: This CC has no gun

Rush: Nope…not one that shoots BULLETS anyway!

Angel & Foxx: Well, he shoulda armed himself, as Clint Eastwood said.

Angel & Foxx: This film needs a Birmingham Brown.


Rich Maine: YES Angel!

Rich Maine: what do you see in this image?

Rush: A case closed!

Mike in DC: It’s an octopus, Rich

Angel & Foxx: Thanks, Rich!

Angel & Foxx: I see a lamb after a paintball nighht.

Rich Maine: not enough legs 

Rush: More breakthroughs to come!

mda19083: round up the usual suspects

Rich Maine: yes the classic end scene

mda19083: nice hat

Angel & Foxx: Cuh-lassic.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: NEXT WEEK our Chat will be at:


mda19083: yay!

Godwinshelley2: I’ll have to resave it to my favorite

Rush: You can DO it!!!

mda19083: I am already watching my P’s and Q’s

Mike in DC: And .info’s and .org’s

Rush: Good! Remember to watch the rest of the alphabet, as well!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Conjectured flashbacks!

mda19083: .org – we are movin on up

Rush: Maybe a little!

Angel & Foxx: I love silent flashbacks with narration/.

Rush: It was available at WordPress, so I took it!

Angel & Foxx: KLONK

Mike in DC: *thud*

Rich Maine: BTW, make sure you watch Glass Onion, its wonderful !

Rush: Hit him with a small gavel!


Angel & Foxx: “STENCIL”?!!!

Rush: That’s all it takes.

Angel & Foxx: From the Lovin’ Spoonful?

Rush: Sadly, I remember the years mentioned!

Angel & Foxx: His name coulda been Yon Yonson, he coulda been from Wisconsin & been a CONTENDAH. STELLLLLLLAAAA!

mda19083: do you believe in magic?

Angel & Foxx: LAUREL CANYON? Didn’t she share the Emmy in 1978 for Best Kicks?

Angel & Foxx: From the Lovin’ Spoonful?

Rush: 🙂

Angel & Foxx: THAT BOOK coulda SAVED the Lovin Spoonful!!

Angel & Foxx: And that guy didn’t know where his Onasswas.


Angel & Foxx: Rush, you are our man on the edge!!

Rush: Awwww…

Angel & Foxx: They look innocent AND gilty!

Godwinshelley2: Wasn’t Jon Sebastian part of that group

mda19083: I agree A and F

Rich Maine: Get me Perry Mason !

mda19083: Johan Sebastian?

Rush: Yep!

Angel & Foxx: If they don’t know how to do it, i’ll show them how to walk the dawgs.

mda19083: luv that hat

Rush: Melvin Bell-Eye?

Angel & Foxx: Gotta be a rat hat.

Rush: Muscrat.

Angel & Foxx: Rush:   

mda19083: the giant rat of sumatra

Rush: 🙂

Rich Maine: Muscrat Love…..Captain and Tennile

Angel & Foxx: mda, who’s behind IS the giant rat of sumatra?

Rush: Oh…those lATE ’70S!

mda19083: luv the 70s

Mike in DC: Rat hat doodle-e-doo; rat hat doole-e-doo…

Angel & Foxx: Gonna take a sentimental journey.


Rich Maine: Huntingtons Chlorera….same as in Valley of the Dolls – Tony

Dona: agreed

Godwinshelley2: Next month I think Netflix will have the updated “That 70s Show” – as “That 90s Show”

Angel & Foxx: We’re getting misty-eyed here.

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: play misty for me

Angel & Foxx: One way to avboid that is illegitimacy.

Angel & Foxx: Ah, we’re gonna be BAWLIN’ here in a minute.

mda19083: she can’t handle the truth

Mike in DC: mice?

Angel & Foxx: CUE MUSIC UP

Rush: Mice-son

Rich Maine: my son, my son….my pappa, my pappa

Mike in DC: Better than rat-son

Angel & Foxx: OH MEIN PAPA

mda19083: 🙂

Angel & Foxx: Homer wrote a lotta stuff.

Rush: He falls into the “far better” class.

Rush: Music box.

Mike in DC: lolipop

Angel & Foxx: Tis a far far better movie . . .

Rush: Yes…

Rich Maine: setup for the series…..

Rush: The Cushman Diamond Case was sadly never taken on by Charlie Chan….

Godwinshelley2: So what kind of hat IS he wearing

Rush: The same pose from early on.

Rich Maine: Happy New Year to all! A new home next week……

Mike in DC: Happy New Year everyone!

Angel & Foxx: The Cushman Diamond? Wasn’t that the tyiny baseball stadioum with those little carts?

Dona: Yes, looking forward to it.

hounder: i love that chan was taking back souvineers for the rest of the family.

Mike in DC: <kids-sorta-yeah>

Rush: Merry Christmas…and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!!!

Rush: Please take care…

Rush: Watch your emails…

Angel & Foxx: YAY! A jazzy farewell! Happy New Year all!

mda19083: yes – see you all next year

Mike in DC: See you all in 2023!

hounder: happy new years everyone. hope to see you early in 2023.

Angel & Foxx: That’s a DATE!!

Rush: See you at our new chat room next week if all goes well!

hounder: bite all.

Dona: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. I’m looking forward to our new website next week.

hounder: nite

Rush: Thank you ALL for a wonderful “closing night.”

Mike in DC: I’ll be heading to at MIDNIGHT, Rush. Want to be first to see the new site. 🙂

mda19083: headed to the Waldorf Astoria on NY eve to listen to Guy Lombardo

Rich Maine has left this room

Rush: May 2023 bring everyone MUCH happiness!

Rush: Good night…

Mike in DC: Amen to that, Rush! And good health to all!

Godwinshelley2: Rush – besides the website, let me know what else you would like changed on our advertising postcards

Dona: Thank you Rush!

mda19083: thanks all for the fun evening

hounder has left this room

Rush: (No “kings” in the new Chat room, I believe!

Mike in DC: Thank you Rush for another wonderful year. The Chan clan wouldn’t be the Chan clan without you!

Godwinshelley2: Oh no – you will have to mingle with the rest of us “rabble”

Dona has left this room

Rush: The question should actually be REVERSED!

Rush: Take care…

Mike in DC: See y’all next week! Thanks a million!

Rush: have a happy and safe…and WARM week!

Godwinshelley2: Everyone stay safe..

Rush: You too!

Mike in DC: Rach came down to say happy new year to all!

Godwinshelley2: How nice

Rush: Hello, Rachel!!!

Mike in DC: (in bed with a cold)

Mike in DC: *sneeze*

Godwinshelley2: Ugh – sorry

Rush: May you get well SOON!!!

mda19083 has left this room

Mike in DC: She’ll be back with us next week. 🙂

Godwinshelley2: Good

Rush: Take care, everyone…

Rush: Good night…

Mike in DC: Good night.

Godwinshelley2: OK – Karloff next week

Rush: Yes!!!

Godwinshelley2: Stay safe all

Godwinshelley2: Night

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: Good night Mike/rachel!

Rush: see you BOTH next week!!!!

Rush: Happy New Year to you!!!

Rush: Good night!

Mike in DC has left this room

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