Chat Archive 2/11/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for February 11, 2019

Charlie Chan in Paris

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 6)

Angel & Fox
Hi Gang
Mike in DC

Rush has joined this room16:21

Rush: TEST.16:21

Mike in DC has joined this room16:21

Mike in DC: Knock, knock16:21

Rush: Good evening, Mike!16:21

Rush: WELCOME!16:21

Mike in DC: Hi Rush. How are you today?16:22

Rush: Doing well, thank you. How are you and Rachel tonight.16:22

Rush: I know she isn’t with you at the moment.16:22

Mike in DC: I’m doing well. Rach is upstairs in bed. A bit under the weather…16:22

Rush: hear that.16:22

Rush: Sorry to hear that.16:23

Mike in DC: We’ve been going from freezing cold to quite warm, and I think she picked up a bug.16:23

Rush: Yes.16:23

Mike in DC: Of course being around 200 HS kids every day could do it too. 16:23

Rush: My younger daughter got a bad cold. She’s getting better.16:23

Rush: YES!16:23

Mike in DC: Is that the “other” Rachel?16:23

Rush: I have avoided “the bug” so far.16:23

Rush: Yes. My Rachel!16:23

Mike in DC: Keep those antibodies going!16:24

Rush: Indeed!16:24

Mike in DC: Well, we’ll have to nurse our respective Rachels back to health.16:24

Mike in DC: Give her our regards…it was fun having her in the chat a while back!16:24

Rush: We got Rachel a humidifier for her bedroom. That helps her deep cough.16:24

Rush: Will do!16:25

Rush: She will be arriving later with Mom and her sister.16:25

Rush: Rachel is back in school.16:25

Mike in DC: OK. So she’s really on the mend, then.16:26

Rush: Oh, yes.16:26

Mike in DC: How many Glicks are there in total?16:26

Rush: She only missed one day.16:26

Rush: I took a day off work to stay home with her.16:26

Mike in DC: Good dad!16:26

Rush: Four of us.16:26

Mike in DC: OK. Two girls, then?16:26

Rush: Yes.16:26

Rush: I am outnumbered!16:27

Mike in DC: Ha. It can happen to the best of us. :)16:27

Rush: Yes!16:27

Rush: 16:27

Mike in DC: 16:27

Rush: We have Charlie Chan’s next stop on his tour tonight…”Paris.”16:28

Rush: I like these “connected” films.16:28

Mike in DC: Yes…they were almost like a serial unto themselves16:29

Rush: I would even include “Shanghai” in those, as he was maybe traveling home, passing through China on his way back home.16:29

Mike in DC: It must have been fun to follow them when they came out as feature films–mini “Star Wars” of the 30s maybe. 16:29

Rush: Yes.16:29

Mike in DC: There was a phase when they seemed to want to have Charlie in exotic locales16:30

Mike in DC: Egypt, Shanghai…then the Opera, Circus, etc.16:30

Rush: Yes. This happened after Earl Derr Biggers’ death.16:30

hounder has joined this room16:30

hounder: hi everyone.16:30

Mike in DC: Do you think Biggers would have complained had he known?16:30

Mike in DC: hi hounder!16:30

Rush: I think that with “London,” the writers/producers thought that exotic locales would be the way to go.16:31

Rush: Hello, Hounder!16:31

Mike in DC: Gotcha. Brb. Going to take a little soup up to “Rachel in DC”16:31

Rush: Good evening to you!16:31

Rush: Okay, mike!16:31

Matt has joined this room16:31

Rush: Hello, MATT!16:31

hounder: hi matt16:31

Rush: WELCOME!16:31

Matt: Hello Rush, Mike & Hounder!16:31

Rush: How are you both, Hounder and Matt?16:31

hounder: I’m well. we had beautiful weather today.16:32

Matt: LOVING the FL weather! Hope all is well with you all.16:32

Rush: Yes, Hounder?16:32

Rush: NICE!16:32

hounder: 80 and sunny16:32

Rush: Chilly in my area and clear.16:32

Matt: Back in FL Hounder?16:32

hounder: i think it’s supposed to be 60 tomorrow16:33

hounder: yes since nov.16:33

Rush: That’s about as warm as it got for us today, Hounder.16:33

Rush: 60.16:33

Mike in DC: Hi Matt!16:34

Rush: We can start our serial in about 5 minutes, perhaps…16:34

Matt: Mike!16:34

Mike in DC: We seem to be stuck in the 30s/40s at the moment.16:34

Matt: Ready here!16:34

Rush: It runs 20 minutes tonight.16:34

Mike in DC: Ready for takeoff. it’s part 6, right?16:35

Rush: Yes….part 6.16:35

Rush: Mine’s ready now, too.16:35

Mike in DC: Duh. Yes…just saw it right above the chat window. 16:36

Rush: No problem!16:36

hounder: ready16:36

Rush: 16:36

hounder: is R ok mike? hoping she isn’t sick16:36

Mike in DC: She’s come down with a minor bug of some kind…in bed with some turkey noodle soup at the moment.16:37

Rush: That should help, Mike!16:37

hounder: 🙁 hope she gets well quickly16:37

Rush: Yes.16:37

Mike in DC: She’s honing her Legend of Zelda skills. 16:37

Rush: Please say “hello” from all of us.16:37

Matt: Wishing her a speedy recovery…..soup cures all16:37

Mike in DC: Will do.16:37

Rush: 2 minutes…?16:37

Rush: Everyone ready?16:38

Mike in DC: It was good timing…we had some turkey bones in the fridge just waiting to become soup…16:38

Mike in DC: Ready here, chief!16:38

Rush: 90 seconds…16:38

Mike in DC: *spins propeller*16:38

Rush: 16:38

Rush: 60 seconds…16:38

Rush: 50 seconds…16:39

Rush: 40 seconds…16:39

Mike in DC: *engages generators*16:39

Mike in DC: Contact!16:39

Rush: 30 seconds..16:39

Rush: 25…16:39

Rush: 20…16:39

Rush: 15…16:39

Rush: 10…16:39

Rush: 5…16:39

Rush: GO!!!16:39

Matt: <Gong!>16:39

Mike in DC: <zoom>16:40

Rush: Bomb….16:40

Mike in DC: Love this music.16:40

Rush: Yes.16:40

Mike in DC: not sure the bomb fits with the music…16:40

Rush: “Determined” music.16:40

Mike in DC: But very teen-age determination…it’s uber-cute16:41

Rush: “Midnight in Hong Kong”16:41

Mike in DC: And the faux-Chinese music, too16:41

Rush: Sounds like a song title.16:41

Mike in DC: German Lieder?16:41

Mike in DC: Schubert?16:41

Rush: Into the crate.16:42

Mike in DC: This doesn’t look good…16:43

Rush: Cue bubbles….16:43

Mike in DC: Capt. Wing!16:43

Rush: Fight scene slightly speeded uop.16:44

Rush: up.16:44

Rush: Got him.16:44

Rush: And…saved.16:44

Mike in DC: *glug glug*16:45

Rush: And, yes…that was Captain Wing to the rescue!16:45

Rush: Wing winged him!16:45

Rush: Sorry…FATAL shot!16:46

Rush: It looked like he grabbed his arm to me!16:46

Mike in DC: Poisoned bullet perhaps…16:46

Matt: Suicide16:46

Rush: Fraulein von Teuffel.16:46

Rush: AH!16:46

Matt: Stabbed himself16:46

Mike in DC: Ah.16:46

Mike in DC: That too. 16:47

Rush: Black Samurai.16:47

hounder: back16:47

Mike in DC: Rachel made an appearance…I was distracted.16:47

Rush: 16:47

hounder: time check please?16:47

Mike in DC: 16:47

Rush: I have about 6:30.16:48

Rush: Matt, time check please?16:48

Mike in DC: I’m just @ 8?3016:48

Mike in DC: 8:3016:48

hounder: thanks. the movie paused while i was gone16:48

Rush: I clicked the red dot and may bave set it back!16:48

Mike in DC: FvT reloading dart gun16:48

Mike in DC: or pen16:48

Mike in DC: Menu?16:49

Rush: I think I fixed mine.16:49

Rush: I am at about 9:30.16:49

Mike in DC: Yes, Rush16:49

Rush: TYSM!16:50

Rush: Official Brittish seal.16:50

Mike in DC: “My country prefers poverty and peace…” Did you ask the starving pesants???16:50

Rush: “Clipper” is still running!16:50

Rush: mike: 16:51

Rush: Tea service for one.16:51

Rush: Invisible ink!16:52

Matt: I’d burn the paper16:52

Rush: The “Clipper.”16:52

hounder: good plan matt16:52

Rush: Nice shot of one taking off.16:53

Rush: Famous last words!16:53

hounder: How do you know where you’ve written when you write with her invisible ink?16:54

Mike in DC: Planes, submarines…how exciting16:54

Rush: Yes!16:54

Rush: Fun stuff!16:54

Rush: Hijacking the flight!16:55

Rush: Stopped, for now.16:55

Mike in DC: Needed the TSA16:55

Rush: The sub!16:56

Rush: Yes, Mike!16:56

Mike in DC: Oh My GOD16:56

Mike in DC: Is this the USS Chichuhua?16:57

Rush: I sense the cliffhanger coming…16:57

hounder: but you missed one16:57

hounder: they should have counted noses16:57

Rush: She needs it for her “work.”16:58

Mike in DC: The Mexican Japanese are back16:58

Mike in DC: Oh no!16:58

Rush: Going down!16:59

Mike in DC: How will they escape this one?16:59

Rush: Crash! seawater filling the plane!16:59

Mike in DC: Doomed!16:59

Rush: To be continued!16:59

Matt: <Claps>16:59

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>16:59

Rush: Not bad!16:59

Mike in DC: Almost caught FvT red-handed17:00

Rush: There are some pretty good effects and sets in this one.17:00

Rush: Not too many of us so far!17:00

Rush: We start “Charlie Chan in Paris” in 14 minutes.17:00

Mike in DC: Well, Rachel made an appearance, so we can count 5 at least 17:01

hounder: hurray17:01

Rush: Very good, Mike!17:01

Rush: Hello, Rachel!17:01

hounder: hi r17:01

hounder: get well r17:01

Rush: I expect a few more will start to arrive…17:02

Louise has joined this room17:02

Louise: Hi Chan clan!17:02

hounder: hi louise17:02

Rush: I need to ready my DVD.17:02

Rush: Hello, LOUISE!17:02

Rush: Goode vening to you!17:02

Rush: (evening)17:02

Mike in DC: False alarm: Soup refill. Back to just me. 17:02

Louise: Nice to see you all here, ready for paris17:03

Rush: How are you tonight, Louise?17:03

Mike in DC: Hi Louise!17:03

Rush: Yes…getting ready….17:03

Matt: Hello Louise!17:03

Matt: Oui-Oui!17:03

LibraryJim has joined this room17:03

Matt: Hello Jim!17:03

hounder: hi lj17:03

LibraryJim: Hi, all17:03

Louise: As maurice Chevalier would sing, “Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise…”17:04

Mike in DC: Hey LJ!17:04

Louise: All is fine here, waiting for the snow tonight17:04

Rush: Snow….brrrr….17:05

Rush: WELCOME, LJ!17:05

Louise: Just came back from a nice visit to NYC, going to museums and visiting with my son17:05

Matt: Our local news here in FL showed OCNJ boardwalk/snow tonight17:05

hounder: sounds like fun louise17:06

Louise: Yes Matt, definitely expecting some snow here too17:06

Louise: Thanks hounder, it was very pleasant17:06

LibraryJim: I heard it snowed in Maui today.17:06

Louise: Get out LJ17:07

LibraryJim: on the higher ranges, above 6,000 feet17:07

Louise: This is a popcorn and wine night for me here17:07

Rush: I suppose it could at the top of the dormant volcano.17:07

Rush: Halealala.17:07

Rush: Haleakala.17:08

Matt: Bell you17:08

Matt: Bless17:08

Rush: 6 1/2 minutes….17:08

Louise: It’s typo night!17:08


Rush: Always typo night for me!17:08

Rush: 6 minutes to go…17:08

Matt: Cued to Opening Title here17:09

Rush: Very good.17:09

Mike in DC: Snow in Hawaii???17:09

Louise: cued here17:09

Rush: Please pause at the opening title….17:09

Mike in DC: That has to be extremely rare17:09

Mike in DC: Cued here17:09

Rush: Oh, yes, especially at the highest part of the Big Island.17:09

LibraryJim: opening title just coming into focus after the fanfare17:09

Mike in DC: Caught mine in mid-fade…obelisk rising in background.17:10

GodwinShelley2 has joined this room17:10

Louise: me too, Mike17:10

LibraryJim: Charlie Chan say “Snow in Hawaii like fake alibi of crook — not las”17:10

Matt: Hello GS!17:10

hounder: hi gs17:10

LibraryJim: not last long in light of day17:10

Rush: Hello, GS!17:10

Louise: Hi GS17:10

GodwinShelley2: Yes snow in Hawaii just for my trip17:10

Dona has joined this room17:11

LibraryJim: bother — typo night for me, too17:11

Rush: Good evening to you!17:11

Dona: Hello everyone!17:11

Rush: And….DONA….!17:11

Rush: WELCOME!17:11

Louise: Hi Dona17:11

Mike in DC: Hey Dona!17:11

hounder: hi dona17:11

LibraryJim: Hi, Dona and everyone else17:11

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes to go…17:11

GodwinShelley2: Yes not staying- still in packing frenzy17:11

Rush: 3 minutes…17:11

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Paris.”17:11

Louise: Okay GS, have fun17:12

Rush: Okay, GS.17:12

hounder: have a great trip gs17:12

Rush: Just happy to have you here a little while before your wonderful journey!17:12

Rush: Please feel free to keep in touch with us!17:12

LibraryJim: yes have a great trip, GS17:12

GodwinShelley2: Need my mukluks for Maui17:12

Rush: 2 minutes….17:12

Rush: Maybe you can post on occasion at our Message Board?17:13

Rush: 90 seconds…17:13

GodwinShelley2: I’ll send notes on Facebook page17:13

Rush: Be safe on your trip.17:13

Rush: and have a LOT of Chan-filled FUN!17:13

LibraryJim: GS that would be super17:13

Rush: 60 seconds….17:13

Matt: <tic-toc>17:13

Mike in DC: Hi GS!17:13

Louise: Envious, GS17:14

Matt: Enjoy GS17:14

Rush: 50 seconds…17:14

Dona has left this room17:14

Rush: Please give Steve our best!17:14

Matt: Hello Dona!17:14

Rush: 40 seconds…17:14

Rush: 30 seconds…17:14

Rush: 25…17:14

Rush: 20…17:14

Rush: 15…17:14

Rush: 10…17:14

Dona has joined this room17:14

Dona: Wahoo! Have fun GS!17:14

Rush: 5…17:14

Rush: GO!!!17:14

Matt: <GONG!>17:14

Rush: Music….title….17:15

Rush: Credits….17:15

Rush: The obelisk.17:15

Mike in DC: Gowns by Lillian17:15

Rush: Brought back from Egypt by Napoleon.17:15

LibraryJim: Philip Macdonald again17:15

Louise: beat me to it MIke17:15

Rush: Le Bourget Airport.17:15

Mike in DC: Ford tri-motor17:15

Rush: That is where Lindy landed.17:15

Mike in DC: Shady character!17:16

LibraryJim: the blind beggar17:16

Rush: Actually: Fokker F-1017:16

Rush: But a tri-motor, yes!17:16

Louise: Fake beggar17:17

LibraryJim: OK,not blind. 17:17

Rush: It is always good fortune to give alms upon entering city.17:17

Louise: Oh damn, what are those sleeves?17:17

hounder: feathers?17:17

Rush: I have doubts about the amount of “good fortune” this time, though!17:17

LibraryJim: mink?17:17

Matt: Hairy arms17:17

Dona: My mother used to tell me that Rush! Now I know where she go it.17:17

Louise: No fur, but she does look like she could take off17:17

Rush: Some type of fur.17:17

Rush: CRASH!17:18

Rush: NOT safety glass!17:18

Phil has joined this room17:18

Louise: This person writes in several different scripts17:18

Matt: Hello Phil!17:18

Rush: One backwards “N” and one correctly written “N.”17:18

Dona: Hi Phil17:18

Rush: Good evening, PHIL!17:18

LibraryJim: not very polite to only give one warning….17:18

Rush: WELCOME!17:18

Rush: Just starting the movie!17:19

Phil: AALLOOHHHAAAA to all my wonderful chan friends. good to see you all.17:19

Rush: 4:40…17:19

LibraryJim: good to see you, too Phil17:19

Rush: And the same to YOU, too, Phil!17:19

Rush: 17:19

hounder: hi phil17:19

Phil: time pls17:20

Mike in DC: Hi Phil!17:20

Rush: Seems that Mr. Chan has entered a Parisian colony of English and American ex-patriots!17:20

Dona: 5:4517:20

Rush: “Boo!”17:20

LibraryJim: the insulting drunk’17:20

Rush: 6:10…17:20

Rush: Yes…Max Corday.17:20

Phil: i’m good thanks rush.17:21

Rush: CC “returns the favor” here.17:21

Rush: great to hear, Phil!17:21

hounder: charlie takes it well and throws it back.17:21

Rush: “Youth tonic for old blood.”17:21

LibraryJim: my favorite bit of dialogue17:21

Rush: Yes, LJ.17:21

GodwinShelley2: I’m heading out and back to packing (or unpacking- taking out some I guess I won’t need. )17:21

Mike in DC: Jacquard? I bet she “looms” over everyone…17:22

Rush: Chan politely “corrects” Corday.17:22

Rush: 7:4017:22

GodwinShelley2: I’ll send a few photos to Rush17:22

Rush: Cue scribbling sound….17:22

Rush: TYSM, GS!17:22

GodwinShelley2 has left this room17:22

LibraryJim: not bad17:22

Matt: A Lee original?17:22

Rush: I will place them at our “Bulletin Board” here at this site.17:23

Rush: Please look for them.17:23

Rush: “Café du Singe Bleu.”17:23

Rush: “The Blue Monkey Café.”17:23

Mike in DC: ook ook17:24

Rush: As we shall see, this is a very meaningful moment.17:24

Phil: Life is full of meaningful moments.17:24

Louise: This is when I am going to miss the sound effects…17:24

Mike in DC: “Not TOO bold”17:24

Rush: Nardi participates in the “Dans Apache.”17:24

Phil: Is that the guy who’s the assistant in CC in Egypt?17:25

Rush: Yes, Louise…me too.17:25

Rush: The man seated near CC?17:25

Mike in DC: The Apache Dance!17:25

Phil: Yeah17:25

hounder: ok. the dance style i don’t like17:25

Phil: Man I can hear her verterbrae snapping.17:25

Rush: Recall Bluto doing this dance woth Olive Oyl…and then Popeye steps in to “complete” it!17:25

Rush: We have a version of this in “Eran Trece.”17:26

LibraryJim: agree, Hounder. Very rough17:26

hounder: didn’t like the bluto doing it either17:26

Rush: We have our own demeaning “dances” today, do we not?17:26

Dona: Yes we do Rush!17:27

Phil: Not only rough but denigrationg17:27

Phil: CUE THE CAN17:27

Louise: Knife17:27

Rush: Cue scream!17:27

Louise: all creepy17:27

Louise: orCREEPY!17:28

Matt: <tin can>17:28

Rush: TYSM, Matt…17:28

LibraryJim: chan creeping17:28

Phil: Matt’s living in the past.17:28

Phil: Or I’m in the future.17:29

Matt: Can’t let go17:29

Louise: We need Matt to live in the past or we would be lost17:29

Rush: Yes, Phil…we all miss the sound effects!17:29

Dona: Agreed Louise17:29

Phil: Yes, but I can pretend Matt’s hitting the can.17:29

Phil: sound.17:29

hi gang has joined this room17:29

Phil: Aloha hi gang.17:30

Matt: It was fun while it lasted,,,,,<sigh>17:30

hounder: hi gang welcome17:30

hi gang: HI gang17:30

Dona: Hello gang17:30

Rush: I believe that the gentleman referred to earlier would be Thomas Beck.17:30

hi gang: oops…it’s Paul M17:30

Matt: Hello HG!17:30

Rush: He appeared in FOUR Chan movies:17:30

hi gang has left this room17:30

Mike in DC: Laverne…17:30

Rush: Charlie Chan in Paris: Victor Descartes

Charlie Chan in Egypt: Tom Evans

Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Bruce Rogers

Charlie Chan at the Opera: Phil Childers17:30

Dona: Hi Paul17:30

Rush: “Ah, choo!”17:30

Phil: Not “Ah so”17:31

Rush: I missed “Hi Gang.’17:31

PaulM has joined this room17:31

Rush: “Cuckoo…”17:31

PaulM: lets try this agai17:31

PaulM: again17:31

Phil: We’re ag 17;0517:31

Dona: Hi Paul!17:31

Rush: I love how CC thank s the cuckoo….17:31

hounder: hi paul17:31

Phil: HG we’re at 17:3017:31

Louise: CuKoo17:32

PaulM: i went back to work today after 2 months away. i fell asleep in my computer chair. thats why i’m late17:32

LibraryJim: always the gentleman17:32

Rush: :)17:32

hounder: polite to everyone and everything17:32

Rush: YES!\17:32

danventure has joined this room17:32

Phil: ALOHA DV. Good to see you.17:32

danventure: Hurrah! I remembered today!17:32

Rush: Good evening, DanVenture!17:32

Rush: WELCOME!17:32

danventure: Late, but not too late.17:33

Rush: YAY!17:33

Rush: No…17:33

LibraryJim: he didn’t time that very well17:33

Dona: Hi Dan17:33

Rush: Never too late!17:33

Mike in DC: Hi Dan17:33

hounder has left this room17:33

Rush: We can get you up to speed as far as our present time for the movie…17:33

Louise: Revolving door tonight17:33

Phil: 192517:33

danventure: Yes. Where are we in the show?17:33

LibraryJim: didn’t they use that in Murder by Death when Sydney Wang arrives at the mansion and remarks on the foot prints outlined on the walk way?17:33

Matt: Helloooooo, Pop!17:34

Louise: Rush, I enjoyed reading the history of the chat room in the newslettyer.17:34

Mike in DC: Pop!17:34

Rush: I don’t remember that one, LJ!17:34

Louise: POP!17:34

Rush: and….LEE!17:34

Rush: TYSM, Louise!17:34

danventure: And a BIG thank you for the new chatroom. (Always was a real problem logging in before.)17:34

Rush: It rekindled dormant memories for me to write it!17:34

Rush: “Joy in heart more desirable than bullet.”17:35

Mike in DC: Very true, Charlie!17:35

Rush: :)17:35

Rush: “Banque Lamatrine.”17:36

Rush: Nice, generous father!17:36

Rush: And a not-so-wonderful former flame.17:37

Mike in DC: Rogue.17:37

Rush: That’s putting it kindly, Mike!17:38

Rush: “Okay, pop!”17:38

hounder has joined this room17:38

LibraryJim: there he is again17:39

Rush: M. Xavier, again!17:39

Louise: For a blind guy he gets around a lot17:39

Rush: Hello, again, Hounder!17:39

hounder: time check please? computer crashed17:39

Rush: 25:0017:39

Mike in DC: Wait! Is that Mr. Smith???17:39

hounder: thanks17:39

Rush: AH! You are right, Mike!17:39

Dona: 1517:40

Rush: Murray Kinnel.17:40

Mike in DC: He sure came a long way from that beach in Hawaii17:40

Dona: oops17:40

Rush: Yes! And we also saw him last week in “London.”17:40

Mike in DC: (good actor, I think)17:40

Dona: the butler?17:40

LibraryJim: Kindness in heart better than gold in bank17:40

Mike in DC: Yes, Dona17:40

Rush: “Kindness in heart better than gold in bank.”17:40

Rush: Yes, LJ!17:41

Rush: :)17:41

LibraryJim: well, when I didn’t see you post it, I thought I would. 17:41

Louise: Not sure exactly what a bond is. Is it like a stock?17:41

Rush: As we see, while CC aas in London, he was asked by a group to investigate bond fraud.17:41

Rush: Next week we see how wile in Paris, Chan was asked by the French Archeological Society to investigate something in Luxor!17:42

hounder: so each movie sets up the next movie location17:43

Dona: We will be off to Egypt17:43

Rush: Must turn up many stones to find hiding place of snake.17:43

Rush: Yes, Hounder!17:43

Rush: I love the “connected” films.17:43

Rush: “See paris, die happy.”17:44

Mike in DC: He did a good job networking and career building, Rush. 17:44

LibraryJim: Chan has friends everywhere17:44

Rush: “Only foolish man waste words when argument is lost.”17:44

Rush: yes, mike!17:44

Louise: Me too, Rush, I like to see the through line as Chan travels17:45

Rush: And, so true, LJ!17:45

Rush: “Home, James…”17:45

Mike in DC: Goodnight kiss.17:46

LibraryJim: good night kiss or a kiss off?17:46

Mike in DC: Sneaky girlfriend, though.17:46

Louise: Who is giving me a goodnight kiss?17:46

Mike in DC: 17:47

Rush: Regarding “Home, James”:
Dates from the mid-1800s; there was also a 1934 song with the same phrase as a title: “Home, James, and don’t spare the horses”17:47

hounder: peeping tom17:47

Louise: Sneaky shadow in window17:47

Mike in DC: Looks like that nefarious beggar…17:47

Rush: Yes. beware shadows lurking at windows!17:48

LibraryJim: especially in CC movies17:48

Rush: YES!17:48

Mike in DC: Good point, LJ17:48

Phil: CUE THE CAN17:49

Rush: Yep!17:49

Mike in DC: Bonds!17:49

Rush: BANG!17:49

Mike in DC: <gun-fight>17:49

Louise: Bang!Scarem17:50

Rush: She does a very ill advised thing here!17:50

Louise: scream17:50

Mike in DC: Take letters. Check.17:50

Mike in DC: Grab gun. Check.17:50

Rush: This does NOT help her case!17:50

Mike in DC: Act EXTREMELY guilty. Check.17:50

Mike in DC: Now. Deny everything.17:50

Matt: <tin can>17:50

Matt: Did anyone check the body?17:51

Rush: Mike: 17:51

Rush: Not that I saw.17:51

Rush: But, he was probably pretty obviously deceased….17:51

LibraryJim: with all that’s going on, Chan Jr keeps his head and follows the right suspect17:51

Rush: Yes, LJ.17:52

Mike in DC: Lee is definitely the best detective of the sons.17:52

Rush: Perfect case, like perfect doughnut, has hole.17:52

Rush: Optimist only sees doughnut, pessimist sees hole. 17:52

LibraryJim: everyone in Paris speaks perfect English without a trace of an accent?17:53

Louise: I’m a hole kind of gal17:53

Rush: Yes! That’s why, LJ, I suggest that what he have here is a community of English and American ex-patriots!17:53

Rush: Perform a paraffin test.17:54

Dona: Did they have that back then Rush?17:56

LibraryJim: well, there’s a wax seal, they can get the parafiin from that.17:56

PaulM has left this room17:56

Rush: I was just checking on that, LJ!17:56

Louise: I’m going to start wearing aveil17:58

Louise: a veil17:58

Rush: A “message” is sent here…17:58

Mike in DC: an aveil?17:58

Louise: an anvil?17:58

Dona: Quite sexy i’m sure Louise17:58

Louise: Anything to hide an aging face17:58

Dona: Then I’ll get a one too.17:59

Rush: lee on the job…!17:59

LibraryJim: ah, the reference to “murder” becomes a veiled threat17:59

Louise: Cool Dona!17:59

Dona: bad toupe17:59

Rush: Or, LJ…was it a way of letting it be known that he was murdered, so that he would not be surprised?18:00

hounder: that stupid small scar on the thumb18:00

Rush: Yes, Hounder!18:00

LibraryJim: possible, too, Rush18:01

Rush: Very difficult to explain hole in doughnut, but hole always there.18:01

Rush: Chan investigates…18:01

danventure: Otherwise–no hole? it’s a roll.18:02

Rush: It should all add up in the end, LJ!18:02

Rush: Yes, DV!18:02

Mike in DC: a Danish perhaps18:02

Rush: :)18:02

Rush: Flashback sequence…18:03

angel & fox has joined this room18:03

Mike in DC: Hello Angel & WFF18:03

Rush: Angel and fox!18:03

angel & fox: Hi, Detectives!!18:03

Rush: WELCOME!18:03

Dona: Hi Angel18:03

Rush: How are you doing this evening, Angel?18:03

angel & fox: JUST got home from work. Was thinking of you all, all evening!18:03

hounder: hi angel18:03

angel & fox: Doing grrrrrrrrrrreat!18:04

Rush: How’s Fox?18:04

Mike in DC: <cough>18:04

Louise: Hi angel, glad you stopped in18:04

Mike in DC: Is that fox growling?18:04

angel & fox: Fox AND t.tIGER are well well well!18:04

Mike in DC: oooooh18:04

Rush: Pets?18:04

Mike in DC: carnivores18:04

angel & fox: I always thought carnivores ate cars.18:04

Rush: I have wondered since you began using the new name!18:04

Louise: What a busy night, people in and out18:04

Rush: Angel: :)18:05

angel & fox: Rush, ’tis a tribute to Mike n Rachel, & their Fox Fur Fetish!18:05

Rush: Chan puts the puzzle together here….18:05

angel & fox: YES, back to CC now!18:05

Louise: OOOOOOHHH, I like fox fur fetishes!!!18:05

Rush: AH! very good, Angel!18:05

Mike in DC: We’re just allergic to mink, Angel. :)18:05

angel & fox: 18:05

Rush: My feeble mind at “work”!18:06

angel & fox: Mike, last week i watched a YouTube video on Rat-Catching (don’t ask)—they showed a guy with a pro team of minks!18:06

angel & fox: The minks themselves are celebrities!18:06

Mike in DC: Chan reads the situation but doesn’t betray his suspicion18:06

Louise: New Jersy governor just declared a storm emergeny, up to 8 inches of snow. WHAT?18:07

Rush: Be careful, Louise.18:07

Mike in DC: Be sure to put snow chains on your foxes!18:07

angel & fox: Considering what we see on screens big & small these days i kinda side with the minks.18:07

Louise: I’m just staying home doing nothing outside.18:07

angel & fox: A fox on all your houses will keep the wintry blasts from breaking hearths!18:08

LibraryJim: Little key-hole big friend of stupid detective.
I like that one.18:08

Louise: I wonder if bankers like this get bored with their jobs18:09

Rush: Yes, LJ.18:09

Rush: A bit of ironic “self-depreciation” added to that one.18:09

angel & fox: I’m going to load tonight’s feature up for a second showing after the cleanup here. Anyone near Boston is invited—but you’ll need chains.18:09

angel & fox: I MEAN, for the WEATHER. Nothing kinky HERE, no way.18:10

LibraryJim: LOL18:10

“Faith is best foundation for happy future.”18:10

angel & fox: DANVENTURE…i’ve not seen you here before; i am the late Angel S. from Boston, pleased & honoured to meetcha.18:11

Rush: Wish I could assist, Angel!18:11

Dona has left this room18:11

Rush: Who cares about his nerves!18:11

angel & fox: Rush, you’re doing quite enough in your present post. The boys on the beaches owe their batteries to you. Can you send some more batteries?18:12

Rush: This would not have been a problem today with cell phones!18:12

Dona has joined this room18:12

Rush: They might not arrive in time, Angel!18:12

angel & fox: Dona! I’d HOPED you’d make it back up from the Digital Hole in Floor!18:12

Rush: WB, Dona!18:12

hounder: brb dog walk18:12

Dona: I’m not sure what happened.18:13

Rush: Okay, hounder!18:13

Dona: it’s the 2nd time tonight18:13

Rush: Don’t be late for the finale!18:13

Rush: Sorry, Dona!18:13

angel & fox: Rush, the boys have been there since Dunkirk. I’ve been putting my nickels aside for them since. Last week MY floor fell thru: too many nickels.18:13

Rush: I quess even this Chat Room has its unwanted quirks!18:13

hounder: changed his mind18:13

Rush: AH!18:13

angel & fox: Dona—if it happens again, just tell folks you were out buying War Bonds.18:14

Rush: Dogs can tend to do that!18:14

Dona: amazing how much light a candle can put out18:14

Louise: I like the dark spooky lighting18:14

angel & fox: Candlepower!18:14

Rush: Yes, Dona!18:14

LibraryJim: the magic of Hollywood, tiny candle gives off the same light as an electric lamp18:14

hounder: their candle illuminates more than mine do18:14

Dona: mine too hounder18:14

Rush: Mine cannot hold a candle to that candle, either.18:15

angel & fox: Hounder, i think the air is thinner out there.18:15

Dona: lol18:15

danventure: I also note how many scenes have little or no dialog. For me, makes it much more intense.18:15

Rush: Agreed, DV.18:15

Rush: Next week: “Charlie Chan in Egypt.”18:16

Louise: Agrred also DV18:16

LibraryJim: no incidental music. Has it not been there at all?18:16

Rush: None.18:16

hounder: egypt’s one of my favs18:16

Louise: Water dripping effect!!!18:16

Matt: LOVE Egypt!18:16

Rush: Nice portrayal of the Paris sewer system.18:16

Rush: Me too, Matt.18:16

LibraryJim: huh. I’m so used to every scene being full of sound in most movies, but didn’t notice its absence until now.18:17

Rush: Bullfrog.18:17

Louise: plop!18:17

angel & fox: Concurrence here with DV too. Tho the low sensitivity of the film probably made “silent scenes” problematic, i think THAT made them more powerful (candlepowerful) when they were used. The silences, that is.18:17

angel & fox: Not the candles.18:17

angel & fox: Rib it.18:17

Dona: lol18:17

Rush: “Many strange crimes committed in sewers of Paris.”18:17

Rush: Angel: :)18:17

angel & fox: We meet about the Pyramids next Monday, eh? Pip pip, cheerio. Harrumph.18:17

Rush: Ther is a warm humidity in the Paris sewers.18:18

Rush: I took the tour years ago.18:18

angel & fox: Remember, Paris is filled with Parisites.18:18

Rush: :)18:18

Rush: The bonds!18:18

LibraryJim: “hey, I didn’t get a ‘harrumph’ from that guy!”
Give the mayor a ‘harrumph’!18:18

Rush: Forgeries!18:18

angel & fox: I’ve asked Fox to bring me my Arab scarab for next meeting.18:18

Mike in DC: Aha!18:18

Rush: Sounds appropriate, Angel!18:19

angel & fox: LJ: Quite, quite. Frightfully busy you know: harrumph.18:19

Louise: Are we bringing our scarabs next week?18:19

Rush: Telltale artwork!18:19

Rush: Let’s do so, Louise!18:19

angel & fox: I won’t be without one. Of something.18:19

Louise: I shall, and mine is directly from Egypt!18:20

Dona: I’ll try to find mine18:20

Louise: SAHOTS!18:20

Louise: SHOTS18:20

Rush: “Be there or be saqqara!”18:20

angel & fox: Rush, Louise, DanV, hounder, LJ, Phil, Matt, MDC, Dona, the Pharaohs have foretold a good week until we meet again. Sam The Sham told me.18:20

Rush: A trick by Chan!18:20

Louise: Ah, Saqqara!18:21

Rush: Angel….YES!18:21

Rush: And, a bull with a very full coat.18:21

Louise: Hello!18:21

Rush: Revelation on the way….18:21

Rush: No Xavier.18:22

Louise: Point with that gun?18:22

Rush: Not the hands of a beggar.18:22

danventure: Next week then–Charlie Chan and the Pyramid Scheme…18:22

Rush: Unmasked!18:22

Rush: LATOUCHE!18:22

Louise: Ewww, a rubber mask18:22

danventure: Or was it, Charlie Chan and Hijinks at the Sphinx…18:23

Dona: He looks confused18:23

angel & fox: You say Hello, and i say Good Buy: Good buy on Fox Fur during our first in 5000 years, un-pa-recedented Pyramid Sale! See Nefertiti on her show tonight with details how YOU can win!18:23

Louise: I love that name, latouche18:23

Rush: Latouche remains silent…18:23

Rush: Yes, Louise!18:23

angel & fox: If only Leon Sphinx was here.18:23

Mike in DC: You fiend!18:23

angel & fox: Or there.18:23

Rush: “Did not GUESS.”18:23

angel & fox: Dasssss RIGHT! Chan KNOW!18:24

Rush: Another flashback…18:24

Mike in DC: Latouche seems a bit sullen.18:24

Rush: Yes.18:24

Rush: Plan foiled.18:24

Rush: Possibly headed for the guillotine!18:24

angel & fox: My grandmother had flashbacks. She said they were Ellis Dee flashbacks; Ellis Dee was some guy she met on the boat.18:24

Rush: “Headed”…get it?18:24

Dona: very uplifitng18:26

Rush: Agreed.18:26

Mike in DC: Hm. But brief.18:26

angel & fox: Use Colgate Sleuth Powder! See everyone as the sun or something rises over the Nile!18:26

LibraryJim: This is one of my favorites. 18:26

Rush: Short, but suite….18:26

Louise: We need to make a list of the foods that are mentioned in each film so we can coordinate our snacking18:26

angel & fox: Hope you’re here again then, DV!!18:26

danventure has left this room18:26

angel & fox: Gnite all!18:26

Matt: Good night everyone….Have a great week!18:26

LibraryJim: see you next week under the shadow of the Sphinx18:26

Rush: Again….see you in EGYPT next week!18:26

hounder: thanks for the fun. see you next week in egypt18:26

Mike in DC: Oooh. Good idea, Louise. A Chan recipe book…18:26

Rush: Please have a wonderful and SAFE week!18:26

LibraryJim has left this room18:26

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great night as always. See you next week.18:26

Louise: Taking the slow boat to Egypt18:26

Rush: Take care…18:27

angel & fox: LOUISE—Great idea: we NEED a CC Food Concordance!! Gnite again!18:27

Rush: Thank you ALL as always!18:27

Rush: GREAT night!18:27

Mike in DC: Good night all. i have to go water my camel.18:27

Rush: :)18:27

Mike in DC: Till next week!18:27

Matt has left this room18:27

Rush: Sounds good!18:27

Louise: bye all18:27

Rush: Good night….18:27

Dona has left this room18:27

Rush: be safe and WARM.18:27

angel & fox has left this room18:27

Mike in DC has left this room18:28

Louise has left this room18:28

Rush: You are all great!18:28

Rush: Thank you again!18:28

Rush: Now maybe you can walk the dog!18:28

Rush: (Hounder!)18:29

hounder has left this room18:29

Rush: Good night, phil!18:29

Rush: See you next week!18:29

Rush: A final “good night…”18:29

Rush has left this room18:30

Phil has left this room18:50

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