Chat Archive: 2004

Charlie Chan Family Chat Archive for the year 2004

Welcome to our collected Chat Room text record from our Charlie Chan Family Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing for the year 2004 (available records begin with April 26). Unfortunately, there is no chat text available for any of the Chats listed for this year, however, the title of the featured film for each date along with any other available information is presented is listed below:

1/5/2004: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
1/12/2004: Dead Men Tell
1/19/2004: Charlie Chan’s Secret
1/26/2004: The Chinese Ring
2/2/2004: The Black Camel
2/9/2004: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
2/16/2004: Charlie Chan in Honolulu
2/23/2004: Castle in the Desert
3/1/2004: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
3/8/2004: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
3/15/2004: Charlie Chan in Reno
3/22/2004: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
3/29/2004: The Trap
4/5/2004: Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
4/12/2004: (Unknown)
4/19/2004: Charlie Chan in Rio
4/26/2004: The Chinese Ring
5/3/2004: Dark Alibi
5/10/2004: Charlie Chan in Egypt (Hosted by Virginia and Mrs. Pendleton)
5/17/2004: (No record available) (Hosted by “Virginia and the Gang”)
5/24/2004: The Golden Eye
5/31/2004: Charlie Chan at the Circus
6/7/2004: Charlie Chan in Paris
6/14/2004: The Jade Mask (Keye Luke’s 100th birthday was noted)
6/18/2004: Charlie Chan in Shanghai (Special Friday night chat; Celebration of Keye Luke’s 100th birthday)
6/21/2004: Castle in the Desert
6/28/2004: Charlie Chan on Broadway
7/5/2004: Charlie Chan at the Race Track
7/12/2004: Charlie Chan in Panama ( “…perhaps we may also compare notes regarding the Charlie Chan Chanthology DVD set that was released earlier this week by MGM Home Entertainment.”)
7/19/2004: Charlie Chan in Reno
7/26/2004: The Feathered Serpent
8/2/2004: Charlie Chan at the Opera
8/9/2004: The Shanghai Cobra
8/16/2004: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
8/23/2004: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise
8/30/2004: The Sky Dragon
9/5/2004: The Black Camel
9/12/2004: Charlie Chan in Honolulu (“As an added bonus, Chris M. has offered a Starbucks gift certificate to this evening’s winner of Virginia’s trivia question segment during the showing of our film.”)
9/19/2004: The Scarlet Clue
9/26/2004: Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
10/4/2004: Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight (“Spooky movie month”)
10/11/2004: Charlie Chan’s Secret (“Spooky movie month”)
10/18/2004: Dead Men Tell (“Spooky movie month”)
10/25/2004: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (“This Monday’s Chat and Film Viewing will also be our 3rd Annual VIRTUAL Halloween Party! We begin at 8:00 p.m., EDT, and everyone is invited and all are asked to come “costumed” (VIRTUALLY, of course!) as a character – good or otherwise – from any Charlie Chan movie. When signing in at our Chat Room (located right HERE), please use the name of your character of choice, although you may reveal your true identity at our party.”)
11/1/2004: Charlie Chan at the Race Track (“This will also be our FIFTH annual Melbourne Cup celebration, in honor of the famous race that is depicted in our film for this week! We begin at 8 p.m., Eastern Time, and our own Steve Rhodes, who resides fairly near the Melbourne area in the beautiful Australian state of Victoria, will be on hand to help with the festivities. As the race will be run a little later in the evening (U.S. time), during our evening together, Steve will pick horses out of his Panama hat, giving at least one to each person who attends our chat. When the winner is determined later, Steve will send a shiny new Australian 50-cent piece to the lucky person holding the right “ticket” in honor of Charlie Chan’s similar bet as seen in our movie.”)
11/8/2004: Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
11/15/2004: The Red Dragon
11/22/2004: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
11/29/2004: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
12/6/2004: Charlie Chan in Panama
12/13/2004: Charlie Chan in Rio
12/20/2004: The Chinese Cat
12/27/2004: Charlie Chan at the Circus (“Tonight we will have our Charlie Chan Family Christmas/Holiday/New Year party as we watch, together, “Charlie Chan at the Circus,” starring Warner Oland and featuring Keye Luke and the rest of the entire Chan family. This is one of those times of the year that we concentrate on family and friends, and what better picture to view together than one in which the entire Chan family tours the mainland together, attending a rather unusual circus along the way.”)

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