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Charlie Chan Family Chat Archive for the year 2012

Welcome to our list of collected Chat Room film title records from our Charlie Chan Family Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing for the year 2012. The sole available chat text, accessed through the blue linked date, is from a series of screen captures collected and contributed by Louise Krasiewicz, consisting of portions of the dialogue from that evening which was broken into segments as they were randomly screen captured, and are here spliced together in time order. Please note that all reconstructed texts are incomplete.

Unfortunately, there is no chat text available for the remainder of the Chats listed for this year, however, the title of the featured film for each date along with any other available information is presented is listed below:

1/2/2012: Behind That Curtain (“All aboard, everyone, as we embark on our 2012 Charlie Chan Tour! Our journey together will take us through the entire Charlie Chan film series, with bonus stops along the way, reaching our goal at the end of this year. We begin our year-long trip this evening with Behind That Curtain.)”
1/9/2012: Eran Trece (There Were Thirteen)
1/16/2012: (“We now take a bonus stop on our trip as we pay a visit to The New Adventures of Charlie Chan. Tonight, we will be sharing TWO episodes of this venerable 1957 television drama as we view Three Men on a Raft [episode 21] and No Future For Frederick [episode 23]”)
The Black Camel
1/30/2012: Charlie Chan in London
2/6/2012: Charlie Chan in Paris
2/13/2012: Charlie Chan in Egypt
2/20/2012: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (“Tonight, we honor James Hong on the occasion of his 83rd birthday with the viewing of two episodes from The New Adventures of Charlie Chan, the 1957 television crime drama in which he played Chan’s Number One Son…Barry! The adventures will be The Hand Of Hera Dass, in which Charlie Chan and Barry travel to Egypt, becoming involved in a very unusual murder case, and Blind Man’s Bluff, featuring the first appearance of James Hong as Number One Son, Barry.
2/27/2012: Charlie Chan at the Opera
3/5/2012: Charlie Chan’s Secret
3/12/2012: Charlie Chan at the Circus
3/19/2012: Charlie Chan at the Race Track
3/26/2012: Charlie Chan at the Opera
4/2/2012: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
4/9/2012: Charlie Chan on Broadway
4/16/2012: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
4/23/2012: The Sky Dragon (“We have now reached the conclusion of the Warner Oland era of the Charlie Chan film series. Please take a short break with us as we celebrate the birthday of Elena Verdugo who appeared with Noel Neill and Roland Winters in The Sky Dragon.”)
4/30/2012: Mr. Moto’s Gamble
5/7/2012: Charlie Chan in Honolulu
5/14/2012: Charlie Chan in Reno
5/21/2012: Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
5/28/2012: Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
6/4/2012: Charlie Chan in Panama
6/11/2012: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise
6/18/2012: Phantom of Chinatown (“We now pause on our trip through the entire Charlie Chan film series to celebrate the birthday of Keye Luke, our Number One Son. Please join with us as our Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewing feature will be “Phantom of Chinatown” starring Keye Luke…”)
6/25/2012: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
7/2/2012: Murder Over New York
7/9/2012: Dead Men Tell
7/16/2012: Charlie Chan in Rio
7/23/2012: Castle in the Desert
7/30/2012: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
8/6/2012: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
8/13/2012: The Chinese Cat
8/20/2012: Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight
8/27/2012: The Jade Mask
9/3/2012: The Scarlet Clue
9/10/2012: The Shanghai Cobra
9/17/2012: The Red Dragon
9/24/2012: Dark Ailibi
9/30/2012: Charlie Chan in Egypt (“…Sunday, beginning at 9:00 p.m., Eastern Time (6:00 p.m., Pacific) anyone interested in gathering within humble confines of our Chat Room (located here at our Charlie Chan Family Home) is welcome as we watch the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) showing of Charlie Chan in Egypt! This is a rare opportunity to share a Chan adventure aired live via a network broadcast.”)
10/1/2012: Charlie Chan at the Circus
10/8/2012: Shadows Over Chinatown
10/15/2012: Dangerous Money
10/22/2012: The Trap
10/29/2012: Charlie Chan at the Opera (“It is time once again for our Annual Charlie Chan Family Virtual Halloween Party! Please come in virtual costume as any character, plant, animal, human, good, or otherwise. You may remain incognito, leaving us all to guess your true identity, or you may let on from the start who you really are under the mask!
Our film for this week’s Haunted Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewing feature will be Charlie Chan at the Opera, starring Warner Oland [versus Boris Karloff!].”)
11/5/2012: Charlie Chan at the Race Track (“It is Melbourne Cup time again! Just as we shall see in our film for this week, Charlie Chan at the Race Track, the Melbourne Cup horse race is a huge event in Australia and is followed around the world. Just as Mr. Chan was talked into placing a 50-cent wager on Avalanche, so, too, all participants will be given random numbers corresponding to each of the 24 horses in this year’s big race, which takes place shortly after out Chat/Film Viewing concludes. The one holding the winning number will win a 1936 silver half-dollar coin to commemorate the same wager – perhaps even using that very same coin to do so!”) (Posted later that evening: “Congratulations to Hounder who drew the winning number at last night’s Chat and Film Viewing, Melbourne Cup edition! Hounder’s horse, Green Moon, was the winner!
11/12/2012: The Chinese Ring
11/19/2012: Mr. Wong in Chinatown (“Our film for this week’s Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewing feature will be the film that provided the plot for the first Roland Winters Chan film, “The Chinese Ring,” which we viewed together last week. Mr. Wong in Chinatown, starring Boris Karloff as Detective James Lee Wong…”)
11/26/2012: Docks of New Orleans
12/3/2012: Mr. Wong, Detective (“Our film for this week’s Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewing feature will be the film that provided the plot for the second Roland Winters Chan film, Docks of New Orleans, which we viewed together last week. Mr. Wong, Detective, stars Boris Karloff as Detective James Lee Wong…”)
12/10/2012: Shanghai Chest
12/17/2012: The Golden Eye
12/24/2012: The Feathered Serpent
12/31/2012: The Sky Dragon

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