Chat Archive 5/13/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for May 13, 2019

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

he Green Hornet Strikes Again! (Chapter 6)

Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush has joined this room16:26

Rush: TEST.16:26

Matt1 has joined this room16:28

Matt1: Hello Rush!16:28

Rush: Hello, Matt!16:28

Rush: How are things tonight?16:29

Matt1: Hope you are well16:29

Rush: Yes, thank you! I hope that the same is true for you and yours.16:29

Matt1: Good, thnx…..getting excited for my cruise on Sat….won’t be here next week though16:29

Rush: yes!16:29

Rush: I am happy for you!16:30

Matt1: May try logging in on my cell though…..could be interesting….and expensive!16:30

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room16:30

Matt1: Hello M & R!16:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi M116:30

Rush: Try an internet connection aboard ship?16:30

Rush: maybe cheaper.16:30

Matt1: Yes, at a co$t16:30

Rush: Hello, M/R!16:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Rush. Cruise ships have internet? Wow.16:31

Matt1: My cell is turned off when away, only use wifi16:31

Rush: They should!16:31

Rush: Yes.16:31

marcycloud has joined this room16:32

Matt1: Hello MC!16:32

Rush: Marcycloud!16:32

Rush: WELCOME!16:32

Rush: How have you been?16:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Trans-oceanic Ethernet maybe?16:32

marcycloud: Hi Guys!16:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi MC!16:32

Rush: Satellite, probably, M/R.16:32

Rush: So HAPPY to have you back with us, MC!16:33

marcycloud: good. been babysitting on Mondays at this time, but I’m off all Monday’s now…Woo-hoo!16:33

Matt1: Yes….typically worse than dial up, but they are now saying as good as land, so we’ll see16:33

Rush: Woo-hoo, indeed!16:33

Rush: Very good!16:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Now you can baby-sit the Chan clan!16:33

Rush: Tonight: “Charlie Chan at Treasure Island.”16:34

Matt1: We NEED it!16:34

Matt1: 16:34

marcycloud: I like your new newsletter! Very informative!16:34

Rush: One of the very best in the series, if not THE best.16:34

Rush: TYSM, MC!16:34

Rush: I slightly changed it this week, but, I basically have a template that helps timewise!16:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: We read the review this afternoon…the Variety reviewer wasn’t as impressed. No accounting for taste.16:35

Rush: True, M?R!16:35

Rush: (M/R)16:35

Rush: Here is the “Variety” review for tonight’s film:16:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s actually surprising how few duds there are in the Chan series.16:36

Rush: In this one, Charlie Chan bumps into a murder mystery involved with the psychic and astrological and proceeds to unravel the affair at a performance in a Treasure Island (San Francisco Fair) theatre. With Chan’s gumshoeing abilities now well known to film audiences after about 25 episodes, solution is secondary to the story unwinding through a maze of weird and spooky episodes.

Picture is rather slow in spots, but holds up generally to pace set by previous Chan adventures to satisfy the whodunit fans in the subsequent runs as supporting feature. Only reason for the Treasure Island tab in title is to tie into topical situation. Aside from a few stock shots of the western fair, theatre supposedly on the grounds could be anywhere.

When fiction writer friend of Chan is suicide on Clipper plane bound for Frisco, Chan interests himself in finding the reasons. Trail leads him to Zodiac, racketeering mystic, who holds clients in his power through threats of blackmail. Chan is assisted by Cesar Romero, operating illusionist theatre at the Fair, and Douglas Fowley, reporter exposing rackets of the mystics and astrologists. After usual confusing trails presented to the audience, with Douglas Dumbrille pointed as most likely suspect, Chan discloses the identity of Zodiac during performance on the theatre stage.

Romero, Dumbrille, Donald McBride and Fowley are most prominent in support. Chan’s No. 2 son, Sen Yung, does much to confuse things with amateurish display of detecting abilities.

Production background is up to standard set by previous releases in the series. 16:36

Rush: Agreed, M/R!16:36

marcycloud: woah…i just noticed on the bottom here has a link to the chat’s archive! I’ll have to check that out!16:37

Rush: Yes, take a look. You might get “lost” in our CCF Home, MC!16:37

Matt1: It’s easy to do!16:37

Rush: LOTS to see, accumulated for about 20 years.16:38

Rush: Started building this site in 2000…oened in October 2001.16:38

Rush: (Opened)16:38

Rush: Okay!16:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: I (Mike) try to prowl through it every evening before Chan time…it’s a good way to get Rachel more into the films. *sinister chuckle*16:38

Matt1: I remember the Yahoo Group16:39

Rush: How about , say, two minutes till “The Green Hornet” serial?16:39

Matt1: I’m ready/cued16:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re ready here.16:39

Rush: I am now ready, too!16:39

Rush: One Minutes…16:39

marcycloud: ready16:39

Rush: 50 seconds…16:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ve got to get a pair of Kato goggles for this.16:40

Rush: 40 seconds…16:40

Rush: 30 seconds…16:40

Rush: 25…16:40

Rush: 20…16:40

Rush: 15…16:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: *readies flyswatter*16:40

Rush: 10…16:40

Rush: :)16:40

Rush: 5…16:40

Rush: GO!!!16:40

Matt1: <buzzzzz……SLAP!>16:40

Rush: Keye Luke…fourth on the list…16:41

Rush: (But first in our hearts!)16:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: 16:41

Rush: Missed him, Matt!16:41

Matt1: Drat16:41

Rush: Trumpet “buzz…”16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Empire continues to mourn the loss of the Death Star…16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: …oops, wrong movie16:42

Matt1: dum dum dum dadaaaa16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mendelssohn 16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: Midsummer Night’s Dream Scherzo16:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great music for bombing…16:43

Rush: Got out ahead of the bomb!16:43

Rush: Mike…Rachel…music experts extraordinaire!16:44

Rush: TYSM!16:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Schubert – Unfinished Symphony, first movement16:44

Rush: Love it!16:44

Rush: :)16:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: *We’re having a contest to see who can name that tune first*16:44

marcycloud: lol16:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bumblebee (tie)16:44

Rush: Time check, please?16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: 5:2016:46

Matt1: 52016:46

marcycloud: thanks16:46

Rush: Got it.16:46

Rush: TYSM!16:46

Rush: I hit the wrong button.16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: What is that picture on the wall?16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looks like a mouse with a lacrosse stick16:47

Rush: Looking…16:47

marcycloud: ya I noticed that too!16:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: Maybe it was an art-deco thing16:48

Rush: M?R…as it was blocked for me…I will go for Lacrosse Mouse!16:48

marcycloud: lol16:49

Rush: Nice chapeau.16:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK. She is in the running for Worst Hat of the Evening.16:49

Rush: :)16:49

marcycloud: haha!16:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: It doesn’t seem to go with her dress.16:49

marcycloud: nope!16:50

Rush: Now that she left, they can laugh!16:50

Rush: Moe Howard move there!16:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yikes. This looks like a scene from Metropolis.16:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ominous.16:51

Rush: Yes.16:52

Rush: sense an “accident” coming on…16:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sounds like the hornet is loose in the lab…16:52

Rush: Drumming up weapons business in Europe….16:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: Let me show you how hazardous this is…16:54

Matt1: Well dressed operator16:55

Rush: Not good…16:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: Doesn’t look like the brightest bulb….16:55

Matt1: Great balls of fire!16:56

Matt1: Yuck16:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: *poof*16:56

Rush: Splash!16:56

marcycloud: oh nooooo16:56

Rush: Not too much concern for the dead worker.16:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: OSHA wasn’t in business yet…16:57

Rush: No.16:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: bzzzzz16:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Schubert again16:58

Rush: :)16:59

Rush: Faked!16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nighty-night16:59

Rush: Fast recovery for that guard.17:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: buzzing sound. Hornet is in love.17:00

Rush: Maybe not FULLY recovered.17:01

Rush: M/R…:)17:01

Rush: I would like one of those Hornet pins.17:01

Rush: That was “The Fatal Flash”!17:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: I can’t tell you…they’d kill me. So I’ll just blow us up instead.17:02

Matt1: <Kabooooom>17:02

marcycloud: wow! cool!17:02

Rush: Yes!17:02

Rush: I love these old serials.17:02

Rush: 13 minutes till showtime…17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: A bit anti-climactic cliffhanger, but they got the job done. How will the Hornet escape that one?17:03

Matt1: He will……there are more episodes 17:03

marcycloud: haha17:03

Rush: 10 minutes…17:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Do you think anyone believed that he might have died in any of the episodes? Even in 1939 folks must have realized that he was indispensable. 17:06

Rush: I agree.17:06

Dona has joined this room17:06

Matt1: Hello Dona!17:07

Rush: The fun was figuring out hoe the Hornet would escape!17:07

Rush: Good evening, Dona!17:07

Rush: WELCOME!17:07

Dona: Hello Everyone!17:07

Rush: How are you tonight, Dona?17:07

marcycloud: hi Dona17:07

Dona: I am good thank you! Glad to be back17:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Dona!17:08

Dona: Small group tonight.17:08

Rush: Happy you are back!17:09

Rush: Marcycloud has returned as well!17:09

Rush: Small so far.17:09

Dona: Hello marcycloud17:09

Rush: 6 minutes…17:09

Matt1: Big at heart though17:09

Dona: agreed Matt17:10

Matt1: I’m cued to opening title, here!17:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: A small but determined contingent.17:10

Rush: I need to get mine resady…17:10

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:10

marcycloud: Im cued too…17:10

Matt1: Hello GS!17:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong-ready in DC17:10

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued here too17:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello GS!17:10

Dona: Ready to go here Rush17:11

marcycloud: hi Shelly17:11

Godwinshelley2: Hello17:11

Dona: Hi GS17:11

Phil has joined this room17:11

Rush: Hello, GS!17:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: brb…popcorn17:11

Godwinshelley2: Howdy17:11

Phil: ALOHA HA!17:11

Rush: 3 minutes to go!17:11

Rush: WELCOME!17:11

Rush: And….PHIL!17:11

Matt1: Hello Phil!17:12

Dona: Hi Phil17:12

Rush: hello to YOU!17:12

marcycloud: oh yeah me too on popcorn!….17:12

Frosty has joined this room17:12

Phil: Good to see you all.17:12

Matt1: Hello Frosty!17:12

Dona: Hi Frosty17:12

Rush: FROSTY!17:12

Rush: Welcome back!17:12

Matt1: Brrrr17:12

Cdirus has joined this room17:12

Matt1: Hello CD!17:12

Cdirus: Hi guys!17:12

Dona: Hi CD17:12

Frosty: Hi everyone17:12

Rush: Plaease pause after the Fox Logo!17:12

Rush: And hold at the title.17:13

Rush: 90 seconds…17:13

Rush: How are you this evening, frosty?17:13

Rush: 75 seconds…17:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: *dons cape*17:13

Rush: If anyone needs our film, please see the link above!17:13

Frosty: Very fine, and you?17:13

Rush: 60 seconds…17:13

Rush: Cannot complain, Frosty!17:14

Rush: :)17:14

Rush: 40 seconds…17:14

marcycloud: k17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: *adjusts turban*17:14

Rush: 30 seconds…17:14

Rush: 25…17:14

Rush: 20…17:14

Rush: 15…17:14

libraryjim has joined this room17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: *gazes into crystal ball*17:14

Rush: 10…17:14

Rush: 5…17:14

Godwinshelley2: Does the turban cause a problem when flying with the cape17:14

Dona: Hi LJ17:14

Rush: GO!!!17:14

Matt1: <GONG!>17:14

libraryjim: I’m here17:14

Matt1: Hello Jim!17:14

Cdirus: Hi Jim!17:14

Phil: GONE BABY!17:15

Rush: “Medley” opening music…17:15

Frosty: Hi Jim17:15

libraryjim: whew, Just in time17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: It did until I got a chinstrap for it. 17:15

Rush: AH! LJ!17:15

Godwinshelley2: Good17:15

Rush: WELCOME!17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings to all…we we’ve been making popcorn.17:15

Rush: Clipper in a storm…17:15

Rush: Perfect, M/R!17:16

Cdirus: That’s alot of room in that plane17:16

Godwinshelley2: You probably paid a fortune to ride on that plane17:16

Rush: In those days, the passengers were not packed aboard like sardines!17:16

marcycloud: poor guy wants his parachute!17:16

Rush: Yes, GS!17:16

Rush: “Confession time” for Jimmy!17:17

Rush: Paul Essex.17:17

Rush: “13 kids.”17:17

Rush: (One more to go!)17:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Shooting birds with a .22?17:18

Rush: Yes.17:18

Rush: Sad hobby.17:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Birds would be very difficult targets with a rifle17:19

Rush: Obviously not for food.17:19

Cdirus: And illegal for any birds except starlings, house sparrows and pigeons17:19

Rush: AH!….CD….WELCOME!17:19

Rush: Jimmy was wrong.17:19

Cdirus: All other birds are protected by law, except certain species during hunting seasons17:19

Cdirus: Hi Rush!17:20

Rush: That WAS the Tower of the Sun.17:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jimmy. Wrong again.17:20

Rush: This was the West Coast World’s fair.17:20

Frosty: Oh no death so soon17:20

Rush: Ran concurrently with the one in NYC.17:20

Matt1: <tin can>17:20

Rush: Yes…THSM, Matt…17:20

Rush: (tYsm)17:21

Nothere has joined this room17:21

Matt1: Hello NT!17:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello NT17:21

Rush: NT!17:21

Nothere: Dang fashionably late again:(17:21

Rush: Good evening to you!17:21

Frosty: Hi NT17:22

Nothere: Good evening Rush17:22

Rush: We are just getting into our film!17:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: But very fashionable :)17:22

Dona: Hi NT17:22

Phil: Hi NT17:22

Rush: We see the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in the background.17:22

Nothere: Gentlemen your enines have started, so where ar you?17:22

Phil: 08:1517:22

Rush: it was the unfinished bridge that we saw Chan’s plane fly over in “CC’s Swecret.”17:22

Rush: (Secret)17:23

Phil: 08:3517:23

Rush: (TYSM, Phil…)17:23

Nothere: tym17:23

libraryjim: couldn’t find the cost of the fare from Honolulu to San Fran, just the distance 2,300 miles. From China to San Fran was $70017:24

Nothere: That cab is full17:24

libraryjim: and took six days17:24

Rush: CC catches on fast.17:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: LJ. Wow…that’s pricey!17:24

Frosty: ?17:25

Frosty: ?17:25

Nothere: Six days. Hey Phineas your a slow poke.17:25

Rush: That would be about $10,500 in today’s dollars!17:25

Frosty: Trying to send smile but not working17:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: Did you use the smiley face icon?17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: 17:26

Nothere: Rhadini has made it disappear frosty.17:26

Rush: “Sometimes black magic very close to blackmail.”17:26

Frosty: Haha17:26

Rush: NT: :)17:27

Nothere: The Police Chief just sits there as a reporter, a magician, and a cop out of his jurisdiction conspire to take down the biggest blackmail ring in the city.17:28

Rush: Yes!17:28

Nothere: There’s a joke in their somewhere.17:28

Phil: Only thing missing is a DUCK.17:29

Rush: Cabbie missed grabbing the fare!17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is almost the first music in the entire movie…17:30

Rush: Yes.17:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Dr. Zodiac is a native of the universe…” Nice.17:30

Matt1: He’s a know it all then?17:30

libraryjim: MnR, wow, you’re right!17:30

Rush: “I wanna see his passport…”17:31

DonaRush: Haunted Mansion at Disneyland17:31

Phil: where’s he pay income taxes?17:31

Rush: “The Eye of Allah Matta.”17:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Does a native of the universe need a green card?17:31

Rush: yes, Dona? I have not been to that in many years. I am sure it is chaged a bit since then!17:32

Rush: Good question, M/R!17:32

Rush: I guess that wherever you are…you are at home!17:32

Rush: Kay Linaker.17:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey. She looks familiar.17:33

Rush: Yes.17:35

Rush: She was in five different Chan films.17:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: A regular!17:35

libraryjim: That’s got to be a record for a supporting character,Rush17:35

libraryjim: $20!!!17:36

Rush: About $300 today.17:36

Nothere: Fear my FEz17:36

Rush: :)17:36

Rush: “To destroy false prophet, must unmask him before eyes of believers.”17:36

libraryjim: I wonder is there a PEZ that has a FEZ?17:36

Dona: LOL17:37

Rush: :)17:37

Frosty: Lol17:37

Rush: Essex was poisoned.17:37

Rush: C’mon, Jimmy!17:37

Phil: Idiot Extrordinaire17:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’ve been to the Pez Museum. 17:37

Rush: “Mai tai.”17:38

Rush: Yes?17:38

Rush: Where is it located?17:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s near New Haven, CT.17:38

Rush: HM!17:38

Rush: Free samples?17:38

Matt1: Definite, maybe 17:38

Rush: :)17:39

Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush: Rhadini’s party.17:39

Nothere: A tux to go to the theather? What madness is this? Where are your shorts and tshirt?17:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: You can buy all kinds of unusual flavors…and a bazillion dispensers.17:39

libraryjim: Hawaiian Theater?17:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: I got a replica of the first Pez dispenser.17:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Future wife? Apparently she went through with that divorce in Reno…17:40

Rush: Pez visitor Center!17:40

Frosty: Awesome17:40

Nothere: What was the head Mike?17:40

Phil: She’s got smoky eyes.17:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: It didn’t have a head…it looks like a packet of gum.17:40

libraryjim: Sounds like a place I’d like to visit!17:40

Rush: Yes.17:41

Rush: Our famiy visited the Jelly Belly factory a couple of years ago.17:41

Rush: That was fun.17:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pez was invented in Germany as a stop-smoking aid.17:41

Rush: Located in the SF Bay area.17:41

Rush: Really?17:41

Rush: And that was a long time ago!17:42

Rush: At least in the early ’60s!17:42

libraryjim: Last touristy factory I visited was the Bush Beans factory near Pigeon Forge, TN17:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. The first slogan was “No smoking–Pez allowed.”17:42

Rush: Interesting!17:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think they were Austrian…1930s.17:42

Matt1: Interesting17:42

libraryjim: You didn’t get to go through the factory, however, just the visitor center and gift shop.17:42

Nothere: No one tell Ms. Chan about Charlie getting lai.17:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: German peppermint = PfeffErmintZ….PEZ17:43

Rush: Does the Bush Beans factory offer hot dogs with their bean samples?17:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: mum’s the word, NT17:43

Rush: I learn something new each day, M/R!17:43

libraryjim: Rush, in the resturaunt, you can order them. But no free samples. 17:43

Rush: Eating with the serving knife….17:43

Rush: not good!17:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, since his hand has been in the food, it all evens out…17:44

Rush: They are looking at at least a “C” rating!17:44

Nothere: Ah the old called away by a phone call. And look at that suspicious looking character.17:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Talking bowls17:44

Rush: yes.17:44

Rush: And now…Eve Cairo at work….17:45

Rush: (Pauline Moore)17:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Love the sequin “R” on the cloth17:45

Nothere: AAAAAAAAAAHHHH Rahdini killed a bird. Someone call peta.17:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: It might have been a pigeon. That’s ok according to CD. :)17:45

Rush: Pauline Moore:17:45

Rush: Charlie Chan at the Olympics: Betty Adams
Charlie Chan in Reno: Mary Whitman
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: Eve Cairo17:46

Rush: “”Bopsy Loves Toots.”17:46

Phil: I wonder if she had a happy life outside the movies.17:46

Rush: Good question.17:47

libraryjim: Good test17:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rhadini…you’re holding it sideways17:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: Careful, Charlie17:47

Rush has left this room17:47

Dona: Rush where are you?17:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: We are Rush-less17:48

libraryjim: This one and CC’s secret both had “true” psychics.17:48

Matt1: I blame Dr Zodiac!17:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie…fingerprints!17:48

Rush has joined this room17:48

libraryjim: so much for fingerprints17:48

Rush: Sorry…17:49

Matt1: wb Rush!17:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: WB Rush17:49

Dona: WB Rush17:49

Nothere: Ya gotta hand it to the killer. Acording to the movie she can really read minds. I wouldn’t be in twenty miles of her if I were a criminal mastermind.17:49

libraryjim: Rush rushed back17:49

Nothere: Hey Rush17:49

Rush: I went to get info and dropped myself out!17:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: She must be rough as a girlfriend. Just sayin…17:49

Dona: Yes she would be.17:49

Rush: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo: Joan Karnoff
Charlie Chan in Reno: Mrs. RussellCharlie Chan at Treasure Island: Séance Apparition
Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise: Mrs. Pendleton
Charlie Chan in Rio: Helen Ashby (alias Barbara Cardosa) 17:50

Rush: Those are kay Linaker’s chan movies.17:50

Mike n Rachel in DC: OH. Kay Linaker!17:50

Rush: yes.17:50

Mike n Rachel in DC: Didn’t fully recognize her in the plastic bag.17:50

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chewbacca?17:50

Frosty: She did a great job in each17:50

Rush: The disembodied hand…17:50

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, Frosty.17:51

Godwinshelley2: The subtitles say “tambourine rattling” and such17:51

libraryjim: People like to visit Zodiac wearing cheesy disguises.17:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: Another money Chan quote17:51

libraryjim: First the Joker…I mean Caesar Romero, and then Jimmy17:51

Rush: Yes, GS?17:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: No Fez. 17:52

Rush: The Turk!17:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: He’s mortal now.17:52

Godwinshelley2: The subtitles mentions sounds – which I find funny17:52

Phil: It’s not a revolver.17:52

Phil: It’s a PISTOL17:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Time for Jimmy to do something dumb17:52

libraryjim: son of a gun!17:52

Rush: The subtitles, I assume, are taken from the scripts for the dialogue.17:53

Nothere: The Turk is armed, but he should really be calling the cops.17:53

Rush: Notice Rhadini’s face then!17:53

Godwinshelley2: Some movies it says “speaking Chinese”17:53

Rush: HM.17:54

Phil: Wow, that frame looks like it came off of dolly parton.17:54

Phil: Just sayin’17:54

Rush: Especially when lee or jimmy are surprised.17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s just a matter of where you bend the wires, Phil. 17:54

Rush: “If befriend donkey, expect to get kicked.”17:55

libraryjim: If befriend donkey expect to be kicked17:55

Rush: :)17:55

marcycloud: kick the donkey!haha17:55

Rush: “Tie”17:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol17:55

libraryjim: complicated combination17:56

Nothere: Perhaps I should look into this. Send Dolly into the secret room. Purely for science.17:56

libraryjim: keep someone on the outside!17:56

Frosty: Very serious blackmail17:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good thinking, NT.17:56

Rush: 17:57

Rush: AKA: Paul Essex.17:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wonder if there’s a “Chan” file?17:57

Rush: Maybe CC should look!17:57

Nothere: So 5 to 6 cabniets. Three drawers each. Oh boy 30’s people were NAUGHTY!17:58

Dona: I like this part17:58

Rush: Yes.17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Possible motive for the pyromania?17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Flames…keep secrets of Chan family… heh heh17:58

Rush: Yes…”JUstice.”17:58

Phil: So he’s going to open a few drawers and he expects ALL the files to get incinerated??17:59

Rush: And…privacy…17:59

Nothere: Those robes hold secrets of Chan family. 17:59

Rush: But, I suspect that the authorities would not be pleased!17:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Crime solution missing? Charlie…you’re a DETECTIVE…17:59

libraryjimlibraryjim: LOL17:59

Phil: And then he closes the door. Lack of oxygen will put out the flames.17:59

libraryjim: LOL18:00

Dona has left this room18:00

Rush: Maybe these are the best pajamas for a Chan son in the series?18:00

Rush: Niot loud…nicely designed…18:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: …look somewhat Asian18:00

Rush: Yes to the lack of oxygen, Phil!18:00

hounder has joined this room18:00

Matt1: Hello Hounder!18:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi hounder!18:01

Nothere: Isn’t Charlie the one usually with a pattern on the back?18:01

Rush: Hellooooo….HOUNDER!18:01

Frosty: Hi Hounder18:01

hounder: I’m so sorry guys. i forgot it was monday!18:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good to see you anytime!18:01

Rush: Usuallu Cc wears a dragon-patterned robe.18:01

Nothere: Hey Hounder.18:01

hounder: hi frosty. long time.18:01

Nothere: Your just fashionably late.18:01

Dona has joined this room18:01

Rush: How are you doing this evening, Hounder?18:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Now we just need Dona back.18:01

Dona: Hi Hounder18:01

Matt1: wb Dona!18:01

Nothere: 4710 houn18:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: OH. WB Dona.18:01

Nothere: Hi Donna18:01

Rush: And…WB, Dona!18:01

Dona: :0)18:02

hounder: Doing pretty well. we’re heading north so things are a bit confused.18:02

Rush: 47:4018:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: North by northwest? :)18:02

Rush: That can do it, Hounder!18:02

hounder: pretty much mike18:02

Rush: :)18:02

Rush: Headed up to NC?18:02

Nothere: So over hill or over dale? Just don’t stop at any hydrants.18:02

Rush: 48:30…18:03

hounder: with 2 dogs we stop at every hydrant. lol18:03

Rush: THE DESCRIPTION OF “PSEUDOLOGIA FANTASTICA” AS READ FROM KAHNE’S BOOK BY CHARLIE CHAN: “Pathological liars and swindlers suffer from exaggerated fantacy, unleashed vanity, and great ambition which robs them of caution known to saner men.”18:03

hounder: yes rush18:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pseudologia fantastica, a fascinating psychiatric syndrome where patients represent certain fantasies as real occurrences, has received little attention in the English literature: there are fewer than thirty case reports in the English literature. Pseudologia fantastica goes by multiple different names including pathologic lying and mythomania.18:03

Nothere: Well folks. I arrived late, and left early. Dath to consitancy:)18:03

Rush: 18:04

hounder: with a short stop in al.18:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Until next week, NT?18:04

Rush: Yes? Family…friends?18:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looks like Rhadini has a violin bow, Rush.18:04

Nothere has left this room18:05

hounder: both rush, and a motorhome and camper to check on and clean18:05

Rush: 18:05

hounder: and dr check ups18:05

Rush: Good idea, Hounder.18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pigmyara?18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: We got a pigmyara.18:05

Frosty: the days of usherettes18:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ok. Where are they hiding the harp?18:06

Rush: Note the change of the “Pygmy Hunter” sign the next time we see it!18:06

hounder: did i miss the announcement of doris day’s passing?18:06

Rush: Here it is as we just saw it:18:07

Rush: 18:07

hounder: cool that you guys have figures out screen captures.18:07

Rush: And, what it will look like later:18:07

Rush: 18:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Echuya Batwa, commonly known as pygmies…18:08

Rush: yes.18:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. Looks like the work of Dr. Zodiac, Rush!18:08

Frosty: Wow, no one caught that18:08

Rush: Batwa tribe – Located within the borders of present day Rwanda, the Batwa are among the “pygmy” peoples of central Africa.18:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Relatives of the folks that missed the Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones perhaps?18:09

hounder: egyptian theme going on here18:09

Rush: And on with the big show…18:09

Frosty: When they edited the film18:09

Rush: Wouldn’t you bhave loved to “be among their number”?18:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Gold panel jury?”18:09

Rush: Yes, frosty.18:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gold medal, perhaps?18:09

Rush: Eve Cairo’s illusion….18:10

Rush: 18:12

Matt1: <tin can>18:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. This might be a multiple can show!18:12

Rush: TYSM…Matt…18:12

Rush: I would not WANT to leave!18:12

Rush: What a treat, to see Charlie Chan at work!18:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: More stuff into the orchestra pit…18:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: This would be a GREAT show!18:13

Phil: Man I’ve missed both can cues tonight.18:13

Matt1: Blame the orchestra!18:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: They’re always dropping stuff into the orchestra. Sucks if you’re in the back row.18:14

Rush: Later, in Rhadini’s office, below the stage, we will see a photo of John Carradine, who, it was rumored, was supposed to have appeared in this movie. So, in a way, he DID appear!18:14

Matt1: Shady characters, Mike18:14

Rush: Here is what to look for:18:14

Matt1: 18:14

Godwinshelley2: Wasn’t he supposed to be in Olympics too?18:14

Godwinshelley2: What was Carradine supposed to do in this film?18:14

Rush: 18:14

Rush: I will share the note on that…18:15

Frosty: Cameo18:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Orchestra – dreaming of overtime pay. 18:15

Rush: According to Hollywood Reporter news items and production charts, John Carradine and Joyce Compton were to be included in the cast of this film, but their participation in the completed picture is doubtful. It is of interest, however, to note that two photographs, one that is certainly of John Carradine and another that is very possibly of Joyce Compton, can be seen on a wall in Rhadini’s office.18:15

Matt1: lol18:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lights! Gong!18:16

Rush: And, here is Joyce Compton, also in the office in the form of a photo?18:17

Rush: 18:17

Rush: I guess we can consider this another instance of a “lights-out situation in a Chan movie?18:18

Rush: “Billygoat Hill.”18:18

Rush: Billy Goat Hill – A location at the top of Beacon Street in the southern portion of the city of San Francisco, California. Today, the location of Billy Goat Hill Park.18:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mummy-vator18:19

Rush: Funny “escape.”18:19

hounder: lol@ mnr18:19

Rush: See the photo?18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah!18:20

Rush: Right above Jimmy.18:20

libraryjim: aww, Charlie was worried.18:20

Rush: Yes he was!18:20

libraryjim: THat cop plays a lot of cops in movies in this era.18:21

Rush: YES!18:21

Frosty: Hard to believe he’s the joker years later18:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jimmy’s big moment18:21

Rush: Jimmy “entertains.”18:21

Rush: Not the way to hold a bunny!18:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: This show must have sold out for a decade after this opening night.18:22

Rush: Seems so!18:23

libraryjim: Rush, first thing I thought: you don’t hold a bunny by the ears!18:23

Rush: Actually, what we had was the Rhadini challenge to Dr. Zodiac. THAT drew this big house!18:23

Rush: Yes, LJ.18:23

Dona has left this room18:24

libraryjim: the WWE of the psychics18:24

Rush: Yes…18:24

libraryjim: in this corner…..18:24

libraryjim: :)18:24

libraryjim: 18:25

Rush: Although of the several psychics seen in the Chan movies, Eve Cairo seems to be the REAL McCoy…18:25

Rush: Maybe Madame Saturnia, too.18:25

hounder: the eyes18:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: And Carlotta…only Bowen was dishonest, right?18:25

Rush: Yes.18:25

Rush: Yes…maybe Carlotta…18:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Zodiac eyes!18:26

Rush: But Prof. Bowan was a faker, it turned out.18:26

Dona has joined this room18:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jimmy to the rescue!18:26

Rush: WB, Dona.18:26

Dona: lol18:26

Rush: Well, we know one show at the fair that will be closing…18:27

Dona: I never really left18:27

Rush: AH!18:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: I know. Dona was on the flying table!18:27

Rush: NEXT WEEK: “Charlie Chan in City of Darkness.”18:27

Dona: That would be fun18:27

Rush: Jimmy’s exit….18:27

Frosty: Clapping18:28

Rush: Curtain….18:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>18:28

Rush: The End….18:28

Matt1: <yee-haw!>18:28

libraryjim: yay!18:28

Rush: Clocing credits….18:28

Dona: Clap Clap Clap18:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: A+ for this one.18:28

libraryjim: definitely A+18:28

Dona: Always a good one18:28

marcycloud: yey18:28

Rush: And, another GREAT one goes back into the case until next year….!18:28

Matt1: Great Chan18:28

Rush: (Applause….)18:28

Dona: yes A+18:28

Rush: I agree.18:28

Dona: Next week Rush?18:29

Rush: this was the ultimate Chan adventure, perhaps!18:29

Matt1: Good night folks and I’ll see you again in 2 weeks18:29

Rush: A bit og EVERYTHING.18:29

Rush: (of)18:29

Dona: good night Matt18:29

Frosty: Enjoyed being here tonight. Good night18:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have A GREAT trip, Matt!18:29

Godwinshelley2: Night all – have a great week18:29

Rush: Have a WONDERFUL week, everyone!18:29

Rush: stay safe….18:29

libraryjim: Night all!18:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: That it does, Rush. Very fun throughout.18:29

Godwinshelley2 has left this room18:29

Rush: Yes!18:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks everyone for a great evening. Till next week!18:29

Rush: Take care….18:29

Matt1 has left this room18:30

Rush: Be happy….18:30

Dona: by MnR18:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: See y’all in Paris!18:30

Rush: Be safe….18:30

Dona: bye18:30

libraryjim has left this room18:30

Rush: May everyone have happy, Chan-filled dreams…18:30

marcycloud: good bye every one…see y’all next time!18:30

Dona: I love Paris18:30

Rush: Thank you for coming back, marcycloud!18:30

Frosty has left this room18:30

Rush: GREAT to see you among our number again!18:30

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room18:30

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great as always. See you next week.18:31

Rush: Again…18:31

Rush: “City in darkness” next week….18:31

Rush: take care, Dona…18:31

marcycloud has left this room18:31

Cdirus: See you guys next week!18:31

Rush: Thank you ALL for another FUN evening!18:31

Rush: See you, CD!18:31

Cdirus has left this room18:32

Dona has left this room18:32

Rush: TYSM, CD, Phil, Hounder….18:32

Rush: Good night…18:32

Rush: have a safe trip, Hounder!18:32

Rush: Check in if you can next week!18:32

Rush: Good night, phil and Hounder…18:33

Rush has left this room18:42

hounder: nite.18:45

hounder has left this room18:45

Phil has left this room18:54

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