Chat Archive 5/16/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for May 16, 2022

Charlie Chan in City in Darkness

The Munich Agreement | History Lessons

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox
Mike n Rachel in DC/NOT Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Lou!

Rush: And…LOU!


HonoluLou: Hello Matt, RUSH 🙂

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mda19083: greetings all

Matt1: Alohaaaaaaaaa, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloah from the Land of Chan.

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: Aloha to YOU, Steve!

HonoluLou: How is everyone. Hey, Hawaii Steve, Alooooooha!

Rush: Good evening!

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, you are in the will.

Hawaii_Steve: Hello Rush, Lou, MDA.


Rush: And…MDA!

Rush: Wow!

HonoluLou: ditto MDA

Rush: A growing number of us already!

Rush: Good evenong…MDA!

Rush: ING

Matt1: Arriving early, before we go into “darkness”

Hawaii_Steve: And how are all the little Channetts tonight?

mda19083: Lou – I have really been enjoying your Sinatra/Great American Songbook renditions from the link you provided recently

Rush: Doing well, thank you, Steve!

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Matt1: Hello Dave!

dave: good evening, matt

HonoluLou: MDA, thank you so much! Always nice to hear. 

Rush: With Louise’s help, it looks like we are on the way with the reconstruction of our site at WordPress!

Rush: So, that was good news out of the weekend!

Matt1: That’s outstanding

dave: good news, rush

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Hello, Dave!

mda19083: Lou – can your CD be purchased on your website?

Hawaii_Steve: MDA, not too many people know this, but Lou has a new CD coming out soon. It’s called “Lou Sings the Hits of Charlie Chan.” Right Lou?

Rush: Welcome to YOU!

dave: hello, rush

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Dave.

dave: best to all!

Rush: 🙂

dave: aloha, steve

mda19083: H Steve – it would be a big seller

dave: Can’t wait to hear TYSM

dave: Tune of YMCA

Hawaii_Steve: Like Lou, I have a new CD coming out too. It’s called “Hawaii-Steve Can’t Sing a Note if his Life Depended Upon It.” I’m selling it out of the trunk of my car.

Rush: 🙂

dave: I have to say to you: Thank You So Much…

Rush: Steve, we could make that a duet!

Hawaii_Steve: LOL

Rush: Sort of like what Mrs. Miller did in the 60s!

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Rush: Mike/Rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bon soir, toujours!

Hawaii_Steve: Mrs. Miller, the old lady, from the Merv Griffin Show?

dave: Golden Throats

Matt1: Hello M & R!

HonoluLou: Steve, too good. I’ll start with the 12 Days of Christmas by Maven (in her honor). MDA, it was, but they switched me to another site Bandzoogle and I’ve got to fix. However, if you just google “Never Before Lou Armagno” it’s for sale elsewhere. & Barnes & Noble has it.


dave: greetings, m/r

HonoluLou: Evening M&R, Dave.

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Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: DONA!

dave: evening, lou

Rush: Good evening!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

dave: hello, dona

Rush: Was the traffic light, Dona?

HonoluLou: A Steve & Rush CD, I’d pay big bucks to hear that!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi everyone! Lou, we checked out your Sinatra stuff. Very good!

Dona: Yes and I left a little early.

Rush: NICE!

Hawaii_Steve: Lou, speaking of your CD. Several years ago, I placed your CD in the Volvo player and it won’t come out. It just plays and plays and play. I cannot eject it.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Dona!

HonoluLou: Rush, so you & Louise ARE making progress that is awesome!

Rush: You know the material by heart now, Steve!

HonoluLou: Steve, that’s how it…rolls 🙂

Dona: Hello MNR

HonoluLou: Mda, please let me know if you can find, I’ll get ya one

Rush: I could think of worse, Steve…Starland Vocal Band…The Archies…?

Hawaii_Steve: Volvo makes $500.00 from me to eject your CD from my car. So Lou, old buddy, you’re always with me … on the road.

HonoluLou: Steve, look at the bright side…it could have been the Monkeys!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Mike & Rachel, and Dona.

mda19083: Lou – thanks for the update – I always like to support the site preferred by the artist

Dona: Hi Steve

Hawaii_Steve: Lou, LOL. You’re so right.

Rush: I found a couple of “extras” to give some historical perspective for our movie…both short.

Matt1: Cool

Rush: 3 and 5 minutes.

dave: yay…

HonoluLou: Nice Rush.

Rush: Shal we give it a try?

Hawaii_Steve: yes, master.

HonoluLou: Im in!

Matt1: Go for it!

Rush: I can provide a short countdown for each once re are all ready?

mda19083: rush – sounds good to me

Matt1: Yep

Rush: The first one is a newsreel…

HonoluLou: Ready on the left, ready one the right, ready on the firing line.


Rush: READY?

Hawaii_Steve: yes

HonoluLou: 10-4 here.

Matt1: Yes

Rush: 20 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: go for it.

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5….

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Then we have some silent footage…rather graphic….

Matt1: I lost audio?

Matt1: Ah

Rush: A result of the “peace.”

dave: Tragic…

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Hawaii_Steve: OMG. WWII footage is so tragic.

Matt1: Hello NOT M & R!

dave: As someone whose grandmother came from Czech, very sad

Rush: Yes!

dave: not M/r?

Dona: Hi Not MnR

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, you did not loose audio. The soundtrack ended.

Rush: They were sold out, of course. There is no compromise with evil.

Matt1: No, I lost audio

Rush: It was made that way…

mda19083: enlightening but disturbing

Dona: I lost audio at the end

Matt1: Ok

Rush: Went silent for the last minute of so.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: The chat wouldn’t let MnR back in. We had to fool it. Shhh. It’s not us. Really.

HonoluLou: NM&R, genius!

Matt1: But it’s NOT you

Rush: Tghe next one is more of an informational, narrated piece…

dave: pay no attention to the name behind the curtain

Rush: About 5 minutes long.

Matt1: Trickery M & R


Rush: Sort of a lecture with imagery.

Matt1: Ready

Dona: ready

Rush: OK…

HonoluLou: Ready here in CLE

Rush: 20 seconds…

mda19083: ready

Hawaii_Steve: World War II film footage is truly amazing to watch. So long ago, but really not so long ago.

Rush: 15…

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Ready not in DC

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5….

Rush: GO!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Such false promises from Hitler.

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sarabell2: Evening ya’ll

Rush: Hello, SB!

Matt1: Hello SB!


HonoluLou: Buongiorno SB2

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi SB!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, most interesting indeed.

Matt1: Very informative, thnx Rush

mda19083: very informative

HonoluLou: Rush, thanks. Very enlighening.

Dona: Such good points were made.

dave: Nice clips

Rush: We just viewed a couple of extras regarding the history surrounding tonight’s film!

sarabell2: How are you Rush and Matt at Honoluulu I think

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Sara

mda19083: history lesson and Charlie Chan

Rush: And, after seeing these, we can listen to Charlie Chan: “Wise man has said, “Beware of spider who invite fly into parlor.”

Dona: I like that guy. History always sounds like things we are going through in the present

dave: right, rush

Dona: Hi Sara

sarabell2: Hi Dona

dave: evening, sara

Rush: 12 1/2 minutes to go…

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Keep in mind, though, that Chamberlain’s ultimate goal was to rearm Germany and then have them fight a mutually destructive war against the Soviet Union.

Rush: “Charlie Chan in City in darkness”

sarabell2: Hi Dave, sorry I got busy and missed you all for a bit.

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, I have a shot video to share with you, and the family, regarding the end of WW2. You may wish to use it when we get into the Monogram Chans.

Dona: I did not know that MnR

Rush: Sounds good, Steve!

dave: no problem

Hawaii_Steve: Is the Munich document available for viewing somewhere online?

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Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Hounder: Hi everyone.

sarabell2: Hi Hounder

dave: welcome, hounder

Dona: Hi Hounder

mda19083: NOT M and R – are you in competition with NOTHERE

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Dona. He wasn’t a dupe…he just had a flawed strategy. But the British ruling class was morbidly afraid of communism. THAT was the real enemy, or so they thought.

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Hounder.

HonoluLou: Greetings Hounder

Hounder: Sorry tobe late. Time got away from me.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi MDA and hounder.

mda19083: hello hounder and those I missed

Rush: Well, Mike, if so, I guess Czechoslovakia was one of the “eggs.”

Rush: Hello, Hounder!

dave: Break a few eggs?

Rush: Good evening to you!

Hounder: Hi rush

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Mike n Rachel have gone missing tonight. They got kicked out of the chat and can’t get back in.

Rush: I hope that today has been a GOOD day?

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: He was pretty ruthless, Rush.

Rush: Sorry about that, Mike!
One thing we will be searching for is a more stable Chat Room…hopefully with at least a “whistle” or two!

Hounder: A busy day. I meeting 5 big new windows installed.

Hounder: Here’s hopingforsear hiuccess

dave: Getting that for my computer, windows 5

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, the current set up allows for a little whimsy every now and then.

Rush: 8 minutes to go…

HonoluLou: Dave LoL

Rush: Dave: 🙂

Hounder: Man that typed out horribly. Here’s hoping for searching success.

Hounder: Lol@dave

sarabell2: I just thought you had the hiccups, Hounder.

HonoluLou: Hounder I thought you wanted searsuckers!

Rush: Hounder, please join the Typo Club!

Rush: 7 minutes…

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: *hic*

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Nothere: Bonjour

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: The Typo Club. Sounds like something out of a Sherlock Holmes story.

Rush: Please ready your copies of our movie…to the OPENING TITLE.

Hounder: Sometimes my space bar works oddly on this keyboard

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Bon soir, NT!

Hawaii_Steve: Well, that’s all for me this afternoon. Rush, thank you for sharing the short subjects?

Matt1: Hello GS and NH/NT!

dave: nt and gs arrived

Hounder: Nite hs

HonoluLou: Hmmm 7 mins, tiger tea or sody pop? Decisions, decisions!

Nothere: The Typo Club offics next to t Rd Hadd Lauge.

Dona: All set here Rush

Rush: GS and NT!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha GS.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Good to see you Steve, take care!


NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi GS!

Godwinshelley2: Just a quick stop over- don’t think I’ll stay this evening

Dona: Hi NT

Matt1: Take care Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha gang. Enjoy this film.

Hounder: Hi gs.

Dona: Hi GS

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Matt1: Cued!

Rush: 5 1/2 minutes…

sarabell2: Hi GS NT

Rush: FIVE minutes to go…

Godwinshelley2: Don’t know if it’s the weather, pollen, or what, but I’m really beat tonight

mda19083: greetings NT/NH

Rush: GS, I was like that this wekend after working in a HOT classroom all week!

Rush: Drained!

dave: gs, me three

Hounder: I’m not watching the movie. I’m still on the tablet. The laptop’s not ready yet.

HonoluLou: Ah Oh, I just got a warning this movie can’t be shown like this without a $100000000 fine and/or 5 years in jail. Sorry, Rush…I’ve got to report ya!

Rush: 4 minutes…

Rush: Okay, Hounder.

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dave: try another site

Rich Maine: Hi all!

Nothere: A a stool pidgeon. Get the cemement

Rush: Well, you have seen it with us numerous times!

Hounder: Hi rich

Nothere: Hi Rich

Godwinshelley2: Yeah – husband seems to be the same. We’re bowing out. I do expect to be here next week

mda19083: lou – is that billion?

Rush: You may have it memorized!

HonoluLou: Hi, RM, NT, GS & Hounder!

Rush: Yes, GS?

HonoluLou: MDA a typo, just a cool mil.

Rich Maine: Hiya lou

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Godwinshelley2: Night all – enjoy the show!!

Rush: RICH!

Rush: 3 minutes…


Nothere: Night God.

Rich Maine: Hey rush!

mda19083: lou – thanks – i feel better now

HonoluLou: G’night GS

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Matt1: Take care GS

HonoluLou: MDA lol


Rush: WELCOME, Rich!

HonoluLou: 20th CF

Rush: Is everyone nearly ready?

Rush: And…LADIES….

Dona: Are any of you in New Mexico? I am leaving on a trip to New Mexico on Wednesday and I understand there a several fires. I couldn’t find much about them.

Rush: TWO minutes…

Rich Maine: Heading to gay paree

Rush: NICE!

Nothere: No it’s too bright here to be in darknss.

Rush: And I don’t mean the French city by that name!

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Sorry Donna I can not elucidate.

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rich Maine: And my buddy monsier Huber

Rush: Take the sewer tour, Rich!

dave: right

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: I mean it.

Rich Maine: Lights out everyone!

Rush: 50 seconds…

mda19083: city in darkness – i hope the lights don’t go out tonight here in the chat room

Rush: 40 seconds…

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox has joined this room

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: *searches for light switch*

Rich Maine: Yes sewers and graves

Rush: 30….

Rush: Angel!

Rush: Fox!

Nothere: Hey Anel Fox

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: *adjusts beret*

Rush: 20 seconds…

Dona: Hi Angel and Fox

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

mda19083: angel and fox are in the house

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey AF!

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

Rush: Music….

Rush: Credits…

Rush: This one has a “newsreel” beginning….

Nothere: I don”t ant to o. I ant to see the movie.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Bareluy made it! Didn’t even have time to change our names!

Rush: This movie would be something nof a “flashback.”

Matt1: Hello A & F!

mda19083: great music

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Interesting music

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: So NOTY mike here?

Rush: Yes.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: *NOT*

Nothere: Big Ben? Boy are you lost. Cross the channel.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: We have just been listening to WW2 radio newscasts here lately!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Mike n Rachel had a run in with the chat room. We’re incognito. No one will ever recognize us in this disguise.

Rush: Yes, Angel?

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: CHECK Army!

dave: Check!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Yes, Rush! February 1941 here last week!

Rush: In this film we see the Nazi swastika on planes. Not blotted out as in “Olympics.”

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: This all sounds very brave, but France folded like a pair of 2s when the Germans really came.

dave: Real!

Nothere: Hello total strangers I do not kno.

Rich Maine: J. Romaine…famous for his salad

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: VEERY interesting. Interesting to note the promo the Maginot Line was getting here, given what happened only months later.

Nothere: That happens hen t enemy igores your army, and takes your cities.

Rush: Yes, Mike. Especially because the Maginot Line, which France reloed upon, was ineffective.

Rush: (relied)

mda19083: nt is without his w tonight

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: The Romaine people have always been signiferant.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, the Maginot line worked…but the Germans went around it.

mda19083: rich 🙂

Rush: Well, yes. I guess it “workwd” for the Germans!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Rush: We know the date on this is 1939—had the war started, as this was made?

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: The famous Romaine salad. Popular with honeymooners. “Lettuce alone.”

Rich Maine: The letters of transport rick!

Nothere: I’m ithout that key permanatly. I’d use the other computer but it’s become slo beyond belief suddenly. Technoloy hates me:(

dave: your definition of “worked”

Rush: Production on this film was in the summer of 1939.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: WHERE’S MY PIANO? I had it on me when i came in!

Nothere: I’m the butler madam not the footman.

Rush: I suspect, looking at the copyright date, that the ending was added.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: We must get this precisely.

dave: Makes sense, rush

Rush: By then the war had begun in Europe.

Hounder: ..

dave: The cross section of people…

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: “I am a poultry man” means something, uh, different now.

Rush: Marcel.

Nothere: No your hens ar gonna get egg in te dark. Sneaky rooster.

Rush: Poor Marcel!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Prefect makes perfect.

Rush: 🙂

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Huber is just…good.

Dona: Isn’t Putin using the same tactic saying there are Russian in an area of Ukraine, and he should have that land?

dave: Maintain ze accent…

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: He’s got a lotta Gaulle.

Rush: “The Jumping Rabbit”

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Nothere: The Prefect has popped his cork.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Dona. He’s learned from a master.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: The Wascawwy Wabbit is next.

mda19083: angel – I’m afraid to ask

Dona: Yes he did. He read his histroy

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Fudd’s Law!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: yes.

Dona: I keep telling my Grandchildren to read history.

Rush: Take cover!!!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: mda—WE would have no way of knowing, either. I am just passing along ze invormations we haff learned from our Paris pornographer.

Rush: yes, Dona!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. It’s a good thing his army didn’t get the hang of that “Blitzkrieg” thing very well.

HonoluLou: Get the gas masks!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: ZURRENDER!

Rush: VERY important…even if they call it “Social Studies” today.

Nothere: Petroff Medero You gotta be doing something rong for te cops to instantly kno you by one nam.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: It’s a WITCH! And flying monkeys!

dave: angel: do he run a photo shop?

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Those planes are bi. Whaddaya know?!!

Rush: “Bien Pa Pa…”

Dona: I’m not sure they teach either in school these days.

Rush: Angel…”crates.”

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: dave, he ees a Franchmen. Eet is daguerrotype. Weeth actual dagguerres.

Nothere: A ITCH? Man te hoses. And get bannanas for he monkey.

Rush: 🙂

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Hey hey it’s a monkey!

Rush: By the way…Good evening, NT!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Get him a typewriter!

HonoluLou: Mr. Waverly!

dave: The passport shot as well…?

Rush: Sorry, I missed your arrival!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: BFW to you.

dave: What is the exchange rate here?

Rush: “City in Darkness” line there.

Rich Maine: Yes Leo g carroll

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I think zees peoples DO haff letters of transit. Two yearss ear-LEE!

Nothere: It’s not a hite fur, but its fur

HonoluLou: Rush, good catch!

mda19083: o mein papa

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I’ll just have a homburger withe Freedom Fries. And hold ze homburger.

HonoluLou: Harold Huber got that scar on his face in a fencing accident.

Rush: Marcel rivals Tombstone in ability!

Nothere: Charlie has no son here, but there must be one in a Chan film.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Think we’ll see a Paris Match?

dave: I noticed earlier this week this is a story about the City of Lights…the City of Darkness

Rush: True, Lou?

mda19083: he should have gotten out of the way

Rush: Yes, Dave?

Rush: No mask?

HonoluLou: He would be a good subject for the annual newsletter, hmmmm!

Rush: Not a good idea!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: dave, the pun had never occurred to me: we are zo embarrassed! City of Light / Darkness!!

Nothere: Such a sneaky cop. Totally blends into the background

Rush: Yes, Lou!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Found this tid-bit about Huber:

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I feel i should slink off to the City of DORKNESS.

Rush: Perhaps, Lou, the most versatile actor in the Chan series!

HonoluLou: Yes, Rush 🙂

Nothere: Thats City in Dorkness Angel.

dave: I did not think of it for 40 years of watching it

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s too bad he died so young.

HonoluLou: True Rush

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I have the eye of Newt. The former Speaker sent me a note telling me he’s been lurking in some places i write.

HonoluLou: Yes M^R how old was he?

Rush: And, then there’s Inverness…”The City in Loch Ness.”

Rich Maine: Looks like a 1 star hotel

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: 49. Found his obit in the NY Times.

Nothere: It;s the reason for being here. For others to give keen insights into the movie and me to make stupid comment about it.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Sent a link above somewhere

HonoluLou: Cool. It would be good in the STUDY.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Huiber?

dave: rush, lol

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: *Huber*?

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: PANAMA?

Rich Maine: Fur restraint tonight…just collar

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Those 3 guys with guitars?

mda19083: panama hats are made ecuador

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Huber obituary:

Nothere: Ach Rush not the Lock

Rush: 🙂

dave: How about that outfit?

Hounder: .

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Ali?

HonoluLou: Harold is playing the part Son No 1, 2, or 3 usually took.

Rush: As Marie Dubon slips out!

dave: something up your Ali

Nothere: Not the front door. You madman.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: That guy with a guitar?

Rush: Baptiste…BIG guy!

dave: lou, correct

Nothere: The fur fled.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: C’est Dubon!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: heave ho

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Notty!   

dave: quick brown fox….

Rush: Marcel is not a coward, at least. Not smart, but not shy!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: So this is a Republic picture?

Rush: Leo Carroll.

HonoluLou: Here comes the Wolfman!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I wanna get rolled.

dave: He may be similar weight to Jimmy, for throwing purposes

Rush: Soon, Lou.

Rich Maine: In his artist smock

Rush: “Werewolf of Paris.”

dave: Ahh—-ooo

Nothere: Correction the olman as there the moment Chan appeared.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: He says that to all the goyls.

Nothere: Also Fu Manchu

HonoluLou: Ze price, he has gone up!

Rush: She should call his bluff.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: This guy is ready for 2022.

Rush: AND, she could threaten to report him to the police.

Nothere: This guy is shady? I’m shocked. SHOCKED!

dave: Saw him as the Mummy this week

Rush: Mr. Chaney.

HonoluLou: Chaney – Chan, hmmm!

Rush: 🙂

dave: Should have handed him his winnings

HonoluLou: When do Napolean and Illya come in?

Nothere: Volfman vs verevolf.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Eeet’s not us! It’s an interesting approach, but eet’s NOT US!

Rush: In about 25 years…

HonoluLou: NT, Rush, Lol

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Wait here? Waiter!

Rush: This guy is the definition of CAD.

Nothere: After he returns from Egypt.

dave: What a long career for Leo G

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I want a regisment.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: *regiment*

HonoluLou: Dave, true, true.

Nothere: Sorry Angel you didn’t make the squad.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: He IS a cad. Here, anyway.

Rich Maine: To the trenches

Rush: “I didn’t mean to offend you.” RIGHT!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: WHAT a CLASS ACT!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Notty, i knew. I’ll stay and work in the Tetragene factory.

Nothere: Dude thats my son. I’ll buttle your ler.

dave: I hope you come back to another Chan film…

HonoluLou: Rush, RIGHT

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: What a ROTTER. DAMN!

mda19083: did someone say tetragene

Rush: YES.

HonoluLou: Dave LoL, would have been a better line.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: “Cootie powder”?

HonoluLou: A&F, yuk, yuk.

Rich Maine: Rhubarb pills?

dave: Cootie

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: mda: The Champagne of Bottled ‘splosives!

Rush: It may be a tie between him and Max Corday the artist in “Paris.”

Nothere: Are you all trying to sugget he’s a Bounder?

dave: A cad?

HonoluLou: Ya Monsieur? German-French?

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: “Bounder”!! I love that! Arthur Treacher used to say that!

mda19083: left bank – who’s on the right bank

Rich Maine: I want middle bank

Nothere: The people that moved from the south bank

Rush: cad
A man whose behavior is unprincipled or dishonorable

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: 50 million French selfies can’t be wrong.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: This cast is like a Chan “who’s who” of actors

dave: A salad, and toss it!

Nothere: But can 49 million?

mda19083: romaine is marcel’s papa

Rush: Matt…

Rush: ?

Matt1: <tin can>

Rich Maine: Round up usual suspects

mda19083: just walk away renee

Matt1: Start with the butler

HonoluLou: M&R, a nod of the Panama Hat to Toler as Chan.


Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Nothere: Round up all the hindus in London.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Notty, we have a million of them sorting photos right now. Romaine wasn’t built in a bay!

Rush: NT: 🙂

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Time (28:00)?

Rush: Leftover from Candid Camera Night at the Hottentot Club!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Ah,the ‘tot!

dave: Walk through the crime scene together

Rich Maine: Yes rush!

Hounder has left this room

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: You want the truth? You are UNIQUE!

Louise has joined this room

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Lou-eez!!

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Louise: Hi Chan Clan! Sorry I missed tonight…

dave: Nothing like acting suspicious…

Nothere: Hi Louise

Dona: Hi Louise

dave: hello, louise

Nothere: Only half Louise.

Rush: You haven’t missed it…yet!

HonoluLou: Hi Louise!

Rush: WELCOME, Louise!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings Louise

Louise: Thanks for all the nice welcomes…

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: You are here now! Een Fronzz! Don’t lose your head!

Nothere: This is my big chance to sho vhat I can do. Do it for me.

HonoluLou: 30:20 Louise

Rush: We are at the 30:40 mark…

Hounder has joined this room

HonoluLou: 30:50 now

Rush: Verdun.

Rush: WB, Hounder!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: They’re planning a Romaine holiday.

Louise: Can’t watch tonight. Hubby and I had a busy day traveling to and fro to Philadelphia so our evening schedule got messed up.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: They’re dressing now.

Rush: “Ouch” Angel!

Nothere: Ah the shoe lace. The case s solved. Round up every cobbler in Paris.

Rush: 🙂

dave: ouch! two in a row

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Le oooof!, Rush!

Louise: Just wanted to say hello and to tell you that Rush and I are worki ng hard on the new website.

HonoluLou: Louise, I briefly heard Rush say you’ve made progress on the site transfer?

dave: louise, great!

Rich Maine: Thanks Louise!

mda19083: many thanks to louise and rush

Rush: Lines similar to some in Laurel and Hardy’s “Blockheads” (1938).

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks to you both. Can’t wait to see the new diggs.

Nothere: Hopefully for a fun reason Louise

Hounder: Agreed mda

HonoluLou: Louise, you may attain Sainthood!

Louise: The site is trandferred and now we are cleaning it up. A big job…

Rush: Most thanks belong to Louise!

Louise: transferred

Hounder: Bless you both for your efforts

Nothere: Ah a no fun reason. Sorry fr that, but happy fr the house.

Rush: SHE has been, simply stated…The BEST!

HonoluLou: Wow! you are pretty far along then…GREAT!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Lou. St. Louise of Honolulu

Louise: Awww, gosh…

Rush: CRASH!

Rush: All true, Louise!

dave: cue Tina turner soundtrack

HonoluLou: M&R…LOL

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Gee. Hope that wasn’t the new website, Rush.

Louise: Okay, got to go deal with family tinight. See you all sonn…Nite…

Rush: (That CRASH was a sound effect, Louise, in case you are wondering!)

mda19083: a wooden head?

HonoluLou: Nite, Louise

Louise: Yes, I got the crash!!!

Nothere: Night Louise.

Hounder: Nite louise

Rush: take care, louise!

Rush: I’ll be in touch!

dave: evening

Dona: bye louise

Louise: okjay Rush

Rush: 🙂

Louise: okay

Rush: TYSM!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Ciao, Louise.

sarabell2: Thank you, Louise.

Louise has left this room

mda19083: we’re here to see the paris sites

Nothere: Do you hink ere over dressed for the seedy bar?

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Gnite!!!

Rush: “Patience big sister to wisdom.”

HonoluLou: Nice Rush

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: They told me it was a CD bar! I brought my Chevalier boxset!

Rush: 🙂

HonoluLou: ALS&F…lol

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Of course, Chevalier could just as well be at a SEEDY bar—Fox and i shall stay. We’ll have two tall absinthes.

Rush: Nice work by Chan!

mda19083: angel 🙂

dave: When is the “girl getting thrown through the window while dancing”I’ve heard of…

HonoluLou: Absinthes, is that still around?

Rush: Like in “Reno”!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Careful of your liver, Angel. That absynthe contains wormwood.

HonoluLou: Dave isn’t that CC in Paris?

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Lou, we wonder!

Rush: I doubt it, Lou.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I want a CC CD.

dave: Sasparilla

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Lola the Loupe.

Nothere: It is a Parisean dance, but oddly I don’t recall it in this film.

dave: lou, yes…just a joke here

Rush: Now THAT is still around, including its sister root beer!

HonoluLou: There’s actually a Absynthe site online that sells it (not for consumption). I came across it once.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Absynthe is still a thing. You can get it in Europe.

Rush: Hm.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: A stikely lorry.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Had quite an evening doing Absynthe shots in Prague once.

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: We’ve heard absinthe is poisonous or something. Is false?

HonoluLou: M&R did you smoke a hooka too.

Rush: A type of delivery vehicle in Londan?

Rush: (London)

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: No Lou. Just the shots.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: You can also get it online:

Nothere: Thieve yes, but he vas already dead. Ve are the victims of a frame job.

HonoluLou: Was it like licorice?

Rush: Maybe one leg was thin the other was not?

dave: Prague? Czech, please!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Rush, we’re with you. Definite possibility.

Rush: 40:45

Nothere: You can has a good figure ith fat legs.

mda19083: dave 🙂

Nothere: have even

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. It’s sort of sweet licorice/anise tasting. Goes well with vodka.

Rush: True, NT.

HonoluLou: Nice. TYSM.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: On Facebook a few days ago, an old-car page showed some design studies for ASYMMETRICAL auto fronts and backs. MOST weird!

Rush: “Sugardaddy attract many butterflies.”

mda19083: nt – that is one of my problems

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: And Babylon Bees!

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Did anyone ever really have a little black book?

dave: My high school girlfriend gave me one.

HonoluLou: NT, you mean no one else has one?

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Sadly, no.

Rush: If I did, it would bave been pretty thin in the day!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Notty, you are a true romantique. Is your family Romaine?

dave: Rated herself highly

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rachel swats Mike*

Nothere: I vill question them all. In my bedroom.

mda19083: cherchez la femme

Rush: “A fortune.”

Nothere: Vhat Mike meant is after Racheal there is no need for a black book.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Mondrian could align his worktable with her blouse.

HonoluLou: NT, you don’t need one anymore with a smart phone (yuk, yuk)

Rush: AH! Good point, Angel!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks, NT. You’re a life saver.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: We shall call ze zellular pheaune ze Black Booook.


dave: m/r, whew!

HonoluLou: ALS&F your french is pretty good!

sarabell2: I don’t get the flannel top with diamonds either, Angel.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Voila!!

dave: Voila!,


NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Voila!

Rush: Oh, well…

Rush: Image would not work.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Lou—sarabell—we spend every zummer een Paris, Maine.

mda19083: fur alert

dave: Not Paris TX

HonoluLou: HaHa, it’s still Paris. Must have a cafe somewhere.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: dave, we are on zee bodget plann.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: The old Bogata trick.

dave: Always have Paris…

Rich Maine: No river!

mda19083: chan is a smartie

Rush: Or, Perris, CA./

dave: m/r, right! the Bogata trick

Nothere: Vell I’m afraid this is here I leave you. Until next time.

mda19083: later NT

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Bon nuit, NT.

Rush: Okay, NT!

dave: see you next time, nt

Rush: Take care…see you next week!

HonoluLou: g’night Nother.

Rich Maine: Bye nt

Rush: NEXT WEEK: “Charlie Chan in Panama.”

Nothere has left this room

HonoluLou: That police whistle gets ya everytime!

mda19083: pow – right in the kisser

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: And in mufti, yes?

Rush: 🙂

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Have to stop at Fu Yuen’s and get a new hat.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Lotta Gaulle.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s not how much Gaulle you have, Angel. But do you have DE Gaulle?

dave: Married name of Miss Lenya?

HonoluLou: lol

Rush: 🙂

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: +1 Dave.

HonoluLou: I love those hats the police wear.

mda19083: kepi?

Rush: Chan was listening in…

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Does the cop have a kepi cap?

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: mda: No, just a few sniffles.

HonoluLou: Is that what it’s called?

Rush: angina pectoris – A heart condition marked by paroxysms of chest pain due to reduced oxygen to the heart.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: One should keep a kepi cap.

HonoluLou: Robert Vaughn was in a series (before U.N.C.L.E) and wore that hat!

Rush: Nothing but trouble inside!

mda19083: the wore kepis in the french foreign legion

Rush: watch it!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: She wants a new drug.

mda19083: they

HonoluLou: MDA, right.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: She should come to DC. We have all kinds of new drugs every day. 🙂

mda19083: knock knock

dave: Open ze door…

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: who’s there?

mda19083: that was no lady

Hounder has left this room

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Not een zees dorkness! What a vichy soir!

dave: You have a photocopier here?

Rush: No lines for Chaney.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: A fax? For Fox?

dave: Excellent grunting in Mummy film

Rush: That would be around 20 years later, Dave!

Rich Maine: Oh no Charlie

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: He’s sniffing up the leetle zecret!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: So!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Do they have lights in jail?

Rush: “English spoken here.”

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: English Butchered While You Wait

dave: right, rush!

Rush: 🙂

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie is in a tough spot.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Alors!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: That explains TV.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Ze light! She is on!

Rush: Saved by the light!

mda19083: that’s using your head

dave: Like this scene

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Dude, i been doing acid since ze last time!

HonoluLou: Whew!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Suspects arrive.

mda19083: lola

Rich Maine: Lola arrives!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: She’ll be bald at the end of the war.

Rush: Yes!

dave: Bring everyone in the room! Shame the guilty!

Rush: Perhaps!

mda19083: what lola wants …

Hounder has joined this room

Rush: If she was a colaboator!

Rush: WB, again, Hounder!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: They paraded in DIShonor, for sure!


HonoluLou: The Wolfman got on his feet or paws.

Rush: Yes, he did!

HonoluLou: Nice, Rush!

Hounder: Seems like eventide my tablet goes into sleep mode Igetbooted.

dave: ouch!

Rush: Yes, Hounder?

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: What eez “time”? My Device crashed.

Rush: AH!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: She is 1:00:10

Rush: Such is technology, Angel….

HonoluLou: 1:00:10

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: 1:00:35

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Mercy beaucoupe, MnR! We are right wit-cha!!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: 1:01

Rush: 1:01:00

dave: Ze price, she has gone up!

Rush: Indeed, Dave!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I LOVE those outside-ze-collar ties!!

HonoluLou: “Truth only path out of tangled web”

mda19083: he was dead when i got there

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: We are ALL perishable fruit.

dave: When I went to kill him, he was dead

Rush: That passport cost her over $1,000 in 1938 dollars!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: True, Angel. Some perhaps more bananas than others…

HonoluLou: Wow, that’s steep!

Rush: Around $20,000 today!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: La Marseilles? Mayonnaise?

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: I have the…er…uh…

dave: Lotsa moolah

Rush: PLANES!!!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Clink clank clunk.

dave: As NY Huber would say

Rush: yes, Dave!

HonoluLou: Lights!

Dona: He sounds like one of Charlies sons

Rush: WW1 surplus…

mda19083: ouen the lights

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: 10,000 francs is ze lot of beans.

HonoluLou: Dona, true true

mda19083: outen

dave: The reentry scene is classic Jimmy

Rich Maine: Exactly dave

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Pop! Pop!

Dona: that’s true Dave

Hounder: My dad used to use that phrase mds

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Huber’s character has to do double duty as Jimmy and as the bumbling cop. He should get paid extra for this film.

Rush: Understood, Hounder!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Outen the light? That’s Pennsylvania Dutch.

dave: Bumbling cop is always needed

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: All pears were paired then pared.

mda19083: yes m n r

Rush: 12:06.

Hounder: Brb dog walk

dave: angel: bring a pair

mda19083: pineapples

Rush: Croix de Guerre – with Palms – A French military decoration for bravery in combat. A bronze palm is added for those cited at the army level.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Our pears have no peer. We’ll bring a pair, UNpared. Don’t tell ze ausoriteez.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: And a large palm is extended later for ze bribe.

Rush: Speaking of DRIVING!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Uh-oh.

Rush: Fasten seatbelts!

dave: He gave him a slip!? Wait a minute?,

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Spills the beans

Rush: Banana peel.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Think film was speeded up there?

Rush: Yes, during car chase!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: We ‘ave ze high speed shase, no?

dave: Right, slightly different

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I want the beans paired. And pared.

HonoluLou: Wow, nice driving

Rush: WOW!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: 1938 Grand Prix of Paris

mda19083: step on it

Rush: YES!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Those 3 guys with guitars?

HonoluLou: But watch out for Deadman’s Curve!

dave: Look out, look out, look out!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: EAU!!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Going at the breakneck pace of 62 MPH

Rush: Note the switch in planes here.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: MnR   

Rush: To attempt to match the coming stock footage.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Quick! Crash the plane!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Not yhet?!!

HonoluLou: I see it Rush!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Uh-oh.

Matt1: <tin can> x3?

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Anyone need a light?

Rush: CC should remove his hat, there…

dave: I HATE when that happens

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: really oughta be 3 tin-cans.\

mda19083: cue the can 3xs


HonoluLou: A French toast with coffee. Sacre Bleu!


NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Antoine!

Rich Maine: Wait there’s more!


Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: LA PATRIE!


Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: What a guy!

Rush: Yes.


Rush: There…

Rush: THREE of them!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I think this is the beginning of a beautifuil frondship/

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Time for a chorus of Le Marseillaise!

Rush: The most at the same time in the series.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Munich? Uh-oh. TO BE CONTINUED on a CONTINENT NEAR YOU!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Yay!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Allons enfants de le Patrie!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: No war!

dave: a/f, right on that

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: What an entertaining, and inspiring crime!

Rush: Chan’s prophetic line….

Dona: AH

HonoluLou: Hip Hip Hooray!

Dona: YAY!!!

Dona: Wise Charlie

Rush: And, there we have it.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie is right again!

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: I hope they gave Neville Chamberlain free passes.

HonoluLou: There it is!

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: “Peace for a Time.”

Matt1: <yee-haw>

dave: Don’t believe him, he runs a Wax Museum….

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Bon soir, all!!!

Rush: (Applause…)

Dona: Thank you for sharing the reels before the movie Rush. Those were most interesting.

dave: yay!,

HonoluLou: Yes, Rush, thanks.

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: dave: a WHBACKS museum, ya mean!!

Rich Maine: Night all…great film

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: A very enjoyable evening. Thanks everyone!

Rush: My pleasure, dona.

Hounder: Thanks everyone. hopefully I’ll get my computer screen working for next weekand can watch movies with you.see you ext week.

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead!

Dona: <WAHOO>

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: *WHACKS*

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: We will try to bring Mike and Rachel back next week. 🙂

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Woohoo!

Rush: It’s fun finding things that fit the subject.

mda19083: great evening – thanks to all

dave: Good evening, everyone!

Dona: Yes Rush.

Rush: maybe something similar next week for “Panama.”

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Have a great week. And thanks for the extras, Rush!

sarabell2: Good night, thanks all have a good week

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: NOT MnR, we shall DEPEND on your zuggezz!

Rich Maine has left this room

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox: Good night!!

HonoluLou: Rush, that is REALLY exciting news about the site transfer.

Hounder has left this room

Rush: Thank you ALLL for another GREAT time together!

Matt1 has left this room

mda19083: be well til next week

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC: Thank you, Rush. See you next week!

HonoluLou: MDA all, good night.

Rush: Again, “Panama” is our film next week!

mda19083 has left this room

sarabell2 has left this room

dave has left this room

Rush: Another war-related one.

NOT Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: So, have a GREAT week, everyone!

Dona: I will be back from New Mexico next week at noon so I will be able to join.

HonoluLou: Rush, do you have an expected transfer date on the site?

Rush: thank you again, Lou, Dona, and Angel!

Dona: See you all next week20:31

Rush: take care of SoCal, Dona!

Rush: See you in a week!

HonoluLou: Gnite Donna, g’nite all.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Good night.

HonoluLou has left this room

Rush: happy Chan-filled dreams….

Angel Louis Stevenson+Fox has left this room

Rush: Good night, Dona, Angel, too!

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