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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for May 17, 2021

Charlie Chan in City in Darkness

The Landini Murder Case: The Heir

Mrs Phil & Phil
Phox and Phriend

Rush has joined this room


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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hello, Matt!

Rush: ow are you this evening, and how was your week?

Matt1: Hope you are well

Rush: Yes, cannot complain!

Rush: Thank you!

Matt1: Pretty good, thnx….Heading to Disney for a long weekend on Wed, so…!

Rush: AH! Sounds nice!

Matt1: Wanted to beat the holiday & summer traffic

Rush: yes!

Rush: As you are talking Florida…no more masks?

Matt1: How about you? Move is less than a month away, no?

Rush: Yes…inside of a month, now!

Matt1: Not really. Masks are being fazed out, still weird seeing

Rush: Becoming more real each day!

Matt1: The excitement must be building 

Rush: This whole thing will one day be looked at at totally insane, IMHO.

Matt1: Yep

Rush: Yes it is!

Rush: Exciting…and nervous time a bit too!

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: I can’t wait for you to report on your 1st snowfall!

Rush: But, we have paid off our new home!

Rush: Feels great.

Rush: Snow, i can live with!

Matt1: Outstanding…..such a great feeling, no?

Rush: Oh, INDEED!

Rush: Paid our Home Depot creditd card off too.

Rush: We used it for the kitchen remodel of our “old” home.

Matt1: Ah, that’s good….Did the tenting go well?

Rush: Amazingly, that will happen AFTER we move out!

Matt1: Will they escow funds, just in case?

Matt1: escrow

Rush: We paid for the tenting…it’s all DONE!

Matt1: Awesome

Rush: The only issue was the garage door opener, and we got that changed out.

Matt1: Ironically, our old place goes to settlement next Wed, so fingers crossed everything goes smoothly

Rush: We needed one with electric eyes as the new owners have two young ones.

Matt1: I think that’s code now too

Rush: I will add my crossed fingers for you!

Matt1: TY!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Anyway…my wife and I can breathe again!

Rush: I took my younger daughter, rachel, up to see Hollywood yesterday.

Matt1: Yes, I know the feeling

Rush: a father-daughter day.

Matt1: That’s great

Rush: Yes, it was nice!

Matt1: How far was that?

Rush: I also used the occasion to see the location of Warner Oland’s home where he lived in the 1920s.

Rush: Two hours away.

Matt1: How awesome!

Matt1: Pics?

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I took some pictures and plan to do some soret of write-up.

Rush: (sort)

Matt1: I eagerly look forward to that

Rush: We also drove up to the Japanese restaurant where Oland and Keye Luke were together in a moment described by Luke in a 1985 TV interview.

Rush: have the transcription of that in our Study.

Matt1: Cool!

Rush: Yamashiro is the name of the famous restaurant.

Rush: It overlooks Hollywood.

Rush: The grounds are interesting and that’s where the “action’ took place.

Matt1: I never been to Hollywood…..someday!

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mda19083: hello folks

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: Yesterday I was surprised to see how the grounds are used today. Crowded with eating areas, etc.

Matt1: Outdoor eating

Rush: it was a bit different when i first saw it about 15 or so years ago!

Rush: Yes, outdoor eating.

Rush: Hello, MDA!

Rush: Welcome!!!

Matt1: Assuming that may be COVID realted in CA?

Rush: We will be running the radio drama in three minutes!

Matt1: I’m ready!

Rush: The link, of course, is above!

mda19083: nice to be joining you 2 gentlemen this evening

Rush: And, pleased to have YOU here, too!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: all ready to go

Rush: ready here, too!

Rush: 2 minutes…

mda19083: sunny and 73 here in the greater philadelphia area

Rush: NICE!

Rush: Summer knocks at the door!

hounder has joined this room

hounder: hi there.

Rush: 75 seconds…

mda19083: and i let it in

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Hello, HOUNDER!!!

mda19083: greetings hounder

Rush: WELCOME!!!

hounder: mom’s still up so i’ll be in and out.

Rush: 60 seconds to go…

Matt1: Hope you and Mom are well tonight!

Rush: I hope you and your mother are well this evening, Hounder….

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

hounder: pretty well.

Rush: radio Drama…

hounder: thanks

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

hounder: before i forget, i hope to be leaving for nc next monday so i may be mia.

Rush: AH!

Rush: Okay.

Rush: Announcer…

Matt1: Safe travels!

mda19083: ah sing

Rush: Music….

Rush: Commercials placed here….

hounder: and i have no idea whether i’ll have internet or not so i may be missing for a while.

Rush: Yes, hounder. be safe.

Rush: Yes, I understand that! Hopefully it will work for you!

Rush: And…action!

Rush: Recap….

hounder: fingers crossed. lasy year was hit and miss

Rush: Yes!

Matt1: Same place?

Rush: Chan returns from Reno.

mda19083: if hounder goes missing we can have charlie chan locate him

hounder: yes. i have a home there

Matt1: I remember the last trip

hounder: her, but yes. charlie can come look for me. 🙂

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: lol

Rush: I have done that more than a few times in my life, MDA!

Rush: “Willie Chan, baseball player.”

Rush: Interestingly, Layne Tom, Jr. plays Willie Chan in “Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise.”

Rush: Ah sing.

Dave has joined this room

Rush: WELCOME, Dave!

Matt1: Hello Dave!

hounder: hi dave

Dave: Hey, folks

Rush: We are listening to our radio drama.

Rush: How are you this evening, Dave?

Dave: ok, thanks.

Dave: Good evening, thus far


Rush: (Link to the radio show)

mda19083: the vocal adds a nice touch to this episode

Rush: Good to hear, Dave.

Rush: (Applause)

mda19083: hello dave

Rush: Romano offers to manage the gentleman.

Rush: Needs a job!

Dave: Another interesting Chan film this week…

Dave: hello, mda

Rush: However, his “tune” will change soon, as we shall see!

mda19083: IMHO romano is a bit over the top

Rush: Yes, I agree!

Rush: Opportunist!

Rush: !!!!

Rush: “Santa Madonna!”

Rush: BRB….

Rush: And…

Rush: (Applause…)

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: And…Chan’s final comments…

Rush: (more applause, for Charlie Chan…as we fade to silence….)

Rush: Now, I must take a leave for a few minutes to join family and others for the start of dinner…sorry…

Rush: I will be back before the movie!

Dave: See you soon…

hounder: enjoy dinner rush

Matt1: Ok!

mda19083: All this dinner talk is making me hungry

Louise has joined this room

Louise: Hi Chan Clan!!!

DanVenture has joined this room

Dave: Most humble greetings…

Dona has joined this room

DanVenture: Hurrah! I remembered in time!

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Louise: We seem to have entered a black hole…

Dave: Huzzah!

Louise: Hello? Hello? Is nayone there?

Louise: anyone

Dona: hi louise

Louise: Hi Dona

Dave: Hello…

Dona: i can see others

Dona: hi dave

Louise: Hey Dave

Dave: Some folks went on a quick dinner break

Dave: How are you, Louise…

Louise: Ah, I have my dinner with me

Dona: Thank you Dave

Dona: me too Louise

Matt1: Hello Louise, DV and Dona

Dona: Hi Matt

Louise: Hi Matt

Zoe has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Zoe!

Dona: hi Zoe

Zoe: hi all

Rush: 6 minutes….

Louise: I am cued and ready to go

Rush: I will be back and forth…sorry!

Dona: Ready to go here Rush

Matt1: Cued!

Rush: Hello to recent arrivals!

Mrs Phil & Phil has joined this room

Louise: Rush, I thought you finally got tired of us!

Dave: Ready, rarin’ to go…

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

Mrs Phil & Phil: A hearty ALOOOHAA! to all our Chan friends!

Dona: Hi m/m Phils

Mrs Phil & Phil: Hi Matt, hi Dona.

Rush: 4 minutes…

Rush: Welcome, Phil and Mrs!

Rush: Please paude at the OPENING TITLE….

Rush: “Charlie chan in City in Darkness”

Mrs Phil & Phil: Hello Rush

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 3 minutes…

mda19083: just back from the kitchen to discover the chat room is packed


Rush: YES, MDA!

Rush: I found the same!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Well, I’m doing something different tonight. My DVD of this movie always fails at a certain point so tonight Mrs Phil suggested I watch the youtube version of the movie.

Rush: That should work!

Rush: 90 seconds…

mda19083: i didn’t bring enough to share

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

mda19083: i will pop some popcorn during the next break

Rush: 5…

Rush: NICE!

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Music…

Rush: Title…

Rush: Credits….

Rush: We will start off with a “newsreel.”

Mrs Phil & Phil: The man…the legend…Harold Huber

Louise: Different music tonight

Mrs Phil & Phil: I’m still going thru the credits.

mat has joined this room

Rush: Trivia: Which Chan movie do Hitler and Mussolini appear in?

Rush: Answer: “Charlie Chan in City in Darkness”

Dave: yup…

Rush: Very historical stuff!

Dona: Olympics

Louise: So I am so impressed that a Chan movie kept up with the news this closely.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Hello Mat!

Dona: I got one

Rush: In Olympics, we do see some Nazi things, but not Hitler.

Dona: mmmmm

Dave: Hindenburg…

Rush: Okay…I will be back soon…I need to rejoin family dinner!

mda19083: +

mda19083: thats expensive fruit

Louise: The ole blank papers trick

Mrs Phil & Phil: When do the lights go out?

Dave: Yeah, blank papers….

Louise: Mr and Mrs P: perfect!

Dave: Stock characters…

mda19083: the whole city is in darkness phil

Louise: Wait, no lights out because all the lights will be out? this is confusing…

Mrs Phil & Phil: Did you hear what the one woman said? “All I want is one red light in front of the house.”

Louise: Once again Charlie is being celebrated

mda19083: charlie will get to the bottom of it louise

Dave: Huber to the rescue!!!

Zoe: none of Charlie’s helpful children in this one?

mda19083: lol phil

Mrs Phil & Phil: For her husband, she said.

Dave: Several husbans….

hounder: hi everyone who came while i was out

Mrs Phil & Phil: So it may be.

Louise: LIGHTS!!!

Dave: Quick, the stock footage!!!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Did everyone go silent or did I get logged off?

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: Whoops – missed the opening

Dave: More smoking…

Godwinshelley2: I was learning new software for an on-line job on Wednesday

Dave: Greetings, g/s…

Rush: back.

Dona: Hi Rush

Louise: I was wondering why everyone went silent too!

Rush: Hello, Mat and GS!

hounder: time check please

Louise: Shut the door!

Godwinshelley2: Haven’t started my dvd – just a crazy dat

Rush: I16:45

Godwinshelley2: day

Dona: 17

Rush: 16:55

mda19083: he asked for it

hounder: thanks rush

Rush: yes he did!

Rush: Now: The bum’s rush.

Rush: Ouch!

Dave: Stunt double…

Rush: For sure!

Rush: A wise retreat.

Dave: Leo G. Carroll…

Rush: 50,000 Francs.

Louise: Nothing can go wrong…famous last words

mda19083: inflation

Rush: Yes, dave.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Lon Chaney Jr.

Godwinshelley2: Just a check-in evening – I’m not organized enough to watch along tonight

Dave: At the door is Lon Chaney…

Godwinshelley2: Ah – and I am missing Lon too!!

Louise: Wolfman

Rush: In 1939, the Frence franc was worth 33 US cents.

Dave: His friends call him Harry…

Godwinshelley2: And Frankenstein’s Monster, dracula & The Mummy – he did it all – except the invisible man and the creature from the black lagoon

Rush: So, we are talking over $15,000 for that passport…in 1939 dollars!!!!

mda19083: i didn’t see the invisible man

Rush: Me neither.

Rush: 🙂

Mrs Phil & Phil: Lionel Atwill?

Dave: Yes…

DanVenture: Rush: What was the average salary in 1939–like $1/day?

Louise: I namedmy dog Talbot in honor of Larry Talbot, the Wolfman

Rush: Not a nice man, here.

Godwinshelley2: Everyone – stay safe – I’ll try to catch up with you all next week

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: Douglas Drumbrille: [B.] Petroff

Rush: DV, maybe a few dollars a day.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Rush, since you’re so good at currency conversion what is today’s equivalent of 1500 pounds in 1937?

Rush: I would need to look it up.

Louise: So amazing that horses were used in WWII

mda19083: 1500 pounds in grams

mda19083: gong

Louise: Casual approach to murder hrer

Rush: 🙂

Louise: here

Rush: 1937 US Dollar (USD)=1368.71326 British Pound Sterling (GBP)!!!!

Rush: Multiply that by 1,500!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Genius Rush

Mrs Phil & Phil: Cue the can

Rush: No…Duckduckgo.

mda19083: thats why rush is in charge


Mrs Phil & Phil: TYSM Rush

Matt1: Brilliant!

Rush: We see how versatile Huber was!

Louise: Huber is amazing

Rush: We see him play a number of police officials in the Chan series. A spectrum of personalities!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Indeed

Rush: Verdun.

Rush: “That’s under the house.”

Dave: Also enjoyed him in the Moto film we viewed…

Mrs Phil & Phil: Great line there.

Rush: “Mr. Moto’s Gamble”?

Rush: Yes, Phil!

Dave: yes

Rush: Reminds me of a repeating line in a Laurel and Hardy movie: “Blackheads” (1938, I believe)

Mrs Phil & Phil: Even the tone of voice in which it was said adds to the effect.

Rush: yes!

Rush: (CRASH!!!)

Louise: Huber is basically doing the BB role?

mda19083: a wooden head indeed

Rush: In some ways, perhaps.

Rush: Although BB was never a “dunce”!

Rush: The bar….

Louise: They are all giving him the stinky eye

Rush: “His mother was…GUILLOTINED!”

Rush: Yes, Louise.

Rush: “Patience big sister to wisdom.”

hounder: ..

Rush: Spilled his own beans!

Louise: Lots of overacting here

Rush: Marcel too charge there!

Mrs Phil & Phil: He can certainly take charge when needed

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Funny here.

Rush: Chan is correct.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Never shoot into the air.

Rush: What goes up…

Rush: …might break a crown!

Mrs Phil & Phil: If Marcel was smart, he’d take that black book into evidence.

Rush: “I will question them ALL…personally…”

Rush: “Borrowed”?

Mrs Phil & Phil: know..borrowed

Dave: lol, rush

mda19083: you are overly suspicious phil

hounder: .

Mrs Phil & Phil: Formerly in the legal profession.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Not a lawyer though.

Rush: AH!

Mrs Phil & Phil: In any other Chan films, the lights would go out now.

mda19083: i will watch my step then phil

Rush: “Columbia River”

Dave: Passport nice work by suspicious Frenchman….

Louise: The loss of light switch action makes this a weak film, in my opinion…

Rush: 🙂

Mrs Phil & Phil: Indeed L

Dave: right, Louise

Mrs Phil & Phil: Wow, popped his chops!

Dave: If only the lights would go out more often….

Rush: Now he’s REALLY angry!!!

Rush: What a mess!

DanVenture: These backgrounds are making me seasick–back and forth, back and forth…

Rush: angina pectoris – A heart condition marked by paroxysms of chest pain due to reduced oxygen to the heart.

mda19083: i thought we WERE on a boat

Rush: Lon Chaney.

Dave: Lon is returning…

mda19083: lon needs a shave

Mrs Phil & Phil: Charlie gets garotted.

Rush: He’s a tough guy in this one…they don’t shave regularly!

Louise: mda:full moon?

Dave: Close shave for Charlie!

mda19083: cc is in danger

mda19083: sorry louise wring film

mda19083: wring

mda19083: wrong

Rush: 🙂

Dave: Two wrings don’t make it right….

mda19083: 🙂

Rush: YES!

mda19083: two wrights make an airplane

Louise: not wrong, Chaney always was the WOLFMAN NO MATTER WHAT ROLE HE WAS PLAYING

Rush: “REGARDEZ!!!”

Rush: True, Louise!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Quite a few English speaking cops in Paris.

Dave: Lots of english speakers….

Rush: Yes…as in “Charlie Chan in Paris”!

Louise: Sorry for the CAPS

Rush: Cap LOCK strikes again!

Dave: You were summoned here for Le Grande Finale…

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: all but the dead guy

Rush: That’s true!

Rush: That flower looks as if it could squirt water!

Louise: true Rush

Louise: She looks like she is sniffing them

Rush: 🙂

Mrs Phil & Phil: Oops

Rush: Yes…OOPS!

Dave: I like Louis’ work smock….

Mrs Phil & Phil: I’m pretty disappointed. We’ve only had one murder tonight.

Rush: True…but death claims more later…

Mrs Phil & Phil: Well that’s good to know.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: BIG bills.

mda19083: a cargo of fruit – yes we have no bananas

Rush: 🙂

Rush: The planes!!!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Could be light time

mda19083: out go the lights

Dave has left this room

Louise: lights

mda19083: camera

mda19083: action

Mrs Phil & Phil: Dave snuck out when the lights went out.

Rush: AH!

mda19083: dave did it

Mrs Phil & Phil: Where is Dave?

Rush: Gone!!!

hounder: ..


Rush: Cinderellas – (1) Those who have unexpectedly achieved recognition or success after a period of obscurity and neglect. (2) (Cinderella) A fictional young girl who is saved from her stepmother and stepsisters by her fairy godmother and a handsome prince.

Louise: Dave, Dave?

Rush: Croix de Guerre – with Palms – A French military decoration for bravery in combat. A bronze palm is added for those cited at the army level.

mda19083: dave’s not here

Mrs Phil & Phil: Dave’s heading for the ship. He already had his passport.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Whoops!

mda19083: the ship is full of bannas

mda19083: bananas

Mrs Phil & Phil: Just wounded. Dang.

Dave has joined this room

Rush: Speaking of DRIVING…

Rush: WB, Dave!

Dave: ..Lost connection…

Rush: Cue chase mucic!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Pretty convenient Dave to “lose connection” just when the lights went out!

Louise: Dave, you have been accused of a lot of crimes while you were gone

Rush: Music.

Phox and Phriend has joined this room

Rush: PHOX!


Dave: No, I am innocent…

Rush: Nearing the end of the film!

mda19083: that’s what they all say dave

Dave: I’m innocent!

Phox and Phriend: Phox & Phriend

Phox and Phriend: Hey detectives!

Rush: Hello!

Phox and Phriend: Just flew in! Boy, are my arms tired!

mda19083: 🙂

Rush: Get ready….

Phox and Phriend: Hey mda!


mda19083: hellp p and p

Louise: Oh Dave…

Rush: THREE dead…

mda19083: hello

Phox and Phriend: Looks like with Mrs Phil, we total 14!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Oh YEAH! CUE THE BIG CAN!

Phox and Phriend: CLUNK

Dave: Lookout!

Louise: OUCH

mda19083: thats gotta hurt


Matt1: Yep



Mrs Phil & Phil: You think it hurt when that horse in CC at the Racetrack!

Louise: Can it

Dave: I am going back to my hobby, working at the Wax Museum….

Rush: No more cans tonight!

Phox and Phriend: ??????????

Mrs Phil & Phil: horse went down in CC at the racetrack

Rush: Antoine explains…

Rush: Yes. That’s one scene I can’t watch.

Mrs Phil & Phil: It’s never been clear to me which side the weapons were going to.

mda19083: my horse won in the preakness

Phox and Phriend: “Tin cans” are secretly made from rolled steel grown from rolled oats in Canadian California.

Rush: Assumed it would go to the Axis.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Steel cut rolled oats.

Dave: agree, rush

Phox and Phriend: The freakness of the Preakness is that they have any luck at all. In The Hague they have wooden shoes.

Rush: Prophetic words from Chan coming…

Mrs Phil & Phil: Yeah, don’t hold your breath.

Phox and Phriend: Nobody steels my oats. I use the Chan Agency.

Rush: THE END….

mda19083: cc is very wise

Rush: (Applause…)

Phox and Phriend: FINEE!!

Phox and Phriend: Yay!

Louise: Beware of spider

Dave: Hooray….

Rush: Yes, agreed, MDA!

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Phox and Phriend: See you next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rush: Next week….

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Panama”

Dona: Charlie is wise man

DanVenture: What a ride!

Dona: panama good one

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: thanks all for another fun chat

Zoe: night

Rush: You are all great!

Rush: Thank YOU!

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week!

Phox and Phriend has left this room

DanVenture: Thanks everyone!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Once again, ALOHA to all our Chan friends!

mda19083: cc in panama is a good one

Dave: Thank you all so much…

Dona: Thank you Rush, great evening

Matt1: Safe travels Hounder!

Rush: have a wonderful week, everyone!

mda19083: tysm

Mrs Phil & Phil has left this room

Rush: Take care…

Dona: Good to see everyone!

hounder: nite all. see you back here when i can

mda19083 has left this room

Dave: take care, all

Zoe has left this room

Rush: Thank you all, again!

Dona: Night all. Have a good week.

Louise: See you all in Panama

DanVenture has left this room

Rush: Yes…in Panama!

Rush: Till next week!

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: May you have happy, Chan-filled dreams!

Dave has left this room

Dona has left this room

mat has left this room

Louise has left this room

Rush: Good night, everyone!

Rush: Good night, Hounder!

Rush: My best to you and your mom.

Rush: Good night…

hounder: nite and thanks,

hounder has left this room

Rush: Thank YOU!

Rush has left this room

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