Chat Archive 5/2/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for May 2, 2022

Charlie Chan in Reno

CAL angel + NEVA Foxx
Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine

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hounder: hi rush

Rush: Hello, Hounder!

Rush: How are you tonight?

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Rush: Hello, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush & Hounder!

Rush: And, how are YOU tonight?

Matt1: Great, thnx….you two?

Rush: Doing well, thank you!

Rush: Ready for a trip to Reno?

hounder: doing ok.

Matt1: How is Mom?

Rush: How’s your mom?

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Rush: Hello, Steve!

Matt1: Alohaaaaaaaa, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha from the Land of Chan !!!


hounder: doing ok. ups and downs.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: It’s 1:32 PM in Chan Land.

hounder: hi h

hounder: hs

Rush: Hopefully today has been a good day.

Hawaii_Steve: hi kids.

Rush: Yes, steve!

Rush: 6:32 in my zone.

Hawaii_Steve: Today, I have an important document to deliver. I can only stay an half hour.

Rush: Yes?

Rush: Job related, or personal?

hounder: glad you stopped in hs

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, I talked to Don Ho’s people. Because of your enthusiatic “aloha,” they want you in the audience.

Matt1: I’m in!

hounder: nice!

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Don who?

Rush: Aw….

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, can’t talk about it. Its all hush-hush.

Matt1: boooo

Rush: Don “Tiny Bubbles” Ho.

Hawaii_Steve: Don Ho. Thank you Rush.

Hawaii_Steve: I’ll say my old jokes for an older crowd.

Matt1: My poor attempt at humor

hounder: lol. this younger generation doesn’t know the classics.

Rush: These days, the kids would have worse jokes about the last name.

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, you’re alright in my book. Of course, my book has never been published.

Matt1: Short story?

Hawaii_Steve: YES, RUSH !!!

Rush: I was not even able to say “Idaho” without snickers….

Hawaii_Steve: LOL.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Don Ho? Sounds like the consort of a Mafia chief…

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Rush: hello, Mike…..and RACHEL!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, thank you for kind response to my posting about Virginia. I appreciate your kind words.

Rush: WELCOME to you both!

Hawaii_Steve: How’z the weather in DC?

Matt1: She’ll be missed

Rush: Heartfelt, Steve.

Rush: Yes.

Hawaii_Steve: Indeed.

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s been cool-ish, but got into the 70s today. We’re still staying under the heat radar (*crosses fingers*)

Hawaii_Steve: On this newer chat room, there are a few areas I need assistance with.

Rush: She was a very unique, caring, smart individual!

Hawaii_Steve: What is ‘REGISTER NICK’in the bottom left corner?

Rush: Always had a joke or a story to tell!

Matt1: I still remember the laugh she used in the old chat room

Rush: And a True Texan!

Hawaii_Steve: Virginia was a kick.

Rush: Indeed she was!

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, oh yeah, the sound effects. All the different laughs.

Matt1: She favored that laugh

Rush: Whenever we talked on the phone, she always closed telling me to give her love to Marie, Sarah, and Rachel.

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Hawaii_Steve: Nice.

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: Hello, Dona!

Dona: Hello Everyone!

hounder: hs what a wonderful tribute to VA.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Dona!

Rush: Welcome! Fresh off the freeway?

hounder: hi dona

Hawaii_Steve: I remember talking to Virginia once or twice about the web interview. She had a rich Texas voice.

Dona: Yes, I was trying to get home in time to be here early.

hounder: hi m n r.

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mda19083: hello all

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Hounder!

Rush: That’s right, Steve.

Dona: Hello MDA

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dona, that sounds like the title of a country song!

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you hounder. I appreciate that.

Dona: lol

hounder: she always had birch beer on her cart for me. 🙂

Rush: And, when we had voice chat, it was really fun to hear Virginia and her mom together!

hounder: hi mda

Rush: Hounder, you probably recall!

Matt1: Sarsaparilla for Rush!

hounder: i don’t remember the voice chat.

Rush: MDA!

mda19083: happy to be here for our trip to reno

Rush: Good evening!

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Dona: I don’t either Hounder

Hawaii_Steve: Hi MDA.

Rush: Get those quarters ready for the slot machines!

Rush: 30 minutes to go….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Quarters? We’re poor. Are there any penny slots?

hounder: mom’s still up so i may be a bit distracted trying to follow 2 conversations (1 which is disjointed) and a movie too.

Hawaii_Steve: Hounder, what’s a birch beer?

Rush: In 1939….CERTAINLY!

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Rush: Understood, Hounder.

Dona: Hang in there Hounder. We will take you when you can.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Helleau!

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Dona: Hello Angel and fox

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey there Cal & Nev

mda19083: angel/foxx – hello

Rush: Well…Angel’s latest incarnation!

hounder: birch beer is a wintergreen flavored root beer. usually found in pennsylvania dutch areas but you can sometimes find it other places.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Hi, EVVVVVERYBODY! Greet-things to all!

hounder: hi a n f

Hawaii_Steve: Hello Angel, you little devil. How the “heck” are you?

Rush: That recalls the Cal-Neva resort at Lake Tahoe!

mda19083: always wanted to go to the cal-neva lodge

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: I’ve got it, Mickey! Let’s get a divorce!

mda19083: once owned by frank sinatra

Hawaii_Steve: Hounder, sounds good.

Rush: I stayed there twice with our family. It had definitely lost its luster by then though!

mda19083: birch beer is good stuff

hounder: speaking of frankie tms was showing robin and the 7 hoods earlier.

Rush: It’s closed now, i believe, hopefully being renovated.

Rush: I was watching that as we had dinner, Hounder!

hounder: ah another conniseur of birch beer. yay.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Hawaii Steve, i/we are grate, as in parmesan, and part of our suspicious lightness came from reading YOUR tribute to Virginia Johnson. Wonderful tribute!

mda19083: enjoyed Lou’s link from last week’s chat and his sinatra covers

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: We KNEW this was a hip crowd: CalNeva got snapped like a biscuit before a beagle!

Rush: Agreed, hugely, Angel!

Hawaii_Steve: Angel, Thank you so much for your kind words.

Dona: I agree with Angel, Steve, it was very nice.

mda19083: angel/foxx – this is a really hip crowd – I agree

Rush: The old beverage cart will not be the same.

Dona: Yes, Rush

Hawaii_Steve: Speaking of TCM. I see that they’re doing a tribute to Anna May Wong, a good acting buddy of Warner Oland.

Rush: We should dust it off in her honor!

Hawaii_Steve: Dona, thank you too.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Steve, and Rush, you were the means, you created this venue, and my life is more luxurious if not more commercial for knowing everybody here.

hounder: i was just thing of how well aged some of the alcohol on her cart must be by now.

Rush: TYSM, Angel!

Hawaii_Steve: Ms. Wong and Mr. Oland made a number of films together, some were silent, others were talkies.

Dona: Absolutely agree Angel

Rush: And, you “keep ’em Laughing,” especially during times of less-than-happiness!

mda19083: the cart served adult beverages?


Dona: ues MDA

Dona: yes

mda19083: tiger tea

Rush: “VIRTUALLY” anything!

Matt1: Sometimes the cart had calorie free desserts too!

Rush: Oh yes!

mda19083: it sounds like fun was had by all

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you Angel. I can’t really take too much credit. Rush created this wonderful “family” website. I came along on the 9th year of operation.

hounder: the cart had everything. along with great snacks.

Rush: Yep!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Rush, from what i read i get the Beverage Cart as something that must be institutionalized. May i propose that a committee composed of somebody else (my loafing has piled up lately) “effort” (what a verb!) a way to keep the Cart rolling of Monday eves?

Matt1: No guilt cart

mda19083: kudos to rush and all of the contributors to this amazing site

Hawaii_Steve: From Virginia’s cart, I order a green-tailed monkey with a lime twist.

Rush: Hm….

hounder: hear! hear! mda

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Matt1: Are you implying CALORIES?

Rush: Sounds like a great poll question coming there, Angel!

Matt1: NEVER any calories on the cart

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Rush. I poll question.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Does Virginia’s Cart have the makings of an Alaska Polar Bear Heater?

hounder: VA would never have been so vulgar to iclude calories in anything she served us.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Rush: True, Hounder!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: hounder: Wouldn’t have included, or wouldn’t have mentioned??

mda19083: I am sorry to hear of Virginia’s passing – it appears that she was special to the group

Rush: I sort of recall her special eggnog recipe: “Bourbon with a shot of eggnog”

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Matt1: Mmmmmm, yes!

mda19083: rush – 🙂

Matt1: Hello dave!

Rush: Dave!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx:   

hounder: Would not have included. calories from her cart didn’t exist.

Rush: Good evening!

Dave: Hello, friends!

Dona: Hello Dave

hounder: hi dave


mda19083: greetings dave

hounder: i think her site usd to have a section of her family recipes

Dave: hello, hounder, mda

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: hounder, you got us with a technicality! I have whipped cream and other delights, a cooler, and a pen and a phone.

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Dave.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Yes, howdy, Dave!

Rush: We have been remembering Virginia…and we have begun carrying on some of her lighter-hearted moments!

mda19083: angel – 🙂

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: She sounds like a hoot!

Rush: Yes, she sure was!

Dave: hello, steve and angel/foxx

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, do you have a photograph/image of Virginia that you could post on the site?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: mda, if you haven’t already, read the Tributes to her on the Message Board.

Rush: She could have a wonderfully “dry” sense of humor.

hounder: she was a great-hearted lovely person.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Oh baby that’s what i like!

mda19083: angel – will check it out

Dave: I did see the tributes to her. Seemed like a great lady

Rush: 17 minutes…

Hawaii_Steve: Virginia could be protective about the image of Charlie Chan. I remember an incident from the past.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: (that is, i like the dry humored. My personal character is pure as the driven-only-Sundays snow.)

Rush: Yes, Steve?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Hawaii Steve—Tell us about this INCIDENT!!\

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, I remember Virigina coming to your defense when somebody suggested doing something different of the website. I am sorry, but I do not remember the details.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: We hope the statue of limitations has run out, maybe by the fire escape.

Rush: AH.

mda19083: what happens in the chat room stays in the chat room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Just back from reading the message board. Lovely, Steve! (and blue-tailed monkey sounds like a GREAT drink. But NEVER on the rocks)

Dave: statue of imitation?

Matt1: Until it’s achieved 

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: mda—i’m typing that shortwave to the Russkies right now. Please continue.

Rush: She and I were on a similar wavelength one night during a chat, and together we came up with: “The only BAD Charlie Chan movie is NO Charlie Chan movie!”

Matt1: archived

mda19083: rush – love it

Hawaii_Steve: MDA, Guido and I agree with you.

Dona: agreed Rush!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: So, whenever I uce that, I co-credit Virginia.

hounder: i remember we used that frequently.

hounder: hi guido

Rush: (use)

Rush: Or just her!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Yes, Dave, the Statue of, you know, the things. Kramer, from The Institute, says the Statue used to be observed. From that i presume it ran out. Ipso facto, the fire ladder. Q.E.D., to wit: EXCELSIOR!

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Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s always amazing how a person’s legacy lives on in ways both large and small…

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, didn’t Virgina co-author a Chan-script, located somewhere on this site?

Matt1: Hello SB!

Fredsmom has joined this room

Dona: Hello Sarabell

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello SB/FM!

Matt1: Hello FM!

Rush: Angel, my brain is already contorted tonight!

mda19083: greetings sb

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: sb2! Find a seat!! Crumbcake by the hearth!\

sarabell2: Hello Everybody, trying to read what you all are saying

Fredsmom: Good evening my Chan friends!

hounder: hi sb. hi fm

mda19083: hello fm

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Fredsmom! Hurry! sb2 is grabbing all the crumbcake!

Dave: hello, various people h

sarabell2: He Fredsmom, I just beat you here

Fredsmom: Rush and all, SO sorry to hear about Virginia!

Dona: Hi FM

Rush: Angel, it seems that YOU are stocking the beverage cart!

Dave: I missed some, somewhere

Rush: And I don’t mean STALKING!

Fredsmom: Ha! Missed you all!

Rush: FM!


Rush: We have missed YOU!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Foxx & me are UNSTOCKING the Beverage Cart. Got any peanuts?

Fredsmom: TYSM!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Sarabell and Fred’s mom.

Rush: GHow are you tonight?

Rush: (How)

mda19083: FYI – angel has made some withdrawals from the beverage cart

Fredsmom: Aloha HS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel, we would like to request some Uncle Val’s gin and St. Germain

hounder: lol @ a n f

Rush: typos…typos….

sarabell2: Hi HawaiiSteve

Rush: SB!

Rush: Missed your entry!

Rush: Sorry!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Fredsmom: Im doing well. Hope eveyone is having a good start to the week!

hounder: i believe i’ll have a birch beer float in va’s honor tonight

Hawaii_Steve: Angel, in the bottom draw of Virginia’s beverage cart, you will find some spam left over from the war. Please cut me off a slice.

Mike n Rachel in DC: So far so good, FM. Getting virtually hammered thanks to Virginia

Fredsmom: Awwww..Hounder… 🙂

Rush: Two good things about Mondays: First, our Chat, second, it leads to Tuesday!

mda19083: MNR – 🙂

Fredsmom: Yep! Virginia and her virtual beverage cart!

Dave: Sasparilla here…

Rush: There you go, Hounder!


Fredsmom: True, Rush!

Matt1: In her honor, I’ll have a LoneStar beer!

Rush: AH!

Hawaii_Steve: Make it two.

hounder: thanks rush

mda19083: drinks for the house – my treat

Rush: Okay…THREE!

Rush: TYSM, MDA!

Rush: 7 minutes….

Rush: Everyone please start cue-ing up!

Rich Maine has joined this room

Fredsmom: MDA-HA!

Rich Maine: Hello all!

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Reno”

hounder: hi rich

Rush: Opening title….

Fredsmom: Hello Rich!

mda19083: please show us your ID as the cart makes it around the chat room

Rush: Hello, RICH!


Rich Maine: Getting my sarong ready…….

mda19083: hello rich

Fredsmom: mda-your killin me……hahaha

Hawaii_Steve: Okay gang, I have to attend to business now. Thank you all for the kind words the Virginia tribute. it brought back good memories for me too.

Rich Maine: And putting banana on my head

Dona: Hi Rich

Hawaii_Steve: See you soon. Aloha.

Matt1: Take care Steve!

Rush: Thank YOU, Steve…and a HUGE ALOHA!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ve got my vaccine card, MDA. Is that good enough?

mda19083: take care steve

hounder: bite hs

Fredsmom: Take care HS

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care, Steve!

Rush: Enjoy PARADICE for us!

Rush: (Get it?)

Dave: so long steve

mda19083: MNR – works for me

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Rush: GS!

Matt1: Hello GS!

hounder: hi gs

Godwinshelley2: Bye Steve

Rush: Good evening!

Rich Maine: Hi rush, dona, FM, M&R

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening GS!

Dave: went to Reno, got a para dice?

Godwinshelley2: and hello everyone

sarabell2: Hi GS

mda19083: greetings gs

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Dona: Hava good eveining Steve

Fredsmom: Hello GWS!

Matt1: Cued to Opening Title!

Dona: Hi GS

Dave: hello, gs

Rush: You got it Dave! TYSM!

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued

Dona: Ready here Rush

mda19083: pair a dice by the dashboard light

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong-ready in DC

Rush: All right! Readying here….

mda19083: cued here

Dave: Could be worse, could leave with half…

Godwinshelley2: Oh mike – you get to play the gong! I love that part in The President’s Analyst where he plays the gong

Dave: mda, para dice from the rear view mirror…

Rush: 🙂

Nothere has joined this room

Matt1: Hello NT/NH!

Dave: hello, nt

mda19083: dave 🙂

Rush: I love the deco-cubist look of the title card for “Reno.”

Nothere: Hey all. Stay far from the slots

Rush: NT!


Fredsmom: NT!

mda19083: greetings NT/NH

Dona: Hi NT

Rush: 2 minutes….

Rich Maine: Hello nt


Rush: 90 seconds to go…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *vroom*

Rush: 75 seconds…

mda19083: no minimum bets tonight

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello NT!

Rush: And….LADIES!

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Nothere: Are there maximum bets?

Mike n Rachel in DC: $0.50 on Gallant Lad!

Rush: 40 seconds…

Dave: My grandmother told me of a place folks would go for dentures, where you could drink and dance, and wait for your teeth

Rush: 30 seconds…

mda19083: not for you NT

Rush: 25…

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ll have a gin and tonic and some new molars, please

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


CAL angel + NEVA foxx: GONG!

Rush: Title….

Rush: Music….

Rush: Credits…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Zippy music

mda19083: lights

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Foxx loves the openings. Don’t know why.

mda19083: camera

mda19083: action

Dave: Sometime in the 30s, near the NC/VA border

Nothere: Paulline moore.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Very zippy music@!

Dave: mmm…pauline

Fredsmom: yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clarinet cue

Nothere: Death makes a decreee


mda19083: oh Kay is in tonight’s feature

Rush: Eddie Collins.

Dave: Montage is a treat

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Nothere: If Reno is he biggest little city, hat is the smallest big city?

mda19083: eddie collins without his lion

Dave: Tsk tsk…

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: THE ROYAL FLUSH / 10 stalls, no waiting?

Matt1: Oscar in the trunk?

Rush: “P-Toooo!”

Nothere: Oscar in a zoo?

hounder: time check please

Dave: a/f….yup

hounder: ?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: He just spit on Sinatra’s Packard.

Rush: Oscar is back in L.A., I guess!

Mike n Rachel in DC: 2:20

Nothere: 200

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: What if Tarantino redid this?

Rush: 2:45

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: I’m trying days.

hounder: brb bed

Rich Maine: Social director?

mda19083: social director?

Rush: 2:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: Miss Wells

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Social director?

Rush: 3:00

Godwinshelley2: Philip Wylie – the author of this original story – wrote “When Worlds Collide” – another horror/scifi connection

Rush: 3:10

Dave: That would be great, angel/fox

Rush: FUR!

Rush: 3:35

Rich Maine: Fur in the desert of course

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Dave, we’re always trying. Days, me; Fox, fur.

Dave: Girl ftom my hs would have been a great social director

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have you tried 22?

Nothere: But ho rote hen orlds Bump?

mda19083: and slot machines in the rest rooms

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Rich: If ya got it, flush it, they always say at the Royal!

Rich Maine: Only work 2-4

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: I’ll buy you a drunk.

Nothere: Hey thi is a top flight 30’s hotel. It’s only 80 degrees in there.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Who knows what Levis lurk?

hounder: false alarm. back

Nothere: Too fe pearls.

Rush: Virginia would call her “a witch with a capital B.”

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Cheeky cheeks!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Hello CATTY.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Someone needed to pay more attention to Miss Wells’s cigarette in the editing

Rush: And, in fact, I believe she DID in this exact case.

Dave: who gives off “wonder if someone will be killed” vibes?

mda19083: cat fight

Fredsmom: 1939- we’re modern

Rich Maine: This IS 1939

Rush: Loser.

Rush: That guy should consider himself VERY lucky!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: This is 1939. We’re lucky to be in Reno & not the Ruhr.

Nothere: Not like those rubes in 1937.

Dave: Here’s our owner!

Rush: YES, Angel!

mda19083: cheap lying what?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: HER hotel.

Rush: 12:30…a.m.

Mike n Rachel in DC: zzzzz

Rush: Hamilton MacFadden.

Nothere: A.M. Time for poker.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Desk clerk LOOKS like a chunky Elisha Cook Jr.

Rush: He directed a couple of Chan films.

Nothere: Hey hold don the drama I’m gambling here.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Can ready?

Matt1: <tin can>

Godwinshelley2: sweetheart neckline

Rich Maine: Cue the can


mda19083: nice scream

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Quiick! Get her a divorce!

Godwinshelley2: I always liked that style on dresses

Mike n Rachel in DC: Quick! Look guilty!

Dave: She was a screamer

Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush: Charlie Chan…at work!

Dave: At least the newspapers kept printing

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Dave, that she WAS! I give her a second chit for the Beverage Cart.

Rush: Al Kikume.

Rush: In five chan films.

Nothere: Island oman held. Nothing else imprortant about her.

Dave: Does he get the five timers club enry?

Rush: Smaller community in 1939.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: City $$$ paid for that egg.

Rush: And murder was a HUGE deal!

Nothere: Does Mrs. Chan kno you think that Charle?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: With a sixth film he’d have got a free coffee.

Rush: Ancient ancestor once say, “Words cannot cook rice.”

Rush: The Clipper!

Nothere: But ater and ords can.

Rush: We will see it again next week!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Yes, Rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *woooh*

Nothere: Chan’s kid actually in college. It on’t last long.


mda19083: w issues NT?

Nothere: That key is completely dead on this computer:(

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: A SMELLogram for YOU, Prof!

Rush: Jimmy would be driving north on Highway 395.

Rich Maine: He looks so young in this one…Jimmy

Mike n Rachel in DC: That stunt seems pretty dangerous

Dave: nt: has to skip classes for some reason

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: My keyboard died a couple weeks ago. We send you syyyyyyyyyyyyympa— sympathyyyyyyyyyyy.

Dave: bad actor: oh!

Rush: 1939 car jackers!

Nothere: The old sick guy on the side of the road trick. Fell for it three times last eek.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: When it started, i asked, ‘WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?”\

Rush: If you look closely, you can see Jimmy’s stand-in for that dumping!

hounder: jimmy isn’t the smartest of pop’s kis

mda19083: that musta hurt

Dave: Close, but….

Rush: YES!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Lucky Jimmy wasn’t commando!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Was all set to think that he was doing his own stunts

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “TYSM.”

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: This cabdriver probably rained on Winchell’s ratings.

Dave: Wanted a sad trombone sound there

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: TYSM!

Nothere: So the cabbie is connected to everyone. Hold him for qetioning.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: And WE were expecting KITTENS!

Rush: The “show-up”

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Notty, get the zipties.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: SHORE!

Matt1: Funny scene

Rush: Tombstone.

Dave: Rush: do you remember which actors were in the five-timers club for appearances?

Rush: Yes, Matt.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Clancy’ll lower da boom.

Rush: Tombstone was thinking of the chocolate sampler.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: He’s a sampler.

Dave: Thought he wanted a pizza

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Rush:     

Nothere: A Tombstone pizza

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Looks like a 14-gallon hat. Or an 8-gallon head.

Rush: Jimmy!

Rush: Pop is shocked!

Mike n Rachel in DC: This line up needs Shemp

Matt1: Charlies eyes, lol

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: The circus is in town.

Rush: YES, mike!!!

Dave: right, m/r

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: 214A!

Rush: I love the surprise appearances of Chan’s sons!

Nothere: Nyuck Nuyck

Rush: 🙂

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Robert Mitchum went to prison for mopery. Anything can happen.

Rush: Funny line coming! NOT PC!

Rush: 🙂

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Me stay here!

mda19083: 🙂

Rush: Nice map of Reno on the wall

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush, the PC police will have to lighten up on the Chan films. Different time…

Dave: I like the lighting here…

Rush: AND, the venetian blind shadow!

Dave: exactly

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes…the “jail cell” faux bars

Rush: Yes!

Dave: fancy…

Fredsmom: yes-ambiance

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: They sell those sets in the lobby for 75c. Not cheap, Charlie!

Rush: 🙂

Dave: She’s morphing into Miss Cairo…

Nothere: Police Chief Private. Odd name for a police chief.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: YES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “This Oriental’s loco”

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Notty: Chief’s nephew is Corporal Punishment.

Rush: And that Occidental is a bit dense!

sarabell2: Sorry, have to leave, hope to stay next timme, thanks all

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good to see you SB!

mda19083: be well sb

Dave: bye, sb…

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: sarabell, we watch for you next time!

Matt1: Take care SB

Dona: have a good week SB

Rush: And, another member of the “Private” family, NT…”Manager.”

sarabell2 has left this room

Godwinshelley2: night Sara

mda19083: now that’s a hat

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Also Starring JIMMY CHAN as LYNDON B. JOHNSON!

mda19083: 🙂

Rush: Kay Linaker…

Rush: Nearly 20 years before “The Blob”

Dave: Good to see Kay!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Miss Akimbo there looks like she’s smuggling Sunkists.

Rush: Yes.

hounder: ..

Rush: “Will search this time with eyes OPEN.”

mda19083: just learned the blob connection last week – is there a story there

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: OOH! Chan gotcha there, sheriff!

Dave: mda, right!

Godwinshelley2: And now we have the “When Worlds Collide” connection with Philip Wylie

Rush: GS would be our resident expert on that one, MDA!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: GS, what’s the ruling?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: You ARE of the ruling class.

Godwinshelley2: Maybe I’m missing what I am supposed to be ruling on/over?

Nothere: All rise. The honorable GS presiding.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: A stack of $100 bills….

Godwinshelley2: I always liked the “please be upstanding”

Rush: $100 then worth more than $1500 today…

Rush: CC used that one on Thacker in “CC in London.”

Godwinshelley2: Sydney seems to be comfortable in his role in this one

mda19083: sure he did DR

Nothere: Mrs. Bently as told by several people to get bent.

Dave: Gs, was just thinking about that

mda19083: NT 🙂

Godwinshelley2: BTW – saw “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” – James Hong has a nice role in it.

Rush: Actually, with the current inflation, $100 in 1939 is about $2000 today.

Rush: (Tomorrow, maybe $3000!)

Godwinshelley2: I would recommend it if you are looking for a movie night – it’s a bit “trippy” yet entertaining.

Dona: WOW

Rush: Noted, GS!

mda19083: good one charlie

Godwinshelley2: Perhaps not a movie for a child

Rush: The, alone some late night!

Rush: (then)

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: I would look for pinking shears. We need some pinking shears here.

Godwinshelley2: Or get a babysitter

Nothere: No lights of course. Nudge nudge

Dave: Hotel Skidmark

Rush: Get ready for a little “confusion.”

Rush: Yes, dave!

mda19083: party!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: He’s making an Alaska Polar Bear Heater!

Rush: I was thinking about that quick stop!

Dave: Odd role for Charlie here…

Rush: Surprise!!!

Rush: Yes, dave!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Chief there has more stars than Eisenhower, and years sooner too. Geez!

Rush: 🙂

Dave: He is crafty, but this is out of character…

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Looks like she bought the Snow White dress line.

Rush: Nice method of questioning.

Nothere: I got it in a card game.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: I agree, Dave. Quite anomalomanomalous.

Rush: True, Angel!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Thanks, Rush!

Dave: To me, like the smoking scene in Rio…

Rush: Surgical scissors are short.

Rush: FIGHT!!!

Rush: Nice toss!

Rich Maine: A fraca!

mda19083: head for the hills

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: There’s probably all kinds of internal & series references yet, even now, undiscovered. I conjecture the Chan Canon to be unexploredly deep.

Nothere: Relax ghosts don’t arrive for five days.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: (34:40)?

Rush: I’ll bet that hurt in real life!

Nothere: Ive got 28

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Shades of Blazing Saddles!!

Rush: 🙂

Dona: Charlie doesn’t trust them

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: We didn’t get a harrumph out of that guy!

mda19083: a sedagive

Dave: seda did

mda19083: harrumph!

Rush: Jimmy’s smoking…

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: TYSM!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: mda, thanks! Accounts now balance.

Rush: More screams!

Godwinshelley2: Now you are talking a movie I’ve seen 35 times IN THE THEATER

Godwinshelley2: College days

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: (36:30)?

Godwinshelley2: 36:45

Nothere: Screams? smoking?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: “Oh gee i’m awfully sorry”)

Nothere: Ah I as very behind. TYSM Cal

Rush: 35 times!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Sounds like the Fred Allen Wun Long Pan routines!

Godwinshelley2: yes – young and stupid – after awhile the manager just let us in – even exchanged christmas cards with him that year

Dave: gs, which movie?

Godwinshelley2: Blazing Saddlews

Godwinshelley2: Saddles

Rush: 35 times!

Rush: WOW!

Godwinshelley2: Theater was a 5 minute run from the dorm

Rush: AH!

Dave: I knew a guy that paid to see Star Wars 30+ times…

Godwinshelley2: Once they lost power and we finished the dialog for the film for the folks in the audience

Dave: Got in for free after that….

Nothere: Good man

Dave: gs: great!

Godwinshelley2: Yes the manager was letting us in towards the end

Nothere: Maids on the make

Rush: I remember reading of people seeing “The Sounds of Music” hundreds of times!

Godwinshelley2: You can really see Gene Wilder’s dental filings when he says “Common Clay”

Nothere: The hills are alive.

mda19083: chan and son

Rush: (That line appears in “The Yellow Submarine”, NT!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: GS, i shall watch!!

hounder: back

Rush: “Excellent.”

Rush: Priscilla.

Rush: Possibly “Puzzums.”

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Goodbye Kitty!’

Nothere: The mud tells

Fredsmom: love Pricilla

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Annnnnnnnnnd, AVALANCHE!

Rush: 🙂

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: That’s why the lady is a tramp.

Nothere: Dop on a rope?

Nothere: Dope even

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: TYSM

mda19083: yikes – dead man’s canyon

Nothere: Meet Reno’ only cabie.

Rush: Some funny stuff coming.

Dave: nt: right!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: That’s the difference between Tombstone and us: we’ll HELP start MORE riots.

Rush: 🙂

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Coyotes only do that howl cuz we expect it.

hounder: i like tombstones dry wit

Dona: not being very quiet

Dave: That’s Mrs Bates up there!

Rush: Gulch saloon

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: The NoTell Motel!

Nothere: O.k. I must still be behind. Time?

Dona: lol

Rush: 44:30

Godwinshelley2: 44:30

Nothere: TYSM

Rush: 44;45

Rush: Funny when Tombstone looks into the car window!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: The Whistler’s Strange Adventure!

Rush: 45: 10

Dave: rush: for sure

Rush: 45:20

Rush: 45: 30…

Nothere: Tombstone in a ghost ton. Makes sense.

Mike n Rachel in DC: mooooo

Rush: YES!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: What if he gives you the girdle?

Rush: Cow!

Mike n Rachel in DC: arooooo

Rush: No registration.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: NICE! I LIKE that licenseplate!!

Rush: BUT, it’s from calif.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Dave: out of towner

Mike n Rachel in DC: spooky

Nothere: Cal likes california license plate. Also makes sense.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Notty,   


Rush: A plate from 1939.

Mike n Rachel in DC: They had 4G way back then?

Rush: Tombstone!!!

Rush: Mike: 🙂

Fredsmom: what a collector item Rush!

Rush: Found the image online just now!

Rush: FDR photo on the wall.

Fredsmom: So cool

Dave: cool

Dona: that is a nice plate

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Rush, WOW! Don’t imagine i ever mentioned, but i have saved plates since i was a sprout: i have 900-some of late, and my living room’s major wall displays 200 or so of my favorites as the backdrop for the front 30″ of a 1957 Imperial.

Dave: wow!

Rush: WOW, Angel!!!!


Godwinshelley2: Angel – in DE we have smaller porcelain plates – we’re a small state and dont’ have the room for all those regular size ones

hounder: wow angel. that’s quite a collection

Dave: I hope you can share the pics for us

Godwinshelley2: People SELL their lower number plates for BIG BUCKS

Rush: Interesting, GS!

mda19083: I’m not old enough for a porcelain plate

Godwinshelley2: If you have a two or three digit plate you pass it down in the family

Rush: Today they could probably detect the smallest trace of blood on the scissors.

hounder: interesting trivia i never knew gs. thanks

Rush: “Too soon to toot own horn.”

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: GS, you are in Delaware? I’ve seen those—are they black & white? Have wondered (& haven’t thought to google) what’s the deal. Porcelain?

Dave: Another reason to join in each week

Godwinshelley2: Yes black and white

Rush: Yes, dave!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: There ya go, Dave! Quite right!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Harrumph, i should add.

Godwinshelley2: They last longer – makes it easier to pass them down

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: REALLY? Hmmmmmm! I shall investigate, not on city time!

Rush: So, how old are some plates that are still used, GS?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Take a PILL, Tombstone!

Nothere: And to put on the stolen car. Lets see the cops find that one.

Godwinshelley2: I’ve seen 2 digit ones now sure how old

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Notty, imagine how many stolen cars i could fit up!

Rush: This is a heck of a way to fix a broken marriage, but if it works…wonderful!!!”

Matt1: Yikes, Jimmy

Dona: Making me dizzy

Rush: Those must be REALLY old, GS!

Rush: Nice PJs, Jimmy!

Rich Maine: Test patterns

Nothere: Time to cut through the lies/

Dave: Marriage fixing in Reno! On this week with Charlie Chan….

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: My screen rendered a moire from Jimmy’s PJ’s!!

hounder: loud jammies

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Godwinshelley2: I think they started doing plates in 1910 here – and we only do rear plates – we aren’t those “front -plate” people like the tourists

Nothere: Flaunt it Jimmy?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: A cat on those pajamas, with a laser pointer introduced, might fall indefinitely into space.

Rush: Acid burns.

mda19083: vitriol throwing

Dave: Tetragene!

Rush: 🙂

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: And The Enemy is working even now on Tetragene!

Rush: No…ACID…not GAS!

Rush: 🙂

hounder: howcan charlie tell the difference between acid and ash burns

Nothere: I’m keeping my tanna leaves.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: The acid might penetrate deeper as it is liquid?

mda19083: the plot thickens

Rush: Also, the rug was probably made of wool or some natural fiber in 1939. The fibers were melted rather than burned?

Nothere: And this is here I leave you. Untill next time remember. Never gamble that you can’t afford to lose.

Dave: Speaking of which…check out the podcast Plot Thickens

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: When i was a kid, i had a plague of WARTS—our family doctor sent me to a specialist who BURNED THEM OFF with NITRIC ACID. It was awful! Nurse, & my mom, would blow on the spots as the Dr dripped (with a long swab) the acid. Whole summer i was 8. When i was good, my mom would take me to the store & i was allowed to get a toy.

Rush: Sounds advice, NT!

Rush: Take care!

Rush: Next week….

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: WAIT!

Rush: “Chaerlie Chan at Treasure Island.”

Dave: see you, nt

Nothere has left this room

mda19083: angel – were you traumatized?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Bad health to all, from Wrexall!!

Rush: Fun image here…


hounder: ouch angel

Rush: “VACATION FROM MURDER – Weary from a hot and heavy session with
murder and other misfortunes, principals of the ‘Charlie Chan
in Reno’ company step from their 20th Century-Fox soundstage
for a brief respite under the California sun. Left to right,
the actors are Sidney Toler, Pauline Moore, Charles D Brown and
Slim Summerville.”

Fredsmom: Good group photo!

Dona: ohhhh ugh sorry Angel

Dave: angel/fox: since then, no frogs or warts?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: mda—it was a long time ago; different world; nah, i was ok. Warts didn’t continue or recur, & the scars now are very few & slight. It was only 60 years ago.

Dona: Wow

Dave: rush: like the photo

Rush: Tonopah is pretty far from Reno! And the roads were probably not wonderful in 1939!

mda19083: angel – glad to hear you are on the mend

Rush: I visited Tonopah with my family about five years ago.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Hi, Dona! We forgot to greet you! —Ah, shucks, ma’am, it weren’t no worse than our brave flyboys, sailors and detectives go through any day in this crazy world!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Nevah bettah, mda!!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: “Ugly insult”? That’s US!!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Me & Foxx, that is.

Rush: 🙂

Dave: I enjoy this summation…

hounder: and rush? was it nice or a wide spot in the road?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: How are prices for ghost condos?

Rush: Looks like a Gauguin print on the wall.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Bela woulda been fine here.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: If your Van don’t Gogh, Gauguin!

Rush: Came to disfigure her. WOW!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Joan Crawford woulda been good here.

Dave: a/f, right!

Rich Maine: Search for truth

Rush: Jimmy’s smoking comes in handy.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Dave, i have a pet habit: re-casting Chan flicks. Really—i’m not hot-dogging you! I’ve assembled some pretty incongruous, some pretty humorous, alternative casts.

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: MURDERESS!

Rush: Yes, Angel?

Rush: Justifiable homicide?

Dave: Drunk and nasty!,,

Rush: Self-defense?

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Uh-oh.

Rich Maine: Convince a jury

Rush: Poor Tombstone!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: Tombstone is surely FBI material.

Rush: Happy conclusion….

Dona: lol


Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: (Applause…)

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: ALWAYS happy concrusion!!

Dave: Swell of music…

Rich Maine: Maid is out of work!

hounder: i still like tombtone.

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Godwinshelley2: jazzy end music too

Rush: 🙂

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: YEE-YAW!!

Rich Maine: Great film

Fredsmom: clapclapclap! Have a good week all! See you next time….

Rush: Again, next week…

Dona: <WAHOO>

Rich Maine: Night all

Rush: “Charlie Chan at Treasure Island”

mda19083: another good one

Godwinshelley2: have a good and safe week everyone

Dave: Thanks, all!

Rich Maine: Yea!

Matt1: Good night folks and have a GREAT week!

Dona: Another great evening Rush! Thank you.

hounder: thanks for all the fun. see you next week

Rush: Thought of as perhaps the BEST film in the entire series!

mda19083: be well all until next time

Rush: Thank you, Hounder….

Dave: thanks for the lessons in collecting

Rush: Thank you ALL!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: What a crew!! What a night! Good week to all!!! Hope the Dessert Cart will be rolling then!

Rush: GREAT evening!

Fredsmom has left this room

Rich Maine has left this room

Rush: Everyone please have a super happy week!

Dave: thanks a/f, another great one

Rush: Agreed!

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: More…and MORE…next week!

Dave: Best to you, Rush!

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: Thank you, ALL of you….so much!!!

Godwinshelley2: Night all

CAL angel + NEVA foxx: We’ll bring peanuts! Gnite!!

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: Always fun to share these great films with all of you!

hounder has left this room

Rush: Angel, I am still amazed about your collection!

CAL angel + NEVA foxx has left this room

Rush: Maybe I could donate one of our retired California plates.

Rush: Take care, Mike and rachel…

Dave: I’d still like some photos

Rush: Dona….take care!

Rush: Dave…see you next week!

Dave: Thanks, Rush

Dave has left this room

Rush: Good night!

Rush: Be haoppy and safe….

Rush: Happy…

Rush: Typos till the end!

Rush: Good night….

Rush: 🙂

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