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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 18, 2022

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service

KCET television studios in Los Angeles; US Secret Service Saved Churchill’s Life 1942; Charles Chan, Action Hero

Agents Angel & Foxx
I am not a spy Nothere
Mike n Rachel in DC

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Dona: hello Rush

Rush: Hello, Dona!

Rush: How was your day?

Rush: You are early!

Dona: I left work early. Hoping to be home for the extras.

Rush: NICE!

Rush: Steve has a few for us tonight!

Dona: That will be fun

Rush: He always finds some fun things!

Rush: :0

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Wrong key, there!

Dona: How are you Rush? Settling into your new home?

Rush: Yes, we are having a lot of work going on here!

Rush: Most is winding down, but a lot of ourdoor cement work still happening.

Dona: That’s good.

Dona: What is your weather like?

Dona: Is it hot?

Rush: Our favorite thing is the enclosed back porch which has now been made into an “all-seasons” porch.

Rush: it has been pretty hot at times.

Dona: That is really nice.

Rush: Humidity makes it more so.

Rush: Not too bad today.

Rush: How’s SoCal been?

Dona: It’s hot here. But not the humidity as you know.

Rush: Yes.

Dona: It’s cool near the beach. But hot where live

Rush: We have a dehumidifier (portable) downstairs.

Rush: I know that you live inland.

Dona: Mid 90’s the last few days.

Dona: yes

Rush: Funny thing for me was that although we lived maybe a 15-minute drive from the local beaches, I rarely went there in recent times!

Dona: I understand.

Rush: Diddn’t appeal anymore.

Dona: It’s always so crowded

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Funny, too, I NEVER surfed my whole life!

Rush: BODY surfed, but never on a board.

Dona: You are in a small town right?

Rush: yes. Bettendorf, Iowa.

Rush: Not tiny.

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Dona: I didn’t surf either. I have been on a surfboard once.

Rush: About 30, 000 and growing.

Rush: STEVE!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Dona: Hello STeve

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha from the Land of Chan.

Rush: Ah…sigh…

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: How’z it going?

Rush: Going well today, sir!

Rush: How about you? Not working today?

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Hawaii_Steve: I’m still recovering from my illness. No work today.

Rush: Matt!

Dona: Hello Matt

Rush: Good evening to you!

Matt1: Hello Rush, Dona and Alohaaaa, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Matt.

Rush: Steve, you are our official Ambassador of Aloha!

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Rush: Doug!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Matt1: Hello Doug!

Doug: Hi, thanks!

Dona: Hello Doug

Rush: How are you this evening, Doug?

Doug: Fine, thank you

Rush: Great to see you here!

Hawaii_Steve: Gee Rush. Mahalo.

Rush: 🙂

Rush(Excess post deleted)

Rush: Darn!

Rush: Sorry!

Hawaii_Steve: We do have some interesting things to discuss about tonights film.

Rush: Yes, steve!


Rush: And, thank you for the extras!

Dona: Yes thank you Steve

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, can you delete all that mess?

Hawaii_Steve: See above.

Matt1: Once again, they look great

Hawaii_Steve: Do you guys see the mess of letters above?

Rush: Sorry…I tried…

Rush: I tried to post an image.

Rush: Sometimes that happens.

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, if you highlight it, it turns blue.

Rush: I still have not figured out why some images cause that!

Rush: Yes, I did that, but it will not delete…sorry!

Hawaii_Steve: Thanks, Matt.

Rush: Oh, well!

Rush: We can start our extras in about 5 minutes?

Hawaii_Steve: What image are you trying to post? I can try it.

Dona: Ready when you are

Rush: “Aloha”

Matt1: I have all three ready to go

Rush: Matt…you are well-prepared!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, which extra are we starting with?

Rush: Steve, should we start with the KCET studios?

Rush: 38 seconds long.

Rush: What I like about that one is that we see the brick building and alley that looks like the one that shows up in a few Chan Monograms!


Rush: TYSM!

Hawaii_Steve: KCET-TV studios are the former studios of Monogram Pictures.

Matt1: Interesting

Rush: If everyone is ready with that link, I will give a quick countdown.

Hawaii_Steve: Much of the studio walls are still standing today.

Rush: Yes. That was the former Monogram studios!

Dona: ready

Hawaii_Steve: Ready.

Rush: And you saw it in person, right, Steve?

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, in the 1990s, I toured the studio and walked the halls.

Rush: GO!!!

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Rush: DV!

Matt1: Hello Dan!


Dona: Hello Dan

Rush: We just saw the first of our extras, DV.

DanVenture: Great to be back!

Rush: It was really short…38 seconds.

Rush: Great to have you back!

Rush: How are you doing?

DanVenture: What are we watching for 38 seconds?

Rush: Doug, are you still with us?

Hawaii_Steve: Last night, I watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), shot at the same studio.

Rush: DV:

Hawaii_Steve: The unmistakable brick archway is in the film.

Rush: If you want to see it, that is the link!

Rush: Yes, Steve?

Hawaii_Steve: Should we watch it again?

DanVenture: Ah, studio behind the scenes

Dona: Sure

Rush: Doug, I am sorry if we didn’t explain the viewing of the extras with you.

Dona: if we have time

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, let’s watch it again. Only 38 seconds.

Rush: We will post a link here to each extra, tonight, with a short countdown so we start it att he same time.

Rush: Okay, Steve…let’s do that!


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Matt1: Hello M & R!

Rush: And, I will give a quick countdown…

Matt1: Welcome back R!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings, Earthlings!

Rush: 30 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: Ready.

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Hawaii_Steve: The video is from 2011.

Dona: I liked it the 2nd time too.

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you, Rush.

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Matt1: Hello A & F!

Dona: Hello M&R

Rush: KCET, Channel 28, id the local PBS station in L.A.

Dona: Hi Agents Angel and Fox

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha M&R.

Rush: Angel!

Rush: Mike/Rachel!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha, Steve! and Rush!

Hawaii_Steve: Tonight, everybody is a secret agent.

Mike n Rachel in DC: shhhh

Rush: Doug, you have been with us before, correct?

Hawaii_Steve: Shhhh, I’m working undercover.

Rush: 🙂

Doug: No, this is my first time, I think

Rush: How about the Secret Service one about Churchill, next?

Dona: The Chinese Parrot just came out on Audible.

Rush: AH! Sorry, Doug!

Dona: If anyone listen’s to books on your phone

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Doug…welcome!

Rush: I should have intruduced us to you!

Rush: I am Rush from Iowa.

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Matt1: Matt here from Florida

Dona: I am Dona from California

Hawaii_Steve: I am Steve from Kailua, Hawaii.

Agents Angel & Foxx: Hello Detectives! We’ve brought someone with a movie camera, to make sure everything is covered up. Mr. Zapruder, you can sit there between our chief, Mr.Rush, and Governor Connally!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We are, well…Mike & Rachel in DC 

Rush: And…Angel…is Angel!

Hawaii_Steve: Angel is out on good behavior.

Rush: Our Wizard of Wit!

Agents Angel & Foxx: Hello Doug! I am Angel, in Nawth Ca’lina, and i am joined by my altar ego Rev.Foxx. Pleased to meet you!

Rush: So, Doug…yours is the Seat of Honor tonight…as is our custom!

Rush: How did you find us?

Hawaii_Steve: Welcome Doug.

Doug: That’s all right

Agents Angel & Foxx: Steve, over the weekend we slipped out of Massachusetts.

Agents Angel & Foxx: Placard is being printed now to backdrop the Seat of Honor: DIG DOUG!

Hawaii_Steve: Doug, before the feature film, we’re viewing a few extras related to the film.

Agents Angel & Foxx: Somebody making sure the Seat of Honor is plugged in?

Rush: Of late, we have begun our evenings with a few “extras,” courtesy of our resident film historian, Hawaii Steve!

Rush: We have seen the first one…

Agents Angel & Foxx: What are tonight’s extras, O Hosts?

Agents Angel & Foxx: Darn. Got another?

Doug: I don’t remember exactly. I received some information after watching a Charlie Chan movie online

Rush: Angel…not that chair! We left that one behind at the Wax Museum!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: bzzzzzt 

Agents Angel & Foxx: Doug, that information was probably planted. Maybe by one of us.

Agents Angel & Foxx: BZZZZZZZZZZT to you too, MnR!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, shall we move on?

Matt1: I mentioned our room on a CC Facebook page/post

Rush: Steve, with your approval…here is the next one:


Mike n Rachel in DC: Winnie

Matt1: Ready!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ready in DC

Rush: This one illustrates an actual case involving the U.S. Secret service (of Charlie Chan) involved in a wartime case/incident.

Dona: Ready in CA

Rush: Ready, doug?

Rush: Ready, all?

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Runs about 8 minutes…

Hawaii_Steve: Churchhill during WW2.

Rush: yes

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Matt1: wb Dan

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I am not a spy Nothere: Hi all

Rush: NT!

Matt1: Hello NT!


Agents Angel & Foxx: Notty! Have a seat with Mr.Zapruder over there! We’ll explain later.

Hawaii_Steve: Great footage. Interesting history.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Yes, Angel?

Agents Angel & Foxx: Notty, of COURSE you’re not a spy. You’re an agent. You get overtime.

I am not a spy Nothere: I have no idea vht your talking about Angel. And I am not secretly recording you.

Rush: And, Steve, let’s play the final extra, shall we?

Hawaii_Steve: And Churchill lived on.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, please.

Dona: Hello NT

Rush: And, shall we play the final extra?

Matt1: Very interesting, thnx Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: The next video is an except from our feature film.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings NT!

I am not a spy Nothere: Hi Dona. Did Churchill live on a beach/ Oh there are extras?

Dona: Yes very interesting, Steve

Hawaii_Steve: Mr. Toler walking through the California State Building on 1st Street, Los Angeles.

Dona: Not in So Cal that i know of.

Hawaii_Steve: You folks are most welcome.

Rush: This clip shows Chan walking through the lobby of the “Secret service Bldg.” where we sww glimpses of the WW2 posters.

Dona: Sounds good


Hawaii_Steve: Inside the building lobby, please note the ‘war bond’ posters. Real ones.

Matt1: Ready!

Dona: Ready

Hawaii_Steve: Once outside the building, please the small businesses across the street.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Link?

Hawaii_Steve: Note the people on the street stopping to watch the “movie filming.”

Rush: Coming up…

Dona: above MnR

Mike n Rachel in DC: The latest one is to the Churchill vid

Dona: sorry

I am not a spy Nothere: Ah yes the azis tried kidnapping him as I recal.

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I am not a spy Nothere: Hey Hound

Dona: Hello Hounder

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Sorry about the mix-up!

Hawaii_Steve has joined this room

Rush: I had the wrong link.

Matt1: wb Steve

Rich Maine has joined this room

I am not a spy Nothere: Hey Steve

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rich Maine: Evening all!

Rush: There is the correct one:

I am not a spy Nothere: Hey Rich

Dona: Hello Ruch

Rush: It’s about 90 seconds long.

Dona: Rich

Rich Maine: H Matt, nt

Rush: Hello Hounder and Rich!

Rich Maine: Hey Dona

Rush: Everyone ready?

Matt1: Yep

Hawaii_Steve: Ready.

Rich Maine: Evening rush….apologies for being absent last week.

Rush: Note the posters that we glimpse in the lobby as Chan walks through!

Hawaii_Steve: We dont have to watch the entire clip.

Mike n Rachel in DC: check

Rush: Its a quick one!


I am not a spy Nothere: For a video titld action hero you’d think theyd use a clip of him draving his gun.

Rush: 30…

Hawaii_Steve: We can stop after the taxi drive off from downtown.

Rush: 20…

Rush: es!

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Blue Diamond Grills across the street!

Mike n Rachel in DC: oh yes….the scene with the overwrought music

I am not a spy Nothere: Go the actual movie or an extra?

Hawaii_Steve: On the left, see the man stop and look at camera?


Rush: AH!

Rush: Good catch, Steve!

Mike n Rachel in DC: the most dramatic taxi ride in history!

I am not a spy Nothere: So the extra.

Agents Angel & Foxx: Did we start the movie early??

Rush: I am guessing this was shot in the Hollywood Hills at the exterior of a home.

Hawaii_Steve: The reason for the dramatic music is to emphasis that Chan is an Asian-America fighting for the USA.

Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: Okay!

Rush: TYSM, Steve!

Dona: Interesting Steve

Rush: I apologize for my lagging on the time!

Agents Angel & Foxx: Are we in our Feature Attraction??

I am not a spy Nothere: No the govvas for the cab ride short. The feature is still to come.

Agents Angel & Foxx: Foxx & i were in the henhouse.

Dona: i’m putting my movie in

Rush: Let’s ready our copies of “Secret Service,” Please!

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Rush. There is was a Blue Diamond Grills located on 1st St. in L.A.

Rush: Yes, Steve!

Agents Angel & Foxx: Ah! Thank you so much!

Rich Maine: Finally a BB film

Rush: I loved that verification you shared!!!

Rush: Yes, Rich!

Hawaii_Steve: Introduction of Mantan Moreland.

Rush: Birmingham is introed tonight!

Agents Angel & Foxx: This is MM’s bow?

Matt1: Cued to the opening title here!

I am not a spy Nothere: Don’t be silly it can’t be a Monogram. Theresno fog.

Rush: 🙂

Agents Angel & Foxx: Doug, MANTAN MORELAND (“Birmingham Brown”) is mighty well regarded around this place!

Hawaii_Steve: Ready?

Agents Angel & Foxx: READY!

hounder: i like bb. he’s a good addition to the chan films

Rich Maine: Ready sir

Mike n Rachel in DC: Set for sleuthing here

Matt1: Me too Hounder

Rush: Please cue up to the opening title…

Hawaii_Steve: The working title was “Charlie Chan in the Secret Police” (1943)

Rush: “Charlie Chan in the Secret Service”

Agents Angel & Foxx: hounder, right you are on BB.

Agents Angel & Foxx: Ready, Eddie!


Rush: Yes, Steve? I had missed that!

Rush: TYSM!

Dona: Ready Rush

Hawaii_Steve: Keye Luke was offered the chance to return to the series, but was under contract to MGM.

Rush: Everyone ready?

Rush: Apologies for the late strat tonight!

Mike n Rachel in DC: jawohl

Agents Angel & Foxx: The people are ready, your honor.

Hawaii_Steve: In the original script, CC is assisted by N. 1 son.

I am not a spy Nothere: The defense is ready your honor.

DanVenture: Ready

Agents Angel & Foxx: “Late strat”: is Jimi Hendrix with us?

Hawaii_Steve: Benson Fong was cast as No. 1 Son. Then it was changed.

Rush: Before we start…TYSM to Mike for the Chan Quiz which I included in this week’s email newsletter!

Rush: Please take a look, everyone!

I am not a spy Nothere: Your forgive Rush. After tventy years you can be late. Once. Next tim youvill be shot.

Rich Maine: Very hard questions

Agents Angel & Foxx: A squirrel?

Rush: it is also available at our Message Board here!

Rush: OK….

Mike n Rachel in DC: More to come, too. 🙂

Rush: 75 seconds…

I am not a spy Nothere: Sneaky Mike is sneaky.

Rush: Yes, mike!

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *sneak, sneak*

Rush: 40 seconds…

Agents Angel & Foxx: Speaking of martinets (and, later, of martinizing)—yesterday i watched a Perry Mason with WERNER KLEMPERER (colonel Klink) as guest bad guy!!

Rush: 30 seconds…

Dona: I will try it as soon as the movie is over. Thank you Mike

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Agents Angel & Foxx: *rustles opera chocolates*

Rush: 15…

I am not a spy Nothere: And romancing a very young girl.

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: O!!!


Agents Angel & Foxx: O!!

Rush: Title….

Rush: Music…

Rush: Or…should I say…MUSIC….

Agents Angel & Foxx: I like the cinched-waist trenchcoat in the art card.

Rush: Credits….

Rush: Yes, Angel!

I am not a spy Nothere: Guy in a trenchcoat and fedora. Spy amaturer. Not that I knov anything about spying, or the secreet code.

Hawaii_Steve: Artwork looks like Alan Ladd.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fog!

Agents Angel & Foxx: BOOM!

Rush: Musical Director: Karl Hajos

Rush: Yes, Steve!

I am not a spy Nothere: The toyboat blev up. Someone sue Mattel.

Rush: GREAT model ships used by Melton!

Rush: 🙂

Agents Angel & Foxx: Rush, i ALMOST mentioned Senor Hajos, whose name spelled different is CHAOS.

Rush: just to blow them up!

hounder: be back. bedtime

Agents Angel & Foxx: This guy is chipper.

Rush: okay, Hounder…

Rush: See you upon your return!

I am not a spy Nothere: See you soon Hound

Agents Angel & Foxx: Hounder, dreet sweams!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Hounder.

Agents Angel & Foxx: You KNOW this guy’s not gonna last 10 minutes.

Rush: Note the water splash on the walls.

Rush: The eye…

Rich Maine: The eyeball!

Rush: 🙂

Agents Angel & Foxx: KLOP!

Hawaii_Steve: The evil eye.

Rush: SCREAM!!!

Agents Angel & Foxx: The president of the Tetragene Company.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Potential can bait there…

Matt1: BB!

Rush: All gathered…

I am not a spy Nothere: He fall dovn. He go plop

Agents Angel & Foxx: ALREADY she’s dressed in black.

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: “Uh-oh!”

Agents Angel & Foxx: Who IS this guy?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice cast of suspects!


Rush: TYSM, Matt…

I am not a spy Nothere: O.k. time for the fur declarer to declare things.

Agents Angel & Foxx: She flips her pince-nez nicely. Book her.

Rich Maine: Love the bustle on the housekeeping

I am not a spy Nothere: Hey lady is thi 1940 or 1840?

presidential warrant – A document that gives the bearer special authority.

Agents Angel & Foxx: The criminal is gone a fur piece from the scene, you betcha.

Agents Angel & Foxx: YAY! CC now enter!!

Hawaii_Steve: Mantan was under contract to Monogram since late 30s.

Rush: Pictures on the wall…

Agents Angel & Foxx: Photo of FDR on wall?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chiang Kai Shek?

I am not a spy Nothere: Operator keep that hair a secret.

Rich Maine: So did CC family move to DC or just him?

Rush: FDR and General Chiang Kai-shek

Rush: Chiang Kai-shek – 1887–1975, Chinese Nationalist leader. He was also called Chiang Chung-cheng.

I am not a spy Nothere: Sorry Rich for national security thats a secret.

Hawaii_Steve: Mantan and Lucille Ball appeared together at RKO in 1938.

Rush: Iris and Tommy!

Agents Angel & Foxx: Don’t think 14 transport priorities coulda been got for Hawaii to DC at height of the war, wouldja?

Rich Maine: Thanks nt, will lower cone of silence

Mike n Rachel in DC: Probably got a nice row house in Dupont Circle

Hawaii_Steve: Watch the how Benson Fong always licks his lisps.

I am not a spy Nothere: Not so convienent for the dead guy.

Mike n Rachel in DC: here we go…cue trombones

Agents Angel & Foxx: DROPPING CONE! clear area! DROPPING CONE!

Rush: Chan was important to the U.S. Government…so…he could travel…and a lot!

Matt1: Familiar scene

Rush: Hamburgers….

Rush: 🙂

Dona: Yes matt

Agents Angel & Foxx: Nice coach!

Matt1: Craving a hamburger now

Mike n Rachel in DC: so far we’ve had a murder and two explosions…no music

I am not a spy Nothere: Pizza

Hawaii_Steve: Patron stops by motorcyle to watch filming.

Rush: DeSoto “Sky-View” taxicab.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Excellent, Steve! 🙂

Agents Angel & Foxx: A little “Yankee Doodle” riff in the traveling music there.

I am not a spy Nothere: And nov ruhing to protect life and lives its the gReen Hor..I mean Charlie han

Rush: During the “downtown” portion of the music, a streetcar bell is heard.

Hawaii_Steve: Dramatic music drives home that Chan is US/Chinese agent. Not a Japanese.

Agents Angel & Foxx: YES, a DeSOTO SKY-VIEW!! YES!!

Rush: A new style hat on Chan!

Agents Angel & Foxx: Clang clang clang went the trolley

Rush: Yep.

Agents Angel & Foxx: HEY, YOU!

Rush: TALL ceilings!

Hawaii_Steve: Toler left his Panama hat at Fox studios.

Dona: one of my favorite movies Angel

Rush: Yes, Steve.

I am not a spy Nothere: Uhm protective agent. Should you check id before vaving a stranger through?

Rush: I may have two of them.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I would have thought you’d want more “friendly” sounding music if it’s trying to characterize a good guy…the music sounds like he’s out to do some nefarious deed

Rush: Interesting point, Mike!

Hawaii_Steve: For my Wartime tour, I interviewed many local series who lived thru WW2 in Hawaii.

I am not a spy Nothere: A no goodnick?

Agents Angel & Foxx: “Wife and 7 children”?

Rush: “Everything grow rapidly in Hawaii.”

Rich Maine: Cc was a sex machine!

Agents Angel & Foxx: EYEBALL

Mike n Rachel in DC: I would really love to know more about how the music for these movies was put together…it must have been fascinating to have to do them on short notice, etc.

Rush: The Eye of Evil…as noted by Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: During the war, the Chinese businessmen placed signs in window: “We are Chinese. Not Japanese.”

Agents Angel & Foxx: Rich, MRS. Chan was doubtless a bombshell too!

Rush: “Giddy” Miss Winters.

Rich Maine: Mrs Chan was just exhausted!

Rush: She was, as noted earlier, an INSTITUTION!

Agents Angel & Foxx: Exporters. Thinking of importing. Can’t decide if they want to do more exporting, or less importing.

Agents Angel & Foxx: The Pensky file!

Rush: Not a lot of exporting or importing during the War!

Rich Maine: Thanks Art Vandalay

Hawaii_Steve: During the 40s, the average man had trouble distinguishing Chinese and Japanese.

Rush: Iris and tommy arrive!

Hawaii_Steve: Not as enlightened as we are today.

Agents Angel & Foxx: NICE riposte, Iris!

Hawaii_Steve: Wait for Jimmy reference.

Rush: Jimmy is mentioned.

Agents Angel & Foxx: Yeah, now that Jimmy was FIRED.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good point, Steve…especially as one got further east

Rush: That answers the question you had, i believe, steve.

Rush: Yes, Jimmy was mentioned. I had forgotten!

Agents Angel & Foxx: BB looks quite Presidential.

I am not a spy Nothere: It as the dramatic paper looking that caused you to forget.

hounder: back

Agents Angel & Foxx: ONE of our guests will soon REALLY miss liberty.

I am not a spy Nothere: Hold it I’m only nov seeing the arrivers arrive. Time check

hounder: lol@ anf

Rush: True, Angel…given some time…

Agents Angel & Foxx: CC knows DPE has a lousy toupee.

Rush: Chan fights back, verbally.

Hawaii_Steve: Jimmy Chan is serving his country. He was drafted two pictures ago. Remember?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Don’t mess with Chan

I am not a spy Nothere: Time check please?

Rush: Yes, Mike!

hounder: charlie must have a photographic mmory to be able to quote the morning paper

Rush: 17:40

Hawaii_Steve: 17:30

Rush: 17:55

I am not a spy Nothere: Oh I vas vay ff. TYSM

hounder: anyone else want to niminate self as discoverer of body?

Rush: MM is already building the character of BB.

Hawaii_Steve: You couldn’t do that today. Sorry kids.

Agents Angel & Foxx: They had woodpiles then. Wow.

Rush: I like that quote, too, hounder!

Hawaii_Steve: “I’ll be a popeyed what?

Rush: “Pop-eyed polywog.”

I am not a spy Nothere: Only if body s not someone I knov Hounder.

Rush: 19:20

Rush: Mr. Vega is not cooperative…

I am not a spy Nothere: He can’t and look properly suspicious.

Rush: “Portside”

I am not a spy Nothere: :Lucky his nickname isn’t bov.

Hawaii_Steve: In May 1943, Monogram and Toler agree to terms of Chan films. Two per year.


Agents Angel & Foxx: If only Monogram and Toler had lived.

Rush: Chan is not too happy…

I am not a spy Nothere: Actually he;’s a ousebreaker interfering in a govement matter. 25 years n prision minimum.

Hawaii_Steve: 1943 September 10: first began on this film.

Rush: Ah!

I am not a spy Nothere: The Chinesse joke. Never gets old. In the 1940s:)

Rush: Yes, NT.

Hawaii_Steve: There is no mention of where Chan kids are visiting from. Rush?

Rush: No.

Agents Angel & Foxx: I’m at (26:00). Yes? No?

I am not a spy Nothere: College. It’s alvays college. Svordfish.

Hawaii_Steve: 24:30 for me.

Rush: But, it is possible that Tommy and Iris may have come over to look into college?

Agents Angel & Foxx: Thanks!

Rush: We see in an upcoming movie that Tommy is in college, possibly UC Berkeley.

Dona: 25:15

Agents Angel & Foxx: EXACTAMENTE, Dona! To the second!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: The switch.

Dona: YAY

Rush: “Three flies.”

Agents Angel & Foxx: THREE FLIES OINTMENT. Get Sam Elliot for the ads, & it’d sell.

Rush: (Excess post deleted)

Rush: OOPs.

Agents Angel & Foxx: What IS that thing at the foot of the stairs, an antiaircraft ornament?

hounder: not a safe staircase. no handrail to prevent falling

Rush: My cursor is uncontrollably set on auto click.

Rush: I have to be very careful…sadly I lapsed in that regard…

Agents Angel & Foxx: “I don’t trust anyone with a thing like that”: Bet she said that to ALL the boys in 1840.

Rush: Some contemporary jive talk!

hounder: very strange woman. could please speak english?

Hawaii_Steve: LOL !!!

Rush: “Confucius, Jr.”

Hawaii_Steve: LOL.

Agents Angel & Foxx: We need Barbara Billingsley here to do her “i speak jive” bit!

Dona: I love that line makes me laugh every time

Rush: The black-clad killer…

Rush: I missed that episode, Angel!

Dona: dramatic music

mda19083 has joined this room

Matt1: It’s a miracle!

I am not a spy Nothere: Hy Mda

mda19083: Hello all

Dona: Hello mds

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Dona: mda

Rush: Hm…who is this shadowy figure speaking with the agent?

mda19083: better late than never

Hawaii_Steve: Before this film, Marianne Quon and Keye Luke appeared together in a Dr. Gillespie film.

Rush: MDA!

I am not a spy Nothere: 2930

Rush: A late WELCOME to you!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Dona…the fact that there’s so much of the film with no music makes it all the more striking when it happens.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey MDA!

I am not a spy Nothere: I dug her rap Angel

Agents Angel & Foxx: Only half a key. I had to split it with the sound-effects guy.

hounder: hi mda

Dona: Yes

Agents Angel & Foxx: MDA! Enter!!

Rush: Watch out…!

mda19083: M n r – working feverishly on your quiz

Agents Angel & Foxx: Notty, June the Cleave was a hep hep mama even in the 80s.

I am not a spy Nothere: Aha! the od turn off the lights to hide the phony vheelchair trick. Fell for it tvice last month.

Mike n Rachel in DC: “the Club…Cocktails”

Rush: BB’s distraction saved Charlie Chan!!!

Agents Angel & Foxx: Medal to BB!

I am not a spy Nothere: So hov many times has someone tried to kill Charlie?

Rush: Indeed!

Rush: MANY tried…ALL failed!

mda19083: Is the Secret Service really secret?

Dona: Such a softie

Rush: Cute moment there.

I am not a spy Nothere: No BB it’s a came behind the cutain not a gin. I sav the movie.

Agents Angel & Foxx: Unless they’re on fire.

Dona: Men are that way with their daughters.

Rush: Yes, I guess we are…

Rush: 🙂

I am not a spy Nothere: I’m not scared. I’m terrifyie.

Dona: It’s a good thing

Rush: “Like talk to typhoon.”

Rush: Mrs. Hargue.

Rush: That eye, again!

I am not a spy Nothere: Don’t fall for the red herring. The eye is innocent. The hand is the murderer.


Hawaii_Steve: “Jap” slang by Tommy Chan.

Rich Maine: Great comedy for bb

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie. When you fooled with that stuff in CC’s Secret you almost got electrocuted. Be careful.

Rush: Chan enjoys testing the gadgets!

I am not a spy Nothere: No you aen’t playing Fu Manchi in this film. That vas another series.

I am not a spy Nothere: Manchu.

Rush: And, another actor!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fu Manchi is the plural, NT

Rush: yes!

Rush: Paul Aranto just won’t give up!

Rush: Hand!

Rush: Is it connected to the eyes?

Hawaii_Steve: This is one of two Chan film in which the “J” word is used. The Black Camel is the other.

Rush: Yes.

Agents Angel & Foxx: BOOM!

Rush: Fizzzz…sizzle….

I am not a spy Nothere: Never argue vith Rush. H’s right oland played Fu and a verevolf.

Hawaii_Steve: Alot of the dialogue seems improvised. Or is it me?

Agents Angel & Foxx: The old biddy should be knitting socks for the war effort.

mda19083 has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: Where wolf? Oh, there wolf. [pointing]

Rush: I think you have a valid point, Steve! Perhaps some dialog was concocted as they filmed!

I am not a spy Nothere: Or they revrote on the ly.

I am not a spy Nothere: fly.

Agents Angel & Foxx: MDA fell out/

Rush: NT, please feel free to argue anytime!

hounder: very high ceilings in the room

Dona: I hope he had a soft landing

Mike n Rachel in DC: Several things about this movie seem a bit…haphazardly constructed

Rush: AND, BB!

Agents Angel & Foxx: A little Bible there!

Rush: “Suspicion, like rain, fall upon just and unjust.”

Rich Maine: Murder trap!

Rush: YES!

I am not a spy Nothere: So Charlies daughters appear in four films. Honolul , Circus, Black maagic, and this one.?

Agents Angel & Foxx: This HOUSE seems haphazardly constructed. I can’t get any sense of the layout. Think it would be a white elephant even in today’s exciting market.

Rush: Quick shots of suspects.

Hawaii_Steve: This film is filled with “stand and pose” acting. Different from TCF acting.

Agents Angel & Foxx: “How shocking”!

Rush: It is a bit quirky, Angel, yes!

I am not a spy Nothere: Alas this is the point I leave you. Have a good time all.

Mike n Rachel in DC: One of the original Escher houses, perhaps? 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening, NT!

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083 has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: wb MDA

I am not a spy Nothere has left this room

Dona: Good night NT

mda19083: jettisoned the phone for the laptop

mda19083: later NT

Rush: YOW!

Matt1: <ZAP>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pull! …great. Now, REPLACE FUSE!

Rush: (Cough…)

Rush: Smoking that cigar down to the tip!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Monogram still trying to make their fog quota for this movie…

Agents Angel & Foxx: MnR   


Rich Maine: Yes I miss the fog

Rush: Did we sww Aranto STANDING in that scene?

Agents Angel & Foxx: Seller of my house was an electrical engineer. House is up to codes for 2040! Next Chan movie can be filmed in MY HOUSE!

Matt1: <tin can>


Rich Maine: Now stand up and tell the truth

Rush: We are getting closer to the truth…

Agents Angel & Foxx: HARRUMPH!

Rush: Lots of people seem to have visited Smyrna!

Agents Angel & Foxx: Whaddaya mean by any insult?

Rush: A miracle!

Rush: he can walk!

mda19083: A & F – yes!!!

hounder: could have loocked at the bottom of his shoes to see if he walked on the shoes.

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: oooh…good one, hounder!

Rush: “Threes!”

Rush: And…the THIRD attempt!

Rush: Poor Peter….

Rich Maine: The butler did it

Mike n Rachel in DC: and after some pretty good acting the poor guy gets arrested…

Rush: Yes.


Rush: Toilet float!

Agents Angel & Foxx: What an UGLY finial! (I worked in a lamp store as a kid—the knob atop the shade is called a “finial”)

Rush: AH!

Agents Angel & Foxx: The Chan films seem almost all to have gadgetry deep within.

Agents Angel & Foxx: Uh-oh. No new girdle.

Rush: Yes, Angel! A hallmark of the Monograms!

Rush: Note how the statue of Liberty breaks prematurely….

Mike n Rachel in DC: *gasp*

Agents Angel & Foxx: GEE, SHARP!

Rush: A piece fell off.

Rush: Fraulein Manlich!

Agents Angel & Foxx: Did she just—?

Matt1: Foiled again!

Rich Maine: Crazy glue needed

Rush: Does her character bring to mind a similar one in another FOX Chan movie?

Agents Angel & Foxx: “Mannlich” is German for “mannish”, meaning rather an insult at Hitler’s team in those harsh days.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, Reiner wasn’t so ditzy

Rush: Manpower Commission (War Manpower Commission) – In January of 1942, as the United States shifted to a wartime economy, all employment services were federalized by executive order and transferred to the United States War Manpower Commission. The goal of the War Manpower Commission was to “stabilize” employment and bring about a full utilization of the labor force by “placing a man on a job where he will use his highest skill in furtherance of the war effort, and keeping him there.” With the end of the war in 1945, the War Manpower Commission was dissolved.

Agents Angel & Foxx: Uh-oh, BB!!


Matt1: <yee-haw>

mda19083: I was thinking Reiner too

Agents Angel & Foxx: YAY!!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: (Applause…)

Rich Maine: Great start in series

hounder: yay.

Rush: Well…there we have it!

Hawaii_Steve: Buy warbonds at this theater.

Rich Maine: Have fun folks

Rush: The first of the Monogram Chan films!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Kept the scenery budget low–everything in one house

Agents Angel & Foxx: Calling the Manpower Commission in the morning; beauty rest tonight! Gnite to ALL, and see you next week!!

Matt1: Good night everyone and have a gret week!

Rush: They were certainly trying to get a “feel” for what should be done with the character!

Hawaii_Steve: Night Matt.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Steve. I’ll take $0.25 worth. And have a wonderful week everyone!

Rush: Next week…

Rush: “The Chinese Cat”

hounder: nite all. have a good week. see you next week.

Doug has joined this room

Rush: See you there as Tommy returns to help his Pop…along with birmingham!

Doug: See you next time!

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: Welcome back, Doug!

Hawaii_Steve: Mike, noted.

Rush: We just concluded our film!

mda19083: sorry to have arrived late to the chat this evening – my brother was having car trouble and I answered his call

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good to have you Doug. See you next week!

hounder has left this room

Rush: I hope that you will return next week for “The Chinese Cat”!

Rich Maine has left this room

mda19083: be well all until next week – stay cool

Rush: Thank you ALL…for a GREAT evening!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cheers, everyone. Till next week…

Rush: TYSM for the extras, Steve!

Rush: And…Thank YOU, Mike, for the quiz!

Hawaii_Steve: You are most welcome. I hope that everybody enjoyed them.

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

mda19083: now back to the chan quiz …

Rush: Always a treat, Steve!

Rush: And helpful, too!

Rush: have a happy and SAFE week, everyone!

Rush: see you next week!

mda19083 has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: This film was so important to Monogram and Toler. Would the American public accept an Asian character as a hero … in the middle of the war.

Rush: Again, Doug, I hope that you will feel invited to rejoin us next Monday night!

Rush: True, Steve!

Rush: Hence, his Chinese ancestry was emphacised!

Dona: See eveyone next wee. Thank you Steve for the very interesting extra. As always thank you Rush.

Rush: Take care, Dona!

Rush: See you next week!

Doug has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha everybody. See you soon.

Dona has left this room

Rush: See you next week, angel, Steve, And DV!

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Rush: Good night!

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