Chat Archive 7/25/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 25, 2022

The Chinese Cat

One Cab’s Family 1952; Ben Carter and Mantan Moreland; Flower Drum Song – The Other Generation

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx
Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine

Rush has joined this room18:28


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Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: How are you tonight?

Matt1: Before I forget, are you aware of the RAGBRAI bike ride in Iowa?

Matt1: Sorry, doing well, thnx…..yourself?

Rush: Yes, we saw some of that bike ride last year!

Matt1: That’s going on now and we are talking about in in the next year or two when retired

mda19083 has joined this room

Matt1: Looks pretty tough, but a fun time

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: Tes, Matt! That would be something to participate in!

Rush: hello, MDA!

mda19083: hello gentlemen


Matt1: Does the route pass you?

Rush: No.

mda19083: heat wave here in the East – hope you are both doing well

Dona has joined this room

Rush: We traveled to a fairly neaby town where they pass through and rest.

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Dona: Hello Rush, Matt MDA

Rush: Dona!

Rush: Good evening!

Dona: How is everyone?

mda19083: hello dona

Matt1: All is well, thnx….u?

Dona: I love being here early

Dona: I’m good, I got home in time to tune in early

mda19083: I almost missed the show last week but got in just before the room closed

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room

Dona: I just received in the mail Charlie Cahn Movie Poster Book

mda19083: early is good

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all!

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Dona: I love it!

Dona: Hello M&R

Rush: Cannot complain, Dona! Daighter Sarah and I caravaned today from Omaha across Iowa to our home, moving her here in preparation for her move to Ireland to be a nanny.

mda19083: greetings m & r

Rush: Mike/Rachel!

Rush: Good evening to your bith!

Rush: (both!)

Matt1: Ireland? Amazing!

Dona: What an experience for her. Sounds like fun to me.

Mike n Rachel in DC: An Irish nanny!

Rush: Please excuse the tired fingers not to mention BRAIN, tonight!

Rush: yes, Mike.

Matt1: Congrats to her!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Maybe she can learn to play the bagpipes while she’s there…

Rush: The family has a home in N. Ireland and Brooklyn.

Dona: That would be Scottland

Rush: maybe she can!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: No, Irish do bagpipes too…they’re all over the place!

Dona: I didn’t know that

Dona: Thank you Mike.

Dona: I thought they were all in Scottland.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not sure if they’ve permeated Northern Ireland yet…

Rush: Dona, I am also not too familiar with the irish bagpiping!

Dona: I’ve never been to Ireland or Scottland but I would love to go someday.

Rush: Possibly I will at some point, who knows?

mda19083: mike – thanks for the chan quiz – I know it must have taken great effort to put it together – I enjoyed it immensely

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Matt1: Hello Rick!

Rush: Rick! WELCOME!

RickET: Hello all!

Rush: Yes, to Mike’s quiz!

Matt1: My text in lagging here tonight, hmmmm

Dona: I did too Mike. It was lots of fun to find out how much I can’t remember. lol

Dona: Hello Rick

Mike n Rachel in DC: You’re very welcome…there are more parts if folks are interested!

Rush: He DID indeed put a lot of work into it!

Matt1: Well done Mike, thnx!

Rush: MORE to come!

Mike n Rachel in DC: It was my “I don’t want to work on music stuff this summer” project. 

Rush: AH!

Matt1: We’ll give you an “A”

Mike n Rachel in DC: And Rachel helped proofread and make sure the questions made sense

Rush: It has given us a shared summer experience!

Matt1: or 4.0

mda19083: mike – i am definitely interested – i fared well – 34 out of 36

Dona: I was poking around on the website Rush and saw the book and ordered it. I love the pictures.

Mike n Rachel in DC:  

Rush: YAY…MDA!!!

Rush: Master sleuth!

Dona: You did great Mike.

Mike n Rachel in DC: MDA = Most Worthy Successor! Great!

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: TYSM!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks, Dona. It was a labor of love and I’m glad it’s given folks some enjoyment!

Rush: Well, Hawaii Steve has offered some diverse extras for this evening!

Dona: I’m going to study more before the next one.

Matt1: Can’t wait!

Rush: he was able to find a few things that at least vaguely relate to our movie for tonight, “The Chinese Cat”!

Rush: The first is a cartoon about a taxicab family, in honor of Birmingham Brown’s own taxicab that plays a part in tonight’s film!

Matt1: Fun!

Rush: I liked the idea of showing a vintage cartoon, as those were always a part of the movie-going experience “back in the day”!


Mike n Rachel in DC: eeek

Matt1: hmmm

Rush: Sorry…

Rush: Here is the correct address…

Rush: Pretty long one!

Matt1: Got it!

Rush: From 1952.

Rush: “One Cab’s Family”

Rush: everyone ready?

Matt1: Yep!

mda19083: that’s what she said

Mike n Rachel in DC: all set

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Mike n Rachel in DC: ?

Matt1: Fred Quimby!

Matt1: Have we started?

Dona: Rush?

Rush: Sorry

Mike n Rachel in DC: the suspense is killing us over here

Rush: Internet froze!

Rush: Let’s go again!

Dona: ok

Matt1: Room here has been freezing for me

Rush: 20 seconds…

Dona: I”m glad that was all it was

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Mike n Rachel in DC: looks like we’re thawed!

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: it runs about 8 minutes…

Rush: Again…sorry!

Rush: I may have Internet issues tonight.

Rush: “A chip off the old motor block.”

RickET: Talk about changing gender

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jr. might be lactose intolerant?

Rush: “Ethyl intollerant”

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Reefer Madness”

Rush: Well…”Madness” for sure!

mda19083: what a treat!

Rush: He chose the taxicab!

Matt1: Cute

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice parable there…

Dona: That was cute!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: with a little something extra under the hood

Dona: I like the old cartoons, maybe because i’m old

Rush: Next…Mantan Moreland and Ben carter….in a soft-shoe routine!


Matt1: Ready

mda19083: cued

Dona: ready here

Mike n Rachel in DC: check

Rush: Ready?

Dona: yes

Rush: I had trouble getting mine past the ad!

Rush: 30….

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Abrupt ending!

mda19083: any idea what film this is from?

Matt1: Yes, but good

Dona: Short but they are great dancers

Rush: But what can we expect for “five bucks”!

RickET: Mike Shayne

Mike n Rachel in DC: It would be really great if these actors could get more recognition nowadays…

Dona: Agreed Mike

Rush: And…here’s a clip from “Flower Drum Song” with Benson Fong! As I recall, the sound quality is rather poor in its lack of volume!

Rush: UT, well worth the watch!

Rush: it last 3:51…


Matt1: Ready

Dona: I’ve seen the movie and the stage play, it is a great movie

Mike n Rachel in DC: good to go here

mda19083: Dressed to Kill 1941

mda19083: cued here

Rush: Ready, everyone?

Mike n Rachel in DC: looks like Mama Chan in the opening scene…

Dona: ready

Dona: yes it does

Rush: I fint this to be one of the most visually pleasing movies I have seen. REALLY colorful costuming and sets!

Rush: 30…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Americanized youth!

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: minor boo boo by #3…cute

Godwinshelley2: Did you just start the DVD

Matt1: Hello GS!

Godwinshelley2: Hello

Matt1: Not yet

Mike n Rachel in DC: an extra from “Flower Drum Song” it’s cute

Rush: Hello, GS!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS

mda19083: hello gs

Rush: We are watching the last of three extras!

Godwinshelley2: OK good

Rush: How are you tonight?

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued for the film

Godwinshelley2: Doing Ok – starting to rain here after some really hot days

Rush: AH!

Rush: TYSM for cuing!

Dona: Hello GS

Rush: Okay! Those were tonight’s extras!

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK…we have definitely fulfilled our “cuteness” quotient for the evening! Thanks Rush (and Steve)

Godwinshelley2: Neighbors are out of town – I think they left because their tomato plants were giving them more than they could keep up with – so now I’m up to my knees in cherry tomatos

Dona: I haven’t seen that in a very long time. It’s a great movie

Rush: TYSM to our Steve!

Dona: Thank you Rush

Dona: TYSM Steve.

Rush: he is working tonight, so he cannot be with us.

Matt1: Very nice clips, thnx Steve!

Rush: BUT…who knows! he may drop in during a break!

Rich Maine has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lots of rain…probably great for the tomatoes

Rush: TWO minutes…

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rich Maine: Good evening everyone

mda19083: thanks to Steve for tonight’s clips!!

Matt1: Cued here!

Rush: Everyonr cued to the opening title of our movie?

RickET: Ready

Godwinshelley2: Im cued here

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: Very good@!

Rush: 60 seconds…

mda19083: cued

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

Rush: Music…

Rush: Credits….

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Mike n Rachel in DC: New Chan music for this one

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Rich Maine: Yes different song

Godwinshelley2: Yes – more TV like music

Phil has joined this room

Rush: I think they learned from ther overly dramatic music in the first outing!

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Rich Maine: Hey Phil

Rush: PHIL!

mda19083: greetings phil


Rush: Just started the movie!

Rush: Gun shots!

Phil: Aloha to all my Cha friends. Good to see you Matt and Rich. G-Man as well!

Mike n Rachel in DC: What’s wrong? I’m dead…

Dona: Hello Rich

Dona: Hello Phil

mda19083: check mate!

Rich Maine: Hey Dona

Matt1: <tin can>

Phil: Hi Dona.


Rich Maine: Locked room!

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Rush: “Check-mate,” for sure!

Mike n Rachel in DC: this might be a record for the fastest can at the beginning of a Chan. Call Guinness!

Rich Maine: Feathers already

Rush: yes, Mike!

Matt1: New studio Mike

Rush: This one cuts right to the chase!

mda19083: funny – I am having a Guiness

Matt1: BB!

Rush: BB returns!

Rush: Surprised by CC in the back seat!

Rich Maine: Yes Bb is b ack

Dona: BB is the best!

Rush: CC: “Murder is my business.”

Rich Maine: BB relocation DC to SF

Rush: Tommy!

Rush: Chan is “just passing through” this time.

Rush: Tommy promised.

mda19083: Jack Norton – hotel clerk

Rush: “Chan family always keep promises.”

Godwinshelley2: Did that clerk play the drunk in the TV studio episode

Rush: YES!

Rush: Good eye, GS!

Rush: “University of California.”

Rush: That would most certainly be U.C. Berkeley.

Rush: As this one happens in San francisco.

Godwinshelley2: Hum – Charlie Chan in Ohio – what a mystery that would be


Rich Maine: Yes, what’s in Cleveland

Rush: One of cc’s “undocumented cases!

Rush: Meter’s still running!

Mike n Rachel in DC: …and this guy is the hotel owner in Castle, right?

Rush: Another familiar Chan actor there.

Rush: yes!

Phil: No, noth the hotel owner.

Rush: Good eye to YOU, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: a cast-reunion party!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh Phil…was he the driver?

Rush: Actually, the hotel shuttle driver.

Phil: He was the guy who drover Jimmy out to the castel

Mike n Rachel in DC: ah…ok, 1/2 credit, lol

Phil: castle

Rush: he’s also the radio operator aboard ship in “Olympics.”

Rich Maine: Cc in black hat tonight

Mike n Rachel in DC: oh yeah, he gets chatted up by the “hussy”

Rush: Desk clerk was not too happy!

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Rush: Poor BB…

Rush: One of the Kookie Karzos brothers…

Rich Maine: Yes the crazy. Bros

Rush: Karl and Kurt

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx has joined this room

Rush: That fare would be around $100 in todays inflated money!

Rush: Angel and Foxx!


Matt1: Hello A & F!

Phil: Hi A&F

Dona: Hello Angel and Fox

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Time? 12:40?

Rush: Angel…we are at 14:50…

mda19083: a & f are in the house!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: And, HELLO ALL!

Mike n Rachel in DC: 15:00

Rush: 15:10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: 6 mos. corpse? Is there a statute of limitations on the can?

Rich Maine: Fog machine

Rush: Nice fog.

Rush: :0

Rush: A VERY willing victim, here…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Monogram is on it when it comes to fog

Rush: Yes!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: I’m paused at 15:50. Say when!!

Rush: “Please strangle me…”

Mike n Rachel in DC: go

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Thanks, M&R!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: TAXI!

Mike n Rachel in DC: nice fog music too

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Music by Eno.

Rush: It has to be cold in that room for the fog to flow in that way!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Eggs by Faberge.

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Dead, but in a London Fog!

Matt1: <tin can>


Rush: OOPS!

Phil: Cue the can

Rush: Wrong “can”!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: TIN CAN? Or already clinked?

Dona: lol

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: A defective!


Rush: There!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: “Us”?

Rush: Yes, it is probable Chan will “get somewhere.”

Rush: 19:10….

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Raymond Edward Someone?

Rush: This is a reference to the “Lights Out” radio show!

Matt1: Stale bread

Godwinshelley2: sounded like the clerk on the radio

mda19083: a prize inside every loaf

Rich Maine: Cracker jack bread

Rush: Maybe the clerk doubled as the voice!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: I’m gonna tell my friends i have a lotta bread in my freezer (which i do: Dave’s Bread usually $6.99, periodically on sale at $4.99, & i always get 6 loaves then); i will watch my friends to see who kills me, or Foxx.

Rush: Foggy room!

Rush: A bit of bread for that bread…

Rush: Must be excellent.

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Did Yellow Cab have some kind of deal with Hollywood back in the day? An early iteration of Product Placement?

Rich Maine: A coming for your loaves!

Rush: Maybe, Angel!

Rush: Or…more likely, Monogram hired a car in order to use it in the movie!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Rush, we’re not an economist OR a biologist. Mere humble defective.

Rush: maybe they received a discount due to the “plug.”

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: This guy’s ready to get the wheels kicked out from under him.

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Rush, ya think?

Rush: Expert is merely man who make quick decision – and is sometimes right.

Rich Maine: I am an expert

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Sidney looking kinda gray here.

Godwinshelley2: Is Mom still around?

Rush: BIG money!!!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Oughta call a Gray Cab.’

Rush: In ANY time period!

Rich Maine: 20k wow

Rush: Precursor to Michael Jackson!

Dona: lol

Mike n Rachel in DC: fail on the sequins, though, Rush

Rich Maine: Yes rush

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Thank You You Pretentious Poop.

Rush: And, Reknik can do a mean Moon Dance!

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Rich Maine: Maids are either for BB or sons

Rush: “Silence is golden.”

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: I can’t unsee the pricipal Poop’s glove.; Now all the hands look naked. Eeeew!

Rush: “If mind not too small…”

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: And here’s tonight’s panel!

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Mice!

Rush: Or…Walter Deacon.

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: What’s a matta you? Why you looka so sad?

Rush: CC and Tommy emerge from the secret passage!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Uh-oh.

Rush: Indeed, angel!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Ah, shuduppa you mom!

mda19083: housekeeper did a poor job dusting

Rush: Ouch! Pop is pretty blunt tonight!

Rush: BUT…the smile comes through!

Godwinshelley2: He’s still mad about #3 playing hookie

Rush: YES!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: If all 14 Chan offspring (or limbs) spring off another 14, 1960s Chan Family Reunion would need 196 seats just for the third generation.

Rush: (tick-tick-tick…)

Mike n Rachel in DC: no one will find this bomb here on the seat

Matt1: tic-toc

Dona: Is he carring a bowling ball?

Dona: carrying

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: UH-OH!!

Rich Maine: Not too obvious

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Then we must FLEEE!

Rush: Watch the explosion closely!!!

mda19083: beat it

Matt1: <kaboooooom>

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: NEXT cab, get a DeSoto Sky-View.

Rush: Uncredited extra here…

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Never miiiiiind!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: MY wretched work gets a regular price “adjustment”. WE use abacus.

Mike n Rachel in DC: cha-ching!

Rush: CC best call the Yellow Cab Company about the car!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Next big gem should be called The Baseball Diamond.

Rush: 🙂

Rich Maine: Diamonds

Rush: (boing!)

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Rush, CC needs to call CHRYSLER, order a Sky-View!

Mike n Rachel in DC: kitty need litter box

mda19083: aha

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Hello Kitty!

Rush: :0

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Not a Sky-View. Gonna have to wait till post-war, now.

Mike n Rachel in DC: back to fog music

Rich Maine: Why is a fun house here?

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Anybody ever hear an OTR item (Inner Sanctum or some such) called “Death Across The Board”, where the usual madman is offing people in relation to a diabolical (natch) chess game on his diabolical secret chess board?

Rush: We will soon see, Rich!

mda19083: everyone loves the fun house

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Have a Chesterfield.

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: LSMFT

Rush: “ABC”

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: DUFFY’s TAVERN had a backward “S”, but the “N” was ol’school.

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Chan is the Voice of Experience.

Rush: Once you have large family, all other troubles mean nothing.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie = cupid. AGAIN

Mike n Rachel in DC: I wonder how many children he has been responsible for beyond his 14?

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: TYSM


Rush: The chase!

Dona: I love all the old cars

Rush: Chase music…

Rush: Me too, Dona!


Dona: YES

Godwinshelley2: Like that exciting “walking to the cab/building” music

Rush: Pride in design back then!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Can you shout any louder, BB?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, GS. Monogram needs to up their “exciting music” game.

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: GS, we liked the cab music too! Very excessive!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Time to rent a few tunes from 20th C Fox

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: 🙂

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: MnR   

Godwinshelley2: This is United Artist!!


Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: POLICE are usually BAFFLED.

Rush: TYSM, Matt..

Godwinshelley2: Now a violin piece

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: They seem to have been heavy on violins at Monogram that month.

Rush: CC works on Tommy’s puzzle…

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: THREE, if you count me & Foxx!

RickET: Going to Cleveland soon

Rush: Matches blown out…

Rush: Hmmmm….

Rush: Oxyzone!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tetragene?

Rush: “DANGER”


Rush: A cousin of tetragene!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Probably a mixture of tetragene and bowanide

Rich Maine: Deadly gas!

Hounder has joined this room

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: JUST WHEN WE GO TO LOBBY (er—kitchen) for a refreshing beverage, SOMEBODY MENTIONS TETRAGENE!!

Rush: Is Reknik trying to avoid losing his bet with CC?

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: hOUNDAH! hIYA!!

Dona: Makes himself right at home

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Yes, Angel!

mda19083: greetings hounder

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: WE are aghast, uh, a-gassed!

Dona: Hello Hounder

Rush: Hopefully you are not cooking with gas…but electricity!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Chan has lovely incisors. Most incisive.

Rush: 🙂

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Rush, we just rub stacks together. Stacks of bread.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello hounder!

Rush: Survival training, Angel?

Hounder: Hi there. Mom wanted out so we sat outside til it got dark. Now my computer doesn’t want to connect to interne sigh.t

mda19083: FOMO – that’s why I never even go to the bathroom during the Chan Chat

Rush: Hello, Hounder!

Rush: Missed your arrival…sorry!

Rich Maine: Take it with you mda

Rush: You somehow made it, though, Hounder!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Would a series of performances by the leader of Twisted Sister be called The Dee Tour?

Rush: 🙂

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Her scarf was scarfed from a Christmas wreath.’

Rush: Or, perhaps, “We’re Just Gonna FAKE it”?

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Sing it, sister!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Rush:   

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Sweet Caroline!

Rush: BB’s latest crush.

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Anybody market that cat today?

Rush: A diamond-laying cat!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Oh, you mean the Baseball Diamond!

Dona: lol

Rush: Meanwhile, atthe gang headquarters…

Mike n Rachel in DC: FUN house scene coming up

mda19083: while the cat’s away …

Hounder: Hi M n r

Rich Maine: Fun house is best fun here

Rush: Moral: “Never carry the world’s largest diamond with you into a diamond smuggling gang’s hideout!”

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Lionel Hampton woulda done this REAL good!

Rush: Well, Lionel was well-“trained.”

Rush: This is the point where CC does something we will hear about later.

Rich Maine: Military secret?

Hounder: Now my computer decided to update. Ugg

Rush: Not exactly…

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Rush: with REAL GLYCERIN VIBRAFOAM!

Rush: I hate updates, too, Hounder!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: They pulled the choke.

Rich Maine: Poor Tommy

mda19083: try the 4th degree

Rush: Then here comes…FOURTH-degerr….

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tommy is as tough as Lee…runs in the family!

mda19083: rush – great minds think alike

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: These two are ideally suited.

Rush: MDA: 🙂

Phil: What’s he gonna’ do with those tweezers? Pull the hairs out of his nose one by one?

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: baC wolleY

Rush: BB’s “friend.”

Rich Maine: P,uck his eyebrows

Mike n Rachel in DC: The dreaded “eyebrow plucking torture” Phil!

Rush: Diamond-holding tweezers.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Idiots

Hounder: It wouldn’t connect to wifi so I was going to reboot. Now I have ablue screen that says ‘getting windows ready don’t turn off yourcomputer.’ And it’s taking a long time. Sigh.

Phil: Forget the eyebrows – go for the nose.

Dona: hrry

Dona: hurry

Rush: The gimmicks in this Monogram: The secret compartments and the gang’s number system.

Rush: Last week: the magnetic gun-triggering device.

Rush: BB giggles.

Rush: The bizarre funhouse chase…

Mike n Rachel in DC: That is a MUFF

Rush: yes!

Rush: The number system is wreacked!

Mike n Rachel in DC: oops

Rush: Just replace any broken bulbs…

Matt1: It was rigged from the beggining

Rush: Nice BB visual there.

Mike n Rachel in DC: BB in the ghost exhibit…worth the price of admission

Rush: 🙂

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Yes!

Hounder: Bb adds a lot to the chan films

Rich Maine: Like haunted mansion

Rush: Was that set reused in “The Golden Eye”?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS…finally some good “exciting music”…yes?

Rush: Yes.

Godwinshelley2: Yes indeed

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Monogram was definitely letting the Fog Workers and the Violin Section get the big OT on this one!

Godwinshelley2: And those violins get to have a work out

Rush: Busted the light!

Rush: Tommy at work!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: EXTINGUISHED guests!!

Rush: Good work, Number Three Son!

Rush: yes, Angel!

Rush: There we go!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: OH CHIT.

Rush: This is what CC did earlier when first captured!

Rush: A-HEM!

mda19083: book em dano

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: If the glove doesn’t fit—?

Mike n Rachel in DC: then don’t acquit?

Rush: BLACK fur.

Hounder: Sorry I missed. I’ll hope to be on time next week 🙂

Rush: “This is how you did it.”

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Observe.

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Observe.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good that you could be here, Hounder, even for a short time!

Rush: However, how will he fare on his next case?

Hounder: See you next week

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: He has 39 other guns like that. This is WD-40.

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Take care Hounder

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Gnite, H!

Rush: See you for “Black Magic.”

Rush: Take care, Hounder.

Rich Maine: The bishop did it!

Rush: Our best to you and your mom.

Hounder has left this room

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Inferior people should not be employed. The great leader vests families with fiefs.

mda19083: i thought the butler did it

Mike n Rachel in DC: $20 Gs to Chinese War Relief!

Rush: That would equal $400,000 today!

Dona: WOW

Mike n Rachel in DC: That means that Charlie wagered $40,000. He’s really come up from the $0.25 he put on that horse a long time ago.

Rush: “Thank-YOU!”

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Pale as a ghost!

Rush: 🙂

RickET: Off to Clevo


Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: (Applause…)

Rich Maine: Yay!

Rush: Buy War Bonds.

Dona: <WAHOO>

Godwinshelley2: Charlie in Cleveland

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: ON SALE IN THIS LIVING ROOM!

Godwinshelley2: Night all

Rush: yes…

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Yay!!!!

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Dona: Another good one.

Rich Maine: Thanks all!

Rush: Cleveland, here he came.

RickET: Thank u, gnite

Matt1: Good night and have a great week everyone!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ll take $0.50 worth of war bonds, please.

mda19083: thanks all – another good one!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: We are safe for another week! Gnite all, and salute to RickET!

Rush: Next week…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have a great week everyone!

Rush: “Black Magic”

mda19083: be well all until next week

Rush: AKA: “Meeting at Midnight”

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx: Buy TONG WAR BONDS !!

Rush: A deadly seance…

mda19083: that old black magic has me in its spell

Rush: “TONG YOU,” Angel…

Mike n Rachel in DC: spooky, Rush!

Rush: Yes.

Rich Maine has left this room

Rush: One of the spooky ones next week!

Da Hep Cats, Angel & Foxx has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: Thank you…ALL!

RickET has left this room

Rush: Another great evening in the books!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bye everyone! Rush, ready for Part 2 of the quiz?

mda19083: what time next week – 7:30 or midnight

Rush: 🙂

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: 7:30 would be best!

Mike n Rachel in DC: it will be midnight somewhere!

Rush: I am in bed by mid-night.

Rush: take care, everyone…

Dona: lol

Rush: have a great week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cheers

Rush: Thank you SoCal Dona!

Rush: And to you, Mike…and Rachel!

Dona: Great time tonight everyone! See you all next week.

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: Please send our best to your lovely wife…

Rush: Good night, Dona and Phil…

Rush: Have a happy, safe week!

Rush: Hopefully still a mask-free one.

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