Chat Archive 8/30/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for August 30, 2021

Dark Alibi

The Landini Murder Case: The Eye Witness

angel landini & foxx furr
Phil & Mrs. Phil

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hi, Matt!

Rush: How are you tonight…how was Disney?

Matt1: I didn’t realize there was a colorized Chan!

Matt1: Very good and “magically” as always, thnx!

Matt1: Hope you are well too

Rush: Well…it seems to me it was done as inexpensively as possible!

Rush: BUT…interesting!

Matt1: I scanned through it and agree

Rush: Doing well, thank you! Marie and I are both back at work.

Matt1: For me, I’m a b/w Chan fan

Rush: In our new schools…

Matt1: Ah, very good

Rush: Yes, I agree, basically, about the black/white issue.

Rush: It is interesting to see how “color” adds a dimension.

Matt1: Smooth so far at school?

Matt1: Agreed

Rush: Yes, not bad at all at school, really!

Rush: I am amazed at what kids “get away” with in high school today, though!

Matt1: Is that where you are at now?

Rush: Gum chewing, cell phones active a LOT!

Rush: Funny to see a few boys with beards!

Rush: I think some students have tatoos!

Matt1: Ugh,,,,,I can’t imagine how my parents would react

Rush: I had to do all I could just to have my hair a little long!

Rush: (as in hiding a lot!)

Rush: Our website is acting up and we are going to have to change over to another host ASAP!

Matt1: Yep…..actually, I’m pretty sure I swallowed gum on a few occasions, to avoid getting caught, lol

Rush: It seems I cannot publish certain changes I make now!

Matt1: Oh no!

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Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Hounder: I’m sorry to hear about the website. Hi rush ans matt

Matt1: Never happens at a good time

Rush: Also, I realize what everyone was trying to tell me about messing up the Calendar! Tonight we SHOULD have been watching “The Red Dragon.”

Rush: Instead, it’ll be “Dark Alibi.”

Rush: NEXT week we will share “The Red Dragon”!

Matt1: We are watching Dark Alibi though

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Matt1: Ok….I’m already set up, lol

Rush: Interesting what a crazy, fast paced life will do!

Matt1: Hello Zoe!

Hounder: No worries on the movie. I won’t be able to watch though I’ll try to stay in the chat.

Zoe: Hi all – I think next Monday is Labor Day – still OK for movie?

Rush: No DVD player?

Rush: Yes, Labor day is still a go for the movie.

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Hounder: Mom is awake and wanting to get off (guess she thinks she’s on a bus) and the thunderstorm just moved in

Rush: We skip the major holidays like Christmas and New Year.

Rush: Hi, Hounder!

mda19083: hello girls and boys

Hounder: Hi mda

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: Sorry, Hounder…

Rush: Hi, Zoe and MDA…

Hounder: Hey! At least she’s talking.

Rush: How are you ALL tonight?

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Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: Yes, Hounder…That IS a positive!

Rush: Angel!

Rush: Welcome!!!

Hounder: Hi a n f

angel landini & foxx furr: They blocked me as spam.

Rush: Really?

angel landini & foxx furr: WE was tellin’ ye at 8 bells ye ‘urricane about ter blowwwww!

Rush: Cue the Monty Python “Spam” song…

angel landini & foxx furr: Wonderful Spam!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: They LOVE it in Hawaii!

angel landini & foxx furr: No one expects the Spammish Inquisition!

Rush: 🙂

Hounder: I’ve heard that rush.

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Rush: One can order spam pizza.

angel landini & foxx furr: Helloe Zoe, mda, and all ye gents!

Rush: Be right back…

angel landini & foxx furr: Rush: One can? One MUST!!!

Matt1: I’m not that “one” lol

angel landini & foxx furr: We HERE are two, two and a half. We’ll have leftovers & leftunders. Give ’em here.

Hounder: I bet fresh meat is expensive there unless you grow your own

angel landini & foxx furr: The Meat Team are expected at Anagram Stadium.

Hounder: Hope none of out gang were slammed by the hurricane

mda19083: hello al and ff

Matt1: All safe in FL

Rush: 5 minutes till the radio drama…

Matt1: Ready here!

mda19083: we are supposed to get some rain shortly here in Philadelphia

Rush: Yes, MDA?

Matt1: I heard up to 6″ MDA?

mda19083: all cued here – until the lights go out

Rush: I guess new Orleans got hit pretty hard.

angel landini & foxx furr: mda, if this was TV all us guys, and Foxx, would be in tuxxes, & the studio audience would be applauding as you & the lovely Zoe enter.

Rush: (Thumbs up)

angel landini & foxx furr: G E R I T O L

Rush: THREE minutes to go…

Hounder: We’re getting rain now. Don’t know if it’s from Ida or not

Rush: Phillips milk of magnesia.

mda19083: yes matt1 – if you are referring to the anticipated the rain forecast

Matt1: Stay safe MDA

Rush: TWO minutes…

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: Ladies and gentlemen…start your generators…!

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 5…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Matt1: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Rush: Music….

Rush: Announcer….

angel landini & foxx furr: What’s the episode NUMBER for this?

Rush: More music….

Rush: and….MORE music….

Matt1: 36?

Rush: I don’t recall, Angel…sorry!

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Rush: That sounds about right, Matt.

Matt1: Hello SB!

mda19083: rush – love the start your generators

Rush: We began with part 12, I think, as the first 11 are lost.

mda19083: hello sb

sarabell2: Hey everybody, hope all are well.

Rush: Sarabell!

Rush: Welcome!

Rush: Just started the radio drama!

Hounder: Lol@start your generators

Matt1: 2:12

Rush: “Wiley” Romano.

Rush: Chan speaks facts with ah Sing.

Rush: Daughter Evelyn.

mda19083: I was able to locate and download Landini episodes 9 – 11 on the internet

Rush: Testing Ah Sing for colorblindness.

mda19083: Charlie is a smooth operator

angel landini & foxx furr: I can’t find this on YT. Title is “The Eyewitness” under Landini Case?

angel landini & foxx furr: Ah shit, Ah Sing!

Rush: Please save those for us, MDA!

angel landini & foxx furr: Riley Womano.

Rush: So he KNOWS!

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angel landini & foxx furr: Episode TWENTY-six? On OTR Downloads?

angel landini & foxx furr: Time now?

Rush: Angel…a-HEM!

Matt1: 7:10

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angel landini & foxx furr: The DOORS, right?

Rush: We excuse your “typo”!

angel landini & foxx furr: Ah Sing is with blanket?

angel landini & foxx furr: Ah.

Rush: SING

angel landini & foxx furr: Miss Beaton will never be beat. She’s hip, but not beat.

angel landini & foxx furr: Ah CHEW!

Rush: Ah NUTS!

angel landini & foxx furr: My crony in Baltimore is getting rich off her delicacy line, Maynard G. Crabs

Rush: 🙂

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mda19083 has joined this room

angel landini & foxx furr: How can Dad know anything? This kid’s getting cut RIGHT out of the legacy.

Rush: WB…I hope…MDA!

sarabell2: lol Angel

angel landini & foxx furr: Floors are chancy tonight. Careful!

angel landini & foxx furr: Like SHE knows Modern Crime.

Rush: She comes out with the truth…

angel landini & foxx furr: His MIND is blank.

mda19083: the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Rush: And now a word from our sponsor….

angel landini & foxx furr: Miss Beaton will take the stares.


Rush: TYSM, MDA.

angel landini & foxx furr: I had FORGOTTEN about OTRDownloads! Glad they turned up tonight! I shall spend Labor Day with Fred Allen & Portland.

mda19083: see link for no cost downloads of Landini episodes 9 – 11

Rush: I will be saving our chat dialog and hopefully our declining site support will allow me to add it to this site.

Rush: And now, final words from Chan..

mda19083: who’s portland

angel landini & foxx furr: Rush: i missed the start of the Website discussion: what’s this “declining site support”? Does our group need $$?

Rush: TYSM, Mr. Chan….

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Matt1: <clap-clap>

Louise: Hello Chan Clan!

angel landini & foxx furr: mda: PORTLAND HOFFA, Fred Allen’s wife.

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: We need a new support for this site.

Rush: Louise and Lou have offered some good suggestions.

angel landini & foxx furr: Maybe we could sell ads in the blank Landini blanks.

Rush: i hope that they are possible suggestions!

Louise: Hope it works out Rush. I am here to help.

Rush: AH!

Rush: Thank you, louise!

angel landini & foxx furr: “Here is where your advertisement will go” (more music)

Rush: Didn’t see you arrive!


Louise: I am sneaky

angel landini & foxx furr: Louise is in da house, coloring our world!

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Rush: Sneaky can be good!

Rush: NT!

Matt1: Hello NT/H!

Nothere: I’m afraid things look so strange.


angel landini & foxx furr: NOTTY! Distaff may be pulling ahead! Do you each have a corsage?

Louise: angel and foxx” Oh Yeah!

sarabell2: Hi Louise and NT

Rush: So…tonight we will be watching “Dark Alibi.”

Nothere: I’ll have to check my Tux.

Rush: Next week, we will see “The Red Dragon.”

Nothere: But why does Dark Alibi look so strange? It’s scary.

angel landini & foxx furr: Always check the pockets. You might find bux in your tux!

Hounder: Hi nt louise

angel landini & foxx furr: Not if the dragon sees us foist.

mda19083: thanks angel – TIL about portland hoffa

Louise: I am strewaming the colorized version even though I dislike the idea of colorizing old movies.

Rush: We may beed to rely on our weekly group email for information, as I am not able to consistently make changes to this site.

Rush: Please watch your email.

angel landini & foxx furr: mda: that’s what we all do here, build each other up. Portland was Fred’s femme foil, and a zip she was. She was cool.

Rush: AH.

sarabell2: I loved Fred Allen. Was watching him on Whats my Line

mda19083: Fred Allen was before my time – but it is good to expand my horizons

Rush: I am not even sure that I will be able to post a new poll for September.

Nothere: We build each other up? Uhm Angel is not without style.

mda19083: like build me up buttercup

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Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: Louise, your thoughts on WordPress sound great! I only hope that this site, powered by the now-defunct TRELLIX, can make the shift!

angel landini & foxx furr: “Nice of you to think so”, as Adrienne Fromsett said to Philip Marlowe in Lady In The Lake

mda19083: hello d

Rush: Hello, DONA!

Rush: Our SoCal rep!

angel landini & foxx furr: ANOD to DONA!

Dona: I’m glad to be here.

Hounder: Hi dona

sarabell2: Hello Dona

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Nothere: Hey Donna

Hounder: We’re glad you’re here too.

Dona: Thank you.

Rush: I got it, Angel! Nice!


Rush: 🙂

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Godwinshelley2: Hello all

angel landini & foxx furr: Dona, submit a travel voucher. Get a round of cream sodas for everyone on the train. Rush is too busy to look at the itemization, he’ll cut you a check & we can go to Paris.

Dona: Hi GS

angel landini & foxx furr: GS!!!! Have a zigar!

Rush: If I am unable to create links above the Chat Room for next week’s film and radio drama, I can offer the links via the email and during our chat.

Dona: That sound GREAT Angel.

Matt1: Hello GS!

Godwinshelley2: Hello

Rush: AH! GS!

Godwinshelley2: Hope everyone is dry and has a roof

Rush: WELCOME!!!

angel landini & foxx furr: The tower there is an eyefull, or so a guy on radio said. Ah Somebody.

angel landini & foxx furr: Canada Dry.

Nothere: Beep Beep BEE

Dona: It is Angel.

angel landini & foxx furr: DRINK Canada Dry, we meant to say.

Louise: Who’s drinking cream sodas?I want one.

Rush: GS, I see that “Charlie Chan in Transylvania is available on Youtube!

Rush: That will be a part of our Halloween Night!

Godwinshelley2: OH – I didn’t know that

Godwinshelley2: VERY GOOD

Rush: Yes!

Dona: I’ve not heard of that one Rush

Rush: it was a nice surprise!

Matt1: Cool!

angel landini & foxx furr: One each for Foxx & me. We’ll be in the domed observation car. Some guy is in there now making domed observations.

Rush: Take a look at it, Dona!

Nothere: Charlie Chan in transylvania?

Rush: Yep!

Louise: What is tgis about Transylvania?

Rush: It’s a short, “amateur” production.

Godwinshelley2: The same guy wants to do a “train mystery” as Chan in the future

angel landini & foxx furr: FIVE MINITZ?

Nothere: Must be looking for communists for the state department,.

Rush: But worth the watch, definitely!

Rush: FUN.

Hounder: Me either dona

Matt1: Just book marked it!

Rush: Please ready your copies of “Dark Alibi”

Dona: I wrote it down so I don’t forget. Thanks Rush!

Matt1: Cued!

angel landini & foxx furr: State Department had a lotta spots for communists.

Rush: pause at the opening title…

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued

angel landini & foxx furr: Paused!

Dona: Ready here.

Louise: Paused. It is already very colorful.

Rush: 🙂

angel landini & foxx furr: We’ve got a COLOR version here. That’s “colorIZED”, right?

Rush: Three minutes….

mda19083: not sure about this colorized version – i am a purist

Rush: At least it is watchable.


sarabell2: Me too, MDA

Matt1: I’m staying with b/w

angel landini & foxx furr: As are we. Foxx is seeing redd, & not sleeping well.

Rush: LADIES too…

Matt1: Fight the power

angel landini & foxx furr: CORSAGES are FLOWER POWER

Louise: Me too mda

Rush: TWO minutes to go…

Nothere: Power to the people! Death to all tyrants!

angel landini & foxx furr: *Rosalind rustles*

Dona: lol

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: Angel’s ON tonight!

Rush: 75 seconds…

angel landini & foxx furr: Ready? Aim? Tired?

Dona: agreed

Louise: But I will watch the colorized version just to remind my self how much I dislike the process. Oh, and to see the color of Chan’s suits!

Rush: 60 seconds…

mda19083: OMG – I missed it that nt is here tonight

Rush: 50 seconds…

mda19083: hello nt

angel landini & foxx furr: We here shall also watch with pursed lips.

Rush: 40 seconds…

Phil & Mrs. Phil has joined this room

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

mda19083: hello phils

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

Rush: PHIL!

Nothere: Am I MDa? 🙂 HI

Dona: Hello M/M Phil

Nothere: Hey PHils

Rush: 20 …

Hounder: Hi m not m phil

angel landini & foxx furr: PHILS! Have a seat!! Have three seats!!

Rush: 15…

Louise: busy night

sarabell2: Hi P and P

Rush: and MRS!

Rush: 10…

Phil & Mrs. Phil: AlooHA! to all my Chan friends!

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

angel landini & foxx furr: [GONG] !!!


Rush: Title….

Rush: usic….

Hounder: Stupid auto fill. I typed m n m

Rush: Credits….

Rush: TYSM, Matt!

Nothere: 14 of us assuming everyone who claims to be two has their second.

angel landini & foxx furr: My FAVORITE Chan music!!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I’m watching a color version on the Youtube channel.

angel landini & foxx furr: I am sloshing with cream soda.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I should say “We are watching a color version.”

Rush: Yes.

angel landini & foxx furr: I love the script font.

Louise: very red

Rush: That was the only one I could find to watch this week.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: The images look like someone has gone to town with a crayon. VERY dramatic!

Hounder: Cream soda is good. Birch beer is better

Louise: Cool Rush. Fun for a change

Rush: I thought it would at least be interesting as colorized!

angel landini & foxx furr: Birch Bayh liked birch beer.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yes Rush.

Rush: BOOM!!!!

mda19083: tar she blows

mda19083: thar

angel landini & foxx furr: Avast ye!

Nothere: Well not an impressive version of colorizing, but I’ve seen worse.

Rush: The Foss Family Hotel

angel landini & foxx furr: They used a Bessemer converter.

Rush: An interesting collection of guest inside it!

Louise: And again, the old maid Victorian era lady of the house

Nothere: Batten down the hatches. Look lively orI’ll hang ye from the yard arm.

Rush: Our old friend!

mda19083: i’ve seen that guy before

angel landini & foxx furr: I LOVE “pocket doors”. My house has two.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Milton Parsons

Rush: enter the “wise guy.”

angel landini & foxx furr: Her flounce is very flouncy.

Dona: Me too Angel, I have two too

Nothere: He has never played a non creepy guy.

angel landini & foxx furr: Dona: do yours slip off their tracks?

Rush: That was his forte, NT!

Nothere: I am the funny guy. See how I laugh at my own jokes?

angel landini & foxx furr: Notty, i’ll lend you Foxx.

Dona: Not so far and I’ve lived here 21 years.

mda19083: i appreciate your humor nt

Hounder: Nitevall. Mom wants me to read to her. Hope to be able to stay next week.

Dona: But the house is older built in 1980

Rush: NT, that’s because his captive audience is NOT amused.

Nothere: Thanks guys, but I meant the guy in the movie.

Rush: Poor June.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I guess Wyatt didn’t type that note.

angel landini & foxx furr: I just got my house in Dec.2019, have talked to handyman about what to do to get the doors dependable.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Unless it’s an 8 year old note.

Matt1: Swift justice


angel landini & foxx furr: CALL CHARLIE, HARLEY!

Nothere: Behold headlines with no paper. Monograam really wanted to save money.

Louise: Nice gray suit, Charlie

Rush: The Hall of Records building in Los Angeles.


Rush: If you can…note the word “Chan” on this signed picture by toler…

Nothere: Sam Spade:)

Rush: Compare to the note!

Godwinshelley2: Chinese also say “Wind is the mother of a thousand diseases.”

angel landini & foxx furr: “Chan”!

mda19083: love it rush!


Louise: I think the suit is probably tan since the tan color pops out everyone once in a while.

angel landini & foxx furr: Does LA have a Hall of CDs? a Hall of Cassettes?

Rush: Note was actually penned by Toler.

Godwinshelley2: Nice Rush

Rush: Yes, Angel….Penn and Teller!

angel landini & foxx furr: WOW. I hope he enclosed money.

Rush: “What would CONFUSION say?”

Nothere: Confusius say he with headache useing head too much.

Rush: Here’s another example…

angel landini & foxx furr: Thank him in Chinese.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Rush would you agree that the faces are blurry at times.


angel landini & foxx furr: He had to see June before July.

Rush: 🙂

angel landini & foxx furr: I like the Charlie {heart] [C]han!

angel landini & foxx furr: OOOOOZE on down! One of my favorite BB lines!!

Godwinshelley2: So folks, why are there no Boarding Houses any more.

Hounder has left this room

Louise: Sh’s a bit stiff

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Warner Oland only had 65 hours to solve the Paul Gray case.

Rush: There have to be SOME boarding houses left!

Louise: GS: good question

Nothere: There are I forget what their called. But you can rent peoples houses.

angel landini & foxx furr: Phils: I’l bet he used a bit of those hours in the bar!

Rush: Maybe today they are called “Bed and Brweakfast” places!

sarabell2: There are boarding houses here in Atlanta, they just rent out rooms in houses. No dinner table with snappy dialog, though.

Rush: Yes, Phil!

angel landini & foxx furr: TYSM

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Without a doubt angel, murder cases are stressful.

mda19083: snappy dialog is extra

Rush: Especially for the victim!

angel landini & foxx furr: Phils: Each case requires a case!

Louise: she’s growing flowers on that dress

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yeah baby!

Rush: Yes, Louise!

angel landini & foxx furr: I want to get clothes from a foundation.

Rush: So, Louise, how do I copy pages from this site and past them to WordPress?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I want clothes from an institution. Federal, state, doesn’t matter.

Rush: Do I need to copy the HTML?

angel landini & foxx furr: WAAAAAIT A MINNNNNNNNNNUTE

Rush: Maybe she’s settle for a fox fur?

Louise: Rush: did you see the email I sent to you today? It explains the process.

angel landini & foxx furr: She’s always depended on the kahhhhndness of stryyyyyngers.

Nothere: Sorry this is a Chan film. You’ll have to settle for a white fox fur.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: What the…is that?

Rush: Yes.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I’m shocked.

mda19083: white fox fur?

angel landini & foxx furr: Shocked to find gambling in the casino.

Rush: I looked it over quickly as the Chat was munutes away.

angel landini & foxx furr: WFF, to the cognoscenti.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: No..I’d say those feathers came from an egret.

Louise: Rush: okay, lets discuss over email

Rush: I also emailed my sister-in-law who might also be of help.

angel landini & foxx furr: I DO like these (color) gray suits!

Rush: Yes, louise!

Rush: Will do!

Rush: The drive to the prison.

angel landini & foxx furr: So cancel the order for more sand?

Rush: They will be visiting san Quentin.

mda19083: duck

Louise: Shots again

Rush: Chan anticipated that shot to the window!

Rush: Prison music…

Nothere: Fastest way to prision or hospital?

angel landini & foxx furr: Elon owes BB a fee of SOME sort.

mda19083: the big house

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Another friend of ours here.

Rush: last seen in….

angel landini & foxx furr: NEDRAW, sign says from inside.

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Shanghai.”

Rush: Ben carter is on his way….

Nothere: Reverse psychology. If detective on wrong track shoot at them to make them think your nervous.

angel landini & foxx furr: The Pensky file has been left UNATTENDED

Rush: Ben Carter!

Louise: love these guys

Rush: Incomplete talk!!!

angel landini & foxx furr: THIS is a GREAT doubletalk bit!!

Rush: Nice use of rear projection here in the Chan scenes.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

angel landini & foxx furr: “can’t recap them wrinkles”

Louise: Hay fever

Rush: Yes!

Rush: recap – To retread an automobile tire by replacing the worn out treading.
Benjamin: “They can’t recap them wrinkles.”

Louise: Hi brother this time

Rush: YES!

Dona: I really like that scene

Rush: Me too!

Rush: We have the entire dialog transscribed at this site.

angel landini & foxx furr: Rush: i saw an old ad for a GOUGE with which one (not US, of course) could make “tread” in bald tires!!

sarabell2: It is like the scary movie kevin hart dialog

Rush: There was a fly on the prisoner’s left shoulder.

Rush: Foggy and Punchy.

angel landini & foxx furr: Not much longer would you be mine?

Rush: Tim Ryan.

Rush: He’ll be Lt. Mike Ruark in the Winters portion of the Chan series.

Rush: We also saw him in “Dead Men tell” as the bartender.

Louise: Are they holding hands?

mda19083: is this where they make the license plates

Rush: Giving prisoners KNIVES to work with????

angel landini & foxx furr: I am beside my Foxx with fascination.

Nothere: And how long has it been since we’ve seen a gaurd?

Rush: A while!

Rush: s this any way to run a prison?

Louise: The law doesn’t frame men???

sarabell2: Those are the cleanest cut looking prisoners I ever saw.

Rush: “Nothing is impossible.”

angel landini & foxx furr: EXACTLY.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yes Louise, they were holding hands.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Not a good look in prison.

Rush: Russell Hicks as the Warden.

Louise: Tin cups. Good for making weapons

angel landini & foxx furr: They should issue Tupperware mugs to those mugs.

Rush: Yes…unless they are already given KNIVES!

Rush: Punchy is pretty elloquent!

Nothere: Ah yes people are always pals with people who put them in prision.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: If you ever watched a Thin Man movie, you’d know that’s true.

angel landini & foxx furr: ALWAYS, in the movies! Makes ME wanna be a criminal, or at least go to the jug!

Rush: IF they can look at the brighter side of life…and can admit to themselves that they deserved their sentence!

angel landini & foxx furr: He’ll give it a whorl.

angel landini & foxx furr: Remember Knockout, in Mr.Moto?

Rush: YES!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Admirable angel

angel landini & foxx furr: I owe it all!

angel landini & foxx furr: “Lawsuit” definition is cute!

Rush: Chan needs to recall his “Shanghai” case regarding forged fingerprints.

Rush: “He finish school, now he try to finish me…”

angel landini & foxx furr: In order to SHANGHAI the REAL ROBBER!

Louise: Yes, we rememeber the forged fingerprints

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Theory need undertaker…”

mda19083: CC in Shanghai was the other charlie

Rush: “Theory now very healthy again.”

angel landini & foxx furr: SALUD!

Rush: MDA! SHhhhh….

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: nice legs

Rush: And she can scream, too!

Louise: I saw that too, mda

mda19083: yes

angel landini & foxx furr: “Must be a woman driver…”

Rush: Get the number of that truck!

mda19083: sexist remark

Rush: Get the number of that truck!

Louise: that room is burning!

Louise: so redddddd

Rush: Slow posts again…

Rush: Giant Indian!

angel landini & foxx furr: I always enjoy BB Soliloquies.

Rush: Nice place for spooky encounters.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Louise: so many spooky places in Chan movies

Rush: “This house shortage is TERRIBLE.”

Rush: Especially in the Monograms, Louise!

angel landini & foxx furr: Move over, Rover / And let Jimi [Chan] take over!

Rush: GREAT facial stuff!

Rush: “BB theme.”

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Another great line Angel.

angel landini & foxx furr: Original version of “Purple Haze” was “Woody Hayes”, Hendrix’ tribute to the great Ohio coach.

Nothere: Poor BB murderers spooky [places. He never seems to catch a break.

Louise: This is my first Chan image: a lobby card of this scene (a reproduction alas)

Rush: Stuck with the skeleton!

angel landini & foxx furr: “Woody Hayes / Is in my mind . . .

Phil & Mrs. Phil: My fave – All along the Watchtower.

Rush: Funny with that snake prop!

Rush: Great stuff during that warehouse scene!

angel landini & foxx furr: Phils: I have always felt the Jehovah’s folks could facilitate their efforts by licensing “All Along . . .” for TV ads showing their publication

Rush: Nice stair shot of Chan there.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yeah Angel, wouldn’t that be something?

Rush: Funny, Angel!

Nothere: Oh yeah that deaf making sinus trouble.

Rush: The “Honolulu” trick!

Dona: i knew it was in another movie

Rush: yes, Dona!

Nothere: Well we know the Chan kids talk now.

angel landini & foxx furr: Rush, our company brings out the blarney in me!

Rush: Here comes that truck!

Rush: Matt…?

mda19083: cue the can

Matt1: <tin can>

Matt1: Yuck

Phil & Mrs. Phil: George Zucco falls for the same trick everytime. Or is it Lionel Atwill?


angel landini & foxx furr: Why would the truck not have a license plate? I’d think they could lift several from open stock.



angel landini & foxx furr: YIKES!


Rush: “Bad men leave marks wherever they go.”

Louise: snitches everywhere in prison

Rush: 5 more years for eavesdropping!

Nothere: If I were to forge fingerprints at a crime scene, I

Rush: Ben again!

Nothere: ‘d use Al capones.

angel landini & foxx furr: Alphonse!!

Rush: GREAT bit!

Rush: Cue the dolphin!

Rush: BUILD: Stocky

mda19083: Al Capone serve time here in Philadelphia’s Eastern State for carrying a concealed weapon

Rush: Uh-oh!

Rush: “Can’t be late in THIS school!’

Rush: Chinese rock,paper,scissors!

angel landini & foxx furr: Ah YES! Eastern State Pen!

Louise: A gun fight about to happen

angel landini & foxx furr: This scene is great.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Oh now, he’s got a gun!

Rush: YES!\

mda19083: and a relative was the judge that sentanced Al

Phil & Mrs. Phil: NOW he’s got a BIGGER gun!

Louise: Rattatatatat

angel landini & foxx furr: Relative of YOURS, mda?

Rush: I think this is the only Chan movie with machine guns.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Those are Thompson 45s.

Louise: Okay, got you

mda19083: a relative of my ex wife – great grandfather

angel landini & foxx furr: Uh-oh.

mda19083: cue the can

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Quick, somebody turn out the lights!

Matt1: <tin can>


Rush: TYSM, Matt!

angel landini & foxx furr: I’ll bet he WAS (a great grandfather). And a great judge of characters!

sarabell2: You are quick with the cans

Rush: That’s two…

Rush: I was ready this time!

mda19083: he was known as the hanging judge

Rush: And, Matt was quick!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yeah Matt you’re fast tonight.

angel landini & foxx furr: The River Styx is littered with tin cans.

Matt1: A 1st

sarabell2: Miss Evans was in Christmas in Connecticut.

Rush: “Toots”

Louise: Toots

mda19083: yeah matt

Nothere: Accept no substitutes. My efforts to can when Matt is gone a poor imitaion.

angel landini & foxx furr: “You should see my withholding tax”: Chan probably DOES.

angel landini & foxx furr: Notty, you certainly can can can!

Louise: I love when Charlie insults those 2

Rush: Yes!

Nothere: Oh I do alright at the can can, but I really don’t have the legs.

angel landini & foxx furr: Imagine lap of dogs.

Louise: try olive oil!

angel landini & foxx furr: Notty, you have the legs, just need more of them. Look on the Web.

Rush: They should’ve thought of that before…

Rush: Like a theatrical suppy, maybe?

Louise: how about in prison///

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Try rubbing your forehead.

Nothere: Well this is where I leave you. And remember if you must go to prision, go to this one.

Rush: Yes, Phil!

Rush: THAT would heve worked, too!

angel landini & foxx furr: Give that man a dollar.

Rush: 🙂

Nothere has left this room

Dona: Bye NH

angel landini & foxx furr: Let us go down to the sea for chips.

angel landini & foxx furr: Notty! Seems like she was just here!

Rush: I recognized a figure from the funhouse in “The Chinese Cat.”

Rush: There!

Rush: Maybe, anyway…

Rush: That IS a real guy inside!

angel landini & foxx furr: The reuse of props is a wonderful thing

Dona: lol

Rush: Poor BB…

Rush: Here we go!

Rush: This would be fun!

angel landini & foxx furr: They’ll put your eye out!

Rush: Smashing props in the warehouse!

angel landini & foxx furr: Keep on truckin’!

Rush: AH! Chuckles is the one…

Phil & Mrs. Phil: That gun should be empty by now.

Rush: Keep the chair plugged in…it has a new customer!

angel landini & foxx furr: Walk this way!

Rush: FDR picture in the background?

angel landini & foxx furr: Yes! That Man again!!

Rush: The third missing man.

angel landini & foxx furr: Uh-oh.

mda19083: good work boys

angel landini & foxx furr: Assistants do EXCELLENT work!!

Rush: Mr. Kensey

Rush: More incomplete talk!

Rush: rd time!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: What? That dude’s too old for her.

Rush: THIRD time

Rush: AND…CC joins in!

angel landini & foxx furr: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Must have run out of script ideas.

mda19083: cc is cool

Rush: Cue dolphin!

Matt1: lol

Dona: LOL

Rush: CC had some fun!

angel landini & foxx furr: A WONDERFUL coda to a BIG STEP UP in The Canon! I love this finish!!

Dona: YAY!!!!!!!

Rush: This was a GREAT one, IMHO!

angel landini & foxx furr: SOME difference~~~!!!

Rush: (Applause…)

Matt1: <yee-haw>

mda19083: yes!

Dona: Agreed Rush!

Zoe: clap clap

angel landini & foxx furr: Till next week!! Labor Day, yes?

Rush: Next week: “The Red Dragon”

sarabell2: This one was a lot of fun. Except no love interest for the son this time.

Rush: Next week…

Dona: True Sarah

Rush: MORE fun with cousin Chattanooga!

mda19083: i will bring the fireworks for next weeks show

Rush: Correct, SB!

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week!

Rush: All the ladies were over his age tonight.

Godwinshelley2: I do like this film –

Dona: Yes next monday. looking forward to it.

Godwinshelley2: Have a safe week everyone

mda19083: thanks all for a great night

Rush: Well… Please watch for our weekly email, especially if I cannot make changes to this site!

Zoe has left this room

Godwinshelley2: OK

Godwinshelley2: Night all

Rush: Take care, everyone!

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

mda19083 has left this room

Dona: Goodnight All!

Rush: Thank you ALL so much, for anotgher WONDERFUL evening!

sarabell2: Thank you Rush. We will keep up. Good night, all.

Rush: Good night…

Rush: Have a happy and safe week, everyone!

Rush: next Monday is labor day…

sarabell2 has left this room

Rush: GREAT movie coming through which to celebrate!

Rush: “The Red Dragon”

Rush: And…Tommy DOES have a potential love interest in that one!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Night all.

Phil & Mrs. Phil has left this room

Rush: Good night Phil!

Rush: Thank Mrs. Phil, please!

Rush: Good night, Angel, Louise, and Dona!

Rush: e care…

Rush: Have a GREAT week!

Rush: See you soon.

Dona has left this room

Rush: We will talk, Louise!

Rush: Thank you for the great ideas!

Rush: Something will work…

Rush: Good night…

Rush has left this room

angel landini & foxx furr has left this room

Louise has left this room

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