Charlie Chan Sunday Comics

On October 30, 1938, a Sunday comic strip featuring Charlie Chan made its debut in newspapers across the United States and Canada.  Drawn by noted artist Alfred Andriola, the series lasted for nearly four years, ending on May 31, 1942.  Each Sunday, we will offer one of these delightful vintage comics for your reading – and viewing – pleasure.

Although our collection of original Charlie Chan Sunday Comics is extensive and continues to inch toward completeness, sadly, there are occasional “holes,” all dating from the year 1941. The difficulty of obtaining those examples is probably a result of early wartime paper drives. Sometimes several in succession, these gaps are filled with reproductions, referred to as “facsimiles.” When this becomes necessary, a note to that effect accompanies that particular comic.

To view last week’s issue of our Charlie Chan Sunday Comics, as well as any example from our collection, please visit our Sunday Comics Index.

Sunday, November 24, 1940:

“Where murder is committed, detective is not far behind!”

Continued next week…

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