Past Monthly Poll Results

The results of all our monthly polls since 2003…

November 2023:
I am thankful for…
…having all existing Charlie Chan films available to watch in some way. 15%
…being able to watch a Charlie Chan film that can take me to an era that, though not perfect, made sense. 8%
…being able to meet with other Charlie Chan fans weekly at our Chat Room. 0%
…all of the above. 77%

October 2023:
How do you watch Charlie Chan movies?
On DVDs 77%
On VHS tapes 0%
Through an online source 23%

September 2023:
Have you read any “non-canon” (i.e. not written by Earl Derr Biggers) Charlie Chan mystery?
Yes 36%
No 64%

August 2023:
Which of the two “lesser Chans” do you prefer?

Roland Winters 83%
J. Carrol Naish 17%

July 2023:
In which of these films was Mrs. Chan best portrayed?

By Anna Mar in Charlie Chan at the Circus 56%
By Grace Key in Charlie Chan in Honolulu 44%

June 2023:
Should we continue to pose monthly poll questions as the responses have dwindled to a handful of late?

Yes, let’s continue to offer them. 100%
No, it’s time to bring them to an end. 0%

May 2023:
Would you like to participate in the creation of a new Charlie Chan Family group-produced Charlie Chan crime mystery “script”?

Yes 33.3%
Maybe 33.3%
No 33.3%

April 2023:
In your opinion, can a new Charlie Chan novel that is faithful to the character created by Earl Derr Biggers be written today?

Yes 60%
No 40%

March 2023:
Should we return to the practice of sharing a vintage Charlie Chan radio drama or an episode of a movie serial as an “extra” before our feature film?

Yes 80%
No 20%

February 2023:
How often do you visit our Message Board?

A few times a week 40%
About once a week 0%
A few times a month 20%
Once a month 0%
Less than once a month 40%

January 2023:
When did you first become interested in Charlie Chan?

During my early childhood 79%
As a teen 7%
As a young adult 7%
As an older adult 7%

Is your personal preference Warner Oland or Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan?

Warner Oland 65%
Sidney Toler 35%

For which of the following are you most thankful regarding our Chat Room?

The lasting online acquaintances and friendships with other Charlie Chan fans 17%
Something to look forward to on Monday nights 0%
The chance to view Charlie Chan movies with others0%
The chance to view Charlie Chan movies with others83%

Which Chan family meal would you more likely enjoy being a guest at?

Breakfast with the Chan family in The Black Camel 18%
Dinner with the Chan family in Charlie Chan in Honolulu 82%

Would you like to see the revival of the group-produced Charlie Chan projects of the past, such as the one titled “Charlie Chan at College,” which was scripted in 2002?

Yes 86%
No 14%

AUGUST 2022:
Which of these do you consider to be the most obnoxious character in the Charlie Chan film series?
Max Corday (Charlie Chan in Paris) 19%
Ulrich (Charlie Chan’s Secret) 6%
Sgt. Kelly (Charlie Chan at the Opera)19%
The Hotel Owner (Castle in the Desert)37%
Mrs. Marsh (The Scarlet Clue) 19%

JULY 2022:
What is it that you most enjoy about the Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan films?
The appearance of different offspring 18%
The off-beat mysteries 18%
Birmingham Brown29%
The ’40s “feel”23%
All of the above 12%

JUNE 2022:
In which of these films would you have loved to have been an audience “extra”?

The Black Camel (In either of the beach crowd scenes) 25%
Charlie Chan at the Opera (Seated in the audience behind the Conductor) 17%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics (Seated around Charlie Chan at the Olympic Stadium scenes) 25%
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (Seated in the audience during Rhadini’s magic performance at the theater) 33%

MAY 2022:
Which of the three actors to portray Charlie Chan in the Chan series proper, gave, in your opinion, the best first appearance?  (Note: in the case of Warner Oland,  we need to judge through his SECOND screen appearance in The Black Camel.)

Warner Oland 57% 
Sidney Toler 43%
Roland Winters 0%

APRIL 2022:
Do you consider Behind That Curtain as worthy of being counted as a part of the Charlie Chan film series?

Yes 67%
No 33%

MARCH 2022:
What is your opinion of experimenting with the use of Zoom for our weekly Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewings?

Let’s do it! 9% 
I am open to trying it. 58%
I prefer keeping things as they are. 33%

Why do you attend our Charlie Chan Family Chat and Film Viewings?

To view a Charlie Chan movie with a fun group of fans 13%
To gain insight to all things related to Charlie Chan 7%
Because I am a fan of old movies 18%
For social interaction 18%
To gain information for a future Chan-related project 0%
Because this is a social outreach for me 0%
Because I like to have fun and make witty comments while watching old movies 0%
Some of the above 18%
Most of the above 18%
All of the above 9%
None of the above 18%

If The Return of Charlie Chan had successfully resulted in a Charlie Chan television series starring Ross Martin, how long do you feel it would have run?
Less than one season 32%
One full season 40%
More than one full season 28%

With the advent of commercial television broadcasts in the late 1940s, could the Charlie Chan series at Monogram Pictures have continued with theatrical releases?

Probably 77%
Probably not 23%

As Disney now holds the rights to all 20th Century-Fox material past and present, how do you think this will affect the future of the Charlie Chan movies under their control?

Positively 20%
Negatively 60%
Neither positively nor negatively 20%

Who has the best reactions to spooky situations?

Jimmy Chan 8%
Birmingham Brown 77%
Tommy Chan 15%
Chattanooga Brown 0%

What do you like most about the Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan series?

The addition of other Chan offspring 13%
Birmingham Brown and the inclusion of humor 67%
The unusual technological gimmicks 13%
The ‘Forties “feel” 7%

AUGUST 2021:
In honor of Earl Derr Biggers’ birth month: Had the author lived to write a seventh Charlie Chan mystery following Keeper of the Keys (which was set in the locales of Lake Tahoe and Reno), where, in your opinion, would it have taken place?

Back in Honolulu 43%
San Francisco (perhaps on his way back home from the previous case) 29%
Elsewhere on the U.S. mainland 21%
In a more distant, foreign location 7%

JULY 2021:
Which film do you think has the best scene(s) with the Chan family?

The Black Camel 11%
Charlie Chan at the Circus 72%
Charlie Chan in Honolulu 17%

JUNE 2021:
Have you watched all 40 of the existing movies from the Charlie Chan film series proper (those that were produced by Fox, 20th Century-Fox, and Monogram Pictures)?

Yes 87%
No 13%

MAY 2021:
Have you ever attended a Charlie Chan-related public event such as a tour, speaking event, etc., at a venue such as a library, hotel, convention center, or another public gathering?

Yes 22%
No 78%

APRIL 2021:
Do you think a Charlie Chan film could be made today?

Yes 75%
No 25%

MARCH 2021:
Which of these police officials was the most helpful to Charlie Chan?

Inspector Duff (Charlie Chan Carries On, Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise)13%
Inspector Nelson (Charlie Chan on Broadway) 7%
Chief of Police Souto (Charlie Chan in Rio)60%
Lt. Mike Ruark (The Shanghai ChestThe Golden EyeThe Sky Dragon)20%
Sheriff Mack0%

Which of these police officials was the most antagonistic to Charlie Chan?

Lt. Macy (Charlie Chan at the Circus) 14%
Sgt. Kelly (Charlie Chan at the Opera) 43%
Sheriff “Tombstone” Fletcher (Charlie Chan in Reno) 43%

Have you viewed Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen

Yes 50%
No 50%

Which of these “warm locale” Fox Charlie Chan films would you choose to view to ease the chill of a winter’s day?

The Black Camel 20%
Charlie Chan in Egypt 12%
Charlie Chan in Shanghai 0%
Charlie Chan in Honolulu 28%
Charlie Chan in Panama 28%
Castle in the Desert 12%

Do you support a return of Charlie Chan to cinema or television, reimagined for today’s audience as we have seen with the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot,  and others?

Definetly 79%
Maybe 7%
Not sure 7%
No way 7%

Which is your favorite of Jimmy Chan’s “case crush” girlfriends?

Choy Wong (Charlie Chan in Reno) 27%
Lili Wong (Charlie Chan in Rio) 53%
San Toy (The Trap) 20%

At points in the Charlie Chan film series, a number of “undocumented” cases are mentioned.  Of the following, which most intrigues you?

“The Martin Case” (Charlie Chan in London)  Sir Lionel Bashford:  “…no other detective in the world could have solved it.” 28%

“The Barstow Case” (Charlie Chan in London)  Sir Lionel Bashford:  “…no other detective in the world could have solved it.” 5%

“Shanghai, October 17, 1937” (A few moments were documented in The Shanghai Cobra)  Charlie Chan: “Eight years ago in Shanghai, China, I arrest a man named Jan Van Horn for bank robbery and murder by cobra bite.” 19%

“Singapore, 1939” (The Scarlet Clue) Charlie Chan: “I arrest you six years ago in Shanghai, remember?”  Cooper: “Yeah, I remember.” 5%

“Honduras, 1939” (The Red Dragon) Charlie Chan (to Inspector Carvero): “Four years ago in Honduras, when we worked together to assist British government in Honduras.” 0%

“Cleveland, 1944” (The Chinese Cat) Charlie Chan mentions his upcoming “assignment in Cleveland.” 43%

AUGUST 2020:
Which Charlie Chan film offers the best “shipboard” murder(s)?

Charlie Chan Carries On (as seen through the Spanish language version, Eran Trece) 0%
Charlie Chan at the Race Track 11%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics 6%
Charlie Chan in Honolulu 6%
Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise 38%
Dead Men Tell 38%Dangerous Money 6%

JULY 2020:
Which would you choose as the better “prison movie” in the Charlie Chan series?

Charlie Chan in London 59%
Dark Alibi 41%

JUNE 2020:
Whom do you feel most like in your life? 

Charlie Chan 43%
Birmingham Brown 57%

MAY 2020:
Has the viewing of Charlie Chan’s adventures helped you to ease some of the realities of isolation brought on by the current virus situation?

Yes 100%
No 0%

APRIL 2020:
Which of these two Charlie Chan films better exemplifies the current coronavirus threat that we are now experiencing in our time?

The threat of the bubonic-infected rats in Dr. Grosser’s laboratory (Charlie Chan in Panama) 79%
The threat of an enemy poison gas attack on Paris (Charlie Chan in City in Darkness) 21%

MARCH 2020:
As, by all indications, the conclusion of Charlie Chan’s case in Charlie Chan in Egypt occurred in late April 1934, and his next adventure, as seen in Charlie Chan in Shanghai, is documented as commencing on May 7, 1935, which explanation would you choose to best explain “Charlie Chan’s off-year”?

Charlie Chan was engaged in “run of the mill” cases in Honolulu 13%
Charlie Chan was taking a break from his work to be at home with Mrs. Chan, his family, and to be there for the impending birth of the Chans’ next daughter (first seen in Charlie Chan at the Circus) 34%
Charlie Chan was engaged in heretofore “undocumented” cases 13%
Two or more of the above 40%

How are you like Charlie Chan at times?

I say “Thank you so much.” 10%
I use occasional aphoristic statements. 10%
I use Chan-like courtesy at times 30%
From time to time, I do all of the above. 50%

For my sole Charlie Chan New Year’s resolution in 2020, I will strive to: 

Complete my personal collection of Charlie Chan movies 44%
Obtain The New Adventures of Charlie Chan 12%
Read a Charlie Chan story by Earl Derr Biggers 6%
Adopt a positive mannerism as exemplified by Charlie Chan 38%

In your opinion, who provided the better “pairing” with Birmingham Brown?

Number Two Son, Jimmy (later known as “Tommy”) 64%
Number Three Son, Tommy 36%

NOVEMBER 2019:Would you like to see the revival of a collaborative group-produced Charlie Chan script project?

Yes 90%
No 10%

Which would you most likely participate in to celebrate the Charlie Chan family Home’s platinum 20th anniversary, Sunday, October 3, 2021?

A trip to Earl Derr Biggers’ home, Warren, Ohio and dinner at the nearby Welchfield Inn. 0%
A trip to Honolulu, Hawaii with tour of the HPD police museum, Chang Apana’s grave, a Charlie Chan tour by Hawaii Steve’s “Honolulu Ghost & Mystery Tours,” and dinner at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. 42%
Organize a one-day Charlie Chan symposium (location to be determined) with discussion groups, guest speakers, and dinner. 42%
Meet at an existing film-related conference or convention, possibly pre-arranging to participate in some way such as hosting a film presentation with a group discussion, a “live” chat, etc. 16%

To which son does Charlie Chan give the hardest time?

Lee 0%
Jimmy 57%
Tommy 43%

AUGUST 2019:
Did the Charlie Chan film series suffer after the departure of Keye Luke as Number One Son, Lee?

Yes, it would have been better if Keye Luke had stayed. 22%
No, Victor Sen Yung did very well as Number Two Son, Jimmy. 78%

JULY 2019:
Which regularly appearing Chan son had the best initial appearance in your opinion?

Lee in Charlie Chan in Paris 94%
Jimmy in Charlie Chan in Honolulu 0%
Tommy in Charlie Chan in the Secret Service6%
Barry in Blind Man’s Bluff (The New Adventures of Charlie Chan) 0%

JUNE 2019:
Which Chan son, of the three portrayed by Layne Tom, Jr., is your favorite? 

Charlie Jr. 36%
Tommy 46%
Willie 18%

MAY 2019:Which of these three Chan sons would you consider to be the bravest overall? 

Jimmy 21%
Lee 72%
Tommy 7%

APRIL 2019:
Who is the best psychic medium in a Charlie Chan film in your opinion?

Tarneverro (The Black Camel) 19%
Carlotta (and Prof. Bowan) (Charlie Chan’s Secret) 12%
Eve Cairo (Charlie Chan at Treasure Island)44%
Madame Saturnia (Castle in the Desert) 19%
William Bonner (Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight) 6%

MARCH 2019:
Which Chan daughter would you have liked to have seen featured in more films in the Charlie Chan series?

Iris (as seen in Charlie Chan in the Secret Service) 21%
Frances (as seen in Black Magic a.k.a. Meeting at Midnight) 37%
Both 42%

Which Chan son would you most like to go out to lunch with?

Jimmy 33%
Lee 67%
Tommy 0%

My New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to…

…purchase those Charlie Chan films on DVD that I do not have yet. 33%
…finally add The New Adventures of Charlie Chan series to my collection. 11%
…be more like our favorite detective, Charlie Chan! 39%


One Charlie Chan film is know by two titles.  Which do you prefer?

Black Magic 38%
Meeting at Midnight 62%

Should we continue the sharing of an “extra” presentation each Monday evening prior to our Weekly Chat and Film Viewings in 2019?

Yes, because I usually arrive early in order to view it. 89%
No, because I rarely arrive early in order to view one. 11%

Which of these two characters offers the better reactions to “spooky” situations in a particular Charlie Chan film?

Baxter the Butler in Charlie Chan’s Secret 28%
Birmingham Brown in Black Magic (Meeting at Midnight) 72%

Do you have someone in your life with whom you can carry on moments of Birmingham Brown-like “incomplete talk”? 

Yes 36%
No 64%

AUGUST 2018:

In your opinion, who is the more interesting international spy villainess? 

Miss Finch (Charlie Chan in Panama) 71%
Mrs. Winters (Charlie Chan in the Secret Service) 29%

JULY 2018:
Which of the following would you choose for the best Charlie Chan “summer” film?

The Black Camel (Oahu’s Kailua and Waikiki beaches and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel!) 23%
Charlie Chan at the Circus (A Chan family holiday on the mainland!) 12%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics (The Summer Olympics!) 15%
Castle in the Desert (Summer’s heat in the Mojave Desert!) 46%
The Trap (A vacation at Malibu Beach, California!) 4%
The Golden Eye (A summer holiday at an Arizona dude ranch!) 0%

JUNE 2018:
Have you purchased a copy of the newly published Chan study, The Charlie Chan Films, by James L. Neibaur?

Yes 44%
No 56%

MAY 2018:
Should 20th Century-Fox have sought to make Earl Derr Biggers’ final Charlie Chan mystery, Keeper of the Keys, into a film?

Yes 100%
No 0%

APRIL 2018:
Please choose your favorite “adversarial cop” in the Charlie Chan Series?

Sgt. Thacker (Charlie Chan in London) 12%
Lt. Macy (Charlie Chan at the Circus) 0%
Inspector Morton (Charlie Chan’s Secret)4%
Sgt. Kelly (Charlie Chan at the Opera) 24%
Tombstone Fletcher (Charlie Chan in Reno) 60%

MARCH 2018:
Who, do you feel, is the best “one-time” assistant to Charlie Chan?

Kashimo (The Black Camel) 13%
Neil Howard(Charlie Chan in London) 8%
Snowshoes(Charlie Chan in Egypt) 50%
Baxter the butler(Charlie Chan’s Secret) 25%
Marcel Spivak(Charlie Chan in City in Darkness) 4%

Other than Charlie Chan, which of these two other venerable movie detectives is your favorite?

Mr. Wong 30%
Mr. Moto 70%

For the final film of our Charlie Chan Film Tour for 2018, which movie would you prefer to watch and share?

The Return of Charlie Chan 57%
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen 43%

In which film, from among the following choices, does a son of Charlie Chan place himself in the greatest danger while working with his Pop?

Charlie Chan in Shanghai 55%
Murder Over New York 28%
The Chinese Cat 17%

Which film from the Charlie Chan film series would you like to watch for next year’s Charlie Chan Family Virtual Halloween Party?
The Black Camel 0%
Charlie Chan in Egypt 0%
Charlie Chan’s Secret 33%
Charlie Chan at the Opera 0%
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 33%
Dead Men Tell 13%
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight 20%

The Charlie Chan Sunday Comics sections return at the end of this month at our Charlie Chan Family Home for another three-plus year run.  Will you be reading each week’s installment?

Yes, most of the time 55%
Yes, sometimes 36%
No, not at all 9%

Choose your favorite “report card” scene in a Charlie Chan film:

Asked why he is “always at bottom of class,” a Chan son answers: “No, Pop, all the other places are taken.” (The Black Camel) 81%
Upon seeing his report card, Charlie Chan informs his son, Willie: “In Honolulu schools ‘E’ not symbol for ‘excellence.'” (Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise) 19%

AUGUST 2017:
Which is the funniest driving scene in a film from the Charlie Chan series?

Charlie Chan drives Tarneverro in The Black Camel 43%
Charlie Chan drives to work with Kashimo in The Black Camel 7%
Lee Chan drives the laundry truck in Charlie Chan at the Race Track 7%
Charlie Chan and Lee take the taxi in Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 0%
Chan’s driver during a chase not keeping his eyes on the road in Charlie Chan in City in Darkness 7%
Bullets fly as Birmingham Brown drives Chan and son to San Quentin Prison in Dark Alibi 7%
Sons One and Two bantering as Birmingham Brown drives them and their pop through Mexico in The Feathered Serpent 29%

JULY 2017:
Do you feel that Hollywood would be capable of producing a passable Charlie Chan film today? 

Yes 37%
No 63%

JUNE 2017:
Of these directors who directed multiple Charlie Chan movies during the Fox era of the Chan series, who is your favorite?

Hamilton MacFadden (Charlie Chan Carries OnThe Black Camel, Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case) 6%
Eugene Forde (Charlie Chan in LondonCharlie Chan on BroadwayCharlie Chan at Monte CarloCharlie Chan’s Murder Cruise) 18%
Harry Lachman (Charlie Chan at the CircusMurder Over New YorkDead Men TellCharlie Chan in RioCastle in the Desert) 35%
H. Bruce Humberstone (Charlie Chan at the Race TrackCharlie Chan at the OperaCharlie Chan at the OlympicsCharlie Chan in Honolulu) 35% 
Norman Foster (Charlie Chan in RenoCharlie Chan at Treasure IslandCharlie Chan at Panama) 6%

MAY 2017:
In your opinion, should Behind That Curtain, with E.L. Park as Charlie Chan and in spite of his appearing only at the very end of the picture, be considered a part of the Charlie Chan film series, proper?

Yes 41%
No 59%

APRIL 2017:
Of Lee Chan’s two on-screen love interests, who, in your opinion, would be the better choice for him?

Lee’s telephone girlfriend (Charlie Chan in Shanghai) 33%
Su Toy in (Charlie Chan at the Circus) 67%

MARCH 2017:
Which, in your opinion, is (are) the cutest scene(s) in a Charlie Chan film?

The Chan family at breakfast in The Black Camel 8%
Charlie Chan entertains kids aboard ship in Charlie Chan in Shanghai 54%
The Chan family together at the circus in Charlie Chan at the Circus 4%
Charlie Chan, Jr. and the “white fox fur” in Charlie Chan at the Olympics 4%
The Chan family at dinner in Charlie Chan in Honolulu 15%
Jimmy and Willie search their Pop’s mail in Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise 15%

What is the funniest moment(s) in for Lee Chan in the Charlie Chan film series?

Lee is caught by his Pop talking to his girlfriend on the phone in Charlie Chan in Shanghai 20%
Lee’s comedic moments with Su Toy in Charlie Chan at the Circus 20%
Lee’s laundry truck adventure in Charlie Chan at the Race Track 13%
Lee’s misadventures in Charlie Chan on Broadway 13%
Lee’s difficulties with the French language and the resulting consequences in Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 34%

For the New Year I resolve…

…to complete my collection of all Fox and Monogram Charlie chan films 57%
…to add The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan cartoon series to my collection 31%
…to add The New Adventures of Charlie Chan to my collection 31%
…to read one or more of the Charlie Chan stories by Earl Derr Biggers 31%

Have you ever watched The Return of Charlie Chan starring Ross Martin as Charlie Chan?

Yes 67%
No 33%

How long ago did you first visit the Charlie Chan Family ( website? 

Less than a year ago 6%
1-2 years ago 13%
2-5 years ago 19%
5-10 years ago 31%
More than 10 years ago 31%

In your opinion, who, among the following, was the most important supporting actor contributing to the success of the Charlie Chan film series?

Keye Luke 77%
Victor Sen Yung 9%
Benson Fong 0%
Mantan Moreland 14%

What is your favorite Sidney Toler Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan film?

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 5%
The Chinese Cat 5%
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight 25%
The Jade Mask 20%
The Shanghai Cobra 20%
The Red Dragon 0%
Dark Alibi 10%
Shadows Over Chinatown 5%
Dangerous Money 0%
The Trap 5%

AUGUST 2016:
Would you like to see at this website a section devoted to “The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan” cartoon series? 

Yes 72%
No 28%

JULY 2016:
If you have purchased the new Charlie Chan 3-Film Collection DVD boxed set from Warner Brothers, what is your opinion?

I am very pleased with the overall quality 90%
I am reasonably pleased with the overall quality 10%
I am not pleased with the overall quality 0%

JUNE 2016:
Do you plan to purchase the upcoming Warner Brothers Archive Collection release of the final three Monogram Charlie Chan films in their compilation entitled Charlie Chan 3-Film Collection?

Yes 88%
No 12%

MAY 2016:
Which, in your opinion, is the better “final appearance as Charlie Chan” in a 20th Century-Fox film? 

Warner Oland in Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 42%
Sidney Toler in Castle in the Desert 58%

APRIL 2016:
How did Charlie Chan get the money needed to do much of his extensive traveling?

The Honolulu Police Department footed the bill most of the time 25%
A wealthy donor from Chan’s past funded his travels beyond his official work 4%
The Territory of Hawaii paid for those “extra” trips as Chan was their international goodwill ambassador 21%
Chan paid for many of his trips himself 50%

MARCH 2016:
Which of these films features the most interesting example of actual “cutting edge” electronic technology?

Charlie Chan’s Chance – “Lost” film which features a trans-Atlantic telephone call 9%
Charlie Chan at the Race Track – High-speed photography for “photo-finishes” 5%
Charlie Chan at the Opera – Wire photo transmission – a precursor to the fax machine 45%
Charlie Chan at the Opera and The Scarlet Clue – Teletype machine 0%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics and other Chan films – Shortwave radio transmission 0%
The Scarlet Clue – A depiction of an early television studio broadcast 14%
The Shanghai Cobra – A closed-circuit television-assisted jukebox 27%           

Do you like the earlier start time (7:30 Eastern Time) for our Weekly Chats which now include a shared “extra” prior to our featured film?

Yes 80%
No 20%

Which do you “resolve” to purchase over the course of the upcoming year?

Any and all of the commercially produced 20th Century-Fox films that I may lack 8%
Any and all of the commercially produced Monogram Pictures films that I may lack 17%
The “final three” commercially unavailable Monogram Pictures films through the “gray market” 17%
The New Adventures of Charlie Chan complete TV series 0%
The Return of Charlie Chan starring Ross Martin 0%
Chan and the Amazing Chan Clan cartoon series 17%
More than one of the above 17%
None of the above as I already have everything listed 8%
None of the above 17%

Would you like to share “bonus” presentations such as a “The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan” cartoon or an episode from the old “Charlie Chan” radio dramas at the start of our Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewings? 

Yes 74%
No 26%

If the Charlie Chan film series had lasted into the 1950s, do you feel it could have made a transition to become a television series with Roland Winters in the title role, Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown, and Keye Luke as Lee Chan?

Yes 73%
No 27%

Does the recent presentation of a Charlie Chan “double feature” by Turner Classic Movies (TCM) give you hope that there will be similar future airings by that and other channels?

Yes 100%
No 0%  

SEPTEMBER 2015:Of the three “home bases” that Charlie Chan used during the run of the film series, which, in your opinion, provided the starting point for the most interesting adventures?

Honolulu 47%
Washington, D.C. 9%
San Francisco 44%

AUGUST 2015:
Would you like next year’s 2016 Charlie Chan Film Tour to continue in its present chronological format or change to a random format?

Chronological 70%
Random 30%

JULY 2015:
Which of these Charlie Chan films would you consider to be the most “spooky”?

The Black Camel 19%
Charlie Chan in Egypt 26%
Charlie Chan’s Secret 21%
Charlie Chan at the Opera 14%
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 5%
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 2%
Dead Men Tell 5%
Castle in the Desert 4%
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight 4% 

JUNE 2015:
What is your choice for the best singing performance in a Charlie Chan film?

Keye Luke – “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” (Charlie Chan in Paris) 6%
Warner Oland – “The Song of Princess Ming Lo Fu” (Charlie Chan in Shanghai) 88%
Victor Sen Yung – “La Cucaracha” (The Feathered Serpent) 6%

MAY 2015:
Which Charlie Chan series nightclub would you most like to visit?

Café Du Singe Bleu (Charlie Chan in Paris) 12%
Versailles Cafe (Charlie Chan in Shanghai) 12%
The Hottentot Club (Charlie Chan on Broadway) 36%
Manolo’s Cabaret (Charlie Chan in Panama) 12%
Carioca Casino (Charlie Chan in Rio) 16%
Capitol Night Club (The Red Dragon) 4%
Mango Inn (Dangerous Money) 8%

APRIL 2015:
Of the “Big Two,” who, in your opinion, wins the Best Charlie Chan Derby?

Warner Oland by far 35%
Warner Oland by a nose 23%
Sidney Toler by far 26%
Sidney Toler by a nose 16%

MARCH 2015:
Of the following, who is your LEAST favorite “one-shot” Chan “assistant”?

Kashimo (The Black Camel) 55%
Snowshoes (Charlie Chan in Egypt) 13%
Baxter (Charlie Chan’s Secret) 16%
Marcel (Charlie Chan in City in Darkness) 16%

Of the following, which is the most “romantic” Charlie Chan film?

The Black Camel (Jimmy Bradshaw and Julie O’Neil) 13%
Charlie Chan in London (Neil Howard and Pamela Gray) 10%
Charlie Chan in Paris (Victor Descartes and Yvette Lamartine) 10%
Charlie Chan in Shanghai (Lee Chan and “Telephone Girlfriend”) 10%
Charlie Chan at the Circus (Lee Chan and Su Toy) 13%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics (Dick Masters and Betty Adams) 6%
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (Gordon Chase and Evelyn Grey) 0%
Charlie Chan in Reno (Jimmy Chan and Choy Wong) 6%
The Chinese Cat (Harvey Dennis and Leah Manning; Birmingham Brown and Carolina) 6%
The Shanghai Cobra (Ned Stewart and Paula Webb) 20%
The Red Dragon (Jimmy Chan and Iris Ling; Inspector Carverro and Marguerite Fontan) 0%
The Sky Dragon (Birmingham Brown and Lena Franklin) 0%
Charlie Chan in Rio (Jimmy Chan and Lili Wong) 6%

Which of the following would you choose as your Charlie Chan-inspired New Year’s Resolution?

To be a good parent 5%
To be inscrutable 3%
To carry oneself with dignity 27%
To be courteous 3%
To be self-effacing 0%
To eschew intoxicants 0%
To be a devoted spouse 13%
To be honorable 49% 

Do you have a copy of The Return of Charlie Chan starring Ross Martin as Charlie Chan?

Yes 28%
No 72% 

Charlie Chan-wise, I am most thankful for…

…having nearly all Charlie Chan films currently available in commercial form. 39%
…having a means of gathering each Monday evening to watch and have fun with a Charlie Chan film. 26%
…having online forums available at which to share thoughts on Charlie Chan and related issues. 0%
…having so many Charlie Chan “goodies” available at eBay. 0%
…knowing that Charlie Chan still remains in the public arena. 0%

Which of these older Chan offspring was, in your opinion, probably the most “academic”?

Lee 35%
Jimmy 21%
Ling 3%
Tommy 3%
Iris 0%
Frances 3%
Edward 35% 

As summer comes to a close, which Charlie Chan “attraction” would you like to visit on your next dream vacation?

Chinatown 14%
Wax Museum 18%
Treasure Island 18%
(Mojave) Desert 4%
Murder Cruise 7%
Broadway 0%
Olympics 21%
Opera 7%
Race Track 7%
Circus 4%

AUGUST 2014:
Who is your favorite “movie monster” actor to appear in a Charlie Chan film?

Lon Chaney, Jr. (Charlie Chan in City in Darkness/Charlie Chan on Broadway) 12%
Boris Karloff (Charlie Chan at the Opera) 69%
Bela Lugosi (The Black Camel) 19%

JULY 2014:
Which Charlie Chan travel destination would you choose for a dream trip this summer?

London 9%
Paris 6%
Egypt 18%
Shanghai 12%
Monte Carlo 3%
Honolulu 31%
Reno 0%
Panama 9%
New York 0%
Rio 6%
New Orleans 6%

JUNE 2014:
Who is your favorite small-town sheriff in the Charlie Chan series?

“Tombstone” Fletcher (Charlie Chan in Reno) 79%
Sheriff Mack (The Jade Mask) 21%

MAY 2014:
Which Charlie Chan film features what you would consider to be Harold Huber’s best performance in the series? 

Charlie Chan on Broadway 31%
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 27%
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness 22%
Charlie Chan in Rio 20%

APRIL 2014:
Which do you prefer as a plot device in a Charlie Chan film?

The use of a piece of state-of-the-art technology of the era as seen in a Humberstone-directed Fox film 64%
The use of a gimmick device as seen in a Monogram film 36%

MARCH 2014:
In your opinion, would the Sidney Toler era of the Charlie Chan series have been better if Keye Luke had continued his role as Number One Son, Lee?

Yes 72%
No 28%

Of the eight “foreign locale” Charlie Chan films produced by Fox studios, which is your favorite?

Charlie Chan in London 7%
Charlie Chan in Paris 0%
Charlie Chan in Egypt 25%
Charlie Chan in Shanghai 25%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics 11%
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 5%
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness 5%
Charlie Chan in Panama 20%
Charlie Chan in Rio 2% 

Which of the following Charlie Chan-related New Year’s resolutions would you choose for yourself?t

To purchase all currently available commercially produced films on DVD from the Charlie Chan series proper that I currently lack. 20%
To purchase the entire DVD collection for The New Adventures of Charlie Chan TV series starring J. Carrol Naish. 4%
To purchase a copy of The Return of Charlie Chan starring Ross Martin. 37%
To read one or more of the original Charlie Chan mysteries by Earl Derr Biggers. 23%
To adopt one of Charlie Chan’s positive traits for myself. 16%

If I could hope for one of the following Charlie Chan seasonal miracles, it would be…

…that one of the lost Charlie Chan films would be found. 37%
…that a GOOD Charlie Chan movie would be made. 3%
…that the BBC would produce an Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan mystery. 10%
…that Warner Brothers would release their final three Charlie Chan films on DVD. 50%

How far would you travel to see a Charlie Chan film on the big screen in a movie theater?

0-10 miles 8%
10-20 miles 17%
20-50 miles 10%
More than 50 miles 65%

Do you feel that Warner Brothers will release the final three Charlie Chan films in their collection  on DVD?

Yes 94%
No 6%

Now that you have had a chance to view the new Warner Brothers Charlie Chan Collection DVD box set, what is your opinion?

It surpassed my expectations 58%
It met my expectations 38%
It was below my expectations 4%

AUGUST 2013:
Did you purchase the new Warner Brothers Charlie Chan Collection DVD box set?

Yes 55%
No, but I plan to 29%
No 16%

JULY 2013:
How did you find our website?

Through a friend or family member 5%
Through another Charlie Chan website 18%
Through a search engine 62%
Through an article or other media outlet 2%
Other 13%

JUNE 2013:
Had the Charlie Chan series continued at Monogram Pictures, do you feel it would have survived the advent of television?

Yes 61%
No 39%

MAY 2013:
Which reason would you choose to explain the success and popularity of Sidney Toler as the “new” Charlie Chan, following the untimely passing of Warner Oland?

He was a versatile actor 22%
His Chan fit the rapidly changing times and culture 21%
The acid wit he brought to the character 37%
The more assertive nature of his Chan 20%

APRIL 2013:
How would you contribute to a new Charlie Chan Museum in Honolulu? 

Assist in decorating the museum with 1930s furnishings. 6%
Move to Hawaii and assist in daily operations of the museum. 29%
Provide Chan-related artifacts, including books and movie memorabilia. 16%
Provide financial support from a distance (i.e. the mainland) 42%
Not interested in contributing to this hare-brained idea. 6%

MARCH 2013:
Would the Charlie Chan film series have continued as long as it did at Monogram Pictures without Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown?

Yes 38%
No 62%

Would you like to see The Return of Charlie Chan, starring Ross Martin as Charlie Chan, as part of our film schedule?

Yes 82%
No 18%


Do you think that the Charlie Chan film series would have continued after being dropped by 20th Century-Fox without Sidney Toler’s persistence? 

Yes 69%
No 31%

Of the four main actors who portrayed Charlie Chan, whom do you feel had the most distinguished film career overall?

Warner Oland 57%
Sidney Toler 31%
Roland Winters 0%
J. Carrol Naish 12%

Do you enjoy watching the Charlie Chan films made by Monogram Pictures? 

Yes 83%
No 17%

What do you most like about the Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan films?

Unusual gimmicks 5%y
Quirky characters 5%
Strange environments 6%
Humor 14%
All of the above 70%

Does your computer allow you to (simultaneously) watch a video from YouTube while participating in the Charlie Chan Family Chat Room?

Yes 53%
No 47%

AUGUST 2012:
Do you enjoy watching the Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan films?

Yes 94%
No 6%

JULY 2012:
Do you currently have in your collection any or all of The New Adventures of Charlie Chan TV crime dramas?

Yes, I have one or some episodes. 10%
Yes, I have the entire series. 27%
No, I do not have any of the episodes. 63%

JUNE 2012:
Have you ever watched The Return of Charlie Chan also known as Happiness is a Warm Clue, starring Ross Martin as Charlie Chan?

No, I have never watched it. 78%
Yes, I have watched it and I enjoyed it. 22%
Yes, I have watched it but I didn’t enjoy it. 0%

MAY 2012:
Film critic Leonard Maltin selected The Sky Dragon as “an unbearable whodunit.”

I agree 12%
I disagree 44%
Yes, but other Chan films are equal! 12%
What does Maltin know? 32%

APRIL 2012:
Film critic Leonard Maltin selected Charlie Chan at the Opera as “the series at its peak.”

I agree 12%
I disagree 17%
Yes, but other Chan films are equal! 69%
What does Maltin know? 2%

MARCH 2012:
Who is your favorite Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan director?

Phil Rosen 61%
Phil Karlson 8%
Terry Morse 8%
Howard Bretherton 15%
William Beaudine 8%
Derwin Abrahams 0%
Lesley Selander 0%

Of these “one-shot” 20th Century-Fox Charlie Chan film directors, who is your favorite?

John Blystone 23%
George Hadden 18%
Lewis Seiler 0%
Louis King 18%
James Tinling 18%
John Wiles 23%Herbert E. Leeds 0%
Lynn Shores 0%

Of these multiple-film Charlie Chan 20th Century-Fox film directors, who is your favorite?Hamilton MacFadden 9%
Eugene Ford 6%
Harry Lachman 0%
H. Bruce Humberstone 53%

Mantan Moreland Playoffs (FINAL!) – Please choose your favorite “Birmingham” film:

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 15%
The Chinese Cat 23%
The Jade Mask 13%
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight 49%

Mantan Moreland Playoffs (Group 3) – Please choose your favorite “Birmingham” film:

Black Magic/Meeting At Midnight 39%
The Scarlet Clue 25%
Shadows Over Chinatown 18%
The Chinese Ring 4%
Docks of New Orleans 14%

Mantan Moreland Playoffs (Group 2) – Please choose your favorite “Birmingham” film:

The Feathered Serpent 9%
The Shanghai Cobra 12%
The Chinese Cat 32%
The Shanghai Chest 14%
The Jade Mask 32%

Mantan Moreland Playoffs (Group 1) – Please choose your favorite “Birmingham” film:

The Sky Dragon 16%
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 34%
The Golden Eye 16%
Dark Alibi 31%
The Trap 3%

AUGUST 2011:
Do you currently own all available authorized Charlie Chan films on DVD or VHS?

Yes 74%
No 26%

JULY 2011:
Do you ever watch the showings of Charlie Chan films on ThisTV?

Yes 48%
No 52%

JUNE 2011:
Have you ever watched a Charlie Chan film on the big screen in a theater?

Yes 30%
No 70%

MAY 2011:
Which, in your opinion, is the best Chan film that portrays a historical event?

Charlie Chan at the Race Track 10%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics 74%
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness 16%

APRIL 2011:
Regarding the anti-Charlie Chan rhetoric that abounded in recent times:

I never believed it. 98%
I once believed it. 2%
I still believe it. 0%

MARCH 2011:
Do you feel that The New Adventures of Charlie Chan could fit into the Charlie Chan “canon”?

Yes 81%
No 19%

Which is the most endearing of Charlie Chan’s traits?

His humility 26%
His fatherliness 11%
His wisdom 27%
His wit 14%
His deductive abilities 22%

If it could help attract new viewers, would you be in favor of colorizing any Charlie Chan films?

Yes 33%
No 67%

What would like to ask Santa Claus for this year?

A “lost” Chan film found 55%
A new Chan film produced 7%
The last 7 Chan films from TCM 38%

How do you prefer to experience Charlie Chan’s adventures?

Watching the films 94%
Reading the Biggers books 6%

Do you plan to purchase Yunte Huang’s new book, Charlie Chan?

Yes 74%
No 26%

Do you think that Warner Brothers/TCM will eventually release the final seven Monogram Chan Films?

Yes 90%
No 10%

AUGUST 2010:
Which “Chan site” would provide you the best chance to attend a Chan convention?

Honolulu 10%
Los Angeles/Hollywood 12%
New Orleans 37%
New York City 25%
San Francisco 15%

JULY 2010:
Overall, how do you feel about TCM Spotlight: Charlie Chan Collection?

Very pleased 78%
Pleased 18%
Somewhat pleased 4%
Not pleased 0%

JUNE 2010:
Which film from TCM Spotlight: The Charlie Chan Collection do you enjoy most?

Dark Alibi 37%
Dangerous Money 19%
The Trap 22%
The Chinese Ring 22%

MAY 2010:
If Warner Brothers/TCM releases the final seven Monogram Chan films on DVD, will you buy them?

Yes 94%
No 6%

APRIL 2010:
Do you plan to pre-order the TCM Spotlight: Charlie Chan Collection DVD set?

Yes 76%
No 24%

MARCH 2010:
Who introduced you to Charlie Chan?

My father 11%
My mother 11%
My brother 0%
My sister 0%
Another family member 8%
I discovered him myself 69%

Have you ever seen any episodes of The New Adventures of Charlie Chan television series?

Yes 30%
No 70%

What would be your Charlie Chan wish for 2010?

Warner’s Chans on DVD 30%
Chan films seen on TV 13%
The Lucy Liu Chan film 3%
A lost Chan film found 54%

The first Charlie Chan films that I recall watching were made by:

20th Century-Fox 74%
Monogram Pictures 26%

When is Charlie Chan’s “birthday”?

Chang Apana’s birthday (1871) 17%
Warner Oland’s birthday (1879) 3%
Earl Derr Biggers’ birthday (1884) 33%
First Chan novel (1925) 39%
First Chan film (1926) 8%

Which film, in your opinion, has the better beach scenes?

The Black Camel 77%
The Trap 23%

Regarding the culture of the time, which decade do you prefer in Charlie Chan films?

The 1930s 61%
The 1940s 39%

AUGUST 2009:
If a Charlie Chan museum were to be established, where should it be located?

Warren, Ohio, Biggers’ hometown 15%
Pasadena, California, Biggers’ home 7%
Honolulu, Hawaii, Charlie Chan’s home 62%
Hollywood, California 13%
Other 3%

JULY 2009:
What is your favorite “air travel” Charlie Chan film?

Charlie Chan at the Olympics 28%
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 48%
Murder Over New York 21%
The Sky Dragon 3%

JUNE 2009:
Who, in your opinion, could produce the best Charlie Chan film today?

A Hollywood studio 28%
An independent studio 31%
Commercial television 1%
British television 40%

MAY 2009:
How did you first see a Charlie Chan film?

In a movie theater 5%
On television 81%
On a DVD/video tape 11%

APRIL 2009:
How many of the Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan stories have you read?

None 33%
One 6%
More than one 39%
All of them 22%

MARCH 2009:
Do you consider Behind That Curtain to be a part of the Charlie Chan series proper?

Yes 36%
No 64%

How often do you read our Charlie Chan Sunday Comics page?

Always 10%
Often 10%
Sometimes 38%
Never 41%

What is your Charlie Chan wish for this year?

A “lost” film will be found 44%
Warner will release Chan films 23%
More Chan films on TV 27%
See people adopt Chan’s ethics 5%

My preference for our weekly Chat/Film Viewings would be to watch our Charlie Chan films:

in chronological order 76%
as randomly chosen 24%

Who may have deposited Allen Colby’s body during the séance in Charlie Chan’s Secret?

Baxter 21%
Ulrich 21%
Prof. Bowen (mechanically) 24%
Someone else 34%

How do you feel about the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 5 DVD set from Fox?

Very pleased 80%
Pleased 16%
Not pleased 4%

Do you think that Sidney Toler brought new life to Charlie Chan when he took on the role in 1938?

Yes 86%
No 14%

AUGUST 2008:
Do you plan to purchase the 20th Century-Fox Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 5 DVD set?

Yes 49%
Yes, I have pre-ordered! 42%
Yes, more than one set! 5%
Not sure 2%
No 0%

JULY 2008:
What is your favorite Chan sibling pairing in a Charlie Chan movie?

Jimmy/Tommy (Charlie Chan in Honolulu) 42%
Jimmy/Willie (Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise) 32%
Tommy/Iris (Charlie Chan in the Secret Service) 12%
Lee/Tommy (The Feathered Serpent) 14%

JUNE 2008:
Which is your favorite Chan DVD set volume from the those released thus far by 20th Century-Fox?

Volume 1 24%
Volume 2 20%
Volume 3 19%
Volume 4 37%

MAY 2008:
How do you feel about Charlie Chan’s assistant, Kashimo, as seen in The Black Camel?

Like him 31%
Dislike him 47%
No opinion 22%

APRIL 2008:With TCM scheduling four Charlie Chan films on June 10, do you think we will see more Chan on TV?

Yes 95%
No 5%

MARCH 2008:
How do you feel about the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 4 DVD set from Fox?

Very pleased 96%
Pleased 4%
Not pleased 0%

Do you plan to purchase the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 4 DVD set?

Yes 83%
Yes, more than one set! 11%
Not sure 4%
No 2%

Had Roland Winters made more Charlie Chan films, he would today compare better with Oland and Toler.

Agree 26%
Disagree 74%

Which do you prefer: Charlie Chan’s adventures at home (Honolulu) or his adventures abroad?

Home 28%
Abroad 72%

Charlie Chan has thrived and will continue to thrive, despite today’s politically correct climate.

Agree 97%
Disagree 3%

Do you think that 20th Century-Fox will release the rest of their Charlie Chan films on DVD?

Yes 98%
No 2%

How do you feel about the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 3 DVD set from Fox?

Very pleased 95%
Pleased 3%
Not pleased 1%

AUGUST 2007:
Do you plan to purchase the 20th Century-Fox Charlie Chan Collection, Vol. 3 DVD set?

Yes 79%
Yes, more than one set! 11%
Not sure 4%
No 4%

JULY 2007:
Do you think that any of the four “lost” Charlie Chan films will ever be found?

Yes 71%
No 28%

JUNE 2007:
Why do you think that, at the end of the Chan series, Charlie Chan settles in San Francisco?

His honorable wife passed away 23%
Son Tommy passed away 0%
Both Mrs. Chan and Tommy died 12%
The Chans separated 2%
Chan needed the work 7%
None of the above 51%

MAY 2007:
As TCM is airing more Charlie Chan films in upcoming months, would you like to see a mini-marathon?

Yes 100%
No 0%

APRIL 2007:
Will 20th Century-Fox release more Charlie Chan DVD sets?

Yes 96%
No 4%

MARCH 2007:
Would you purchase future Charlie Chan DVD set releases from 20th Century-Fox?

Yes 98%
No 2%

As TCM is going to air a Charlie Chan film in March, will this modest step lead to MORE Chan on TV?

Yes 92%
No 8%

How do you feel about the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 2 DVD set from Fox?

Very pleased 88%
Pleased 7%
Not pleased 3%

Do you plan to purchase the 20th Century-Fox Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 2 DVD set?

Yes 70%
Yes, more than one set! 9%
Note sure 4%
No 12%

Regarding Charlie Chan, what are you most thankful for?

We have many films available 23%
“Chan Collection, Vol. 1” 1%
Upcoming Fox DVD set(s) 0%
Probable Warner DVD releases 1%
All of the above 72%

Which, in your opinion, will we see first?

A “lost” Chan film found 42%
A GOOD new Chan movie 3%
A Chan film on TV 53%

Which nightclub would you like to visit?

Cafe du Singe Bleu (Charlie Chan in Paris) 16%
Hottentot Club (Charlie Chan on Broadway) 37%
Manolo’s Cabaret (Charlie Chan in Panama) 8%
Carioca Casino (Charlie Chan in Rio) 37%
Capitol Night Club (The Red Dragon) 0%
Mango Inn (Dangerous Money) 0%

AUGUST 2006:
In your opinion, what is the best “shipboard” Charlie Chan film?

Charlie Chan Carries On 5%
Charlie Chan at the Race Track 18%
Charlie Chan in Honolulu 18%
Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise 33%
Dead Men Tell 24%
Dangerous Money 0%

JULY 2006:
Did the overall quality of the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 1 match your expectations?

Yes 57%
Yes – it exceeded them! 40%
No 4%

JUNE 2006:
Do you plan to purchase the 20th Century-Fox Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 1 DVD set?

Yes 80%
Yes, more than one set! 9%
Not sure 6%
No 4%

MAY 2006:
In your opinion, who is the best one-timer Chan “sidekick/assistant”?

Kashimo (The Black Camel) 12%
Snowshoes (Charlie Chan in Egypt) 42%
Baxter (Charlie Chan’s Secret) 35%
Marcel (City in Darkness) 10%

APRIL 2006:
Who is the most aggravating character in a Charlie Chan film?

Kashimo (The Black Camel) 33%
Bunny Fothergill (Charlie Chan in London) 5%
Max Corday (Charlie Chan in Paris) 38%
Barry Arnold (Charlie Chan in Egypt) 3%
Marcel Spivak (City in Darkness) 11%
Miss Finch (Charlie Chan in Panama) 7%
Mrs. Winters (Charlie Chan in the Secret Service) 0%

MARCH 2006:
Have you ever seen a Charlie Chan movie on the big screen?

Yes 27%
No 73%

Please choose your favorite Victor Sen Yung MONOGRAM Chan film:

Shadows Over Chinatown 25%
Dangerous Money 28%c
The Trap 8%
The Chinese Ring 8%
Docks of New Orleans 11%
The Shanghai Chest 5%
The Golden Eye 2%
The Feathered Serpent 8%

Please choose your favorite Victor Sen Yung FOX Chan film:

Charlie Chan in Honolulu 3%
Charlie Chan in Reno 11%
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 22%
Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise 1%
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 6%
Charlie Chan in Panama 6%
Murder Over New York 7%
Dead Men Tell 2%
Charlie Chan in Rio 7%
Castle in the Desert 21%

If Fox does, indeed, release their Charlie Chan movies on DVD during 2006, do you plan to buy them?

Yes 92%
No 2%
Not sure 4%

When did you “discover” Charlie Chan?

1920s 0%
1930s 2%
1940s 5%
1950s 32%
1960s 15%
1970s 18%
1980s 12%
1990s 6%
2000s 7%

Please make your choice for the best performance of mystical powers:

Tarneverro (The Black Camel) 9%
Carlotta (Charlie Chan’s Secret) 3%
Eve Cairo (Charlie Chan at Treasure Island) 40%
Dr. Zodiac (Charlie Chan at Treasure Island) 28%
The Walters (Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise) 0%
Marana (Charlie Chan in Rio) 3%
Madame Saturnia (Castle in the Desert) 12%
Chardo (Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight) 3%

Who was the first actor that you recall seeing as Charlie Chan?

Warner Oland 35%
Sidney Toler 61%
Roland Winters 3%
Other 1%

AUGUST 2005:
Where did you “discover” Charlie Chan?

Movie theater 12%
Television 73%
Video tape/DVD 3%
Radio 3%
Comics 0%
Other 2%

JULY 2005:
At what age did you “discover” Charlie Chan?

Up to 10 43%
11 – 20 35%
21 – 30 9%
31 – 40 3%
41 – 50 2%
Over 50 3%

JUNE 2005:
Please choose your favorite Chan film to incorporate historic, event-specific, footage.

Charlie Chan at the Olympics 76%
City in Darkness 24%
The Shanghai Cobra 0%

MAY 2005:
The Black Camel (Honolulu) and The Trap (Malibu) were shot on location. Your choice, please:

The Black Camel 81%
The Trap 19%

APRIL 2005:
Which of these Chan sons do you think probably got married first?

Lee 39%
Jimmy 28%
Tommy 15%
Edward (Eddie) 7%
Charlie, Jr. 5%
Willie 2%

MARCH 2005:
If Lucy Liu does make a “Charlie Chan” movie, how optimistic will you be of its quality/content? 

Very optimistic 17%
Guardedly optimistic 38%
Not optimistic 43%

What is your favorite “rainy” Charlie Chan movie?

Charlie Chan in Paris (arrival scene) 7%
Charlie Chan at the Opera (first scenes) 11%
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 64%
The Shanghai Cobra (opening scene) 14%
Shadows Over Chinatown (bus) 1%

JANUARY 2005:What, in your opinion, is the best film version of an Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan Novel?

Charlie Chan Carries On 8%
The Black Camel 64%
Charlie Chan’s Chance 8%
Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case 16%
Charlie Chan’s Courage 4%

Which of the following transportation modes used by Charlie Chan is your favorite?

Ship/Boat 49%
Car/Bus/Taxi 13%
Airplane 11%
Train 2%
Zeppelin 18%
Donkey 4%

What is your favorite Charlie Chan “remake”?

Charlie Chan in Rio 25%
Murder Over New York 31%
Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise 43%

Which Charlie Chan movie is the “spookiest”?

Charlie Chan in Egypt 12%
Charlie Chan’s Secret 11%
Charlie Chan at the Opera 8%
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 11%
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 27%
Dead Men Tell 14%
Castle in the Desert 9%
The Chinese Cat 0%
Meeting at Midnight 4%

Which of the movies in the “Charlie Chan Chanthology” is your favorite?

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 14%
The Chinese Cat 21%
Meeting at Midnight 28%
The Jade Mask 10%
The Scarlet Clue 7%
The Shanghai Cobra 17%

AUGUST 2004:
What is your favorite Keye Luke Charlie Chan film?

Charlie Chan in Paris 3%t
Charlie Chan in Shanghai 11%
Charlie Chan at the Circus 16%
Charlie Chan at the Race Track 13%
Charlie Chan at the Opera 15%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics 12%
Charlie Chan on Broadway 8%
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 5%
The Feathered Serpent 1%
The Sky Dragon 5%

JULY 2004:
How many “Charlie Chan Chanthology” sets do you plan to purchase?

One 51%
Two 10%
Three 34%
None 4%

JUNE 2004:
Please choose your favorite tropical Charlie Chan film:

The Black Camel 16%
Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case (lost) 0%
Charlie Chan in Honolulu 28%
Charlie Chan in Panama 35%
Charlie Chan in Rio 12%
Dangerous Money 7%

MAY 2004:
Which meal would you like to have with the Chan family? 

Breakfast (The Black Camel) 14%
Dinner (Charlie Chan in Honolulu) 86%

APRIL 2004:
Please choose your favorite location for a Charlie Chan film:

Honolulu 34%
U.S. mainland 23%
Latin America 5%
Europe (including England) 6%
North Africa (Egypt) 3%
Asia (Shanghai) 5%
Aboard ship 21%

MARCH 2004:
Who gives the best singing performance in a Charlie Chan film?

Charlie Chan (Charlie Chan in Shanghai) 21%
Lilli Rochelle (Charlie Chan at the Opera) 6%
Gravelle (Charlie Chan at the Opera) 40%
Kathi Lenesch (Charlie Chan in Panama) 6%
Lola Dean (Charlie Chan in Rio) 24%
Countess Irena (The Red Dragon) 3%

Who is your favorite Mrs. Chan?

Annie Mar (Charlie Chan at the Circus)  45%
Grace Key (Charlie Chan in Honolulu)  55%

Please choose your favorite Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan story:

The House Without a Key  27%
The Chinese Parrot  23%
Behind That Curtain  4%
The Black Camel  31%
Charlie Chan Carries On  11%
Keeper of the Keys  4%

With Toler’s passing (1947), which ASIAN actor could have best played Chan?

Philip Ahn  20%
Luke Chan  8%
Keye Luke  62%
Lee Tung Foo  10%

Which of the three Charlie Chan portrayals best matches your own temperament?

Warner Oland’s Chan  34%
Sidney Toler’s Chan  63%
Roland Winters’ Chan  3%

Which would YOU choose to air Charlie Chan movies in the future?

American Movie Classics  29%
Fox Movie Channel  14%
Turner Classic Movies  55%
Other  2%

Which Charlie Chan movie animal is your favorite?

Tony, the “Chinese Parrot” (Charlie Chan’s Courage)  2%
Hellcat, the horse (Charlie Chan in London)  4%
Lucifer, the cat (Charlie Chan’s Secret)  9%
Avalanche, the racehorse (Charlie Chan at the Race Track)  6%
Lollipop, the monkey (Charlie Chan at the Race Track)  27%
Oscar, the lion (Charlie Chan in Honolulu)  38%
Priscilla, the cat (Charlie Chan in Reno)  6%
Gertie, the parrot (Dead Men Tell)  4%
The turtle with the flashlight (Dangerous Money)  4%

AUGUST 2003:
Will Charlie Chan movies ever be shown on major TV channels again?

Yes  79%
No  21%

JULY 2003:
What have you done to return Charlie Chan to The Fox Movie Channel?

Used their comment mail  55%
Wrote to them  6%
Telephoned them  1%
Two or more of the above  23%
None of the above  15%

JUNE 2003:
Of the six Roland Winters films, which is your favorite?

The Golden Eye  20%
The Shanghai Chest  20%
Docks of New Orleans  18%
The Feathered Serpent  16%
The Chinese Ring  15%
The Sky Dragon  11%

MAY 2003:
Which film has the most “authentic” French feel?

Charlie Chan in Paris  48%
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo  27%
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness  25%

APRIL 2003:
Which Chan offspring “one-timer” is your favorite?

Marianne Quon as Iris Chan  39%
Frances Chan as Frances Chan  36%
Edwin Luke as Edward Chan  25%

MARCH 2003:
Which film best portrays the Chan family?

Charlie Chan in Honolulu  59%
Charlie Chan at the Circus  33%
The Black Camel  8%

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