A Charlie Chan Museum

 gentle, cooling caress of the trade wind breeze carries with it the welcoming perfume of plumeria and sea. Glistening crowns atop the majestic palms, along with ancient banyan trees, shade the venerable home to the Chan family perched on the upper slope of Punchbowl Hill, the bustling tropical city of Honolulu shimmers below.  Within this venerable house, we humbly offer our honored visitors a growing virtual museum.  So, please, dear visitor, accept this unworthy yet heartfelt welcome to you, our honored guest!

Each room of this venerable old home offers a number of sections that will hopefully provide our visitors an opportunity to learn a few new facts about the life and work of the illustrious detective and family patriarch Charlie Chan, his world, and, of course…his “multitudinous” family.

Please feel free to wander through our small but information-filled museum by using the links provided at the top of this and all of our pages, or, for more detailed information, you may prefer to begin your tour by first visiting our Museum Directory.

Also, please consider our invitation to join us within the very friendly confines of our Chat Room each Monday evening beginning at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.  Following arrivals, greetings, group dialogue, or the sharing of an “extra,” our group viewing of another Charlie Chan film, watched live, together, via personal video or online copy, begins at 8:15.  There is always a chair waiting for you, our honored guest, at our table.

Our Charlie Chan Family Message Board offers the opportunity for you to post your thoughts, pose questions, learn about upcoming events, and look back at messages covering two decades!

And, please be sure to check our Calendar as well as our Bulletin Board where we post current information on anything relating to Charlie Chan.

You are invited to cast your vote on our Monthly Poll question, and view poll results covering two decades.

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So, now, dear visitor, it is hoped that you will enjoy our Charlie Chan Family Home and its Charlie Chan Museum!

“Thank you so much…”

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