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Welcome to our Charlie Chan Family Chat Room

…where we have gathered each week for more than two decades!

Please join us here, in our humble, but very friendly, Chat Room each Monday evening at 7:30 p.m., Eastern Time, unless otherwise announced – please check our Calendar for further information. We begin with arrivals and greetings, followed by the sharing of a “warm-up” in the form of a short video or audio presentation. Then, at precisely 8:15 Eastern Time, we simultaneously begin rolling our personal copies of the evening’s feature movie!

All are invited to join us as we gather to share, discuss, and most importantly…enjoy… a particular Charlie Chan film, illustrious detective, and family patriarch of the multitudinous Chan family.  To enter our Chat Room, simply click on the “Enter Chat” box and then type the name that you wish to use in the box provided.

Also, please consider visiting our Chat Archive, within which numerous collected texts and/or information from our Monday Evening Chat gatherings, spanning more than two decades, can be accessed.

Our features for the month of DECEMBER:

Monday, December 4: The Golden Eye
Monday, December 11: The Feathered Serpent (not available online)
Monday, December 18: The Sky Dragon
(not available online)
Tuesday, December 26: The Return of Charlie Chan

To enter our Chat Room, please use the doors or link provided below, and log in as “Guest“:

Charlie Chan
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