Cast List – O

OAKLEY, Billie (William Oakley) (August 14, 1891; Seattle, Washington – April 9, 1957; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackSeaman

O’BRIAN, Billy(August 15, 1917; Peterboro, Ontario, Canada – Deceased)
Charlie Chan on BroadwayCopyboy

O’BRIEN, William J. (January 31, 1884; Massachusetts – February 14, 1953; Los Angeles, California)
The Sky DragonAirline Passenger

O’CONNOR, Frank (April 11, 1881; New York, New York – November 22, 1959; Los Angeles, California)
The Sky DragonAirline Passenger

O’FLYNN, Paddy (January 19, 1896; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 11, 1961; Los Angeles, California) Charlie Chan on BroadwayPhotographer

OLAND, Warner (October 3, 1879; Nyby, Sweden – August 6, 1938; Stockholm, Sweden)
Charlie Chan Carries OnCharlie Chan
The Black CamelCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan’s ChanceCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan’s Greatest CaseCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan’s CourageCharlie Chan (also posing as Ah Kim)
Charlie Chan in LondonCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan in ParisCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan in EgyptCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan in ShanghaiCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan’s SecretCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan at the CircusCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan at the OperaCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan on BroadwayCharlie Chan
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloCharlie Chan

OLIVER, Gene (Active in films 1943 to 1944) 
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service

O’MALLEY, Pat (September 3, 1890; Forrest City, Pennsylvania – May 21, 1966; Van Nuys, California)
Charlie Chan in ShanghaiBelden
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackTrack Official

ORTEGO, Artie (February 9, 1890; San Jose, California – July 24, 1960; Burbank, California) 
The Red DragonPolice Officer

OSBORNE, Ted (April 21, 1905; Grand Rapids, Michigan – February 12, 1987; Clearwater, Florida) 
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumTom Agnew

OTHO, Henry (February 6, 1888; New York, New York – June 6, 1940; San Bernardino, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayDetective

OWENS, Harry (April 18, 1902; O’Neill, Nebraska – December 12, 1986; Eugene, Oregon) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandBand Leader

OWENS, Jesse (September 12, 1813; Oakville, Alabama – March 31, 1980; Phoenix, Arizona) 
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsHimself (First U.S.A. 4×100 Meters Relay Team Member (archive footage)

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