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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for January 17, 2022

The Black Camel

desert angel + foxx humpp
Geno Cuddy
Len Freeman

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Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: How are you on this beautiful full moon night?

Matt1: Pretty good, thnx…..yourself?

Rush: Doing very well, thank you! Enjoyed the day of.

Rush: off

Matt1: Ah, yes

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Did you get any of the snow this past weekend?

Rush: I am working on migrating this present site over to WordPress.

Rush: No snow this weekend.

Rush: It snowed late last week.

Rush: O got to run the snow blower again!

Matt1: Will WordPress have a chat capability?

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Rush: And spread salt on the driveway.

Rush: Aloha, Steve!

Matt1: Alohaaaaaa, Steve!


Hawaii_Steve: Aloha from the land of Chan.

Rush: YES!

Hawaii_Steve: Hi guys. How are you?

Rush: I hope that you will be able to stay tonight, Steve.

Rush: How is the new job?

Hawaii_Steve: No for the entire showing. I have to go to work.

Rush: (I am well, TYSM!_)

Matt1: All well here in FL, though getting chilly

Rush: How is the job?

Hawaii_Steve: What’s the temp in FL?

Matt1: Never left the 60’s…..Tonight in the 40’s….Yikes

Rush: In the high 20s here at the moment, I believe.

Rush: Doesn’t feel that bad, really.

Rush: As long as the wind isn’t blowing!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, how do the midwest?

Hawaii_Steve: Cold, ain’t it?

Rush: Cold, but not horrible.

Rush: The snow blanketing the lanscape is really beautiful!

Rush: it will glow under the full moon tonight.

Rush: The moon should be stunning in your area, Steve.

Hawaii_Steve: Looks can be deceiving.

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Rush: SB!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Matt1: Hello SB!

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Matt1: Hello Geno!

sarabell2: Hi guys, staying warm?

Rush: Yes, I am used to much deceiving in the human realm of late..but nature just “natures”!

sarabell2: Gu Geno

Rush: Geno!

Rush: Welcome back!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, how goes the quest for a new web-base?

Rush: I was thinking we lost you!

sarabell2: Supposed to be Hi Geno, I need more light

Rush: I was just noting to Matt that I am going for the migration over to WordPress AsaP.



Rush: lots!


sarabell2: You guys are so smart. I have a hard time even finding the site, sometimes.

Rush: Sorry about the caps lock!!!

Matt1: Do you have a target date?

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Rush: SB…I wish I was a TENTH as smart as you might imagine I am!

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: MDA!

sarabell2: Hello MDA

Rush: Geed evening!


mda19083: hello all – happy monday

Rush: GOOD!

Rush: The typos are active already!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, take your time and do it correctly. I know it’s hard work.

Rush: sorry!

Rush: Agreed, steve!

sarabell2: Rush, how is your first? Iowa winter?

Rush: Geno…maybe sometime aftert he dust settles, we can focus on that webcast you wish to do!

Rush: I heartily apologize!

Rush: The migration willbe raising LOTS of dust!

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Louise: Hello gang

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: I don’t even do my artwork anymore….:(

Rush: Hello, Louise!

Rush: Good evening!

mda19083: rush – like the grapes of wrath?

sarabell2: Hi Louise, you been traveling?

Geno Cuddy: Sounds great, Rush, I wasn’t even aware that Internet Explorer was going EOL

Rush: Welcome to an evening with Warner Oland and “The Black Camel”!

Louise: Just saw your migration comments, Rush. Yes, a tough job but it will look so good eventually.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, indeed.

Louise: Sarabell, not travelling, just dealing with my husband’s long-covid endless medical appointments.

Rush: Yes, Geno…that’s the BIG issue, actually! IE is the only one that allows the editing of the site without needing extensive knowledge of HTML!

Rush: Hiow long has he had it, Louise?

sarabell2: Sorry he has been so sick.

Hawaii_Steve: While searching the internet, I discovered that Universal Studios celebrated the 80th of Dracula and Frankenstein in 2021.

Rush: Yes, I am sorry as well, of course!

Rush: Or, is that 90th?

Hawaii_Steve: This morning I was told that a resident in my apartment building has come down with COVID.

Louise: I remember when Internet Explorer was the best browser out there!

mda19083: Louise – my thoughts are with you

Rush: This is also the 90th for tonight’s movie.

Rush: Yes, Louise.

Geno Cuddy: Internet Explorer is going the way of Kmart

Hawaii_Steve: 91st, please.

mda19083: tonight’s film is one of my faves

Rush: Unfortunately, for some reason it is the ONLY one that I can use to edit this site realistically!

Louise: Not to prolong an unpleasant conversation but hubby (fully vaxxed, breakthrough case) has had long-covid for 6 months. Unlucky guy.

Louise: So Bela is in this one: wanted to name my son after him!

Matt1: So sorry, Louise

Rush: Louise, i am ready to go with the migration, but it looks like the only material that will migrate over will be the text, and that will take work to format, plus the re-adding of the picture images.

mda19083: any of you Chan buffs know the basis of the camel reference – I have read the novel but do not recall

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Rush: That would have been a good one, Louise…as long as it was correctly pronounced.

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: Dona!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Geno Cuddy: COVID can last that long? I am terribly sorry Louise

mda19083: hello dona

Rush: WELCOME to our SoCal rep!

sarabell2: That is terrible, Louise. Lingering illnesses just wear you out.

sarabell2: Evening, Dona

Rush: Louise, is there a way on WP to remove space between lines of text?

Hawaii_Steve: Louise, the man in my building who got COVID was fully vaccinated too. He traveled to the east coast and that’s where it got it.

Louise: Rush, it can be formatted if you select the text when you are editing

Rush: lso, as I have upgraded to the Business level. is there a control panel that I can now use that makes adding text easier…such as color, type face/size., etc.?

Rush: (Also)

Dona: I’m so glad to be back. out of 11 in our office staff only myslef and 2 others have been in the office for the last couple of weeks. It was just the 3 of us for 4 days and the others went down a few at a time. We had a full staff today.

Rush: We can talk more on this later via email…but I thought I might toss out a couple of things!

Rush: Interesting, Dona!

Louise: Okay, Rush, maybe we Facetime and work together…

Rush: That’s a huge percentage.

Rush: Yes, Louise…sounds great!

Dona: It was interesting.

Rush: haven’t experienced that much here where I am now.

Louise: The people I know getting it have been traveling

Rush: I have to say, I am enjoying the 45 minutes of “freeform” talk before the movie!

Dona: fortunately it was the new variant and no one was terribly sick.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: It’s quick and pretty mild, overall.

Hawaii_Steve: Agreed Rush. Doesn’t seem like we are rushing though our chat.

Rush: Not really a problem with kids and youth.

Rush: Yes, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: In Hawaii, there is a “I don’t care” attitude about COVID. Shameful of people, both locals and visitors alike.

Louise: Rush, I agree the freform talk is good

Rush: People just want to move on.

Rush: TYSM, Louise!

Dona: yes i agree Rush.

Rush: “Yes” votes are adding up!

Geno Cuddy: I am assuming we have done away with the radio show listens

Rush: For now, yeas, geno.

mda19083: YES – I agree freeform is a good thing

Rush: This allows ius an “open forum” before the film.

Hawaii_Steve: During the holiday season, I worked for Target***ilua. Every day the staff received text messages about another COVID infection inside the store.

sarabell2: I liked it all, it is whatever you all want to do.

Louise: I love Chit-Chat! Used to do it with strangers in stores, etc before these dark times…

Rush: Sort of like talk before dinner is served!

mda19083: I have already had dinner

Rush: Time for us to bring some light to the dark times!

Rush: Me too, MDA!

sarabell2: You might as well be from the south, Louise.

Hawaii_Steve: Waiter, could you bring me another Shrimp cocktail? Thank you so much.

Rush: That’s the beauty of Central Time for me!

sarabell2: OK, what did you all eat?

Rush: Steve…:)

mda19083: mushroon risotto

Rush: Leftover soup, enhanced with Brussels sprouts and carrot strings….seasoned, of course.

Rush: MDA…you beat me!

Rush: Mmmmm…

Hawaii_Steve: I just finished a teriyaki chicken sandwich from Subway. Quite tasty.

Geno Cuddy: Some rube on Twitter said during the airplay of MANDALAY on TCM that Charlie Chan was a “stereotypical” role, of course I issued a rebuttal that no one bothered to read, so sick of this revisionist crapola.

Rush: Suway is good!

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Louise: Okay, I ate fluke which apparently was caught off the New Jersey shore. Not something I would normally do but it was good. Cooked it up with brown rice and tomatoes. Yum.

Rush: Is there one***ilua?

Matt1: Hello Len!

sarabell2: I had a glass of Boujolais Villages for dinner.

Rush: ***ilua?


Dona: I picked up tri tip soup from wood ranch on my way home.

Len Freeman: Hi Matt,

Len Freeman: Hi all

Louise: Still drinking my red wine…

mda19083: this reminds me of the early days of Facebook when people used to send photos of what they were having to eat

Dona: Hi Len

Hawaii_Steve: Oh, hi Len.

Rush: Funny! It would not let me type KAILUA!

Len Freeman: Hi Dona, HS

Rush: Hello, LEN!!!

Louise: Yes, mda, I remeber that

sarabell2: Hi Len

Rush: WELCOME to you!

Len Freeman: Rush

Rush: 🙂

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Hawaii_Steve: Rush, use the BIG KEYS.

Len Freeman: Nice to be here

Rich Maine: Evening all!

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rush: 11 minutes till showtime….

mda19083: SB2 – I like your choice of dinner

sarabell2: Hi Rich

Dona: Hi Rich

mda19083: hello rich

Hawaii_Steve: Hello Rich.

Rush: RICH!

Geno Cuddy: Hello Rich and all whom joined

Rich Maine: Hi friends, everyone survive the storm on east coast?

Rush: Good evening…and welcome!

sarabell2: Thanks, MDA left over from a recipie, couldn’t waste it

Geno Cuddy: Storm? I live in Connecticut, wwhat storm?

Louise: Cued here…

Louise: Where in Connecticut Geno?

Rush: Getting there myself, Louise….

sarabell2: I am in Ga, no storm here, rain and snow.

Dona: We had a sunami warning on saturday

mda19083: we had snow in the Phlly area – but it switched to rain

Len Freeman: Hawaii Steve — I don’t know if you recall but Lindsay and I spent an evening with you, going through the Royal Hawaiian and having dinner at the American Military Hotel

Rich Maine: No storm for you geno? We had high winds, ice, rain but then all melted

mda19083: Philly

Geno Cuddy: we have snow, but no storm

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Len, I remember it quite well. How is Lindsay?

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE.

Len Freeman: Doing well… she’s going to watch with us this evening in honor of all that

Louise: Tons of rain and wind at the Jersey shore. We had leaky windows all night.

sarabell2: Same here Rush.

Geno Cuddy: so ship beyond the fox logo

Geno Cuddy: skip

Hawaii_Steve: Len, is it Lindsay or Brenda?

Matt1: Cued!

Rush: Fox added the Fox logo and fanfare to this one. it was “Fox Film” when this one was produced. “20th Century-Fox” was still to come!

Len Freeman: Lindsay

Rush: Yes, Geno.

Hawaii_Steve: Where did Brenda come from?

Hawaii_Steve: Len, am I confusing you with another couple?

Geno Cuddy: indeed, I still don’t think that FOX destroyed their own films, if so, the 37 vault fire could be a case of Arson with proof a case may be reopened

Len Freeman: Brenda? I don’t recall a Brenda… must have been a wilder night than I recall

Rush: I am now more confused than usual, Steve!

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Rush: GS!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Godwinshelley2: Brenda here – cover blown

Matt1: Hello GS!

sarabell2: Steve I am confused, too.

Hawaii_Steve: Over the years, I have taken many people through the hallways of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Right Rush?

Dona: Hi GS!

Rush: True indeed, Steve!

Louise: GS: you have been revealed!

Godwinshelley2: Godwinshelley was my Myspace name when I was shadowing my nephews online for their mom

Rich Maine: Tanaverro is waiting at my front door!

sarabell2: Hello GS

mda19083: what happens in hawaii stays in hawaii

Louise: GS: that is hysterical!

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Godwinshelley2: You know – lettering her know when any of their friends ended up in jail (only happened once)

Rush: Steve is the “go-to man” for tours of the Royal Hawaiian as well as the environs of Honolulu!

Dona: Hello Hounder

Geno Cuddy: HOUNDER!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Hawaii_Steve: Geno, the experts say that 20th Century Fox most likely destroyed the early Chan films. There was no use for them.

Louise: Hey hounder and everyone else I missed

Rush: Not to mention atop Punchbowl Hill!

Len Freeman: Probably. This was about 7 or 8 years ago. We didn’t do the downtown tour with you … I forget why, had been off on our own to Chan Apana’s gravesit

mda19083: hello hounder

Godwinshelley2: Not just a “tour” – a full experience!!

Rush: Some GREAT times!

Rush: YES!

Hounder: Hi all. Checking in quick. I have company again

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Rush: You are right, GS!!!

Geno Cuddy: Which “experts” are these, I’ve talked to many film historians and they say thats balderdash

Rush: FM!

Matt1: Hello FM!

Fredsmom: Good Evening!


sarabell2: Hi Hounder

Rush: How havwe you been?

Louise: FM is in the house!

Fredsmom: Thank you! Missed yall!

Hawaii_Steve: Godwinshelley, what is your husband’s first name?

Rush: less than 3 minutes to go….

Dona: Hi FM

Godwinshelley2: Herb

Rush: Ready everyone?

Fredsmom: Well, thank you. Glad to be with the Chan clan!

Len Freeman: cued up here

Godwinshelley2: We had the hotel tour – but the mudslides stopped us from doing alot out of town

sarabell2: Howdy Fredsmom

Dona: ready here Rush

mda19083: on the edge of my seat

Hawaii_Steve: Okay Len, I’m confusing you with GWS and her husband. I took them to the Royal also.

Rush: TWO MINUTES to go…

Fredsmom: Hello friends!

Louise: We are back in fine form tonight, family!

Rich Maine: Sheila Dayne is awaiting cue

Geno Cuddy: I guess I have my answer, please don’t spread misinformation.

Godwinshelley2: We had a great tour of the Honolulu Police dept museum too

Rush: 90 seconds…

Hounder: I’ll be back next week.

Rush: 75 seconds…

Dona: have fun Hounder

Rush: A late WELCOME, Hounder!

Godwinshelley2: but Steve was the BEST

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: Standing by.

Rush: 40 seconds…

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Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

mda19083: gs2 – mudslides – are you referring to the adult beverage of the weather?

Rush: 20…

Godwinshelley2: weather

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

Rush: Music….

Rush: Credits….


Rush: The Players….

Rush: Waikiki!

Louise: We just saw this footage!

Matt1: Surfs up!

Rush: Yes!

Godwinshelley2: We were just watching a “Hart to Hart” episode that took place at the Royal Hawaiian hotel – and my husband and I kept pointing at the scenes saying _ “yes, saw that…”

Rich Maine: Father knows best

Rush: In “Eran Trece.”

Hawaii_Steve: Surfing

Louise: Shelah spells her name funny

Rush: News reports…

Rush: Kailua Beach!

Louise: Bad hat, Shelah

Hawaii_Steve: Surfing Waikiki. I’m the 3rd beachboy on the left.

Geno Cuddy: I’m telling you, the location shooting, makes a difference.

Rush: Steve might recall the islands we see off the beach.

Rush: Note how the weather changes as these scenes progress.

Geno Cuddy: Hamilton McFadden cameo

sarabell2: She ran that hat through the washer

Hawaii_Steve: The beach and the river are still there today. Right, Rush?

mda19083: cabana

Rush: Hamilton MacFadden, the actual director of this film, plays Hal Martino the director of the Shelah fane movie.

Hawaii_Steve: The houses have built up so one cannot see the mountains in the background.

Rush: Yes!

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Rush: We will be seeing the Lanikai monument both in the distance and on the drive scene coming up.

Louise: Tav is a creep…

Geno Cuddy: Of course the context of this film and its story is of course the suspicious death of William Desmond Taylor, of which the late and troubled Mabel Normand was a suspect

Rush: “I’m COM-ing!”

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Rush: Geno, I would like to see more information on that!

Louise: That is, Tarneverro

Rush: the monument.

Rush: Earl Derr Biggers would have then taken that case you noted as an influence on the story he wrote.

Rush: The Royal Hawaiian Hotel…

Rush: Ah…memories…yes?

Hawaii_Steve: Geno, along with thousands of silent films, Universal Studios destroyed the first Chan film “House Without a Key” (1926).

Geno Cuddy: I just remembered Robert Youngs name on Father Knows Best, Jim Anderson. I’m telling you, the ol grey matter isnt what it used to be

Rush: You are better than Yours Truly, Geno!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Kashimo!

Geno Cuddy: Steve, again, I ask you, who are these supposed experts, not going to lie, getting perturbed at your hearsay.

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Louise: Kash is annoying and glad he gets replaced by sons

Rich Maine: Along with bud, kitten, and princes

Rush: Paul!


Louise: Chinese merchant!

PaulM: hi gang

Rush: Steve is a WEALTH of information, Geno!

Geno Cuddy: We should just be glad Charlie isnt racist towards Kashimo like he is in the books.

Rush: He may “perturb” me as long as he likes! 🙂

Louise: supernatural powers smell! First time I noticed that line.

Hawaii_Steve: As a member of the Orphan Film Forum, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet major experts involved in saving and restoring old films.

Geno Cuddy: Well, I’d like to know where he is getting his “info” from. I know and speak consistently with Raymond Cabana, who was a great friend of Alex and Richard Gordon, Alex of course worked for Fox.

Rush: The mailbox behind CC is there today.

Rush: Note the map on the wall behind Tarneverro…

Rush: Still there.

Rush: Young palm trees in the background.

Geno Cuddy: I’d like proof, as if there is proof, the 1937 vault fire case can be reopened.

Rush: Super tall ones today.

Hawaii_Steve: Every expect I spoke with told me that 2CF had so use for old Fox Film Productions. They were destroyed by the studio. FACT.

Rush: The crystal ball scene coming…

Louise: The head wrap is a weird touch

Rich Maine: Love the turban

Rush: Note that the “flaws in the “crystal” are actually BUBBLES adhering to the glass, water-filled globe!

Geno Cuddy: Sorry, you can’t just tell me “information:” and tell me they came from some unnamed “experts” sorry, not buying what you’re selling and if that gets me kicked out, so be it.

Hawaii_Steve: There is no proof that the Chan films were stored in the New Jersey vaults. No proof at all.

Godwinshelley2: Karloff was wearing his turban in the “Curtain” film we saw earlier this month

Geno Cuddy: And there is no proof that Fox intentionally destroyed these films except for hearsay from your “sources”

Hawaii_Steve: I meant to say “no use” for old Fox films.

Rich Maine: Snowflake globe

Rush: at one point when the globe is justled a little, a small bubble can be seen rising inside!

Louise: I see, I see…there are smudges on this glass ball…

Rush: See it?

Rush: THERE.

Rush: He gets her to spill the beans.

Godwinshelley2: This reminds me of the fortunetelling in the old “Nightmare Alley” film – where Zena looks down and there are notes on a chalk board for her to read down below

Hawaii_Steve: Geno, do your homework and you will see that I am correct.

Rush: Yes, GS.

sarabell2: That means her past is bubbling up to mess up her present.

Rush: I couldn’t stand to see the conclusion of that film where the bad guy got his deserts.

Geno Cuddy: Steve, tell me your sources, I’ve talked to my own experts who say your a crock full of … ahem

Rich Maine: Hey GS u see the remake?

Geno Cuddy: Fantastic lighting in this sequence, sadly even here Lugosi has to play a sort of a “creep” a shame he was never able to stretch his legs much

Rush: Too stomach-turning!

sarabell2: Lugosi could have been a romantic lead.

Rush: Speaking of film restoration…this one looks GREAT!!!

Godwinshelley2: The 1947 version is a little softer in the ending. I did see the recent remake – it’s ok – I’m still on team 1947

Rush: TCM is sure pushing the new version!

Geno Cuddy: indeed, thanks typecasting from preventing us to see what else Lugosi could do

Rich Maine: I agree! Original is fantastic

Louise: sarabell…I don’t know about leading man. Once he hit Plan 9 from Outerspace, it was all over

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Geno, I don’t know you from Adam. I’m sorry to burst your dreams, but the films are gone.

sarabell2: Yes, that would kill it, Louise.

Louise: Now now kids let us not fighht…

Geno Cuddy: I’ll believe it when I see proof or see evidence to back it up, lets just agree to disagree on this

Rush: Steve is sadly correct, barring a miracle resurfacing of one.

Godwinshelley2: I always appreciated the that that some directors really tried to give Lugosi more screen time – even when the studio didn’t really want him

Geno Cuddy: Louise, you must remember, those scenes with Lugosi in Plan 9 were planned for a different film

sarabell2: Old films of Buster Keaton were found in Europe, maybe there is hope.

Hawaii_Steve: The proof is in the insurance papers filed in New Jersey two years after the fire. do your homework.

Geno Cuddy: Rush, since the rediscovery of a complete METROPOLISD< I believe anything is possible

Godwinshelley2: Saw Licorice Pizza – weird that some scenes in the promos do not appear in the film – guess they didn’t want to waste any footage

Louise: trash talk interrupted by Charlie

Rush: This spot, i believe, is where the present “Ali’i Walk” is now.

Geno Cuddy: why dont you submit these documents to me or at least copies of same

Hawaii_Steve: Most of Keaton’s old films were found by actor James Mason who bought Keaton’s old home. He contacted Keaton and returned the films to him.

Len Freeman: Geno this is probably not the right venue for arguing points tonite.

Rush: The fountain in the background…gone today.

Geno Cuddy: Well, I’m not going to just buy some “info” just because someone says it in a chat room, Charlie Chan wouldn’t

Rush: Kashimo!

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Rush.

sarabell2: They were in Mason;s basement, another reason to love the guy. But the endng to a movie Keaton made was lost, then found.

Rush: Well, sorry, Geno….

mda19083: CLUE!

Rush: it can always be checked, if needed!

Rich Maine: Gong

Rush: I ventured to this spot years ago.

Hawaii_Steve: Geno, you send me a business letter requesting my research information. I will review with my attorney and get back to you.

Rush: Steve, the singers are…?

Hawaii_Steve: the Glee Club.

Rush: Yes?

Geno Cuddy: Again … the location shooting … makes the difference, especially when we get the Toler film set in Honolulu later

Geno Cuddy: I see, attorneys, eh? hmmmmm

Rush: The only other “location” film in the series is “The Trap,” with location shots at malibu, CA.

Hawaii_Steve: Watch for the famous jump cut.

PaulM: ‘spend more time hunting for nothing to do” always gets me. 🙂

Rush: YES!

Godwinshelley2: I like that Deco wrap she is wearing

Rush: The jump cut!

Rush: I do too, GS.

Rush: Nice fabric.

Rush: This lady…

Rush: Was Mrs. Minchin in “CC Carries On.”

Godwinshelley2: I wonder what the colors are

mda19083: cue the can

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: The wife of the Chigago gangster.

Louise: Yes GS

Geno Cuddy: Good old Marjorie White, I loved her in Wheeler and Woolsey’s DIPLOMANIACS

mda19083: thanks matt


Hawaii_Steve: Now, I have to get ready for work. Thank you for the most interesting chat.

Hawaii_Steve: Good Night all.

Matt1: Take care Steve!

Geno Cuddy: Good evening, Steve.

Dona: have a good evening Steve

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Godwinshelley2: Was that the swimming pool they just passed

Matt1: Chan driving, lol

Geno Cuddy: Yes, I believe Johnny Weismuller used to swim at that very location.

Rush has joined this room


Dona: where did Rush go

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Louise: Charlie driving always funny

Rush: Sorry! Internet issues!

Geno Cuddy: So Rush, we almost had to give your internet the tin can?

Rush: That driving scene is one of my favorite scenes in the series!

FredsmomFredsmom: Im going to also say goodnite. This has been a stressful chat night unfortunately,

Rush: Yes, geno!

Godwinshelley2: It is fun – especially since he so rarely drives

Fredsmom: I wiah you all a good week-

Matt1: Take care FM!

Dona: goodnight FM

Godwinshelley2: Though I also like Birmingham Brown – so I’m glad he gets a chauffeur

Rush: I like the “Now, me and road turn corner same time!”

Godwinshelley2: Night FM

Rush: Actual outdoor night shot.

Rush: you can hear the distinctive sound that the doves make there.

Fredsmom has left this room

Rush: Good night, FM!

Rush: have a great week!

PaulM: i hear them

Geno Cuddy: Creepy lighting on Oland here

Rush: Nice scene here, too!

Rush: Geaat lighting!

Louise: I still don’t understand the black camel ref

Geno Cuddy: you’d never see such sinister lighting on Oland again, for good reason

Len Freeman: Great scene… with whole different CC feel

Rush: It comes right from the Biggers story.

Godwinshelley2: It’s left over from the previous novel/Curtain film

Louise: LIGHTS! so this is where the light switching begins.

Len Freeman: Yes, CC is a tougher figure in the books

Rush: Except, the line there goes: “Death is THE black camel…”

Godwinshelley2: So – before electric light switches, how did they do these big reveals??

Len Freeman: harsher in aspect

Geno Cuddy: Note Oland’s more ornery, cantankerous performance, he is not the cuddly Oland Chan of late, here he is closer to how Biggers envisioned him.

Rush: Miss Dixon…uncredited actress…is in the background.

Rich Maine: Not in the mood!

Geno Cuddy: Interesting we get both Lugosi and Dwight Frye in this.

Rush: Yes, Geno, we see that Oland is still developing his “take” on the character.

mda19083: Bela suggested Dwight for the role

Godwinshelley2: That was nice of him

Geno Cuddy: This is why it is such a tragedy that we dont yet have the films that bridge this to CHARLIE CHAN IN LONDON. I pray we get them someday, I hold out hope.

Rush: we will see a marked difference in two weeks, as we have a several film gap between this one and “CC in London>”

Geno Cuddy: Although I am pleased to see Kashimo gone, he really is embarrassing.

Godwinshelley2: That assistant is so much morje annoying than the sons/daughters

mda19083: comedy relief

Rush: (Next week we will have two of the New Adventures of Charlie Chan, in honor of the birthday of J. Carroll Naish…the TV Charlie Chan.

Geno Cuddy: Ahh C. Henry Gordon a Chan stalwart

Rush: YES!

Rush: He actually appears in the audience at the end of “Behind That Curtain”!

Rush: “CLUE!”

Godwinshelley2: The subtitles says “Shoes Skidding”

mda19083: clue

Rush: Kashimo did come through.

Rush: “You mean a wife…I have one!”

mda19083: have wife

Geno Cuddy: A great, almost Toler-esque line

PaulM has left this room

Rush: Oland’s attitude toward Kashimo is a bit Toleresque, I would say…

Rush: Hiding bits of evidence…

PaulM has joined this room

Geno Cuddy: fantastic, Oland is great in this, kinda wish he stayed this way, I mean I love him otherwise, but I love seeing him with some added spunk

Rush: Wong protests…

Geno Cuddy: Here is something you’d never see Toler do .. converse in Chinese. This is why Oland is the definitive Chan

Rush: Oland was something of a Chinaphile.

Rich Maine: Love the sash

Geno Cuddy: and that is why he excelled in playing Asians, much to the detriment of PC millenials

Rush: Later, Keye Luke would help him when he needed to state a bit of Chinese dialogue.

Rush: Toler does speak some bits of Chinese in a couple of films.

Geno Cuddy: Oland wanted accuracy, not to be a horrible stereotype, why todays crowd cant understand that beats me

Geno Cuddy: Very little though, Rush

Rush: As Keye Luke stated , to paraphrase: “It’s ACTING.”

Geno Cuddy: exactly

Geno Cuddy: Oland and Lugosi are fantastic here

Rush: Today, actors’ ranges are more and more limited!

Geno Cuddy: Murray Kinnell, the man who discovered Bette Davis!

Len Freeman: I love this artist

Rush: if you are not pretty much EXACTLY what/whom you are portraying…forget it!

Rush: Mr. “Smith.”

Rush: Murray Kinnell…

Geno Cuddy: I’ve seen black men play Mario, as an Italian am I allowed to be upset?

Rush: We will see him in a few other Chan films…including “CC in London” in two weeks!

Rush: nope.

Rush: Miss Dixon in the background again…

sarabell2: Are you southern Italian or northern, Geno? Southern you have Moor in you, anyway.

Geno Cuddy: Sicilian

sarabell2: I knew it. My neighbor is Sicilian, they really got around.

Geno Cuddy: I’m Italian, Scottish, Swedish, Irish, English, Norwegian and part Native American (not sure what tribe)

Rush: I once had a friend who was from Sicily.

Louise: Sponge holds water…

Rush: “If I were a dose of poison, I’d give myself to YOU…”

Geno Cuddy: My great grandfather came from Camplataro, province of Benevento

Rush: Have you ever visited the ancestral land, Geno?

Geno Cuddy: no, too broke, lol

sarabell2: I am Norwegian with Italian too. I think the Norskies got around too.

Rush: Understood!

Rush: This scene should be happening at night, for continuity.

Rush: So…we can say that there was a BRILLIANT full moon out!

Rush: Mr. smith’s beach hut.

Rush: Don’t plan on “tomorrow”…promised to no one, as Smith may find out…!

Louise: $500 for a painting is a lot

Louise: BANG!

Len Freeman: thisisso well done

Rush: $300 then would be about $5,000 today.

Rush: The Chan family at breakfast.

Louise: POP!

Len Freeman: THE Family

Louise: Balonet…applesauce…beans

mda19083: applesauce

Louise: Baloney

Geno Cuddy: I love this scene, a shame we dont se a lot of Oland with the family

Rush: Chan’s number One Daughter was pointed out as Bo Ling by our own Virginia some years ago. I have done my best to verify that with images in comparison, and I believe that it is indeed her!

mda19083: great scene of the family

Rush: She also appears in “CC in Shanghai.”

Geno Cuddy: Have any of the Chan children been interviewed

Rush: Note the unusual roofline of one house on this drive..

Rush: THERE.

Geno Cuddy: The actor playing Kashimo is the Jimmy Aubrey of Chan actors

Rush: That ia what led Steve and I to find that this shot was made along Prospect st. on Punchbowl Hill.

Rush: And, yes, Geno, the Chan sons have been interviewed.

desert angel + foxx humpp has joined this room

desert angel + foxx humpp: Our camels were late!

mda19083: angel!

Rush: The interviews are available at our Study.

Rush: Angel!

Len Freeman: Hello desert anger & foxx

Geno Cuddy: Well, I know Keye Luke, Sen Yung have, I was wondering about the background players


desert angel + foxx humpp: How nice to be remembered!

desert angel + foxx humpp: What’s our “time”???????

Rush: Benson Fong also.

Geno Cuddy: 50:21

mda19083: angel – how could we forget

Rush: All three were interviewed by “Guum San News” around 1977 at a gathering in L.A.

Geno Cuddy: Just so you know, I dint mean to upset Steve, but I do wish there was more evidence I could see to substantiate his claims, many apologies for earlier riff raff

Godwinshelley2: 51:30

Rush: Layne Tom, Jr. was quoted at times, too.

mda19083: father knows best

Rush: This would be the morning following that earlier “night” scene.

desert angel + foxx humpp: Chan probably knew his pica from elite.

Rush: well, I can say that CC types about as fast as I do!

Louise: Geno, I have been keeping my opinion to myself but since you brought it up again…I think you were being antagonistic and I left the chat for a while because of it. Think carefully about the tone of everyone else here.

desert angel + foxx humpp: His shoes left a big carbon copy.

Godwinshelley2: Ah – back at the hotel

Rush: Yes, angel!

Rush: Tarneverro with a cigar.

Godwinshelley2: I guess they are requiring the booster shot to visit Hawaii right now

sarabell2 has left this room

mda19083: Mrs Hudson

Rush: At the “Ali’i Walk” area again?

Louise: Just saw that news, GS

Rush: That would nix a trip to hawaii for me, then.

desert angel + foxx humpp: The greatest minds of the next generation were mimeo sniffers. Chan’s era left a crisp, if not so numerous, impression.

Rush: 🙂

desert angel + foxx humpp: “DEIGN”?!!

Rush: We will see Mrs. Mc Masters in a future chan film…

desert angel + foxx humpp: Chan’s tie is askew.

Rush: Actually two of them.

Geno Cuddy: I am so sorry Louise, I think I will sit out for a couple weeks or so.

Rush: We get a glimpse of her in two weeks in “London” as a prison matron.

Rush: Now…

desert angel + foxx humpp: The archetypal Crazed Fan?

Rush: watch the crowd run into the scene on cue!

Len Freeman has left this room

Godwinshelley2: I saw that Rush

desert angel + foxx humpp: Tarnevarro, you doity rat.

Louise: Don’t leave, Geno. You have some good info. Just be kind.

Rush: Note the kid crashing the scene.

Rush: He really had something to tell his classmates later!

desert angel + foxx humpp: Did Lugosi have the monkey on his back when he did the “Camel”?

Geno Cuddy: I do not wish to be unkind, I don’t have his contact information, but if he sees this later I do apologize for my tone to Steve as well as my pressing the matter.

desert angel + foxx humpp: Kid oughta be in school. How dare he!

mda19083: cue the can

Rush: The only “requirement” here is to “love Charlie Chan”!

Rush: The rest should come quite naturally!

Geno Cuddy: and I do

Rush: “Love” is the key word!

Rush: 🙂

desert angel + foxx humpp: With all your hearts, all your solid gold soul, and with your deranged mind. Right?

Geno Cuddy: perhaps too much for my own good, far too passionate about this stuff

Rush: WWCCD…

Rush: 😉

Godwinshelley2: If that were roman numberals – what number would it be?

Rush: Some trillions…

Rush: 🙂

desert angel + foxx humpp: Rush, i think YOU’VE got it! Yes, “W” for trillion!

Rush: Well-intended passion is good….

Geno Cuddy: tin can

Rush: I love how CC comforts the lady.

Matt1: <tin can>

desert angel + foxx humpp: Actually, tho, if i recall accuratish, the Romans had a slightly smaller alphabet: i know W came later—


mda19083: W is an inverted M – 1000

Rush: The chief.

Rush: Note the window!

Rush: the same seen in “Eran Trece.”

Rush: This is the same office we saw in “Eran Trece.”

Geno Cuddy: okay, what did Chan use in his hair, I need some

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I need the coloring!

Godwinshelley2: My advice – everyone stay away from Charlie’s office – too many people get killed in it

mda19083: brylcream

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Rush: “A little dab…”

desert angel + foxx humpp: mda: If only Fritz Lang could have done a sequel to “M”, could it have been called “W”?

Godwinshelley2: so much for fingerprints, Charlie

mda19083: angel – 🙂

desert angel + foxx humpp: TYSM!

Rush: An upside-down version, yes, angel!

Rush: (Tweet…)

desert angel + foxx humpp: Bird-nailing is treated zeriouzly in these parts, General.

Godwinshelley2: Like the parrot from the parrot sketch?

desert angel + foxx humpp: Pops there is scheming to take the credit.

desert angel + foxx humpp: GS, you mean the Ex-Parrot? He has expired.

Rush: She’s deciding…

desert angel + foxx humpp: Bad nails.

Geno Cuddy: he is no more

Godwinshelley2: It is bereft of life,

Rush: “Okay!”

mda19083: he’s just resting

Geno Cuddy: her has passed on

desert angel + foxx humpp: He has ceased to bee!

Godwinshelley2: He is a Late parrot

mda19083: polly

mda19083: dinner is served

Godwinshelley2: wake up polly – wake up polly parrot – there – he moved

Rush: 🙂

desert angel + foxx humpp: Later, depending on local time. Earlier, had applied for a license. A cat license, i believe.

mda19083: a fish license

mda19083: eric the fish

sarabell2 has joined this room

desert angel + foxx humpp: Oui?

Rush: The Chief almost gave away CC’;s plan here with that comment.

Rush: SB…

sarabell2: Sorry, internet died.

desert angel + foxx humpp: The belle opf our brawl!

Rush: WB!

Rush: Happened to me earlier!

Geno Cuddy: tin can for Saras internet

Godwinshelley2: Wow that is some jacket the one guy is wearing – BIG STRIPES

Rush: Yes, Geno!

desert angel + foxx humpp: She’s known guys like THIS before.

Rush: But, it DID revive!

desert angel + foxx humpp: It moved! There!

Louise: The ole show mistake

Rush: Yep.

Louise: shoe

Rush: “…yes…”

Rich Maine: Was this first or second pin in shoe film?

mda19083: you are murderer

Godwinshelley2: So always have more than one pair of shoes to wear

Godwinshelley2: First I think

Godwinshelley2: Do they redo this -plot in a later Chan

desert angel + foxx humpp: Good thing Nero Wolfe wasn’t on this case. The crushed orchid woulda sent him daffy.

Rush: maybe true, as she was the maid and had a uniform.

Geno Cuddy: bye bye, off to jail

desert angel + foxx humpp: Hold the Mayo.

Rush: Arthur Mayo.

Geno Cuddy: wait that isnt nice, shut up geno

mda19083: ham on rye – hold the mayo

Rush: 🙂

Rush: The fatal torn picture.

desert angel + foxx humpp: Get ready to star in a Women In Prison flick, sister.

Rush: sent her over the edge.

Louise: angel and foxx: just watched a bunch of those!

Geno Cuddy: the whole thing of Lugosi being a dead (pardon the expression) ringer for Denny Mayo posists some interesting plotholes

Rush: And his accent?

Louise: too lkate!

desert angel + foxx humpp: Plot holes were not felonies back then, it seems.

Rich Maine: Reefer Madness

Godwinshelley2: Wow – just THE END – kind of quick

desert angel + foxx humpp: Aloha, oy!!!

Geno Cuddy: joke repeated in RACE TRACK

Louise: late! sheesh the typos bad tonight

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: So, Chan made one of his few errors in accusing the other gentleman of Smith’s murder earlier…

Len Freeman has joined this room


mda19083: great film

Dona: <YAY!!!>

Rich Maine: Night all….stay safe

Len Freeman: Good ending…

Rush: The original hada lengthy bit of “exit music.”

Matt1: Good night and have a great week!

Len Freeman: Nite all

sarabell2: Thank you, another great CC movie.

Rush: Too bad Fox left it out on this dvd.

mda19083: always a fun time here in the chat room

Rush: WELL!

Louise: Nite all!

Rush: I thank you ALL for a GREAT evening together!

Geno Cuddy: nitey nite

Rush: Please have a very happy and safe week!

mda19083: be safe all – until next week

Dona: A great evening as always.

Rush: Stay warm if you live in snow country!

PaulM has left this room

Rich Maine has left this room

Geno Cuddy has left this room

desert angel + foxx humpp: They blew outta there like a Sue Nommy headscarf. WAY too short for me & tardy Foxx. See all next week!! We didn’t greet all by name, but wish all a great sevenday!!

sarabell2 has left this room

Louise has left this room

Rush: And, Louise, may your husband feel better very SOON!

Len Freeman has left this room

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: Take care, all…

Dona: Have a good week everyone!

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: Next week…

Godwinshelley2: Oh no – Louise, your husband is feeling unwell?

Rush: “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan.”

Dona: yes…..

desert angel + foxx humpp has left this room

Dona: Thank you Rush!

Godwinshelley2: OK everyone – TV episodes next week – not the dog or acid please!!

Rush: Yes. A seemingly lengthy bout with COVID.

Godwinshelley2: Yikes – sorry to hear about that – so difficult for everyone

Rush: TYSM. GS and Dona…

Rush: Yes, GS.

Dona has left this room

Godwinshelley2: Ok – everyone stay safe – night

Rush: So, yes, two episodes next week…

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: Good night!

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