Chat Archive 1/2/2023

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for January 2, 2023

The Jade Mask

(None; participants tested our new Chat Room)

Angel Santiago Saltamontes
Mike n Rachel in DC

01-02 18:19Rush: Test…

01-02 18:27Matt: Hello Dona and Rush!

Happy New Year!

01-02 18:27Rush: Hello, MATT!!!

Happy New Year to YOU!!!

01-02 18:28Matt: Liking the new digs!

01-02 18:28Rush: We made it.


01-02 18:28Matt: Congrats to you and all the others who assisted

01-02 18:29Rush: I am not sure about how our new room works, so we will rely on typed “verbal” tin cans tonight!

01-02 18:30Rush: It has been a bit of a road to be sure.

Lou and Louise were grets helps!

01-02 18:30Matt: There will be a learning curve for sure, but it looks good

01-02 18:30Rush: YES!

01-02 18:30Rush: Lou told me how to log out using the circular button to the left.

01-02 18:31Matt: Ah

01-02 18:31Rush: Sounds?  Unless they are to be discovered, I cannot see any.

01-02 18:31Matt: I noticed the export transcript button too

01-02 18:31MDA19083: hello all!

01-02 18:31Rush: I think thatr whenever someone arrives, a certain sound can be used.

01-02 18:32Matt: Hello MDA!

01-02 18:32Rush: MDA!!!


Happy New Year!!!

01-02 18:32Rush: Dona is absent, though shje shows as being here.

01-02 18:32MDA19083: Happy New Year to one and all!

01-02 18:33Matt: And to you!

01-02 18:33MDA19083: Happy to be here in the NEW chat room

01-02 18:33Rush: I have to say, I woke up a few times a few nights ago wondering if all this will work!

01-02 18:33Matt: It all works out eventually

01-02 18:34hounder: hi everyone

01-02 18:34Matt: Hello Hounder!

01-02 18:34Rush: Hello, HOUNDER!!!!

01-02 18:34MDA19083: sorry for the ALLCAPS on my log in

01-02 18:34hounder: hope everyone had a good new years

01-02 18:35Rush: WELCOME and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Happy 2023!

01-02 18:35MDA19083: I made it up to see in the new year at midnight

01-02 18:35Rush: Me as well!

01-02 18:35Matt: I was in bed by 11:15, lol

01-02 18:36hounder: no problem  mda. as long as you’re here. we know you aren’t yelling at us.

01-02 18:36Rush: This new site officially appeared online at midnight, EST on the 1st.

01-02 18:36hounder: i had no intention  of being up at midnight but the fireworks and dog had other plans.

01-02 18:37Matt: Hello M & R!

01-02 18:37MDA19083: I would never dream of raising my voice among my Chan friends

01-02 18:37Mike n Rachel in DC: knock, knock

01-02 18:37Rush: Please enter!

01-02 18:37Mike n Rachel in DC: Great to see everyone in the new diggs!

01-02 18:37Rush: WELCOME!!!

01-02 18:37hounder: hi m n r

01-02 18:37Mike n Rachel in DC: Congrats, Rush.  Looks great

01-02 18:37Rush: Happy New Year to you and Rachel!

01-02 18:37MDA19083: m n r – who’s there?

01-02 18:37Mike n Rachel in DC: ida

01-02 18:38MDA19083: ida who?

01-02 18:38Mike n Rachel in DC: ida know…

01-02 18:38Rush:

01-02 18:38MDA19083:

01-02 18:38Mike n Rachel in DC: that was the first joke my dad told me

01-02 18:38Rush: It still works!

01-02 18:38MDA19083: wow – I now have emoji

01-02 18:39Mike n Rachel in DC:

01-02 18:39Matt:

01-02 18:39MDA19083: I cannot repeat the first joke my Dad told me

01-02 18:39Rush: Yes, we can come up with our own emojis if wanted.

01-02 18:39hounder: lots of emoji choices now

01-02 18:39Rush:

01-02 18:39Mike n Rachel in DC: Bat Matt!

01-02 18:40Rush:

01-02 18:40Matt: Well played

01-02 18:40hounder: lol @ m n r

01-02 18:40Mike n Rachel in DC: MDA:  Oh dear…

01-02 18:41Rush: Has anyone seen the CCF Newsletter for this year, yet?

If not, please check ther Bulletin Board.

01-02 18:41Mike n Rachel in DC: not yet…

01-02 18:41Matt: Briefly scanned it

01-02 18:41Rush: Also, at the Bulletin Boart, one can access the current Poll.

01-02 18:41hounder: not yet.

01-02 18:41MDA19083: I have downloaded it but it is in my pile to be read

01-02 18:41Rush: Understand!

01-02 18:42Rush: Hounder, how is you mother?


I am using a laptop keyboard tonight!

01-02 18:42Dona: Hello Everyone!

01-02 18:42Rush: DONA!!!

01-02 18:42MDA19083: hello dona

01-02 18:42Rush: WELCOME!!!

01-02 18:43hounder: hi dona

01-02 18:43Mike n Rachel in DC: HI Dona.

01-02 18:43Matt: Hi Dona!

01-02 18:43Rush: Happy New Year!!!!

01-02 18:43Dona: This is great Rush and everyone that helped you.

01-02 18:43Matt: Hello Louise!

01-02 18:43Rush: TYSM, Dona!

01-02 18:43Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening Louise!

01-02 18:43Louise: Greeting and Happy New Year to you all

01-02 18:44Rush: Hearing positives after going online was a nice plus!

Fingers were crossed!



01-02 18:44Louise: The new website nlooks great. I have a few comments about the oder of the menu items which I will send to you tomorrow.

01-02 18:44hounder: yes. thank you rush and all your helpers.

hi louise

01-02 18:44MDA19083: Thanks to the entire IT team for the new website – it looks amazing

01-02 18:44Rush: TYSM, Louise!

THAT is VERY fixable!

01-02 18:45Dona: Hello Louise

01-02 18:45Louise: Thanks Rush. Crazy travel day yesterday: 5 hours driving from the jungle, 11 hours flying. I was crabby!

Hi Dona

01-02 18:45Mike n Rachel in DC: the jungle?

01-02 18:45Rush: I can imagine, Louise!!! Whatt a “travel day”!!!

01-02 18:45hounder: just so you guys know i’m multitasking tonight. penn state football, you guys, and mom’s chatty so forgive me if i’m a bit distracted at times.

01-02 18:45Dona: I would be crabby too Louise.  That’s a long day.

01-02 18:46Louise: Hi Hounder, Matt, M&R, and all others I missed

01-02 18:46Rush: No problem, Hounder!

01-02 18:46MDA19083: greetings louise

01-02 18:46hounder: wow. long day louise

01-02 18:46Rush: I was watching the game for a while.

01-02 18:46Louise: Hi MDA

01-02 18:47Rush: One good thing about this room is it can hold plenty of us…up to 50!

01-02 18:47Matt: New goal!

01-02 18:47MDA19083: sorry to hear about the jungle louise – and I thought I had a hard day in the salt mine

01-02 18:47Louise: Yay, on to 50!

01-02 18:48Rush: Not the “bells and whistles” I had hoped for…but, perhaps we will uncover some fun ways to use the room!

01-02 18:48Mike n Rachel in DC: Thought it looked bigger than the old room, but then thought it might be the lighter paint on the walls…

01-02 18:48Dona: Sounds like a good goal to me too.

01-02 18:48Rush:

01-02 18:48Dona: lol mnr

01-02 18:48hounder: bells and whistles are nice and can be fun, but being together is enough.

01-02 18:49Matt: wb M & R

01-02 18:49Mike n Rachel in DC: Oops.

01-02 18:49MDA19083: my seat in the new chat room reclines and has massage and a cup holder to boot!

01-02 18:49Rush: My first goal for the room was that it will work!  That seems to be accomplished.

01-02 18:49hounder: lol@mda

01-02 18:49Mike n Rachel in DC: So now we know what THAT button does.

01-02 18:49Rush: MDA:

01-02 18:49hounder: i like the large font

01-02 18:50Rush: Another plus…


01-02 18:50MDA19083: i like the new sounds – do we have a gong?

01-02 18:50Dona: what button?

01-02 18:50Louise: Image thumbnail

01-02 18:50Rush: MDA, besides the sounds of the posts, have you found any others?


Good job, Louise!!!

01-02 18:50Mike n Rachel in DC: off to the left there are three buttons below the names.  The one on the far right is to disconnect.

01-02 18:51Louise: HAH! These are pineapples I planted 3 years ago. Just another 10 until I have enough fruit for a fruit salad!

01-02 18:51Rush: Was it easy to post the pic, Louise?

01-02 18:51Dona: Where are the emojis?

01-02 18:51Rush: Can one just “paste” the picture?

01-02 18:52Louise: Yes, use the paperclip on the right of the type-in box. This one is too big (800×800) so I suggest around 480px

01-02 18:52MDA19083:

01-02 18:52Rush: At the right side of the box where we type…

That is whwere we find the emojis.

01-02 18:52Louise: Yes Rush

01-02 18:52MDA19083: found the emojis!

01-02 18:52Mike n Rachel in DC: over here, Dona ———————————————————————————————————————————>

01-02 18:53Louise: Image thumbnail

01-02 18:53Dona:

01-02 18:53Rush: Image thumbnail


01-02 18:53Louise: Yep, paste works!

01-02 18:53Rush: NICE!!

01-02 18:53Dona: Thank you!

01-02 18:53Rush: Tin Cans, here we come!!!

01-02 18:53Rush: See?  This is what teamwork in the Chat Room is all about!

01-02 18:54Mike n Rachel in DC: where are the sounds?

01-02 18:54Louise:

Is there a limited set of emojis?

01-02 18:54Rush: Image thumbnail

Tin Can Test

01-02 18:54Louise: Oh yeah, the can is back!

01-02 18:54MDA19083: nice can rush!

01-02 18:55Matt: Image thumbnail

01-02 18:55Louise: MDA: he must exercise

01-02 18:55MDA19083: nice

01-02 18:55Rush: NICE, Matt!!!!

01-02 18:55Dona: That is great Matt

01-02 18:55Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt has a black belt in can

01-02 18:55Dona: lol

01-02 18:56Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt.  Chan family Can Ninja

01-02 18:56Matt: Image thumbnail

01-02 18:56MDA19083: wow – a real gong

01-02 18:56Mike n Rachel in DC: Great Matt!  (but the tone will be better if you strike it slightly off-center…

01-02 18:56Matt: Hmmm,I don’t like that one

01-02 18:57Louise:

01-02 18:57Rush: And…if anyone wants to officially log OUT at the end of our evening, you use the round button under the word “Viewers” to the left at the bottom.

01-02 18:57Matt: lol Louise

01-02 18:57Louise: SOUNDS!!!!!!

01-02 18:57Rush: GENIOUS, LOUISE!!!!

01-02 18:57Matt: How? Where? Louise!

01-02 18:58Rush: GENIUS, I mean…

01-02 18:58Louise: I downloaded a WAV file from a clipart website. Looks like I will have to have a folder of sounds on my desktop

01-02 18:58hounder: where louise

01-02 18:58Mike n Rachel in DC: Image thumbnail

01-02 18:58Rush: Things are looking good on this “shake-down cruise”!

01-02 18:58Matt: Show off, lol

01-02 18:58Louise: Things are getting lively here

01-02 18:59Rush: I guess the new room is a keeper.

01-02 18:59Matt: Image thumbnail

01-02 18:59Mike n Rachel in DC: oooh.  very nice!

that’s a SERIOUS gong

01-02 18:59MDA19083: Gong Hei Fat Choy 恭喜發財

01-02 18:59Louise: We should set up some paramerters: image size, sound formates, etc. Just to help everyone attach stuff.

01-02 19:00Rush: 15 minutes to showtime!!!!

Yes, MDA!

01-02 19:00Dona: This is so much fun.


01-02 19:00Louise:

01-02 19:00Rush: Very happy…!

01-02 19:00Mike n Rachel in DC: might be fun to make some downloadable sounds and put them up on the web somewhere…so everyone can get them.

01-02 19:00Louise: GONG sound

01-02 19:01Rush: Did you find that sound online?

01-02 19:01Nothere: O.k. this is ////new

01-02 19:01Louise: I can do that M&R

01-02 19:01Rush: NT!


Missed your arrival!

01-02 19:01MDA19083: I will go through my back episodes of The Gong Show

01-02 19:01Rush:

01-02 19:01Louise: Rush: I subscribe to a clip art site but you can find lots of WAV files online

01-02 19:01Mike n Rachel in DC: we could all download them and we’ll have something like the “old” sound effects

01-02 19:01MDA19083: NT!

01-02 19:01Louise: Sound effects too

01-02 19:01Rush: I see, louise!!!

01-02 19:02Nothere: Not really Rush I was just trying to figure out what was going on.

01-02 19:02Rush: You can be our official sound tech!!!

01-02 19:02Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey NT.

01-02 19:02Rush: It seems like a controlled riot so far!

01-02 19:02Nothere: Hi Mike and or Racheal

01-02 19:02Rush: Riot of creativity!

01-02 19:03Nothere: Looks odd. So whats the three things at the bottom do?

01-02 19:03MDA19083: it’s like unwrapping a new toy on your birthday

01-02 19:03Matt: Hello NT!

01-02 19:03Nothere: Hey Matt

01-02 19:03Matt: Hello Rich!

01-02 19:03MDA19083: hello rich

01-02 19:04Nothere: Hey Rich

01-02 19:04Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rich.  Pull up one of the new reclining chairs

01-02 19:04Louise:

01-02 19:04Rich-Maine: Wellllll…….here is the in crowd! I listened for the music and here you all are!

01-02 19:04Nothere: New Year. New Room 80 year old movie

01-02 19:04Matt: Louise is our new Gong-er!

01-02 19:05Rush: At some point we will need “breaking glass” and “howling dogs” Louise!

01-02 19:05Louise: No, can’t autoplay yet, will work on that

01-02 19:05Rich-Maine: Is there reserved seating here? and food service ?

01-02 19:05Rush: You can guess when!

01-02 19:05Nothere: So the room has sounds somewhere?

01-02 19:05Louise: Ok people, put in your sound orders!

01-02 19:05MDA19083: thanks for the gong louise

01-02 19:05Matt: Apes, dogs and cats too!

01-02 19:05Mike n Rachel in DC: The bar is right there under the picture of Virginia

01-02 19:05Rush: No, but louise has discovered a way to import sounds!

01-02 19:05Nothere: Ah just something the GREAT LOUSIE can do,.

01-02 19:05Rush: 9 minutes to go…

01-02 19:06Louise: Oh gee, Nothere, you make me blush

01-02 19:06Matt: Cued here!

01-02 19:06Godwinshelley: Ha!  I found you!!’

01-02 19:06Matt: Hello GS!

01-02 19:06Louise: I can’t watch the movie tonight but I will lurk here and play with sounds and images

01-02 19:06Rich-Maine: Yes GS…breadcrumbs

01-02 19:06Rush: Here is the link to the movie if needed:

Image thumbnail

01-02 19:06Matt: Hello SB!

01-02 19:06Nothere: O.k. the right one logs out , the middle one is settings, but whats with the pin thing on the left?

01-02 19:06Rush: WOW!!!

01-02 19:07Godwinshelley: Louise – I know you are just avoiding the “Pundee Pundee” song

01-02 19:07Louise:

01-02 19:07Rush: Sarabell!

01-02 19:07MDA19083: oh no – louise is a lurker

01-02 19:07Rush: WELCOME!!!!


01-02 19:07Nothere: Oh it says it itself. Duh. Detective skills need reboot for new year.

01-02 19:08Matt: Hard to track people entering and leaving room

01-02 19:08hounder: hi sb

01-02 19:08Godwinshelley: I haven’t checked out the new site very much

01-02 19:08Sarabell: Hey Ya’ll, good job on new site.

01-02 19:08Rush: Yes, but we will get used to that….


01-02 19:08Nothere: THe pop when someone posts is interesting.

01-02 19:08Rush: Hugely appreciated.

01-02 19:08Rich-Maine: yes congratulations and many thanks …this is amazing and I love the new car smell

01-02 19:09Nothere: pop


01-02 19:09Sarabell: Hi Hounder, hope you and your mama are well

01-02 19:09Mike n Rachel in DC: Goodevening GS and SB!

01-02 19:09Nothere: Hey Hound

01-02 19:09MDA19083: does the new chat room have a revolving door?

01-02 19:09Mike n Rachel in DC: Pop!  Pop!

01-02 19:09Dona: Helo GS NT Rich And Sarahbell.  Good to see everyone tonight

01-02 19:09Rush: Many thanks to LOUISE for her help and great PATIENCE!!!!!

01-02 19:09Nothere: Yes bottom right button

01-02 19:09Louise: Matt, I have the list of people up on the left and the sound turned on so it pops when people post…and that is going to drive me crazy so I will shut off the message notification pop

01-02 19:09Rich-Maine: Hey Dona!

01-02 19:09Sarabell: Hi Mike, Rush, Rich, Nothere, Matt Lousie Godwinshelley

01-02 19:10Nothere: What? No pop

01-02 19:10Rush: 5 minutes to go…

01-02 19:10Nothere: pop



01-02 19:10Godwinshelley: Louise where is the setting for the pop noise

01-02 19:10Louise: Rush, I did not do enough…although sometimes I purposely stood back to see what you would do!!!

GS: The gear at the bottom of the list of people on the left

01-02 19:10Rush: “Pop, Pop….POP!  One would think we are in a soda store rather than a Chat Room….”

01-02 19:10MDA19083: I thought Jimmy Chan was the only one to go Pop! Pop!

01-02 19:10Nothere: try sound. Bottom middle button God

01-02 19:11Louise: Or, Rush, calling for Pop!

01-02 19:11Nothere:

01-02 19:11Mike n Rachel in DC: Pop is silenced in DC

01-02 19:11Rush: LOTS of the old TRIAL AND ERROR, Louise!

01-02 19:11Matt: FL too!

01-02 19:11Rich-Maine: that link works perfectly on here, easy to cast to TV!

01-02 19:11Godwinshelley: I only see two buttons – an emoji one and a paperclip

01-02 19:12Mike n Rachel in DC: ah…other side, GS

01-02 19:12Rush: THREE MINUTES….

01-02 19:12Mike n Rachel in DC: in the grey area

<— here

01-02 19:12Nothere: No its under the chat list. right below 11 speakers 0 viewiers

01-02 19:12Rich-Maine: left side GS

01-02 19:12Louise: GS, open the list of people on the left (an arrow points left where you see all the people icons)

01-02 19:12Nothere: pop

01-02 19:12Rush: Viewers are those who have not logged in.

01-02 19:12Nothere: Check pop off.

01-02 19:13Rush: TWO MINUTES….

01-02 19:13Nothere: We now have 2 viewers. Viewiers for a movie>?

01-02 19:13Godwinshelley: Im on the proper side of the disc too

01-02 19:13Rush: 90 seconds…

01-02 19:13Matt: What is viewers?

01-02 19:13Godwinshelley: And I turned off the POP

01-02 19:13Nothere: Hey Angel

01-02 19:14Rush: Those not logged in yet are viewers.

75 seconds…

60 seconds…



01-02 19:14Dona: I logged out by mistake UGH

01-02 19:14Matt: Ah…..Hello Angel!

01-02 19:14Rush: 50 seconds…

40 seconds…

01-02 19:14Sarabell: Hi Angel, are you new?

01-02 19:14Rush: 30 seconds…

01-02 19:14Rich-Maine: Thank YOU !   Rush

01-02 19:14Rush: 25…

01-02 19:14Louise:

01-02 19:14Mike n Rachel in DC: that’s the button I found earlier, Dona 

01-02 19:14Rush: 20…



01-02 19:14Louise: too soon!

01-02 19:14Rush: 5…

01-02 19:15Dona: lol

01-02 19:15Rush: GO!!!!

01-02 19:15Louise:

01-02 19:15Matt: Image thumbnail

01-02 19:15Rush: Title….

Organ music….

01-02 19:15Rich-Maine: what a gong !

01-02 19:15Rush: Credits….

01-02 19:15Nothere: So anyone tried the audio/video call buttons yet?

01-02 19:15Rush: GREAT GONG, Louise!!!!

01-02 19:15Mike n Rachel in DC: Uondon

01-02 19:15Rush: 1)30…

01-02 19:16Godwinshelley: Is there anything to make sure it keeps scrolling – sometimes I have to manually scroll down

01-02 19:16Rush: 10:30…

01-02 19:16Rich-Maine: now in 1929

01-02 19:16Rush: Love the over acting here!

Not used to sound recording yet!

01-02 19:16Nothere: You might have hit the pin God. That stops scrolling.

01-02 19:16Rush: Stage style acting.

01-02 19:16Godwinshelley: I’ll see what I can do

01-02 19:17hounder: time check please?

01-02 19:17Nothere: But where are the grand gestures so people in the back rows can see?

01-02 19:17Godwinshelley: 2:00

01-02 19:17Mike n Rachel in DC: 2:`5

01-02 19:17Rich-Maine: yes rush…like a play

01-02 19:17Rush: 2:20

01-02 19:17Mike n Rachel in DC: and very static shots

01-02 19:17Rush: Colonel…BEETHAM.

01-02 19:17Louise: bye-bye

01-02 19:17hounder: thsnks

01-02 19:17Rush: 2:40

01-02 19:17Dona: This is the movie with that SONG.

01-02 19:17Louise: Not me, the guy on the phone

01-02 19:17Godwinshelley: Yes – that song

01-02 19:18Rush: Scared me, Louise!

01-02 19:18Nothere: Oh he took off his glasses. It’s on now.

01-02 19:18Rush: Yes!

01-02 19:18Louise: Ah, an expedition in Persia…to steal antiquities

01-02 19:18Rush: More or less…

01-02 19:18Nothere: Yes I do say. I know cause I was there when I said it.

01-02 19:18Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that all…dramatic pause…Col. Beetham?

01-02 19:18Godwinshelley: I wonder if we could re-edit this to be move it along – or is the acting what is holding up the film?

01-02 19:19Rush: At the olde pub….

01-02 19:19Louise: Harry Beaton, Harry Beaton…Brigadoon comes to mind

01-02 19:19Rush:

01-02 19:19Louise: NIce hats

01-02 19:19Godwinshelley: So – for the cookbook with a recipe for each film – what will tonight’s food be?

01-02 19:19Rush: An “old friend” of ours from other CC films…

01-02 19:20Rich-Maine: no fog in london ….

01-02 19:20Nothere: What? speed up the drunking carrousing? The day after New Years? God your a party pooper.

01-02 19:20Mike n Rachel in DC: early exit

01-02 19:20Godwinshelley: It’s not a Monogram London

01-02 19:20Rush:

01-02 19:20Louise: I am having my breakfast at the moment: yougurt, granola and fruit!

01-02 19:20Rich-Maine: yup GS I miss the fog machine

01-02 19:20Godwinshelley: Louise are you out of the country?

01-02 19:20Rush: Understood, louise!

01-02 19:21Nothere: Juice or milk Louise?>

Unless you have a monkey knock off that accordian.

01-02 19:21Rush:

01-02 19:21Sarabell: LOL Nothere

01-02 19:22Rush: How have you been SB?

01-02 19:22Godwinshelley: Old Girl????

01-02 19:22Sarabell: OK just busy with the holidays.  Had water pipes burst here we are not used to 10 degree weather

01-02 19:23Mike n Rachel in DC: smooch

01-02 19:23Nothere: Pip pip God. Keep a stiff upper lip eh wot?

01-02 19:23Rush: Just an idiom.

01-02 19:23Louise:


01-02 19:24Rush: YES!

01-02 19:24Rich-Maine: nice louise

01-02 19:24Nothere: THe sound effects are back, but were along way from our first room. Or at least the one I knew.

01-02 19:24MDA19083: louise is a 1 person sound effects department

01-02 19:24Nothere: Karoom. Thwap. BRATATATATA

01-02 19:25Rush: True, NT.  I think that there is nothing today that compares exactly to the old Chat Room.

01-02 19:25Nothere: I’ll lock her in a tower.

01-02 19:25Louise: I need to start the movie earlier so I can put the sounds up on time

01-02 19:25Rush: There seems to be a LOT of things that we can do with this one, though.

01-02 19:26Godwinshelley: So if we re-edited this film.  I would start it here.

01-02 19:26Rush: yes, GS!

01-02 19:26MDA19083: is that duran duran?

01-02 19:26Nothere: The last one wasn’t bad, I just missed the sound effect. Did my best to keep them alive. I’ll comment on this one after using it a bit more.

01-02 19:26Rush: THAT Duran comes into view about 40 years after this film.

01-02 19:27Nothere: Only after being the bad guy to Jane Fonda

01-02 19:28Rush: She needs to try the BRAIN over the heart!


01-02 19:28Sarabell: Heiresses brains are in direct proportion to their wealth.

01-02 19:29Rich-Maine: messy affairs…

01-02 19:29Rush: nounDATED•INFORMAL

a dishonorable man.

“he is nothing but a fortune-seeking bounder”

01-02 19:29Nothere: I object. I’m a fortune seeking cad thank you bvery much.

01-02 19:29Godwinshelley: Is that the guy version of a “gold digger”

01-02 19:29Rush: Yes.

01-02 19:30Rich-Maine: worked here 20 years….no pension !

01-02 19:30Mike n Rachel in DC: I was in me’ loose box…

01-02 19:30Rush:

01-02 19:30Nothere: He has the shoe, but no sole.

01-02 19:31Rush: “No” to every question.

01-02 19:31Rich-Maine: the ruby red slippers !

01-02 19:32Rich-Maine: DEAD !

01-02 19:32Rush: MURDERED!

01-02 19:32Nothere: So is Louise the new tincan?

01-02 19:32Matt: gasp

01-02 19:32Nothere: Steady Matt. Stif fupper lip.

01-02 19:33Rush: Image thumbnail

Heart attack time…

01-02 19:33Rich-Maine: secret marriage!

01-02 19:33Rush: YES.

01-02 19:34Mike n Rachel in DC: Sir George is pissed

01-02 19:34Rush: Love can be VERY blind…

01-02 19:34Rich-Maine: yes he is Mike

01-02 19:34Nothere: How about Chow? Dosvedana? Arrivadercie?

01-02 19:34Rush: He will look them up….

01-02 19:34Rich-Maine: no furs here

01-02 19:35Nothere: So is no one gonna give Eve an apple for the road?

01-02 19:35Rush: Looks like his fortunes have changed a bit…

01-02 19:35Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hello?

01-02 19:35MDA19083: Angel!

01-02 19:35Matt: Hi Angel!

01-02 19:35Nothere: Hi Angel

01-02 19:35Rush: ANGEL!!!

01-02 19:35Rich-Maine: Angels new look

01-02 19:35Mike n Rachel in DC: Hola, Angel!

01-02 19:35Rush: You made it!

01-02 19:36Louise: I’m not the tin can but I am looking for a sound to go with it

01-02 19:36Dona: Hello Angel

01-02 19:36Rush: Happy New Year to you !!!!

Where is Foxx tonight?

01-02 19:36Nothere: So the bum has fancy new clothes. Nothing odd there.

01-02 19:36Godwinshelley: And if we were to rewrite this from the Chan perspective, it would start with him sending this note?

01-02 19:36Rich-Maine: yes GS

01-02 19:37Nothere: Uhm The minister of China. I bet he could have learned it.

01-02 19:37Rush: Yes, GS.

“Walk softly, go far…”

01-02 19:37Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hi everybody!  Hi, Dad!  Have been trying for 30 minutes to post on my PC—am now on my phone.  My PC is Windows Vista: is that unsupported by the great & powerful WordPress?

01-02 19:37Rush: And carry a big stick…

01-02 19:37Nothere: I disagree Inspector. The Wizard of Oz knows whats beyong the curtain.

01-02 19:38Rush: AH!

01-02 19:38Nothere: Determination has seen you through Angel.

01-02 19:38Rush: And FAR he will go….

01-02 19:38Dona: That stinks Angel

Glad you are here

01-02 19:38Rush: Not sure, Angel!

01-02 19:38Nothere: So how do you walk hard?

01-02 19:38Rich-Maine: VISTA!!!! actually its the browser that needs to support WP

01-02 19:38Dona: Oh my gosh here comes that song.

01-02 19:39Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Notty, i have seen through Determination and it is US!

01-02 19:39Rush: Perhaps over the next week, experiment with the Chat Room…

01-02 19:39Nothere: That hat isn’t big enough.

01-02 19:39Mike n Rachel in DC: Love is blind, but it’s eyesight is improving…

01-02 19:39MDA19083: make it a double!

01-02 19:40Rush: He won’t…

Get the sounds ready, Louise…

01-02 19:40Godwinshelley: Was that a Whiskey and soda

01-02 19:40Nothere: Is it bizzare to have tea at the bazzar?

01-02 19:40Rush: “I’t just the way…you LIKE it.”

01-02 19:41Mike n Rachel in DC: “that’s the way..uh huh uh huh…I like it..uh huh uh huh…”

01-02 19:41Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rich, i know you and all the swells are snickering.  I have owned three Edsels, and now i find Windows Vista is not getting my bear to go over the mountain.  I suppose this is all very funny to you, on the Funway!

01-02 19:41Rush: Angel, I just noticed that you are the only one so far with a picture Emoji!

01-02 19:41hounder: ok. mostly backish

01-02 19:41MDA19083: what a trendsetter

01-02 19:42Godwinshelley: Yea!! Boris sighting

01-02 19:42Rush: Did we get a glimpse of Boris Karloff?

01-02 19:42Godwinshelley: Yes

01-02 19:42Rush: AH!

01-02 19:42Rich-Maine:  Angel

01-02 19:42Rush: I have to say, these scenes look VERY authentic.

01-02 19:43Angel Santiago Saltamontes: WOW, Rush!  That’s probably cuz i clicked F***book to enter.  Unintentional (the pic) i assure you.  I am though SO HAPPY TO BE HERE!

01-02 19:43MDA19083: i entered the chat room using MySpace

01-02 19:43Rush: Well…what ever works….works!

01-02 19:43Dona: lol

01-02 19:44Louise: This guy is annoying

01-02 19:44Rich-Maine: They all talk at half-speed !

01-02 19:44Rush: Less annoying that Eve’s husband!

01-02 19:45Nothere: Thats just because you don’t care about the caravan.

01-02 19:45Rush: Speaking of ANNOYING….

01-02 19:45Mike n Rachel in DC: oh god…THIS song

01-02 19:45Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Righto, Rush!  Can anybody tell me where we are timewise???

01-02 19:45Rush: She left a MESS!

01-02 19:45Mike n Rachel in DC: We manage to forget , but once a year…

01-02 19:45MDA19083: 30:00

01-02 19:45Rich-Maine: Mike, the movie soundtrack was a best seller….went platinum !

01-02 19:46Rush: 31:00

01-02 19:46Nothere: Quick Louise sound the gong. Get her off the stage./

01-02 19:46Mike n Rachel in DC: symbolic jewelry on bed

01-02 19:46Rush: Rich:

01-02 19:46Dona: 31.15

01-02 19:46Rush: 31:20

01-02 19:46hounder: earworm

01-02 19:46Rush: 31:30

01-02 19:46Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes Rich.  But in Bango-Bango only

01-02 19:46Dona: i muted it

01-02 19:46Rush: 31:40


01-02 19:47Rich-Maine: yup a regional favorite only……pundi pundi pundi

01-02 19:47Rush: Her life crashes down around her…

01-02 19:47Louise:

01-02 19:47Dona: 32.20

01-02 19:47Angel Santiago Saltamontes: This must be an omen: we (me & Foxx) enter on the maiden meet to “Punji Punji Punji”.  HEY MICKEY!!

01-02 19:47Mike n Rachel in DC: Hilary Galt?  Any relation to John?

01-02 19:48Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Do us a favor, and go FAR.

01-02 19:48Rush: Louise, I will let you explain that link later, if you will, please!

01-02 19:48Dona: I had to mute it Angel

01-02 19:48Nothere: Your so fine. Your so fine you blow my mind. Stop that Angel.

01-02 19:48MDA19083: catchy tune

01-02 19:48Louise:

01-02 19:48Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Coupla hopheads.

01-02 19:49Louise: nope, still working on sounds: that one doesn’t work

01-02 19:49Mike n Rachel in DC: Busted!

01-02 19:49hounder: oops. louise did i erase your post?

01-02 19:49Louise: SIESTAS!

01-02 19:49Rush: “Siestas”

01-02 19:49Nothere: Plonic. Kathooom

01-02 19:49Mike n Rachel in DC: Never heard it called that, Rush

01-02 19:50Louise: yes hounder, but that is okay, it didn’t work. Odd that you could erase it, though

01-02 19:50Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Dona, we must create a decoy Travel Guide to lead the Punji types to deep water!

01-02 19:50Rush:

01-02 19:50hounder: i’m sorry. i clicked on the arrow to try to play it?

01-02 19:50Dona: I’m with you Angel

01-02 19:51Nothere: Plonic. Brought to you by the letter. P

01-02 19:51Louise: it was a bad file

01-02 19:51Angel Santiago Saltamontes: That guy’s a cat.  He’ll fold like a 98¢ cardtable.

01-02 19:51Rush: “I did it for YOUR sake.”


01-02 19:51Dona: What a line

01-02 19:51hounder: that’s why i don’t push buttons on a computer unless i know what it does. lol

01-02 19:51Angel Santiago Saltamontes: ALWAYS words of a scoundrel.

01-02 19:51Dona: yes.

01-02 19:51Rush: Wise words, Hounder!

01-02 19:52Mike n Rachel in DC: The question is what she WON’T be doing after this, Eric

01-02 19:52Louise: He doesn’t even look at her when he talks

01-02 19:52Nothere: Pushg that button. Pull that lever. Who the hell wants to live forever.

01-02 19:52Rush: He’s looking at the cue card!

01-02 19:52Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Luckily, hounder, you know everything.  We’ll stay here behind your greatcoat.

01-02 19:53Nothere: Divorce 1940s style.

01-02 19:53Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Which IS a great coat.  Are those imported houndsteeth?

01-02 19:53Mike n Rachel in DC: Drama!

01-02 19:53Rush: N-A-I-V-E

01-02 19:53Angel Santiago Saltamontes: To the MOON, Alice!

01-02 19:53Louise: She certainly can emote

01-02 19:53Rush: Yes.

01-02 19:53Mike n Rachel in DC: lots of folk music in this…very cool

01-02 19:53Rush: Karloff…

01-02 19:53Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Looks like a Punji audience.

01-02 19:54Rush: Yes, Mike.

01-02 19:54Godwinshelley: Boris looks so natural in that turban

01-02 19:54Matt: Yes

01-02 19:54Nothere: So is it just me or do these two need marriage counciling?

01-02 19:54Rush: I agree, GS.


01-02 19:54Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Not just you, Notty.

01-02 19:54Nothere: Boris had a turban in the Wild Wild West

01-02 19:54Mike n Rachel in DC: I think they could probably use a session or two, NT.  Just a little tune up perhaps…

01-02 19:55Angel Santiago Saltamontes: And I think we know what TUNE.

01-02 19:55MDA19083: you must  –   you must

01-02 19:55Mike n Rachel in DC: still emoting, Louise

01-02 19:55Angel Santiago Saltamontes: An urban or suburban turban?

01-02 19:56Nothere: Ah yes the old fake being dead to get out of the marraige trick. Used it three times last month.

01-02 19:56MDA19083: NT

01-02 19:56Rush: I have to say that this film has a very “real” location feel!!!

01-02 19:56hounder: angel. you have mistaken me for someone else. i don’t even own a great coat.

01-02 19:56Mike n Rachel in DC: It does Rush…even the sounds

01-02 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: [yodelers: PUNJI PUNJI YODELAYEE OOOOO!  PUNJI . . .

01-02 19:57Mike n Rachel in DC: cool bells

01-02 19:57Godwinshelley: I must go (1 second) (2 seconds) (3 seconds) Forward

01-02 19:57Angel Santiago Saltamontes: PLEASE turn back. We’ll explain to the student dean.  Go NOW!

01-02 19:57Rush: Hounder, I only have a mediocre coat.

01-02 19:57MDA19083: great location footage

01-02 19:57Rush: Agreed, MDA.

01-02 19:57Rich-Maine: yes big production here

01-02 19:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: These are probably the same 200 camels, just doing a circle.

01-02 19:58Rush:

01-02 19:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: She circumcise his necktie?

01-02 19:58Dona: lol

01-02 19:58Mike n Rachel in DC: Maybe he’s Jewish Angel…

01-02 19:59Rich-Maine: werent all angels Jewish ?

01-02 19:59Angel Santiago Saltamontes: MnR: Or the cravat is!

01-02 19:59Rush: RICH:

01-02 19:59Nothere: 200? Remind me not to hire you for cinematoprapghy Angel. I can get the same effect with only 50.

01-02 19:59Dona: Where is the ice.  you need ice in a drink

01-02 19:59Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Anybody ever tried MOXIE?

01-02 20:00Rich-Maine: YES Angel…….local bevvy

01-02 20:00Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Swing, baby, swing!

01-02 20:00Nothere: Bah. Tell the Home Office to go home.

01-02 20:00Rush: A rare commodity there, Dona!

01-02 20:00Dona: true but yuck

01-02 20:01Rush:


01-02 20:01Nothere: She saw Betham here, but did she beat Beathams caravan?

01-02 20:01Mike n Rachel in DC:

01-02 20:01Rush: He’s testing him here…

01-02 20:02Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Isn’t ANYBODY on this porch gonna sell some insurance?  Convertible debentures?

01-02 20:02Rush: Failed the “nerves” test.

01-02 20:02Mike n Rachel in DC: cat-and-mouse

01-02 20:02Rush: ARGH….

01-02 20:02Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rollicking toward ROMANCE!

01-02 20:02Nothere: I can’t leave at once. I’m not packed, and I still have half my drink,.

01-02 20:02Mike n Rachel in DC: charming voice?

electric guitar

01-02 20:02Rich-Maine: stop singing….I confess!

01-02 20:03Rush:

01-02 20:03Mike n Rachel in DC: this music is awesome

01-02 20:03Nothere: Yes Mike. Apparantley the Inspector was drinking too.

01-02 20:03MDA19083: one hump or two?

01-02 20:03Rush:

01-02 20:03Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Notty, may all your troubles be on an endless Southwest luggage carousel!

01-02 20:03Nothere: depends on if it’s an Asian of african camel.

01-02 20:03Angel Santiago Saltamontes: PUNJI!

01-02 20:03Rush: Yes, NT.

01-02 20:04Angel Santiago Saltamontes: They’re gonna rock that tent, rock it inside out!

01-02 20:04Rush:

01-02 20:04Mike n Rachel in DC: passion abounds

01-02 20:04Angel Santiago Saltamontes: I see this scene with Clark Gable and Marie Dressler.

01-02 20:05Mike n Rachel in DC: we’ll always have Paris, John

01-02 20:05Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Paris and Punji.

01-02 20:05Nothere: How about Au revior. So long. or Farewell?

01-02 20:06Rush: All work.

01-02 20:06Sarabell: I think Eve is secretly an Eddie.

01-02 20:06Mike n Rachel in DC: goodbye, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodnight

01-02 20:06Louise: how about buzz off?

01-02 20:06Rich-Maine: I agree Sara

01-02 20:06Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Will we seize you, in Zeptember, or lose you, with our summer gloves?

01-02 20:06Rush: Bobbed hair.

01-02 20:06Mike n Rachel in DC: she’s cute…very 20s girl

01-02 20:06Nothere: What if she was in the next to the next tent? Would that help?

01-02 20:07Paul Minturn: ok…so, is this working for me?

ah, i guess it is

01-02 20:07Nothere: Yes Paul

01-02 20:07Matt: Hello Paul!

01-02 20:07Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Paul!

01-02 20:07Godwinshelley: Hello Paul – how was the parade today

01-02 20:07Nothere: And welcome

01-02 20:07Rush: One had to have short hair to wear those “aviator” hats!

01-02 20:07Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Paul, you’ve spoken the unspeakable!  And the acoustics are fine!

01-02 20:07Nothere: Oh John. Oh Marsha. Oh my sachrilliac.

01-02 20:08Paul Minturn: hi GS…i just had it on while i was doing other things.   sort of a tradition.  gotta watch at least a LITTLE of the parade

01-02 20:08Rush:

01-02 20:08Louise: Maybe don’t marry any of these creeps

01-02 20:08Rush: Next she could marry that Cockney guy.

01-02 20:08hounder: hi paul

01-02 20:08Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Notty: don’t forget our uvula!  Why don’t you let the doctor—

01-02 20:08Rush: Paul!!!


01-02 20:09Angel Santiago Saltamontes: NOBODY’S GOING AT MY UVULA!

01-02 20:09Rush: LONG scene.

01-02 20:09Mike n Rachel in DC: Took long enough to get that out, sweetie

01-02 20:09Paul Minturn: just so everyone knows…i’m the same Paul who used to come in here.  FB added my last name to this new chatroom.

01-02 20:09Rush: “Somehow” she didn’t forget him????

01-02 20:10Angel Santiago Saltamontes: SOMETHING has to break this tension.  Anybody up for Kung-fu fighting?

01-02 20:10Sarabell: Yeah, it’s never her fault.

01-02 20:10Rush: This has got to be one of the LONGEST such scenes in film history!

01-02 20:10Rich-Maine: Only one murder in this film? Is that a record for CC films?

01-02 20:10Rush: The plane!!!

01-02 20:10Nothere: So facebook has ratted you our PaulM

01-02 20:10Godwinshelley: Imagine if she had kids!  The meetings with the teachers would … be … so … tense.

01-02 20:10Louise: gosh, finally the kiss

01-02 20:10Rush: Spooked the horses.

01-02 20:11Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We kinda thought, Paul!  This does promise to be a night of surprises!

01-02 20:11Mike n Rachel in DC: Cool, Paul.  Didn’t penetrate the disguise. 

01-02 20:11Paul Minturn: guess so Nothere.   not that i was trying to hide or anything

01-02 20:11Rush: QUICK! Throw a sheet over her and have her pose as a chair!

01-02 20:11Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, GS.  And…they would take…..several hours

01-02 20:11Rich-Maine: YES RUSH

01-02 20:11Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We’re at (58:30): damn ads on YT.  What’s our “time”?

01-02 20:11Mike n Rachel in DC: Hide her with the camels!

01-02 20:12Nothere: Of course not. As for me. I have nothing to hide. Thats why I’m not here.

01-02 20:12Rush: 57:10

01-02 20:12Mike n Rachel in DC: You should teach her that trick, NT

01-02 20:12Rush: 57:20


01-02 20:12Angel Santiago Saltamontes: And we respect you for it, Notty.  No dusty spots for the maid later!

01-02 20:12Rush: 57:40

01-02 20:12Louise:

Homemade kiss sound

01-02 20:13Dona: lol@Louise

01-02 20:13Rush: “Very well, Sahib.”

01-02 20:13Godwinshelley: Speaking part!!

01-02 20:13Matt: Plane may not have wheels on it when they come back

01-02 20:13Mike n Rachel in DC: applause for Louise

01-02 20:13Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Dunno how we got AHEAD!  Pausing for one verse of Punji.

01-02 20:13Rush: Louise:

01-02 20:13Nothere: She just needs to be a better liar. She got caught on the camel’s reins and was halfway there when they realized she was being dragged along. Perfectly natural.

01-02 20:13Sarabell: The Bedouin’s done told him what is going on.

01-02 20:13Rich-Maine: I know nuthing…..

01-02 20:13Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Sarabell: Clyde the Camel would tell.

01-02 20:14Rush:

01-02 20:14Angel Santiago Saltamontes: SECRETS?  You don’t WANNA know the secrets!

01-02 20:14Sarabell: Camels can’t seal their lips.

01-02 20:14Nothere: Cinderella

01-02 20:14Rush: Looks like the same drinks that luna served earlier.

01-02 20:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: SB:: REALLY?

01-02 20:15Godwinshelley: Karloff made the guy take that drink

01-02 20:16Dona: They all talk so slow

01-02 20:16Nothere: Karloff gives you a drink, you take it. Though I don’t know if you should drink it.

01-02 20:16Rush: NEXT WEEK: “Eran Trece” (“There Were Thirteen”)

01-02 20:16Angel Santiago Saltamontes: He feigns ennui.

01-02 20:16Louise:

01-02 20:16Rush: The use of the pith helmet to conceal some “evidence.”

01-02 20:16Louise: styrofom egg carton closing in case we ever need it

01-02 20:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: They all CUHHHH-RACK in the end!

01-02 20:17Mike n Rachel in DC: Louise.  Resident genius.

01-02 20:17Louise: M&R or resident nutcase

01-02 20:17Rush: Signaled him that he isn’t supposed to be able to taslk.

01-02 20:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Didn’t Sherlock H keep his white-horse stash and his “works” in a Certain Persian Slipper?

01-02 20:17Nothere: You order obey? But if I’m not obeying, why would I obey an order to obey?

01-02 20:18Dona: Yes Angel

01-02 20:18Godwinshelley: Karloff says so much with his face here

01-02 20:18Rush: YES!

01-02 20:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes: My CaraVAN?

01-02 20:18Matt: Man of few words

01-02 20:19Rush: YES!

01-02 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Give him back some sand, Punji.

01-02 20:19Mike n Rachel in DC: Not to derail things here…but we have Monday Night Football on here.  A player just got very seriously injured in this game.  He may have died.  It’s big news…will likely be everywhere.  (sorry, but thought y’all might want to know)

01-02 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Fetching hemline!

01-02 20:19Nothere: You can’t beat Col. Beetham

01-02 20:20Dona: Thank you MnR

01-02 20:20Matt: Oh no Mike

01-02 20:20Mike n Rachel in DC: Love the wisdom of this guy.  Perceptive.

01-02 20:20Rush: What, Mike???

That’s terrible!

01-02 20:20Dona: Yes

01-02 20:21Rush: I hope he’s okay.

01-02 20:21Mike n Rachel in DC: The game has been suspended for almost 30 minutes.  Teams have left the field and they may cancel the game.

01-02 20:21hounder: oh no. how terrible!

01-02 20:21Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Only thing worse on a guy than culottes, is to go (in the words of a newswriter back in the day, subject a Teddy Kennedy “incident”) “SANS CULOTTES”.

01-02 20:21Mike n Rachel in DC: Again, sorry to put a damper on things.

01-02 20:22Mike n Rachel in DC: Hopefully better news to come.  (as soon as we locate Eve)

01-02 20:22Rush: We can all offer a prayer.

01-02 20:22Dona: Yes Rush

01-02 20:22Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We’re already quite damp, MnR.

01-02 20:23Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Nothing, unfortunately, can surprise us.

01-02 20:24Louise: Damar Hamlin: I don’t know football but this is what Twitter posted

01-02 20:24hounder: brb dog walk

01-02 20:24Mike n Rachel in DC: that the player, Louise

01-02 20:25Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Indeed we shall.

01-02 20:25Louise: I don’t watch football…

01-02 20:25Rush: San Francisco…

01-02 20:25Godwinshelley: Yeah – Stateside

01-02 20:25Angel Santiago Saltamontes: This NFL?

01-02 20:25Rush: I don’t watch NFL anymore…just college.

01-02 20:26Mike n Rachel in DC: Is she on the boat to Alcatraz?

01-02 20:26Rush: The ferry is named “Sants Clara”

01-02 20:26Sarabell: I think its Taron Johnson

01-02 20:26Nothere: England, Persia, America. Can’t say they didn’t establish the globe trotting in this series early.

01-02 20:27Mike n Rachel in DC: 8 please

01-02 20:27Rush: Image thumbnail

This is the ferry we just saw.

01-02 20:27Dona: Nice

01-02 20:27hounder: back

01-02 20:27Rush: at floor 4 1/2

01-02 20:28Rush: Another can?

01-02 20:28Angel Santiago Saltamontes: This being Monday night, we guess here it might be NFL.  I get chills still when i’m reminded of, or hear replayed, the studio crosstalk and Howard Cosell’s cutoff of it to go immediately live and not wait out the final minutes of the Monday Night Football game December 8, 1980.

01-02 20:28Rush: Image thumbnail

01-02 20:28Godwinshelley: Great – so if he gets the letter – now she knows he committed another murder

01-02 20:29Rush: Yes, Angel…I recall that very well….

01-02 20:29Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Yes we CAN!

01-02 20:29Nothere: Eric. Compose yourself. Your going to give yourself away with your silly conciense.

01-02 20:29Rush: Irate customers!

01-02 20:29Angel Santiago Saltamontes: And he never changed that suit ONCE.

01-02 20:29Rush: Running through SF….

01-02 20:30Mike n Rachel in DC: The first SF marathon!

01-02 20:30Angel Santiago Saltamontes: You go to Beaton’d lecture and you’ll be solo, Rollo!

01-02 20:30Louise: nice camera following her

01-02 20:30Rush: EL Park as Charlie chan.

01-02 20:30Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Sen-sen anyone?

01-02 20:31Rush: Looks like Kashimo was there.

01-02 20:31Angel Santiago Saltamontes: The GALLOS?  Didn’t they take time to bring us mediocre wine?

01-02 20:31Rush: Better than Ripple….

01-02 20:31Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush: Alas, Kashimo, we hardly knew ye!

01-02 20:32Rush: True.

01-02 20:32Louise: respectable?

01-02 20:32Mike n Rachel in DC: sensible girl?


01-02 20:32Nothere: Charlie Chin makes his apperance.

01-02 20:32Angel Santiago Saltamontes: If she can make it there, she’ll make it everywhere.

01-02 20:32Mike n Rachel in DC: Or Charlie Chan makes his appearince

01-02 20:32Rush: Note how hih up the phone is on the wall!

01-02 20:32Nothere: Kashimo? Can orders.

01-02 20:33Mike n Rachel in DC: only one bar of service…

01-02 20:33Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush: They might be giants, the tenants.

01-02 20:33Rush: Chinatown!

01-02 20:33Dona: Is the Rose bowl over?

01-02 20:33Godwinshelley: Ha – Been there

01-02 20:33Rush: GS, you were at this corner.

01-02 20:33Godwinshelley: Yes I was

01-02 20:33Rush: Chan.

01-02 20:33Godwinshelley: Though the police man was not there

01-02 20:33Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Acting under duress, ya mean.

01-02 20:33Nothere: No. You can’t buy a ticket unless your a one legged pirate.

01-02 20:34Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Where, where?

01-02 20:34Godwinshelley: It would be great to get a modern policeman to stand there and get a photo


01-02 20:34Mike n Rachel in DC: CHARLIE!

01-02 20:34Godwinshelley: Chinatown

01-02 20:34Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Notty: you see my saw?  I want a ticket.

01-02 20:34Louise: Rush, you need to add this actor to the Chan list

01-02 20:34Rush: Noe we can see why Fox chose Warner Oland for the role.

01-02 20:34Godwinshelley: There is some fun music in this film – with the “native” music and now this

01-02 20:35Rush: Yes…jazz.

01-02 20:35Nothere: If your a one legged pirate you can but a ticket.

01-02 20:35Mike n Rachel in DC: it’s all “authentic” music…really remarkable and light years better than the faux-Chinese stuff in the other films

01-02 20:35Angel Santiago Saltamontes: That girl doesn’t have a box to stand on.

01-02 20:35Rush: Yes, Mike.

This movie does have some good points!

01-02 20:36Rush: The meeting of fear and love…

01-02 20:36Nothere: If he can’;t I have Eve Cario’s number.

01-02 20:36Mike n Rachel in DC: Minus the punji song and some grotesque over-acting, there’s a lot to like about this.  I really like the inspector character.  A lot.

01-02 20:36Godwinshelley: If this is on YouTube – could you run it a little faster?

01-02 20:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Stripped of its punji punji, it’s NAKED, Miss Dudley!

01-02 20:36Dona: lol

01-02 20:36Mike n Rachel in DC: speaking of faux-Chinese

01-02 20:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hotsy Totsy!

01-02 20:37Godwinshelley: Yeah – More speaking parts – he got more $ for this role

01-02 20:37Mike n Rachel in DC: sounds like something out of The Nutcracker ballet

01-02 20:37Godwinshelley: Master??

01-02 20:37Rush: Yes.

01-02 20:37Nothere: If it’s on youetube you can run it up to double speed God.

01-02 20:37Rush: Not a slave.

01-02 20:37Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Guy’s all worried about The Innocent: what about US?  We’re suffering!

01-02 20:37Rush: Servant.

01-02 20:38Louise: He rocks that turban

01-02 20:38Godwinshelley: Yes he wears it well

01-02 20:38Rush: In Karloff’s presumed culture in this movie, it would be understood.

01-02 20:38Mike n Rachel in DC: He’s a great actor even in smaller roles

01-02 20:38Nothere: In the end the sdessert is a mirage.

01-02 20:38Angel Santiago Saltamontes: This guy has to be a charter member of Bob&Ray’s Slow Talkers of America.

01-02 20:38Rush: Look in the audience…

01-02 20:38Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Who?

01-02 20:38Rush: We see a familiar face, I believe…

01-02 20:39Angel Santiago Saltamontes: President Hoover?

01-02 20:39Rush: Hoobert Heever.

01-02 20:39Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Jolson?

01-02 20:39Rush: There!

Dr. Cream.

01-02 20:39Mike n Rachel in DC: This movie comes from the year of the great crash

01-02 20:39Rush: Yes.

01-02 20:39Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush: that Heever fellow too.  Him?

01-02 20:39Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush:  Eagle eye.  It is!

01-02 20:40Angel Santiago Saltamontes: DOCTOR CREAM!!!!

How many hounds had to die for that suit?

01-02 20:40Rush: Yes.

01-02 20:40Nothere: The lecture is titled Behind that curtain. Come on movie youre trying way too hard.

01-02 20:40Rush: Uh, oh….


01-02 20:41Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s Dr. Zodiac!

01-02 20:41Rush: “We want the lecture….We want the lecture….!”

01-02 20:41Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Uh-oh. Was the finish of The Graduate drawn from this?

01-02 20:41Matt: The show MUST go on!

01-02 20:41Rush: Chan got him!

01-02 20:42Angel Santiago Saltamontes: All good things must end, autumn leaves must fall . . .

01-02 20:42Louise: LIGHTS

01-02 20:42Rush: The audience got their money’s worth.

01-02 20:42Angel Santiago Saltamontes: What an ego.

01-02 20:42Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s a can for sure.

01-02 20:42Angel Santiago Saltamontes: She needs her toque torqued.

01-02 20:42Rush: Image thumbnail

01-02 20:43Mike n Rachel in DC: He needs a tourniquet

01-02 20:43Matt: She’s single now

01-02 20:43Rush: “The best I could find is a vet…”

01-02 20:43Angel Santiago Saltamontes: MnR:😆😆😆

01-02 20:44Angel Santiago Saltamontes: All this palaver’s not puttin’ anybody in jail!

A Malay melee!!

01-02 20:44Rush: “What no man hears, no man ever knows…”

01-02 20:44Godwinshelley: But what if you SEE it – you know it then

01-02 20:44Rush: Not quite over yet…

01-02 20:45Rush: “Walk softly…go far…”


Organ exit music…

01-02 20:45Matt: <yee-haw>

01-02 20:45Nothere: Walked softly? Uhm did you not see the riot at the lecture?

01-02 20:45Rush: (Applause…)

01-02 20:45Mike n Rachel in DC: time for a kissy sound

01-02 20:45Rush: True!

01-02 20:45Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

01-02 20:45Angel Santiago Saltamontes: APPLESAUCE!!!

01-02 20:45hounder: great exit line

01-02 20:45Dona: <YAHOO>

01-02 20:45Rush: NEXT WEEK: “Eran Trece”

01-02 20:45Godwinshelley: My husband was singing Pundee Pundee to the organ music

01-02 20:46Angel Santiago Saltamontes: A great start!!  Huzzahs!!

01-02 20:46Rush: NO!

01-02 20:46Mike n Rachel in DC: I like this movie.  And it’s almost 100 years old

01-02 20:46Matt: Always a great start to the year

01-02 20:46Rush: Well…

01-02 20:46Godwinshelley: its a little better when its faster and more upbeat

01-02 20:46Rush: Thank you ALLL!

01-02 20:46hounder: yay!  and congrats to the tech crew for a successful alunch of hte new site.

01-02 20:46Nothere: New year. New Room. Really old movie.

01-02 20:46hounder: lol@nt

01-02 20:46Matt: Good night everyone and have a great week ahead

01-02 20:46Rush: I hope that the new Chat Room was worthy.

01-02 20:46Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Careless and scarless.

01-02 20:46Dona: Yes it is.  Thank you Rush.  I think the new website is a sucess.

01-02 20:46Mike n Rachel in DC: Same great bunch of people, NT 

01-02 20:46Rush: TYSM…Dona…

01-02 20:46Nothere: Dynomutt Angel?

01-02 20:46Mike n Rachel in DC: The website is great Rush.

01-02 20:47Rush: Take care of SoCal for us, please…

TY, M/R…

01-02 20:47hounder: nite al.\l. see you next week.

01-02 20:47Mike n Rachel in DC: No word yet on the injured player…

01-02 20:47MDA19083:

01-02 20:47Sarabell: Thank you Rush, and Louise, I think, for the great new CC home.

01-02 20:47Rush: Have a great week….

01-02 20:47Dona: LOL  We are having rain.  It’s been nice we need the water.

01-02 20:47Rush: I will try to see how that player is doing….

01-02 20:47Dona: That’s a great one MDA

01-02 20:47Rush: I hope that he’s going to be alright…

01-02 20:47Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Sir Frederick was probably still reading lines 20 minutes after this film wrapped.  Rapt for us!  Happpy New Site AND New Year, all! Gnite!!

01-02 20:47Nothere: Well so far so good. Like I said. Gonna try it out a bit more, butI see no major problems with the room at the moment.

01-02 20:47Mike n Rachel in DC: The game is on ESPN if anyone cares to tune in

01-02 20:48Rush: I will.


Happy New Year.

01-02 20:48MDA19083: Good night … and thanks to all!

01-02 20:48Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care everyone!

01-02 20:48Nothere: Night all

01-02 20:48Rush: We need to count our blessings….

01-02 20:48Dona: Happy New Year Everyone!

01-02 20:48Sarabell: They used a defillibrator on the player, not good.

01-02 20:48Paul Minturn: bye

01-02 20:48Rush: Take care…

01-02 20:48Dona: Have a good week.  See you next week.

01-02 20:48Rush: Be happy this coming week….

And…be safe….

Louise, i will await your suggestion(s).

01-02 20:49Sarabell: Prayers for the young player, hope you all have a great week.

01-02 20:49Rush: You need some rest now, Louise!

Yes, SB…

01-02 20:49Louise: true Rush. I’ll be in touch tomorrow

01-02 20:50Rush: Okay.

i will be pretty much available.

01-02 20:50Rush: I am taking off next week from school to finish my recovery.

(This week)

01-02 20:51Rush: Take care…

Good night….

01-02 20:52Godwinshelley: night

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