Chat Archive 1/23/2023

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for January 23, 2023

The NEW Adventures of Charlie Chan (Your Money or Your Wife; The Noble Art of Murder)

Actor James Hong on his amazing longevity; J. CARROLL NAISH TRIBUTE

Angel Santiago Saltamontes
Mike n Rachel in DC
Tucson Larry

01-23 17:41Rush: I may be late …sorry!!!

01-23 18:27Tucson Larry: Good Evening Chan Clan! Anybody out there?

01-23 18:30Rush: Hello, Larry!
I wasn’t late after all!
How are you this evening?

01-23 18:30Matt: Hello Rush & Larry!

01-23 18:30Rush: hi, Matt!
Well, I made it on time!

01-23 18:30Matt: Yes!

01-23 18:30Rush: I was really delayed at the dentist for my appointment.

01-23 18:31Matt: Another?

01-23 18:31Tucson Larry: Doing Great thanks, how about you all

01-23 18:31Rush: I have another on the 6th of next month. Another Monday, I think.

01-23 18:31Matt: Ah, well hope all goes well

01-23 18:31Tucson Larry: Dr. Payne eh?

01-23 18:32Rush: Larry, i cannot complain! Doing well
, Than you!
No pain though.

01-23 18:32Tucson Larry: I’m glad about no pain

01-23 18:33Rush: Just replacing a crown. the funny thing is, after three visits, the color is not correct, so theyu are going for one more try! After many yerars of drinking tea, the tooth needs to be “tinted”!

01-23 18:33Matt: I will be out of town next Monday, as a FYI

01-23 18:33Rush: No problem!
A trip?

01-23 18:34Matt: Helping with family stuff

01-23 18:34Rush: Ah!

01-23 18:34Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all!

01-23 18:34Matt: Folks are getting older
Hello M & R!

01-23 18:35Rush: WELCOME, Mike and Rachel!

01-23 18:35Mike n Rachel in DC: hides cane

01-23 18:35Rush: How are the two of you this evening?

01-23 18:35Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re well…not feeling old at all

01-23 18:36Rush: Very good! What more can one ask for?

01-23 18:36Mike n Rachel in DC: Exactly. Hope the dental woes are solved soon!

01-23 18:36Rush: TYSM.
Just a matter of time for that crown!

01-23 18:37Mike n Rachel in DC: I (Mike) just had to have a filling replaced…apparently it wore out after 20 years…

01-23 18:37Rush: Yes. I have had some of those over the years!

01-23 18:38Rush: I hope that everyone had a good weekend.

01-23 18:39Rush: We have two extras tonight. One is about the lengthy career of James Hong, and the other is a brief tribute to J. Carrol Naish.

01-23 18:40Matt: Do you know what disc is the 2nd Chan tonight? My box doesn’t have it listed

01-23 18:40Rush: Disc 6.

01-23 18:40Matt: Ok, thnx

01-23 18:40Rush: Should be.

01-23 18:40Matt: 1 & 6

01-23 18:40Rush: The episodes are also available online.

01-23 18:41Mike n Rachel in DC: Good…still haven’t acquired the New Adventures…

01-23 18:41Rush: Are you traveling to see family, Matt?

01-23 18:41Matt: Yes, Sat to Wed

01-23 18:42Rush: No problem, Mike! I always try to feature episodes that are available online.

01-23 18:43Rush: However, I recommend getting them, as they should “grow” on you as they did me.

01-23 18:43Matt: Yes, they are on the east side of FL….Palm Coast

01-23 18:43Mike n Rachel in DC: We always enjoy them when we see them here…just sloth in our Chan acquisition program.

01-23 18:44Rush: Ah! Not too far away.
You are a busy guy, Mike! I know!

01-23 18:44Matt: 3.5 hour drive….Orlando traffic is tough

01-23 18:44Rush: I can understand the traffic issue!

01-23 18:44Matt: I finally completed my Chan set….the cartoon series! 🙂

01-23 18:44Rush: Wonderful!

01-23 18:45Tucson Larry: Loved the cartoons!

01-23 18:45Matt: Now I wait for the “lost” films

01-23 18:45Mike n Rachel in DC: THAT is true Chan-fandom, Matt

01-23 18:45Rush: If enough of us get the Chan cartoon set, we can eventually have some of those as extras!
Yes, Matt!!!!

01-23 18:45Tucson Larry: Good plan

01-23 18:45Matt: Hello Duane!

01-23 18:46Duane: Hello everyone

01-23 18:46Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Duane

01-23 18:46Rush: For some reason, the cartoons are not avasilable online as they were a couple of years ago!

01-23 18:46Duane: Hello Matt

01-23 18:46Mike n Rachel in DC: Larry, is this your first visit to the Chan clan?

01-23 18:46Rush: Duane!!

01-23 18:46Matt: I didn’t know that, sad

01-23 18:46Mike n Rachel in DC: Boo (no cartoons)

01-23 18:47Duane: Hello Mike n Rachel

01-23 18:47Rush: I think Larry was here before as simpley “Tucson”?

01-23 18:47Tucson Larry: No, I have graced the table about a half dozen times

01-23 18:47Matt: Good thing I bought them when we were showing them online

01-23 18:47Duane: Hello Rush

01-23 18:47Rush: Hi, Duane!

01-23 18:47Mike n Rachel in DC: Cool. Well, it’s good to “see” you!

01-23 18:47Rush: How are you this evening?

01-23 18:47Tucson Larry: Thanks!

01-23 18:48Rush: I think that I have finally transferred EVERYTHING over to our new site! I finished the Chat Archive today.

01-23 18:48Matt: I was looking at the log page today….nice work!

01-23 18:49Rush: We have nearly a thousand total pages here at our site.

01-23 18:49Mike n Rachel in DC: Yay. Congrats, Matt. That was a huge project!

01-23 18:49Tucson Larry: Thank You for your hard work

01-23 18:49Rush: TYSM, Matrt.

01-23 18:49Matt: Yes, thnx Rush

01-23 18:50Rush: Matt.
Sorry, I am still using my laptop with its keyboard. More typos that usual.

01-23 18:50Matt: The log makes me feel old, lol

01-23 18:50Rush: Well…shall we watch the first extra?

01-23 18:50Matt: Ready here

01-23 18:50Mike n Rachel in DC: is there a link?

01-23 18:51Rush: It is an interview with James Hong about his lengthy career.
I will get the link…

01-23 18:51mda19083: hello folks

01-23 18:51Rush:
Image thumbnail

01-23 18:51Matt: Hello Philly!

01-23 18:51Rush: WELCOME!!!

01-23 18:51Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey MDA

01-23 18:51Matt: Go Birds!

01-23 18:51Rush: We are just about to watch the first extra!

01-23 18:52mda19083: yes siree
my neice was at the game on Saturday

01-23 18:52Matt: Lucky!

01-23 18:52Mike n Rachel in DC: cool!

01-23 18:52mda19083: cued here

01-23 18:52Rush: Everyone ready?

01-23 18:52Matt: Yep

01-23 18:52Mike n Rachel in DC: si

01-23 18:53Rush: Okay…

01-23 18:53Rush: 30 seconds…
20 seconds…

01-23 18:54mda19083: mo rocca is the best

01-23 18:54Rush: Number One Son, Barry….at 93!

01-23 18:54mda19083: nice moves james

01-23 18:55Matt: Cartwright!

01-23 18:55mda19083: I say Cartwright

01-23 18:55Matt: I didn’t know he was in Airplane

01-23 18:55Tucson Larry: He’s 93? looks great

01-23 18:55Rush: INDEED!

01-23 18:59Matt: I didn’t know that
about Naish

01-23 18:59Rush: Yes. I had heard a little about that before, but not the details.

01-23 19:01Rush: Okay!

01-23 19:01Matt: I like him

01-23 19:01Mike n Rachel in DC: GREAT extra, Rush. Very interesting

01-23 19:01Tucson Larry: Nice

01-23 19:01Rush: That was the first one.
Interesting, Huh!

01-23 19:02mda19083: great segment – an interesting guy

01-23 19:02Matt: Very

01-23 19:02Duane: Great extra thank you Rush

01-23 19:02Rush: I guess J. Carrol Naish was on the crabby side!
Thge next one is short.

01-23 19:02Matt: No pun intended?

01-23 19:03Rush: It is a brief tribute to J. Carrol Naish.
Image thumbnail

01-23 19:03Matt: Ready here

01-23 19:03Mike n Rachel in DC: all set

01-23 19:03Rush: Everyon else ready?

01-23 19:04mda19083: cued

01-23 19:04Rush: 30…

01-23 19:04Duane: Ready

01-23 19:04Rush: 20…

01-23 19:07Rush: And there we have it.

01-23 19:07Matt: Thnx for the extras Rush!

01-23 19:07Mike n Rachel in DC: –clap clap–

01-23 19:08mda19083: I Dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair
he was in a host of films

01-23 19:08Rush: Regarding Naish, we are all human, and we all have our flaws and accompanying regrets…

01-23 19:08Duane: Good one

01-23 19:08Rush: Yes he was, MDA!

01-23 19:08mda19083: Rush – true dat

01-23 19:08Rush: Well!
7 minutes till showtime!

01-23 19:08mda19083: thanks for the extras Rush

01-23 19:09Rush: You are very welcome!

01-23 19:09Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Rush. Many thanks. Really enjoyed the first one in particular!

01-23 19:10Rush: We will have one that is a virtual tour of an actual English manor house next week for “CC in London.”
TYSM, Mike…and I hope that Rachel was able to watch it too.

01-23 19:10Mike n Rachel in DC: YouTube has really invigorated the “extras” line up

01-23 19:10Dona: Hello Everyone!

01-23 19:10Matt: Hello Dona!

01-23 19:10Mike n Rachel in DC: Yep. Two thumbs up from the DC crew

01-23 19:10Dona: I just got here I was finding my movie. I’ ready

01-23 19:10Duane: Hello Dona

01-23 19:11Rush: Thge first one, “Your Money or Your Wife” is Episode 1.

01-23 19:11Dona: I don’t want to miss the manor house next week. I’ll try to get home earlier.

01-23 19:11Rush: The first of the series. Chan works solo here.
Barry comes in later…

01-23 19:11Matt: Cued here to car driving

01-23 19:12Rush: Hi, Dona!

01-23 19:12Godwinshelley: I’m cued to a car

01-23 19:12Matt: Hello GS!

01-23 19:12Tucson Larry: I forgot he was in Gung Ho

01-23 19:12Rush: Cued here, too…

01-23 19:12Mike n Rachel in DC: Your Money or Your Wife?

01-23 19:12mda19083: Image thumbnail

01-23 19:13Rush: TWO minutes to go!
There goes the resolution!!!

01-23 19:13Mike n Rachel in DC:

01-23 19:13Matt: Cold game

01-23 19:13Rush: 90 seconds…

01-23 19:13Dona: YUM

01-23 19:13Mike n Rachel in DC: CRABfries? That’s very Maryland

01-23 19:13Tucson Larry: Pass ’em over will ya?

01-23 19:13Rush: Everyone have the video ready?

01-23 19:13mda19083: a follow up to the crabby reference earlier

01-23 19:14Rush:,vid:9gq-1lOvpb8

01-23 19:14Dona: Ready here Rush

01-23 19:14mda19083: Crab Fries forom Lincoln Field during Saturday’s Eagles win

01-23 19:14Duane: Ready here

01-23 19:14Rush: A LONG address!

01-23 19:14mda19083: from

01-23 19:14Rush: 40 seconds…
30 seconds…

01-23 19:14Mike n Rachel in DC: Two orders to go, please, MDA

01-23 19:14Rush: 25…

01-23 19:14Mike n Rachel in DC: Oops. Rach sez better make it three

01-23 19:15Rush: 10…

01-23 19:15Matt: Image thumbnail

01-23 19:15Rush: Car driving fast!

01-23 19:16Rush: Intro…..
The NEW Adventures…

01-23 19:16mda19083: reminds me of the Jack Benny classic line – your money or your life

01-23 19:16Rush: This would be Malibu.

01-23 19:16Mike n Rachel in DC: Epic gong part in that theme music

01-23 19:17Rush: Yes, MDA!
Yes, Mike!

01-23 19:17Rush: GS!
I missed your arrival!

01-23 19:18mda19083: hello GS and others I have missed

01-23 19:18Rush: And…thank you, GS for the Christmas card! It was lost among a lot of opened mail, and I was able to open it last night!

01-23 19:19Rush: One thing I love about this series is how many location shots we get!

01-23 19:19Matt: Looks like a case for CC

01-23 19:19Rush: YES!

01-23 19:19Matt: Hello Hounder!

01-23 19:19Dona: Hi Hounder

01-23 19:20Rush: Hounder! WELCOME!!!

01-23 19:20Godwinshelley: Ha – it was that kind of Christmas Card year for me too

01-23 19:20mda19083: greetings Hounder

01-23 19:20Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS & hounder!

01-23 19:21Duane: Hello GS and Hounder

01-23 19:21hounder: hi there. time check please?

01-23 19:21Mike n Rachel in DC: No love lost there

01-23 19:21Duane: Hello mda19083

01-23 19:21Mike n Rachel in DC: 6:25

01-23 19:21mda19083: I wonder how she really feels

01-23 19:21Dona: lol

01-23 19:21Rush: So, how do you REALLY feel about his wife?

01-23 19:22hounder: thsnks. sorry to be late.

01-23 19:22Mike n Rachel in DC: 7:00

01-23 19:22Rush: Not a problem, ever, Hounder!!

01-23 19:22mda19083: the eyes have it

01-23 19:22Matt: Hope all is well Hounder

01-23 19:22Rush: How is your mother tonight?

01-23 19:23hounder: hanging in there. thanks

01-23 19:23Rush: Yes.

01-23 19:23Rush: We have a friend back in San Diego who is going through similarly with both her mother and father.

01-23 19:24Godwinshelley: I have the Nostalgia Merchant collection. What disc has the second feature?

01-23 19:25Rush: Disc 6.
wrong disc.

01-23 19:25mda19083: a ransom note?

01-23 19:25Dona: mine is disk 3

01-23 19:25Godwinshelley: I’m not finding it in this set

01-23 19:25Matt: Ransom tape

01-23 19:25Rush: looking…

01-23 19:25Matt: Mine wasn’t listed on the box either GS

01-23 19:25hounder: i’mvry sorry to hear about your friend rush. 1 is hard enough. i can’t imagine trying to care for 2.

01-23 19:26mda19083: good thing he had a tape deck handy

01-23 19:26Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan is prepared, MDA

01-23 19:26Rush: It’s been tough for her. She also lost a brother last year.

01-23 19:27Godwinshelley: Not easy at LL

01-23 19:27Dona: oh my Rush, that a lot.

01-23 19:27Rush: Strange…I don’t see the next one listed on the back of the container.
“The Noble Art of Murder.”
Yes, Dona.

01-23 19:27Godwinshelley: OK – that means I’m not missing it

01-23 19:27Matt: Mine wasn’t either Rush

01-23 19:28Mike n Rachel in DC: Very loud crickets

01-23 19:28mda19083: he’s carrying a torch for her

01-23 19:29Rush: Yes.

01-23 19:29Matt: California crickets, Mike

01-23 19:29Rush: As the next one is Episode 20, it should be on disc 5.
We will see.
We always have the online one.

01-23 19:29Matt: Image thumbnail

01-23 19:29mda19083: everything grows bigger out there

01-23 19:30Rush: TYSM, Matt!

01-23 19:30mda19083: Matt is the “can man”!

01-23 19:30Rush: YES!

01-23 19:30Matt: lol

01-23 19:31mda19083: perhaps the “can” dy man

01-23 19:31Rush:

01-23 19:31Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt is the can man and the can man can!

01-23 19:31Rush: I feel a song coming on….

01-23 19:31mda19083: yes he can!

01-23 19:31Matt: I prefer the Candy Man, but….

01-23 19:31Mike n Rachel in DC: But…can the Can Man can can?

01-23 19:32mda19083: oh no Rush is going to sing

01-23 19:32Mike n Rachel in DC:

01-23 19:33Matt: I’m ALL ears, Rush

01-23 19:33Rush: Don’t worry! I am against torture.

01-23 19:33Matt: lol

01-23 19:33mda19083: has there ever been a Chat Chat Room talent show/open mic nite?

01-23 19:34Rush: Not a very nice lady.
Never, MDA!

01-23 19:34hounder: that’s a scary thought mda

01-23 19:34Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s a bit overwrought

01-23 19:34Rush: Just a bit.

01-23 19:34Mike n Rachel in DC: How about a Chan clan karaoke night?

01-23 19:34mda19083: what lurks behind those glasses

01-23 19:35Rush: The last time Chan was at this beach, it was for “The Trap.”

01-23 19:35mda19083: On The Beach was a good film

01-23 19:35Mike n Rachel in DC: yes, MDA, but depressing

01-23 19:36mda19083: agreed Mike

01-23 19:36Godwinshelley: There are scifi movies on TCM tonight

01-23 19:36Matt: Hello A & F!

01-23 19:36Mike n Rachel in DC: Any good Karloff, GS?

01-23 19:36Rush: Mike, we would need to be gather in a mic’d chat room!

01-23 19:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: BLIZZARD slowed our progress!

01-23 19:37Mike n Rachel in DC: Pull up a chair by the fire, Angel!

01-23 19:37Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We’re at (22:00). Yes?

01-23 19:37Rush: ANGEL!!!

01-23 19:37Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We will NEED the fire! Boots are soaked!!! Hi, everybody!!!!

01-23 19:37mda19083: greetings Angel

01-23 19:37Rush: And I know that Foxx is with you!

01-23 19:38hounder: hi angel

01-23 19:38Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Frozen Foxx would still light a room!

01-23 19:38Matt: Catch up to Chan Angel….he’s at the beach

01-23 19:38Rush: She’s KooKoo!

01-23 19:38mda19083: good timing Charlie

01-23 19:38Rush: Plugging her ears won’t help.

01-23 19:39hounder: he’s just as kookoo

01-23 19:39Duane: Hello Angel

01-23 19:39Dona: agreed hounder

01-23 19:39Mike n Rachel in DC: He remembered the London case…

01-23 19:39Dona: Hi Angel How are you

01-23 19:39mda19083: I’m ready for my closeup Mr DeMille

01-23 19:39Matt: Her performance review won’t go so well this year

01-23 19:39Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We scrolled past the beach, and the nice car. Now seeing a bookish babe with heavy harlequins on her peepers. • DUANE, Good Evening!!

01-23 19:40Rush: “I killed her to make you happy.”

01-23 19:40Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Yeah, that hands-over-ears was old-school even in kindygarden.

01-23 19:40Rush: Applause….

01-23 19:40Matt:

01-23 19:40Angel Santiago Saltamontes: She’s gonna have to turn in the glasses. Foxx wants ’em.

01-23 19:40mda19083: finally the fog

01-23 19:40Mike n Rachel in DC: no gong in the exit music?

01-23 19:41Dona:

01-23 19:41Godwinshelley: Rush I’ll put in Disc 5 and see what it says on the titles

01-23 19:41Matt: Nope

01-23 19:41Rush: Now, to see if I can find the next one among the discs!

01-23 19:41Angel Santiago Saltamontes: KRAMER??

01-23 19:41Mike n Rachel in DC: Got some from the Monogram surplus sale, MDA

01-23 19:41Dona: changing disks

01-23 19:42Matt: The next one on this disc has Tommy Chan!
I didn’t end it

01-23 19:42mda19083: I rather enjoy these NACC episodes

01-23 19:42Mike n Rachel in DC: Episode 20 is next?

01-23 19:42Rush: Mystery solved! It is on Disc 5!

01-23 19:42mda19083: very funny rush

01-23 19:42Rush: Yes, “The Noble Art of Murder.”
Episode 20.
The last one on Disc 5.

01-23 19:42Matt: Cued via YouTube

01-23 19:43Dona: I must have a different set.

01-23 19:43mda19083: fire at will

01-23 19:43Rush: And, yes, we have it on YouTube, as well!

01-23 19:43Dona: I”m on disk 3

01-23 19:43Mike n Rachel in DC: Hanging around Chan has honed Rush’s detective skills

01-23 19:43mda19083: which one is Will?

01-23 19:43Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hey, on the YT scrapbook-index, i saw a MOVIE— contemporaneous, 1958— “The Noble Art of Murder” starring JAMES HONG. Any of our scholars know about this?

01-23 19:43mda19083: Mike

01-23 19:43Rush: Please pause at “BRUSSELS”

01-23 19:44hounder: these are a nice bite size bit of chan

01-23 19:44Godwinshelley: OK – the BOX does NOT list “Noble” – however, the Disc 5 DOES contain “Noble” (does it start in Brussels?)

01-23 19:44Rush: True, Angel?
Yes, GS.

01-23 19:44Dona: Yes GS

01-23 19:44Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Will is headed to infirmary. Somebody fired fine.

01-23 19:44mda19083: I stopped when I got to SPROUTS

01-23 19:44Rush: Yhe list on the box is in error.

01-23 19:44Tucson Larry: They’re short and sweet

01-23 19:44Godwinshelley: The Box says its Point of No Return – which is wrong

01-23 19:45mda19083: I agree Larry

01-23 19:45Mike n Rachel in DC: i always pause at brussles sprouts

01-23 19:45Rush: Yes, but that is wrong.

01-23 19:45Angel Santiago Saltamontes: YES, Rush! Movie of same title! We plan to watch it tonight, if Foxx is unfrozen!

01-23 19:45Godwinshelley: I’m set here

01-23 19:45Rush: Everyone ready?

01-23 19:45Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Is it rolling, Bob?

01-23 19:45Matt: Ready

01-23 19:45hounder: ready

01-23 19:45Dona: Ready here Rush

01-23 19:45Rush: Okay….

01-23 19:45Mike n Rachel in DC: the box is wrong for the Chan with Hong?

01-23 19:45mda19083: willing and able

01-23 19:46Rush: 30 seconds…

01-23 19:46Angel Santiago Saltamontes: The No-Bull Art.

01-23 19:46Rush: GO!!!

01-23 19:46Matt: Image thumbnail

01-23 19:46Rush: Brussels…
Nice gong, Matt!

01-23 19:46Angel Santiago Saltamontes: SPROUT!

01-23 19:47Rush: Today we call it kick-boxing.

01-23 19:47mda19083: Matt does a nice job on gongs too!

01-23 19:47Rush: Barry is not bad atr this!

01-23 19:47mda19083: MMA

01-23 19:47Rush: However!!!

01-23 19:47Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Wonder if at his estate (now administered by his Estate) James Hong had a Hong Kong.

01-23 19:47Rush: Or a King Kong?

01-23 19:48Mike n Rachel in DC: KO!

01-23 19:48Angel Santiago Saltamontes: DAMN SPELLCHECK! That was !!!!

01-23 19:48Rush: Applause…

01-23 19:48Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Victor?

01-23 19:48Rush: Tourists.

01-23 19:48Matt: Image thumbnail

01-23 19:48Angel Santiago Saltamontes: KRAMER!

01-23 19:48Mike n Rachel in DC: Savate!

01-23 19:48mda19083: papparazzi

01-23 19:48Rush: Tourists scram!

01-23 19:48Angel Santiago Saltamontes: NEWMAN!

01-23 19:49Rush:

01-23 19:49Angel Santiago Saltamontes: The fog will conceal the corpse.

01-23 19:49Rush: Cough…cough….

01-23 19:49mda19083: I thought Renault was a car

01-23 19:49Rush: Barry didn’t know of the death.

01-23 19:50Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Ahn-rey was ornery.

01-23 19:50Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Zees Franchmans sink zey can bury Barry.

01-23 19:50Rush: As I mentioned earlier, I love the location shots in these adventures!

01-23 19:50Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Chernobyl?

01-23 19:51Rush: Or, the Belgians as well!

01-23 19:51mda19083: maybe it was knockout drops

01-23 19:51Angel Santiago Saltamontes: All-sauce Lorraine is just smoothing her wrinkles. Entering any moment.

01-23 19:51Rush: Does this remind us perhaps of another film?

01-23 19:52Angel Santiago Saltamontes: ZERE!!

01-23 19:52Rush: “J’accuse!”

01-23 19:53Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Cher, chaise la famm!

01-23 19:53Mike n Rachel in DC: a Mr. Moto film?

01-23 19:53Rush: Yes.

01-23 19:53mda19083: Mr Chan your sprout must remain in Brussels

01-23 19:53Rush: That began as a Chan movie.

01-23 19:53Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Ze Loire may be called!

01-23 19:53Rush: “Self-reproach does not solve problems.”

01-23 19:53Mike n Rachel in DC: She is Mr. Moto’s Gamble

01-23 19:53Matt: Beer & Chocolates, plz

01-23 19:53mda19083: Charlie Chan at Ringside?

01-23 19:54Rush: Yes.
A fighter dies in the ring, suspiciously.

01-23 19:54Angel Santiago Saltamontes: MnR: And his GAMBOL! Oooh la la!

01-23 19:54Rush:

01-23 19:55Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Chan will be lord of ZISS ring!!

01-23 19:55Mike n Rachel in DC: Just like the crosswalks in DC…enter at your own risk

01-23 19:55hounder: hot water to boiling water

01-23 19:55mda19083: a picture is worth a 1000 words

01-23 19:55Rush: Indeed!

01-23 19:55Angel Santiago Saltamontes: If i get zoomed i wanna get took out by a 2CV.

01-23 19:55Rush: I don’t think that near miss in the crosswalk was planned!

01-23 19:56Tucson Larry: Time for me to head to work, it’s always a pleasure to “see” you all. Hope to Catch you next week.

01-23 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: But her bazooms arrived in time!

01-23 19:56Tucson Larry: Ah A duce shevo!

01-23 19:56Rush: Take care, Larry! See you next week…

01-23 19:56Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care Larry….hope to see you again!

01-23 19:56Rush: “Charlie Chan in Londan”

01-23 19:56mda19083: best regards Larry

01-23 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Good night, Larry! Bone swarr!

01-23 19:56Duane: Goodnight Larry

01-23 19:57Rush: Larry, please email so we can add you to out email list!

01-23 19:57mda19083: Angel: didn’t know you spoke French

01-23 19:57Mike n Rachel in DC: Romance blooms in a Chan again!

01-23 19:57Tucson Larry: Happy to!

01-23 19:58Rush:
The photos should hel Barry’s case.

01-23 19:58Mike n Rachel in DC: POP!

01-23 19:58Rush: (help)

01-23 19:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: mda, i surprise myself 7 times before breakfast, which is served at 11:55 in the pee-emm!

01-23 19:58hounder: pop!

01-23 19:58Matt: Murder?

01-23 19:58Rush: MURDER!

01-23 19:59mda19083: No 2 son is No 1 suspect

01-23 19:59Rush: “Come in…”

01-23 19:59Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Henri Berger? Doesn’t he have a sister named Foley?

01-23 19:59Rush:

01-23 20:00Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Only one beef?

01-23 20:00Rush: One is enough, Angel!

01-23 20:00Matt: Yipeeeeeeee!

01-23 20:00mda19083: 2 all beef patties .. special sauce

01-23 20:00Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Bet Barry heads for a stack of Belgian waffles!!

01-23 20:01Rush: CC forgot: hamburger.
Pop bails him out.

01-23 20:01mda19083: there was a special on bow ties

01-23 20:01Rush: Interesting thing she brought out.

01-23 20:02Angel Santiago Saltamontes: She’s holding out for Jean-Paul Belmondo, who are this filming is only 14.

01-23 20:02Rush: A coffee pot?

01-23 20:02Angel Santiago Saltamontes: mda demonstrates, the bow tie NEVER goes unremarked!

01-23 20:03hounder: ..

01-23 20:03Rush: Yes.

01-23 20:03mda19083: who turned out the lights?

01-23 20:04Angel Santiago Saltamontes: I can recall my dad setting up the same screen, to show slides, back in the day!
So, what? Dead guy was impatient?

01-23 20:04Rush: Lights out…with a purpose this time…

01-23 20:04mda19083: Rush – YES!

01-23 20:05Angel Santiago Saltamontes: So let’s visit the Indian Club?
Maurice Chevrolet need had no worries.

01-23 20:05Rush: Image thumbnail

01-23 20:05mda19083: when I was younger I remember going ou “clubbing”

01-23 20:05Angel Santiago Saltamontes: CHOICE of weapons!

01-23 20:06Rush: MDA:
Yes, Angel.

01-23 20:06Angel Santiago Saltamontes: mda, we bet you were a knockout!

01-23 20:06mda19083: a legend in my own mind Angel

01-23 20:07Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Even the kid’s shirt has fisty cuffs!

01-23 20:07Rush: WWE time!!!!

01-23 20:07Angel Santiago Saltamontes: A year later, the “daughter” had bloomed, and was packing ’em in as Brigitte Bardot.

01-23 20:08Rush: Dona, next week we will show the manor house video second to give you more time to arrive.

01-23 20:08Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Madame DuBwah!

01-23 20:08Rush: The first one will be about Pentonville Prison in London.

01-23 20:09Rush: GASP!

01-23 20:09hounder: ..

01-23 20:09Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Chan has handy cuffs!

01-23 20:09Rush: Yes.

01-23 20:09Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hounder, you speechless!

01-23 20:10Rush: The photo nailed it!

01-23 20:10Angel Santiago Saltamontes: In some currency other than francs.

01-23 20:10Mike n Rachel in DC: ta-da

01-23 20:10Angel Santiago Saltamontes: The School of Rock?

01-23 20:10Mike n Rachel in DC: Was that a joke at the end?

01-23 20:11hounder: those were a fun change of pace.

01-23 20:11Rush: Madame DuBois.

01-23 20:11Matt:

01-23 20:11Angel Santiago Saltamontes: MnR: They hoped it would pass for one

01-23 20:11Rush: I have a minute to go on mine…

01-23 20:11Angel Santiago Saltamontes: FRED TURTLE!!

01-23 20:11Mike n Rachel in DC:

01-23 20:12Rush: Happy ending for the Chans!

01-23 20:12Dona: Yes Rush

01-23 20:12Mike n Rachel in DC: It looks like the YouTube version may have been slightly abbreviated

01-23 20:12Rush: Next week: “Charlie Chan in London”

01-23 20:12Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Image thumbnail

01-23 20:12Godwinshelley: Night all – stay safe

01-23 20:12Matt: Another fine night, thnx Rush

01-23 20:12Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night all…have a great week!

01-23 20:12Duane: Goodnight all

01-23 20:12Rush: Possible, Mike.

01-23 20:12hounder: good night sll. see you next week.

01-23 20:12Duane: See you next week

01-23 20:12mda19083: thaks all for another fun outing

01-23 20:12Rush: Angel…nice live shot there!

01-23 20:13Duane: Thank you Rush

01-23 20:13Matt: Good night everyone and have a great week. I’ll see you back in two weeks

01-23 20:13Rush: Thank you so much, everyone…

01-23 20:13Mike n Rachel in DC: Ciao…safe travels, Matt!

01-23 20:13Rush: We are back to the actual film series next week.

01-23 20:13Matt: TYSM

01-23 20:13Dona: Have a good trip Matt

01-23 20:13Angel Santiago Saltamontes: First time i tried it—-must practice. But WILL watch the film NOW!!!

01-23 20:13Rush: The second-oldest surviving movie from the series.

01-23 20:13Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Bone swarr ALL!!

01-23 20:13mda19083: enjoy your trip Matt

01-23 20:14Rush: Very good, Angel!

01-23 20:14Dona: Goodnight Angel

01-23 20:14Rush: Angel, would you be able to enter this Chtat Room via your phone on the Internet?
I still don’t understand why you cannot do so via your comuter and the Internet.

01-23 20:15Rush: Have a GREAT week, everyone!
May everyone be happy and safe…
See yo ALL next week!

01-23 20:15Dona: thank you Rush!

01-23 20:16Rush: Have a good rest of the evening.
You are super welcome, Dona!

01-23 20:16Rush: Take care, Dona, Duane, larry and Angel!
I thank you ALL again!
Fun evening as always.

01-23 20:17Rush: I hope that the torrential rains didn’t negatively appeft you, Dona.

01-23 20:18Rush: Take care….
Good night….

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