Chat Archive 1/28/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for January 28, 2019

The Black Camel

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 4)

angel & fox
Len Freeman
Library Jim
Mike in DC

Rush has joined this room16:28

Rush: TEST.16:28

hounder has joined this room16:28

hounder: test came through16:29

Rush: Hello, Hounder!16:29

hounder: hi16:29

Rush: Good evening to you!16:29

hounder: hope you had a good week.16:29

Rush: How are you doing tonight?16:29

Matt has joined this room16:29

Rush: I think I did…cannot complain.16:29

Rush: How about you?16:29

hounder: doing pretty well. it’s been cold and windy here16:29

Matt: Hello Rush & Hounder!16:30

Rush: That was my next question.16:30

Rush: The weather.16:30

hounder: hi matt16:30

Rush: hi, Matt@!16:30

Rush: WELCOME!16:30

Rush: And, how are YOU tonight?16:30

Matt: Hope you both are well tonight!16:30

Rush: TYSM…doing well!16:30

hounder: pretty well. and you?16:30

Matt: COLD in FL, but good, thnx16:30

Mike in DC has joined this room16:31

Mike in DC: Good evening all!16:31

Matt: Hello Mike!16:31

Rush: I may be in one of the few places that is NOT cold.16:31

hounder: yes it is matt, and was windy too!16:31

Rush: Gets chilly at night, but in the day, mid-70s.16:31

Matt: We should be in upper 70’s by Fri/Sat though16:31

Rush: Sounds good, Matt!16:31

Mike in DC: Nippy in DC, but that’s more normal for us.16:32

Rush: Hello, Mike!16:32

Rush: Rachel is out at the moment?16:32

hounder: hey mike16:32

Mike in DC: yes, Rush…doing her workout :)16:32

Mike in DC: Hi hounder!16:32

Rush: We can start our serial in about 6 minutes….16:33

Matt: My favorite night of the year….Olands 1st Chan!16:33

Rush: It runs 20 minutes tonight.16:33

hounder: we’ve had 20 degree temp swings this past week.16:33

Mike in DC: I love this movie, Matt.16:33

Rush: Yes, Matt…at least the earliest one we have with Oland!16:33

Matt: Yes!16:33

Rush: I will say, “The Black camel” is my favorite, too!16:33

Matt: I think it’s mine as well.16:34

Rush: GS will enjoy the Dracula connection!16:34

Matt: Though you can see Oland growing into role still16:34

Rush: Bela Lugosi and Dwight Frye.16:34

Rush: Yes, mat! Fun to see!16:35

Mike in DC: Yes…it’s very interesting to see how the “Chan brand” develops through these early films16:35

Rush: And I LOVE the location shots!16:35

Rush: We even have a rear-projected trip down Prospect Street on Punchbowl Hill with Charlie Chan and Kashimo.16:36

Rush: The clip runs in “real time.”16:36

Matt: Yes….and CC’s driving, lol16:36

Rush: No apparent edits.16:36

Mike in DC: But now road an me turn at same time…16:36

Rush: YES, Matt!16:36

Rush: “Now me and road turn corner same time.”16:37

Mike in DC: :)16:37

Mike in DC: )16:37

Mike in DC: Ha. Easy smiley face16:37

Rush: I will be your echo tonight, Matt!16:37

Matt: lol16:37

Rush: Yes, Mike!16:37

Rush: Okay…shall we ready our “Smilin’ Jack” videos?16:38

Matt: btw, I’m cued for Smilin’ Jack!16:38

Rush: My turn…16:38

hounder: ready here16:38

Len Freeman has joined this room16:38

Mike in DC: Ready for Take-off!16:38

Len Freeman: Hello friends16:38

Mike in DC: Hello Len!16:38

Len Freeman: Have to cue up Jack16:38

Matt: Hello Len!16:38

Rush: Ready here, too!16:38

Rush: Hello, Len!16:38

Rush: WELCOME!16:39

hounder: hi len16:39

Rush: We are just readying our online copies of “Smilin’ Jack.”16:39

Mike in DC: And getting our flying gear on16:39

Rush: 16:39

Rush: Ready, Len?16:39

Rush: We will wait…16:40

Len Freeman: Ok.. I’m ready with Jack16:40

Rush: Okay!16:40

Mike in DC: Contact!16:40

Rush: 15 seconds…16:40

Rush: 10….16:40

Mike in DC: *spins propeller*16:40

Rush: 5….16:41

Rush: GO!!!16:41

Matt: <GONG>16:41

Mike in DC: *zoom*16:41

Rush: All the dredits….16:41

Rush: Falling bomb…16:41

Mike in DC: …commencement music…16:41

Rush: BOOM!16:41

Rush: Yes, Mike!16:41

Len Freeman: A little scattered tonite, because my wife has The British Baking Show on the other channel.. and I’m sneaking peeks….16:41

Mike in DC: *flips tassel*16:41

Rush: I don’yt think I saw “Toler” listed tonight.16:42

Mike in DC: I’ve heard great things about that show, Len.16:42

Mike in DC: A bombing raid!16:42

Matt: I did, below Luke again16:42

Len Freeman: It’s really brilliant16:42

Rush: Okay, TYSM.16:42

Rush: Great stock war footage.16:43

Mike in DC: Hiya Wing16:43

Len Freeman: But enough of that… THIS is Keye Luke’s time16:43

Matt: Try doing that car stunt a second time!16:44

Mike in DC: That’s a lot of firepower expended on one little car16:44

Rush: Yes. Luckily the car stayed upright!16:44

angel & fox has joined this room16:44

Mike in DC: Hey A&F!16:45

Rush: Good evening and WELCOME, Angel and Fox!16:45

angel & fox: Geez, i tried to fly in here & boy my FINGERS are TIRED! Log-in jungle!!16:45

angel & fox: HOwdy all!16:45

Len Freeman: Hi Angel16:45

Rush: We are just a few minutes into the serial!16:45

Matt: Hello A & F!16:45

Rush: 5:4016:46

Len Freeman: circa 5:4516:46

Mike in DC: Rickshaw driver is happy…she looks not too heavy to pull around16:46

Rush: Toler.16:47

Matt: Pop!16:47

Mike in DC: :)16:47

Rush: 16:47

hounder: i’ll have to watch the beginning later, mom needed help getting ready tofor bed.16:47

Rush: For this role, Toler lost the upper part of his CC moustache.16:48

angel & fox: I’m at 6:45. Yes?16:48

Mike in DC: 7:22ish here16:48

Rush: Otherwise, audiences would “think Chan” when they saw him!16:48

angel & fox: Hounder, couldn’t Mom have stuck around for the entertainments?16:48

Rush: 7:5516:48

Mike in DC: Hard not to think that anyway, but nice try16:49

angel & fox: 7:30?16:49

Rush: Understand, Hounder.16:49

Mike in DC: about 30 seconds behind, Angel16:49

angel & fox: Does she have to DUCK at bridges?16:49

Rush: 8:40.16:49

angel & fox: WHICH is the piece that gives life meaning?16:49

angel & fox: What about MY excellency?16:50

Rush: What would Confusion say about that, Angel?16:50

angel & fox: At every ENTRANCE? How about a guard at every EXIT?16:50

Mike in DC: Hm. Good point there, Angel16:51

angel & fox: Black samurai lives—ah, never mind. Just never mind.16:51

Mike in DC: Ah. FvT16:51

Rush: “The Mandarin’s Secret.”16:51

Rush: That was the working title for a Chan movie..16:51

angel & fox: Mike, i try to watch the small stuff, leaving Strategy to our leaders: Rush, CC, the old guy with the wispy thing.16:51

Mike in DC: The Fuehrer even gets to order the Black Samurai around16:52

angel & fox: Pinch your NOSE while talking, too.16:52

angel & fox: He SAID there was a grand furor behind him.16:52

Rush: 16:53

Len Freeman: Rush, which Chan movie was that the working title for?16:53

angel & fox: Traitors in State Department will invert whatever’s going on anyway, which will mean everything’ll come out right in the end.16:53

angel & fox: You’re ALREADY washed up. And bite ME.16:53

Mike in DC: What is this guy? A Mexican Japanese?16:54

angel & fox: LOOKS LIKE JIM NABORS!16:54

Rush: I think it was “The Shanghai Chest.”16:54

Rush: Checking…16:54

Len Freeman: This guy is not going to make it…16:55

angel & fox: I got a bid from the Lavender Samurai in today’s mail. Think i’ll join.16:55

Rush: It was actually “The Chinese Ring.”16:55

Mike in DC: I see a trap coming16:55

Rush: Sounds like Lee is call in the siblings with the whistle!16:55

angel & fox: That’s a HAT big enough to get sick in. I sure hope, anyway.16:55

angel & fox: Let’s play house!16:56

Mike in DC: The “voice behind the screen” trick.16:56

Rush: Picked the wrong screen!16:56

Len Freeman: trap16:56

Rush: Yes!16:56


Mike in DC: The Mandarin Woot?16:56

Mike in DC: Her German accent sounds like Elmer Fudd.16:57

angel & fox: How about Point A / Point B?16:57

Mike in DC: Quazy Wabbit.16:57

Len Freeman: I would think that he’d have been hit by one of those shots16:57

Rush: Regarding “The Chinese Ring”: The film’s working titles were “The Mandarin’s Secret,” “The Red Hornet,” and “Charlie Chan and the Chinese Ring.”16:57

Mike in DC: My first suggestion for the Black Samurai is more target practice…16:58

hounder: .16:58

Rush: Pretty easy to bust in…16:58

Mike in DC: Trap door!16:58

Len Freeman: RE: Chinese Ring…. I can see “Secret”… but Red Hornet escapes me…16:58

Mike in DC: Dont’ …erk16:58

Mike in DC: Saw that one coming16:58

angel & fox: Grandma, what big FAN you have!16:59

Len Freeman: death trap #216:59

Rush: Yes! And a good one!16:59

Mike in DC: My fwiend16:59

Len Freeman: ooooo16:59

angel & fox: This bungalow came with orchestra included.16:59

angel & fox: I LIKE the illustration on the fan!16:59

Library Jim. has joined this room16:59

Matt: Hello Jim!16:59

angel & fox: LJ!!! Salutations!17:00

Mike in DC: Floating spikes? Can they float with enough force to break the skin?17:00

Library Jim.: Hi all!17:00

hounder: hi jim17:00

Mike in DC: Hey LJ!17:00

Rush: Actually, evenly distributed knife blades would spread out the pressure, and would not penetrate the skin.17:00

Len Freeman: ouch……17:00

Rush: Hello, LJ!17:00

angel & fox: Rush, i know some people at MIT—you oughta lecture next term.17:00

Matt: <kids-yeah>17:00

Rush: WELCOME!!!17:00

hounder: that would be how the bed of nails is done, right rush?17:00

Mike in DC: Black Samurai need better engineers for their traps, too17:01

hounder: hi angel and fox17:01

Rush: Just finished the serial for this week.17:01

Len Freeman: How’s everyone tonite?17:01

Matt: That was a prickly situation17:01

hounder: and the cliff hanger17:01

Mike in DC: <applause>17:01

angel & fox: YAY!!! kEEP sMILIN’!!17:01

Rush: Indeed!17:01

Rush: Len, things are well at my end. How about you?17:01

Rush: 13 minutes until we roll the feature.17:02

Len Freeman: Pretty good… we’re coming up on a serious cold snap here in Minneapolis17:02

Rush: “The Black Camel.”17:02

Rush: YES! I have been following that!17:02

Louise has joined this room17:02

Rush: You are in some of the worst of it.17:02

Louise: Hi Chan Clan!17:02

Mike in DC: Oooh. Stay warm, Len!17:02

marcycloud has joined this room17:02

Mike in DC: And hello Louise!17:02

Len Freeman: Hi Louise17:02

Len Freeman: Mc17:02

Mike in DC: …and marcycloud!17:03

Matt: Hello Louise & MC!17:03

angel & fox: The Black Camel will start humping along at the kwatah-houah (as we say in Bahston), yes?17:03

Rush: Good evening, LOUISE!17:03

marcycloud: Hiya, All!17:03

Rush: And, Marcycloud!17:03

Louise: Tonight I am definitely going to miss our camel sound effect.17:03

Rush: WELCOME times two!17:03

angel & fox: Hiya Looz!!17:03

Mike in DC: <moo>17:03

Rush: True, Louise!17:03

Louise: Hiya angel and all17:03

angel & fox: Fox here has fur on.17:03

Len Freeman: We’re looking at -25 air temp, and -40 to -50 wind chill the next 2 days17:03

Library Jim.: Agreed Louise17:03

hounder: hi louise and marcy17:03

Matt: Circus will be a BIG one though!17:04

Rush: WOW, Len!17:04

Mike in DC: Dang, Len. Stay inside!17:04

Len Freeman: Minneapolis has already close all schools ’till Thrusday17:04

Rush: That’s SIBERIAN!17:04

Louise: Awww, Circus won’t be the same.17:04

Mike in DC: Just a bit cooler than San Diego, Rush?17:04

Rush: Undoubtedly, Len!17:04

angel & fox: LEN, where ARE you again? Is it Minnesoty?17:04

Rush: A “bit.” yes!17:04

Library Jim.: Cued to title screen.17:04

cdirus has joined this room17:04

Louise: Hah! I just found out you can open the chat in a bigger window.17:04

Matt: Hello CD!17:04

angel & fox: CD, sit you down, rest you!17:05

Rush: 10 minutes to go…17:05

Len Freeman: Staying inside…. 17:05

Library Jim.: Hi, CD17:05

cdirus: Hi everyone!17:05

Mike in DC: -40 is where Fahrenheit and Celsius scales meet.17:05

Mike in DC: Hello CD!17:05

Rush: Good move, Len! stay in and WARM.17:05

marcycloud: I’m in Wrightwood, Rush…17:05

Louise: Cued here17:05

Rush: Wrightwood is near which larger city, MC?17:05

Louise: Cued in color17:06

Mike in DC: Ready here!17:06

marcycloud: our ski resort is alive and kickin’..Mountain High17:06

Matt: Cued to Opening Title here!17:06

Louise: a better color17:06

Rush: I need to do likewise….BRB….17:06

angel & fox: Mike—they’ll be meeting without ME, that’s for sure. Geez, it’s 25F here, which is FIFTY Fahrenheiters ABOVE Len. Ooooooooof!17:06

Len Freeman: Back..17:06

marcycloud: Victorville/San Bernardino17:06

Library Jim.: Yes, I like that one better, too Louise17:06

Louise: Sorry Len, my sister in Vermont says it will be just as cold there17:06

hounder: anyone know how to increase the font size?17:07

hounder: brrrr len17:07

Len Freeman: I’m sure Louise… we’ll all just keep our long johns on17:07

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:07

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued17:07

Matt: Hello GS!17:07

Len Freeman: Hi GS17:07

Godwinshelley2: YIKES17:07

Rush: GS!17:07

marcycloud: lol17:07

Matt: lol17:07

cdirus: Hi GS!17:07

Mike in DC: Hey GS17:07

Godwinshelley2: WHY ARE YOU YELLING17:07

hounder: ok matt how’d you do that?17:07

Louise: You have to increse the size before you type and it doesn’t stick. There is a SIZE menu below.17:07

Rush: CD….welcome to YOU, too!17:07

Louise: like this17:07

cdirus: Hi Rush!17:07

hounder: ok?17:08

Matt: Click “A” below and then Size17:08

Matt: YES!17:08

Louise: yes?17:08

Len Freeman: AHA17:08

hounder: did that and got some funky stuff in the type window17:08

Rush: So, MC, you are out toward Victorville?17:08

cdirus: Maybe I should have brought earplugs 17:08

Library Jim.: My notebook ran out of power. At least this chat works with my phone. 17:08

Matt: Now we need to figure out the sound…..Hmmmm17:08

Mike in DC: To boldly go where no one has gone before…17:09

hounder: but what i type didn’t change size. sigh17:09

marcycloud: oh no! lol17:09

Matt: I need to do it each time17:09

hounder: trying the bold17:09

Library Jim.: Matt, yes17:09

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE.17:09

Louise: select a larger size first and then you type where the cursor is, not after the things the menu puts in17:09

Godwinshelley2: OK – I;m not doing this right17:09

marcycloud: yes, 138 Silverwood exit to Wrightwood hwy 217:09

hounder: sigh. i can’t get it to do it even once. i hate computers sometimes.17:09

Louise: like this17:10

Matt: lol17:10

Library Jim.: 17:10

Matt: YES!17:10

Rush: If you are using the Fox DVD, you will see that they added the Fox fanfare/logo!17:10

Rush: Didn’t exist in 1931!17:10

hounder: hey there’s colors too17:10

Rush: It was just “Fox Film.”17:10

marcycloud: yup!17:10

Library Jim.: It’s not on the YouTube version.17:10

Mike in DC: Nice tid-bit, Rush :)17:10

Louise: feeling pink17:10

marcycloud: 17:10

Matt: Doesn’t take much to entertain us, huh?17:10

Rush: I am happy to note all the fun happening!17:11

Louise: so true Matt!!!17:11

marcycloud: haha…guess not!17:11

Rush: 3 minutes to go…17:11

Rush: Everyone ready?17:11

hounder: not worth it to have to do each time, but ay least it will let me now. thanks guys.17:11

cdirus: trying for brown17:11

Godwinshelley2: Do you have to be Registered to do the special inserts17:11

Louise: yup17:11

Library Jim.: Ready, Chief!17:11

cdirus: and it didn’t work17:11

Louise: No GS17:11

Mike in DC: Surfs’ up!17:11

Rush: 17:11

hounder: ready17:11

Dona has joined this room17:11

Rush: DONA!17:11

Dona: Hello Everyone17:11

hounder: hi dona17:11

Rush: Good evening!17:11

Matt: Hello Dona!17:11

Louise: Hi Dona17:11

Library Jim.: Hi, Dona.17:11

marcycloud: which one is next…i’m always late here.(end of babysitting)17:11

Rush: TWO minutes to go….17:12

cdirus: Hi Dona!17:12

Godwinshelley2: Black Camel17:12

Godwinshelley2: Box Set #3 I think17:12

marcycloud: thanks17:12

Rush: Welcome, Dona…please pause your copy of “The Black Camel” at the opening title….17:12

Dona: I’m ready Rush.17:12

angel & fox: O Dona!!17:12

Rush: WELCOME…by the way!17:12

Rush: 90 seconds…17:12

angel & fox: We’re PUSHING our 15!17:12

marcycloud: ready17:12

Rush: 75 seconds…17:12

Rush: Very good….17:12

Rush: 60 seconds…17:13

Library Jim.: Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy! Almost time!17:13

Rush: 50 seconds…17:13

Rush: 40 seconds…17:13

Rush: 30 seconds…17:13

Rush: 25…17:13

Rush: 20….17:13

Mike in DC: *lights fuse*17:13

Rush: 15…17:13

Rush: 10…17:13

angel & fox: *gong*17:13

Rush: 5…17:13

Rush: GO!!!17:14

Matt: <GONG!> 17:14

Rush: Title….17:14

Rush: Music….17:14

Rush: Credits….17:14

Dona: I can almost hear it Matt17:14

Library Jim.: Going17:14

hounder: lol. matt’s got it going on tonight17:14

Rush: Director Hamilton MacFadden appears in the opening scenes as the director Val Martino.17:14

Library Jim.: Surf’s up17:14

angel & fox: Otto Yamaoka!!17:14

Rush: Surfers….17:14

Rush: Newspapers…17:15

Godwinshelley2: Paper said Honolulu Territories17:15

Rush: Yes, Otto Yamaoka on Kashimo in this one.17:15

Len Freeman: I think Sally Eilers was Hoot Gibbon’s first wife17:15

Matt: five cents17:15

Library Jim.: Beach beauty17:15

angel & fox: Leases—oh, BEACH—home!!17:15

Rush: Kailua Beach!17:15

Rush: “On the other side of the island.”17:15

Rush: Hamilton MacFadden.17:15

hounder: very lax producer17:16

Mike in DC: Was this before or after Hitchcock appeared in his first film?17:16

Rush: Note that the weather is clear here.17:16

Louise: Oh that hat17:16

Rush: It will cloud up soon and will be darker.17:16

Len Freeman: Robert Young…. Father Knows Best17:16

Mike in DC: Lots of local color17:16

Rush: Note also the hordes of locals watching the shooting!17:16

Rush: Yes, len!17:17

Library Jim.: Free extras.17:17

Rush: Tarneverro….Bwela Lugosi.17:17

Rush: (Bela)17:17

angel & fox: Translation: she’s outta buxx again.17:17

Rush: Note the novelty car horn response!17:17

Rush: “I’m COM-ing!”17:18

angel & fox: As if the Hole Island needed a publicity director.17:18

Library Jim.: Ah. 17:18

Rush: Note the point of land seen here.17:18

Mike in DC: Also from “old black Joe”17:18

Library Jim.: I was waiting for an actual horn.17:18

Rush: There is a home atop that point today.17:18

angel & fox: In The Sopranos, one of the guys had a horn that played The Godfather theme.17:18

Rush: LJ: 17:18

angel & fox: I’ll bet there’s a point atop that home, too.17:19

Library Jim.: What a car that is! 17:19

angel & fox: I KNOW what they’ll DO!17:19

Rush: We just saw the “Lani Kai” monument in the background as they drove past….still there today.17:19

Rush: Roayl Hawaiian.17:19

angel & fox: I imagine ALL the Hawaiians were roiled at that time.17:19

Matt: Great hotel17:19

angel & fox: Nice pants!17:19

Rush: A fun, Chan-related place to visit when in Honolulu.17:20

Len Freeman: Spent an evening there once17:20

Rush: Kashimo.17:20

Rush: “CLUE!”17:20

angel & fox: BELA to a T!17:20

Rush: Yes, Len?17:20

Matt: Me too, Len….fun place17:20

Rush: Wonderful place, isn’t it?17:20

Louise: Haven’t been there yet17:20

Rush: AH!17:20

Rush: Nice!17:20

Rush: Louise, hopefully you can one day!17:21

hounder: no case just clue. charliwe isn’t impressed by kashimo17:21

Louise: Thanks Rush17:21

Rush: Lugosi and Oland.17:21

Len Freeman: Yes — Hawaii Steve showed Lindsay and I where some of this shooting took place… 17:21

angel & fox: Bela’s roving eyes are searching for a hooch dealer anywhere.17:21

Godwinshelley2: Mail box siting17:21

Louise: Anyone know how to insert an image in the conversation?17:21

Rush: That wall mounted mailbox is there still today.17:21

Rush: The one behind CC.17:21

Mike in DC: A great moment in film.17:21

Rush: Agreed!17:21

Louise: Pinhole of badge a giveaway17:22

angel & fox: Two TITANS.17:22

Rush: Indeed!17:22

Godwinshelley2: Werewolf of London and Dracula17:22

Rush: Yes, GS!17:22

Library Jim.: Ah, so!17:22

angel & fox: Louise, YOU & Betsy Ross could have changed History. And Geometry. And Phys.Ed.17:22

angel & fox: What an era.17:23

Mike in DC: And then there’s this turban…17:23

Rush: Yes.17:23

hounder: love the pillared look17:23

angel & fox: Anybody ELSE would know that schnozz ANYWHERE.17:24

Library Jim.: He’s quite wrapped up in that turban look.17:24

Rush: If you look VERY closely at the point Shelah Fane grabs ahold of the crystal ball, you can see a bubble dislodge!17:24

Rush: See all the spots on the globe….bubbles!17:24

angel & fox: They’ve got big balls!17:24

Library Jim.: He just closed the blinds.17:25

Len Freeman: Angel… time to hold back…17:25

Mike in DC: spooky…17:25

Louise: creepy17:25

Louise: Yes thenturban is dumb17:25

Library Jim.: I saw a shadow but not sure bubble17:26

Mike in DC: bubble just bubbled17:26

angel & fox: You DON’T like the turban? I LAHVVVVV it!17:26

Rush: See the bubble?17:26

Louise: Stop screaming17:26

Mike in DC: Louise, this is Drama. (note caps)17:26

angel & fox: Is this all because she didn’t pay her bill from last time?17:26

Rush: One little one moved upward as she released the globe, actually.17:26

Godwinshelley2: oQuick – look over there!!17:26

hounder: looks like there should be fish swimming in that crystal ball.17:26

Library Jim.: Oh, there is17:26

Rush: 17:26

Mike in DC: Nice shot here.17:27

Mike in DC: Harold = A+ on that one.17:27

Rush: Yes, very dramatic visually!17:28

Louise: Mayo, as in Mayo-naise?17:28

angel & fox: Anybody think she looks JUST A BIT like Judy Holliday?17:28

Library Jim.: Love the lighting17:28

Rush: Louise: 17:28

angel & fox: *wolf whistle* (from Fox)17:28

Mike in DC: Wasn’t that in “An Officer and a Gentleman?”17:28

angel & fox: For the balloons?17:28

Library Jim.: Ah, now she’s sad17:28

Rush: Tears up photo….17:28

Mike in DC: Maid is pissed.17:29

Rush: And angry, too.17:29

angel & fox: SOMEBODY’S a little SNIPPY!17:29

Rush: 1313.17:29

Library Jim.: I’m about 22 seconds behind17:30

angel & fox: Must remember to start putting my own name in “quote marks” from here on.17:30

Mike in DC: Sounds like a good omen there17:30

Godwinshelley2: And now Renfield17:30

Mike in DC: Time for a few flies17:30

angel & fox: He seems rather Beta to me.17:30

Rush: I have us at….17:0017:30

Len Freeman: LOL17:30

Rush: That stairway is not open today.17:31

angel & fox: The word is supercalifragilisticex—oh, never mind.17:31

Rush: A wall surrounds it now.17:31

Rush: 17:45…17:31

Rush: Very few after-dinner speeches equipped with self-stopper.17:31

Dona: a wall,17:31

Rush: 18:0017:31

angel & fox: I’ve got an ornate belt buckle—think i’ll start flashing THAT.17:31

Mike in DC: Many good Chan-isms in this one17:31

Rush: All foxes come at last to fur store.

Library Jim.: He does look like Renfeld, is it the same actor?17:32

angel & fox: THIS fox did.17:32

Rush: Yes!17:32

Len Freeman: Yes LJ17:32

Len Freeman: Maybe he came in a package with Bela…17:32

angel & fox: Head for SHORT PIER.17:32

Rush: Note Oland’s “take” on Chan at this point.17:32

Louise: Shark!17:32

Rush: Next time we see him will be in “London” next week.17:32

Rush: In between this one and that one were three “lost” films.17:33

angel & fox: JIMMY went on to front a band called The B-52s.17:33

Rush: We jump from 1931 to 1934.17:33

Godwinshelley2: missing films?17:33

Rush: Angel… 17:33

Library Jim.: Really glad they didn’t keep that Koshimo character.17:33

Rush: Yes.17:33

angel & fox: Frozen smiles in H’olulu!17:34

Len Freeman: This is the same hotel from the Joni Mitchell song… “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot”17:34

Rush: Note the “cut” here.17:34

Mike in DC: Rush…do we know how the “lost” films got lost?17:34

Rush: here!17:34

angel & fox: Len—DID they put up the parking lot?17:34

Mike in DC: *jump*17:34

Mike in DC: saw it, Rush.17:34

Rush: I suspect that a piece was cut from the film there.17:34

Len Freeman: Yes Angel17:34

Dona: I saw it rush17:34

angel & fox: Her robe looks like a pizza box.17:34

Paul M has joined this room17:35

Dona: LOL17:35

Louise: Good question Mike17:35

Rush: perhaps Shelah said something like “Oh, my God!”17:35

angel & fox: I knew it. I knew Joni’d never lie.17:35

Godwinshelley2: Hi Paul17:35

Dona: it does Angel but I hadn’t thought of it17:35

Mike in DC: World’s largest cocktail shaker there!17:35

Rush: And it was not allowed to stay in.17:35

angel & fox: Dona, let’s not think of it again.17:35

Rush: Murdered.17:35

Dona: OK17:35

Rush: Virtual tincan, please…17:35

Len Freeman: clunk17:36

Library Jim.: <can>17:36

Paul M: hi gang. sorry i’m late17:36

cdirus: Hi Paul!17:36

Dona: Hi Paul17:36

Len Freeman: I think is Sally EIlers…17:36

angel & fox: Was CC wrudely wrenched, or rudely renched?17:36

Len Freeman: EIlers17:36

Rush: Sally Eilers: Julie O’Neill 17:36

Len Freeman: who was married to Hoot Gibson, the western star17:36

angel & fox: BELA: If you see any potholes, STOP. I can settle for pot.17:37

hounder: quite a bold design on the back of that cover up17:37

Rush: Interesting!17:37

Rush: Great line!17:37

angel & fox: Musta been nice to have a hubby hoo was a hoot.17:37

Mike in DC: :)17:37

Rush: “At first, I’m pretty bad driver; but now, me and road turn corner same time.’17:37

angel & fox: Gonna steal that line, “me & road turn corners same time”, for SURE!17:37

hounder: i worked with a guy whose last name was gibson and his nickname was hoot.17:38

Rush: You can hear the Hawaiian doves cooing…17:39

Rush: Distinctive call.17:39

angel & fox: h: 17:39

Library Jim.: I’m still behind, but it’s difficult to adjust in Roku YouTube.17:39

angel & fox: Singing Polly Wolly Doodle all the day, i hope.17:39

Library Jim.: So I’ll live with it.17:39

Rush: “There is old saying: ‘Death is a black camel that kneels unbidden at every gate.'” 17:39

angel & fox: Yes can!17:39

Rush: Great lighting.17:39

angel & fox: N I I I I I C E !!!!17:40

hounder: love that black camel line17:40

angel & fox: “you may already have…”17:40

angel & fox: …but i DO! I do already have one!17:40

Rush: “I am not in mood tonight for turning other cheek, but will return assault with compound battery.”17:41

Godwinshelley2: Now that was a stagey enterance by Lugosi17:41

Mike in DC: Is that Dr. Cream?17:41

Rush: You see that lady in the background?17:41

Rush: “Miss Dixon.”17:41

angel & fox: If i could get a girlfriend or boyfriend i’d pat their hand too.17:41

Rush: Not credited, and she has one short line, I believe.”17:41

angel & fox: I sense resentment issues.17:42

Rush: The character was in the Biggers story.17:42

Library Jim.: Charlie s habit of taking letters from people….17:42

angel & fox: They’re ALREADY starting to do the Bunny Hop.17:42

hounder: it doesn’t pay to make charlie mad17:43

Rush: Kashimo at work…17:43

Louise: I mean, I haveted mattresses but not like that17:43

angel & fox: LJ: He was planning a kids’ radio show. Was gonna call it Sushi Street, have “letters” as sponsors.17:43

Louise: hated17:43

Rush: “Orders!”17:43

Library Jim.: Lol17:43

angel & fox: To YOU, maybe, CC.17:43

angel & fox: “Mister Too-Soon?”17:44

Mike in DC: Is that Dr Cream from Wax Museum?17:44

angel & fox: ESPECIALLY his “liquors”.17:44

Rush: “That’s a go…no more answers.”17:44

Rush: Yes, it is, mike!17:44

angel & fox: Kashimo on speed?17:44

Rush: This lady was the wife of the gangster in the English version of “CC Carries On.”17:45

hounder: very poor search method.17:45

Rush: The Oland version.17:45

Library Jim.: So much for preserving the crime scene17:45

Godwinshelley2: very good quote17:45

Mike in DC: not exactly CSI17:45

Rush: Marjorie White: Rita Ballou17:45

Godwinshelley2: you need an invention to detect lies — oh you mean a WIFE – I have one17:45

angel & fox: There’s a great gaping hole in the lake! (—Firesign Theater)17:46

Library Jim.: One of my favorite lines, GS17:46

Rush: Marjorie White met a tragic end not too long after this film. Killed in a car accident.17:46

Louise: Real Chinese?17:47

Rush: James Wang17:47

angel & fox: I want a hat like Mr. Wang’s; a car like Miss White’s only with brakes.17:47

Rush: Yes, Angel!17:47

angel & fox: Speaking of which, HAGGIS for dinner! Eat hearty!!17:47

Library Jim.: Mrs White, in the study with the candlestick17:48

Rush: A long time ago, I had some.17:48

angel & fox: “Pardon my attire”?!! I’d pay $20 for that outfit!17:48

Library Jim.: Angel, celebrating Burn’s night?17:48

Rush: That might not be incorrect, Angel!17:49

angel & fox: LJ: It’s the Scotch in me.17:49

Rush: that would be about $300 today!17:49

Library Jim.: Even bagpipes will not speak when stomach is empty17:50

angel & fox: Rush—it’s a NICE JACKET!17:50

Rush: Very!17:50

Library Jim.: I17:50

Library Jim.: Agree17:51

angel & fox: And the Star of Starbucks or whatever that is: i’ll take that, too. Separate? No problem!17:51

Dona: Mr. Smith17:51

Rush: “Smith”…Murray Kinnell, appeared in FOUR Chan movies:

The Black Camel: Smith

Charlie Chan’s Courage: Martin Thorne

Charlie Chan in London: Philips (alias Captain Seton)

Charlie Chan in Paris: Henri Latouche 17:51

angel & fox: Beach on YOU, anyway.17:51

angel & fox: Whaddayou mean, “dinner”?—WhaddaYOU mean, “Paris”?17:52

hounder: hey, the clue walks and talks17:53

Rush: Chan puts the information together here.17:53

Library Jim.: He’s a painter. How much to paint my house?17:53

Rush: 17:54

angel & fox: “Oh, that won’t matter; i’m gonna be late myself—REALLY late. LITERALLY late.”17:54

angel & fox: Give ME a sponge.17:55

Library Jim.: That wasn’t suspicious at all.17:55

Len Freeman: the beach painter, a wonderfully pathetic character17:55

angel & fox: ALIAS Smith and Fife.17:55

Rush: “Way to find rabbit’s residence is to turn rabbit loose and watch.”17:55

Len Freeman: reminiscent of a lot of “artists” who’ve fled to the islands17:55

Rush: Yes, Angel.17:55

Rush: “Always happens – when conscience tries to speak, telephone out of order.”17:56

Mike in DC: That changed to letting wild bird sing by “London…”17:56

angel & fox: I’ve been looking to buy a house. Will start looking at rabbits.17:56

Rush: This scene would be happening at night if the continuity is right.17:56

Rush: Very BRIGHT moon!17:56

angel & fox: Rush, YOURS is the voice of CONSCIENCE reminding us to LISTEN to Charlie.17:57

Mike in DC: not enough darkening of the film…17:57

angel & fox: Mike—i dunno, maybe they shoulda kept the lens cap all the way on.17:57

Rush: Rita Rozelle: Luana17:57

Library Jim.: My address is Sandy spot, any beach Honolulu17:57

Library Jim.: Told you I was behind17:58

angel & fox: LJ, 17:58

Rush: Indeed you are, Len!17:58

hounder: lol@lj17:58

angel & fox: You just bought yourself some Art.17:58

Rush: I have us at…45:0017:58

hounder: i’m slightly behind y’all17:58

Louise: Bang!17:59

angel & fox: On CELERY? That’s worse than what Lugosi’s on?17:59

Rush: $500…$7,500 today.17:59

Library Jim.: I advanced to 45:1217:59

Mike in DC: Man down!17:59

Rush: $100…$1,500 today, about.17:59

angel & fox: I’m at 46:00.17:59

Library Jim.: Is that a real beach or green screen?18:00

Rush: 46:15…18:00

angel & fox: That her grass skirt, or his?18:00

Rush: The Chan’s at breakfast.18:00

Godwinshelley2: which son is that18:00

Mike in DC: Talking back to pop? Hm.18:00

angel & fox: RUSH—how many Chan Children appeared in the series?18:00

Rush: Number One Daughter…Ivy Ling.18:00

angel & fox: Applesauce AND beans?18:01

Rush: Ivy Ling is the daughter of E.L. Park, Chan in “Behind That Curtain.”18:01

Godwinshelley2: from punchbowl hill?18:01

Rush: This was shot on Punchbowl Hill.18:01

Mike in DC: :)18:01

Godwinshelley2: Wonder if I can do one of those old photo in current location shoots18:01

Rush: Even the rear-projection was shot there, along Prospect street.18:01

angel & fox: WHAT a world. To have lived then!18:01

Godwinshelley2: I’ll take a few screen shots of this with me18:01

Rush: Yes, you can, GS!18:02

Dona has left this room18:02

Rush: Note the odd roof that they pass.18:02

Library Jim.: <can>18:02

angel & fox: What if Alleycat sends swab to

Rush: It is still there today.18:02

Library Jim.: Oops he’s alive.18:02

Godwinshelley2: will have to run it back later18:02

Rush: You can actually walk that route we just saw.18:02

hounder: he give up shooting after 1 shot? 18:02

Mike in DC: It’s alive…it’s alive!18:02

hounder: nite dona18:02

angel & fox: I’ll take a Chanel No.5, & TWO of Fragrance de Billy Goat.18:02

Rush: Librarian.18:02

Godwinshelley2: Nice Rush – I’ll have to ask Hawaiian Steve if it’s on his tour18:03

Godwinshelley2: So frugal – she made her dress from a table cloth18:03

Mike in DC: Odd dress.18:03

Rush: You should also go over to Kailua Beach to see where the first scenes were shot.18:03

angel & fox: Her first “date” since 1927!! “Wait, i’ll get my sweater!”18:03

Len Freeman: Chang Apana’s grave is further up that valley as I recall18:03

Rush: Yes.18:03

Godwinshelley2: Chang in a regular graveyard or a special location?18:03

Len Freeman: In Manoa… worth a viisit18:03

Rush: If you contact Hawaii Steve, you can get the whole thing!18:04

Louise: Sacrilege to desecrate library files18:04

Mike in DC: A. Friend18:04

Len Freeman: It’s a regular graveyard, though a specifically Chinese one.18:04

Rush: He is THE expert on all Chan locations.18:04

Godwinshelley2: I hope to stop by the Honolulu Police Dept to see their Chang display too18:04

Rush: Yes!18:04

Godwinshelley2: We are all set up with Steve – for the Sunday we are there18:04

angel & fox: She got there SECOND, right?18:04

Godwinshelley2: With Tuesday as our backup plan18:04

Rush: AND, you can find the OLD HPD headquarters where CC would have worked!18:04

Library Jim.: Library! Ah, make me feel at home.18:04

Len Freeman: There’s an amateur video online that actually walks to where his grave is18:04

Rush: Near the wATERFRONT.18:05

angel & fox: Gentl’n: The HPD have a Chan exhibit? Wow!18:05

Rush: Yes they do.18:05

Godwinshelley2: No it’s a Chang Apana display18:05

Len Freeman: A bit hard to follow, but it got us there once into the cemetary18:05

Godwinshelley2: Will look for it Len18:05

Mike in DC: Lesson from hen.18:05

Rush: Chang Apana items on display there, as well as Charlie Chan things.18:05

Godwinshelley2: Oh – nice18:05

Rush: Well worth the visit.18:05

Len Freeman: Y*es18:06

angel & fox: “Afteregg’s Birthday”: isn’t that that new series on Netflix?18:06

Rush: Just to see the history of the HPD is fun.18:06

Godwinshelley2: In San Francisco – if you eat at Joe’s Grill – there is a whole display of the Maltese Falcon upstairs 18:06

Library Jim.: Cool. Would love to see that Rush.18:06

Rush: Yes, GS?18:06

Rush: NICE!18:06

Godwinshelley2: Restaurant mentioned in Dashille Hammet stories18:06

Dona has joined this room18:06

Dona: I didn’t realize I was gone until I tried to write18:06

Mike in DC: WB Dona18:07

Rush: Yes, Dona!18:07

angel & fox: Didn’t ANYBODY back then have those gummy things you could use to clean typewriter keys? Even I knew about THOSE!18:07

Mike in DC: :)18:07

Godwinshelley2: Don’t really enjoy the interaction between Chan and his assistant in this film18:07

hounder: neat news gw18:07

Library Jim.: Someone needs to create a literary crime tour for these places. Forget the map to Stars homes.18:07

Mike in DC: Upgrading Kashimo was a good move in the development of the series18:07

Dona: GS where in SF, I would like to see that18:07

angel & fox: “Can cut off monkey’s tail, but but still monkey…” Good thing Chan’s not speaking on current social topics, so to speak.18:07

Rush: Mary Gordon: Mrs. MacMasters18:07

Louise: I agree GS18:08

hounder: kashimo is not a good assistant to charlie. i guess h he was supposed to be comic relief, but he’s not funny. just annoying.18:08

Godwinshelley2: Yes – it’s close to Union Square – and just a few blocks from where Bridget show Miles Archer18:08

Library Jim.: Hounder, I agree.18:08

Mike in DC: Ah. Sounds worth at trip, GS.18:08

angel & fox: It’s the Scotch in him.18:08

Dona: I will look for it next time I go up there. Thank you.18:09

Godwinshelley2: Wear your hiking shoes – it’s uphill from restaurant to plaque where Bridget Shot Miles18:09

Rush: We see Mary Gordon in two other Chan movies: “Charlie Chan in London” as the prison matron, and later, in “Shadows Over Chinatown.”18:09

Mike in DC: Moral dilemma.18:09

angel & fox: MacTavish Ghkhlorroddn McBurrrrr.18:09

Godwinshelley2: I have a few maps of Dashille Hammett sites I could email folks if they are going18:09

Rush: This scene was shot in what today is called “Ali’i Walk” at the Royal Hawaiian.18:09

angel & fox: But DOWNHILL to Miles—miles & miles for Miles.18:09

Rush: Note how the crowd comes running on cue!18:10

Rush: Local extras!18:10

Mike in DC: Go!18:10

Rush: See then get raedy?18:10

Rush: I love how the boy gets into the shot!18:10

Mike in DC: nice move, Junior. :)18:10

angel & fox: Notice HOW FAST every man from 90 to 9 came running! Different world.18:10

Rush: Yes!18:11

Mike in DC: I think the slower ones were left for the wolves or something…18:11

Rush: I love the “innocence.”18:11

angel & fox: “Shoving off”. Don’t pull my—well, just don’t pull it.18:11

angel & fox: Mike: And the foxes.18:12

Rush: Shelah Fane killed Denny Mayo….18:12

angel & fox: Bang bang, my baby shot me down.18:13

Rush: 18:13

Rush: The fatal bullet.18:14

Rush: Matt…the virtual tincan, please…18:14

angel & fox: Die, die, my darling! And HURRY!18:14

angel & fox: *tin can*18:14

Matt: <tin can>18:14

Rush: Chan with his Chief.18:14

angel & fox: “Smith” is in the “clink”.18:14

Len Freeman: this is the pathetic artist scene that I think is rather well done.18:15

Rush: The set we saw for Chan’s office just then looks like a match for what we see in “CC Carries On.”18:16

angel & fox: That SCRATCHES the murderer, yes?18:16

Rush: Especially the grillwork in the window.18:16

angel & fox: Rush, REALLY? I’ll be watching for it!18:16

angel & fox: Butler a little buzzed.18:16

angel & fox: It IS getting to be TIME to Gather Everyone Together.18:17

Rush: Romance blossoms….18:18

angel & fox: “Just this ONCE”?18:18

Louise: Yes, it’s the gather them all together time18:18

Rush: We see that in a number of Chan movies!18:18

angel & fox: Hocus Pocus: didn’t they have that song “Focus”, with the yodeling?18:18

Louise: I like the mirror in the back18:19

angel & fox: A roomcam the nite before mighta spared ALL (including US) this wearisome routine.18:19

Rush: I like the reflection of all suspects in that mirror.18:19

Rush: Chan knows what is going on….18:20

hounder: someone doesn’t want chan to keep investigating18:20

Rush: Yes.18:20

Mike in DC: The butler did it…er…18:20

angel & fox: Poor POR thing couldn’t afford a second pair o’ kicks. On such hooks do lives & worse depend.18:20

Rush: The missing pin!18:20

Rush: Note Frye’s expression.18:21

Mike in DC: Caught red-heeled!18:21

angel & fox: “All WITNESSES”? Why didn’t he LEAVE the Offending Pin in its SPOT?

Rush: :)18:21

Rush: Mrs. Denny Mayo!18:21

Mike in DC: Mrs. Mayo…has a ring to it18:22

Rush: Arthur mayo.18:22

Rush: Yes, Mike!18:22

Rush: A wedding ring.18:22

angel & fox: In future—NO MAYO.18:22

Library Jim.: Mrs Mayo of Naise?18:22

Mike in DC: Miss Mayo18:22

Rush: Jessop is cracking….18:23

angel & fox: Give EVERYBODY a pavilion & just call the case closed.18:23

angel & fox: LJ: 18:23

Rush: Got him!18:24

Louise: They shoulnd’t call these Perry mason moments, they should call them Chan moments.18:24

angel & fox: He wants to share her fate—the Women’s Wing!!18:24

Rush: Cue the crazed laugh…18:24

Rush: “Save for next case….”18:24

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>18:24

angel & fox: I ALWAYS love the SPEECHES!!!18:24

Rush: Closing, exit music…18:24

angel & fox: *kids*18:24

Rush: Cut short, sadly!18:24

Matt: <yee-haw>18:24

Rush: So….18:24

Dona: I he in any other chan movies?18:24

Rush: THE END….18:25

angel & fox: Is THAT what passes for a Dirge, uke-style?18:25

Mike in DC: Once again, the Black Camel returns to his home.18:25

Rush: Who, Dona?18:25

angel & fox: What ANOTHER entertaining crime!18:25

Rush: Dwight Frye?18:25

Rush: Yes, Angel!18:25

Dona: Hashimo?18:25

Rush: Oh! No.18:25

Dona: my spelling is probably wrong18:25

Rush: This one was it.18:25

Dona: probably for the best18:25

Godwinshelley2: Have a great evening everyone18:25

Rush: Perhaps!18:25

Dona: Thank you Rush! This was great.18:26

Rush: Next week…”Charlie Chan in London.”18:26

hounder: thanks for another night of fun.18:26

Matt: Good night folks and have a great week.18:26

Rush: Thank YOU!18:26

angel & fox: I look forward till i can look backward—so enjoyed this latest get-together. Better than Scotch!! Gnite!!18:26

Mike in DC: See you all in London. Thanks for another great evening!18:26

Len Freeman: Mine is still playing….18:26

Dona: London is my favorite. Looking forward to it.18:26

Len Freeman: Hmmm18:26

Rush: There were 13 tonight!18:26

Library Jim.: Night all. 18:26

Rush: Good number!18:26

hounder: see you all next week, i hope18:26

Godwinshelley2: Yes and few gremlins18:26

Paul M: good turnout18:26

Louise: Lucky 1318:26

Rush: Hopefully so, Hounder!18:26

Rush: Please keep warm, everyone!18:26

hounder: what are we watching next week?18:26

Godwinshelley2: Don’t get snowed in everyone18:27

Mike in DC has left this room18:27

Louise: Yes, stay warm.18:27

Rush: Be safe in those frigid temeratures!18:27

Godwinshelley2: And stay warm18:27

Matt has left this room18:27

Godwinshelley2: night18:27

Louise: nite18:27

Len Freeman: nite18:27

Dona: We are going to be in London Hounder18:27

Rush: Good night, and I thank ALL of you as always!18:27

Library Jim.: It’s a Miracle he Whipped up the murderer Mayo.18:27

Rush: “ouch!”18:27

Dona: ROTFLOL18:27

Rush: :)18:27

Dona: LJ18:27

hounder: thanks. see you then. and i’ll try to find time to practice a british accent18:27

Len Freeman has left this room18:28

Paul M has left this room18:28

Godwinshelley2: Rush could you send me this chat – so I can pick up the Hawaii references again18:28

Louise has left this room18:28

Rush: I think I will use the keyboard smile more often! easier!18:28

Library Jim.: 18:28

Rush: GS, it will be archived and accessible here at his site if that works.18:28

hounder has left this room18:28

Godwinshelley2: ok – good to know18:29

Rush: Just click the link below!18:29

Library Jim.: Once again, see you next week.18:29

Rush: I will format it after we are done tonight.18:29

Dona has left this room18:29

Library Jim. has left this room18:29

Rush: Good night to those going out our door!18:29

Godwinshelley2: When I click my link below it only gives me my comments – not others18:29

Rush: Don’t forget your coats and scarves!18:29

Rush: It should lead to our collection of archived chats.18:30

Rush: There you will see the dates, so just click on the one you want to read through.18:30

Godwinshelley2: Oh below the white square – I see the link now18:30

Godwinshelley2: Thansk18:31

Rush: “Charlie Chan Chat Archive” link below.18:31

Rush: See it?18:31

Godwinshelley2: Very nice yes I can get to it18:31

Godwinshelley2: Thanks18:31

Rush: Very good!18:31

Rush: t should be ready for you within an hour.18:31

Godwinshelley2 has left this room18:32

Rush: So, good night and THANK YOU, GS, CD, MC, and Angel!18:32

Rush: I hope to see you ALL again next week!18:32

angel & fox has left this room18:33

Rush: Good night….take care…18:33

Rush has left this room18:34

cdirus: Good night Rush!18:34

cdirus has left this room18:34

marcycloud has left this room19:13

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