Chat Archive 1/31/2022

Our Charlie Chan Family Chat for January 31, 2022

Charlie Chan in London

Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine
ye olde angel & ye foxxe

(The first several minutes are missing)

Louise has joined this room

Louise: Hi Rush, if you are here I have some thoughts on the migration to WordPress

Louise: First keep in mind that you are not shutting down the Tripod site when you migrate the content. You won’t shut down the Tripod-hosted site until the WordPress one works

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe has joined this room

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Hi Louise!!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: We are just stopping by to leave Foxxe’s furr in the cloakroom (as there seems to be no furr room) before we step out to find the War Bonds stand. Back in a bit—can you watch out virtual seats?

Matt1 has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Louise and A & F!

Louise: Hi Matt and Fox

Louise: Sorry, and angel

Matt1: Hope you both made out Ok with the snow?

Louise: We had 17 inches! Fortunately no blizzard but it was windy

Matt1: Yikes

Louise: Just waiting for it to melt

Matt1: Mom said she got 9″ in Bucks Co

Louise: They got off easy

Matt1: lol, yes!

Rush has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Good evening, Matt, Louise, and Angel!

Rush: I hope that everyone is doing well!

Louise: Hi Rush

Louise: Digging out from the snow

Rush: Hi, Louise!

Rush: I have seen the news, yes!

Rush: WOW!

Rush: Are the schools closed in your area, Louise?

Louise: I looked at the migration plugin on WordPress and I think it is worth trying it. It won’t affect the curremt site to try it out

Louise: We had 17inches but nothing closed

Rush: okay, thank you, Louise.

Rush: The migration company seems to need something downloaded before the actual migration.

Louise: We’ll talkj later this week. I can walk you through the steps and we can evaluate the results

Rush: Ok.

Louise: Yes, they need a backup of this site. We will talk about it.

Rush: I can also get “migration insurance” that allows more than one attempt at migration “just in case.”

Rush: Okay…TYSM!

Rush: HUGELY appreciated!

mda19083 has joined this room

Louise: As far as I can tell migration does not destroy the original site

Matt1: Will we be getting a new chatroom too?

HonoluLou has joined this room

Rush: Lou!

Matt1: Hello Louuuuuuuuu!

mda19083: good evening folks


Rush: And…MDA!

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: Good evening!

HonoluLou: Hello Matt, et all!

Rush: Lou, I watched the james Hong interview.

mda19083: glad to be in the chat room and out of the cold

Louise: the chatroom is a question I have not dealt with. We could keep just the chatroom on the current site since it is still working. We would just link to it from the new site.

HonoluLou: What did you thiin:

Rush: Yes, MDA!

HonoluLou: think, Rush

Rush: We are a warm respite from the frigid weather outside!

Rush: Think “Waikiki.”

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all!

Matt1: Hello M & R!

mda19083: its always warm in the chat room

HonoluLou: Greetings M&R

Rush: It was interssting and it was “revealing” regatrding Naish!

Rush: Also, Hong looks GREAT for a 92-year-old guy!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Waikiki here we come. Yippee!

HonoluLou: Rush, yes. He is quite a character. I’m expecting a call any day to join him in some endeavor…haha.

Rush: We can maybe share the interview when we commemorate his birthday on the 21st.

Rush: Yes, LOU!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: great minds think alike – I listened to the Roland Winters interview this afternoon – it was enjoyable

HonoluLou: I was going to post the URL in a message board link.

Rush: I guess that you are also his last ‘connection” with anything relating to Naish!

Rush: When you did the scene with him!

Rush: Mike and Rachel!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

HonoluLou: Yep, my first and last attempt at the theater 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Rush! Good to see you.

mda19083: hello M&R and Lou

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Hello ALL!! —Hey, Rush: you in Iowa?

Rush: It was definitely a night to remember!

Rush: i am inseed in Iowa.

Rush: inDEED

mda19083: hello angel

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: ‘LuLou, ya done GREAT. Your performance is the standard by which!!

Rush: I guess it could be “inSEED”…

Rush: Planting our new life still!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: And inseed, in a few weeks! I have family in Des Moines, was there in 2019. Lovely!

Rush: AH!

Rush: Nice!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Ah SO!!

HonoluLou: A&F you are waaaaay to kind.

Rush: I can say that my wife and i are loving it here.

Rush: Really beautiful.

Louise: Good to hewar Rush

Louise: hear

Rush: Our first real Fall was something very special for us!

Rush: Even winter has a beauty for sure.

Rush: Anyway…yes, we are here.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Aw, shucks, sir, it’s just our Continental background: London OH to Paris ME via ’73 Continental. Let us know if you need any ribs roasted.

HonoluLou: Very awesome A&F

Rush: Will do.

Rush: If they make veggie ribs, it’ll be a “go”!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: MnR, mda, Matt, we hadn’t healleau’d you yet, & we do so now. Are all cozy? 19 degrees here in Boston, & dropping.

Rush: It’s about that temp here tonight.

Matt1: Brrrrr A&F!

mda19083: hello beantown

Rush: No snow in the forcast though.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Fred Allen recommended Unguentine for burned ribs.

Rush: 🙂

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Hello Philly!

Rush: Tonight we will be watching “Charlie Chan in London.”

Rush: As I noted in the email, it’s the second-oldest Chan film that we have available to us.

Rush: And, it will be interesting to see the difference in the “Camel” Chan and the “London” Chan!

Mike n Rachel in DC: No sidekick for London Chan.

Louise: He become more Chan!

Louise: becomes

Rush: There were three films between these two movies…all “lost” of course.

Matt1: Agreed, Louise

Rush: Yes, definitely agreed!

HonoluLou: All, I just posted the link to a January 23, 2022 interview with James Hong (The New Adventures of Charlie Chan) and Ben Mankiewicz, Turner Classic Movies. It’s pretty good and worth a look when you get time.

HonoluLou: I posted it in the message board on this site.

mda19083: Just started reading the Neibaur film book and enjoying it

Dave has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Dave!

Dave: Greetings!

HonoluLou: Hi Louise, I was back peddling in the chat and see you are going to lend Rush a much needed hand…Awesome.

Rush: Good evening, Dave!


Dave: Good to be back…

mda19083: hello dave

Rush: We can jump the gun on Mr. Hong’s birthday and watch the interview here and now if anyone wants to take a look:

Dave: howdy, mda


Rush: Thare is the link.

Rush: It runs about 7 minutes.

Dave: sounds great

Rush: TYSM, Lou, for the link.

Louise: Yes Lou, back peddle if you must! We will get this done.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I know that there will still be LOTS of work ahead even with migration, but, at least we will have the text for the pages moved over to WordPress.

Rush: I am not sure if any images will join with the text automatically.

HonoluLou: I know, nothing is easy in this age of automation. The images can be added later (all gazillion of them :).

Rush: As long as we have the “basics” up and running as summer arrives, that will be a major plus.

Rush: Yes…as you say “All gazillion of them”!

Rush: And that is a fact!

Louise: Wait, no one told me it would be gazillions…I withdraw my support…

HonoluLou: So Rush, did you say that tonights film is the second in the main series that is available…after Black Camel?

Rush: Yes.

HonoluLou: Wow, pretty significant. and there were what 2 inbetween?

Rush: The movies between are three of the “lost” ones.

Dona has joined this room

Rush: Three.

HonoluLou: Oh, three. TXS.

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: Hello, DONA!

HonoluLou: Hi Dona.

Rush: Welcome!

mda19083: hello Dona

Rush: Our SoCal rep!

Dona: I’m very happy to be here a little early

Rush: YES!

Rush: light traffic this evening?

Dona: yes

Rush: Good!

Dona: and i was able to get out of the door on time

Rush: You take the 10, right?

HonoluLou: BTW, if you are not signed up to get them, check out my blog after midnight tonight for Chinese New Year at It is titled:

Dona: No coming home i take the 55 to the 91 to the 71

Dona: to the 60

Rush: AH!

HonoluLou: Do not challenge supernatural unless armed with sword of truth!

Rush: I have used two of those.

Rush: Yes, Lou!

Dona: lol

Dona: going in i take the 60 to the 57 to the 5 to the 55

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Hello Dave & Dona!

HonoluLou: Everything you need to know about Chinese New Year, Tomorrow, Year of the Tiger, Grrrr.

Dona: i hit 3 counties each way

Dave: hello, angel and fox

Dave: hello, dona…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: We’ll be wearing our striped thermal underthings here. GRRRRRRREAT!

Dona: Hi Dave


 ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Nice!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: May we quote you?

Rush: I guess I can’t share the tiger image….

mda19083: A & F – TMI but thanks for the update

hounder has joined this room

hounder: hi everyone.

Rush: Whatta mess!

Dona: lol Angel

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Detective Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: woo


Rush: Sorry!

Dave: ouch…

Rush: Hounder!

Dona: Hello Hounder

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: What’s amiss?!!

mda19083: hello Hounder

Rush: Good evening!

Louise: I’m with Matt

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

HonoluLou: What the…a hyperlink to be proud of, for sure!

Dave: Howdy, hounder…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: We’re not AGAINST him.

Louise:'( :w00t: :'(

hounder: hi everyone. hope everyone is well

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ll have what Rush is having

Dave: that link was hyper…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Hounder!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Fit as fiddles with twice the rosin! How’s by you, Det. H.?

Matt1: Subscribed, Lou!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think it missed its meds, Dave

Rush: I will try once more as a test…sorry if i make another mess…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *cowers*


Rush: There!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: HEY!!!!!!

Dona: Nice Rush!


Mike n Rachel in DC: *applause*

Rush: Happy Tiger Year!

HonoluLou: Matt, grazie mille. A&F yes, fit and waiting for the next cold spell.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: That’s quite specious!!

Dave: tiger-riific…

hounder: cool

mda19083: year of the Tiger!

Louise: Ah Hah!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Happy Year of the Tiger (from a rooster)

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: You’re our rooster, though.

Rich Maine has joined this room

Rush: AH! I am watching an old Star Trel on H&I and…our Number One Son is on it!

Louise: This chat will be a great one for the archive!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Will we all be hearing the unaccountable pop tune “Eye of the Tiger” for the next few days?

Rush: Trek

Rich Maine: Evening all! Staying warm!

Rush: I have the TV on in prep for the DVD.

mda19083: greetings Rich

Dave: already got stuck in my head…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Rich, we don’t know how you do it.

Rush: RICH!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Dave, we apologize!


Dona: Hello Rich

HonoluLou: Happy New Years Eve, Kung Hei Fat Choy. Some born as Tigers: Queen Elizabeth II, David Attenborough, Jiang Qing, Kylian Mbappe, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jodie Foster and Lady Gaga.

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rush: 11 minutes to go….

Nothere has joined this room

mda19083: NT is in the house!

Rich Maine: Big storm here and frigid this morning but warmed up today…..nice to look at

Nothere: Oh dear there are murdering men creeping about the chat.


ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: NOTTY! Slide in, see? Have an Oil Beer, see?

Dave: nt here!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings Rich n NT

Rush: NT!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Just the usual Murdering Men. No one you don’t know!


Rich Maine: Evening M&R

Matt1: Hello NT!

Nothere: Oil beer? I’ll have a rum or therell be a keel hauling.

Nothere: ey all.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: KL was in Star Trek? How did i not know that?

Nothere: And WELCOME TO RUSH:)

Rush: Just a quick note, and not pointing any finger at anyone who may have been with us in the past… In case we ever have someone who gets obnoxious or outright vile, please simply IGNORE.

Rush: That is trhe best way.

Rich Maine: Good advice Rush

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Notty, Oil Beer was the house brew in Firesig Theater’s “Giant Rat of Sumatra”. Oil Beer was a product of the Bowle Oyle Brewery, owned by lead gangster Boyle M. Owle. He toddled.

Rush: Years ago it happened,.

Nothere: I’m never outright vile. Vile yes but secretly.

Rush: 🙂

Louise: Nothere: I love your bile

HonoluLou: I read the Giant Rat of Sumatra, pretty good!


Rush: No one here tonight has ever been anything but CHAN-LIKE!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Surreptition will get you under the bleachers, NT. We concur!

Dave: Most of us probably bathe, eh?

Matt1: “most”

Nothere: All right ya mug.

Louise: some?

Nothere: Yes I bathed once.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: We try to represent Chan here on earth.

HonoluLou: Dave, weekly as needed.

Rush: But, i just wanted to mention what I mentioned, as one never knows!

Dave: ok, a couple…

Louise: Yes, be Chan-like

Rush: 6 minutes to go…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Just call us Mustache Mug.

Rush: time to redy our copies of our movie!

Matt1: Cued!

Dave: Every Sunday, whether you need it or not…

Louise: CUED!!!

HonoluLou: Cued to the into “Warner Oland in…”

Nothere: And if you do kno remember. If the cops ask e don’t kno nothing about nothing.

Rush: 🙂

Dona: Ready here Rush

Rush: Getting ready here…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: The peace of Chan passeth all understanding till he gets all the personae in a big room.

Nothere: Great my w key is having trouble during an Oland movie. PLLLBBBTTTT

hounder: phone call. back soon

Rush: Please pause at the opening title….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Paused in DC

Rush: Just after the Fox fanfare…

HonoluLou: Gotta refill my glass of “Tiger Tea” quickly!

Rush: (Which was added for the DVD presentation, by the way, as “London” was still “just” a “Fox Film.”

Rush: 3 minutes to go….

mda19083: cued here

Dave: got my tiger balm under the nose…


Rush: Yes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: got our tiger by the tail

Rush: And ladies….

mda19083: and ladies

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gentle persons

Nothere: Aim fo the fainting couch Dave. But don’ fall on Bunny.

HonoluLou: Dave, I visited the Tiger Balm Gardens in Hong Kong in the ’70s. Very cool!

Rush: 🙂


Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Rush: GS!

Matt1: Hello GS!

HonoluLou: GS, Aloha

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hellllo GS

Rush: Welcome to “London”!

Dona: Hello GS!

Godwinshelley2: Hello and aloha

Nothere: Hey God

mda19083: hello GS

Rush: 90 seconds to go….

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued

Mike n Rachel in DC: tick tick tick

Godwinshelley2: Now I just need a cup of tea

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rich Maine: Back to 1934…….

Nothere: hat no crumpet?

Louise: I have mint tea

Phil has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Phil

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Rush: 45 seconss…

Dona: Hi Phil

mda19083: hello Phil

Phil: ALOOOHA! to all my Chan friends.

Louise: Gang’s all here!

Godwinshelley2: I’m going to make Ginger Chai once we get started

Rush: Phil!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Plenty of good seats in the front, folks. Step right on down.


Rush: 30…

Louise: GS: sounds good

Rush: 25…

HonoluLou: Howdy all

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Nothere: Clear the isls the feature is about to start.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Ginger Chai is great stuff

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Godwinshelley2: Tea Time!

Dona: YAY I love traveling

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: FOX film! That always gets us!

Phil: Wow, 14 in the audience tonight. Nice crowd.

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush, maybe you should think of expanding the chat room seating in the new digs. Good crowds.

Rich Maine: Fog!

HonoluLou: Paul Gray MUST Hang!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: At least it was a stable murder.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Paul Gray is Doomed. Doomed, I tell you.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: He MUST! He MUST!

HonoluLou: The ole lets play checkers with the inmate…not in CLE!

Phil: He’s a goner.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: A Leslie Howard type, huh?

Rich Maine: Lynch him

Nothere: Fog? But this isn’t a Monogram

mda19083: a nice relaxing game of checkers

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: David-Lynch him.

Dave: how about you pass the time with…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: She’s talking about her hat. It was rejected.

Phil: The way he’s smoking he’ll die of cancer before they hang him

Nothere: Quick we’ll change clothes and you can neak out.

HonoluLou: Forget the Home Secretary, I’m calling Boris Johnson…well, on second thought!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: He’s CAUSED the horrible times; that’s usually how those friendly chaps work out.

Nothere: In 2 days? I’ll take that bet Phil,

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Awfully decent.

mda19083: Lou – 🙂

Rush: 🙂

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Need a particle colider.

Rush: A slug of whiskey?

Rich Maine: Fox coat

Phil: I’d say rabbit.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Only the front…

Mike n Rachel in DC: …that is one weird coat

Dave: rabbit.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: He’s gonna break a bar of Swan Soap in half & wash both her mouths out.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ermine

Nothere: Beare the sleves.

Phil: Watch it, I think she’s about to fai..

HonoluLou: Yeah, that is a weird coat?

Dona: That is the weirdest coat

Rush: A discription of the murder…

Dona: i agree MnR

Mike n Rachel in DC: *plop*

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: She could keep tamales in those cuffs.

Rush: “That will do…”

Phil: Of all the coats we’ve seen, I’ve always thought it was the worst.

Rich Maine: Raymond Milland

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: An actual porkpie hat!

Dona: agreed phil

Mike n Rachel in DC: You’re behaving shockingly, young lady.

Rush: Agreed, Phil!

Dave: debonair Raymond..

Nothere: Maybe be e don’t see tiepins in many films.

Rush: Enter Mr. Chan…

hounder: time check please?

Nothere: 500

HonoluLou: Won’t go to Harlem in ermine and Pearls, that’s why the lady…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: What, lady; you a idjit?

Mike n Rachel in DC: 5:00

Godwinshelley2: Is this the film with the ugly coat with furry sleeves?

Rush: 6:00

Rush: Sorry…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Won’t dish the doit with the rest of the goils.

Dona: Yes GS

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol

Godwinshelley2: 5:20

mda19083: is a tramp\

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: This guy’s the sharpest knife in any empty drawer.

HonoluLou: A&G 🙂

Nothere: So say some God. The costumer says its a great coat ith furry sleves.

hounder: thanks. Mom thinks the ceiling fan is going to fall tonight. so i may be in and out

Mike n Rachel in DC: Inspector Chan arrive on silent feet

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Chan Gets A Caning!

Dave: got this actress since Elsa Lancaster was busy…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very nice desk!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: her knees are weak. Can hardly stand on her own three feet.

Louise: Elsa was awesome

Phil: I could never get past that dimple in her chin.

HonoluLou: Rush, “is that the Chinese Detective, who caught…” Is that in your Study post of OTHER Chan cases?

Louise: Eww don’t touch that!

Rush: Now I need a time chaeck, please…!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: His head is too big for his, uh—

Godwinshelley2: There is always Una O’Connor – for a fun maid

Phil: 7:30

Rush: Perfect!

Rush: TYSM!

Dave: gs, right!

Rush: I made a little error earlier!

HonoluLou: 7:50 NOW

Nothere: Yeah Phil but how are you gonna get past her ex? I hearhe’s the jaous type.

Rush: Fixed now!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: ScotYard’s PINK Museum preserves the wonderful Unmentionables.

Phil: I’d think of something NT

Rush: Chan readies his departure…

Louise: new babe

Nothere: Fir seems the go to Phil.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Counts the kids…just to be sure…

Rush: Nice silk robe.

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The dragon robe rocks.

Dave: make sure no additional kids…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Chan’s picture frame is expandable up to 22 progeny x basketball-player height.

Nothere: But here is the big deign on the back?

HonoluLou: Once again, like in the novels, Charlie just wants to get back to HNL, but…

Phil: I think it maybe a map of SE Asia

Godwinshelley2: Ugh – that coat

Nothere: She changed hats but not coats.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not sure if the bow tie accessorizes the dragon well, though

Rush: Yes, Lou!

HonoluLou: GS2, fur on the front and material on the back, right?

Mike n Rachel in DC: This was NOT based on a book, correct?

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Looks like the maintenance guys’ smocks from Are You Being Served.

Rush: This was the first Chan movie NOT inspired by an Earl Derr Biggers story.

hounder: lol@mnr

Godwinshelley2: Yes – that coat??

Rich Maine: Chan has a suite

HonoluLou: M&R NO.

Nothere: Let’s start at the very begginng.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Camel?

Nothere: Only if black

HonoluLou: Ah, the man with X-Ray eyes!

Godwinshelley2: Or the man with two heads

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: A very good place to start. Doe: a dear, a dupe, a dolt; Ray, it’s actor Ray Milland; Me . .

HonoluLou: GS2, really?

Godwinshelley2: Or a Frog problem

Louise: Both xray and two heads!

Dave: A couple of Columbos…

Rush: Blunder bt fiancee here!

Phil: Watch what you say here Ray

Dona: I don’t like this part

Mike n Rachel in DC: drum roll…

Rush: Watch the door stick as it is thrown open…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: He needs a drink.

Godwinshelley2: He also Paniced in Year Zero

Phil: Man that door almost comes off the hinges LOL

Louise: YOU!!!!

Dave: former fiancé

Rich Maine: OMG

Rush: Hit a high spot in the rug!

HonoluLou: I don’t want to see him either, again!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Don’t know her own strength!

Louise: When your lawyer doesn’t believe in your innocence…

Rush: The ring…

Dona: Nice Rock

Phil: That’s a BIG rock

Rush: From the omage sent out last evening.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: We are ignanimous, Lou.


Godwinshelley2: Only the finest Faux Diamonds for you my dear

Louise: Party on, rich people…

HonoluLou: That’s some HOUSE!

Nothere: You traitor. You sline. You insert hatever politican you don’t like

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Rockin’ out!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: An evening amusement

HonoluLou: Those can’t be REAL antlers.

Godwinshelley2: Is that a 3 story room??

Rich Maine: And it’s the country house!

Dave: could take a family trip to Grand Canyon with that ring..


ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: HOW swell?

Nothere: Jus a cozy little getaay place.

Rush: “She’s nappy.”

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: We’re all nappy.

Louise: Drink much?

mda19083: Nappy?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is there a band, or is that the Gramophone?

Dave: bring your own drunk…

Godwinshelley2: Not sure what they mean by that description

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: She’s got the smuggies.

Nothere: First the driny then the nappy then the hagvery

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Why, noceros?

mda19083: get Bunny another drink

Rush: nappy – (Mainly British) Of a horse that is jumpy or irritable; nervy.

hounder: bunny sounds like slippers

Rich Maine: Do as I tell you

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: It ain’t funny, Bunny.

mda19083: thanks rush

Rush: 🙂

Dona: better coat but not great

Phil: The dress of the giant collar

Phil: coat rather.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: I can’t bear a bore who’s a bear.

Rush: Yes, Phil.

Nothere: Bunny;s day job is?

Godwinshelley2: Those buttons are hugh too

Phil: That, was a warthog.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: I’ll fry your grits.

Dave: let’s talk undergarments upstairs!

Rush: Murray Kinell.

Phil: Or, it could’ve been a boar.

Rush: He was “Mr. Smith” the beachcomber in “The Black Camel.”

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: The ADAM West room. He’s up there right now.

HonoluLou: Don’t you EVER shut the door on Charlie again!

Dona: oh yeah rush. I see it ow

Dona: now

Rush: AND, we will see him next week as well.

Nothere: Just don’t mess ith the shakespeare bust.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Chiaroscuro.

Nothere: Clearly the butler did it

Louise: Tea for all of us

HonoluLou: This gal is a screamer!

Rush: And some sfumato thrown in for good measure!

Godwinshelley2: I can never spell that correctly, Angel

Louise: In through the window…

Godwinshelley2: Still – she’s no Una

Rush: An ice pick in her hand?

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Chan da MAN!!!

Nothere: Una has no equal. But then Una never had a knfe.

Dave: scream, but not quite hitting the note…

Dona: Yes Angle

hounder: that maid is just so annoying

Dona: angel

Phil: Indeed Rush. I don’t think she needs to say anything while carrying that.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Give that girl a pill.

Rush: Yes, Hounder.

Rush: Hysterical.

Nothere: There are murderous men creeping about the chat.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Scream softly and carry a big ice pick

mda19083: she is a pill

HonoluLou: Yeah, Phillip…Thank you so much.

Nothere: No a and f. Bunny ill give her a drink.

Phil: Meth couldn’t calm that chick down

Nothere: atch the hand pal this is the 40’s

Rush: Almost sounds like Laurel and Hardy background music!

Phil: I wonder if old Jerry gets another chance once we find out who the real killer is?

Phil: Notice the unnamed extra in the corner?

Rush: 57 hours….

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Phil, you know about the Naztis’ use of meth in WW2, that they even had a private label that’s STILL MANUFACTURED TODAY?

Phil: Never to be seen again.

hounder: 57 hours

Dave: 57! That’s Heinz time…

Nothere: So if the killer isn’t the killer, Someone else is the killer. Thats what makes Chan Honolulu’s top cop.

Rush: Yes.

Phil: I had heard about Nazi use of meth. Amazing isn’t it? But it’s still manufactured?

Dona: I didn’t know that Angel

Godwinshelley2: Angel – was that from the History Channel

mda19083: oh bunny

Rush: MDA: 🙂

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Yes it is! And the NAME is QUITE appalling: PERVITIN. I kid you not. Google it!!

Phil: I use a bit in the morning to help me perk up. Sure beats coffee.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Ted Cassidy (“Lurch”) would have been fun here.

Rush: I hope that Bunny doesn’t ride a horse in his condition!

Rush: Yes, Angel.

HonoluLou has left this room

Godwinshelley2: History runs amazing documentaries – the one on the German film of “The Titanic” is very interesting

Nothere: Pervitin? Not the rst translation of a nam I’ve ever heard. But not goo.

Dave: Time to ride the horse!

Rush: I picture him shaking his head…grumbling….

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Rush, there ARE no horses in Bunny’s condition :-D :-D :-D

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Got me!

Nothere: In Bunny’s condion let’s hope he remembers he’s supposed to ride the horse.

Dave: They might look like unicorns…

Phil: LOL NG

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Note to self: gotta use “deuce” 3x in conversation tomorrow.

Phil: NT

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: NT: and ONLY to RIDE the horse. No bunny fizness.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: TYSM

Louise: Bunny might just like foxes so much that he pretends to be drunk so he can’t hunt straight

Nothere: Did you look for Gardner in the garden/

Phil: Ina Garten

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Foxxe here has had a lot of experience with that sort.

mda19083: the walls have ears

Rush: The knife.

Rush: Yes, MDA.

Phil: Ina gadda da vida

Rush: 🙂

Louise: To he stables!

Phil: Let’s play word association.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: No time to expose lies! Must expose truth!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Chan is a stable genius.


Phil: Good one Rush

Dave: angle/fox: ouch…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Half the electric lights in England are in this scene.

Louise: We envy Rush’s ability to post images

Rush: A “Queen Elizabeth” collar.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Dave, we just fling ’em out like skeet!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: I. Ron Butter!! Fly!!

Rush: There’s an “old friend” of ours!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: “My stud groom”—

Rush: We saw him in “Behind That Curtain.”

Louise: Doesn’t understan English!

Nothere: Probably best not to have torches in the stables.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: “My head lad”—

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: What the deuce????

Rush: “Only American…”

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Louise, the challenge is understanding British.

Rush: The slang, anyway!

Dona: I love an English accent

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: AVALANCHE?

Phil: There’s the trans cow

Rush: I do as well, Dona.

Louise: yes angel and fox, got the joke

Dave: Mr. Dithers is involved!

Rush: That’s a strong enclosure!

Rich Maine: Avalanche get that monkey

Nothere: I say old boy British slang is the only slang.

mda19083: the horse that did nothing in the nightime

Louise: I spoke “British” a bit when I came home from a research trip there!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Rambunctious horses throughout the Chan oeuvre!!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Noble beast, though!

Rush: Yes, Louise?

Louise: We need a list of Chan animals: is there one, Rush?

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: The fur was flying here!

Rush: I think I would be equally “susceptible.”

Dave: Chan-imals…

Rush: Yesm Louise!

Louise: Lived in England a few months: the language is contagious

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: The Chan Ark needs to be made Manifest.

Rush: That would be a fun collection!

Nothere: Well e start ith Camels. Snakes

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: I don’t like spiders or snakes.

Dona: That would be fun Louise

Rush: Just the “featured” animals, I guess.

Phil: Must be the cleanest stable EVER!

Louise: The crim

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Louise is our funnish ambassadrix.

Dave: How about the ones that Chan kills…

Godwinshelley2: So no Crabs – from the stone carving over the door

Rush: There were a number of “bit part” animals in “Circus.”

Nothere: Cats

Phil: Faux gorillas

Louise: I accept the honor, angel/fox

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Priscilla…

Godwinshelley2: And the poor dogs who are violent in the Mr Wong crossover

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: She’s keeping her arms about her cuz her ballpoint pen leaked all over her nice white fur.

Nothere: Bunny can explain abo abou ab the recon rec reconstrution of the crime.

Rush: The one that saved Chan’s life in “Charlie Chan’s Chance.”

Rush: Played by Puzzums.

Nothere: Horses monkeys and the lion from Honolulu Oscar.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: “Loose box”

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: ME loose box.

Nothere: First question Ho put the bop in the bop she bop?

Rush: loose box – (British) A stable, or an enclosed area of a stable building, in which a horse is kept untethered.

Dona: What is a loose box? apartment?

Nothere: Secon ho put the rm n the ram a lam a ding dong?

Rush: 🙂

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: NT: Chan will find that out. And who put the bomp.

Rush: Chan’s expression says, “I mean BUSINESS.”

Nothere: Dude chill. Your having a heart attack.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Looks like she had that re-cut from a Benedictine friar’s robe.

Rush: Yes, Lake is definitely rattled.

Nothere: Did the dog bark in the night?

Rush: “Cat of Hell”

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Noble animal.

mda19083: cat of hell

Louise: I don’t see…

Dave: noble animal…

mda19083: you see but you do not observe

Phil: Wrong detective mda

Rush: “Thoughts are like noble animal – unchecked, they run away causing painful smash-up.”

Louise: Lake now with himself is a weird statement

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Noble animal x2. Fourth reference so far. Beginning to think—wait: x5!—Chan is trying to put a shine on the, ug=h, noble animal.

Nothere: Ho many indos Mda

Nothere: I ish that key orked on my kyboar.

Rush: “More fear, more talk.”

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Get a grip, Gertie!

Rush: Needs a tranquilizer…

Louise: too many screechy women in this one

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Those windows must frost all over in wintah.

Rich Maine: This film needs BB and Jimmy

Rush: maybe she needs to work in some other part of the monor where she can’t see CC!

Nothere: There see ho he even alks in a murderous fashion.

Dave: She’s more over the top than Angela Lansbury in Gaslight

Phil: Hit the road Jack

Rush: Rich, that would be interesting!

Mike n Rachel in DC: What Kind of Fool Am I?

Rush: maybe if Monogram had done a “remake” of this one.

Rush: Actually, they sort of did in “Dark Alibi.”

Phil: Cue the can

mda19083: cue the can

Rush: Thacker.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: He was in the Thrown Room.

Nothere: Spend Universial budget at Monogram. Crikey Not likely

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: My video just froze. What’s the “time”?


Mike n Rachel in DC: 40:00

Phil: 39:55

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: I have 39:30

Dona: 40.00

Phil: TYSM Rush

Rush: 🙂

Dave: Time to check his wallet….

Rich Maine: MURDER!

Nothere: Hah lets see em frame Grey for this one.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: “Little things tell story”?

mda19083: Mr Chang?

Louise: Chang

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Money talks—

Rush: Little things tell story.

Money talks.

Man in lowly station does not kill self when possessing much money.

HonoluLou has joined this room

HonoluLou: Time please?

Nothere: Hey Lou

Rush: WB…Lou!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Conclusions jump at me. One of the all-time good lines.

Nothere: 4500

Louise: Ah hah: thumb on trigger

hounder: conclusions jump at me

Rush: Yes, Mike!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: “By Jove, you’re Wright”

Rush: By the way…please say “Hello” to Rachel!

HonoluLou: TXS, Nothere!

Rush: Thacker catches on….

Dona: he’s quick

Nothere: By Jove It’s Karl Rove.

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s here. *Rachel waves*

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Hi, Rachel!!

Dona: Hi Rachel

Nothere: Hi Racheal.

Rush: Against regulations.

HonoluLou: AT 47:00 good?

Rush: Bunny is sober.

Phil: 42:25

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: I’m at 42:00

Dona: 42:30

Rush: 42:30

Nothere: Not sober, just less drunk

HonoluLou: Yikes, thanks.

Rush: :

Phil: 4250

Dona: such drama

HonoluLou: Thanks!

Rush: 43:00

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: TYSM, Rush!

Nothere: No seat Lou out of 12 different times you’ll find one you like.

Rush: Alice Perkins is no Mme. Saturnia!

Louise: Satunia is unique!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Would have loved to see the audition for that part

Rush: Habit of being sometimes invisible very useful.

Phil: Man with one watch knows what time it is. Man with two watches, never sure.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: NICE!!

Rush: Actually, Lake being murdered is ample reason to have the authorities delay the execution at least!

Mike n Rachel in DC: A point worthy of Chan himself, Rush!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Death talks.

Rush: Well….

Rush: I would be on the phone to the Home Secretary at this point.

Dave: Or his secretary….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Surely Charlie’s reputation ought to be good for an extra month at least

HonoluLou: Boris Johnson to the rescue!

Rush: 45:50

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: I likewise, Rush. We’d probably both get a bizzy signal.

Dave: Wonder if he is home…

hounder: charlie ggives her a job to keep her spirits up

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sorry, Lou. Boris is at a party.

Rush: Yes, the Home secretary’s secretary at least!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Did they use this office set in another Chan flick? Seems familiar.

HonoluLou: M&R 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie expertly rids himself of annoying sister of Gray

Rush: Angel and Dave: 🙂

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: I’m covering Foxxe’s pretty little nose.

Rush: The RAF.

HonoluLou: How does that guy get his mustache so thin?

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: If you MUST know . . .

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: TYSM

Rush: Very carefully, Lou!

Rush: e slip and….

Rush: ONE

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Looks like Eddie Haskell.

HonoluLou: Sorry, but your gonna die, brother 🙁

Phil: You could hide a submachine gun in that fur.

Rush: yes, Angel.

Rush: Her hat inspired Leo Gorcey.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Is Wallace an attorney yet, Mrs. Cleaver?

HonoluLou: That’s really quite a fur!

HonoluLou: Yeah go. And take that animal with you!

Dave: Fur-atious…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: W.C. Fields or Wm. Frawley for guard, in my remake.


HonoluLou: Bowery Boys!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Looks Bowery Boys-ey

Rush: 🙂

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Ah!!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: So!!

Dave: Time to track down Grace Kelly…

Rush: That is almost a “walk-in” fireplace!

hounder: big big fireplace.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: I’d re-cast Ray Milland’s part with Danny DeVito.

hounder: hate to have to haul thouse 6 foot logs

HonoluLou: A&F, lol

Dave: Not as big as the one in Citizen Kane…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Excuse please.

mda19083: Rosebud

Rush: Very modest fur trim….

HonoluLou: Yeah Mary, don’t worry. Don’t be foolish.

Rush: 🙂

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Normal useless lives. That’s them.]

Rush: Yes.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Still no light bulbs.

hounder: how do you launder s ahirt with fur trim?

HonoluLou: That’s probably the sexiest kiss, seen in a Chan film, right?

Rush: There’s one.

Rush: Perhaps not, Lou…

Rush: The DART!

mda19083: that was close

Louise: Sexy outfit

HonoluLou: Hmm Rush, intriguing!

Phil: Quick change

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan almost rendered can-able

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Hmmmm, hounder!]Everybody had robes before the war.

Rush: It hit right between CC’s thumb and forefinger!

HonoluLou: Poison dart, I’m sure.

Louise: I just made my son a robe because today’s kids don’t have them

Mike n Rachel in DC: From elephant gun. That is a large dart.

Rush: “Mr. Chang.

mda19083: dart was filled with Tetragene

Rush: Yes, Mike!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Humble self.

HonoluLou: Louise, you sewed it (or is that sewn it?)

Dave: tetragene! again!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: “Mister Chang” throughout.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thacker enunciates “Chang” very clearly

Rush: Yes.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Dave, shhhhh! Loose lips!!

Godwinshelley2: You mean a robe like for lounging after a bath – or a robe like for Lovecraftian Cultists

Rush: Thacker eventually obtained a Dictophone.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: The answers, GS, is Yes to Whatever.

HonoluLou: Rush 🙂

Rush: GS: 🙂

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Anybody here ever seen a Dictabelt?

Rush: Perhaps a “tribute” to Chang Apana?

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Could BE, Rush!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Heard of them, Ayngel

HonoluLou: A&F I just saw one on Google, neat.

Rush: If you want wild bird to sing, do not put him in cage.

Rich Maine: No cages

HonoluLou: Wild Bird, write that down.

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bird vs cage line may the most used Chan line

Louise: Fox hunts are creepy

HonoluLou: Tally Ho!

mda19083: tally ho

Mike n Rachel in DC: Especially if you’re the fox, Louise

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: They are WEIRD. WERE weird, anyway. But so would be CD’s to, say, Martha Raye.

Rush: Look at all the horses and hunters! The little fox doesn’t stand a chance!

mda19083: a hunting we will go

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: FOXXE!

Rush: 🙂

HonoluLou: Mary, is in trouble!


Louise: But the clothes are cool

Rush: No note….TELL HER!!!

HonoluLou: No way Rush, not in the script.

Rush: We all know what happens with “I’ll tell him later.”

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: And this time even Dr. Coathanger can’t help!!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Yes, Lou!

HonoluLou: I like how they add the print like in the silent films.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Get me an aerodrome!

Rush: There is an interesting scene shift coming, involving the sound of a plane flying over…

HonoluLou: Sorry, Sir. But G.I.’s don’t wear their hats inside. Please remove it.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Is it tetragene yet?

Nothere: No remember everyone chase ye foxxe, but ere just catching her, not hurting her. Talleho.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Catch and release fox hunt?

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Tally-hee!

Nothere: Prececisly old boy or girl as the case may be.

Dave: Don’t ask, don’t tell, even if he was a queer chap…

Rush: How to silence a war plane: Shoot it down.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. Did Chan teleport to this guy’s office? Same plane sound as before

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: OCD.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: TYSM

Louise: Ah, the teleporter was just one of the best new technologies in Chan films

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: LSMFT

Nothere: Same sound different plane

Rush: Is that Abe Lincoln on the mantel?

HonoluLou: All those fireplaces are ginormous!

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Replaced regular porters.

Phil: This is the most nonsensical explanation of why he said Paul was guilty.

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: I think it

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fooled her again…

Dave: How about her outfit?

HonoluLou: She had Chinese knots on her sweater, probably for tomorrow, Year of The Tiger!

Rush: well, Phil…she bought it!

Nothere: Ho else do you fit the secret passage to the secret room Lou?

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: it’s Millard Fillmore, Rush.

Rich Maine: You have a fast car…

HonoluLou: NoThere, true, true!

Rush: TYSM, Angel!

Rush: Nice car!

mda19083: lets go

Rush: KPH or MPH?

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Uh-oh, fellow detectives: fone for Foxxe; must bid sudden Good Night—! Till next!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: go fox go!

Dave: evening!

Nothere: I will tll you the big secret about the killer after I go off alone ith everyone. I won’t be killed mysteriously I’m sure.

Rush: Take care, Angel!

Louise: Speedy

HonoluLou: They used that fox in that one movie…”Fox Fur!”

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: Fox and Foxxe say Laytah!!!

Nothere: Night A and F

Dona: bye Angel

Rush: see you next week: “Charlie Chan in Paris.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night Angel!

HonoluLou: Bye A&F

Dave: Leave a note…

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe: OOOLA LA over & out!!

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: London Paris. Alays the capitals.

mda19083: always a pleasure A & F

Rush: Yes.

Nothere: No love for the countryside?

Phil: Bunny maybe a drunk but he can handle a horse

Rush: Then…Egypt.

Rush: All three “connected.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: See the world with Charlie Chan!

Dona: I love the tour of the world

ye olde ayngel & ye foxxe has left this room

Rush: Yes, Dona.

Rush: I do too!

Nothere: The horse has been murdered. Someone call Daktari.

HonoluLou: Daktari, LoL

Mike n Rachel in DC: Or Nurstari

Rush: Then, we might be able to consider “Shanghai” as a stop on the way home from Egypt to Honolulu.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I loved Daktari when I was a kid

Rush: An actual deceased horse, i am afraid….

HonoluLou: Someone silence that cricket!

Phil: That’s a frog, isn’t it?

Nothere: The Shanghai brothels in no ay effecting our decision.

Rush: Yes, Lou…get the shotgun.

HonoluLou: Phil, you could be right, but they go more ribbit!

Nothere: Shotgun for cricket? Anyone for overkill?

Rush: “Hamilton” was killed by bad reviews…

Rush: Bunny is still sober.

mda19083: Rush 🙂

HonoluLou: Someone in this room is…

Rush: Suspects reactions….

Louise: Someone here…

Nothere: Quick everyone point at smeone else.

Rush: Yes.

HonoluLou: Lullaby, and good night…

Rush: I would not be able to sleep, that’s for sure.

Dave: anyone know a good song to sing?

HonoluLou: Great job counting!

Louise: Tick Tock

Nothere: Sing a song?

Dave: A hundred bottles of ale…

Rush: I might just request a supply of potent drugs at that point.

HonoluLou: Red Herrings abound!

Rush: Yes, Dave!

HonoluLou: Dave 🙂

Nothere: I prefer my herring blue.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Pickled is better, yet.

Louise: deunct

Louise: defunct

Rush: Pepper!

Louise: Pepppaaa

HonoluLou: Get your damn hands off of Charlie Chan!

Rich Maine: Pepperoni

Dave: Chinses word for tetragene…

HonoluLou: Sorry!

Rush: Pepperoncini.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan lays trap for murderer

Rush: Yes, Mike.

HonoluLou: Isn’t is Come with me to the kasbah?

Dave: Sharif don’t like it…

Rush: Trap set some more….

Rush: Dave: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Underestimate Charlie Chan at your own peril

Rush: True!

Louise: Charlie!

HonoluLou: Too Bad, So Sad!

Rush: That woke up the household!

Nothere: Underestimated Chan like man ho think chimp in gorillia cage.

Louise: TYSM

HonoluLou: Charlie you ole dog, you tricked him!

Rush: Paul Frank.

Rich Maine: Not even English

Mike n Rachel in DC: Paul Frank what?

Rush: Capt. Seton.

Rush: Furter.

Nothere: Sneaky Chan

Louise: Cutting it close to the execution

mda19083: book ’em Danno

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah. Perhaps von Furter.

Phil: The dead bat dress.

Rush: A happy ending…”12 Children and one wife.”

HonoluLou: The Greatest Detective in the World!

Rush: Yes, phil!

Rush: The ring!

Dave: right, Phil…

Nothere: I say ole boy it’s a fair cop remember your British.

Dona: There is that bat

Nothere: $^%^#@$@^

Rush: “Case now complete.”

Louise: Good one!

HonoluLou: Awe, shucks.


Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Dona: or it could be a mustash

Rush: (Applause)

Rich Maine: An excellent film

Dave: music…

Nothere: YEAH

Nothere: CLAP CLAP

Rush: Exit music here….

Nothere: Arro

Nothere: GUNSHOT

hounder: herre comes charlie, the matchmakr

Nothere: Dolphin

Dona: My favorite Chan movie. I love them all but this is the top of my list. I have no idea why.

mda19083: another great outing – thanks all!

Rush: On the DVD we have the exit music now…

HonoluLou: So good. I was confuse, thought Ray Milland did it, but that was Jimmy Stewart in another one.

Nothere: There as a dlphin in the sound effects right? I ill never forget them.

Rush: Yes, Lou!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Might be thinking of a Thin Man, Lou

Rush: Next week…

Rich Maine: Night all, stay warm!

Nothere: A Thin excuse lou:)

Rush: We fly with CC across the Channel, to Paris!

HonoluLou: MnR, Right you are!

Dona: Yes the 2nd thin man movie

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Paris.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oui!

Phil: Indeed M&R

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week….Stay warm!

Nothere: Night all. Oui Rush.

Rush: And, I apologize in advense for….

Dave: see everyone next week, hopefully…

Rush: “THAT dance.”

Godwinshelley2: Stay safe everyone

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bon soir!

Phil: As we say in Hungary..Aloha!

Rush: take care, everyone!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have a wonderful week!

hounder: good bight all. have a happy week

HonoluLou: Dang, no more Tiger Tea at movies. But it is Chinese New Years Eve. Kung Hei Fat Choi, all!

Phil has left this room

Godwinshelley2: Yes – THAT DANCE – I feel bad about it every time

Rush: Thank you ALL so much!

Rush: Another great evening!

Rush: FUN, too!

Matt1 has left this room

HonoluLou: tootle Lou

Rush: Even though we joke a bit…we LOVE these movies!

Nothere has left this room

Dona: Thank you Rush great evening as always.

Rich Maine has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Godwinshelley2: Have a great Year of the Water Tiger

HonoluLou has left this room

hounder has left this room

Rush: So..

Dona: Good night everyone. See you next week.

Louise: Nite all

Rush: Have a happy and safe week…

mda19083 has left this room

Dave has left this room

Rush: Stay warm, those in cold climes….

Godwinshelley2: Rush – I sent you a photo of the Wisk Broom I made last weeke

Godwinshelley2: I emailed i

Rush: Thank you and good night!

Godwinshelley2: it

Godwinshelley2: night

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: We will talk soon, Louise….?

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Louise has left this room

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