Chat Archive 1/7/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for January 7, 2019

Behind That Curtain

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 1)

Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC
Paul M

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room16:26

LibraryJim has joined this room16:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello…16:27

Rush has joined this room16:27

LibraryJim: Happy New Year16:27

Rush: hello!16:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: Happy New Year to everyone!16:28

hounder has joined this room16:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Was wondering if maybe we were in the wrong spot!16:28

Rush: Happy New you LJ, and Mike/Rachel!16:28

hounder: hi everyone. happy new year16:28

Rush: And, to you too, Hounder!16:28

Rush: Happy New Year and WELCOME!16:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ditto, hounder16:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very handsome crown you have this evening, Rush.16:28

Rush: Can’t avoid it! it was “given” to me!16:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s well-deserved in any case. :)16:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: 16:29

Rush: I will try to live up to the honor!16:29

hounder: and i wouldn’t want it for anything16:29

Matt has joined this room16:29

Rush: Very wise!16:29

Rush: Hello, Matt!16:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: hounder = power behind the throne. hehe16:30

Rush: WELCOME and Happy New Year!16:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Matt!16:30

Matt: Hello Rush, Jim, Hounder M&R!16:30

Rush: 16:30

Matt: HNY!16:30

hounder: LOL. what drugs/drink are you enjoying tonight mike?16:30

hounder: hi att.16:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: nothing yet.16:30

Matt: How did you do emotion?16:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’m more of a method actor myself…16:31

Matt: I see it16:31

Rush: See the little smiley face to the right?16:31

Rush: Click on that.16:31

Matt: No tin can emotion, though16:31

Rush: No, no sounds….16:31

Matt: 16:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Substandard room. No can.16:31

hounder: Just once i gotta say it tonight. rolltide16:31

LibraryJim: new year new chat room. 16:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, LJ16:31

LibraryJim: at least I can use my tablet16:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: are you an alum, hounder?16:32

Rush: Now we CAN get a reasonably priced chat room that will have the bells/whistles, BUT the drawback is that we would be limited to 15 participants.16:32

Rush: So, we are searching….16:32

LibraryJim: oh, and ctrl and the plus sign + increases screen size so I can see it, too.16:32

hounder: The bells and whistles are nice, but the people are better imho16:32

Rush: IF we feel that 15 chairs at our table will be enough, we can go with that.16:32

LibraryJim: Agree, Hounder16:33

Rush: OR…we can also stick with this one at least for a while.16:33

Rush: Agreed, Hounder.16:33

Matt: I remember the day of 20+ people16:33

Rush: Yes, that CAN happen!16:33

hounder: no mike, my husband went there for 2 years. and when you marry and move to al you are forced to choose either al or auburn to root for.16:34

Rush: Actually, I am uncertain as to the capacity of this Chat Room!16:34

LibraryJim: cued up to “Smilin Jack part 1″16:34

Matt: Cued here too!16:34

Len Freeman has joined this room16:34

Rush: Okay…16:34

Matt: Hello Len!16:34

LibraryJim: never even heard of this one.16:34

Matt: Me either16:34

Rush: e should watch our extra asap, as it runs 25 minutes!16:34

Len Freeman: Hello all16:34

hounder: most night 15 would be enough, but sometimes we’ve had 20, ans we sometimes have old timer drop ins or ne members.16:34

Rush: Hello, Len!16:35

LibraryJim: almost 2616:35

Rush: Happy New Year!16:35

hounder: hi len.16:35

hounder: hi lj16:35

Len Freeman: Ready here… I have my own copy16:35

Rush: We are readying our “Smilin’ Jack” videos…16:35

Rush: We should start soon…16:35

Len Freeman: Tried the Youtube the other day and it worked fine…16:35

Rush: Everyone ready?16:35

Rush: Link is above.16:35

Matt: Yep!16:35

LibraryJim: ready here16:35

Rush: it opens a new window.16:36

Rush: Okay….16:36

Rush: 30 seconds….16:36

Rush: 20 seconds…16:36

LibraryJim: Len, i’m watching on You Tube16:36

Rush: 15….16:36

Rush: 10….16:36

Rush: 5….16:36

Rush: GO!!!16:36

Matt: *GONG*16:36

Len Freeman: going16:37

Rush: Title and intro music…16:37

Rush: Credits…including Keye Luke.16:37

Len Freeman: This is the only film that Sidney Toler and Keye Luke appear in together….16:37

LibraryJim: Keye Luke AND Sydney Toler??16:37

Matt: Sound effects would be awesome16:37


Rush: Yes!16:37

Len Freeman: Tyler finished Chan series for 20thCFox in early 1942, this was shot in late 1942,16:38

Matt: No “Pop” slip ups I hope?16:38

LibraryJim: Sidney outranks Keye16:38

Len Freeman: and released in January 194316:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: *boom*16:38

Rush: Not a good landing!16:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good graduation music16:38

LibraryJim: nope16:38

Len Freeman: By the end of that year Toler had set up the Monogram series and started Chan there in 194416:38

Len Freeman: So this happens nicely in between16:39

Rush: The Germans used Spain as a test ground for their blitzkrieg techniques.16:39

Rush: During the Spanish Civil war.16:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: Guernica16:39

cdirus has joined this room16:39

Matt: Hello CD!16:39

Len Freeman: hi CD16:40

cdirus: Hi guys! 16:40

LibraryJim: Ineteresting that they used bi-planes16:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Happy New Year CD! We’re in the midst of the Spanish Civil War!16:40

LibraryJim: hey, CD16:40

cdirus: Have you started already?16:40

Rush: Happy New Year and WELCOME, CD!16:40

Len Freeman: ah…Capt Keye Luje16:40

Len Freeman: Luke16:40

Rush: Just getting into our extra.16:40

Len Freeman: 4 mins 1516:41

Rush: Keye Luke.16:41

Len Freeman: General Toler16:41

Rush: Yes!16:42

Rush: Toler has only the “soul patch” in this role.16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: good job of hiding the fact Toler can’t speak Chinese…16:43

Rush: This sereal is from 1943.16:43

Rush: Agreed, M/R.16:43

LibraryJim: Something tells me Jack’s trip back home is about to be delayed…16:44

Rush: Yes!16:44

hounder: cute pencil mustache16:44

Rush: I’d say he’ll be in China for 13 episodes!16:45

Matt: 7 here for the pre-show tonight….Nice!16:45

hounder: there’s those dangerous looking eyes16:45

Rush: Yes, Matt!16:45

LibraryJim: danger at the window again16:45

Rush: Again, TYSM, Len, for the wonderful suggestion!16:45

Matt: Way to start off the New Year16:45

hounder: really nice to have something new to watch16:46

Rush: These are going to be fun to watch.16:46

Len Freeman: my pleasure///16:46

Len Freeman: overall it’s a fun serial16:46

LibraryJim: so is a murderer in one of these stories a Serial Killer?16:47

hounder: guess the wondow was open16:47

Rush: 16:47

LibraryJim: Ah, mysterious Tibet16:48

Rush: Indeed!16:49

Rush: And, a secret route between India and China.16:49

Len Freeman: spies galore…16:49

LibraryJim: and a secret route under the table….16:49

Rush: Yes!\16:50

Rush: The Black Samurai.16:51

Len Freeman: the black samurai…16:51

hounder: those tipup tables are more common than i thought16:51

Rush: Yes. We saw one in “The Shanghai Cobra” in a laundry.16:51

hounder: and in golden eye?16:52

Rush: I think that Ram Lao is not long for this world…16:52

Len Freeman: the knife thru the window!!16:52

LibraryJim: windows are dangerous places in these movies/serials16:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: TWO living men16:53

Matt: Ouch!16:53

Rush: Too late!16:54

LibraryJim: too late. 16:54

LibraryJim: why didn’t they take his knife away?16:54

Godwinshelley has joined this room16:54

Godwinshelley: Howdy16:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fraeulien von Teufel????16:54

Len Freeman: hi GWS16:54

Matt: Hello GS!16:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS16:54

Rush: Hello, GS! Happy New Year!16:54

Godwinshelley: Sorry Rush – I haven’t heard back from my tech guys16:54

cdirus: Hi GS!16:54

LibraryJim: happy new year, GS16:54

Rush: We are watching “Smilin’ Jack.”16:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: That Fraeulein is a devil of a woman :)16:55

Godwinshelley: And Rush – I will be in San Fran in February – not expecting to visit you AND if you happened to be in the area….16:55

Rush: Well, we are doing okay for the time being, GS. But TYSM.16:55

Rush: We shall see what we can find, one way or the other.16:55

Rush: At least we have this room for now.16:55

Len Freeman: the secret of the route….16:55

Godwinshelley: We have time to find the perfect one while we use this16:56

Rush: One can never tell, GS!16:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: a division of Axis Espionage, Inc.16:56

Rush: Yes.16:56

Rush: I am not sure how many this Char Room can hold….16:56

Rush: Hopefully a goodly number!16:56

LibraryJim: ONE plain plane? 16:57

hounder: maybe tonight we’ll get an idea.16:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: Captain Wing. Good pilot, no doubt!16:57

Rush: We just saw Sidney Toler again.16:57

Rush: Yes, M/R!16:57

Len Freeman: Not a good sign…. that Capt not present16:57

LibraryJim: don’t trust him16:57

Godwinshelley: What’s our time on Smilin Jack16:58

Len Freeman: 21;2116:58

hounder: you won’t need that chute.16:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: They lay the faux Japanese music on a little heavy16:58

Rush: 21:2516:58

LibraryJim: pig latin16:58

Len Freeman: my copy is a few seconds ahead16:58

Rush: We are nearing the “cliff.”16:59

LibraryJim: 2222 for me16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: ApaneseJay OtNat AlkTay IgPay AtlinLay16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: ONay17:00

Rush: Take-off sequences were probably shot in the San Fernando Valley in L.A.17:00

hounder: i’d keep an eye on that prisoner if i were you17:00

Rush: 2 minutes to go in this episode…17:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Time for a love interest17:01

Len Freeman: maybe not that long17:01

angel & fox has joined this room17:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that a white fox fur I see?17:01

angel & fox: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!17:01

hounder: brb. dog walk17:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Happy New Year to you Angel17:01

angel & fox: I am SO HAPPY to see you all! All getting used to New Room?17:02

Len Freeman: well he’s a goner……17:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: whee!17:02

Rush: ‘Chute trouble!17:02

LibraryJim: remember if your chute fails you, you have the rest of your life to fix it.17:02

Rush: That’s it for this week’s episode!17:03

angel & fox: RUSH, cd,, M n R, GS—LJ, Len—Comet! Cupid! cd! RUSH! Hounder!! Fifteen MAX?17:03

Rush: Will the parachute open?17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Try the ripcord, Jack17:03

Rush: Hello, Angel!17:03

Len Freeman: try it again!!!17:03

Len Freeman: Hi Angel17:03

Rush: WELCOME…and Happy New Year!!!17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>17:03

Matt: <clap>17:03

Rush: How have you been?17:03

HonoluLou has joined this room17:03

Rush: And a welcome to Fox!17:03

Matt: Hello Lou!17:03

HonoluLou: Greetings~17:04

Len Freeman: Hi Lou17:04

Rush: 17:04

Matt: And Angel!17:04

Rush: Hello, LOU!17:04

Rush: WELCOME!17:04

Rush: Happy New Year to YOU!17:04

HonoluLou: Hello, Rush, et all. Happy 2019!17:04

angel & fox: Darned if i didn’t learn SOMETHING NEW TONIGHT if i hadn’t yet this year: Smilin Hack, i mean Jack: unknown to me, & thanks! Tho i was late getting in, i’ve got SJ on NOW rolling during Intermission.17:04

Rush: And, to you, sir!17:04

hounder: hi hl , angel, and fox17:05

Rush: Well we are at 10 on this room, we will see if number 11 can enter!17:05

HonoluLou: I didn’t have to do anything to sign in! Just type in a name…great!17:05

Godwinshelley: I think they showed some Smilin Jack on TCM Sat morning17:05

Rush: Fingers crossed!17:05

Rush: Yes, GS?17:05

Rush: This past Saturday?17:05

Godwinshelley: It was last summer – not recent17:05

Rush: Ah!17:05

Rush: I was pretty impressed by the first chapter.17:05

HonoluLou: I’m not watching, but isn’t Warner Oland in that too?17:06

hounder: yes hl17:06

hounder: she didn’t land very well17:06

HonoluLou: TXS hdr17:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: We liked it. Hit w Rach…17:06

Rush: The “falling” sequences reminded me of W.C Fields falling from the plane in “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break”!17:06

Len Freeman: It has both Sidney TOler and Keye Luke17:06

Rush: Yes!17:06

Godwinshelley: Yes I like WC films17:06

Len Freeman: only film they’re in together17:07

Godwinshelley: I especially like International House17:07

HonoluLou: Txs Len. 17:07

Len Freeman: Shot between Toler’s time at Fox and Monogram17:07

Rush: If we remain at ten, tonight, it may mean that this free Chat Room is limited to that number.17:07

HonoluLou: Rush, give me one more day, please (N.L.). T.Y.S.M. 17:07

angel & fox: I am LOVING this flick. And W.C.! Now you’re distracting me! I see by the headlines the USA is going all out for defense, so that means no W.C. or I.P.A. for the moment.17:08

hounder: she knows an awful lot about the setup to not know the route17:08

Rush: Lou, you can even have TWO if needed!17:08

Len Freeman: Glad you like it Angel17:08

Rush: 17:08

HonoluLou: Rush17:08

Rush: Yes?17:08

HonoluLou: 1 day, and job will be finished.17:08

Rush: By the way….5 1/2 minutes to go….17:08

Dona has joined this room17:08

Godwinshelley: There is your 1017:09

Rush: Ah, DONA!17:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Dona!17:09

Rush: Welcome….Happy New Year!17:09

Dona: Hello Everyone!17:09

Matt: Hello Dona!17:09

Len Freeman: ah… 11…. so we’ve got room for more…17:09

HonoluLou: I tried Len’s patience, but we gotter-done 17:09

cdirus: Hi Dona17:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: One big, happy Chan family!17:09

Rush: And, we now know we can go over the 10 mark in this Chat Room!17:09

Godwinshelley: My screen says 10 online17:09

Len Freeman: LOL… no problem Lou17:09

Louise has joined this room17:09

angel & fox: DONA! You were in my mind as i called the reindeers’ names!17:09

Godwinshelley: yes now 1117:09

LibraryJim: ok took me a minute to find the Video but cued to the title of Behind that Curtain.17:09

Len Freeman: Mine now shows 1217:09

Louise: Ah, finally got in!17:09

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…17:09

Dona: LOL Angel17:09

LibraryJim: 12 here too17:09

Rush: Please ready the film….17:09

Matt: Cued to Opening Title here!17:09

HonoluLou: Mine says, 12 online, too17:10

angel & fox: And the lovely Louise! The Chinese are laughing now! (Keye Luke just said so, anyway, in my other other ear.)17:10

Len Freeman: cued here17:10

Matt: Long film tonight!17:10

LibraryJim: looks like good capacity17:10

Louise: I don’t have the movie, I am traveling.17:10

Matt: Hello Louise!17:10

Louise: Hi all. I snuck in.17:10

Len Freeman: well it’s a sloooow movie Louise,,, may still be going when you get to where you’re going…17:10

Louise: True, Len17:11

LibraryJim: my showing time says the movie is 1:30:1917:11

Rush: Yes.17:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: Same.17:11

Rush: It is a longer one!17:11

Len Freeman: Rush, I like the little King’s hat next to your name17:11

Rush: 3 minutes….17:11

HonoluLou: Rush, all. Just had to stop by to say hello. This Chat room is GREAT! I have some detective work to finish tonight for illustrious Webmaster. So humble Kashimo will say Sayonara. G’night and enjoy. Lou17:11

LibraryJim: that’s only 90 minutes17:11

Rush: Above I meant 4 1/2 minutes….17:11

Len Freeman: Nite Lous17:11

Rush: Sorry…17:11

angel & fox: Hello & gnite Hlulu Lou!!17:11

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes….17:11

LibraryJim: Night Lou17:11

HonoluLou has left this room17:12

Rush: Take care, Lou!17:12

Rush: TYSM….again!17:12

Rush: 2 minutes…17:12

hounder: hey we’ve seen hime before too, cap kelso?17:12

hounder: nite lou17:12

Rush: 90 seconds….17:12

Godwinshelley: I’m cued up – NO Fox Fanfare before it starts17:12

Rush: 75 seconds….17:13

Rush: Right.17:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: *dons aviator scarf and goggles*17:13

Rush: No fanfare!17:13

Rush: 60 seconds…17:13

Rush: 50 seconds…17:13

angel & fox: Hiding behind curtain.17:13

Len Freeman: just SLLLLLOw music17:13

Rush: 40 seconds….17:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: P.S. Behind WHICH curtain?17:13

Rush: 30 seconds…17:13

LibraryJim: THAT curtain17:13

Rush: 25….17:13

Rush: 20….17:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh17:13

Rush: 15…17:14

angel & fox: Was GONNA say—thanks, LJ!17:14

Rush: 10….17:14

LibraryJim: over there by the window17:14

Rush: 5…17:14

Rush: GO!!!17:14

Matt: <GONG!>17:14

Louise: So sad the sounds are gone.17:14

LibraryJim: going17:14

angel & fox: TY4 GONG, Matt!17:14

Rush: Organ music…17:14

Rush: Holdover from the silent era!17:14

Godwinshelley: Rush I’m going to try to log in with my iPhone while I am still logged in here to see what happens – unless you think I shouldn’t17:14

Rush: Credits….17:14

Len Freeman: well Earl gets right up front story credit17:14

Dona: Are you wearing a fox fur tonight Angel?17:14

Rush: “London”17:14

angel & fox: I LIKE that initial “L”!17:15

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:15

angel & fox: Typography musta been king in 1929.17:15

Rush: A late “WELCOME” to you, Louise!17:15

Godwinshelley2: And here I am17:15

Rush: Happy New Year!17:15

Matt: GS2…..It worked!17:15

Rush: Note the exaggereated acting here.17:15

Dona: Hi GS17:15

Godwinshelley: Yes you can log in with your mobile devise17:15

Godwinshelley: device17:15

Godwinshelley: Hi Dona17:15

angel & fox: I ALWAYS liked the way Brits would answer the phone—scuse me, ” ‘phone “—“Are you THEAHHHHHHH?”17:15

LibraryJim: holdover from the silent era17:15

Matt: Via our web site?17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Still trying to figure out talkies Rush?17:15

Len Freeman: Ha! My copy has onscreen text17:15

Rush: Yes, Angel!17:16

Godwinshelley: Yes – I go to this website via safarii17:16

Rush: Of course, M/R!17:16

Godwinshelley: then just log in at the chat room17:16

Matt: Awesome!17:16

angel & fox: My video is Krystal Klear. I’m loving this!17:16

Godwinshelley2: Or as my twin would say – here17:16

Len Freeman: Warner Baxter…. the hot star of the day…17:16

Rush: I do have to say, this Chat Room is easier to log into.17:16

angel & fox: OH, do i have DOCUMENTS!!!17:16

Rush: I can even do so on my iPhone.17:17

Godwinshelley: Didn’t he play Sam Spade in an earlier Maltese Falcon17:17

Len Freeman: Don’t know… but he was the first Cisco Kid17:17

Rush: Hmmm….17:17

Godwinshelley: Which is good since I will be travelling mid-February and will miss 3 Mondays 17:17

Louise: Can I have the time on the movie? Just connected to it online…17:17

Rush: He utters “Col. Betham” like it’s an insult.17:18

Len Freeman: 4:0017:18

angel & fox: Anyone remember James Mason’s guest spots w/Fred Allen, Mason foiling Allen’s Chinese Detective Wun Long Pan? The old coot sounds JUST like Mason at his vampy best.17:18

Louise: Thanks17:18

Rush: This film will be 90 years old this year!17:18

LibraryJim: everyone sing along17:18

angel & fox: WOW!!17:18

Dona: 4:3017:18

Godwinshelley2 has left this room17:18

angel & fox: My name’s Micawber, & i BELIEVE you have my HAT, Sirrr!17:18

Rush: 17:19

Rush: An old friend of ours here…17:19

angel & fox: You don’t hear music like THIS anymore.17:19

hounder: 11 of us tonight.17:19

Louise: He’s creepylooking17:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: Before he took care of horses, Rush17:19

Rush: True, Angel.17:19

angel & fox: TWELVE, our DC delegates getting two votes!17:20

Rush: Actually 12, with Rachel accompanying Mike!17:20

Louise: Yes, the horses17:20

LibraryJim: great opportunity for a Sherlock Holmes/Charlie Chan crossover here17:20

Godwinshelley: No it was Ricardo Cortez as Sam Spade that I was thinking of17:20

angel & fox: That’s SOME DOOR!17:20

Godwinshelley: But Warner was great in 42nd Street17:20

angel & fox: “Nephilim Entrance”, maybe?17:20

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:20

Godwinshelley: If I go off the safari page on my iPhone, it drops me from the chatroom17:21

angel & fox: (Not THIS door; the 12-footer in the last scene.)17:21

Rush: We see this actor in “London” and “Race Track.”17:21

Godwinshelley: But when I go back I only have to click on the re=enter chatroom button and it remembers my nickname17:21

Dona: I have the wrong movie in. Oh dear what a dope. Tried to hurry17:21

Rush: That’s scary, GS!17:21

Godwinshelley: Dona – side two17:21

angel & fox: Thank Godwin for small favors!17:21

Rush: No problem, Dona!17:22

angel & fox: Dona, there’s NO wrong movie.17:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oops, Dona. We’ll catch you up…not much has happened yet.17:22

Godwinshelley: we:re at 8:0017:22

Rush: We will cue you in to whre we are in the movie.17:22

angel & fox: Rush—GS—as scholars: the skirt a thelma Todd type to you?17:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: Can’t we cut it all and skip?17:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: elope?17:23

Godwinshelley: I would think so17:23

Rush: John Rogers is the actor I mentioned above.17:23

angel & fox: MnR: they were ALREADY asked to Take It Outside!17:23

Godwinshelley: The Online list on the right of the chatroom appears in a different order on my iPhone from my laptop17:23

angel & fox: The gent, to me, seems not unlike a Ronald Colman type. Huh?17:23

Rush: Interesting, GS.17:23

Godwinshelley: Maybe pre-Coleman – not sure when Coleman started17:24

Louise: Cough Cough17:24

angel & fox: “Colman” here looks like his head is a size too big. To ME, anyway.17:24

Rush: Got it, Louise! 17:24

angel & fox: Probably came from being knighted. (“Sir George”)17:24

Rush: 17:24

LibraryJim: “he saved her life — like any Man would — but for some reason it caught her imagination”17:24

Louise: yes angel17:24

Dona: GS is this movie on the back of something else? I know I have it17:24

Dona: i think you told me before17:25

Len Freeman: It’s on the back of Monte Carol17:25

Godwinshelley2 has left this room17:25

Godwinshelley: Back of Monte Carlo17:25

Len Freeman: carlo17:25

Dona: thank you17:25

Len Freeman: Ronald Colman was making the first Bulldog Drummond film about this same time17:25

Rush: HonoluLou, who was just here, will be sending out a nice surprise to everyone pretty soon.17:25

Godwinshelley: Coleman is listed as doing silent films – so he may have been a “type” then17:25

LibraryJim: Big doors back then. Geared for knights on horseback?17:26

Rush: He’s been putting it together for a month or so.17:26

Godwinshelley: Sounds fun Rush17:26

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:26

Rush: I think that you will like it.17:26

Louise: Eve, Eve?17:26

Len Freeman: A bit of overacting…. leftover from the Silents17:26

Godwinshelley: So the guy is only interested in her wealth?17:26

angel & fox: Len: thanks for the data! I’ve just been getting into Drummond lately; also been a Colman fan anyway—been learning from Web that the Drummond author is kinda way-outta-favor these days PCwise. Too bad.17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: This guy seems vaguely Ronald Reagan-esque to me17:26

Rush: Yes, len.17:26

Rush: M/R, I see what you mean.17:27

Louise: No John. Bug off.17:27

Rush: His look.17:27

angel & fox: MnR: I agree. A good bit of that Other Ronald indeed.17:27

angel & fox: Louise: “Flit!”17:27

angel & fox: a BOUNDER?????!!!!17:27

Godwinshelley: Dona – do you need a time check?17:28

angel & fox: “No ANGEL”!!!17:28

Rush: Yes, involved in several “messy affairs.”17:28

angel & fox: 14:00 here.17:28

Louise: Liar, liar pants on fire17:28

Dona: yes GS]17:28

angel & fox: A man accustomed to getting his way.17:28

Rush: 14:4517:28

LibraryJim: Young fellow? They look the same age17:29

Godwinshelley: 15:00 now17:29

Godwinshelley: 15:1517:29

Dona: Got it thank you17:29

Godwinshelley: 15:3017:29

Godwinshelley: Good17:29

angel & fox: Alfred Pawnick here seems to be focused on sumpin’ on the floor.17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: I was in me loose box, see?17:29

Rush: Too many “No sirs”….17:30

Louise: Yes sir17:30

Rush: 17:30

angel & fox: I’m waiting for some Harrumph, harrumphs.17:30

Rush: Those might be arranged….17:31

angel & fox: Now he doesn’t have to return all of Hillary Garth’s books, there.17:31

angel & fox: About ME?!!17:31

LibraryJim: Terribly free with information, isn’t he?harrumph!17:31

Louise: He is talking so slow is what I typed and it was blocked as spam!17:31

Godwinshelley2 has left this room17:31

Rush: Yes, Louise?17:32

Godwinshelley: This chatroom blocks spam?17:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Congratulations…17:32

LibraryJim: who said “Elope”? You got it right17:32

Louise: Weird: it wouldn’t post the message, just said it was spam. Not canned ham, spam17:32

angel & fox: Rush—others of the Selection Committee: THIS flick is SPUN GOLD! I’m going to replay this, & use PROBABLY, SOONER OR LATER, EVERY LINE IN IT, somewhere, somehow, even—in fact, ESPECIALLY in INAPPROPRIATE SITUATIONS!!!17:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Spam spam spam spam17:33

Louise: Let me type the same thing again…17:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: lovely spam, wonderful spam17:33

Len Freeman: Have to run,,, be back17:33

angel & fox: sEE YA’S, Len!17:33

LibraryJim: cut off without a farthing! Let’s see if Eric loves her now17:33

Louise: Blocked again: it was the word “slow” with extra w at the end17:33

angel & fox: Looks like she’ll be flying off. Hope so, anyway.17:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: OH MY GOD WHAT A HAT17:33

Godwinshelley: Yes like a bathing cap out of wool17:34

Len Freeman has left this room17:34

Rush: What I started with last week’s Chat is an archive of each Chat.17:34

Godwinshelley: Len just left17:34

LibraryJim: looks like an old-time football helmet17:34

Louise: That’s no hat, it’s a space helmet17:34

cdirus: :)17:34

Dona: Yes Louise17:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lord Jesus it’s ugly17:34

angel & fox: LJ: a good antacid could help her save a farthing. Or two. Or fifty-two.17:34

Rush: I found I am able to highlight and copy and then past the dialogue elsewhere.17:34

angel & fox: “Let’s trade hats.”17:34

Godwinshelley: From the film?17:34

hounder: interesting that you can do taht rush17:34

Rush: Ah, things are looking up for our shady friend….17:35

Godwinshelley: Are you capturing the subtitles?17:35

hounder: all our typos immortalized17:35

angel & fox: Did the globes get bigger, or did the world get smaller?17:35

Rush: Yes. You can see the link below us.17:35

Rush: Chan is mentioned.17:35

angel & fox: hounder: we should hop so!17:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: They just kept renaming places, Angel17:35

angel & fox: 17:36

Rush: “One never knows what lies BEHIND THE CURTAIN.”17:36

Rush: “Walk softly, go far….”17:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: which curtain Rush?17:36

LibraryJim: even when not present, Chan is influential17:36

Rush: Yes.17:37

angel & fox: They NEED Chan TONIGHT! WE need him! These two don’t seem able to detect their way out of the office. Or stay AWAKE, even.17:37

Rush: Spin the globe…17:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: there was a softly softly catchee monkey line in a Mr. Moto…17:37

angel & fox: Catchee monkees!17:37

LibraryJim: the inspector seems quite puzzled by all that his boss is saying17:37

Rush: Some of the shots we see are very convincingly “location.”17:38

Rush: “Clap-clap….”17:38

angel & fox: These folks on heavy downers, or is it the humidity?17:38

Rush: Get the cotton ready….17:38

hounder: cover your ears17:38

Dona: oh that song17:39

angel & fox: Luna’s life is on backwards.17:39

LibraryJim: Luna has eyes for Eric, or does Eric have eyes for Luna?17:39

angel & fox: 7-up with Strych-9.17:39

Rush: “That’s the way, uh-huh-uh-huh, he likes it….”17:40

Paul M has joined this room17:40

Rush: Hello, Paul!17:40

Matt: Hello Paul!17:40

Paul M: hi gang. sorry i’m late17:40

Rush: WELCOME!17:40

angel & fox: Rush: 17:40

Rush: Happy New YeaR TO YOU!17:40

Dona: Hi Paul17:40

Paul M: i’m still helping mom in Mesa. we both had a bit of a siesta17:41

Louise: Wait, I walk out of the room for a minute and we are in India?17:41

Rush: Yes, Paul?17:41

angel & fox: Do both. Now. Fast. Now, get outta here.17:41

Rush: How is your mother doing?17:41

angel & fox: You’ve a fly between your eyes.17:41

Paul M: measurably better every day. 17:41

angel & fox: VELCOME, Paulllll!17:42

hounder: good news paul17:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Paul!17:42

Rush: Yes, louise!17:42

angel & fox: there’s someone i need to see outside: YOU.17:43

angel & fox: “We explorers”. Him & who else?17:43

Rush: 17:43

angel & fox: Eve has a date with another explorer.17:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: Caravansary?17:43

Rush: M/R: 17:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that what you celebrate a year after you get back from the caravan?17:44

angel & fox: All alone but for her millions.17:44

Rush: Here we go…17:44

Godwinshelley: And there it is!!17:44

Louise: We explorers: the royal we and maybe all of us!17:44

Rush: 17:44

angel & fox: They’re playing our song!17:44

Louise: Your song, not mine17:44

Matt: 17:45

Rush: Shocking developments, here…17:45

angel & fox: MY REACTION TOO>17:45

Godwinshelley: Quick – hold up your iPhone and see if it recognizes that song17:45

Louise: Does someone kill that women for singing bad?17:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Voice lessons would help…17:45

angel & fox: Do they have frying pans in In-jah?17:45

hounder: strident voice17:46

Rush: “Punji, punji, pungji….”17:46

angel & fox: Rush, just what i was thinking!! Looking NOW for my revolver, & i DON’T mean the Beatles’ album.17:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: The plot thickens…17:46

LibraryJim: agreed argggh17:46

Rush: Eve’s life just turned upside-down.17:46

Paul M: by the chat i think i’ve got the movie synced up to the right place17:46

Dona: Let me know when the singing is over17:47

Dona: i muted my tv17:47

Rush: Very good, Paul!17:47

angel & fox: Who was paying whom, & for what?17:47

Rush: Over!17:47

Louise: Tried to Shazam it: no result!17:47

LibraryJim: it’s over Lunas been dismissed17:47

angel & fox: DONA, it’s safe now!17:47

Dona: YAY!!!!17:47

angel & fox: Gonna put that on my voicemail.17:47

Godwinshelley: Yes that would be an interesting voicemail greeting17:48

Rush: That’s one way to avoid callers, Angel!17:48

angel & fox: They don’t HAVE siestas in In-jah. Do they? What about the Mexicans?17:48

hounder: wonder how many robocalls it would drive off?17:48

angel & fox: “BLECK-mailed?”17:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: Retribution for the spam callers, Angel17:49

angel & fox: MnR: THANKS! That’s what i’ll tell the police!17:49

Louise: I got that weird Social Security spam call this week.17:49

LibraryJim: most emotion I’ve seen him exhibit so far17:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: Or Blech-mail17:49

Paul M: give me his Lett-tah!17:49

Rush: “Hundreds of pounds” was a LOT in 1929.17:49

Louise: No,no, no17:49

LibraryJim: yes,yes,yes17:50

angel & fox: It was the Punji Punji.17:50

Rush: “I did it for YOUR sake.”17:50

Mike n Rachel in DC: LLPOF17:50

angel & fox: The name “Hillary” & “documents” seem to be perpetually ill-starred.17:51

LibraryJim: LOL17:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: It was his email server. I killed him for his email server…17:51

hounder: you really should give him up.17:51

Rush: Eve…JUST GET OUT!!!!17:51

angel & fox: HOW did this not get ELEVENTY-SEVEN Academy Awards?17:52

Louise: true angel17:52

LibraryJim: If he were honorable, he’d give her her freedom17:52

angel & fox: NOBODY could cheapen what SHE thought was love.17:52

hounder: i don’t think he can even spell honor17:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nor this movie, Angel.17:52

Louise: Lordy she is melodramatic17:52

Rush: Meanwhile…a musical interlude….17:52

Godwinshelley: Yeah – Karloff!!17:53

Rush: Boris Karloff…17:53

Rush: Yes!17:53

LibraryJim: better than the last musical interlude17:53

angel & fox: Louise, i think you graze the BOTTOM there. Eve’s gaskets seem to have blown outta sight, from here. Take a POWDER, Eve!17:53

Rush: Agreed!17:53

angel & fox: I’LL advance you the camel-fare.17:53

Rush: The smartest move she’s made!17:53

Godwinshelley: So much has to be read between the lines17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: I won’t take you away. I’ve got a better idea. Murder.17:54

Rush: BB should loan her his book about disappearing made easy.17:54

Louise: 17:54

angel & fox: MnR: 17:54

LibraryJim: I wonder if the movie code prevented them from being more explicit about spouse abuse?17:54

Rush: You might have a point, LJ.17:55

LibraryJim: oh, wait, 1929? Pre-code yes>17:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: They did some solid hinting about sex…17:55

Louise: Could be Jim17:55

angel & fox: Rush: 17:55

Rush: But, they certainly gor the point.17:55

Rush: (got)17:55

angel & fox: Is there a SOUNDTRACK album available from this one?17:55

Rush: Yes, on cylinder.17:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: One of the great lines in cinema. I must go (dramatic pause) forward.17:56

Godwinshelley: There was some wind noise on that shot of their camel ride17:56

LibraryJim: Hays Code 193417:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gassy camels, GS?17:56

Rush: Again, the outside shots look very convincing.17:56

Paul M: i always thought Lois Moran was very cute. she also has the same first name as my mom17:57

Louise: GS: !!!17:57

angel & fox: If this was set in Switzerland & the Von Trapps could pass by, Eve & her man, the camel train, & the kids could join in a “round” including the Camelskinner’s Call, Chim-Chim-er-ee, & of course Punji Punji Punji.17:58

Rush: There is what must be a rear=projected scene with a minaret in the background coming up a little later that looks VERY real.17:58

Godwinshelley: Did you know that often prophylactics were used as in expensive wind screens on on-set microphones?17:58

Godwinshelley: as inexpensive17:58

angel & fox: Somebody scissored his tie on the subway.17:58

Rush: Angel: 17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: I suppose the cast always had them handy?17:58

Louise: Yes, the tie!17:58

angel & fox: GS: I wonder what first suggested the thought to those wind-blown engineers.17:59

angel & fox: Are they gonna kiss?17:59

Godwinshelley: It was something we were taught in film school – I remember a question about it was on one of my exams17:59

LibraryJim: They needed something, and one of the engineers said “Hey, I’ve got an extra, let’s see if it works….”17:59

angel & fox: LJ: 18:00

Louise: Yeah, dames are like that…18:00

angel & fox: India needs more loafers.18:00

Rush: That was Eric’s first honest reaction!18:00

LibraryJim: Love these Brits wearing suits in the desert.18:00

hounder: unusual to have one’s back to the camera for so much of the scene18:00

Rush: Yes, Hounder.18:00

angel & fox: hounder, most perzeptive.18:01

Rush: A test here…18:01

Rush: Watch…18:01

Godwinshelley: Oh Rush – the system did not allow me to log into this chatroom with an identical nickname – just another interesting item about this new setup18:01

Rush: The “nerves” test.18:01

angel & fox: Pyromaniacs, too.18:01

LibraryJim: who wrote this stuff? 18:01

angel & fox: OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!18:01

LibraryJim: questions answered with repetition of question18:01

angel & fox: DONA, take COVER!18:01

cdirus: Hide Dona!18:01

Rush: Right on cue….18:01

Godwinshelley: I would think Earl Der Biggers wrote this initially18:01

LibraryJim: again??? 18:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: [fades]18:02

hounder: and here is the irritation again18:02

Rush: Biggers wrote the original story.18:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: Camel is rockin’18:02

hounder: worde than nails on the blackboard18:02

LibraryJim: pull over, that camel has a flat hump18:02

Rush: I would doubt he was too involved in the screenplay, though.18:02

cdirus: bactrian camals?18:02

angel & fox: hounder, you got THAT right. I can’t imagine what Guy Lombardo was WAITING for; the world was ready for him damm-sure.18:03

Rush: Are the Bactrian variety double-humped?18:03

angel & fox: Bactrian and viruses.18:03

Godwinshelley: I haven’t read this novel – Does it spend a lot of time setting up the crime – like a Perry Mason story – or is it directly into the Chan part?18:03

angel & fox: Interesting CUT.18:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: We could use a good dose of Chan about now.18:03

Rush: There is some build-up, but Chan is the major player later.18:04

LibraryJim: or No Doze18:04

angel & fox: Does Eve get West Pakistan, is that the deal?18:04

cdirus: just checked because I didn’t think bactrians were domesticated, but only one species is wild.18:04

Rush: In the book.18:04

angel & fox: It’s the Punji in her.18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: I am going to take up writing scripts18:05

LibraryJim: I say Hello, but you say goodbye18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Boy: I want..18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Girl: Don’t say it18:05

LibraryJim: I say hello you say goodbye 18:06

Godwinshelley: Ugh – it18:06

Godwinshelley: it’s so slowwww18:06

Rush: Coleman lantern in the background….18:06

Louise: Gotta go for tonight so see you all next week!18:06

Godwinshelley: now Louise – it let me type multiple w18:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: Boy: Maybe we could just hint at it for a while?18:06

Rush: VERY slow.18:06

LibraryJim: what’s Ronald’s lantern doing in THEIR tent?18:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bye Louise!18:07

angel & fox: SCHOLARS: Does this strike you as a RELATIVELY daring script, & acting style, for its time? It does me.18:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Girl: Don’t hint me18:07

hounder: old coleman lantern mantles wer radioactive18:07

Louise: Bye bye18:07

Matt: By Louise18:07

angel & fox: Louise, fare the well. Don’t listen to your nightmares!18:07

Godwinshelley: At least we have Karloff to look at – and he is fantastic in this with what little they have him do18:07

Rush: Good night, louise!18:07

hounder: nite louise18:07

Rush: Take care….18:07

Rush: see you next week….18:07

angel & fox: It’s just the Punji trying to haunt you!18:07

Rush: “Eran Trece”18:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lucky 1318:08

angel & fox: Your pupils are like black pizzas.18:08

Louise has left this room18:08

LibraryJim: murder, adultery, blackmail, seduction of a married woman, yeah, fairly so18:08

Rush: 18:08

LibraryJim: I mean, “Fairly daring”18:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: shameless hinting18:08

angel & fox: Mighta saved the boat-fare.18:09

angel & fox: Nowhere to go from here but down.18:09

Rush: The plane arrives.18:09

cdirus: sounds like chewbacca18:09

Rush: Note the reaction of the horses.18:09

angel & fox: Why walk a mile for a camel?18:10

hounder: lol@cd, but you’re right18:10

Rush: Spooked.18:10

angel & fox: Be a forced TAKEOFF once the Punji Punji starts again.18:10

LibraryJim: she’s got a bad feeling about this18:10

hounder: lol@angel18:10

angel & fox: thanks, h!18:11

angel & fox: Does it look to anyone ELSE like John’s helmet is GROWING while they rassle?18:11

Rush: Bo Ling, who appears in two Chan movies, “The Black camel” as the eldest Chan daughter, and in “CC in Shanghai” as Lee’s phone girlfriend, is the daughter of E.L. Park, who appears briefly as Chan in this movie.18:11

angel & fox: NOT A MO’ TOO SOON!!!!!18:11

Godwinshelley: Good Karloff stuff18:12

Rush: Yes, GS,18:12

angel & fox: Beastley Hott. Isn’t he the author, from Shrompwood Worms-on-Toast?18:12

angel & fox: If he wasn’t Beaten earlier he’ll be Beaten soon.18:13

Rush: Drinks are served…18:13

angel & fox: U Lie. Wasn’t he the Secretary-General of the UN in the ’60s?18:14

Rush: See if it fits….18:14

angel & fox: Dr. Scholl’s new 1930 collection. First look.18:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: If it does not fit you must acquit.18:14

Rush: U Thant, I believe.18:14

Dona: lol18:14

Rush: The Inspector just did John a favor.18:15

Rush: Did you catch it?18:15

LibraryJim: he put his hat over something18:16

Godwinshelley: And since women are property – we can search for her18:16

LibraryJim: quite deliberately18:16

Godwinshelley: LJ – the book18:16

angel & fox: No, Rush, i missed it. Can you ‘splain?18:16

Rush: “I said ENGLISH, please….”18:16

LibraryJim: ah, with the drawings18:16

Dona: yes18:16

Rush: When he placed his hat on the map on the table.18:16

hounder: yup. english is NOT his first language18:16

Rush: We will see soon….18:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: Obayment? President Obayment?18:16

Rush: 18:17

angel & fox: MnR: 18:17

Godwinshelley: Karloff says so much with his face here18:17

Dona: He’s good18:17

angel & fox: WHIP IT! Whip it good!18:17

Rush: Good work.18:17

Rush: Did he say, “I wonder if he speaks Swiss”?18:18

angel & fox: At the plane, and FANCY.18:18

angel & fox: Rush: 18:18

angel & fox: Reminds me of the recent politician who said in Austria they speak Austrian.18:19

Rush: THAT is what he covered with the hat.18:19

angel & fox: “I PITHED IN THAT HELMET!”18:19

Rush: 18:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not here?18:20

Rush: There they go….18:20

angel & fox: Lotta camel’s hair coats, for such a hot place.18:20

Rush: And…there SHE goes!18:20

Rush: Not wise to be out in the desert alone like that!18:21

LibraryJim: she studied the map, though18:21

Rush: I hope she did!18:21

hounder: and was only a few hours from tehran18:22

angel & fox: She’ll check GPS.18:22

Rush: Yes, and without a plane to take him there.18:22

angel & fox: hounder: On the map, John put himself on Iran, did he not?18:22

Rush: Ah….two days.18:22

Rush: This is the rear-projected scene I noted earlier.18:23

Rush: They even indicate a breeze coming in through the window.18:23

cdirus: It does look pretty good. 18:23

Rush: Call to prayer….18:24

Rush: “San Francisco”18:24

Godwinshelley: Like 5pm on a military base, when they play taps and you all are supposed to stop and face the flag.18:24

angel & fox: Sir Frederick seems dopey. I mean, BESIDES that. If he’s the example, the British Empire was 200 years late in wrapping up cuzza slow-talkers.18:24

LibraryJim: no bridge18:24

Rush: I think that this stock footage of the ferry arrival might have been used in “Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case.”18:24

angel & fox: The Cosmo Club! Where the elite meet the Beet!18:25

Rush: Looks like little Spanky there.18:25

cdirus: stampede!18:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: A lecture on the Persian desert.18:25

Rush: Yes!18:25

Rush: Eve is now an elevator operator.18:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, it has a great deal of sand and little water…18:25

angel & fox: This must have REALLY BEEN a spectacular world, when everything was within these kinds of scale.18:26

Rush: Eric!18:26

cdirus: One year later18:26

angel & fox: What’s Eve’s big attraction, anyway?18:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Eric!18:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s adorable, Angel.18:26

LibraryJim: she inherited millions from her uncle, 18:27

Rush: Eve’s big attraction: John!18:27

hounder: guilt will do that to you.18:27

Rush: I suspect she left the money behind to get away.18:27

angel & fox: I’d like to see the Alternate Director’s Cut, where Eric GOES to the Cosmo & the audience who’d been TITILLATED by the Persian Desert come-on GET ERIC’S EARFUL!!!!18:27

Godwinshelley: I still like Eve over Bridget O’Shaunnasy18:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, GS18:28

Rush: The elevator customers are waiting….18:28

angel & fox: It’s SOMEWHERE THE HELL ELSE.18:28

Godwinshelley: This is where Xerox machines would come in handy – she could make a hundred copies of the letter18:28

Rush: You are all on your own…I quit!18:29

LibraryJim: what? you expect us to run this contraption on our own?18:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: Self-service elevators were invented in San Francisco I see18:29

Godwinshelley: Charlie!!18:29

angel & fox: NOT another SARCH warrant!18:29

cdirus: 18:29

Rush: Charlie Chan’s assistants….18:29

hounder: you aren’t leaving us are you rush? have we finally driven you off?18:29

Rush: Enter Charlie Chan.18:29

Rush: No, just speaking for Eve!18:30

angel & fox: Wait, Rush! There’s a new ’29 Chevrolet sure to come by!18:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: Finally!18:30

angel & fox: “Anyone want to contact V.D.?”18:30

Rush: “Douglas 1101″18:31

LibraryJim: Have you seen the commercials for the new show FAM where the mom refers to Save the date letters as “Std”s? “I’ve got a lot of STDs, dear”18:32

Rush: SF Chinatown.18:32

Godwinshelley: Been there – exactly there18:32

Rush: GS, you have crossed this same street, yes?18:32

Rush: Yes!18:33

Godwinshelley: no policeman though18:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Better go to the lecture…it will take your mind off of…never mind18:33

Rush: I have, too.18:33

Rush: This is why Warner Oland got the role of Charlie Chan.18:33

Godwinshelley: Hottsie Tottsie18:33

Rush: “Hotsy-totsy, Mr. Chan!”18:33

angel & fox: STILL, “CC” stole the scene (THANKFULLY) from Stiff Upperlip here.18:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: Why is that, Rush?18:34

angel & fox: We’re not keeping you up, are we, Inspector?18:34

Rush: Jazz Age talk!18:34

angel & fox: Nice interior decoration here. Hotsy-totsy.18:35

angel & fox: FEAR + LOVE: Flove? Lear?18:35

Rush: The lecture.18:35

Godwinshelley: Nice Oboe18:35

Dona: What kind of music is that18:35

LibraryJim: Flear18:35

Dona: snake charming?18:35

Rush: The theme music for our film!18:35

Dona: lol18:35

Godwinshelley: Yea BORIS18:36

Rush: Chan stands guard.18:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sounds like Tchikowsky or Borodin…18:36

angel & fox: they’re ALL Persian rooms.18:36

Godwinshelley: I do like his turban18:36

Paul M: ah…so he CAN talk!18:36

Rush: Yes! mr. Karloff!18:36

Dona: I missed the beginning i was watching Black Camel18:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s faux Persian music…18:36

angel & fox: Paul: 18:36

Rush: Oh, yes, Paul!18:36

Godwinshelley: I have been stealing behind your back since you have been inattentive18:36

Rush: 18:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: Karloff. Man of few words.18:37

angel & fox: These two are into some HEAVY stuff, dude!18:37

Rush: Applause….18:37

angel & fox: They’d applaud anything. Lombardo was still YEARS out.18:37

Rush: Okay…okay….18:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: Eve!18:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: She still has awesomely bad hats18:38

angel & fox: Faithful Servant oughta be onstage now. Beeton is Beeton, don’t you know, quite, quite, ah, harrumph.18:38

Rush: Note the man in the background?18:38

Rush: Dr. Cream!18:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: A+ Rush18:39

hounder: it doesn’t look like this chat room kicks you out.18:39

angel & fox: Rush: This is a prescient of the later film, yes?18:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: oh. THAT curtain!18:39

cdirus: Is she wearing a shower cap?18:39

angel & fox: cd: they didn’t have showers then. Just caps.18:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think it’s the summer version of the hideous one she had earlier18:39

Rush: The later film, Angel?18:39

cdirus: 18:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh God. Karloff in the tux and turban. Priceless!18:40

Rush: Chan finishes him off!18:41

Rush: Yes, M/R….18:41

Godwinshelley: Not so much a climax as just an ending (a thankful ending)18:41

angel & fox: Rush, i’m just stuck on the title. The one where they’re filming in the Gobi, & everybody gets blown away & the Professor (there’s ALWAYS a Professor) gets offed in the dark…that one!18:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Quick! More bad music!18:41

hounder: good point gs18:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s the Mr. Wong18:41

Rush: Sir Frederick has the most reserve of anyone in any Chan film!18:41

angel & fox: Hasn’t ANYBODY checked this guy for OPIUM?18:42

Rush: 18:42

Godwinshelley: Nice cape18:42

Rush: Yes.18:42

angel & fox: WHAT was their “problem” anyway? Now that—he’s—18:43

Rush: Yes…he is…18:43

Godwinshelley: How careless of Chan18:43

Rush: “What no man hears, no man ever knows.”18:43

angel & fox: Sir Frederick NEVER resisted a rest. GEEEEEZ!18:43

Godwinshelley: Walked softly = and carried a big stick – oh – sorry wrong quote18:43

angel & fox: Sir Frederick, get your jammies on & go to bed. Catchee monkey.18:44

Rush: “And, the journey is….over….”18:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan. Nice.18:44

Rush: Next week: “Eran Trece.”18:44

LibraryJim: just… go…. away18:44

Godwinshelley: Good night Boriws18:44

Godwinshelley: Boris18:44

Rush: The Spanish language version of “CC Carries On”18:44

angel & fox: AGAIN quoting Firesign: “And NO ONE’S LEFT to write an ending…to this DUMB-ASS PLAY!”18:44

Godwinshelley: Ok – well the chatroom worked well and no trolls18:44

Rush: Also….our serial continues….18:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>18:44

Rush: (Applause…..”18:45

Matt: Good night folks and hope you all have a great week ahead.18:45

Rush: Okay!18:45

angel & fox: Oh, this was GREAT!!! MnR, thanks for The Kids!18:45

LibraryJim: the serial was good!18:45

Paul M: later18:45

Rush: That is that!18:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night all. many thanks Rush!18:45

Dona: Goodnight all!18:45

LibraryJim: night all. See you next week.18:45

Rush: The first Fox “Chan” film!18:45

Rush: Take care….18:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looking forward to it!18:45

Rush: Thank you so much….18:45

LibraryJim has left this room18:45

hounder: I’ll have company next week so i might now make it. say well everyone and hope to see you soon.18:45

Rush: Have a great week….18:45

Matt has left this room18:45

hounder: nite all.18:45

angel & fox: This has been terrific, but i miss the sounds. Don’t want to miss you though, will be here next week! Good night ALLLL! Happy new year!18:46

Paul M has left this room18:46

Rush: Again, I thank you ALL!18:46

Dona has left this room18:46

Godwinshelley: So far so good Rush – maybe next week we could ask everyone to try to login on their phone while still connected on laptop to see if we can top this room out18:46

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room18:46

Rush: be happy… SAFE!18:46

Rush: Check your email….18:46

Godwinshelley: I will18:46

hounder has left this room18:46

Rush: I think that Lou will be sending something out soon.18:46

cdirus: Bye everyone!18:47

Godwinshelley: So nice – and I’m setting up a tour with Hawaiian Steve in Feb18:47

Rush: Good night!18:47

Godwinshelley: Plus a few days in SF18:47

Godwinshelley: Night Rush18:47

Rush: Ah, YES!18:47

Rush: Good bight, GS….!18:47

angel & fox has left this room18:47

cdirus has left this room18:47

Godwinshelley has left this room18:47

Rush has left this room

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