Chat Archive 10/10/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for October 10, 2022

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (Safe Deposit; Something Old, Something New)

10 Things You Should Know About J. Carrol Naish; The Life and Sad Ending of J Carrol Naish; Reviews 1957 Aka Review Of The Year – 1957 (1957)

Me Too
Mike in DC/Mike n Rachel in DC
NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx


Mike in DC has joined this room

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Mike in DC: Hi Rush

Mike in DC: …and Matt!

Rush: Hello, Mike!

Matt1: Hello Rush and Mike!

Rush: And…MATT!

Rush: Welcome to you both!

Mike in DC: Rach will be joining us later

Rush: How are you this evening?

Rush: Very good, mike!

Matt1: All is well, thnx ….u?

Mike in DC: I’m good. Had a concert yesterday, so today is a little bit of a breather.

Rush: very good! No bad hurricane outcomes, matt?

Rush: Perfect, Mike!

Matt1: South of us. We really got lucky here in the Tampa Bay area

Rush: Glad to hear it seemeingly went well!

Mike in DC: Yes…very successful!

Rush: Happy for you and yours, Matt!

Mike in DC: Good news, Matt. Keep dodging those things!

Rush: yes!

Matt1: It’s been 100 years since we had a direct hit

Mike in DC: Matt, BTW I used to live in Tampa…a locale called Temple Terrace.

Rush: Lots of rain?

Matt1: Ah, yes

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Hawaii_Steve: Aloha from the Land of Chan.

Matt1: Alohaaaaa, Steve!

Rush: Aloha, Steve!

Mike in DC: Aloha Steve!


Hawaii_Steve: Hi kids. What’s shaking?

Mike in DC: We’re getting hurricane news from Matt.

Rush: Now that I am out of California, steve, not too much “shakin,!

Rush: We have some extras for the :45 mark…

Hawaii_Steve: LOL !!!

Rush: 10 minutes…

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you for doing it this week. I have not peaked yet.

Rush: I think that the ones I found will work.

Hawaii_Steve: I’m excited to see them.

Rush: I sort of followed your example, Steve…

Hawaii_Steve: BTW, I posted an inquiry about Svengoolie on the message board.

Rush: Saw it.

Rush: If people can do it, that’s fine with me.

Hawaii_Steve: Chan Son #54 very honored by Chan Son #50.

Matt1: I’ll check it out later

Rush: I have my commitment with my high school friend, Bob via cell texts.

mda19083 has joined this room

mda19083: hello all!

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Hawaii_Steve: I have never seen Svengoolie, but I visited the website. Quite a history in the Chicago area.

Rush: MDA!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha MDA.

Rush: How are you tonight?

Mike in DC: Hello MDA

Rush: 5 minutes till the first extra…


mda19083: all is well here in PA – turning colder

mda19083: will cue it up


Rush: “Ten Things About Roland Winters…”

Matt1: Not a good weekend for “Cardinal’s” MDA

Mike in DC: Or J. Carrol Naish?

Rush: true, Matt!

mda19083: matt – we are holding our own as of now

Hawaii_Steve: Is there a reason of the Chan TV tonight? Am I missing something?

Matt1: I’m wearing my red & green

mda19083: LOL

Matt1: Cued!

Rush: Although my allegiance has switched to the Cubs, as they are not in it, I was pulling for the Pads this weekend.

Rush: Cued, too…

Hawaii_Steve: Cued here.

Rush: 3 minutes…

Matt1: I know I was too, Rush

Mike in DC: Ready in DC

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Now they face the Dodgers.

Rush: Should be interesting!

Rush: A BIG rivalry.

Matt1: I’m rooting for the Padres

Rush: As am I!

mda19083: me also

Rush: 2 minutes…

Rush: MDA: 🙂

Rush: 75 seconds…

Mike in DC: We flipped on last night’s game just in time to see the umpires feeling the Padres pitcher’s ears. Weird.

Rush: YES!

Matt1: Too funny

Rush: A desperation move!

Matt1: Yep

Rush: 45 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25..

Mike in DC: Just another reason to maintain good personal hygene

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Mike in DC: Nice.

Matt1: Very nice, thnx Rush

Rush: “The One-Man United Nations”

Hawaii_Steve: Interesting. Nice selection.

mda19083: good stuff

Mike in DC: Didn’t realize he made that many films!

Rush: The next one is “The Life and sad Ending of J. Carrol naish.”

Hawaii_Steve: There is a Xmas short subject that TCM plays each year. It features J.C.N.

Rush: I say that the title is reall an exaggeration!

Rush: His ending was not much sadder than any person’s.

Hawaii_Steve: It’s a real tear-jerker. It makes me cry each time I see it.

Rush: he did die from the effects of smoking.

Mike in DC: *cough*

Rush: He doed in the san Diego community of La Jolla in the early ’70s.

Hawaii_Steve: At the Biggers Birthday Bash, I remember james hong saying unkind things about Naish.

mda19083: fortunately smoking is one vice I do not have

Rush: Here is the next one…


Matt1: Cued

Rush: Same for me, MDA!

mda19083: cued here

Hawaii_Steve: Cued here.

Mike in DC: All set!

Rush: Ready, everyone?

Rush: okay…

Rush: 30 seconds…

mda19083: can’t say the same for tiger tea

Rush: 20 seconds…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx has joined this room

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Mike in DC: Hello AF!

Rush: GO!!!

mda19083: A & F!!

Matt1: I dislike digital voices

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Hey all! We are on Life & Sad Ending! Have brought tissues.

Mike in DC: Me too.

mda19083: using me sleeve

mda19083: my

Rush: Angel and Foxx!


Rush: W

mda19083: again with th un

mda19083: the

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: I just listened LAST NIGHT to Karloff’s “Lights Out” performance in CAT WIFE (1938). Sent it to at least one friend who

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: who’s played it already!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: SINATRA absolutely HATED Life With-A Luigi.

Matt1: Was that pic from CC at Circus?

mda19083: La Hoya!!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Can’t anyone mollify mad scientists? Maybe a group of special molls?

Matt1: Another good one, thnx Rush

Hawaii_Steve: I saw the still from House of Frankenstein.

Rush: Matt, I think tat was from a frankenstein movie.

Mike in DC: OK. Only needed one Kleenex for the ending.

Matt1: Ah

Rush: Yes, steve…tysm

Mike in DC: Nice summaries of his career, Rush. Thanks!

Rush: So, we see that Naish was very prolific.

Rush: He was multi-talented!

mda19083: a well rounded career

Mike in DC: And able to portray a wide range of ethnic characters…explains the Chan role.

Rush: When they chose him to play CC on the TV series, they knew what they were doing.

Rush: Yes, MDA!


Rush: Okay…

mda19083: his NACC performances are growing on me

Rush: the last one!

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Mike.

Rush: This is a british newsreel of the events of 1957.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: MnR: Foxx tore the one tissue in half. Legal department here advises that while the Kimberly-Clark people appreciate the capital K, the word “Kleenex” is a proprietary asset. They want to know how many millions you have as of today.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: NOT millions of tissues, either. Heavier paper.

Rush: it shows us a glimpse of the world as it was during Cc’s TV adventures!


Matt1: Cued

Hawaii_Steve: Ready here.

Mike in DC: ready here…my birth year. 🙂

Rush: Commercials first for me…

Rush: sorry!

Rush: Okay!

Mike in DC: First hydrogen bomb test was in 1957 I think.

Hawaii_Steve: Just skip the commercial after 5 seconds.

Rush: ready?

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: this one lasts 8 minutes…

Hawaii_Steve: First tite: Reviews.

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

mda19083: is Kimberly Clark a woman? a man?

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: BRR!

Rush: I think two last mnames.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: mda: We could be FINED for asking that in The Temple (Firesign says)

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Have a GEOPHYSICAL YEAR, everybody!!

mda19083: just call m a maverick

mda19083: me

Rush: Sad about Laika!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: I liked Laika.

Number1son has joined this room

Mike in DC: arf

Rush: Too bad she died in space.

Matt1: No Peta back then I bet?

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: My grandpa had a Laika camera. All his photos were dogs.

Rush: None then.

mda19083: 🙂

Matt1: Hello #1!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: We are ETERNALLY in Laika’s debt. Is she first in line for the $31 trillion?

PaulM has joined this room

Mike in DC: *boom*

mda19083: hello No1

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: PAUL!!!!

Mike in DC: Hello #1 and Paul

Rush: Hello, Number 1 Son!


mda19083: greetings Paul

Rush: We are watching the third of three extras.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: You’d think they could have saved his travel with entourage; just sent a bomb to him.

PaulM: hiya. back home on the east coast. still translating the time difference

mda19083: he’s now KIng

Rush: About three minutes in of the eight.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Didn’t learn a thing, didja, Chuck?


Rush: Paul!


mda19083: it’s good to be the king

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: mda :-D :-D :-D

mda19083: Louis XVI

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Criminations are bad enough. Recriminations, oh, geez,

Mike in DC: But re-criminations are less expensive. Previously owned…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Karim Young and Energetic, Attorneys. Representing Kimberly-Clark since NOW.

mda19083: did they walk across?

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: GHANA AGHAIN!

mda19083: Dewey Cheatham and Howe

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Fix it again, Tony!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: mda: They’re doing me.

Number1son: hello! happy to be here

hounder has joined this room

hounder: hi everybody.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: “Several girls working…”—hmmm.

mda19083: hounder!!

Rush: Hello, Hounder!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: HOUNDAH! Welcome to Ghana!!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: ood evening to you!!!

Mike in DC: Hello hounder!

Rush: Good evening…

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Hawaii_Steve: This newsreel is sort of depressing.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Yeah, a Debbie Downsville.

Mike in DC: Lots of disasters in Britain

Hawaii_Steve: So much tragedy.

Rush: Always, Steve.

mda19083: when was the last ticker tape parade?

Rush: Moon astronauts?

mda19083: we’ve been to the moon?

Rush: 🙂

Dona has joined this room

Rush: Rumored to be so!

Mike in DC: Moon?

Rush: 🙂

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Mike in DC: Hi Dona!

Rush: Helloooo….DONA!

Matt1: Thank you, Rush for this weeks extras!

mda19083: I thought it was made of cheese

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

mda19083: hello dona!

Hawaii_Steve: Yes. Thank you for the extras Rush.

Rush: You are welcome, Matt

Rush: Had some ample shoes to step into this week on that!

Rush: Next…

hounder: and are trying to go back. unfortunately, there aren’t that mny people around who were working on the project then so they’re kinda having to reinvent the wheel

Rush: In 5 minutes, “Safe Deposit.”

Dona: Are we watching Safe Deposit first

Dona: lol

Matt1: Cued at “London”

Rush: if you need to access it, please use the link above the Chat Room!

Rush: Or…

Rush: here it is…

hounder: ready here


mda19083: cued here

Mike in DC: all set

Rush: Me too.

Dona: ready Rush

Rush: If you have the DVD set, it should be on disc 6.

Rush: 3 minutes…

Me Too has joined this room

Rush: The next one is on disc 8.

Me Too: Hello everyone

Matt1: Hello Me2!

Mike in DC: hi me2!

Rush: Me TOO!!!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Rush: It has been a little while!!!

Dona: Hi Me Too

Rush: Welcome HOME!

mda19083: welcome ME2

Rush: Me Too…

Rush: here is the link to the first NEW ADVENTURE we will be watching…


mda19083: Me MDA19083!

Rush: 90 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: Cued to opening shot of LONDON. Is this correct?

Rush: So happy to see you again, Me Too!

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: “Safe Deposit”

hounder: hi me too

Rush: 45 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: GOT STUCK IN 1958!

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 5…

Rush: 25..20…

Rush: 15…

mda19083: it was a very good year

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!



NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: LONDON here TOO! Set your clocks!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: those funny buses

Rush: Finlays Bank

Rush: Robbery!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Just printed!!!

Rush: Ran into Barry Chan!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Gotta get a bowler hat, and some shoe-lifts.

Rush: AH!

Rush: Like John Steed.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Each of those boxes is tuned to a different radio station.

Rush: Or…Odd Job!

Rush: 🙂

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: YES!! The original O.J.!!

Rush: yes, Angel!

Rush: Intro…

Mike in DC: A Monogram Production no doubt

Rush: Chinese turns to English title.

Rush: Chan out of the fog…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Looks like Anthony Eden played hooky on Parliament, to take a role on American TV!


Rush: Inspector Duff?

Rush: Junior.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Rush, is that actually “New Scotland Yard”? The “New” place was put in quite a ways back, was it not?

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: I want a job sorting out stories.

Rush: Yes, Angel.

hounder: how can you be late for vacation

Rush: I think it was in the late-1960s.

Rush: Inspector Marlowe.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: “Inspector Marlowe” like bollocks! You’re Anthony Eden, i can see you here on my shortwave telly!

hounder: wrong place at right time

Rush: J. Carrol Naish was the Atomic Age Chan.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Rush, YES!!!!

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Anybody else talk through their (or someone else’s) nose for fun (or profit)?

Rush: Barry Chan: James Hong.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Guy’s gotta keep his head back to keep his nose from tipping him over.

Rush: This was when the Pound was a Ton.

Rush: Before “decimalization.”

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Rush: :| Do i recall correctly, it lately sank below $1 US?

Rush: YES!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: “Decimation”, the wags call it.

Rush: Interestingly, the US Dollar is very strong overseas right now.

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Rush: The Colonel.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: BY THE WAY, foxy greetings to Number1son!! Was about to hail you when computer froze here. Howdee!

mda19083: Colonel Sanders

Rush: Happy that you returned this week, Number One Son!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Maybe he can sell the card.

hounder: hi no1 son

Rush: MDA: 🙂

Rush: Number 1 joined us last week!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: The Naish Chan is a Fast Talker.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Number1son: Hello,happy to be here!

Rush: Remember, these adventures had to be squeezed into a 25-minute format!

mda19083: happy to have you in the chat room

Rush: I love CC’s era bow tie!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Rush, that was what i thought immed-jet-ly. All the movement is space-age fast.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: And YES, the bow!! Excellent affectation for new presenter of venerable old regend!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: *plesenter*

Rush: And pleasanter…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: ScotYard is SICK of people bringing all these dirty dishes & leaving ’em.

mda19083: swell

Mike in DC: Nice father/son banter in this one

Rush: “Ex-Chinese policemen.”

Rush: Brixton Prison

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: “Prison” is an unusual last name. I LIKE “Brixton”; sounds like a speedracer, or a newsreader. “With the news, oiiiiii’m, uh, Brixton Prison…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: “

Rush: A punk rocker?

Rush: “18 last week.”

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Yes, Rush! Yes!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: We here are wondering about string ties. Also bolo ties. Col.Sanders WAS onto something.

mda19083: a good look

Rush: Colonel Ross…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Vicar there looks doleful. Cuz he has no tie?

mda19083: uh oh!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: mda: YES, ya think so? I’ve been wearing bolos a lot in recent years, & have experienced fewer of something, i’m sure!

hounder: out cold

Rush: Yes.

Number1son: ouch

Rush: It’d thataway, Barry…

Rush: (It’s

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: That stuff from 1926 oughta still be actionable.

Rush: I must be a tad behind you, Hounder..

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Barry needs a bracer.

Rush: Braces: British word for suspenders.

Rush: The bogus colonel.

mda19083: I smell a frame up

Rush: YES!

Rush: Slipped a mickey!

Rush: YOW!

Matt1: <tin can>


NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: FINALLY a t.c.!

Mike in DC: Charlie smells a rat

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Pops there could get a gig as a set designer after his Brixterm is over!

Rush: This is another instance of CC trying to save someone from a wrongful charge.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: I like Anthony E’s hair here. A little dab’ll do him in!

Rush: This is another repeated theme: someone lying to save a loved one.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Look for an oriental. Ah so.

Rush: “Karate blow”

mda19083: Ah Sing?

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: PM/Inspector there about to use the phrase “you people”—

Rush: CC educates Marlowe about karate belts.

Rush: And the audience of 1957

Rush: Karate blow!

mda19083: not a “safe” deposit

Rush: Barry was fortunate to survive.

Rush: Right, MDA!

Rush: “UNsafe deposit”

mda19083: elementary

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Mighty dangersome.

mda19083: school

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Hefty dude there looks like the villain in “This Gun For Hire”.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: YOUNG GUY, MOTOR DETECTIVE!!!!!!!!

Rush: CC will be attacked!

mda19083: go Charlie!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: His fists are fast as lightning!!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: This here is more than a little bit frightening!

Mike in DC: don’t mess with Chan

Rush: Watch it, Charlie!

Matt1: WWE!

Rush: WOW!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: EXPERT TIMING: Number1son, CC did a shoutout TO YOU in the close there!!

Rush: NICE!

mda19083: CC at ringside

hounder: charlie always wins.

Dona: Go Charlie

Rush: CC has some moves of his own!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Always!!

Hawaii_Steve: A very different feel than that of the Chan films.

Rush: “Take out the garbage…case closed.”

Dona: <YAY>

mda19083: short and sweet

Rush: Did your copy have the commercial lead-in from Barry Chan?

Hawaii_Steve: Note the misspelling of Earl Derr Biggers’ name in closing credits.

Rush: Sort of a “bonus” on the disc.

Mike in DC: Charlie wins by K.O.

Rush: YES!

Matt1: Pretty cool

Rush: And yes: “Earl Der Biggers.”

Mike in DC: Der Biggers. German relative?

Rush: 🙂

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Cued for “Something Old/New”, yes? Reprobate in opening shot? Hey—i could be him!

mda19083: too bad the NACC ran only 2 seasons

Dona: Switching disks

Rush: Let’s take a short break as we ready the next ad venture!

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: 🙂

Mike in DC has left this room

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Mike, imagine if the Allies coulda paradropped Our Author into Berlin, and proclaimed Der Biggers!!

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room

Matt1: I’m going to run, but I hope you all enjoy and have a great week’ Good night!

Mike n Rachel in DC: bye Matt!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: How long the break? How high the moon, which incidentally is chock-full tonight? When next speedy chapter?

mda19083: good night matt

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: GNITE MATT!!

mda19083: no running in the halls

hounder: nite matt and mda

Rush: While we pause, i will mention that our last Poll was a landslide for the resumption of creating a Charlie Chan adventure in script form.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: We hope they buried Anthony Eden after that show.

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: We caould also creat an episodic adventure.

Hawaii_Steve: Can I have a refreshed Tigar Tea please?

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: YESSSSSSS! Rush, will the Zentral Kommittee keep us informed of PLOGLESS on the new CC script?

Rush: If any are interested, i can get back on that at some point!

Rush: maybe we can start off the New Year with that type of thing.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Make that two for tea. Three, actually, Steve, me and Foxx.

Rush: Anyway…

Rush: Please cue our next adventure…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: LEADY!

Rush: :Something Old, Something New”

Rush: It could be about Yours truly and his daughter!

Dona: Ready here Rush

Hawaii_Steve: Just a reminder to take a look at the message board about a possible night of horror films in this chat room.

hounder: ready

hounder: that would be cool hs

mda19083: something borrowed something blue

Rush: Okay then…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Horrors OTHER than our Sacred Canon?

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: NOW…40 seconds……

Rush: 30 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: where is the link?

Rush: (Sorry!)

Mike n Rachel in DC

mda19083: the link is missing

Rush: TIME OUT!!!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Something Old Something New New Adventures


Rush: The link.

Rush: Sorry.

Rush: it is linked above the Chat Room.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: I hope these are Oklahoma Mutascope films!

Hawaii_Steve: Got it.

Rush: We will go back to 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Resetting my bomb.

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush is charged his first timeout of the half

Rush: 15…

Hawaii_Steve: Opens on a dark ext. scene.

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Suspicious character…

Hawaii_Steve: A burgler.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: MnR, that’s for THIS half, right?

Rush: Enters thru the window…

Dona: are we in France?

mda19083: oui oui

Rush: In an apartment.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: No, Dona, those are Coneheads.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: The stuff they hung on walls then was REALLY crap, huh?

Dona: dna on that now

Mike n Rachel in DC: Like a silent film actor

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: NEAT SCREAM!


Rush: Yes!

mda19083: it may be

Rush: Intro…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Another Wrong Man, huh?

Rush: Title in Chinese…

mda19083: the last thing she does

Hawaii_Steve: The wrong place at the wrong time.

Rush: Into English…

Rush: CC emerges…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Anybody ever see the Hitchcock film “The Wrong Man”?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Timing is everything

Rush: CC and barry enter…

Mike n Rachel in DC: LOVING the theme music

Rush: A distraught lady finds CC.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Misses Pain indeed.

Rush: yes, Mike!

Rush: (Hello to rachel)


NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Well, we didn’t THINK that YOU did it!!]

Hawaii_Steve: I have seen the Wrong Man twice. I have a copy in my Hitchcock collection.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rachel waves to all*


Rush: There!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: WAVE, Rachel, coming at you from here!

Rush: Thread spool.

Dona: Hi Rachel

hounder: hi rachel

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: DUFF!

Rush: Inspector Duff arrives…

Rush: Perhaps Duff, Jr.?

mda19083: duff is dead

Rush: Not this one!

mda19083: son of duff

Mike n Rachel in DC: Went into police work when his pop was killed by that strangler I bet

mda19083: yes mike

Rush: Maybe a member of the Duff family of police.

Rush: “Second-story Pete.”

Hawaii_Steve: ***ilua, I am known as Second-Story Steve.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Likely STORY!

Rush: believed it …for a SECOND.

mda19083: Bob Crane from Hogan’s Heroes


Mike n Rachel in DC: Alias: Mezzanine Mike

hounder: uch enthusiam from barry

Dona: lol

mda19083: old scotland yard this time

Rush: Yes.


mda19083: guvner

Rush: oops!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: BLOODSHED HERE!!! I/”we” stepped away to chop up makings for a late supper, sliced a slit in our thumb! Ouch!


Rush: Oh, well…

Rush: Finally worked

mda19083: foiled again!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: THANKS, Rush! When did NSY open for bad business?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yikes! Tourniquet for Angel.

Rush: Incrimiating talk behind the closed door!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: MnR, Already bound up!

Mike n Rachel in DC:w00t:

mda19083: no more typing tonight from Angel

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Baldy there looks like Khrushchev’s slow cousin.

Rush: cute voice.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: rush, we agree. She should be a cocktail singer.

Rush: Alice.

mda19083: 2nd story pete

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Alice deserves an extra packet in her pay packet.

Rush: 🙂

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Not extra pay, just an extra packet.

mda19083: combat pay for her

Rush: “One of you.”

Rush: Anyone have a prime suspect, yet?

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Dr.Pearson looks a little like Brian Epstein’s slow cousin.

Rush: AH!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: mda: I’ll combat for her pay!

Hawaii_Steve: It’s all about the dough.

Rush: Always!

Rush: 🙂

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: HS: Those Benjamins! Even in Queenie’s realm!

Hawaii_Steve: I confess. I am the prime suspect. Just call me “Street-Wise Steve.”

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: CC doesn’t mind disturbing UGLY young ladies.

Rush: Ah-HA!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Chan be in the alley, be looking for food.

mda19083: tomorrow is another day!

Rush: Too much kindness can cause some blindness…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Anyone else keep confusing the old-wine / new-wineskins / new-wine / old-wineskins thing? That, and adding acid to water or water to acid. I’m not touching anything, needless to say.

Hawaii_Steve: That one actor DOES look like Khrushchev. Maybe things were slow in the Kremlin.

Rush: Not a good move!!!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: “TWERP”?

Rush: “The little twerp!”

Rush: YES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Just like Steve McBirney!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Look for him in the wax museum

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Britain didn’t even have full-size mice for years after the war.

Rush: We used that word in the early-mid-”60s!

Rush: Yes, Angel?

Dona: Yes Rush

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: WE used Boone’s Farm Apple Wine! With NO wineskins!

Rush: “Disturbing waters of Crane household.”

mda19083: a mad seamstress?

Rush: AH!

Dona: YES Angel

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: She’s got the voice of a mouse.

Rush: She does.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Mrs.Crane, looking down from, well, you know, is getting really cranked.

Rush: Chan is nearing an accusation…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Alice practically threw her out, too; out the third-floor window.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: FREE SHOES!!\

Rush: Hello, Peter.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: A right veritable Emmett Kelly, he is, oy, royght!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mr. Chan againe

Rush: Yes.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: If Chan only turned the OTHER direction when he & the ruffian make the street, they’d find a lunch hall where a new group called The Rolling Stones are looking for a fifth.

Dona: lol

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: NEAUWWW! NEAUWWW!!!

Rush: Good tactic!

Rush: OopS!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Oh, FROCK!

Rush: A-HEM…!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Alice just lost that extra packet.

Rush: Miss alice.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Alice looks a little like Margaret Thatcher’s slow cousin.

Rush: Sort of.

mda19083: alice doesn’t live there any more

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: mda =) :lol: :-D :-D :-D

Rush: “Alice doesn’t live there anymore…”

Rush: Now a guest of Scotland yard…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Maybe Chan will give her the ride to ScotYard on a double-decker bus.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: BRILLIANT WORK indeed!!!!

Rush: THE END…closing credits…

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: What ENTERTAINING CRIMES!

Rush: (Applause…)

Mike n Rachel in DC: arooooo

Mike n Rachel in DC: arooooo

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: love it

Mike n Rachel in DC: what music

Mike n Rachel in DC: aroooo

Rush: I do enjoy these crime dramas.

hounder: what fun tonight.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Yes, AROOOOOO!

Rush: And the time period os fun for me!

Rush: (is)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel, Fox must be digging this

Hawaii_Steve: Better than the one episode.

Rush: Next week: “The Chinese ring”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very fun evening with another Chan

hounder: good night all. see younext week.

Rush: As we begin the short Roland Winters era.

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: This was terrific! Chan in the ’50s, or whatever they were for Britain—most welcome direction!

Mike n Rachel in DC: have a good week hounder…best wishes to mom

Rush: Also, Don’t forget our Halloween party!

mda19083: what fun you guys! and gals!

Hawaii_Steve: Good night. Thank you Rush.

Rush: it is a week earlier this year!

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx: Foxx and i look forward to next time! Good night fellow detectives!

Rush: October 24!

Me Too has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Two weeks for the party right?

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Rush: because on the 31st will be Melbourne Cup Night.

hounder has left this room

Dona: Wahooo party night

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have a great week everyone!

Rush: Yes…two weeks till the party!

Dona: we will have 2 party nights in a row

Number1son: Goodnight from Chicago!

mda19083: be well all until next week

NewAdventurers Angel+Foxx has left this room

Rush: I will have more on that in the upcoming email newsletter.

Number1son: See you next week

Rush: It will also appear on our message Board.

Rush: So…

Rush: thank you ALLL!!!

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Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: Have a GREAT evening!

Rush: Have a WONDERFUL week…!

Number1son has left this room

Rush: And let’s do this again next week, shall we?

Dona: Thank you, Rush! Fun night as always. See everyone next week.

Rush: Good night…

Rush: See you next week, Dona!

Rush: Hold down the SoCal fort!

Rush: Good night, paul!

Rush: TYSM!

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Rush: Thank you both!

Elron has joined this room

Rush: Be happy and safe!

Rush: Elron!

Elron: Hey Rush!

Rush: Just about to turn off the lights!

Elron: I know I just missed the movie! I hope everyone had a fun time! Just wanted to come in and say hi.

Rush: How are you?

Elron: doing great! On vacation this week!

Rush: Next week: “The Chinese Ring”

Rush: Nice, Elron!

Elron: oh nice I love that one one.

Rush: I hope that you are enjoying the time off!

Rush: Are you traveling at all?

Elron: I will try my best to be on earlier.

Rush: Sounds good!

Elron: yep I am traveling north to flagstaff.

Rush: NICE!

Rush: Nice city!

Rush: Have been there a couple of times!

Elron: soon the time will change and I will be able to make it to the movies!

Rush: AH!

Rush: Okay!

Rush: Yes, the time change is coming.

Elron: Have a goodnight sir! heading to have dinner now.

Rush: Okay! Enjoy dinner!

Elron: Thx

Rush: see you soon, I hope!

Rush: Take care…

Rush: Good night!

Elron: You will Rush!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: GOOD!

Rush: See ya!

Rush: 🙂

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