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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for October 11, 2021

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (The Rasput Ruby; An Exhibit in Wax)

Case of the Talking Doll

Carolina Foxx + Angel
Mike in DC/Mike n Rachel in DC
Mrs. Phil & Phil

Rush has joined this room18:26

Rush: 18:26

Matt1 has joined this room18:27

Matt1: Hello Rush!18:27

Rush: Hello, Matt!18:27

Rush: How are you this evening?18:28

Matt1: Very good, thnx….u?18:28

Rush: Same here, thank you!18:28

Rush: It seems that the weeks really DO fly by!18:28

Matt1: Crazy fast year18:29

Rush: Here we are again…already!18:29

Rush: yes!18:29

Mike in DC has joined this room18:29

Mike in DC: Good evening gentlemen!18:29

Matt1: Hello Mike!18:29

Rush: I found a LOT of Maler Daemons in my inbox this morning from the weekly notice I sent out last night!18:30

Rush: I have no idea as to what happened!18:30

Rush: A Yahoo issue?18:30

Matt1: Hmmmm18:30

Mike in DC: Oh dear…email gremlins?18:30

Rush: Who knows?18:30

Rush: So, about a dozen people didn’t receive it, it seems.18:30

Matt1: I got mine18:31

Rush: Hello, Mike!18:31

Mike in DC: It arrived just as usual to me, for what it’s worth…18:31

Rush: No Rachel tonight, i see.18:31

Mike in DC: Hi Rush…hope all is well except for the email hiccup!18:31

Mike in DC: She’s a little under the weather…may make a cameo appearance later. :)18:31

Rush: Good to hear, Mike, that yours came through!18:31

Rush: AH. I hope she gets well soon!18:32

Matt1: Hope she feels better18:32

Mike in DC: Thanks…she’s been run down from school lately, so we think it’s a combination of tired and a minor bug. Not COVID, thank Goodness.18:33

Rush: Yes.18:33

Rush: We will need to start the radio drama in about five minutes, as it runs 24 minutes.18:34

Mike in DC: Her beloved Baltimore Ravens are playing tonight, so hopefully a Ravens victory will speed the cure…18:34

Matt1: I’ll probably only stay for one Chan tonight18:34

Mike in DC: OK. “Talking Doll” is cued up here.18:34

Rush: Yes, a win is always good for one’s spirits!18:34

Matt1: A win never hurts!18:34

mda19083 has joined this room18:35

Matt1: Cued18:35

Rush: MDA!18:35

mda19083: hello all18:35

Rush: WELCOME!18:35

Matt1: Hello MDA!18:35

Mike in DC: Hi MDA!18:35

Rush: My radio drama is ready to roll, too.18:35

mda19083: the m’s are here tonight – and rush18:35

Mike in DC: mmmmm…18:35

Rush: Yeah…I am the lone “R.”18:36

mda19083: the lone ranger18:36

mda19083: ho ho silver18:36

Rush: :)18:36

mda19083: hi ho18:36

Rush: Something like that…18:36

Rush: I DO like Hi Ho crackers…if that counts….18:36

mda19083: rush – do you wear a white hat?18:36

Rush: I have a white panama.18:37

mda19083: how about a white stetson18:37

mda19083: i have been told that panama hats are actually made in equador18:38

Mike in DC: The panama might not go with the chaps and spurs, Rush. ;)18:38

Rush: Yes, they are.18:38

Mike in DC: Well you can get a good one in Panama, mda. Just ask Fu Yuen!18:38

Rush: 18:38

mda19083: yes!18:38

Rush: Okay…please ready your radio dramas…18:38

Rush: “Case of the Talking Doll”18:39

Matt1: Ready18:39

mda19083: i am ready as I will ever be18:39

Mike in DC: All set. Is this another Aussie Chan?18:39

Rush: Let’s say….60 seconds…18:39

Rush: 50 seconds…18:39

Rush: 40 seconds…18:39

Rush: 30 seconds…18:39

mda19083: charlie says g’day in tonight’s episode I believe18:39

Rush: 25…18:40

Rush: 20…18:40

Rush: 15…18:40

Mike in DC: Let’s go down under!18:40

Rush: 10…18:40

Rush: 5…18:40

Rush: GO!!!18:40

Rush: Dead air…?18:40

Mike in DC: Music!18:40

Rush: Here we go…18:41

Rush: 24 seconds in, the music starts…18:41

Rush: “Charlie Chan Down Under.”18:41

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room18:41

Rush: Welcome to RACHEL, now!18:42

Mike in DC has left this room18:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rachel waves*18:42

Rush: And I offer a bow…18:42

Rush: Honored.18:42

Rush: Set in San francisco.18:43

Rush: “Spider”18:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: Spider and Knife. What a pair.18:43

Rush: YES!18:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: I bet he hates “eensy weensy spider” jokes18:43

Rush: :)18:44

Rush: Yes, he gives the jokester a doll.18:44

Carolina Foxx + Angel has joined this room18:44

mda19083: interesting to learn that they were still doing weekly radio shows in 1950-195118:44

mda19083: hello angel18:45

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Ready with Rasput!!18:45

Matt1: Hello F & A!18:45

Rush: Carolina Fox and Angel!18:45

Rush: WELCOME!18:45

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Am i/we LATE?18:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel + CF…welcome!18:45

Matt1: Hello Rachel!18:45

mda19083: better late than never18:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Knife is going to shoot Spider!18:45

Rush: We are about 5 minutes into the radio drama.18:46

Rush: “Case of the Talking Doll”18:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: 5:4518:46

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Feature already runningz/ Where for Time?18:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: 6:0018:46

Matt1: 6:0518:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: 6:1518:46

Rush: We had to start earlier as this one runs 24 minutes.18:46

Carolina Foxx + Angel: We are already showing First Sign of Age. Prefer ignorance of Second Sign.18:47

Rush: “No sympathy to share with murderers.”18:47

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Brooklyn Dodgers dates this like an outfield wall.18:48

Rush: HM!18:48

Rush: I think this Chan series was made in 1951.18:48

Rush: The Dodgers were to be in Brookly for 6 more years.18:49

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Note to fellow detexx: Were unzuccezzful in effort to event-tune our screen names. Think of us as “Angel + J.Carroll Foxx”.18:49

Rush: Brooklyn18:49

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I thought this series a bit later, ’57ish. No?18:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: Doorbell is in the same key as the music. :)18:49

Hawaii_Steve has joined this room18:50

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I thought this WAS Hide Park.18:50

DanVenture has joined this room18:50

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Aloha Steve!!18:50

Rush: I think that Hawaii Steve looked it up and said it was 1951. This radio drama that is!18:50

Hawaii_Steve: Alohafrom the Land of Chan. How is everybody?18:50

DanVenture: Made it on time (for me!)18:50

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Ah so. The TV show though was Late 50s, no?18:50

mda19083: doing well – and you?18:51

Rush: e J. Carrol Naish series WAS from 1957.18:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha Steve. We are well. And hello Dan!18:51

mda19083: hello dv18:51

Carolina Foxx + Angel: f i had a dead aunt in my pepperpot i’d be all about detecting. Nobody rents for free!18:51

Rush: AH! WELCOME, STEVE…and a BIG Aloha!18:51

Hawaii_Steve: Hi there.18:51

Hawaii_Steve: Where are we?18:51

mda19083: pop – pop – pop18:51

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Rush, thanks! One run on board for Foxx!18:51

Rush: How are you this afternoon?18:51

Matt1: Alohaaaaaaa, Steve & Dan!18:52

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Great. A secondhand country. And not a minute to spare.18:52

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Matt, Rush, and all the Chanettes.18:52

Rush: Number 5 Daughter.18:52

Rush: Patsy Chan!18:52

mda19083: i like the name chanettes18:52

Rush: Yes!18:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: no no chanette?18:53

Carolina Foxx + Angel: We LOVE the name Chanettes. They could have been Chanel’s backup group. Does anybody know if Coco was kin to our CC?18:53

Rush: :)18:53

Rush: The commercial was cut.18:53

Carolina Foxx + Angel: MnR :-D:-D18:53

mda19083: also like the rockettes18:53

Hawaii_Steve: Where are we? Radio drama?18:54

Rush: The doll nears the explosive state!18:54

Rush: Enough “Mamas” and BANG!18:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: 14;3018:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: 14:4518:55

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Bow ties big back then?18:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: 15:0018:55

Rush: Some wore them.18:55

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Obvious. Hmmm.18:55

Rush: Chan in “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan” wears them regularly!18:56

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I wear them! Have a brand new one right now, in a box. Imagine a boxer! How hard they must work!18:56

Rush: Chemical bomb!18:56

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I MUST have his hat.18:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: Do not panic child.18:57

Rush: Throw it into the bay…FAST!!!18:57

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Did somebody say, or think, Tetragene?18:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very calmly, now. RUN!18:57

mda19083: tetragene?18:57

mda19083: yes angel18:57

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Yes, TETRAGENE! Everyone is now classified! March to stairs!18:57

Rush: :)18:57

Rush: This Chan talks VERY fast!18:58

Louise has joined this room18:58

Rush: Louise!18:58

Louise: Hey gang!18:58

Rush: WELCOME!18:58

Matt1: Hello Louise!18:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hopefully junk man will not join ancestors prematurely!18:58

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Queen ever poke back at somebody, in a light moment say, “Your Lowness”??18:58

mda19083: he doesn’t sound like an aussie18:58

Rush: I hope that you and yiours are well this evening, louise!18:58

Rush: That’s true, MDA!18:59

Louise: Can’t stay all night today: have to finish putting together an art show at a local gallery18:59

Carolina Foxx + Angel: MnR: Junk man know Wheel of Life mostly Recycling.18:59

Rush: How is that going, Louise?18:59

Carolina Foxx + Angel: In riddles AND alliteration.18:59

Louise: Just wanted to check in Rush and see if the things in my email made sense18:59

Rush: Are you hanging art pieces, etc.?18:59

Louise: Yes I am the curator of the show: 75 pieces!19:00

Rush: Yes…but please remember, you are dealing with one who is a bit dense!19:00

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Hey, Louise! At last, a colorful figure! Slide in, if just for a minute! Let us look at you! You draw US! Much better than vice versa.19:00

Carolina Foxx + Angel: My furr is a mess.19:00

Louise: Titled “A Cabinet of Curiosities”19:00

Rush: I had some time to experiment today, and had a success, but, as usual, when i tried to repeat it with another page, I could not repeat that success!19:01

Carolina Foxx + Angel: “cabinet of Curiosities”? That was a Preston & Child novel, was it not?19:01

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Rush, just repeat a new success.19:01

Louise: Yes it was Foxx19:01

Carolina Foxx + Angel: For a good ringg call . . . 19:01

Rush: Louise, when i choose a blank page, than then add teaxt, there are those thin black lines around the text and rectangular boxes above.19:01

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Cue cornets.19:02

Rush: Is that normal?19:02

Louise: Then, Rush, we must do that ZOOM session19:02

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Cornets?19:02

Rush: When i preview, they are still there.19:02

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Yeah, in moments like these.19:02

Louise: Nothing is normal these days19:02

Rush: Is that what the finished, published page would look like?19:02

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Even kind hearts have lost their cornets.19:02

Rush: yes, Louise…that we do need to do!19:02

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Is the Thames the BEST river they have to drop ’em into?19:03

Rush: Hello, late, to DV, also…sorry!19:03

Louise: ZOOM it is. We will co-ordinate via emal19:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: They switched to trumpets, CF+A19:03

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Hi Venture!!19:03

PaulM has joined this room19:04

DanVenture: Evening everyone! 19:04

Rush: 355 East 8th Street19:04

Matt1: Hello Paul!19:04

Rush: Paul!19:04

Rush: WELCOME!19:04

Carolina Foxx + Angel: MnR, you are our Boswells. Will tell Boz Scaggs he can stay home.19:04

Louise: Off to art. Have fun tonight.19:04

PaulM: good evening all19:04

Rush: Okay, Louise!19:04

Rush: take care….19:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Enjoy the art, Louise!19:04

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Bye, L!19:04

mda19083: hello paul19:04

Rush: Enjoy the art installing!19:04

Louise: thanks all19:04

Matt1: Take care, Louise!19:05

Rush: That used to be a part of my museum work.19:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cue: Wise Announcer19:05

Rush: “Earl Duh Biggers”19:05

Rich-Maine has joined this room19:05

Matt1: <clap-clap>19:05

Rush: Rich!19:05

Louise has left this room19:05

Carolina Foxx + Angel: #1 son be a man by Year 2000!19:05

Rich-Maine: Good evening all!19:05

Rush: WELCOME….19:05

Matt1: Hello Rich!19:05

Rush: and as the radio drama ended….Applause….19:05

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Hello Maine Man!!19:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings Paul & Rich19:06

Rich-Maine: My first viewing of these shows….which is first?19:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: True, Angel. Rich is our main Maine man.19:06

Carolina Foxx + Angel: NEXT is TV NACC #14?19:06

Rush: “The Rasput Ruby” will be our first one.19:06

Rush: If you have the DVD set…disc 3.19:06

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I just had The Rasput ON? It’s NEXT?19:06

Rich-Maine: Nice day here, leaves looking pretty but still warm 19:07

Matt1: Cued!19:07

Carolina Foxx + Angel: RASPUT RUBY is next?19:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Seeing J Carroll on screen…19:07

Rush: Yes…Rasputr NEXT.19:07

Rush: Please put Rasput IN.19:07

PaulM: i have Rasput cued. actually, i have them on dvd, but im playing them off of youtube19:07

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Oh, GAWSH. All my jokes mis-aimed. And the TETRAGENE!19:07

Hawaii_Steve: I’m still listening to the radio drama. It is very good.19:08

Rush: Sorry…could not resist.19:08

Rich-Maine: OK number 14 ready to go 19:08

Rush: Agreed, Steve!19:08

PaulM: got a bluray in the mail today. MASTERMIND with Zero Mostel. sort of a Charlie Chan pastiche. 19:08

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room19:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rasput IN? Isn’t that near Indianapolis?19:09

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Wear thick-soled shoes in here till the demo team finishes with the Tetragene. What a mess!19:09

Godwinshelley2: Should it say Tower of London at the start??19:09

Rush: They put a lot of effort into the radio drama as we can hear!19:09

Carolina Foxx + Angel: MnR: Near Terre Hat, i should think.19:09

Rush: Please pause at “Tower of London”19:09

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Ours says Tower of London. London OH?19:09

Godwinshelley2: I used to live in Terre Haute19:09

Rush: “THE Tower of London”19:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: I prefer panamas, CF+A, but the Terre is a nice look with a suit.19:10

Rush: GS!19:10

Rush: Great to see you! WELCOME!19:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi GS!19:10

mda19083: if it were not for bad humor we would have no humor here in the chat room19:10

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Not just “a” Tower of London, but THE. Beware imitations!!19:10

Matt1: Hello GS!19:10

Rush: 4 minutes to go….19:10

Godwinshelley2: Hello19:10

mda19083: hello gs19:10

Rush: “The Rasput Ruby”19:10

Carolina Foxx + Angel: With bow ties.19:11

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued to the Tower19:11

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Tower here.19:11

mda19083: i’m locked in the tower19:11

Rush: Quickly, I apologize for the glitch in sending out the weekly notice!19:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice stock photo of London here.19:11

Rich-Maine: No problem Rush19:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tower of London? Is Rudolf Hess still here?19:11

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Just dumped Tetragene in the Thames. Nobody will look there.19:11

Rush: This morning i had about a dozen notices of delivery failure!19:11

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…19:11

mda19083: yes angel – tetragene19:12

Godwinshelley2: Rush – was that postal or internet failure19:12

Carolina Foxx + Angel: MnR: Hess? With an “s”? Or an “oe” diphthong?19:12

Rich-Maine: I sold short my tertragene shares today19:12

Rush: TWO minutes to go….19:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Hoess guy was the head of Auschwitz. Hess was Hitler’s chum…also loony.19:12

Rush: VERY.19:12

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Mr. Hess is down by the river, in a van. He’s helping pitch the Tetragene. You may have a seat.19:12

mda19083: sell tetragene – buy mapuchari19:12

Rush: 90 seconds…19:13

Rush: 75 seconds…19:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good trade, mda. ;)19:13

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Become a Ramen Rajah!!19:13

HonoluLou has joined this room19:13

Rush: 60 seconds…19:13

mda19083: hello lou19:13

Rush: 50 seconds…19:13

Godwinshelley2: Hello HL19:13

Rush: 40 seconds…19:13

Carolina Foxx + Angel: To think that just a week ago we were aboard the ruby yacht of Omar Whatever.19:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: I wonder if “go sniff some Tetragene” will ever catch on as a phrase19:13

Rush: 30 seconds…19:13

mda19083: kayam19:14

Rush: 25…19:14

Rush: 20…19:14

Carolina Foxx + Angel: MnR: Foxx and i will puff it on our late show.19:14

Rush: 15….19:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: ahoy you philosophers19:14

Rush: 10…19:14

Rush: 5…19:14

Carolina Foxx + Angel: How DARE you!19:14

Rush: GO!!!19:14

Matt1: <GONG>19:14

HonoluLou: Greetings all!19:14

Rush: Tower of London…19:14

mda19083: and away we go19:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: English graduation music19:14

Rush: Guard…19:14

Rush: Yes, Mike!19:14

HonoluLou: Love the Mink!19:15

Carolina Foxx + Angel: It doesn’t say if it’s the one in Ohio. Looks like London Ohio.19:15

Carolina Foxx + Angel: THINK MIX19:15

mda19083: fox fur19:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Already quite a cast of characters19:15

Carolina Foxx + Angel: THINK MINK. MINK.19:15

Rush: Crows!19:15

Rush: Ravens….sorry!19:15

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Those crows!19:15

HonoluLou: Is that Joe Mannix?19:15

Rush: HM!19:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very apropos for tonight’s football game!19:15

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Or Joe Exotic?19:15

Rush: If anyone would know, it would be you, Steve!19:16

Rush: Could be!19:16

HonoluLou: CF+A, haha19:16

PaulM: i walked by the Tower, but didnt get to tour it19:16

Rush: Ruby taken!!!19:16

HonoluLou: I went to the tower and the House of Wax, very cool!19:16

Rush: The Rasput Ruby!19:16

Rush: hello, Lou!19:16

mda19083: love the fog19:16

Rush: Welcome!19:16

Carolina Foxx + Angel: SEAL the gates! Gate the seals! Stop those crows!!19:16

Rush: Missed your arrival!19:16

Rush: Sorry!19:17

HonoluLou: No Problemo19:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: This music goes all out…jeez19:17

Carolina Foxx + Angel: ‘Lu Lou, Hey!!19:17

Carolina Foxx + Angel: TY19:17

HonoluLou: Hey Steve, Aloha. How’s the Islands?19:17

Carolina Foxx + Angel: You was lucky till now.19:17

Hawaii_Steve: Just fine.19:17

Rush: “Maha….?” “Uh, huh?”19:17

Carolina Foxx + Angel: And a rooty-toot to you, Your Lowness.19:17

PaulM has left this room19:17

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Paul fell out!19:18

Rush: Brooklyn Dodgers. Now I know why you mentioned them, Angel.19:18

Rush: This adventure happens in 1957…the Last year the Dodgers were in Brooklyn.19:18

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Rush, i’m sure it’s all coming back like the hot fist on the end of a wet kiss!19:18

Rush: :)19:18

mda19083: off to pais – to see the parasites19:19

mda19083: paris19:19

HonoluLou: Joe! like Joe Mannix!19:19

HonoluLou: Oh, Joe Rattelo19:19

Rush: :)19:19

Carolina Foxx + Angel: We’re out of Tetragene now. When the moment comes, the Rajah will have to stuff his topper with plain hydrogen.19:19

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Did you frisk the crows?19:19

Rush: HM…19:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel. This is a family show.19:20

mda19083: flouroscope19:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: If you want to see crow frisking, you have to watch cable19:20

Carolina Foxx + Angel: MnR: Okay, did they frisk the parakeets?19:20

PaulM has joined this room19:20

Godwinshelley2: Hello Paul19:20

Rush: WB, Paul!19:20

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Paul! We thought the crows got you!19:20

PaulM: nothing to crow about19:21

Carolina Foxx + Angel: “EXPLODED”? I told them not to open the hydrogen till the 2nd commercial!19:21

HonoluLou: Ah, the aphorism in your email, Rush.19:21

Rush: Lefty Ryan.19:21

mda19083: joe mannix19:21

Carolina Foxx + Angel: First sign of age all past here. Do not tell what is second. Please.19:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: Trying to hit an umpire with a baseball bat? 19:22

Carolina Foxx + Angel: They cheered everybody in Brooklyn.19:22

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I’d wait till i saw an umpire without a baseball bat.19:22

Rush: Maurice Kaufmann: Lefty Ryan19:22

Rush: J. Carrol Naish: Charlie Chan
James Hong: Barry Chan
Michael Ritterman: The Majaraja of Rajput
Jill Melford: The Majarana of Rajput (formally known as Ida Kelly)
Maurice Kaufmann: Lefty Ryan
Bill Nagy: Joseph [Joe] Rotella
Charles Morgan: Bellboy
Arnold Marlé: Jan Dikker
Rupert Davies: Inspector Duff (not credited)
Donal Donnelly: Hotel Porter (not credited)
Harold Young: Tour Guide (not credited)19:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: I suppose an umpire is an easier target than a curveball…19:23

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Diamonds & rubies & poils, oh my! Diamonds & rubies & poils, oh my!!19:23

Rush: :)19:23

HonoluLou: Inspector Duff is in this film?19:24

Carolina Foxx + Angel: The curves of the 1950s were something else.19:24

Rush: He should make an appearance.19:24

Carolina Foxx + Angel: We thought he was daid!19:24

Rush: Rupert Davies as Inspector Duff19:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: cherche la femme?19:25

HonoluLou: Cool, Rush. T.Y.S.M.19:25

mda19083: yes mike19:25

Rush: Secret romance like dead ant in pepper pot – very often difficult to detect.19:25

Carolina Foxx + Angel: If i find a dead aunt in my pepperpot i’m DEFINITELY investigating. Nobody rents for free.19:25

Rush: Sometimes being half right makes for being half wrong.19:26

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Alarmed by discovery of third hand.19:26

HonoluLou: CF+A, LOL19:26

Carolina Foxx + Angel: thank you half much!!19:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: “I’m in a hurry.” And deaf.19:27

Carolina Foxx + Angel: We’re missing some hydrogen here. Somebody got a match?19:27

Carolina Foxx + Angel: BIZNESS??!!!19:27

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Wait till Xmas and your 2 front teeth, ya punk.19:27

HonoluLou: The ole arm behind the back hold, yep!19:28

Rush: :)19:28

mda19083: cue the can19:28

Carolina Foxx + Angel: My arms policy is i wanna see ’em. And all 3 hands. Two. I mean, too.19:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looks great on TV, Lou…19:28

Rush: Just knocked out!19:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: hold the can…19:29

Rush: No CAN yet.19:29

mda19083: i thought he was a goner19:29

HonoluLou: M&R, haha, the Utube video?19:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: yes19:29

Carolina Foxx + Angel: **Clink**?? No?? Nobody dead? Ah, geez!19:29

Rush: The ruby…19:29

HonoluLou: M&R, T.Y.S.M.19:29

Carolina Foxx + Angel: If they put it on their boat, would that make it a Ruby Yacht?19:30

mda19083: thank you captain obvious19:30

Rush: :)19:30

HonoluLou: It’s amazing how James Hong looks very much the same at 91!19:30

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Ethics prevents plenty. Be glad you not there.19:30

Rush: And…still going strong, Lou!19:31

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I like to think i looked like James Hong at 91 when i was 27!!19:31

Rush: Trivia question: Who among us has acted with James Hong?19:31

Carolina Foxx + Angel: WOW, Rush!! Who? Or, Hu??19:31

Rush: Not me….19:32

Carolina Foxx + Angel: You, or Yu?19:32

HonoluLou: HA,HA…”You call that acting!”19:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Act? As in actor?19:32

Godwinshelley2: Who was the luck soul?19:32

Carolina Foxx + Angel: HAS to be GS. Has to be!!19:32

Godwinshelley2: Nope19:32

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Mike?19:32

DanVenture has left this room19:32

Rush: Good or otherwise…it was definitely acting!19:32

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Lou?19:32

mda19083 has left this room19:32

PaulM has left this room19:32

Godwinshelley2: I’m guessing HS19:32

mda19083 has joined this room19:32

Rush: Good or otherwise…it was definitely acting!19:32

Rush: Yes.19:33

Carolina Foxx + Angel: mda! Paul! Dan! Holes in floor??19:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Was, Rush?19:33

Rush: No…not HS, either….19:33

HonoluLou: I was set up by Hawaii Steve, Unbeknownst to myself.19:33

Rush: No…not me.19:33

Godwinshelley2: Wow – OK – so who19:33

Godwinshelley2: Was it HL?19:33

Rush: Look a couple of lines above…19:33

Carolina Foxx + Angel: REALLY!! It WAS Lou??19:33

Rush: Bingo!19:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lou? Wow. I didn’t know we had a thespian amongst us!19:33

Carolina Foxx + Angel: BONGO!19:33

Rush: Our own HonoluLou!19:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: <applause>19:34

Carolina Foxx + Angel: MnR, we seat everyone.19:34

Godwinshelley2: Wow – a brush with FAME19:34

Rush: Indeed!19:34

Godwinshelley2: Was it on stage?19:34

PaulM has joined this room19:34

Godwinshelley2: Hello again Paul19:34

Rush: And, no one can take that away from him!19:34

HonoluLou: I have proof:

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I am zootably humblt! I shall not wash my shake-hand till Friday.19:34

PaulM: getting woozy. i keep passing out (of the room)19:34

Rush: WB, again, pail!19:34

Rush: PAUL!19:35

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Get Paul some hydrogen!19:35

Rush: (Tired fingers tonight!19:35

Godwinshelley2: OK I’m envious19:35

Rush: If Duff appreas, it will be right at the end of the case!19:35

HonoluLou: It was a reading from one of these New Adventures. A thespians, I’m not.19:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: Still smiling at the story Lou. Nice write up!19:36

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I’ll give ya’s a quahtah. Buck and a quahtah. If it’s a gen-u-wine plastic rooby.19:36

HonoluLou: T.Y.S.M. M&R19:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: Makes us want to hear your Italian accent. ;)19:36

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Was there documentation, Lou? A kinescope?19:36

HonoluLou: James Hong, was not impressed, haha.19:36

Carolina Foxx + Angel: JH may have saved his reaction for later.19:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’m sure he was just envious, Lou.19:37

Rush: Well, Lou…I am not too sure about that.19:37

Godwinshelley2: You can follow James Hong on Facebook. He posts from time to time.19:37

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Envy, sure. Definitely.19:37

HonoluLou: Yest, CF&A go to that link I posted. M&R, I’m sure your right :)19:37

Rush: He had a rough edge or two that evening!19:37

HonoluLou: Wow! The Seven Keys to Baldpate.19:38

Carolina Foxx + Angel: We shall remember that. Send video of Foxx with furr.19:38

Rush: YES!19:38

Rush: Good work, Number One Son!19:38

mda19083: nice work charlie19:38

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Link is to a recording of you & costar Hong?19:38

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Shoulda used a Ginsu.19:39

HonoluLou: Duff!19:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: Duff was especially reincarnated for this episode perhaps?19:39

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Hahahahahahaha!!19:39

Rush: Interesting!19:39

Rush: Duff didn’t appear.19:39

Godwinshelley2: Duff junior maybe19:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>19:39

Matt1: <yee-haw>19:39

Carolina Foxx + Angel: MnR: Flash-frozen, then reheated for ’57. Yes!!19:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: That must be it, GS19:39

Rush: Watching credits…19:39

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Out of the fog, into the smog!19:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Seriously digging this music19:40

Godwinshelley2: wax is next – what will the first shot be Rush?19:40

Rush: Not among the credited….not in the adventure!19:40

Rush: i’ll make the fix later!19:40

HonoluLou: So, he did play Duff in another adventure, Rush?19:41

Rush: So…five minutes… to get the next one ready19:41

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Which is tonight’s Feature?19:41

Rush: “An Exhibit in wax” is next….19:41

Matt1: I need to run, but enjoy the next film and have a great week19:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care Matt!19:41

HonoluLou: Ciao, Matt119:41

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Ah, #14, yes? We AM in confusion, all of me!19:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: Madame Tussaud, where are you?19:42

mda19083: so chan was in the wax museum twice!19:42

Hawaii_Steve: Interesting reference to Insp. Duff.19:42

Rush: That would be disc 4 if you have the DVD set…19:42

Godwinshelley2: OK I’m cued19:42

Matt1 has left this room19:42

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Inspector Duff may have taken some wax, too.19:42

HonoluLou: I’m watching this disk set for the first time. It’s kind of fuzzy. Is everyone’s like that (who has them?)19:42

Rush: Please pause at the first image…19:43

Rush: Yes.19:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: Check.19:43

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Cued and cured!19:43

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *rearranging furr*19:43

Rush: Most are of fir-good quality at best.19:43

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *and tiara*19:43

HonoluLou: Vrmm, Vrmm19:43

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *tiarae*19:43

Godwinshelley2: Cued – some road19:43

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *starting rubies*19:43

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *scowling*19:44

Rush: Let’s say….TWO MINUTES to go….19:44

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *shadowboxing*19:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Odd looking building in this shot19:44

Hawaii_Steve: Opening title: Arylesbone Road, London. Is this correct?19:44

Godwinshelley2: I think so – hard to read the first couple of letters19:44

Rush: 90 seconds…19:44

Rush: Possibly, Steve!19:45

Rush: WOW!19:45

Rush: 75 seconds…19:45

Rush: The odd building houses a well known museum19:45

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *trainer removing tiarae, slapping Boy soundly; Boy polishes tiarae with special corduroy remnants*19:45

Rush: 60 seconds…19:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: *adjusts bow tie*19:45

PaulM: marlebone…..the m is hidden19:45

Rush: 50 seconds…19:45

Hawaii_Steve: It’s been years since I have watched these TV episodes. Have a strange feel to them.19:45

Rush: 40 seconds…19:45

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *changing from bow tie to necktie so’s not to clash*19:45

Rush: 30 seconds…19:45

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *scowling*19:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, Steve. They’re a bit edgy.19:46

Rush: 25…19:46

Rush: 20…19:46

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *revving rubies*19:46

Rush: 15…19:46

Rush: 10…19:46

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *waves to box seats*19:46

Rush: 5…19:46

Rush: GO!!!19:46

Rush: And…Steve was correct!19:46

Rush: :)19:46

HonoluLou: Now we know what road that was.19:46

Rush: Indeed!19:46

Carolina Foxx + Angel: FORGOT TETRAGENE! *runs to dugout*19:46

Rush: I am guessing that they used some of the actual museum in these scenes.19:47

Carolina Foxx + Angel: If the next three guards are John, Paul & Ringo i’ll know the ‘zeum is in Livahpuul.19:47

Rich-Maine: Madam Toussard Las Vegas!19:47

Carolina Foxx + Angel: REALLY, Rich??19:48

HonoluLou: Hard to tell, probably outside. 19:48

HonoluLou: Ouch!19:48

Rush: “You can’t do that!!!”19:48

Hawaii_Steve: Strange opening.19:48

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Don’t go out into the rain, you’re gonna melt, Waxy!19:48

mda19083: madame tussaud’s is on Marylebone Road19:48

PaulM: i went to the Tousauds museum in london. it was just down the street from the Holmes museum on Baker street19:48

Rush: “Alas, poor…”19:48

Rush: Yes, Paul?19:49

HonoluLou: PaulM, me too. Very cool. 19:49

Rush: Was it in a newer building?19:49

PaulM: yup. i hit 2 museums on the same day19:49

Godwinshelley2: When I was in London the Holmes museum was on loan to some place in Japan19:49

Rich-Maine: Off with his head 19:49

PaulM: cant remember that. its been quite a while19:49

Rush: Only 10 pounds?19:49

Rush: What about the restoration work it will take to fix it?19:49

HonoluLou: Was Holmes home when you went?19:49

Godwinshelley2: no19:50

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I’ll give ya $10 for 20 pounds of wax, Wex.19:50

Rush: :)19:50

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Rush, best you don’t get too curious about the “restoration”. The replicas often appear VERY different after these, uh, incidents.19:51

Rush: J. Carroll Naish: Charlie Chan

Ralph Truman: George Winslow

Brian Nissen: Allen Roberts

Rupert Davies: Inspector Duff

Ronald Leigh-Hunt: Wallace

Sydney Monckton: Dr. Antrum (?)

Oliver Burt: John Kingsley (?)

John Unicomb: Fingerprint Expert (?)

Rosemary Frankau: Miss Dawson (not credited)

Maitland Moss: Towne (not credited)19:51

HonoluLou: Ah, that was Duff. Great!19:51

Rush: Inspector Duff was already in this one!19:51

Rush: safe to post.19:51

Rich-Maine: And Duff is alive!19:51

Rush: Yes!19:52

Carolina Foxx + Angel: (thinks): “Ah, sheeeee-it, ANOTHER ball of wax. And i’ve got all these cans of worms, opened. Geez.”19:52

Rush: Only, I would say that THIS duff must be a relative of the LATE inspector Duff!19:52

Carolina Foxx + Angel: The Duffer!19:52

Carolina Foxx + Angel: May we hazard a connection with Duff Beer?19:52

HonoluLou: Duff, never died in the book, and actually recovered in C.C. Carries On.19:53

Rush: Hm… Angel…19:53

Rush: And, of course…”The Simpson Case”19:53

Carolina Foxx + Angel: C.C. Carries Duff, it shoulda been.19:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: Simpson? Bart?19:53

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Rush, you just cracked me up!19:53

Rush: AH!19:53

Carolina Foxx + Angel: And YOU two, MnR!!19:53

Rush: I knew it could happen…some day!19:54

Rush: Duff.19:54

Carolina Foxx + Angel: If there’s a Monty Burns ahead i shall need a Duff Beer myself.19:54

mda19083: he was framed19:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: What is Duff’s first name?19:54

HonoluLou: Inspector19:54

Carolina Foxx + Angel: But one lens WASN’T knocked out. Always complaining!19:54

Rush: 19:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: There’s an initial on the door that looks like a backwards L19:55

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Alan Simpson? the [future] Senator?19:55

mda19083: yes rush!19:55

HonoluLou: Cool, CF+A you weren’t kidding!19:55

Carolina Foxx + Angel: The one beer to have when you’re having more than one murder, or one head, or one of anything there might be 2 of!19:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: Where is the sun? It’s night time, you dunce.19:56

HonoluLou: Ah, Schaffer. I recognize the tune19:56

Carolina Foxx + Angel: The Bank of England has tentacles anyplace it doesn’t have branches. You don’t have to go there. They get tp YOU.19:57

Rush: 19:57

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Hey, Rush! I was a Philly kid, i remember Schaefer!! Swill, it was!!19:57

Rush: 19:57

Carolina Foxx + Angel: But swell swill, may i hastily add.19:58

Rush: :)19:58

HonoluLou: Wow! Getting thirsty here.19:58

mda19083: we also had schlitz19:58

Carolina Foxx + Angel: A thousand pounds. Of wax? Or sterling?19:58

mda19083: at eas sill/swll too19:59

mda19083: was19:59

mda19083: swell/swill19:59

Carolina Foxx + Angel: We won’t mention the boys’ joke about sand and Schlitz and beachbabes.19:59

Carolina Foxx + Angel: mda, you got it right each time. Only antidote to Schaefer was more Schaefer. They owe the universe.20:00

Rush: 1,000 pounds in 1957 would be about 20,000 today.20:00

Rush: Yes?20:00

Rush: Great selling point!20:00

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Excuse me, i’m off in the Delorean to 1957. Just an ATM run. Back shortly.20:00

Rush: Small, but high-storied buildings, rise from gradual accumulation of small bricks.20:01

mda19083: angel – sorry but i don’t know the joke20:01

HonoluLou: Well that’s clear as Mud. Can anyone read that?20:01

Hounder has joined this room20:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think it’s a Back to the Future reference, mda20:01

Carolina Foxx + Angel: gee, mda, i forgot it. Alexa might now. She’s a bit of a flirt, so to speak.20:01

Hounder: Hi everyone. Just checking in quick. We made it to AL.20:01

Rush: Matt?20:01

mda19083: thanks for the lead mike20:02

Rush: Hounder! Welcome!20:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: <tin-can>20:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: Our can artiste has departed20:02

Rush: Sorry, I missed your arrival!20:02

HonoluLou: Hi Hounder20:02

Rush: I have been doing that tonight.20:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Hounder…hope the trip is going well!20:02

Carolina Foxx + Angel: MnR: Nah, it’s cruder than that. A real crudite. High-school stuff. Juvenile. Puerile. Juvenal called it puerile in his Commentaries.20:02

Rush: 20:02

Carolina Foxx + Angel: *Ting!!*20:02

Rich-Maine: Poor doc!20:02

Rush: I hope that you as well as your mother are having a good evening, Hounder.20:03

Hounder: She did great in the truck. No however we’re playing in wierdsville.20:03

Hounder: Now20:03

Rush: Sorry, hounder.20:03

Godwinshelley2: It’s hard20:03

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Speaking of things optical, everybody remember Moe Green in The Godfather, got blasted while on the massage table, first shot crashed his glasses?20:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sorry to hear that, Hounder20:04

Rush: But, maybe there is something familiar and/or stimulating about riding in the truck?20:04

Carolina Foxx + Angel: We wish you well, Hounder. My mother was the same.20:04

Godwinshelley2: or the music on the radio20:04

Rush: yes.20:04

Hounder: Thanks rush. I expect this will be her last traveling trip. It becoming to hard and confusing for her20:04

Carolina Foxx + Angel: My mom was ALWAYS calmed by music generally, most especially the ’40s-20:05

Carolina Foxx + Angel: ’50s stuff on Music Choice.20:05

Rush: I see. Sorry, Hounder. That must be very tough.20:05

Godwinshelley2: Yes I played the 40s on my car radio when I was driving my folks places20:05

Rush: Yes?20:05

Carolina Foxx + Angel: It’s actually good stuff!20:05

mda19083: you are in my thoughts hounder20:05

Rush: Familiar sounds from the past.20:05

Carolina Foxx + Angel: I can’t tell you how many times i’ve started to dial PEnnsylvania 6-5000.20:06

Rush: :)20:06

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Uh-oh.20:06

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Homer Simpson would steal clothes from ANY works.20:07

Rush: Simpson is…INNOCENT.20:07

Rich-Maine: :)20:07

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Well, THIS is a fine kettle of fish.20:07

Rush: :)20:07

Hounder: I don’t know why she did wellin the truck and isn’t doing well now that we’re stopped20:07

Godwinshelley2: maybe put on the radio again – if you can get the same channel in the house20:08

Rush: Interesting question, Hounder.20:08

PaulM has left this room20:08

mda19083: you can still dial 212-736-500020:08

Hounder: 4o’s and Sinatra are her favs20:08

Rush: Again, it might be something of a comfort to her?20:08

Rush: maybe some past memory?20:08

Hounder: I can when we get to fl,but don’t have a way to play it in the camper20:09

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Speaking of penny newspapers, earlier today i was rereading the story of the NYT’s purchase, for $1.1 BILLLLLLLLLION, of my town’s Boston Globe, & the Times not too long later having to unload it & netting exactly $1 (+ assumption of liability)–& the NYT feeling relieved to get it over. Ooof!20:09

HonoluLou: Hounder, I saw something on Youtube I believe about Tony Bennett. At 91, he can still sing the songs as always, but once finished he’s unsure about things.20:09

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Uh-oh. Curious duck about to quake, Quack.20:09

Rush: “Cureous duck will now put foot on unsuspecting worm.”20:10

Rush: Curious20:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>20:11

Hounder: Interesting hl. Mom likes him as well20:11

Carolina Foxx + Angel: Good night all!! Must rush away—family call. Till next week!!20:11

HonoluLou: It was his doctor, something about the connections still being alined in the brain with music.20:11

Rush: Case solved!20:11

Rush: The guilty party was Lumpy’s dad!20:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: Another Chan triumph!20:12

Hawaii_Steve: The second episode was more interesting than the first one. In my opinion.20:12

mda19083: these tv shows are enjoyable20:12

Rush: I would agree, Steve.20:12

Rich-Maine: I cant see…where are my glasses!20:12

Rush: Next week….”The Chinese Ring.”20:12

Hawaii_Steve: Rich, they’re under your wife’s body.20:12

HonoluLou: These are pretty good.20:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: They’re dark, but interesting20:13

Rich-Maine: Thanks Rush…..night all, c u next week 20:13

Rush: The first of the Winters Chan films.20:13

Rush: Thank you, Rich!20:13

Rush: And…thank you ALL so much!20:13

Rush: Another great evening!20:13

mda19083: be well all – until next week20:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night all…have a wonderful week!20:13

Rush: Hounder…you and your mom are in our deepest thoughts and prayers…20:14

Hawaii_Steve: I’m off for my afternoon walk. Good night everybody.20:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes…hang in the Hounder!20:14

Godwinshelley2: ok NIGHT ALL20:14

mda19083: i always learn something in the chat room20:14

HonoluLou: Sayonnara, all.20:14

Rush: May there be some good days ahead to outnumber the not so good.20:14

Rich-Maine has left this room20:14

Rush: take care, lou!20:14

Godwinshelley2 has left this room20:14

HonoluLou: Rush, did you want to chat about that site?20:15

Rush: You may hear from me regarding WordPress.20:15

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room20:15

Rush: Yes!20:15

Rush: That’d be good!20:15

mda19083 has left this room20:15

HonoluLou: OK, here & now?20:15

Hawaii_Steve has left this room20:15

Rush: Sure!20:15

Rush: Now’s a good time!20:15

HonoluLou: Great, let me go pottie, first :)20:16

Rush: Take care, Hounder….and Angel.

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