Chat Archive 10/12/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for October 12, 2020

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (Backfire; Voodoo Death)

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 2)

dangerous$ angel & foxxxxx
Len Freeman
Matt1Mike (n Rach) in DC

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marcycloud: Hi Guys!

marcycloud: Hi Guys!

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marcycloud: Howdy!

Rush: Hello, Marcy!cloud

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Rush: How have you been?

Matt1: Hello Rush & MC!

Rush: Hello, Matt!

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

Matt1: And to you both!

Rush: TYSM!

marcycloud: haha…yeah. good. hiding out in my home…while all my friends are out and about….

Rush: Take that risk! Get out for a while!

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Go for a walk….or bike ride!

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Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: DANGEROUS Angel!

Rush: Welcome!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: marcycloud? is it really you? my 8-Ball SAID SOMETHIMG…..!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Hiyall! The “Dangerous” is stuck here from “Dangerous Money”; trying to fix it is thyme-conzuming.

marcycloud: got to babysit in 30 mins…but I just wanted you to know i’m still hanging on and around. Get all ur emails and Love the Postman on Holiday! Hopefully see you again next week! Take Care! And for heavens sake…Wear a Mask! haha

Rush: And, it must have predicted correctly, Angel!

Matt1: Hope to see you next week, MC!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: The 8-Ball is ALWAYS on top.

marcycloud: Chao!

Rush: Take care!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Chow!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Fox says Fox Chow.

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Rush: By Purina.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: I will be peripatetic tonight, as i am in final preparations of vehicle & self for another moving-trip.

Rush: Moving AGAIN?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Fox & self are both Checkerboard Squares!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Tonight we have TWO features!

Rush: And both are available online!

Rush: “Backfire” and Voodoo Death.”

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: No, SAME MOVE!! Yes, you are not the only one to remark the time-line. This actually will be maybe the 6th, maybe 7th pickup-truck load from Boston to NC. Would have been faster if this were a normal year.

Rush: I fully understand!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: SMILIN’ JACK darkens our screens first, yes?

Rush: Over Christ,as break, I will be driving out a load with my daughter, Rachel.

Rush: (Christmas)

Rush: Out to Iowa.

Matt1: How fun!

Rush: The goal is to make it out in two days.

Rush: I am not sure what the raod conditions are throufh the middle of the country that time of year, though!

Matt1: That’s a tough trip!

Rush: Rachel’s excited.

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Matt1: Think winter coats and leave the flip flops at home?

Rush: Yes, but worth it. It’s like a “mission.”

Matt1: Hello Ten!

Rush: TM!

tenman: Hola!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Rush: Correct on that, Matt!

Rush: We should roll our serial soon….

Rush: Everyone ready?

Matt1: Ready here!

tenman: Iowa will b cold and snowy!’

Rush: The link is above, of course: “Smilin’ Jack.”

Rush: Yes, TM!

Rush: 🙂

tenman: Which is first toinight?

Rush: I am thinking the highways through Colorado, Nebraska, etc…

Rush: “Smilin’ Jack” is first.

Rush: Let’s get that one ready, please…

tenman: locked and loaded

Rush: Me as well…

Rush: Okay….

Rush: Let’s say….

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Title….

Rush: Music….

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: WHO’S he waving at?

Rush: Credits..

Rush: US!

Rush: 🙂

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: If they just had the whistle & not the blast, i’d be nervous all the night long.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Ford Beebe! NOW i’m OK!!

Rush: I count THREE Chan actors in this one: Luke, Toler, and Ahn.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: ChunkKIng! Now i have noodles!!

tenman: There’s our guys!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: That’s what they do.

Matt1: Father 7 Son, Inc

Rush: Toler!

Matt1: &

Rush: BAIL OUT!!!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: They should put out a TripTik with the till-now “secret” route, & then buy an unused jungle bus route for a double-secret route. That would work.

Matt1: Whew!

Rush: PHEW!!!

Rush: Just pulled it in time!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: WHO IS HE WAVING AT?

Rush: I was recalling WC Fields in “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break.”
The falling from the airliner schene!

Rush: (scene)

Rush: Does this location look familiar?

Rush: Same, i think, that we see in “The Feathered Serpent.”

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Gotta fold those chutes back up so they fit again in the supplied cigarette-pack-size pouches. (ANYBODY EVER HEAR the Radio Dragnet episode that has that as a stemwinder opening?)

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dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Captain Prosciutto?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Oh! Captain Len!!

Rush: Welcome, LEN!

Matt1: Hello Len!

Rush: Good evening to you!

Len Freeman: Hello!

Rush: We are into “Smilin’ Jack”!

Len Freeman: Have you started Smilin Jack yet

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: She looks like Our Miss Brooks, & HE looks less Chinese than Lou Costello.

Rush: 5:45

Len Freeman: about how far?

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: 6:00

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Yes they can. Meet Chairman Mao!

Rush: At 6:15…

Len Freeman: Ok.. I roughly there

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: The “noodle” government, or the “vegatables in can” government?

Rush: Is 7:15 correct?

Len Freeman: feels rigt

Matt1: 7:40

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: TUTTI FRUIT! Oh, rooty!!

Rush: I accidentally clicked on the wron part of the screen and jumped ahead for a moment!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Do those guys have underwear on?

Matt1: 8:15

Rush: 8:15?

Rush: TYSM!

Rush: I am back!

Rush: Phillip Ahn.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Sitting Bull!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: CHI-NA!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Will it get the remaining episodes a new stock backdrop?

Rush: Nice visuals in this one!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: I expect to see Cleavon Little.

Rush: How are you this evening, Len?

Rush: Great to see you!

Len Freeman: RE: tonight’s Adventures shows… I see Backfire on my set, but not Voodoo Death…. does that one have another title?

Len Freeman: Nice to be here.

Rush: In my colection, it is on disc 7.

Matt1: Mine too

Len Freeman: Got it

Rush: YAY!

Len Freeman: So much for bleary eyes

Rush: We also have online versions available above.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: VOODO DEATH is on YouTube, Len. Or shows it so, anyway.

Rush: I cannot guarantee no commercial inserts, though!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: What a coupla chumps & one other cump.

Rush: This serial dates from 1943.

Rush: HEIGHT of the war.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: *chump*.

Len Freeman: Year I was born

Len Freeman: Obviously a turning point…

Rush: A very good year, then, at the home front!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: We’ll protect you, Len.

Len Freeman: TYSM

Rush: That is the year my parents were married.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: They certainly look inscrutable.

Len Freeman: Well then an auspicious year all around

Rush: “The foreigners have escaped!”

Rush: Agreed, Ken!

Rush: 🙂

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: They’re gonna take all the peanut snacks.

Rush: “Passengers”

Matt1: Run away!

Rush: Uh-oh!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Is the gong-player credited in the titles?

Len Freeman: Not sure why I recall it, but the “lead” Japanese agent played bank robber Willie Sutton in an early TV movie

Rush: You are the man, Len!

Rush: WOW!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Not opening a temple next to my pagoda, that’s sure.

Len Freeman: now if only I could remember where I left my socks….

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Are you a distributor, sir?

Rush: I think the Buddhist priest is wearing Tibetan headgear.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Take them all home to Topeka.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Rush: 🙂

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: I think he’s wearing a collapsible fireplace screen like i got at an auction. Shaped like a peacock. (The screen, not the priest).

Rush: Nice purchase, Angel!

Rush: Nearing our cliffhanger for this week….

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Actually, priest kinda pecock-shaped too. I like the topknot. He CAN’T keep that headgear long, i betcha.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: You think it’s a peppermill?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Behind each brick is a prize.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: This one opened “Door Number One.”

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Grab his peppermill!

Matt1: Ouch….Felt that punch

Rush: WOW!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Door Number One is a $500 Shopping Spree in the Spiegel Catalog!!

Rush: How can he get out of THAT one???

Rush: THE END…

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Like THESE WEREN’T bombers? Sheesh!!

Len Freeman: Hmmm.. a new hero next week?

Rush: (Applause)

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: We shall see!

Len Freeman: applause

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Gimme Brick 3, 4th row. Wally Cox tyo block.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: YAY!!!!!!!

Rush: 13 minutes till “Backfire.”

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Backfire in 15 mins?

Rush: Please ready your personal copies or your online copy.

Rush: 12 minuts-plus

Len Freeman: I’ll be back, going to set Backfire up on my larger screen

Rush: 12 minutes…

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Cued, Chief!

Rush: Sounds good, len.

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Rush: I’ll leave the Perry White quote to you!

Rush: Getting mine ready…

Rush: The disc, that is..

Rush: Not a quote!

Rush: This first one involves a famous wax museum in London.

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Matt1: Hello M & R!

Nothere has joined this room

Rush: 8 minutes to go…

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Greetings! A quick drive-by from DC!

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Matt1: Hello NT!

Rush: WELCOME, Mike and Rachel and NT!!!

Matt1: Hello GS!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: M n R!! Just in time to get the skinny on Famous Wax! Notty! Make an impression!

Nothere: On behalf f the Mummy, I object to there being a fire.

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued – wish these were both on the same DVD\

Rush: AND…GS!!!

Rush: Welcome all!

Nothere: Hey Matt and everyone else here.

Godwinshelley2: Hello all from rainy Delaware

Mike (n Rach) in DC: What a propitious moment! GS AND NT!

Rush: Good work, GS!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: GS—at least we have The Document!

Godwinshelley2: Mine starts on the Sphinx

Rush: Yes….but there ARE 39 total adventures in the set!

Mike (n Rach) in DC: We are here…but must be NotHere soon. Evening classes!

Nothere: Propitious? Or sinister? I deny being in a conspiratorial plot with GS

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: 39 adventures. How very strenuous!!

Rush: How are you tonight, GS, Mike, Rachel, and NT?

Nothere: Fine thanks. How are you an yours?

Godwinshelley2: I’m doing an Egyptian Themed Houdini/Lovecraft gift this year for the Lovecraft Historical society

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: We think of you often!

Rush: Yes! It would take close to 20 hours to watch all of them back-to-back!

Mike (n Rach) in DC: NT…your moniker reeks of conspiracy. It’s part of your charm and allure!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: I like back-to-back.

Rush: Yes, GS?

Godwinshelley2: Gift exchange among members of society

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Back to back?

HonoluLou has joined this room

Rush: Unless it’s the start of a duel, Angel!

Rush: LOU!

HonoluLou: Salutations!

Nothere: What? Don’t I have an honest fac….uhm don’t nswer that.

Godwinshelley2: It’s always fun


Nothere: Hey Lou

Matt1: Hello Louuuuuuuu!

Rush: A Cleveland-directed ALOHA to you!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Ah, yes, Rush. Back-to-back did not work well for our friend Alex.

HonoluLou: Got my new $14.99 set of Chan!

Godwinshelley2: Which one Lou?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: It’s the Cleveland Aloha Show!

Nothere: Now Now that’s enough hulabaloo it’s just Lou.

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Lou, that would be about $0.75 during Chan’s day!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: I saw the Beatles on Hullabaloo.

Godwinshelley2: Karloff was on Shindig!

HonoluLou: Hi all, I’ve never seen these so pretty excited. NT you are spot on 🙂

Rush: I think I did, TOO, Angel!

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Nothere: Nixion was on Laugh in. Sock it to me.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: GS, that’s RIGHT! This IS the time of year—i’ll put him in queue!!

HonoluLou: Wow, M&R Two-bits x 3

Rush: yes, NT!

Matt1: Cued here!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Sock it to ME?

Rush: I remember that one well!

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: Maybe won him the election!

Godwinshelley2: Was watching Crimson Cult with Karloff & Lee today

Len Freeman: back

Rush: WB, Len!

HonoluLou: Who sang that song Angel?

Matt1: wb Len!

Rush: THREE minutes to go!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: More than a few said THAT Laugh-In moment put RN over the top.

Rush: “Backfire” is first, tonight.


Rush: A good one, I feel!

Godwinshelley2: Mine is cued to the Sphinx

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Which song, Lou?

Rush: Already revving!

Nothere: Again on behalf on the Mummy, I must object to there being a fire.

HonoluLou: Sock it to me Baby…the 60s or 70s.

Godwinshelley2: There are a few of these tv episodes that make me sad – the one where they kill the dog and the one with the acid in the eyes

Rush: 2 minutes…

Rush: I need to reload mine…

HonoluLou: Rush, please don’t Rush us…yuk, yuk!

Rush: 90 seconds…

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Ah! Was MITCH RYDER and the DETROIT WHEELS!!

Len Freeman: Hmm. Backfire on my disk starts in Brussels

Rush: 75 seconds…

Nothere: No Go the dog only seemed dead. He walked it off offscreen.

HonoluLou: A&F YES. TXS.

Rush: There!

Rush: Ready again!

Rush: 60 seconds..

Rush: 50 seconds…

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Mine starts with a woman’s face.

Len Freeman: I’ll use the online

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: Sphinx.

HonoluLou: Hiya Len.

Godwinshelley2: Am I wrong – no sphinx in Backfire?

Rush: 30 seconds…

Nothere: I see a Sphinx with no nose. How oes he smell?

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Notty: TERRIBLE!!

Godwinshelley2: terrible

Rush: 15..

Rush: 10…

tenman: p=retty good. its dry there lol

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: GS: *fist bump*?

Rush: Here we goo!

Rush: Opening a tomb…

HonoluLou: Wow! They must be pretty strong!

Godwinshelley2: YES I am on the right one

Rush: Tomb desicration.

HonoluLou: Was that Mitch Miller?

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Sing along…”

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Napoleon to Sphinxy, 1798: “GOTCHER NOSE!!”

HonoluLou: Bad mojo that…in a tomb.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: THE END.

Nothere: One large easily removed stone to the inner chamber. Which is right next to the entrance. Whoever designed this tomb id it on th cheap.

Rush: Indeed, Lou!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Same bricks?

Rush: At least there’s light in that tomb.

HonoluLou: NT, I agree.

Rush: Title fades to English…

Rush: Fog….reveals CC…

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Surely there are some Cheetos or something.

Rush: British Museum…

Nothere: Fog it’s a monogram.

Rush: 🙂

tenman: Looks awfully thin for Charlie

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dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Oh. I thought it was the British Museum in Mexico City.

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Rush: Number One Son…Barry.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Just a “gyptologist”. Gotcher wallet!!

Rush: WB….GS.

HonoluLou: Rush, t   here’s my acting colleague, Jim Hong!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: That’s four hours ago!

Nothere: I didn’t know you were an Egyptologist. Oh you didn’t hear about my helping with that tomb in Egypt? And you call yourself a museum curator.

Godwinshelley2: Yes – things go bump tonight

Rush: YES, Lou!

Rush: You can rightly make that statement!

Rush: I am a witness!

HonoluLou: Haha, barely.

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Duty calls. Goodnight all. Have a great week!

Godwinshelley2: Night Mike & Rach

HonoluLou: Goodnight M^R

Nothere: Night MR

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Notty, these people call anything what the market will bear.

Len Freeman: Inspector Duff!

Mike (n Rach) in DC has left this room

Rush: Never trust an Egyptologist who mispronounces “Amon Re”.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Not “a Dorchester”, THE Dorchester. ExcUUUUUUUUSE me!

Nothere: Unles he has a brandy in his hand.

Rush: 🙂

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: M & R dropped out again?

Nothere: Oh I say Angel I’ve dropped my monocle.

Len Freeman: Love his sport coat

Rush: Yes!

HonoluLou: Son No1 (James Hong) was born in Minneapolis, MN!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: You should only eat one before dinner anyway, Notty. Leaave it; the dog will take care of it.

Rush: True, Lou.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: *screams, smash of crockery*

DanVenture has joined this room

DanVenture: Wow! I made it!

Rush: DV!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

HonoluLou: Welcome DV

HonoluLou: No!

Rush: We are viewing “Backfire.”

Rush: Do you have a copy?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Sweet as honey!

Rush: if not, there’s a link to a copy above!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: DV!! Just in time for Scripture!!

Len Freeman: a good commandment

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: She’s no fun, she fell right over.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Blind!

Rush: For 12 years…

Rush: Hmmmm…

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: AND blond!!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Are we allowed to see this?

Rush: Try saying that three times with rapidity!

DanVenture: Scripture?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Bennett Cerf***y Kyser’s robe.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Bennet Cerf***y Kyser’s robe.

Rush: The lady quotes “Honor thy father and mother.”

HonoluLou: Rush, not to take away, but if you haven’t seen it I forwarded a msg and request to you from Leonard J. Kohl?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: ***y Kyser’s robe

HonoluLou: For pics, Rush

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: What’s with my auto-spell?

Len Freeman: Leonard Kohl… have you read his book?

Rush: Yes, lou. I sent him more of them today. Thank you!

DanVenture: Time check?

Rush: “Speaker’s corner.”

Nothere: Auto spell? Coward. Let your typis fly.

HonoluLou: Sweet, thanks Rush.

Rush: 11:35

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: I’ll take the ermines.

Rush: Lou, he’s a wealth of information!

HonoluLou: Cool. He has a book out on Amazon already.

HonoluLou: What, he found her?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Notty, NOT cowardice!! Something about “in K-a-y K…” goes ton asterisks. Not me! c Not Roger Maris!!

Rush: And he’s working on another it seems.

Nothere: Behold the cunning use of pockets.

HonoluLou: Yep.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Good he keeps The Equalizer in the top-center drawer.

Rush: 13:15…

Godwinshelley2: Richard Dawson – name on board – didn’t he do game shows

HonoluLou: WoW, who made that sign in the background!

Godwinshelley2: Family Feud – and he was on Hogan’s Heros

HonoluLou: GS2…haha.

Nothere: Ill see your 13 15 and raise you 13 40

Rush: Yes, GS!

Godwinshelley2: I think he was married to Diana Dores too for awhile

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: THAT’S why it rang a bell!

Rush: I worked with an older gentleman who had a vintage bumper sticker on his wall: “We Won on Family Feud.”

HonoluLou: Very cool, Rush.

Nothere: Top six answers on the board.

Rush: Yes.

HonoluLou: Bat ears! Yikes.

Rush: Clues!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Sure as one can be about earlobes.

HonoluLou: Rush, this $14.99 copy is pretty good. T.Y.S.M. for the lead.

Nothere: Should we pierce them?

Rush: Especially if one kidded someone about them in the past!

Len Freeman: HL -What new book is Lenny Kohl working on?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Don’t get LEAD-poisoning, Len!!

HonoluLou: Hey, it’s “Thank you so much” Charlie! (he said thank you)

Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley2: Ears are all different – having pinned many, many ears in the Acu-Detox centers

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: I’d like to see Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Howell) in this role.

Rush: A man of fewer words by 1957, Lou!

HonoluLou: 🙂

Nothere: OOH h put on his hat. IT’s on now.

Rush: Recall “The Jade Mask”: “Ear! Ear!”

HonoluLou: Ahhhhhhhh!

tenman: Uh-oh!

Rush: Shades of “Charlie Chan in Egypt”!!!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: *A gunshot. Silence*

Len Freeman: yup

HonoluLou: Yes, please don’t trespass on his hospitality.

Rush: Barry is in foer a surprise.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: He loves papayas!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: On his HOSPITAL, you mean.

Rush: Sme honeymoons do…

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: If phones could kill…

Rush: (some)

Nothere: No one will be seated during the dramatic dining scene.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Anybody here crave to see any o’ they Ex-es now?

Rush: The case gets interesting…

HonoluLou: Love those drink glasses.

Rush: “Mystery” at the lower part of my screen.

HonoluLou: Mine too.

Rush: That’s where our copy was recorded.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: She got the hots for him anyway? Were picking that slim in the ’50s?

HonoluLou: Ah so.

Nothere: With five minutes left, you don’t suppose one of thse is the killer?

HonoluLou: Most impopper?

Rush: Reasonable supposition, indeed!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: I don’t like his taste in pictureframes.

HonoluLou: GS2, I guess you hit it on the head…or the ear!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Like ADAM WEST.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Chan took a shot with his cellphone camera.

Rush: Inspector Duff!

HonoluLou: Duff! Wow.

Rush: This would certainly be Duff’s son.

Nothere: Ah th old police in the hallway trick.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: THE DUFFER!!!

HonoluLou: Son of a Duff!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Would HAVE to be!!

HonoluLou: I want my Mummy!

Rush: Yes…his plan BACKFIRED!

Len Freeman: Great ending

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: ooof.

Nothere: Careful Lou wanting a Mummy is one thing. The Mummy wanting you I quite another.

HonoluLou: I say!

Rush: SIR Richard Dawson.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: cHAN OBVIOUSLY AN oZZY FAN.

Rush: THE END…

HonoluLou: NT…haha, good point!

Rush: (Applause…)

Matt1: <yee-haw>

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: WHAT a SWITCH!!

Len Freeman: excellent

Rush: Next one, “Voodoo Death,” in five minutes, please….

Nothere: YEA! CLAP! CLAP!

Rush: Snack break, anyone?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: NOTE; This is a FILM PRESENTATION. Write that down.

Rush: 15 before the hour we start…

Rush: Please cue it up!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: *Let’s go out to the lobby, let’s go out to the lobby….!*

Matt1: I’m going to run, but hope you enjoy #2…..See you all next week!

Len Freeman: Rush and Honolulou –you mentioned Lenny Kohl.. are you working on something with him?

Rush: Take care, Matt!

Nothere: Night Maatt

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Cued for VOODOO, headed now for Junior Mints—MYSTERIOUSLY REFRESHING!

Rush: See you next week!

Rush: “The Chinese Ring”

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Matt, our wiedersehen!!

Nothere: I’m gonna do some voodoo on you.

Rush: YOW!

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: Do I escape if I duck?

Rush: 3 minutes…

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Just duck if you escape & you’ll be right as rain, Rush!

Nothere: Don’t put the mints in my soda.

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued here

Len Freeman: cued here

HonoluLou: Len, he contacted me to get with Rush. He’s writing another book with some info about his interviewing Kay Linaker. He was looking for pics from Rush.

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…


HonoluLou: Ready to go in CLE!

Rush: 2 minutes…

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Vroom!

Len Freeman: Ah. I have a copy of his Sinister Serials that he signed for my two sons.. we met at a Serials group a number of years ago

Godwinshelley2: Ah I have that book

Rush: 75 seconds…

HonoluLou: Len, very cool. GS2, double-cool!

Len Freeman: Fun book.. he has a real style..

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: My mother loved English Tudor. My dad loved English Fordor. I love Japanese Tudor with dual eggzausts.

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 5…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Godwinshelley2: ??

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Sorry…dropped the “2” on “25>”

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: HARRUMPH!

HonoluLou: GRRRR!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Who knows what that hoodoo you do do?

Rush: Not a nice guy.

Godwinshelley2: Yelling at the guy with the razor is not good

Rush: No…not good!

HonoluLou: Yeah, I was thinking that too, GS2

Len Freeman: Yeah, never talk down a guy with a razor at your throat

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Never a wise move. Who was the sponsor on this show? Hope it wasn’t Wilkinson, or Gillette, or Ginsu.

DanVenture: Indeed, Len!

HonoluLou: A&F..haha.

Nothere: Oh orry I “Accidentley” cut off your ear.

Rush: Wise words, Len!

Godwinshelley2: Another “unknown” story

HonoluLou: Oh right, he loves you!

Rush: 🙂

HonoluLou: Bad Ann, Bad.

HonoluLou: Ah, your aphorisms Rush!

Godwinshelley2: Is this unknown story listed on your website Rush

HonoluLou: Honoruru?

Rush: Another “undocumented” case/

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: He’s GLOWING with excitement!!

Rush: 🙂

HonoluLou: Well crap. Will someone give me a mine, paleeeeeze!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: oR half-LIFE.

Nothere: Sorry Lou but the mine is mine.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Or HALF-life.

HonoluLou: haha, OK NT

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Notty     

HonoluLou: Oh, I hate him already…Leave!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Luckier than we.

Len Freeman: clearly themine is a bust

Rush: Yes, len.

HonoluLou: Good call Len.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: And secret lefts.

Rush: What is half of nothing worth?

HonoluLou: That was one of those lick and stick tatoos.

Nothere: Ah the Cobra tattoo. CAll GI JOE

Rush: Again…NOT a nice guy.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Rush: Kid gets a whale of a deduction, & depreciation was over 40 years then.

HonoluLou: Cobra Kai, Danielson

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Does this guy host a LOT?

Rush: Great news!

Len Freeman: ah.. the old old old days

Rush: Oh.

HonoluLou: OK, the wedding is off…bye ann.

Rush: 🙂

Len Freeman: Could this guy ask to get done in any more?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: A whale of a fluke.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: I”ll BET he was getting hot!!

Rush: 🙂

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Fate stabs to the heart of a jilted youth.

HonoluLou: guess your right A&F

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: He got too hot under the dollars.

Rush: SCREAM!!!

Rush: POUNDS in this case, Angel!

Len Freeman: so three motives so far….

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Woof.

Rush: (Tin-can)

Rush: (As Matt has departed!

Len Freeman: a little quick jump to the black guy….

Nothere: Leave me alone I’m trying to sleep. Oh tin can? Never mind I’m dead carry on.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Rush, in the words of the Firesigners, TURN POUNDS INTO CENTS!!

Rush: 🙂

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Number X Son is embroidering sew-up.

Rush: or, perhaps…RENCE?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Barstool.

Rush: (Pence)

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Rence Prius, the disgraced political playa?

Rush: Bartu.

HonoluLou: No it’s R2 as in RS D2

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: I think Lou has got him.

Nothere: Keep your R2 D2. I’m taking the far superior R@ D$

Rush: HM!

Nothere: R2 D4 even 🙂

HonoluLou: haha, NT

Rush: “One moment, please!”

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: This is why i don’t favor the buzzcut.

HonoluLou: Better than a son of a gun!

Nothere: You know I think that voodoo doll may have been murdered.

HonoluLou: NT, hahahahaha!

Len Freeman: the blooming of an idiot

Rush: The row.

HonoluLou: Did do is OK, but never say “do do”.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Always The Row.

Rush: Maybe not in this case.

HonoluLou: Why would I kill him, when I would be the prime suspect…ah, come on!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: The Spanish Inquisition.

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. If I don’t see you before then have a Happy if limited Halloween.

HonoluLou: NT, Aloha and Happy Holloween.

Len Freeman: Happy Halloween NT

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: LET US SEE! LET US SEE!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: NT, HH!

HonoluLou: Left hand if your in front or behind the desk?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Pish-posh.

HonoluLou: Never mind, he found it 🙂

Nothere has left this room

Rush: Payne or Pain?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: FAKE uranium!! WHO would do such a thing???

HonoluLou: Mr. Pain, Like Judge Dredd.

Len Freeman: AAAAAND!!

Rush: A-HA!

HonoluLou: Don’t swear, Mr. Pain.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: *Sulk. Sulksulksulk. SULK SULK SULK SULK SULK.*

HonoluLou: Instead of don’t leave the city…it’s don’t leave the house!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Those antlers are probably holding hats in Glasgow now.

Rush: Yes, Lou.

Len Freeman: Nice observaation angel

Rush: Probably a lot of open countryside surrounding the house.

HonoluLou: They look fake, yes?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Thank YOU very much! You want i should wear a mask?

Rush: Ancient saying: “Never bet on sure thing.”

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: They GIVE Inspector Brit-type his paycheck when he doesn’t have somebody alongside to spot him?

Rush: A packed house.

HonoluLou: They can’t leave. Oh not Ann again!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Needs a complete makeover. Offer 75% of asking.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: HEY HEY WE WILL MONKEY!!

Len Freeman: aha — all the suspects in one room at midnight

HonoluLou: An Arizona Wildcat? Did she drive the bus with Keaneu Reeves?

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Sounds like that posthumous Brian Jones album.

Rush: HM.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: We in this togedda, brudda!

Rush: Interesting gathering of all suspects.

Rush: Lights out.

HonoluLou: Drums…AHHHHHHHHHH!

Rush: We have had seances…

Rush: This time a Voodoo rite.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Damn cablegrams. Should got house wired for wifi.

HonoluLou: Wow! Freaky

Rush: Must be a record playing.

HonoluLou: What a Wuss!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: LP came from Barstool

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Barstool’s collection to begin with.

Rush: confession by snake.


tenman: Snakes! Why did it have to be snames?

HonoluLou: Yes Rush. Latest technique!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: yay!!! I’ll feel chaffey all week long!

tenman: I’ve never seen any of these before. Very different fomr the usual Chan

tenman: Nytol!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Richard Bebb was all i feared.

Rush: Yes, TM!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: GNITE ALL!!!

HonoluLou: TN, me neither.

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: YAYAYAYA!

HonoluLou: G’nite A&F.

Rush: I think that if you view more, you will enjoy even more!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: See youse next weak!!

Rush: THE END.

Rush: (Applause….)

Godwinshelley2: Nice to see a couple new ones

tenman has left this room

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx: Good week to all! Gnite!!

Rush: NEXT WEEK: “The Chinese Ring”

HonoluLou: TXS again, Rush. Good nite all. Lou

Rush: as we begin the Roland Winters chapter of the Chan saga.

Len Freeman: Have a good week all.

HonoluLou has left this room

Rush: Good night, Lou!

Len Freeman: nite

Rush: And…don’t forget our Melbourne Cup Night coming up…!

dangerou$ angel & foxxxxx has left this room

Rush: Moday, November 2.

Rush: (Monday)

Rush: “Charlie Chan at the Race Track”

Godwinshelley2: Back to the films next week

Len Freeman has left this room

Godwinshelley2: Why Race track – is it Melbourne again?

Rush: Yes!

Godwinshelley2: Well I’m a bit tired – still not up to my normal energy level yet. Will bow out till next week

Rush: We will pick our horses that night…announcing the winner later!

Rush: Understand, GS!

Godwinshelley2: I love the race night – always fun

Godwinshelley2: night all

Godwinshelley2: have a safe week

Rush: Take care…and BE WELL.

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: And you…

Rush: Good night, DV!

Rush: take care.

Rush has left this room

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