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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for October 21, 2019

The Chinese Ring

The Baffling Murder of Colonel Willoughby (Part 1)

angel & fox
Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC

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Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: How are things in your world tonight?

Matt1: Pretty good, thnx….yourself?

Rush: Busy, but stable!

Rush: As I always say…I cannot complain!

Matt1: Hope it’s a good “busy”

Matt1: Nope!

Rush: Oh, yes, not bad busy.

Rush: We are getting more and more serious about a possible relocation to Iowa.

Matt1: BIG move!

Matt1: Family?

Rush: I might be flying out in two weeks to see some things.

Rush: Yes…all of us, but not immediately.

Rush: The daughters will finish their respective schools, first.

Matt1: I meant the reason for the possible relo

Rush: Not this June but next.

Matt1: The weather would be a HUGE adjustment

Rush: many reasons, the first being affording to live without working full time the rest of our lives.

Rush: yes, that is true.

Rush: But, the way I se it is if others have done it so can we.

Matt1: CA is a tough State….I’ve had a few friends who moved out in frustration

Rush: I have lived her my whole life, and I do not take this decision lightly.

Rush: It really IS tough here.

Rush: And it is crazier and getting crazier!

Rush: look at the news about SF and LA…

Matt1: I moved from North (PA) to South (FL), but I know I couldn’t handle the cold weather anymore.

Rush: San Diego is not far behind.

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: I truly understand

Matt1: I shake my head watching the news….Like another country there sometimes

Rush: Also, we are now a one party rued state, and we are seeing the results.

Rush: (ruled)

Matt1: Yep

Matt1: My one friend got SO mad with CA….Loved it there and felt forced to move

Rush: I might admit to you this, but, prior to the last election I was contemplating some other country, say Portugal.

Rush: Anyway….

Matt1: I understand, but I have faith in the system, as broken as it appears at times

Rush: Life is an adventure!

Matt1: Never a dull moment

Rush: Yes, you are right…if enough people continue to believe in our system.

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Rush: Good evening, Len!

Matt1: Hello Len!


Len Freeman: Hi friends

Rush: How are you doing tonight, Len?

Rush: Len, do you live in the Minneapolis area?

Rush: I seem to recal that you might be around there.

Matt1: Have we listened to tonights short before?

Rush: Inyes.

Rush: (Yes.

Rush: It is a seven-part series.

Matt1: I knew it was familiar, but wasn’t sure if there were multiple shows

Len Freeman: Yes… I was just looking back at your chat here… We are fairly close to Iowa depending on where you’re considering.

Rush: They run 15 minutes.

Rush: AH!

Rush: I will be flying out to Iowa in a little over two weeks it seems. I think I have a three-hour layover in Minneapolis.

Rush: IF you are nearby.

Len Freeman: One of my sons graduated from U Iowa, (Iowa City).. a great college town, and home of their writing program.

Len Freeman: A three hour layover… hmmm.

Rush: That is a possible college for one or both of my daughters.

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Len Freeman: It’s a great school.. happy to talk with them or you about it. David

Rush: Should we make the move…which is looking more so to be the case each day!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: hello, Louise!


Len Freeman: David is now at Ann Arbor on a three year fellowship,

Louise: Okay, just lurking in the background as I eat dinner. But I have to ask: why Iowa???

Rush: You made it early for our radio drama tonight!

Len Freeman: Let me know when you’re scheduled to be at MSP airport and maybe we can connect.

Rush: Affordable and we have been there a few times and enjoyed it.

Rush: Looking to relocate.

Louise: Small town or farm?

Len Freeman: David would be happy to talk with them as well. He loved the U.

Rush: As I noted earlier, I hope we don’t need to work full time the rest of our lives to survive!

Rush: TYSM, Len!

Rush: We have been thinking about this for quite some time, actually.

Rush: We even considered it when we drove through in 1992.

Rush: Well….

Rush: should we set up our “radios”?

Matt1: Ready to go here!

Louise: Twisting the dial here…

Rush: I got mine set…

Len Freeman: For what it’s worth, Iowa has some very nice scholarship money… (and you don’t have to bribe anyone). David got halfl tuition his first year.

Rush: ((Dialing in the frequency sound…)

Len Freeman: And then lots of nice grants thereafter….

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Matt1: Miss those days!

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: THAT’S a plus, to be sure, Len!

angel & fox: Thousand apologies, but what is Radio feature tonight?

Rush: Okay…everyone ready?

Louise: ready

Rush: “The Baffling Murder of Col. Willoughby”

Len Freeman: Let’s catch up separately sometime and we could talk about that in more depth.

Rush: See the link above?

Rush: Sounds good, Len!

angel & fox: READY! Col. Willoughby AGAIN?!! Let’s kill him!

Rush: Again…TYSM!!!

Rush: Angel! WELCOME!

Rush: Missed your arrival!

Rush: Are we ready?

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Len Freeman: ready

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Mike n Rachel in DC: schlumph in, somewhat tardy

Rush: Mike and rachel!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings all

Rush: We are just about to run our radio drama!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We are going for “better late than never” this evening!

Rush: The link is above.

Rush: “The Baffiling Murder….”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Are we suitably baffled so far?

Len Freeman: Set here… 5 secs in.

Mike n Rachel in DC: tries to click on link, fails

Rush: I am ALWAYS baffled….!

Rush: Not working?

Len Freeman: click download and it works

Len Freeman: starts right up

Mike n Rachel in DC: Radio show?

Rush: Here is the address:

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: Mine is working…..didn’t download

Mike n Rachel in DC: Got it!

Rush: The address I posted here should get you there.

Louise: I have an itchy trigger finger here

Rush: Okay, Louise…let’s cure that!

Rush: Let’s say…30 seconds…

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Got a lot of atmosphere music so far…

Rush: Yes! Recall this music?

Matt1: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cue us in when the music stops.

Rush: This is where a commercial was incerted.

Matt1: Music gets louder too!

angel & fox: I’m at 1:00. Si?

angel & fox: I picture skiers at this point.

Rush: Sounds right, Angel.

Rush: I don’t see a time on mine…

angel & fox: “CC convinced…ironclad”, right?

Matt1: 1:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie Chan and O’Brien arrive at the airfield?

Rush: 2:00…

angel & fox: DOOLEY PONDERING. Excellent attorney, Pondering, excellent.

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. Chan sounds a little wimpy so far.

angel & fox: I’m at 2:22.

Rush: I see the time on the LOWER portion.

Rush: I was looking at the upper reading!

angel & fox: Both cousins…i’m lost already.

Rush: Chan will assist you, Angel!

angel & fox: MANY murders in Chicago. Have many alibi.

Rush: This is Walter Connolly as Charlie Chan.

angel & fox: I need Chan to throw a rope over a branch of the family tree.

Rush: This drama aired on September 17, 1936.

Rush: Connolly was Chan on the radio 1932-1936.

angel & fox: Walter Connolly sounds like Fred Allen before the adenoids.’

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I am pleased that the volume is higher than was the case on our last serial!

Rush: I don’t need to strain to hear.

Matt1: True!

angel & fox: So this performance is a penultimate? From just before Channolly was buffled off to Shuffalo?

Rush: Sounded like a Ford Tri-motor plane?

angel & fox: “Edgar Allan Poe”. Like there’s some Edgar Jefferson Poe, or Edgar Raekwon Poe.

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Rush: The cousin is still alive…

angel & fox: I’m WINCING. Something about those BLADES a little TOO penetrating.

Louise: It sounds rude when he says “Gerald”

Rush: Did he say “Tubby” Simmons?

angel & fox: “Some-where, my Love…”

angel & fox: A TWELVE-STEP program!

angel & fox: Or to swap one’s records for 8-TRACKS?

angel & fox: I think he DID say “Tubby”.

Rush: That’s a blast from the past, Angel!

Rush: Yes, that’s what ist sounded like.

Rush: (it)

angel & fox: Rush, i ALWAYS leave the back door open. BELLBOTTOMS will be back in, ANY DAY.

Rush: Anything’s possible, Angel!

Nothere has joined this room

Matt1: I wear shrts, AF

Rush: Nothere!

Matt1: Hello NT!

Louise: say it ain’t so, angel

Rush: Good evening to you!

angel & fox: Notty! We were just about to file a Leisure Suit!

Rush: We are listening to the radio drama!

Nothere: Ah good not doing the Halloween thing. Still need to find a disguise.

Rush: The link is above…

Nothere: hey all

angel & fox: ‘Taint so, Louise.

Rush: NT…LOTS of “disguises” to choose from!

Nothere: I call martini to the stand in this leisure suit.

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: I always hated his uncle. Love the Drake, hate the uncle. Gotta love the Drake.

Matt1: LOVE the Drake!

angel & fox: Martini may not testify if Olive is barred from the courtroom, Counselor Notty!

Louise: I have narrowed my Halloween choices down to five!

Rush: Nice, louise.

Rush: I always come up with something in the end.

Matt1: I do too, lol

Rush: (Or…should I say…some ONE?)

Nothere: Oh I saw the podcast. Might check out the Vampire of Dusseldorf later. In the dark. When the moon rises:)


Rush: HM!

Louise: I spent some time looking at the character lists on the website, Rush

Rush: Yes, louise?

Len Freeman: So do we get a sponsor here? Or just to “close”?

Rush: Remember…anyone…human or animal…good or bad!

Nothere: Character lists? You mean cast list?

Matt1: Ovaltine

Rush: I think that someone even came as the “White Fox Fir” one time!

Louise: It was fun being reminded of all the weird characters that show up.

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: I was Oscar one year

angel & fox: Anybody else listening via OTR Downloads? They OFTEN get stuck, & they did again here. Often can’t get past whatever glitch trips them up. Anybody else?

Nothere: I tried being Satan one year , but I couldn’t remember his name. So I just came as black cat.

Rush: Chan’s final comments.

angel & fox: In many circles, Ovaltine is for squares.

Rush: Easier to build a temple than to cover a lie.

Rush: THE END…


Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: 9 minutes tio go to…”The Chinese Ring.”

Mike n Rachel in DC:

Nothere: But once built let the temple lye. Hopefully on a firn foundation.

angel & fox: And be SURE to test-drive the 1937 Hupmobile! Hup is hip!

Nothere: Ring a ding with the Chinese rRing.

Rush: 🙂

Cdirus has joined this room

angel & fox: Aw-REET! Let’s cut a rug! Fox & friend be back in 10 mins! Skidoo!

Nothere: Hey Cd

angel & fox: I mean, Twenty-Three!

Rush: CD!

Nothere: In a while crocidle.


Cdirus: Hi everyone!

Nothere: So did we ever agree on how to spell out the thunder sound effect. With the Halloween party coming we should know.

Matt1: Hello CD!

Nothere: BAwoohm?

Len Freeman: Happy to make this transition… I’ve always felt that Roland Winters brought new life into the series.

Rush: How are you tonight, CD?

Cdirus: Hi Matt!

Rush: Len…I agree, and he did bring his “take” on the character.

Matt1: Cued to OT here!

Cdirus: Good Rush! a little stiff.

Rush: I feel that the Biggers stories were used by him to prepare.

Rush: Stiff?

Nothere: Nothing too serious we hope CD.

Cdirus: took an 8.6 mile hike on a bike trail yesterday. all concrete

Rush: AH!

Cdirus: Furthest I’ve hiked this year.

Rush: That is “GOOD” stiffness!

Matt1: 103 miles yesterday CD, lol

Cdirus: how matt?

Rush: Okay….4 minutes to go….

Matt1: Bike ride for xharity

Rush: “The Chinese Ring”

Nothere: An 8 mile hike? Cd is having a psychotic break. I’ll keep him calm. Someone call the nice men in white coats.

Rush: ready your copies, please….

Matt1: Ready!

Rush: Link is above if needed.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chinese Ring…here we come!

Cdirus: Nothere, in June our parks have a 27 mile hike on the backpacking trail. Hike as far as you can in one day

Mike n Rachel in DC: ding


Mike n Rachel in DC: vroom

PaulM has joined this room

Matt1: As long as you are going forward, all rides are good ones, CD!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <- that was Rach, she gets to drive tonight

Rush: (Sputter…sputter…POP!)

angel & fox: Paullll!

Nothere: Hi Paul

Cdirus: Hi Paul!

Matt1: Hello Paul!


angel & fox: MANTAN!

Rush: Hello, PAUL!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: vroooooooooom

Rush: TWO minutes till showtime!

Rush: “The Chinese Ring”

Mike n Rachel in DC: nervous

Louise: Cued

Rush: Please pause at the title.

Rush: 90 seconds.

Rush: ready, too…

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mike wants a plume

Len Freeman: Just figured out how to project You Tube onto my bid screen via Apple TV…

Rush: 40 seconds…

angel & fox: My queue is cued!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 30 seconds…


Louise: Good one Len

Rush: 25…

Mike n Rachel in DC: total mess in DC

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Mike kisses Rach Rach slaps Mike

angel & fox: GONNNNNNNNG!

Rush: Music and title…

Rush: Credits…

Mike n Rachel in DC: LAUNCHED!

Nothere: BUB Bu a Bu Dah dah dah dummmm.

Rush: TYSM for the GONG!

angel & fox: Well, thlap me thilly, Thilly! Mantan Moreland!!!!!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: You tell ’em, NT!

Nothere: Your never wrong with Jean Wong.

angel & fox: ChaBING! He any relation to The Sopra—no—

Rush: And….here we GOOOOOO>>>>!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Unless you’re Mr. Wright NT

angel & fox: BURKETT & BEAUDINE. For Real Cheese.

Rush: Princess Mai Ling….

Nothere: So did that look like fanfare Mike and or Racheal? We had fanfare in our old soud effects as I recall.

angel & fox: The MANTAN of the House!

Rush: Barbara Jean Wong.

Rush: We saw her in “The Trap.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: BJW

angel & fox: No Name, meet Nothere!

Louise: She’s very elegant

angel & fox: You know she’s gonna get it.

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s definitely HERE

Mike n Rachel in DC: (sorry NT)

angel & fox: Gonna buy the farm, without FHA assistance.

Rush: Barbara Jean Wong was in….

Nothere: No name and I are ol friends. We hang out with Didn’t do it

Mike n Rachel in DC: (consolation…she’s die soon)

Rush: Charlie Chan in Honolulu: Number Three Chan Daughter
The Red Dragon: Iris ling
The Trap: San Toy
The Chinese Ring: Princess Mei Ling

angel & fox: Gonna take the Big Sleep.


Louise: “DART”

Rush: Yes, Angel…

angel & fox: Tin can. Prior to war recycling.

Nothere: Shadow at the window.

Nothere: Such a good sign.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sweetie..DUCK!

angel & fox: Pity pretty lady could not DODGE DART!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *damn, too late(

Nothere: She writes. Dang should have zagged.

Mike n Rachel in DC: c.a.p.t.a.i.n….


angel & fox: Lee will have to donate that doublebreasted when the war comes.

Rush: The note….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Expiring Asian Princessess write the darndest things…


Nothere: So Charlie if people getting killed in your office annoys you, how about your study?

angel & fox: !!!!!

Matt1: Nice work, Rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Epic fail for Chan.

Nothere: Are we sure that wasn’t meant to be a C? I volunteer to interrogate Captain Crunch.

angel & fox: I KNEW i’d named the wrong Son! Lee is always top of mind, i KNEW i’d screwed sumthin up.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Winter is nice Chan persona here

Len Freeman: Did you just get an ad for Epoch Times in your your tube?

Nothere: Nope. I don’t have any ads.

angel & fox: I got an ad for some kinda old people pill.

Rush: Agreed, Mike…

Len Freeman: It popped into mine… and had to type in “skip ads”

PaulM: travelocity here

Rush: We now hear “Jimmy” referred to as “Tommy.”

angel & fox: Hate travel. Love the Drake.

Rush: European type air rifle.

Nothere: So everybody got ads but me? So do I feel special or insulted?

Louise: That always confuses me. Rush

angel & fox: Heir rifle.

Rush: Yes, NT.

Nothere: Better than a hair rifle. And lady close the window.

Rush: Reporter is on the job!

Louise: Another girl reporter

Rush: (“Bark!”)

Nothere: She’s a reporter

Nothere: in a 40’s film

Rush: yes!

Nothere: she’ll steal

Nothere: evidence to solve

Rush: And the love interest of Sgt. davidson.

angel & fox: I HAD lost my bearings—i THOUGHT this was much later! 1947 means Jimmy can keep doublebreasted, splurge also, get handpainted tie & Truman-Hawaiian shirt.

Nothere: the case herself.

Rush: Yes, Angel.

angel & fox: What a gusty woman. Somebody oughta write a book & throw it at her.


Nothere: Sorry to do that that way. But when I put it all together the site said invald command.

angel & fox: ANYBODY ELSE try to speed-read the Other Stories when they show Front Pages?

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room

angel & fox: RUSH—how you DO that? It’s SPOOKY!

Rush: GS!

Nothere: No Angel that’s what pause is for.


Godwinshelley3: Quick hello from Indiana

Nothere: Hey God.

angel & fox: GS!!!

Rush: And…”GS3″ tonight!

Rush: Heloo to YOU, GS!

angel & fox: GS18 i think comes with full retirement, dental & medical.

Rush: How is the visit going?

Nothere: REporter try charm offensive on small babbon.

Rush: “Tommy” falls for that old “Honey and Molasses.”

Cdirus: Hi GS

Godwinshelley3: Full of “family” fun

Rush: Capt. Kong.

angel & fox: Looks like a giant gumball machine.

Rush: Yes, GS…

angel & fox: Just got interrupted by RotoRooter.

Nothere: Well at least God didn’t put the quotes around fun/

Rush: Drain plugged, Angel?

angel & fox: Charm VERY offensive, Notty!

Nothere: Try pouring in some Clorox.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Some might call him King Kong, perhaps?

Godwinshelley3: Just filled with endless errands and seemingly constant eating

Rush: I hope that you can have a little bit of rest, GS.

angel & fox: Not MY drain—YouTube is trying to do their month’s advertising in one night, on me.

Rush: AH!

Rush: So it seems that there are ads on the Youtube copy…sorry!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that the infamous Philip An?

Nothere: Still no ads here. They either don’t like me or are too afraid to stand before my teely and withering gaze.

angel & fox: “Cable” her brother. STRING HIM UP, you mean!’

Rush: Yes, Mike.

Rush: And…Capt. kelso.

Rush: the two “Captain Ks.”

Godwinshelley3: Checking out assisted living places tomorrow when my sister comes down

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lock her up…Lock her cup… * blushes*

angel & fox: Clipboard excellent bridge to advancement.

Rush: Phillip Ahn was in this film as well as another Chan film….

Rush: reacll?

Nothere: Lick her cusop?

Godwinshelley3: Paul – we missed you and that cake was for you

Rush: 🙂

Rush: (Recall?)

angel & fox: Time to give someone a Hawaiian punch.

Nothere: Quick you two. Look suspicious while the cops are around.

Rush: And now accuse each other!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lick her cusop? I don’t think i know her that well, NT. 😉

Godwinshelley3: Ok folks – I’ll leave you all till next week!

Rush: Okay, GS…

Godwinshelley3: Night all

Rush: Have a happy ad safe trip.

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take Care GS

PaulM: goodnight GS

angel & fox: GS, thanks for dropping in!

Rush: Our best to your family.

Nothere: Fortunatly I always have the typo excuse. I might need to use it. If I were ever there.:)

angel & fox: Oh, THAT check.

Rush: NT…”typos” is my second middle name!

angel & fox: They owe A LOT OF PEOPLE a LOT OF MONEY for A LOT OF AIRPORTS.

Rush: “Chinatown” theme music…

Nothere: You got to love San Fransico cabbies. Handcuffed to something? No problem they’ll pick you up.

Louise: nice braclet!

angel & fox: We about 18:00?

Nothere: 1815

Rush: Listen to the faceless voice of the apartment manager soon.

Rush: I think we hear him soon.

angel & fox: In San Francisco it’s not unlikely one’ll be handcuffed to someBODY. Or BODIES…which brings us back to Chan.

Rush: See if you recognize it!

Rush: Did you hear it?

Rush: Who was it?

angel & fox: STAIRS TO AERIE (arrow)

Rush: HINT: He plays another role in our film.

Nothere: Can’t tell you Rush. Can tell you this is only the third weriedst thing to happen on that roof this month.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: A busy roof.

Nothere: From the film? Captain K?

Rush: Not him….

Nothere: The detective?

Rush: Not him…

Rush: When you listen again, compare the voice to that of…

Rush: Lee Tung Foo….

Rush: The Butler in this movie.

Nothere: How many women are there hidden in this apartment, and did a sultan live here?

angel & fox: I’ll use that line (“gun does not belong with innocent face” at my next mugging.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is this the first Winters Chan? It seems like he underplays Chan…letting the public get used to the change…maybe?

Rush: Our old friend who appears in several Chan movies as well as the butler to James lee Wong…”Mr. Wong.”

angel & fox: Those sultans could swing.

angel & fox: Everybody was in debasement. The war had just ended.

Rush: Mike, yes this is the first of the Winters Chan movies.

Rush: And, you could be right about not focusing too much on Chan….

angel & fox: Selective muteness, not to get too current-eventty.

Rush: Although, I would expect that they would have been relying more on Birmingham and Tommy.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Still feeling their way here…but good stuff

angel & fox: They were ALL blew cars. The war had just ended.

angel & fox: Good night, sweet prints.

Rush: This lady is Chabing.

Nothere: O.k. I know who I want on my charedes team. You guys can have Tommy and Bir… well maybe not the master of partal talk.

PaulM: having to deal with a dizzy dame

Rush: Chabing:

Rush: The Chinese Ring: Lilly Mae Wong
The Shanghai Chest: Receptionist

angel & fox: The HIP SING Tong!

Rush: yes!

Rush: And, Victor Sen Yung playd HOP SING on “Bonanza.”

Nothere: Don’t give me that guff mr. “Expert” I know better than to trust your mustache.

Rush: NT…wise words!

PaulM: back then a million dollars was a lot of money

Louise: Still a lot of money!!!

Rush: It seems that years ago people often referred to Los Angeles as “Los ANGLE-es.”

Nothere: And I hate to say it. But speaking of untrustworthy. Is it just me or does Charlie’s nose look crooked in this scene?

Rush: Even warner Oland did that.

PaulM: a million back then would be about 12 million today

Rush: AH! The nose of Roland Winters actually was taken into consideration!

Rush: It seems that they tried to get as many full frontal shots of him as possible due to its size.

Nothere: By the picking of my nose something wicked this way blows.


Rush: BB spots the corpse.

Nothere: And there it is. Oh Mike

Nothere: Or Matt actually.


Rush: And, Matt, if I misssed any above…a late TYSM…

Rush: And for the latest….TYSM, Matt…

Rush: She will now…

Rush: But not in the manner expected.

angel & fox: Was called away for a few. I miss many murders?

Rush: Just missed one.

angel & fox: I’m at 32:30. OK?

Matt1: We’re at 2

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: For now

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Discovery” music.

Nothere: Footprints. It must be Mouseman. And I’ll give oone hundred non dollars to who ever can guess where I took that comment from.

angel & fox: I see Chan w/handicapped detective & usual silent cop, in LR with cozy fireplace & adjoining Queen Anne alcove for those cozy coffees with that special someone.

angel & fox: Scuse me, been talking to too many Real Estate agents.

angel & fox: Double cross; framing; sounds like a whole lotta woodworking goin’ on.

Nothere: You mean Mrs. Chan. Don’t make her send her 12 other kids to remind you of her presecne.

angel & fox: Intimate apparel?

Rush: The best I could come up with, NT, is “Robert Thompson.”

Rush: Furniture designer!

angel & fox: Oof! Gettin’ a little bluesy here, huh?

Nothere: If that was your footprints mouseman guss Rush. Nope. The answer is Duck Tracy.

angel & fox: Kelso Aviation: Ashton Kutcher, Crash Department.

angel & fox: See if i can get Winchell on this wireless.

Rush: NT, it seems we hear no further mention of either Mrs. Chan or Tommy…the Number Three Son, Tommy.

angel & fox: TYSM

Rush: This Tommy (who was Jimmy) is still called “Number Two Son.”

Nothere: If you can;’t Angel I’ll send a telegrapgh.

angel & fox: The ranking of the sons seems to me as arcane as the arcades of the Bourbon kings after a night spent surveying the Bourbon.


angel & fox: Rush: Got a screenshot of Princess’s scribble for those joining us late?

angel & fox: The Exchange Specie Bank. You never change your Specie!

angel & fox: She’s smuggling pizza for the president of Italy, that Mozzarella fella.

Rush: “Oh…a wise guy, eh…”

angel & fox: SLAM!

Nothere: Fight called on account of 40′ movie standards.

Louise: Double slide show

Rush: Angel, that’s a bank where you deposit a dog and withdraw a cat.

angel & fox: That Exchange Specie Bank looks like it’s going places. Like Receivership.

angel & fox: Rush!

Rush: (bowing…)

Nothere: Just so long as you don’t get mice in change.

angel & fox: BIRMINGHAM know too much?!

Mike n Rachel in DC: meow

angel & fox: “An old hanger in Burbank…” “You’re speaking of my WIFE, sir!”

Rush: So, as mentioned above, “Tommy” who was Jimmy, is still “Number Two son.”

Louise: I just got the exchange species joke…

Nothere: I know lets try uing answrs without questions, and se if that gets us anywhere.

angel & fox: Louise, any time you want to exchange species just let me know.

Nothere: using answers even:)

angel & fox: I ASSUME all detectives carried Fine-Toothed Combs as a matter of regulation.

Nothere: Right under the shoulder holster is where I keep mine.

angel & fox: Somebody oughta give those dogs a stake. For their Golden years.

Rush: A couple of “exchanged species.”

Rush: “How loud it thunder – how little it rain.”

angel & fox: Mao Tse-Tung again!!

Rush: Lee Tung Foo.

Nothere: Hello apartment manager.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: “Chan xienxang.”

Nothere: Thruummmmm. Acceptable thunder sound effect?

Rush: “Mr. Chan.”

angel & fox: I’d like to rent the third floor at that place you work at when you’re not around this place.

angel & fox: I tried to draw money. Was just released last year.

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: Someone must have EXCHANGED SPECIES!

Rush: Yep!

Nothere: I tried to draw money. Too bad I can’t draw.

Rush: The “exchanged species” could eventually rival our “white fox fur.”

Nothere: Sorry Rush but White Fox Fur will top them all.

angel & fox: But you sure can swing, Notty. The spot on the sofa nearest the host will always be yours.

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Nothere: Sorry no apartements to rent.

Rush: NT, you are, in the end, VERY correct!

Rush: DV!

Nothere: Hi Dan

angel & fox: Where’s your muumuu?

Rush: hello, and WELCOME!

angel & fox: Not YOU, Dan! Chairman Mao, the housekeeper.

danventure: Evening!

Rush: How are you tonight?

Rush: if you want to watch as we edge closer to the finale….

Nothere: You want me to join the navy? Your not in the ymca.

danventure: Where are we tonight?

Rush: We can time you in!

Nothere: 4900

Rush: “The Chinese Ring”

angel & fox: I’ve got ALL their albums, Notty! I fancy the Indian.

Rush: 49;10

Rush: 49:20

Rush: 49:30

angel & fox: “Humorous dialogue not very humorous”. Lucky Chan with ancestors, at this junk-ture.

Nothere: Man who ride tiger cannot dismount. Unfortuantly can be knocked off.

Rush: 50:00

angel & fox: PLAID and CHECKS. This WAS another time.

Mike n Rachel in DC: NT: Man who sit on tack…better off

Rush: 59:15

Rush: (50:20)

Rush: 50:30

Nothere: It was only twice the reporter was the killer right?

Louise: Ouch. That coat hurts

angel & fox: I had a sofa AND a leisure suit AND a kitchen that had her pattern.

Rush: Yes, louise!

angel & fox: Notty—as long as we’re not including Professional Reputation in the body count, yeah.

Louise: angel: you could blend in with your leisure suit laying on that couch

Louise: and disappear!

angel & fox: Louise, ! That’s how i think my last love lost me.

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. If I don’t see you next week. Happy Halloween. And remember if you feel the need to ask whose there…leave the house.

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: Notty, ESPECIALLY and DOUBLE at Halloween. Good week!

Rush: See you for the party next week, NT!

Rush: Sounds like actual police radio recorded for this film.

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Rush: BB is right!

angel & fox: KONG?

angel & fox: That coat’ll wake the neighbors.

Rush: On our old black and white TVs, that coat would be producing false colors!

Matt1: Looks like Olands PJ’s

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Nice hat on Barbara.

Rush: Peggy, I mean!

Rush: I guess I had Barbara Jean Wong on my mind!

angel & fox: Color is a social construct, Rush! My grandparents got a plastic disc to put over the screen for black & white.

angel & fox: Who’s PEGGY?

Rush: I remember seeing those advertised, Angel!

Len Freeman: Regrets that I’ll be missing Halloween with you all next week…. out of town. But that means that someone else can come as Miss Nodbury.

angel & fox: Len, we’ll miss you. Colonel Mustard & Miss Scarlet won’t really replace you.

Rush: Usually next to the ads for X-ray Specs!

danventure: LOL

Len Freeman: Thanks Angel

Rush: We will miss you, Len…even incognito…

Rush: “Not very funny…”


Len Freeman: Nite all.

Rush: Good night, Len!

Rush: take care.

Rush: be safe.

Rush: I wonder what the budget was for chewing gum in this film?

angel & fox: He went there looking for an ATM. Was told to wait.

Rush: 🙂

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angel & fox: More Bourbon!

Rush: …and soda…

angel & fox: Was JUST…about…to add…soda. Oh yes. Soda. Hmmm.

Rush: We see this ship’s hold in “Docks of New Orleans.”

Rush: “Echoey” sound coming up soon…

angel & fox: How do you hold a ship, anyway? Where ARE those guys, they were just here—“In the Na-vy”…

Rush: Gues I was mistaken.

angel & fox: There’s that comb again.

angel & fox: And we’ll do the Hokey Pokey and we’ll shake it all about.

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: Chain of FOOLS. Chairman Aretha said THAT.

Rush: Off to turn in her story!

Rush: Yes, Angel, she did!

angel & fox: That DAMN Specie Bank!

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: “I didn’t steal it—i STOLE it!”

Rush: Reconstruction by Chan…

Rush: “No bet…sure thing.”

angel & fox: Hope they give her enough for the story to buy a New Look jacket. With poodles on it, & 8-inch wide buttons.

Rush: Matt?

Matt1: Can’t do it

Matt1: Too sad

danventure: I don’t favor Roland’s portrayal

Rush: Yes…and the dogs, too….

Matt1: Yes

angel & fox: Oof. Didn’t remember that. Hope actual boy made it away. Would be about 80 at present. Rush? (Haha!)

Rush: At least!

angel & fox: Charlie gonna get protested on bigtime by morning.

Rush: Please forgive Mr. Chan…

Louise: Sorry can’t type much tonight. I have a numb hand…

angel & fox: LET’S catch brass ring together next week!!!

Rush: “Man who ride on merr-go-round all the time, sooner or later must catch brass ring.”

Rush: (Applause)


angel & fox: Louise, your presence is sweetness sufficient unto the night.

Louise: awww, gee, angel!

Rush: Halloween Party next week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yay

Rush: As we share….

Matt1: Good night folks and looking forward to next week already….Boooooo!

Rush: “DeadMen tell”

Louise: LOVE the Halloween party!

Rush: 🙂

PaulM: ok


Rush: One of our BIGGEST events of the year!

angel & fox: I must fold my Fox and flee. Until next week!!! With bells on—and SOMETHING more anyway! I’ll use my SKULLS.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have to devise suitable costumes!

Rush: yes, Angel!

angel & fox: Let NO ONE be UNMASKED!! Gnite!!

Rush: Good night!

Louise: Costume mandatory!

Rush: YES!

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danventure: Glad to ‘see’ everyone! Have a great week.

Rush: Thank you ALL for a GREAT evening!

Rush: Take care….

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Rush: Love your loved ones….

Mike n Rachel in DC: See you all next week!

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Louise: see you then

Rush: Be good….

Rush: have a happy and safe week…..

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Cdirus: see you all next week!

Louise has left this room

Rush: It’s a BET, CD!

Rush: Good night, CD….

Rush: have a GREAT week!

Cdirus: Night Rush, you too!

Rush: Good night….

Rush: 🙂

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