Chat Archive 10/24/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for October 24, 2022

Charlie Chan’s Secret (Annual Charlie Chan Family Virtual Halloween Party)

Shiver Me Timbers–Popeye the Sailor, 1934; Mantan Moreland – King Of The Zombies (Clip); Ouija Board History

Participants (In virtual costume):
Big Ben
Capt. Strasser
Chan son
Charlie Chan
Dr. Cardigan
Gallant Lad
Gene Lafarge
I did it!
Lt. Mike
Ming Toy
Nervous Man & Poised Woma
Number 2 daughter
Number 2 son
Princess Ling
StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx
13th Spawn of CC

Big Ben has joined this room18:19

Big Ben: Welcome!18:21

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx has joined this room18:21

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Uh-oh! Just realized we are supposed to be in costume! We’ll be back!18:22

Big Ben: hello, Straw and Foxx!18:22

Big Ben: A frightful welcome…!18:23

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Actually we ARE in costume, but not Chan costume. Need we change?18:23

Big Ben: Up to you!18:23

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Ben, we just flew in and boy are our arms tired!18:23

Big Ben: My guise is understandably very thin!18:23

Big Ben: Where were you?18:24

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: We think we’ll rest here at the Pan Am Clipper First Class Bar! We were trying to get to Egypt, but found we had to walk a mile for a camel. No shuttle!18:25

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: We had to walk like we was ‘gyptians!18:25

Big Ben: Ah-HA!18:25

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: That’s what we said.18:25

Big Ben: :)18:25

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: You’re too kind! Don’t forget your street-smarts when you’re facing OTHER swindlers!18:26

Big Ben: If I used Camels, I doubt I’d be in condition to walk a mile for one!18:26

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Aye, there’s the rub!18:26

Big Ben: yes…18:26

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Do pardon us, would you? We are called away, will try to return for curtain-up. Can you watch our seats?18:27

Big Ben: Will do!18:27

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: *sliding horizontally across aisles*18:27

Big Ben: They may be electrified, though!18:27

Dr. Cardigan has joined this room18:27

Big Ben: Dr. Cardigan!18:28

Big Ben: Nice to see you!18:28

Big Ben: I am taking a break from cooking for the crew to be here tonight.18:28

Dr. Cardigan: Good Evening. I am Dr. Cardigan, eccentric psychiatrist.18:29

Big Ben: I have heard about you!18:29

Big Ben: Some of my friends aboard another ship mentioned you!18:29

Lt. Mike has joined this room18:30

Big Ben: Lt. mike has arrived! I can’t sell any dice tonight, i guess!18:31

Lt. Mike: Hello BIG Ben, S & J and Dr Cardigan!18:31

Nervous Man & Poised Woma has joined this room18:31

Big Ben: Welcome to the party!18:31

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Good evening18:31

Dr. Cardigan: It was recommended to me that I join this group by a Mr. Slick Glick.18:31

Lt. Mike: Hello NM & PW!18:31

Big Ben: I see a nervous man and poised woman have arrived!18:32

Big Ben: A psychologist and patient?18:32

Dr. Cardigan: You will have to forgive me, but I am deaf.18:32

Gallant Lad has joined this room18:32

Gallant Lad: good evening all18:33

Lt. Mike: Hello GL….Giddy Up!18:33

Gallant Lad: neigh18:33

Big Ben: I don’t think my Kansas City bankroll will speak loud enough for you to hear it, Dr. Cardigan!18:33

Big Ben: Gallant Lad!18:33

Big Ben: HAY! How are you?18:33

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Winnnnniiiieee, Galant Lad!18:33

Dr. Cardigan: How’s that Ben? Could you speak up. I’m deaf as a bedpost.18:34

Big Ben: I have BEN given some interesting “extras” to share with everyone tonight…18:34

Big Ben: I was told we can start those in about ten minutes.18:35

Dr. Cardigan: Gallant Lad, I didn’t know they allowed horses aboard the Suan B. Jennings.18:35

Big Ben: Not on my ship, the “Newcastle,” either.18:36

Dr. Cardigan: Extras? Extra what? Fish? Food? Chips?18:37

Lucrezia has joined this room18:37

Lt. Mike: Hello Lucerzia!18:37

Lucrezia: Hello Lt. Mike good to see you18:37

Big Ben: Look out! A Borgia has arrived! Don’t be too thirsty!18:37

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Buona sera, Lucrezia18:38

Lucrezia: Good Evening Nervous Man U Poised Woman18:38

Dr. Cardigan: Lt. Mike, Thank goodness we have a police officer onboard the ship.18:38

Big Ben: But…welcome to you, anyway, Lucrezia!18:38

Lt. Mike: *hick*18:38

Big Ben: You can drink first!18:38

Lucrezia: Good Evening to you too Big Ben18:38

Gallant Lad: snore18:39

Big Ben: Easy there, gllant Lad..easy….18:39

Big Ben: Now you got me all jittery!18:39

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: More skittish than Avalanche18:39

Dr. Cardigan: Lt. Mike, I’ve been meaning to speak to you about the unusual passengers aboard the ship.18:39

Lucrezia: Have some wine big Ben I will pour18:39

Lucrezia: That should calm your nerves18:40

Big Ben: Just a small drop or two…18:40

Lucrezia: I filled it up for you.18:41

Dr. Cardigan: Nothing to be nervous about until we see an iceberg.18:41

Big Ben: But you are the ghostess, Lucrezia, so you can taste it first to make sure the vintage is a good one!18:42

Big Ben: This could be a ghost ship tonight!18:42

Lucrezia: MMMMMM tastes good to me18:42

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: That’s easy for you to say, doctor. But I have a date with destiny soon.18:42

Big Ben: hey! Lucrezia!!! Loo over THERE!!!18:42

Big Ben: LOOK!!!18:42

Big Ben: (Splash.)18:43

Lucrezia: Did you see the ghost18:43

Big Ben: Thank you for the wine…it was good…18:43

Big Ben: :)18:43

Big Ben: So…18:43

Big Ben: Our first extra….18:43

Big Ben: Mantan Moreland in a clip from “King of the Zombies.”18:44

Big Ben: How does that sound?18:44

Lucrezia: Interesting18:44

Big Ben:

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: LOVE that movie18:44

Lt. Mike: A big 10-4!18:44

Lucrezia: I’ve never seen it18:44

Lt. Mike: Cued18:44

Gallant Lad: sounds fun18:44

Big Ben: How about 60 seconds…18:44

Dr. Cardigan: Zombies? Did you say zombies?18:45

Big Ben: let everyone get ready…18:45

Number 2 son has joined this room18:45

Lt. Mike: Hello #2!18:45

Big Ben: 20 seconds…18:45

Big Ben: 15…18:45

13th Spawn of CC has joined this room18:45

Big Ben: 10…18:45

Big Ben: 5…18:45

Lt. Mike: Hello #13!18:45

Big Ben: Start ’em!18:45

13th Spawn of CC: Glad I am not the only Chan kid here tonite18:46

Big Ben: hello, 13th!18:46

Big Ben: “Lucky” Chan!18:46

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Lucky 13!18:46

Big Ben:

Number 2 son: Golly me too18:46

Big Ben: our first extra is running…18:46

Big Ben: About a minute in.18:47

Lt. Mike: Zombie!18:47

Steve has joined this room18:47

I did it! has joined this room18:47

Big Ben: Hello…STEVE!18:47

Lt. Mike: Hello Steve!18:47

Steve: Is this the Chan room?18:47

Big Ben: Welcome to our annual Halloween party!18:47

Lt. Mike: Hello I Did It!18:47

I did it!: hello all – better late than never18:47

Big Ben: We are all in “virtual costume.”18:47

Big Ben: I saw you entered earlier!18:47

Big Ben: yes, Steve…18:48

Big Ben: ALL CHAN!18:48

Steve: So what would that be?18:48

I did it!: would have been here sooner but we are still celebrating yesterday’s win here in PHL18:48

Big Ben: Again…you came just in time to join in with us for our ANNUAL Halloween party!18:48

Gallant Lad: reacy18:48

Lt. Mike: Our annual Halloween Chan Chat, Steve!18:48

Big Ben: We are watching an “extra” before we run the movie for tonight!18:49

Gallant Lad: ready18:49

Big Ben: if you want to see some of this extra, you can access it at this addewss…18:49

Big Ben:

Big Ben: Again…WELCOME!!!18:49

Big Ben: We will “unmask at the end of the evening!18:49

Big Ben: We can introduce ourselves to you at theat time!18:50

Big Ben: We come from many parts of the USA.18:50

Big Ben: Love for Charlie Chan and his movies and the desire for FUN are the only requirements!18:51

Steve: Sorry the cat just demanded my attention 18:51

Big Ben: AH!18:51

Gallant Lad: congrats I did it and welcome18:51

Big Ben: I did it! WELCOME!18:51

13th Spawn of CC: Well said, Big Ben18:51

Lt. Mike: Cute clip!18:51

Dr. Cardigan: I see zombies. I see zombies.18:51

Big Ben: Yes it was…18:51

Lucrezia: That was good. I love BB18:51

Big Ben: Horrifically, zombiistically CUTE!18:51

Big Ben: me too.18:52

Big Ben: He’s the MANtan!18:52

Steve: So I need to change my name?18:52

Dr. Cardigan: Mantan Moreland, a fine comic actor.18:52

Big Ben: YES!18:52

Big Ben: Next one is coming up…18:52

I did it!: Big Ben – that reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield’s joke about his uncle18:53

Steve: Ok I don’t see a way to do that here. 18:53

Steve: I guess I go out?18:53

Steve has left this room18:53

Big Ben: This one features everyone’s pal…POPEYE…im “Shiver Me Timbers.”18:53

Big Ben:

Big Ben: please cue it up!18:53

I did it!: unfortunately the joke is NSFW18:54

Lt. Mike: Ready, Chief!18:54

Big Ben: Okay….18:54

Big Ben: 30 seconds…18:54

Big Ben: 25…18:54

Big Ben: 20…18:54

Big Ben: 15…18:54

Gallant Lad: that was a cute clip wit mm18:54

Big Ben: 10…18:54

Big Ben: 5…18:54

Big Ben: GO!!!18:54

Princess Ling has joined this room18:55

Lt. Mike: Hello PL!18:55

Princess Ling: Is Mr Chan available for a consult?18:55

Gallant Lad: ready18:55

13th Spawn of CC: Stand in line, Princess18:55

Big Ben: Princess Ling!18:56

Big Ben: Welcome, Princess!18:56

Big Ben: I checked for air rifles…and there are none!18:56

Big Ben:

Big Ben: The extra we are watching…18:56

Princess Ling: Thank you – I shall look for that18:57

Chan son has joined this room18:57

Big Ben: Chan son…welcome!18:57

Lt. Mike: Hello CS!18:57

Big Ben: We have the 13th Chan child also tonight!18:58

Lt. Mike: Diet Hamburgers!18:58

Big Ben: Yes.18:58

Big Ben: Wimpy!18:58

13th Spawn of CC: 3 kids and counting18:58

I did it!: I was going to come as the UK’s new Prime Minister18:59

I did it!: but no one would know me either19:00

Big Ben: That would be interesting!19:00

Chan son: So the movie has a link?19:00

Big Ben: Fightin’ the skelikins!19:01

I did it!: the link is missing19:01

Big Ben: Yes, Chan son!19:01

Lt. Mike: He got me eating spinach as a kid!19:01

I did it!: aka – the missing link19:01

Big Ben: We have a link to our faeture, also!19:01

Dr. Cardigan: Very good Popeye.19:01

Lt. Mike: What a blast from the past….thnx!19:01

Lucrezia: That was cute19:01

Big Ben: Our final extra relates to Mr’ Lowell’s passion…19:02

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Quite enjoyable19:02

Big Ben: the infamous OUIJA BOARD!19:02

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Oh dear19:02

Princess Ling: I have seen those19:02

I did it!: Dr Cardigan – I believe I am wearing your sweater19:02

Dr. Cardigan: Now, don’t be … be … nervous.19:02

13th Spawn of CC: Is this going to be a nite of sweater jokes?19:03

Big Ben: DON’T try this at home…you may receive unexpected “guests”!19:03

Big Ben:

I did it!: why not19:03

Lt. Mike: Ready!19:03

I did it!: cued here19:03

Big Ben: Please cue up…19:03

Big Ben: Okay?19:03

Big Ben: Ready?19:03

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: We are ready19:03

Big Ben: 30 seconds…19:03

Big Ben: 25…19:04

Big Ben: 20…19:04

Dr. Cardigan: Ready. First Image: graveyard.19:04

Big Ben: 15…19:04

Big Ben: 40…19:04

Big Ben: sorry…19:04

Big Ben: 10…19:04

Big Ben: 5…19:04

Big Ben: GO!!!19:04

13th Spawn of CC: I’m skeered!19:04

Big Ben: Must have been the wine!19:04

I did it!: just visited Baltimore for the International Poe Festival19:05

Number 2 daughter has joined this room19:05

Big Ben: AH!19:05

Lt. Mike: Hello #2 D!19:06

13th Spawn of CC: Hah!@ We now have 4 CXhan kids!19:06

13th Spawn of CC: Chan19:06

Big Ben: Number Two daughter!19:06

I did it!: 4 out of 1319:06

Big Ben: WELCOME!!!19:06

Tarneverro has joined this room19:06

Tarneverro: Good evening on this dark and stormy nigh.t19:06

I did it!: Bela is in the house19:06

Big Ben: Tarneverro!19:06

13th Spawn of CC: AA came from a Ouija Board???19:06

Tarneverro: Don’t worry if you see a corpse it’s only a Halloween party right?19:06

Big Ben: NOW we are getting there, if you brought your crystal ball!19:07

Lt. Mike: Hello Tarneverro!19:07

I did it!: trick or treat!!!19:07

I did it!: smell my feet!!!19:07

Tarneverro: I warn you Ben there are worse question answers awaiting man than if I brought a crystal ball.19:07

I did it!: ouch19:08

13th Spawn of CC: Fuld should have used a Ouija Board before he went on that roof19:08

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Watch that first step. It’s a doozy.19:08

Tarneverro: Roof step? I tajke it a short is airing19:09

13th Spawn of CC: Hey, who let all these people into my party???19:09

I did it!: just took a tour of my home town yesterday – we visited the home of the inventor of the Slinky19:09

Big Ben: The SPOOKS let ’em in!!!19:09

Big Ben: And…there you have it!19:09

13th Spawn of CC: I did it…is giving their identity away!19:10

Lucrezia: WOW Theat was good. 19:10

Dr. Cardigan: Well done.19:10

Big Ben: Mrs. Lowell’s passion…19:10

Tarneverro: Thats the trouble with a costume party Spawn. Anything can sneak in.19:10

Big Ben: Now…19:10

I did it!: nice one – that extra put me in the mood19:10

Lt. Mike: Very good selection tonight, thnx!19:10

Big Ben: Please ready our movie…”Charlie Chan’s Secret”19:10

Tarneverro: What was it you watchced for the short?19:10

Gallant Lad: nice extras tonight. thanks19:10

Charlie Chan has joined this room19:10

Chan son: That link is above?19:10

Lucrezia: Thos were great. Thank you.19:10

Lt. Mike: Hello Cas!19:10

Tarneverro: Good Evening Mr. Chan19:10

Capt Strasser has joined this room19:11

Lt. Mike: Chas19:11

I did it!: oh no cc is in the house19:11

Tarneverro: Good Evening Capt.19:11

Big Ben: A Popeye cartoon…MM in a clip from “King of the Zombies”…and the OUIJA history.19:11

Lt. Mike: Hello Capt Strasser!19:11

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Oh! Mr. Chan! My brother desperately needs your help.19:11

Dr. Cardigan: It doesn’t get any better.19:11

Lt. Mike: I’m out ranked!19:11

Phil has joined this room19:11

Big Ben:

Gene Lafarge has joined this room19:11

Lt. Mike: Hello Phil!19:11

Big Ben: There is the link to our movie.19:11

Capt Strasser: Gutten Abent, mine damen und herren!19:11

Charlie Chan: Optimist only sees doughnut. Pessimist sees hole.19:11

Big Ben: Steve…19:11

Tarneverro: Sorry I missed it Ben fortunatly I’m not that gravely late.19:11

Gene Lafarge: Good evening 19:11

Lt. Mike: Hello Gene!19:11

Tarneverro: Good Evening Phil.19:11

Phil: Well..look who it is PHIL! ALOHA to all my chan friends.19:11

Big Ben: You cvan also find the link above our Chat Room.19:11

Gallant Lad: hi phil and gene19:12

13th Spawn of CC: Pop! is here: Hi daddy19:12

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Guten Abend, Herr Kapitan!19:12

Big Ben: “Charlie Chan’s Secret”19:12

Charlie Chan: Hello honorable children19:12

Capt Strasser: Wie Geht es mit Alles?19:12

Big Ben: Did you find it, Steve?19:12

Big Ben: Here it is again, for you…19:12

Big Ben:

13th Spawn of CC: Cued and ready to party19:12

Big Ben: Just click on it.19:12

Dr. Cardigan: BTW, I’m conducting a little experiment in my cabin. I’m in need of extra brains.19:12

Ming Toy has joined this room19:12

Tarneverro: 18 not counting the doubles. Quite a crowd. We may have to send out for more booze.19:12

Lt. Mike: Hello MT!19:12

I did it!: yikes19:12

Chan son: Good – the link19:12

Tarneverro: Good Evening Ming19:13

Capt Strasser: Vee vill have no funny business, Ya Voll!19:13

Gallant Lad: hi mt19:13

Big Ben: And, now…please cue up and pause at the 2oth Century-Fox fanfare!19:13

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Es geht mir schlecht, aber meine Schwester hilft mich19:13

I did it!: more booze!!!\19:13

13th Spawn of CC: Ming Toy, too!19:13

Gallant Lad: ready19:13

Lt. Mike: We’re nearing a record turn out!19:13

Big Ben: the movie’s music actually begins there!19:13

Lucrezia: I have pumpkin bread in the oven19:13

Big Ben: Everyone ready?19:13

Ming Toy: Good Evening!19:13

Big Ben: 2 1/2 minutes to go…19:13

Tarneverro: Oh Come now Capt theres nothing strange going on it’s only Halloween right?19:13

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Jawohl19:13

Lt. Mike: Cued Ben!19:13

Lucrezia: Hello Ming Toy19:13

Big Ben: (We begin at 15 after the hour..19:13

Capt Strasser: Ya Voll, Ich been ready Freddie!19:13

Chan son: I’ll give it a try 19:13

Big Ben: Is Ming Toy here?19:14

13th Spawn of CC: 21 bodies and counting19:14

Phil: Dang it tonight’s the Halloween show. I do it every year! HAHAHA19:14

Ming Toy: Ming Toy is present!19:14

Big Ben: You can DO IT, Chan son!19:14

Gene Lafarge: Where is my piece of the treasure map? Who took it!19:14

13th Spawn of CC: Yes, Phil. We can count on you.19:14

Big Ben: Phil…LYDIG?19:14

I did it!: full house tonight19:14

Big Ben:

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Have a little birdseed, Ming19:14

Big Ben:

Big Ben:

Ming Toy: Love to!19:14

Dr. Cardigan: Ming Toy too sounds like a nursey rhyme.19:14

Big Ben: The link to our movie…19:14

Tarneverro: Yes I think it best we send for more booze. Scotchh, gin, champange, or vodka?19:14

Big Ben: Again…19:14

Princess Ling: Many thank yous19:14

Big Ben:

Big Ben:

Big Ben: Okay…19:15

13th Spawn of CC: Mother’s milk for me…19:15

I did it!: tiger tea for me19:15

Big Ben: 45 seconds…19:15

Big Ben: 30 seconds…19:15

Lt. Mike: Sasparilla, plz….I;m on duty19:15

Big Ben: 25…19:15

Big Ben: 20…19:15

Big Ben: 15…19:15

Big Ben: 10…19:15

Dr. Cardigan: I have special alcohal in my cabin. My brain is soaking in it.19:15

Big Ben: 5…19:15

Big Ben: GO!!!19:15

Lt. Mike: <GONG>19:15

Big Ben: Music….19:16

Capt Strasser has left this room19:16

I did it!: headline19:16

Big Ben: Title…19:16

Big Ben: Credits…19:16

Tarneverro: I always said you had a good head on your shoulders Dr. Carrdigan.19:16

Phil has left this room19:16

Big Ben: Aw…we lost Phil…19:16

13th Spawn of CC: Was he on that boat?19:16

Tarneverro: And the Capt. But they should turn up.19:17

Big Ben: Did he enter the diving bell display?19:17

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: No body19:17

Dr. Cardigan: After a few drinks Tarneverro, I’ll tell you what I really think of your crystal ball.19:17

Big Ben: The salvage boat…19:17

13th Spawn of CC: Nice suit for going on s salvage b oat19:17

Big Ben: No cans tonight.19:17

Big Ben: The change in identity precludes the possibility!19:17

Big Ben: No visuals…sorry.19:17

Charlie Chan: Thank you very much19:17

Big Ben: WOW!!!19:17

Big Ben: Charlie Chan!!!19:17

Big Ben: It is a great honor, sir!19:18

Charlie Chan: The honor is mine19:18

I did it!: TYSM19:18

Tarneverro: On the contrary. It just opens it up. First to can gets the no prize.:)19:18

Chan son: The ads slowed me down19:18

Big Ben: Yes.19:18

Lt. Mike: I’m not too sure Charlie has graced our Halloween party before!19:18

Big Ben: The ads are one of the curses of our time!19:18

Capt Strasser has joined this room19:18

I did it!: Colby was the big cheese19:18

Tarneverro: WElcome back Capt.19:18

Dr. Cardigan: Black hat, white suit. Mix and match.19:18

Lt. Mike: wb Capt S!19:18

Capt Strasser: Danke Schone19:19

Tarneverro: Now we just need Phil.19:19

Big Ben: Mr. Chan…a black hat with the white suit?19:19

Big Ben: Interseting, sir!19:19

Tarneverro: Perehaps he plans to play chess Ben.19:19

Ming Toy: Old scuba gear19:19

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Prop girl forgot to stop at Fu Yuen’s19:19

Big Ben: Pre-scuba!19:19

Lt. Mike: Maybe after September, Ben?19:19

Big Ben: SCUBA = “Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, I believe!19:20

Gene Lafarge: 1 body left19:20

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Charlie? What up with those socks?19:20

Snowshoes has joined this room19:20

Big Ben: Nothing self-contained about these divers’ outfits!19:20

Tarneverro: So anyone else think they have pierced the secret of Big Ben?19:20

Capt Strasser: Time please?19:20

Ming Toy: True, Ben19:20

Lt. Mike: Hello Snowshoes!19:20

Big Ben: Snowshoes!19:20

Tarneverro: Good Evening Snowshoes.19:20

Chan son has left this room19:20

Big Ben: What a WONDERFUL surprise!19:20

Tarneverro: 52919:21

Charlie Chan: Every man must wear out at least one pair of cool shoes19:21

Charlie Chan: Fool*19:21

Gene Lafarge: Waterproof brief case?19:21

Gallant Lad: hi snowshoes19:21

Chan son has joined this room19:21

Big Ben: Lost a Chan son…gained a Snowshoes!19:21

Snowshoes: Howdy everyone.19:21

Capt Strasser: TXS19:21

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Good evening Snowshoes19:21

Big Ben: Welcome back…Chan Son!19:21

Big Ben: We have a near-record turnout tonight.19:21

Chan son: Darn cat19:21

Tarneverro: If she has a psychic on stadff, why is she doing her own reading?19:21

I did it!: two bits baksheesh19:21

13th Spawn of CC: Time check, please…19:21

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: 6:3519:22

Tarneverro: 62519:22

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: 6:2519:22

Big Ben: 6:1519:22

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: sorry19:22

Snowshoes: Mister ain’t there no place where you ain’t?19:22

13th Spawn of CC: thanks19:22

Big Ben: 6:2519:22

13th Spawn of CC: DVD pooped out19:22

Tarneverro: Yes the garlic store.19:22

13th Spawn of CC: Shanghai Dick is a great character name19:23

Big Ben: I think that one or more of us may have started at the opening title. This is the ONE movie that that does not work with as the opening music begins earlier!19:23

Big Ben: 7:3019:23

I did it!: china clipper!19:23

I did it!: avon calling19:23

Big Ben: 8:0019:23

Tarneverro: If hes alive were all broke. Not that we want him dead or anything.19:24

Big Ben: Some kind of fur…19:24

Big Ben: CLIPPER.19:24

Ming Toy: Love that doorbell19:24

Dr. Cardigan: Unfinished Golden Gate Bridge.19:24

Big Ben: And we saw the not yet completed Oakland-SF Bay Bridge.19:24

Tarneverro: Yes movie we saw his picture before we know who it is.19:24

Capt Strasser: Nice door ringer!19:24

I did it!: the hands of time19:24

Big Ben: Yes.19:24

Big Ben: Alan jumps the wall…19:24

13th Spawn of CC: Spooky house19:25

Capt Strasser: So much for those spikes on the top of the wall!19:25

Big Ben: Someone was at the curtain watching him…19:25

PaulM has joined this room19:25

Gene Lafarge: Hand of death 19:25

Tarneverro: Well gently climbs but Alan appreciates the compliment Ben.19:25

I did it!: ouch19:25

Snowshoes: Cigarettes can kill you.19:25

Lt. Mike: Hello PM!19:25

Tarneverro: Welcome back Paul19:25

Dr. Cardigan: Fingers of fate.19:25

Number 2 son has left this room19:25

Lt. Mike: 20!19:25

Capt Strasser: Ah OH, don’t wind the clock hands!19:25

Ming Toy: Nice Elgin watch19:25

Big Ben: The fatal clock adjustment…19:25

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: *cough*19:25

PaulM: good evening19:25

Lt. Mike: Nuts19:25

13th Spawn of CC: Ouch19:25

Number 2 son has joined this room19:25

Capt Strasser: Evening PaulM19:26

Big Ben: Whatta todss!19:26

Tarneverro: Tin Can I give myself the fiirst prize.19:26

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: good evening Paul19:26

Capt Strasser: Great wrists!19:26

Tarneverro: WElcome back Number 219:26

Dr. Cardigan: Lt. Mike, plain or salted?19:26

Lucrezia: wow I walked out of the room for a minute, and we have more people nice to see you all.19:26

Tarneverro: I happily accept my prize but there will be others later.19:26

Dr. Cardigan: Spook business tonight?19:26

Capt Strasser: I like the cut of his Jacket, probably German!19:26

Gene Lafarge: Survive the wreck, loses out to a knife19:26

Princess Ling→PaulM: Paul19:27

Big Ben: Lucrezia may offer wine…drinking it is optional!19:27

Tarneverro: We get the point Gene:)19:27

13th Spawn of CC: Lucifer! Yikes, Sata joins the party19:27

Big Ben: “Lucifer”19:27

13th Spawn of CC: Satan19:27

Dr. Cardigan: Greats set.19:27

Big Ben: Yep.19:27

I did it!: i’m glad i brought my own19:27

Princess Ling: I am running a character called “Chan son” would you like to take it over to use as a costume19:27

Big Ben: Psychic research.19:27

Tarneverro: And Satan didn’t even bring a mouse. Some housecat.19:27

Gene Lafarge: Who can frighten lucifer!19:27

Dr. Cardigan: Squirrel cage, nuts. What kind of movie is this?19:27

Capt Strasser: Enter Charlie Chan19:28

Big Ben: All that’s missing is your human brain, Dr. cardigan!19:28

Princess Ling→PaulM: And I don’t seem to understand how to run the private chat feature19:28

Lt. Mike: Love Baxter19:28

Dr. Cardigan: I’ll bring one up from my cabin.19:28

Big Ben: But was that left abord the ship?19:29

Tarneverro: Time for drinks. There was a tea request. Sorry I forgot the other. So what does everyone want? I’m having a Scotch.19:29

Dr. Cardigan: You mean, this isn’t a ship? Oh nuts !!!19:29

13th Spawn of CC: milk19:29

Big Ben: Mr. Chan…you have a TOUGH case tonight!19:29

Capt Strasser: Schnapps for me Tarneverro.19:29

Tarneverro: Oh Mothers milk for I did it. My apologies for forgetting.19:29

Big Ben: And a very SPOOKY one!19:29

Tarneverro: Your Schannps Capt.19:30

Gene Lafarge: Cc switches to black suit19:30

Big Ben: We reached the 20 level…19:30

13th Spawn of CC: You should have looked in your crystal ball, Tav19:30

Capt Strasser: Danke Schon, Mein Herr.19:30

Tarneverro: Your Milk 13th19:30

Big Ben: I think we might actually have 21?19:30

13th Spawn of CC: Gulp gulp gulp! thanks19:30

Number 2 son has left this room19:30

Lucrezia: Martini please Tarneverro19:30

Number 2 son has joined this room19:30

Chan son: Hard to watch and see the words19:30

Charlie Chan: Man who ride tiger, cannot dismount19:30

Big Ben: If there is a thud, that will be 13th Spawn!19:30

Tarneverro: But of course my lady. Here you go.19:30

Dr. Cardigan: Tarneverro, may I have a blue tailed monkey with a twist of lime?19:30

Big Ben: Ulrich.19:31

Capt Strasser: Ah Dr. Cardigan, you leave a clue to you!19:31

Big Ben: He’s the Colby House jester.19:31

Dr. Cardigan: Chan son, what words? Speak up, I’m deaf as a bedpost.19:31

Tarneverro: Just a moment Dr. I’ll have to cut the lime. Everyone please excuse the large knife I’m holding.19:31

Big Ben→Nervous Man & Poised Woma: I guess we lost Steve.19:32

Tarneverro: Here you are Dr, Carrdigan.19:32

Capt Strasser: Nice Mink!19:32

I did it!: don’t hurt yourself19:32

Big Ben: An horrific night for a first-timer to arrive!19:32

PaulM: i’ll have a Horse’s Neck, please19:32

Big Ben: “Best place for skeleton is in family closet.”19:32

Dr. Cardigan: TYSM Tarneverro. Bottoms up, if you excuse expession.19:32

13th Spawn of CC: Medium? She looks more like a large.19:32

I did it!: glad you din’t wear your white fox fur19:32

Capt Strasser: Love that one, “best place for skeleton…”19:32

Big Ben: 13th: :)19:33

Tarneverro: One horses neck. He came in last I’m afraid Paul.19:33

Dr. Cardigan: Steve who?19:33

Big Ben: Just “Steve.19:33

Dr. Cardigan: Once seated, please hold hands.19:33

Big Ben: Not from Hawaii.19:33

PaulM: its boubon whiskey, ginger ale and as splash of bitters. and a lemon peel garnish19:33

13th Spawn of CC: my hands are sticky19:33

Big Ben: Paul!19:33

Capt Strasser: Everyone, we will also hold hands, too.19:34

Dr. Cardigan: We will pause for brief word from our sponsor.19:34

Tarneverro: The splash is the tricky bit. I hope it wasn’t too bitters:)19:34

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: I shouldn’t hold my sister’s hand, should I?19:34

Big Ben: Weird WELCOME belatedly to you!19:34

Tarneverro: Go ahead Nervous man in the dark who can judge>?19:34

Big Ben: WHO is holding the body up?19:35

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: All right. Pamela, the man with the turban says it’s ok.19:35

Lt. Mike: Allen makes a grand entrance19:35

13th Spawn of CC: murdered, again19:35

Tarneverro: That Alan always hanging around.19:35

Big Ben: And…let it go?19:35

Big Ben: Ulric?19:35

Dr. Cardigan: Is he …. Is he ??? Oh my goodness.19:35

Gene Lafarge: Alan drops in19:35

Big Ben: :)19:35

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: It’s the SPOOKS, Ben!19:35

Big Ben: Literally!19:35

Big Ben: Yes it is THEM!!!19:36

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Are tigers afraid of scorpions?19:36

Big Ben: SPOOKS!19:36

Big Ben: Always SPOOKS!!!19:36

Tarneverro: Knifed in the baclk? Don’t look at me. I still have the one I cut the fruit up with.19:36

Dr. Cardigan: Okay Tarneverro, you can stop holding my hand.19:36

Ming Toy has left this room19:36

Big Ben: Lost Ming Toy…19:36

Princess Ling: So who died?19:36

Snowshoes: Ming Toy has flown the coop19:36

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Very flighty19:36

Dr. Cardigan: She was under age.19:36

Gene Lafarge: Is the can working tonight?19:36

Lt. Mike: 20 was nice while it lasted19:36

Tarneverro: As you wish Dr. I hope you don’t feel too badly about it Lucreicia.19:37

13th Spawn of CC: Ming is still here as Chan son, right?19:37

Big Ben: “Daughter of Happiness” flew to meet her ancestors?19:37

Big Ben: Gene Lafarge!19:37

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: We are two here, so there are 2019:37

Big Ben: Hello to YOU!19:37

Big Ben: You remind me of Carl LaFong!19:37

Snowshoes: Sure it wasn’t COVID?19:38

Dr. Cardigan: Ming’s ancestors are in the chat room tonight.19:38

Tarneverro: Oh that had to be at least six feet Snowshoes.19:38

Big Ben: “Capital L, small a, capital F, small o, small n, small g….laFONG…Carl La FONG!”19:38

Capt Strasser: Oh Oh, we were all here, too (GULP!)19:38

Dr. Cardigan: Carl LaFong. Capital L, small c, capital F, small o …19:38

Big Ben: Capt. Strasser!19:39

Chan son: A Fields fan19:39

Big Ben: My oh my!19:39

Capt Strasser: We are all Suspects!19:39

Big Ben: The BERLIN cops are here too!19:39

Big Ben: What’s this world coming to?19:39

Tarneverro: Ah grammer Na..oh no can’t say that for another decade.19:39

Capt Strasser: Ya Voll, Herr BB19:39

Dr. Cardigan: nothing wrong. A likely story.19:39

Tarneverro: Suspects? Here Chan’s son. Hold my knife.19:40

Big Ben: Can I interest you in a pair of American-style dice?19:40

Chan son: Am I supposed to do something?19:40

Big Ben: Just ENJOY…and have Frantic FUN!19:41

Tarneverro: In the event you aren’t sure put on a disguise and shout Pop.19:41

Big Ben: That’s all, chan Son!19:41

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Suits of armor are always in style Chan son!19:41

Big Ben: Yes.19:41

Gene Lafarge: Stay here! 19:41

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: “I know how I like my toast.” Love that line.19:41

Big Ben: Yes.19:42

Gallant Lad: …19:42

Lucrezia: Yes19:42

Princess Ling: What a house!19:42

Big Ben: There is another good line coming.19:42

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Mrs. Lowell has a wonderful dry sense of humor.19:42

Big Ben: Unless I missed it.19:42

Tarneverro: Baxter should really relax. No matter how many die he dosen’t inherit. The killer has no reason to target him. Except for fun.19:42

Lucrezia: lol19:43

Gene Lafarge: Exactly trnevarra I 19:43

Big Ben: Yes…but maybe Baxter “knows too much”!19:43

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: The butler did it.19:43

Dr. Cardigan: According to my psychiatrist’s brain book, our suspect has a most unusual personality and should be committed.19:43

Gene Lafarge: Portable science kit19:43

Dr. Cardigan: Where is Traneverro’s knife now?19:43

Big Ben: Well, a very commited killer, to be sure!19:44

Number 2 son has left this room19:44

Tarneverro: Chan was always at the forefront of police science. Wonder if he knows Dick Tracy?19:44

Big Ben: Number Two…has departed…19:44

Ming Toy has joined this room19:44

Dr. Cardigan: Only professionally.19:44

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Perhaps he will reconstruct the crime.19:44

Number 2 son has joined this room19:44

13th Spawn of CC: Hi Ming19:44

Big Ben: Ming Toy…has returned!19:44

Number 2 son→Big Ben: Still here pop!19:44

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Good thing we left the window open. WB Ming!19:44

Big Ben: Welcome back.19:44

Ming Toy: Im back!19:45

Big Ben: Yes.19:45

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: *tweet*19:45

13th Spawn of CC: somebody put a stopper on that revolving door19:45

Big Ben: There was that line.19:45

Tarneverro: I think that is actually her best line.19:45

Dr. Cardigan: Ming Toy too has returned. Does that make her Ming Toy Three?19:45

Gallant Lad: you think you think19:45

Lucrezia: lol19:45

Snowshoes: You don’t think. You THINK you think. I think.19:45

Big Ben: THAT one is my favorite.19:45

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: :)19:45

Lucrezia: She makes me laugh19:45

Tarneverro: Now Dr. don’t toy with her emotions.19:45

13th Spawn of CC: Now we are 22?19:45

Capt Strasser: Big Ben, Agree “Arrow”19:45

Dr. Cardigan: LOL !!!19:45

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: A musical manifestation from the beyond.19:46

Ming Toy: haha19:46

13th Spawn of CC: screw heads always give it away19:46

Capt Strasser: This movie set is one of the best.19:46

Snowshoes: Mrs. Lowell gets her bubble burst.19:46

Big Ben: altogether, we have had, I think maybe 23 with a couple leaving early.19:46

Dr. Cardigan: There’s strange going on here tonight? We thinks.19:46

Gallant Lad: scewhead very young19:46

Dr. Cardigan: Ben, we think we scared them off.19:46

Lt. Mike: I think 23 is our record19:47

Big Ben: If we have this many for next week, each person will only get ONE horse!19:47

Gene Lafarge: Bluetooth speaker!19:47

Tarneverro: d19:47

Big Ben: Activates spirit music.19:47

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Siri. Play spooky music.19:47

Dr. Cardigan: Again with the horses aboard the ship.19:47

Capt Strasser: How did he find that?19:47

Tarneverro: the people you19:47

13th Spawn of CC: This truly is one of the best Cans…19:47

Tarneverro: paid to put on19:47

Tarneverro: a show put on19:48

13th Spawn of CC: Chans19:48

Tarneverro: a show19:48

Tarneverro: The Fiends.19:48

Number 2 daughter: Gee pop good catch!19:48

Chan son: ?horse19:48

Tarneverro: Sorry for how that message was delivered but the site wouldn’t let me send19:48

13th Spawn of CC: Chan son: next week is the horse race19:48

Big Ben: yes, number Two daughter.19:48

Tarneverro: it all at once for some reason.19:48

Dr. Cardigan: Tarv, enough tiger tea for you tonight.19:48

Big Ben: The butler was in “The adventure of Robin Hood.”19:49

Tarneverro: Good more Scotch.19:49

Gene Lafarge: Which film had the moving spotlight seance?19:49

Tarneverro: Black magic?19:49

Big Ben: “Black Magic”19:49

Big Ben: Also known as: “Meeting at Midnight”19:49

Gene Lafarge: Of course!19:49

Big Ben: Yes, Tarneverro.19:49

I did it!: i hope that was a clean handkerchief19:50

Big Ben: Your crystal is working PERFECTLY!19:50

Tarneverro: Ah I was right. I award myself a second prize. Please no calls for speeches.:)19:50

Big Ben: Now maybe Baxter can blow his nose.19:50

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: (34:00)??19:50

Lt. Mike: or dry his tears19:50

Tarneverro: 350019:50

Big Ben: 34:5519:50

Princess Ling: Sun lamp19:50

Big Ben: Yes.19:51

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: 30s tanning salon?19:51

Snowshoes: So like how did the fake seance director install a big light like that?19:51

I did it!: qick darw19:51

Big Ben: Tanning with the spirits.19:51

I did it!: draw19:51

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Change plans for future.19:52

Tarneverro: Who says theres no action in Chan films?19:52

Big Ben: There is danger everywhere ib colby House.19:52

Chan son: Does Charlie use a gun a lot?19:52

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Belated hello all!19:52

Ming Toy: Punch in ribs better than shot in back19:52

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: BOOM!19:52

Lucrezia: there he is19:52

Tarneverro: Good evening Angel and Foxx. Such an immpenatrable disguise.19:53

Big Ben: Fred is pretty tall.19:53

Big Ben: I think Oland was 5′-11″19:53

Tarneverro: If Big Ban says your tall thats saying something.19:53

Dr. Cardigan: 13th, one of the cans? I’m sorry, could you speak up? I’m deaf as a bedpost.19:53

Big Ben: That is true.19:53

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Fire all of your guns at once, explode into fame.19:54

I did it!: will comb the honeycomb later19:54

Big Ben: But…BIG does not always mean TALL!19:54

Tarneverro: Top of the World Ma eh Angel?19:54

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Honeycomb won’t you be my baby19:54

Princess Ling: Were Seances really popular?19:54

Big Ben: I call for a parafin test.19:54

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: start everywhere and end nowhere? What does that mean?19:54

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Tarny, our masked friend, indubitably!!19:54

Capt Strasser: Princess Ling, in the 50s & 60s for sure.19:55

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: They were in Charlie Chan movies, Princess19:55

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Queer old bird? Geez!19:55

13th Spawn of CC: just back from having my diaper changed…19:55

Tarneverro: In the 20’s and 30s yp. It was a heyday for spiritualism and secret societies. Of course there were folks who got famous debunking it.19:55

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: You don’t want the lower in the debunking beds.19:55

Big Ben: It means, you go in THERE…walk around to WHERE…and come out NO THERE.19:55

Gene Lafarge: Night guard = depends19:56

Ming Toy: love that door pull!!!!19:56

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: NICE ironwork!!19:56

Tarneverro: Ah I see Ben sees more than hes telling.19:56

Big Ben: I see…but don’t say.19:56

I did it!: that music again19:57

Dr. Cardigan: Ming Toy, you’re a scrappy little fox.19:57

Ming Toy: Why thank you, Dr19:57

Big Ben: Ulrich influenced MOD style head gear.19:57

Big Ben: Look to see if he has a vespa.19:58

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Ming Toy, do you like Angry Birds?19:58

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: CC uses a small shiv cuz he couldn’t get a credit card with 14 dependents (and 100 defendants).19:58

Dr. Cardigan: I apologize if I have offended anybody tonight. I didn’t do it, it was my brain.19:58

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: We’re at (43:30), ok?19:58

Capt Strasser: I too carry a flashlight in my back pocket. Oh no wait, that’s on my cell phone.19:58

Ming Toy: I have some kin that are angry birds, or “peeps” should I say!19:58

Snowshoes: The lighting director must have been pulling his hair out on these scences.19:58

Big Ben: Not to mention the Dalmatians.19:59

Tarneverro: Dr. Its fine. We don’t mind.19:59

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Dr.C., keep TRYING! So far all are unruffled!19:59

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Knockknock.19:59

Lucrezia: That looks scary 19:59

Big Ben: 43:4019:59

Gallant Lad: ..19:59

Big Ben: 43:50…19:59

Big Ben: “Come in”19:59

I did it!: friendly fella20:00

Capt Strasser: Who’s there?20:00

Snowshoes: Kind of a hobbit house.20:00

Big Ben: BOO.20:00

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: We’re pausing till you draw alongside us.20:00

Lt. Mike: I’m doing the dishes!20:00

Gallant Lad: i it just me or does the cottage look a bit cartoonish on the outide?20:00

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Can somebody signal (44:30)?20:00

Big Ben: BOO…WHO?20:00

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: He bought it from Frodo, Galant Lad20:00

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Frodo Colrleone?20:01

Dr. Cardigan: Here’s a question for the Chan quiz: How many times has Chan been roughed up the movies?20:01

Capt Strasser: 45:0520:01

Lucrezia: i’m past that20:01

Big Ben: “Sorry…I didn’t mean to make you cry…”20:01

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Thanks, Cap’n!!20:01

Capt Strasser: 45:2020:01

I did it!: dead eye20:01

Big Ben: 45:4020:01

Capt Strasser: Gesundheit, Herr Chan!20:01

Big Ben: 45:5020:01

Big Ben: Good with that knife!20:02

I did it!: beat it Dr Bowen20:02

Capt Strasser: Hey! He could be the murderer!20:02

Big Ben: BUT…he didn’t use the wrist mothion of the killer.20:02

Tarneverro: Oh I have a few drinks for Carlotta.20:02

Capt Strasser: BB, true, true.20:02

Big Ben: Motion20:02

Big Ben: This music will be electrifying!20:03

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: THAT REMINDS ME! I left our spare astrolabe in the Marmon!20:03

Gallant Lad: watch out charlie20:03

Capt Strasser: love those tubes.20:03

Princess Ling: He looks so sneaky20:03

Lt. Mike: That was shocking! 20:03

13th Spawn of CC: BZZZZZZ20:03

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: They have one of those at Sing Sing, too.20:03

Tarneverro: What a shocking development20:03

Big Ben: Yes!20:04

Ming Toy: Poor CC!20:04

Capt Strasser: pre-tazer!20:04

Snowshoes: Well that didn’t take long.20:04

Charlie Chan: That was shocking 20:04

Number 2 daughter: Watch out pop!20:04

I did it!: round up all the generals20:04

Big Ben: Needs to be miniturized.20:04

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: TYSM!20:05

Big Ben: “Live and learn.”20:05

Lucrezia: Would something like that kill you?20:05

Big Ben: “Die and ask why.”20:05

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Imagine CC in the Men Without Hats.20:05

Big Ben: Trouble would be…he HAS a hat.20:06

I did it!: changing your will in a cc film is bad news20:06

PaulM has left this room20:06

Big Ben: Yes, I DID IT.20:06

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: To KVIT??20:06

Tarneverro: At least keep it a secret. How do so many keep finding out about will changes?20:06

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: He looks like REID FLEMING, World’s Toughest Milkman.20:07

13th Spawn of CC: I lik milkmen20:07

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: “Wait in the hall—i’ll pay you off—” !!!!20:07

Dr. Cardigan: In my will, I am leaving all my living brains to the Chan Family members.20:07

Big Ben: 640 AM, Straw man?20:07

Capt Strasser: Dr. C, will they be in a jar with solution?20:07

I did it!: nice idea DR C20:07

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: She looks like she could start in the Super Bowl.20:07

Capt Strasser: Charlie must be hungry?20:08

Big Ben: OUIJA time…20:08

Dr. Cardigan: Capt, of course. What kind of brain would you like?20:08

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: BB, 6:45. I need my tennis toga.20:08

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: 8TOGS*!!!20:08

Capt Strasser: Dr. C, medium-rare, please.20:08

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: *TOGS*20:08

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: The Corleone Family.20:08

Tarneverro: Do you have any Abby Normal brains Dr.?20:08

Big Ben: :)20:08

Princess Ling: Oh no20:09

Dr. Cardigan: Tarv, for you, I’ll whip one up.20:09

Big Ben: Got her!20:09

Dr. Cardigan: LOL.20:09

Big Ben: Now she knows why the board spelled “D-U-C-K”20:10

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: “You Can’t Catch Me” is a GREAT Chuck Berry disc.20:10

Snowshoes: Look in the church bell tower.20:10

Tarneverro: I’ve taken all the prizes already. I’ll let someone else have this. First to can gets the prize.20:10

Capt Strasser: BB LOL!20:10

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: BB: 😆 😆 😆 20:10

13th Spawn of CC: Boo Hoo20:10

Snowshoes: LOL BB20:10

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: SNOWSHOES, SHOW NEWS!20:10

Gallant Lad: charlie takes the blame again20:10

Capt Strasser: 13 SofC that should be BOO! Hoo.20:10

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Know-it-all.20:11

13th Spawn of CC: True, Capt!20:11

Dr. Cardigan: Insp Chan did it. Surprise.20:11

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Picking up the litter.20:11

Big Ben: Remember the title of our movie…20:11

Snowshoes: Did you just think of that BB or had you planned it out?20:11

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Dr.C, you been self-medicating?20:11

Big Ben: Charlie Chan’s Secret.”20:11

Capt Strasser: B.B…that’s itQ!20:11

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: They have the same gate in my Barbie Dream House.20:11

Tarneverro: That would explain why a Honolulu cop keeps getting involved in these foregin murders Dr.20:12

Ming Toy: Haha Angel n Fox20:12

Big Ben: He tried to give her a hint…but she missed it.20:12

I did it!: smokin in the boy’s room20:12

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Imagine Ted Baxter in this role.20:12

Big Ben: Straw Man: :)20:12

Lucrezia: this is funny, I like Baxter20:12

I did it!: thanks20:12

Big Ben: And, does ken have a little thatched workshop?20:12

Gallant Lad: in her emotional state, a quiet hint could not possibly be heard20:13

Ming Toy: Baxter died 3 yrs later in auto accident at age 40 I believe20:13

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: HEY! Now i know why our friends speak of ME as an Ancient Egg!20:13

Big Ben: Gallant Lad…you are one smart nag!20:13

Ming Toy: Hahaha BB20:13

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: @MingToy: Any worse top be done in by an arrow pierce than by a Pierce Arrow?20:13

Tarneverro: Lollipop always like you.20:14

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Those curtains have gotta go.20:14

13th Spawn of CC: DUCK!20:14

Ming Toy: :)20:14

Big Ben: Careful, Baxter!20:14

I did it!: duck duck goose20:14

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Stiff upper lips!20:14

Big Ben: He did.20:14

Gene Lafarge: Pocket scope20:14

Tarneverro: How is Charlie the only cop in town with knoledge of trajectory?20:15

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: In the distance…a painting of a steeple!20:15

Dr. Cardigan: Charlie has a clue.20:15

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: THAT image will be the cover art for our CD, “Angel & Foxx at the Honolulu Palladium”!20:15

Big Ben: Stunt double?20:15

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: BB: Stunts get at least time and a half,. Foxx tells me.20:15

Capt Strasser: At least he mentioned a son!20:15

Capt Strasser: That’s a lot of bullets the murderer had there!20:16

Big Ben: Yes.20:16

Dr. Cardigan: Tarn, Chan holds the copyright.20:16

Tarneverro: Yes it’s funny one of the few films with no ?Chan relatives, and three in chat room.20:16

Chan son: Wow no one saw anyone bringing all that stuff up there?20:16

Capt Strasser: Oh, that’s a clog and chain.20:16

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Most peculiar, Mama Chan!20:16

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Ah-HA!!!!!!20:16

Big Ben: And, the fingerprints?20:16

Snowshoes: Except there was no mechanism to work the bolt to reload another round.20:17

Big Ben: “D’oh!”20:17

Capt Strasser: NOT THAT VASE!20:17

Big Ben: MING VASE!!!20:17

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Wait! That’s the authentic Ming…nevermind20:17

Snowshoes: That’s what would have happened to Mrs. Lowell’s head.20:17

Tarneverro: Relaxm Toy it wasn’t a Ming vase,20:17

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: I LOVE the word “atrocious”.20:17

I did it!: ouch20:17

Ming Toy: Whew!20:18

Big Ben: “I just need a pair of tweezers to pull out the shards, sir…”20:18

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: rhymes with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious20:18

Dr. Cardigan: It’s time for a change of underwear.20:18

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Get BAXTER right where he don’t belong . . . Get Baxter, Get Baxter . .. 20:18

Tarneverro: Tetragene? Mon0caine?20:18

Big Ben: And OUTERWEAR.20:18

Dr. Cardigan: Agreed.20:19

I did it!: who said tetragene20:19

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Voice a bit like DON (Maxwell Smart) ADAMS, say Foxx & me.20:19

Big Ben: “I have NOTHING to say…”20:19

Big Ben: (Oliver Hardy)20:19

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: How about it, sister????????20:19

Big Ben: (From: “Dirty Work”)20:19

Dr. Cardigan: That’s the second L&H line in this movie.20:19

I did it!: round up the usual suspects20:19

13th Spawn of CC: Did he say baby’s fingers can move mountain? 20:20

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: That’s another sweet Chan film you’ve gotten us into, Stanley.20:20

13th Spawn of CC: He’s talking about me!20:20

Tarneverro: Uhm if were going to call all the suspects toget to reveal the murderer shouldn’t we get rid of the copy of the murder weapon just sitting in the room?20:20

Tarneverro: Anyone>? No?20:21

Gallant Lad: ..20:21

Chan son: Do detectives actually get all the suspects together?20:21

Big Ben: !3th…Probably TRUE! The next war could see thousands of toddlers sweeping across the enemy nation, breaking everything in their path.20:21

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: 13th: Have you taken your medication for today?20:21

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Tangle of many strings that start everywhere and end nowhere20:21

13th Spawn of CC: A Cat’s Cradle of strings20:21

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Carlotta always had her rotten mind on the size of gentlemen’s endowments.20:22

Big Ben: The officer gave Ulrich the stink eye…20:22

I did it!: that music again – somethin gs going to happen20:22

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: BB: we know, we could smell it from here. From then!20:22

Big Ben: The second seance….20:22

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: This room has no hidden light switch, so CC has to manually dim the lights 20:22

Capt Strasser: BB, do we all pause?20:22

Big Ben: …WOOZY…20:23

13th Spawn of CC: MaMa20:23

Big Ben: There she is!20:23

Lt. Mike: Trickery!20:23

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Carlotta is swooning20:23

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Christmas presents?20:23

Big Ben: Hello!20:23

Capt Strasser: Jumpin Johosiphat!20:23

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: We LOVE the Following!20:23

Snowshoes: LIGHTS OUT!


Big Ben: Goosebumps time!20:23

Tarneverro: Many answers about to be revealed. Remember to unmask before departing honorable chat room.20:24

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: MUSIC ain’t too shabby here either! Especially for 1936!!20:24

Big Ben: Yes.20:24

Big Ben: In my case…the mask has lain on the floor most of the evening!20:24

Capt Strasser: BB, you wore it well thought.20:24

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: The old Huck & Tom’s Funeral routine! Never gets tired!!20:24

Big Ben: And I don’t even have a latex allergy!20:25

Capt Strasser: LoL20:25

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Quite convincing, BB. :)20:25

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Did the trick of Radio Prison! Is it so easy now? Keeping it cool, Young Guy! Rocky Rokomoto, Motor DEtective!!20:25

Dr. Cardigan: The best horror/mystery films made in Hollywood were made during the 1930s.20:25

13th Spawn of CC: Meow!20:26

Big Ben: Should have rubbed his hand onto Ulrich’s!20:26

Capt Strasser: Dr. Cardigan gives away another clue to identity.20:26

Lucrezia: Poor Baxter20:26

Big Ben: Baxter takes up reading in a big way.20:26

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: HELLO Kitty!20:26

Tarneverro: Good kitty. Nice killer catching kitty.20:26

Lt. Mike: Guess who is out of the next Will20:26

Chan son: My cat didn’t like that20:26

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Baxter will still get his Honorary Detective shield.20:26

Gene Lafarge: Lucifer!20:27

13th Spawn of CC: get on that train20:27

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Girls may put Mama up for adoption.20:27

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: woo woo20:27

Lt. Mike: To Georgia20:27

Big Ben: The spook train.20:27

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Market closed?20:27

Lucrezia: lol20:27

13th Spawn of CC: awww, that is my picture!20:27

Princess Ling: Chan family20:27

Big Ben: Family pic!20:27

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: BB: 😀 😀 😀 20:27

Lucrezia: Love that picture20:27

13th Spawn of CC: YAY!20:27

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: She wasnts to jump his bones.20:27

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: <kids-yeah>20:27

Big Ben: “Thank you so much…”20:27


Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Agree, Lucrezia20:27

Lt. Mike: <boo-haw>20:27

Big Ben: (Applause…)20:27

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: How much IS the city haul?20:28

Capt Strasser: Yeaaaa!20:28

I did it!: one of my favorite cc films20:28

Big Ben: Upbeat closing music..20:28

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Thank YUOU so much!!!!!!!!!!20:28

Gallant Lad: yay20:28

Number 2 daughter: There we are!20:28

Big Ben: Mine as well.20:28

Gene Lafarge: Hooray!20:28

Lucrezia: <WAHOO>20:28

Big Ben: Okay!20:28

Tarneverro: Well wi’ll star at the top. Reveal yourself Big Ben as Rush. Deny it if you can!20:28

Big Ben: time to unmask!20:28

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: A NO-STAR EXTRAVAGANZA!!20:28

Big Ben: As we do so…I will remind…20:28

Lucrezia: That is always a good one.20:28

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: yES, bb?20:28

Big Ben: that NEXT WEEK, is Melbourne Cup Night!20:28

I did it!: off to the races20:29

Big Ben: We will be sharing “Charlie Chan at the Race Track”20:29

Gallant Lad: yay!melborne night is alwys fun20:29

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Betting windows closing in 166 hours!20:29

Chan son: That was kind of interesting20:29

Tarneverro: where we race the killer to the finish.20:29

I did it!: gambling20:29

Lt. Mike: Best two weeks of the year!20:29

Big Ben: And…”Betting on the horses”20:29

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: I20:29

13th Spawn of CC: Okay, I think I did it IS actually GS20:29

Big Ben: Agreed!20:29

Big Ben: So…I am obviously…Hawaii Steve…20:29

I did it!: sorry no 13th20:29

Big Ben: Just kidding!20:29

Big Ben: Rush.20:29

Princess Ling: Terravo – Rush?20:30

Lt. Mike: lol20:30

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: I’d toss 50 cents of Foxx’s endowment anytime, into the Melbourne Cup!20:30

13th Spawn of CC: my mistake20:30

Lucrezia: Nervous Man & Poised Woman Mike and Rachel?20:30

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Ha.20:30

Big Ben: :020:30

Lt. Mike: Matt 20:30

Tarneverro: Sorry 13th you didn’t do it. So who did do it?20:30

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: BB: Rush??20:30

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Yes, Lucrezia. As Paul and Pamela Gray20:30

Big Ben: Dr. cardigan…Matt?20:30

Dr. Cardigan: No. Wrong.20:30

Lt. Mike: Nope20:30

Snowshoes: Who am I?20:30

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Lt.Mike: Steve?20:30

Chan son: Steve/Godwinshelley 20:30

Big Ben: I DID IT…GS?20:30

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Lt. Mike = Matt?20:30

Dr. Cardigan: Wrong again.20:30

I did it!: no 20:30

Big Ben: Ming Toy….DONA?20:30

Princess Ling: GS was Princess Ling AND Steve/Chan son20:30

13th Spawn of CC: gosh we are bad at this20:30

Lucrezia: no20:31

Lt. Mike: ——-Matt!20:31

Big Ben: WONG again???20:31

Capt Strasser: Dr. Cardigan = HNL Steve.20:31

Ming Toy: no20:31

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Lucrezia: DV?

@Princess Ling: How SCRFUTABLE!!20:31

I did it!: we would never catch the killer20:31

Big Ben: AH!20:31

Princess Ling: And Paul was Paul20:31

Big Ben: Great work, HS!!!20:31

Lucrezia: lol20:31

Number 2 son: It’s me number one son 20:31

Gallant Lad: and no one’s even trying gallant lad. lol20:31

Dr. Cardigan: The Capt is correct.20:31

13th Spawn of CC: this is me, Louise20:31

Big Ben: YES!20:31

Lt. Mike: A & F was, hmmmm20:31

Big Ben: Very good!!!20:31

Capt Strasser: Yeaaa!20:31

Big Ben: Nice job!!!20:31

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Because WE entered backwards, Foxx & myself now reveal our HALF-TRUE IDENTITIES, Mantan Moreland and Keye Luke!!!!!20:32

Big Ben: :)20:32

Dr. Cardigan: The Capt wins a ticket on my Charlie Chan mystery tour in Honolulu.20:32

Gallant Lad: gallant lad = hounder20:32

13th Spawn of CC: I am so confused20:32

Capt Strasser: Und wie is mich? (who am I)20:32

Big Ben: Trully a fun Halloween celebration!20:32

Big Ben: ALL of you were GREAT!!!!!20:32

Chan son: It was fun20:32

I did it!: often confused – never in doubt20:32

Chan son has left this room20:32

Number 2 son: See you next year honorable fan club 20:32

Ming Toy: Ming Toy is…….20:32

Tarneverro: Ha the animal motif. I should have sniffed you out Hounder.20:32

Gallant Lad: thanks for the fun all. see younext week.20:32

Big Ben: take care…20:32

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Lt.Mike, we turn ourselves over to you, for trip to Radio Prison. Ever cuff any Foxx wrists?20:32

Snowshoes: Who am I?20:32

Big Ben: Don’t forget about NEXT WEEK!20:32

Dr. Cardigan: Who was the other Steve?20:33

Ming Toy: Freds Mom!20:33

Tarneverro: Night Laddie20:33

Princess Ling: Did we find Hounder and Nothere20:33

Big Ben: Who will win the COIN???20:33

Lt. Mike: Very fun evening. One of the best Halloween chats20:33

13th Spawn of CC: Cool Ming!20:33

Big Ben: Agreed.20:33

Tarneverro: Gasp Mother of Fred.20:33

Gallant Lad: hounder was gallant lad20:33

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Ah, Snowy! Dona????


Lt. Mike: All bets are against Matt20:33

Princess Ling: Ahj20:33

Capt Strasser: Steve was just that a guy named steve.20:33

Princess Ling: No Steve was me20:33

Dr. Cardigan: Oh.20:33

Big Ben: Not THE Steve.20:33

Princess Ling: Pretending to be a new kide20:33

Princess Ling: to throw you all off20:33

13th Spawn of CC: I need to go hit the bottle…20:33

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Geez, i KNEW Freds Mom was here! Excellent disguise! Like Helena Rubinstein!!20:33

Capt Strasser: Capt Strasser = Honolulu20:33

Tarneverro: So Ben I think you know who I am. Care to guess?20:34

Ming Toy: Ha!20:34

I did it!: baxter is one of my favorite characters – the butler – but he didn’t do it (MDA19083)20:34

Big Ben: Steve was an unfortunate newcomer who happened in on this night of confusion!!!20:34

Lucrezia: I’m very confused 20:34

Capt Strasser: Ming Toy is Dona?20:34

Dr. Cardigan: Who was Tarneverro? Lou is my guess20:34

Gallant Lad has left this room20:34

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Foxx & i are going out to T.P. tghe neighborhpod. See you in Melbourne!!20:34

Ming Toy: no Ming Toy is Fredsmom20:34

13th Spawn of CC: Poor Steve: we must have looked nutty to him20:34

Big Ben: That was my guess…Ming Toy…DONA.20:34

Princess Ling: Mike and Rachel??20:34

Big Ben: AH!20:34

Big Ben: I missed again!20:34

Capt Strasser: Steve, HonoluLou is Capt Strasser20:34

Dr. Cardigan: Of course.20:34

Lucrezia: Who am I?20:34

Big Ben: See…you guys are very sly!!!20:34

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: Lucrezia: Dona??20:35

Dr. Cardigan: AH.20:35

Capt Strasser: Lucrezia, Dona?20:35

Princess Ling: I thought you were Louise20:35

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Great disguse, FM!20:35

I did it!: we are all winners tonight – thanks for a fun party all20:35

Big Ben: Weelllll…are YOU DONA?20:35

Lucrezia: Yes Capt20:35

Charlie Chan has left this room20:35

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx: *scarpering away*20:35

Lt. Mike: Lucrezia—-Louise?20:35

Ming Toy: All good disguises tonite!!!!20:35

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: always a great evening!20:35

Princess Ling has left this room20:35

Big Ben: YES!20:35

Dr. Cardigan: Indeed.20:35

Snowshoes: For the third time, who am I?20:35

Big Ben: GREAT disguises!20:35

13th Spawn of CC: I am Louise20:35

Lucrezia: good one snowshoes 20:35

Big Ben: yes.20:35

I did it!: snowshoes is not there20:35

Lt. Mike: Ah20:36

Dr. Cardigan: Mantan Moreland. No wait, the other actor.20:36

Tarneverro: Sorry Dr. But I’m afraid you pickled you brain too long. 20:36

Big Ben: Like “Spawn of Svengoolie”?20:36

StrawMan Angel+JackO.Foxx has left this room20:36

13th Spawn of CC: we need a scorecard!20:36

Tarneverro: Snowshoes is.. Matt.20:36

Capt Strasser: I remember you said you’d be online. OK, good night to all, great fun. Don’t eat too much candy and check for razor blades and pins!!!20:36

Big Ben: or a program!20:36

I did it!: who’s on first20:36

Gene Lafarge has left this room20:36

Lt. Mike: HI Steve was again?20:36

Big Ben: SPOOKS20:36

Dr. Cardigan: Me.20:36

13th Spawn of CC: Bye20:36

Lucrezia: we do need a scorecard next year20:36

Big Ben: :)20:36

Lt. Mike: Ah20:36

Ming Toy: Wishing everyone a safe Halloween and a wonderful week. I hope to be back with you soon! Ming Toy is flying away for the evening! Goodnite all ! Thanks for a wonderful time!20:36

Dr. Cardigan: Aloha !!!!!20:36

Tarneverro: As for Traneverro well I’d take another Scotch but I can’t because I’m Not Here.20:36

Big Ben: You too!20:37

Capt Strasser has left this room20:37

Big Ben: Take care, everyone!20:37

Lt. Mike: Good night folks and have a great week!20:37

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Hi NTarneverro20:37

Dr. Cardigan: Matt, you were shoeshoes?20:37

13th Spawn of CC has left this room20:37

I did it!: be well folks until we meet at the racetrak20:37

Big Ben: WHO was Snowshoes?20:37

Lt. Mike: Lt Mike is Matt20:37

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: good night all…see you at the races!20:37

Ming Toy has left this room20:37

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Thought so Lt. Matt20:37

Dr. Cardigan: Who was SNOWSHOES?20:37

Big Ben: LOU?20:38

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: *scratches head*20:38

Number 2 daughter has left this room20:38

Dr. Cardigan: Lou was Lt. Mike.20:38

Lt. Mike: lol NO….its Matt20:38

Big Ben: Yes?20:38

Number 2 son has left this room20:38

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: No, Matt was Lt. Mike20:38

Big Ben: I thought that Matt was Lt. Mike!20:38

Big Ben: WOW!20:38

Lucrezia: then Lou must be snowshows20:38

Lt. Mike: Good night all20:38

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Lou is Snowshoes20:38

Big Ben: That’s what makes this night so much fun!20:39

Tarneverro: Night Mike20:39

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: :)20:39

Lucrezia: lol20:39

Dr. Cardigan: See above. Snowshoes was Matt.20:39

Tarneverro: Well Snowshoes reveal yourself.


Lucrezia: Lt Mike said he was Matt20:39

Big Ben: I think we had a recors halloween turnout!20:39

Big Ben: Record20:39

Tarneverro: And I had a dark and stormy night.20:39

Lt. Mike has left this room20:39

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: The Chan clan is becoming a thing, Rush!20:39

Snowshoes: Maybe I’ll wait till next year to reveal.20:39

Big Ben: i am not sure we have ever reached 20 for this before.20:39

Dr. Cardigan: Who’s on First? I don’t know. He’s on third.20:40

I did it!: will the real snowshoes please stand up20:40

I did it! has left this room20:40

Tarneverro: After 20 years you can’t rembber 20 Rush?20:40

Big Ben: I think he’s looking for his great greeat great great great great great great great grandpappy!20:40

Dr. Cardigan: Well … we’re waiting.20:40

Lucrezia: waiting20:40

Big Ben: @0 is a lot of years…20:41

Big Ben: 2020:41

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: LOL. Ben/Rush, more quiz on the way, too. :)20:41

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Have a great week!20:41

Snowshoes: Phil. ALOHA!20:41

Big Ben: Okay!20:41

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: AHA. So THATS where Phil went. :)20:41

Tarneverro: Ah. You are Hawaii Steve! Deny it if you dare!20:41

Lucrezia: That was good Phil20:41

Big Ben: We should put all the quizzes together for the annual newsletter, Mike!20:41

Snowshoes: I can’t believe you guys didn’t get me.20:41

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: I have the whole thing put together.20:41

Big Ben: Do tell…please…20:42

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Well, you fooled us by showing up as Phil first. :)20:42

Snowshoes: LOL20:42

Big Ben: AH…PHIL!20:42

Big Ben: THAT was a good ploy!!!!20:42

Snowshoes: I feel like I was hiding in plain site.20:42

Dr. Cardigan: I am Hawaii_Steve.20:42

Big Ben: I don’t think anyone has thought to do that before!20:42

Big Ben: yes!20:42

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Thought you just got booted from the room…you were hiding in full view for sure20:42

Big Ben: you had me fooled, Steve!20:43

Dr. Cardigan: Just like the murderer.20:43

Big Ben: Yes!20:43

Big Ben: :)20:43

Tarneverro: Ah the old double disguise bit. I fell for that three times last month. Well good night all.20:43

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Hi Steve/Doc: great job playing up as the spooky Doc. C.20:43

Big Ben: And there was not even a trace of graphite on your hand!20:43

Dr. Cardigan: I tried.20:43

Nervous Man & Poised Woma: Cheers! See you next week!20:43

Big Ben: Very good!20:43

Snowshoes: Oh I’m going to savor this.20:44

Big Ben: See you all next week!20:44

Big Ben: Take care along the way…20:44

Big Ben: have a fun and safe seven days!20:44

Snowshoes: Aloha!20:44

Snowshoes has left this room20:44

Big Ben: see you at the races…20:44

Nervous Man & Poised Woma has left this room20:44

Tarneverro has left this room20:44

Big Ben: Good night…20:44

Dr. Cardigan: Believe it or not, you may copy the entire dialogue and save it as an email to yourself.20:44

Lucrezia: Thank you Big Ben Fun night as always. See you all next week. In Melbourne20:44

Big Ben: All good things must eventually be put to bed….20:44

Dr. Cardigan: Good night. Great fun. Great extras !!!20:45

Big Ben: It’s a “GO”!20:45

Big Ben: Good night…20:45

Dr. Cardigan has left this room20:45

Big Ben: :)20:45

Big Ben has left this room20:45

Lucrezia has left this room

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