Chat Archive 10/25/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for October 25, 2021

Charlie Chan at the Opera (Annual Charlie Chan Family Halloween Party)

Charlie Chan in Transylvania

Participants (In virtual costume):
Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell)
Dan Venture
Deacon Foxx + Angel
Dr. Zodiac and Apparition
Geno Cuddy
Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl
Miss Finch
Mrs. Snodgrass
Mrs. Swenson
Mrs. Weebles
mystery guest
Stells Graham
The Suva Star
Tom Holt

Grock has joined this room

Tom Holt has joined this room

Grock→Helene: Test

Tom Holt: Hello Helene and Grock!

Grock: Hello, Mr. Holt!

Helene has left this room

Tom Holt: Hope you both are well tonight

Grock: I believe I remember you from Lake Tahoe?

Grock: Well, I think that Hellene may be back in another identity!

Tom Holt: I took this role in hopes of becoming CC someday

Grock: Well, he foiled our plans in New Orleans!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition has joined this room

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Good evening.

Grock has left this room

Tom Holt: I have a fondness with snakes…..I’m a real “charmer”

Tom Holt: Hello Doc and A!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: We are pleased to meet the illustrious Mr. Holt. My apparition sends regards from the Beyond.

Grock has joined this room

Tom Holt: wb Grock!

Grock: I am back. Internet is giving me more trouble than Charlie chan did in New Orleans!

Mrs Weebles has joined this room

Grock: I see that Dr. Zodiac has arrived…with apparition!

Tom Holt: Hello Mrs Weebles!

Mrs Weebles: I don’t want any nonsense from any of you tonight.

Grock: I must say, sir, you have raised the bar on what we foes of Charlie chan strive for!

Tom Holt:-)

Grock: Mrs. Weebles!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Good evening, Mrs. Weebles.

Grock: There may be some alcohol in the room tonight!

Mrs Weebles: And don’t make fun of my hair.

Grock: Beware!

Mrs Weebles: No drinking, no drinking!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Mr. Holt, I trust we will not be indulging in any, shall we say, masquerades this evening?

Geno Cuddy has joined this room

Tom Holt: Hello Geno!

Grock: Welcome, GC to our Halloween Perty!

Geno Cuddy: Hello where is the video

Tom Holt: <puts away Ape costume>

Grock: It’s a PARTY, as well!

Grock: Looks like Caesar may appear soon!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl has joined this room

Tom Holt: Hello Luna!

Grock: And, tom Holt, I mistook you for Sheriff Holt’s son from Lake Tahoe!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Aloha from Waikiki Beach. How’z it?

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Ah! The lovely Luna has joined our gathering.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Ah. Loha.

Geno Cuddy: is there a zoom link

Grock: I am happy you are the Holt we know and love in my gang!

Grock: Sorry, Geno…no.

Mrs Weebles: Luna or Tuna?

Geno Cuddy: i was under the impression this would be a video chat

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna new to Family Chat Room. Many important people here, yes?

Grock: But you are welcome to stay, if this works for you, GC!

Grock: Yes, Luna!

mystery guest has joined this room

Helene has joined this room

Mrs Weebles: Only me. As housekeeper for these lunies I have to make sure no one makes a mess.

Tom Holt: Hello Helene…..LONG time!

mystery guest: am i in time for the party?

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna see that Mrs. Weebles starting with, what you call, zingers, yes?

Grock: In about 9 minutes we will be sharing “Charlie Chan in Transylvania”!

Tom Holt: Hello MG!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Helene and Mystery Guest: We bid you welcome.

Mrs Weebles: Yes, Luna. My speciality.

Tom Holt: Ready here!

Helene: Rush, I hope I did this right. Got OPERA on now

Grock: Luna, Mrs. Weebles may not be too helpful there!

mystery guest: good evening Dr Zodiac

Grock: Yes, Rush tells me that you are correct!

Grock: There are two links above.

mystery guest: good evening all

Grock: One is for “Transylvania” and the other for “Opera.”

Helene: I already watched Transylvania

Geno Cuddy: “During our party we will discuss this film LIVE, watching it together via personal video!” This phrasing gives the impression that we would watch this over zoom, not text chat.

Grock: Good!

Grock: We will be watching it again together in about 7 minutes!

Nayda has joined this room

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Grock, please give Mrs. Weebles a dusk pan and broom. Go to work at Waikiki Beach.

Grock: Nayda!

Nayda: Hi All

mystery guest: I like the term personal video – much more personal

Tom Holt: Hello Nayda!

Grock: All the way from Egypt!

Mrs Weebles: Oh Geno, does Mrs Weebles need to take a feather duster to you?

Grock: So far you have come the furthest.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Good evening, Nayda!

Geno Cuddy: just trying to figure this out, no clear answer

Grock: And…we have a Mystery Guest!

Nayda: have you started trnasylvania?

Grock: No.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Oh my. Pardon local guy’s sense of humor. Been on rock too long.

Grock: In 5 minutes we will.

Grock: it lasts 19 minutes.

Nayda: Thank you

Tom Holt: Looks fun!

Grock: IS fun!

Deacon Foxx + Angel has joined this room

Grock: Deacon Foxx and Angel!

Tom Holt: Hello A & F!

Geno Cuddy: I’m not understanding this, I think I will vacate. Good evening.

mystery guest: i had trouble fitting into my costume tonight – the diet starts November 1st

Mrs Weebles: No fun allowed. Don’t you know there will be a murder tonight? Marcia? Marcia???

HeleneS has joined this room

Grock: “Deacon” Foxx from “The Chinese Cat”?

Deacon Foxx + Angel: BLEAGHHHHHHHH! Vere iss my BIER??

Geno Cuddy has left this room

Grock: HeleneS…

mystery guest: marsha marsha marsha!

Mrs Weebles: How many Helenes can we accomodate?

Grock: As many as arrive.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Yesssss, Grrrrrrrock! QVITE!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Well, we scared off another one. Can’t take it.

Grock: Tonight the GHOULS are in control!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: FOXX vill be viss us SHORTLY (height 27″): Iss parrrrrking our HEARSE!

mystery guest: ghouls rule

Helene: oops – I’m having problems re-joining. Please ignore me, sorry.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Mystery Guest, did you ZIGNNN INNN?

Grock: Please get your copy of “Translvania” ready to roll!

Tom Holt: We’d never ignor you, Helene

Grock: Please pause at the VERY BEGINNING!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Helene, ve shall awert our gazess.

Grock: 60 seconds….

mystery guest: yes df

Grock: (Counting down…)

Grock: 40 seconds…

Geno Cuddy has joined this room

Grock: 30 seconds…

mystery guest: df and a

Grock: 25…

Deacon Foxx + Angel: GC!!! Gut EEFENINK!

Grock: 20…

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna is standing by. Ready to roll, as you say.

HeleneS has left this room

Grock: 15…

Mrs Weebles: Welcome back Geno. We are a fun group

Grock: 10…

Grock: 5…

Grock: GO!!!

Grock: Credits…

Grock: Music…

Grock: TITLE!

DanVenture has joined this room

Grock: More credits…

Mrs Weebles: Mrs Weebles is jealous of a family that would do this.

Grock: DV!

Tom Holt: Hello Dan!

Grock: Welcome to Halloween Madness!

Grock: We just started the extra.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Hello DV! Velcomk!

Mrs Weebles: Dan, go put on your costume…

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Mr. Holt. It appears you have a rival for future Chan roles.

Grock: “CC in Transylvania”

Grock: The link is above.

Nayda: That is a weird looking Charlie

Nayda: and sounds wierd

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Much excitement. A new video of Chan family.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Birmingham in whiteface drag?

Grock: 2:00 in

Mrs Weebles: I love this! Pop lets his daughter drive.

Tom Holt: Young “Pop”

Deacon Foxx + Angel: TYSM!

Grock: Wonderfully non-PC!

Grock: 2:30

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I want that LICENSE PLATE.

Mrs Weebles: Damn that car is beautiful

Grock: Yes!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Such language, Mrs. W

Nayda: I agree Mrs. Weebles

Grock: I stole a couple like it whan I was a kid!

Mrs Weebles: Dr. Z: you ain’t seen nothing yet

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I vill zpreat zum gahlik.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Km?

Grock: 3:30

Grock: Kelly Miller.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Oh, we FORGOT: we’re in TRANsylvania!!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Such a welcoming atmosphere.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Children of the night. What music they make.

Grock: Good to have a Cricifix.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Oh, Luna forgot. Wrong movie.

mystery guest: the hound

Grock: (crucifix)

Grock: Sun sets.

Grock: Vampires awaken…

Mrs Weebles: This is so cool: family memories that will last forever…

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Does the “Chan” actor croak of a heroin OD a few scenes into our film?

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Watching careful for cameo from Sabu.

Grock: I like the wind sounds.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: You should know, Mrs. weebles!

Geno Cuddy: Is any one going to explain this to me?! I was under the impression that this would be done over zoom, the term “personal video” points to this. I had no idea that what this really is is syncing up a youtube video with a text chat on another tab. My keyboard is busted so this is too cumbersome for me, consider actual personal video chat next time! Using that term implies using zoom or skype, not youtube plus text chat! Rephrase your calendar please!

Grock: Consideded!

Grock: TYSM!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Oh, no, Geno!

Mrs Weebles: Geno: we never do Zoom. We don’t want to actually see each other…

Tom Holt:fp:

Nayda: lol

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Uh-oh. A parapet. And just one, not a whole pair.

Mrs Weebles: Yes, Tom

Deacon Foxx + Angel: They bought out Pier 1 Imports for THIS.

Geno Cuddy: Well that is what “During our party we will discuss this film LIVE, watching it together via personal video!” implies

Helene has left this room

Grock: Still, Thank you for visiting with us, GC!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: The CERAMIC OWL of SOMETHING!!!!!!!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Boo!

Grock: Sorry to disappoint.

mystery guest: we can’t see each other? really? can i take off my mask now?

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Uh-oh: a SCONCE. We’re in deep.

Mrs Weebles: I am LIVE, but thoughout tonite there will be several DEAD bodies so…

Grock: Yes!

Mrs Weebles: Mystery guest: where’ethe fun in that?

Deacon Foxx + Angel: We would expect nothing less of the redoubtable, whatever that means, Mrs. W!

Grock: 8:00

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Another sconce. We should have a lower-pitch tin can for sconces.

DanVenture: I half expect to find Ed Wood undead at the end of the hall.

mystery guest: mrs weebles – i will leave it on so you will not know who i am

Grock: An in-joke there!

Mrs Weebles: DF & A: Did someone say scones? I love scones. But a mess to clean up!

Nayda: David Rock Nelson?

Grock: 9:00

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: For Chan daughter, we at second-rate hotel in Chinatown.

mystery guest: stay close to the candles – the staircase can be treacherous

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: MG, I get it.

Grock: Crypt!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: My apparition opines that Birmingham Brown would be an excellent addition to this cast.

Grock: Now we are talking!

Mrs Weebles: It’s equipped?

mystery guest: yes luna

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: A crypt for a creep.

Grock: Yes…with a coffin.

Nayda: Yes BB that would be great

DanVenture: No surprise to see the movie encrypted online…

Grock: Or two!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Dr.Z, you have RE(a)d OUR MINDS!!

Mrs Weebles: I love this family: everything in their search is sooooo slow…

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Mr. Chan is prepared with a steak. Or a stake.

Grock: Yes, DV?

mystery guest: i think someone is impersonating danventure

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Would you cream and sugar with your coffin?

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: The search is everything, Mrs. Weebles.

Grock: Detective Miller!

Mrs Weebles: He’s trying not to smile…

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Laid in coffin DIAGONALLY? THAT’S a decorating twist!!

Grock: Wide tie would mean…BARNEY Miller!

The Suva Star has joined this room

Grock: AH!

Grock: My ship has arrived!

Tom Holt: Hello Suva Star!

Grock: Welcome…Suva Star!

mystery guest: good one grock!

The Suva Star: Hello all!

Mrs Weebles: Ain’t enough room for a boat in here

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I must ask the water department to keep a drip flowing after i, uh, WACATE my PRRRRREMISESS.

mystery guest: hello ss

Grock: YOW!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: And this is DAYLIGHT!

The Suva Star: I’m not that big a boat

Grock: That even made ME wince!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Not especially broad, but, still, daylight.

mystery guest: that’s gotta hurt

Mrs Weebles: Captain Kane is looking for you, Suva Star

Grock: She’s NOT pleased!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: They need a hand-pump insecticide fogger.

Geno Cuddy has left this room

Grock: And so are a group of treasure hunters!

Tom Holt: I hate getting hissed at

The Suva Star: This film reminds me of an early Doctor Who episode 960’s or 70’s era(

mystery guest: barney miller is a woman

Grock: Isn’t that the truth, Mr. Holt?

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Honorable A’s dug his crazy keyboard.

Mrs Weebles: Reminds me of Barnabas Collins

mystery guest: liberace

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Only Barney Miller’s doctor knows for sure.

Grock: 14:15

The Suva Star: I sailed without the Captain :-)

Grock: Yes, Mrs. Weebles.

Tom Holt: What a nice neck you have

Mrs Weebles: Bold move, SS

Grock: And yes…with a touch of Liberace!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: As long as Tennille is aboard, who cares about the Captain?

Grock: UH OH!

mystery guest: love will keep us together

Grock: Crucifix is in the coffin!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Liberace would be GREAT in this part.

mystery guest: mr showmanship

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Paul Lynde, if Lee’s not free.

mystery guest: cat fight

The Suva Star: Ouch

Miss Finch has joined this room

Grock: Really mad now!!!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: You have back pain. Try lay on beach with Luna, yes?

Tom Holt: Hello Miss Finch!

Miss Finch: Hello – is this the boat to Panama?

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: There has to be a half-assed joke in here somewhere…

Grock: Must be a silver sword.

mystery guest: i’m melting

Miss Finch: Where do we see the movie?

Stella Graham has joined this room

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Maybe she rubbed the sword with garlic

Deacon Foxx + Angel: YES!!

DanVenture: Two cut=ups here.

Tom Holt: Hello Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Grock: THE END

The Suva Star: I thought you needed garlic for vampires

Stella Graham: Good evening everyone

Grock: Well-deserved…APPLAUSE

Nayda: Hi STella

mystery guest: don’t mess with the chan clan


Grock: HOW did you like it?

mystery guest: stella by starlight – hello

DanVenture: Wow. A Slick Production.

Tom Holt: Cute clip, thnx!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: This is the first time I’ve seen a car credited.

Grock: This is a CCF Chat PREMIERE…

Tom Holt: Slick or Glick? :-)

The Suva Star: It deserved the credit :_)

The Suva Star:-)

Grock: Or GROCK.

puzzums has joined this room

Nayda: I agree great car

Miss Finch: What did I miss?


Tom Holt: Hello Puzzums!

Grock: Our favorite kitty!

mystery guest: this was a treat

Grock: Me…Ow?

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: One might say you missed a bomb of a film, Miss Finch.

Stella Graham: I was looking for a dummy, has anyone seen my dummy?

Grock: As in “THE BOMB!”

Deacon Foxx + Angel: This should be added to the annual rotation, say we!!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Dummy in back seat of 1931 Ford.

mystery guest: da bomb

Grock: More accurately put, MG!

Grock: Yes.

Miss Finch: So do I follow the link

Grock: Now…

Stella Graham: Ah yes Luna, I may have forgotten him there…I will drag the car here now

Grock: Our feature for this most errie of nights…”Charlie Chan at the Opera”!

Nayda: I have Opera all ready to go.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Mrs. Weebles, we wish you would ask Rush about making a 21st Century Chan!

Grock: OLAND versus KARLOFF!

Tom Holt: Yippeeeeee!

Grock: 10 minutes away.

puzzums: ready here

mystery guest: my money is on oland for the ko

Grock: I’ll take that bet!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Taking Oland and the points

Grock: But…thare can always be a “draw”?

mystery guest: you’re on grock

Grock: (There, as well…)

Mrs Weebles: Mrs Weebles agrees we should make a new movie

Grock: I would agree!

mystery guest: i’ve always wanted to be in a movie

Grock: I would leave New Orleans for the East Coast to help on that!

Stella Graham: A new film could restart my burlesque act

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: So much fun playing detective.

Grock: Yes, Stella!

Stella Graham: I miss the circus

Grock: And…good to have ya here, M’am!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Last time Luna play detective, got pinched in her coconuts. Oh, applesauce.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: I have never lacked for notoriety. But this idea of a film is intriguing.

Mrs. Snodgrass has joined this room

mystery guest: stella will be doing the dance of the seven veils

Mrs Weebles: Luna, honey, I feel your pain

Tom Holt: Hello Mrs Snodgrass!

Mrs Swenson has joined this room

mystery guest: inga – welcome

Tom Holt: Hello Mrs Swenson!

Stella Graham: Or the seven puppets…I can change my voice!

Mrs Swenson: May I scrub the floors ?

Grock: Of course!

Stella Graham: Not now Mrs Swenson! I may slip.

Tom Holt: Missed a spot

Grock: Just make sure that all the blood is cleaned up!

Mrs. Snodgrass: My ancestors would raise an I at this gathering…

Mrs Weebles: Wait, we could do a puppet version of a Chan story!

Grock: The last murder was pretty messy!

Grock: 5 minutes.

Stella Graham: Perfect Mrs. Weebles! Just like punch and judy

Grock: 4 minutes…

Tom Holt: Ready!

Miss Finch: Its so exciting to be travelling after all my years of teaching

DanVenture: One of the BEST CC films.

Grock: I was told that we are supposed to wait at the opening title.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna stand by in little grass shack.

Tom Holt: Agreed DV!

Grock: Perfect, Luna!

PaulM has joined this room

Miss Finch: You mean the name of the film or the spotlight thing

Mrs Weebles: Mrs Weebles hides all the alchohol

Nayda: I’ll just look in from the outside

Stella Graham: Yes grock…hold your horses

Deacon Foxx + Angel: *rustles libretto*

Tom Holt: Hello Paul!

Grock: 3 minutes.

PaulM: hello crew

Grock: Paul.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Good evening, Paul.

Mrs Swenson: Mind your muddy feet there

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Hello Paul! You playing bassoon tonight?

Mrs Weebles: Paul, Paul, you need a costume

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Not long ago, Smith bite off Hawaiian bullet, and go to big pineapple factory in the sky.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Nayda, my apparition was an Egyptian priestess 3000 years ago. We bid you welcome.

Mrs Weebles: O do you think, Why are all these wird people signed on to the chat…

Grock: Also, missed Mrs. Snodgrass and Miss Finch!

Grock: 2 minutes.

Stella Graham: Yes poor Smith, a sad ending

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Just walk like an Egyptian, Nayda.

puzzums: hi paul

Grock: 90 seconds…

Nayda: Thank you Dr. Zodiac

Mrs. Snodgrass: Well I’m glad to be here — even I hear footsteps coming nearer

Grock: That reminds me of our contdown to Charlie Chan!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: My miscreant pals used to call weak weed “snodgrass”, back in the day.

PaulM: hadnt really thought about a costume. lately i’ve been looking a lot like italian horror director Lucio Fulci


Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell has joined this room

Grock: DRAT!

Grock: 60 seconds…

Grock: 50 seconds…

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: No more Smith. Luna all alone now. Luna need new boyfriend. Any takers, yes?

Mrs Weebles: You folks are scary

Grock: 40…

Grock: 30…

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Greetings…BOO!

Grock: LYDIG!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: BILL! I was told there’s be NO BILL FOR 90 DAYS!

Mrs Weebles: Mrs Weebles like girls, Luna

Grock: 25…

Grock: 20…

Grock: 15…

Nayda: Hi Bill

Grock: 10…

Grock: 5…

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Good evening, Mr. Lyar. I mean Lydig.

Grock: ROLL EM!!!

Tom Holt<GONG>

Grock: Title…

Tom Holt: Hello Bill!

Grock: OPERA music….

Grock: credits…

Grock: “Me, me MEEEE…”

DanVenture: I wonder, is “Carnival” an actual opera?

Mrs Weebles: Oscar Levant wrote the opera? He was very funny

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Glorious baritone

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Awesome vocals

Nayda: rain

Miss Finch: Yikes – how do you switch between the two places

Nayda: it’s raining here too

Nayda: yay

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: I always assumed it was just the bits we hear in this movie, DanV

Nayda: we need it

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: It was a dark and stormy night …

Mrs. Snodgrass has left this room

Deacon Foxx + Angel: This is a Darling script!

Grock: Spooky weather!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Raining here too 🙁

Nayda: Egypt always need rain

Stella Graham: Yes very stormy

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Nice Rec room!

Mrs Swenson: All this rain makes muddy floors

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Carlos used to reign in Spain.

Stella Graham: Amnesia!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: The voice matches Karloff!

mystery guest: where’s my paper?

Grock: Coming up.

Grock: There!

mystery guest: sports section please

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna go get paper.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: This guy’s got something.

Grock: Note the title shown.

Mrs Swenson has left this room

Grock: Then…later it will change at police headquarters.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: For Texas and Miss Lilly!

Grock: Orderly talked too much!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: For King (Larry) and Country (Music)!

puzzums: ..

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Evident presbyopia.

Grock: And…he did not stomop on the picture, did he?

Grock: (stomp)

Mrs Weebles: Where have Mrs Swenson and Mrs Snodgrass gone?

Grock: Passage of time…

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Kepis are always kool.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Time waits for no man, not even Boris

Miss Finch: My nerves are jingle jangle with all this cleaning to do

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Oh, well, as long as it was a maniac.

Grock: “16th and Hill”

mystery guest: gravelle has changed into his costume and is coming to our party

Mrs Weebles: Miss Finch, I have already cleaned

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Wasn’t that cop one of the guards on the outside?

Stella Graham: Car 54 where are you

Nayda: Uncle Charlie

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Miss Finch, i’ve got spurs that jingle jangle. Then they jingle. Then they stop. Then they start again.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Miss Finch, please rest. Luna clean up now.

Grock: THAT may not be a seance…but, we have one going on HERE tonight!

Stella Graham: Hey Bub

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: This is not a seance? You imbecile. It is ALWAYS a seance.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Luna, see that you do.

Mrs Weebles: Always a seance for sure

mystery guest: close the border

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Everybody say SEANCE!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna start with Shelah Fane’s room.

Miss Finch: Shouldn’t he be watching the Three Sons?

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Enter Detective Chan…Chop Suey.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Are there a lot of railroads in Hawaii?

Stella Graham: Why is catching him so urgent? He didn’t kill anyone

Stella Graham: Copy suey!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Broderick Crawford was needed here.

Grock: Yes, Stella!

Stella Graham: Yes highway patrol

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Chop Chop Suey, says disaffected detective.

Grock: If the CHP is brough in, yes, Angel!

Grock: (brought)

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Pardon, disaffected sergeant. Still—

puzzums: char;ie’s in a hurry to get home

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Grock, :lol: :lol:

Grock: Yes he is.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Chan hits on everybody.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Gives dressing-down when inappropriate.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: The Case of the Case of Scotch.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Deacon & Angel: No trains in Hawaii, but plenty of underground tunnels. Luna think.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: fox fur, fox fur!

Mrs Weebles: That fur coat brought in a woman.

Grock: Yes…sound the alarm!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Lotsa ladies have heel marks, in that time in that town.

Stella Graham: Lilly Roche brings a chocolates

mystery guest: fox fur!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Rochelle Rochelle!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Mrs W, Yuk, Yuk.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: She LOOKS like she’s been from Milan to Minsk.

mystery guest: diva!

Mrs Weebles: Yack Yack Yack

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna thinks Mrs Weebles has wicked sense of humor.

Stella Graham: Yes deacon

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Yackety yack, don’t (well, you know).

Grock: it is hard to find a Charlie Chan case WITHOUT a fur…including FOX…but NOT FoXX!

Mrs Weebles: Mrs Weebles is not wicked except during equinox

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: LOL.

mystery guest: he wears perfume

Grock: Barelli uses perfume!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: This rings of characters from “Keeper of the Keys” (novel)

The Suva Star: Was there any fur in the Panama episode?

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Can the help be questioned as to which inscribed the card that needed to say “YOU WILL (etc.)”

Grock: The private detective reports.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: She could break a store window at 800 yards.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Remember those public phones…and booths!

mystery guest: charlie was wearing a fur panama hat

Deacon Foxx + Angel: FOX fur?

Grock: “Mode Florist”

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Got a nickel?

Grock: Nearly a HUNDERD today.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: $6! Pricey!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: He’s going to a rave.

Grock: A HUNDRED, as well!

Stella Graham: Yes costly

Miss Finch: must be so lovely to receive roses

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Miss Lotus Wong Toy. Aha! German!

Grock: Yes, Miss Finch!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Grock, Miss Finch wishes some roses.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: I would prefer Miss Wright Toy, please.

Grock: But they wilt quickly in HOT climates!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Water Lily? Or WALTER Lilly?

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Opera season good for scattering mice.

Grock: They should’ve at least tipped the florist for the information!

Mrs Swenson has joined this room

Mrs Weebles: $3 returned

Grock: “Soup and fish”

puzzums: sigh. my movie froze.

Mrs Weebles: Welcome back Mrs S

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Oh! Honey Pie! You are making me crazy!!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Ah, soup & fish. Never heard that one?

Grock: WB, Mrs. Swendstrom!

Mrs Swenson: What place are we in the movie

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: An evening at the Opera. How pleasant.

Grock: 15:40

puzzums: youtube’s not playing nice tonight

Grock: Commercials?

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Puzzums, YT has it in for us.

mystery guest: mrs swenson got caught in the revolving door

Miss Finch: flower shop

Grock: SCREAM!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: DAMN that traffic jam!

Grock: 16:20…

Grock: Mrs. Joe Rocke!

Miss Finch: I think I found the scream

Grock: She got a job on the West Coast!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: We all scream for I scream


Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: A strange man. Must be from Waikiki, Luna think.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: That’s right! She IS The Rock!!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Wasn’t she at the Wax museum?

Grock: Gravelle…

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Scream for ice (you know)?

Nayda: weird hat

Grock: 17:30

Mrs Weebles: Wasn’t she a disply IN the wax museum?

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Mrs. Rock

Grock: “…even if FRANKENSTEIN walks in!”

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: or Rocke

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Great line. I hoped that Karloff laughed.

mystery guest: the show must go on

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Lee Chan proves his metal. Proves HE’S metal.

Grock: Yes, Luna!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Mrs. Weebles, yep. The wife of a murdered criminal.

Grock: Even Number Three Son!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I like Lee’s tutu.

Mrs Weebles: frat boyts

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Co-Starring FOREST TREES!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: HALT!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Phi Chi Nese

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: As in My Three Sons, HUH?

Stella Graham: Love the bow tie

Mrs Swenson has left this room

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Evening wear for the opera is always appropriate.

Grock: As in “My Three Sons.”

Deacon Foxx + Angel: PLENTY of ‘splainin’.

Grock: Yes.

Stella Graham: Chop suey now egg Foo young…what’s next

Mrs Swenson has joined this room

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Leave her alone, Bub!

Grock: Gravelle!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: These dressing rooms are palatial. What theater is this?

Deacon Foxx + Angel: YEAH, BUB!

mystery guest: won ton soup

Grock: Back from the dead!

Mrs Swenson: Keeps throwing me off!

Grock: “Gravelle SINGS tonight.”

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Mirror shot.

Grock: Flames!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Margaret Dumont would have been good here.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Stella, Luna think Panda Express delivery boy.

Grock: It’s all coming back!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: He’s remembering!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Like a hot kiss at the end of a wet fist!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Flames…flames…Calgary Flames…I was a hockey player!

mystery guest: yes dr zodiac

Grock: Panda Express sounds good right now…

Stella Graham: Special benefits performance by gravelle

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Calgary Flames? HUNKS O’ HUNKS O’ BURNIN’ LOVE!!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: This mystery is quite easy to solve

puzzums: it dowsgrock

Mrs Weebles: Panda Express: eveil but yummy

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna get. Have surf board near by.

Grock: Thank you!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I’D kill for those scomves.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: SCONCES>

puzzums has left this room

Miss Finch: lighting attached to walls – sconces?

Stella Graham: You don’t send me flowers…….

mystery guest: i thought they were scones

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I’m afraid so, Miss Finch.

Grock: Minus the “C” and we get scones!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Scones taste much better

Mrs Weebles: …you don’t sing me love songs anymore…

Deacon Foxx + Angel: No, MG, scones are different. Attach to walls with flour/salt/water poultice.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Shadow is that of a bebop reindeer.

Grock: Gravelle moved on….

Mrs Swenson: So many feet make dirty floors

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Rudolph Coltraine

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Dr.Z: You & App are aficionados?

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: We are associates, yes.

Stella Graham: Uncle Charlie can’t afford a tuxedo

Deacon Foxx + Angel: How do the knights see?

Grock: How many times did Lee and his fraternity brothers get to rehearse their walk-on?

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: I see that you too have a companion.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: WE LOVE DIRTY LAUNDRY!

Grock: Wild party!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Knights see when lights are on. Little island humor.

Grock: YES!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Ah yes. The ever-popular “Drunken orgy in the bar” scene from Carnival.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: I wonder who the dancing maiden is. Is she uncredited?

Stella Graham: Casting call….Chinese college students please

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Luna, i shall tell The Maestro of your casual disrespect.

Grock: I would call that a LOW “ha”!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Well-known for its virtuoso xylophone part.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: And Hungarian-Mexican reveler/rouees!!

mystery guest: grock 🙂

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I think Desi Arnaz would have made a great CC, also.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna think Insp Chan is one smart copper. American slang, yes?

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Cuban Pete?

Grock: Angel…and would Lucy be Mrs. Chan in that case?

Stella Graham: Dressed as goldilocks

mystery guest: rapunzel

Stella Graham: Rico a!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Oh, applesauce.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Cape envy.

Stella Graham: Ricola

Mrs Weebles: Lots ofsequins on those headpieces

puzzums has joined this room

mystery guest: heidi

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Those ruffled collars are STILL in style.

Grock: “Applesauce”, indeed!

puzzums: sorry. dropped out of room.

Nayda: Where

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Hat-tops are PACKARD HOOD ORNAMENTS.

PaulM: happens to me sometimes, puzzums

Grock: WB…Puzzums!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Movie inspire Luna to sing now.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Oh sweet mystery of life at last I found you !!!

mystery guest: sing luna sing!

Mrs Weebles: Watch it Luna, some of the singers don’t live to sing another day

Grock: Maybe joined by the Royal Hawaiian Glee group?

Miss Finch: There was this song from Egypt I remember – Pundi, pundi, pundi

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: If looks could kill!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Yipes !!!

Grock: Oh…my ears still ache from that one!

Nayda: Not from Egypt Miss Finch

Mrs Swenson: So much singing

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Get back here!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Somebody tie her pigtails & put her in her Packard.

puzzums: wans’y pundi from india?

Grock: That’s what happens in operas! Too much singing!

Stella Graham: Lip sync for your life!

Grock: Yes, Puzzums.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna no sing. Luna dance hula for you, yes?

mystery guest: yes luna

Grock: No blood on the knife.

Grock: She’s okay.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Very convincing death scene.

mystery guest: time to hide the weapon

Stella Graham: No can yet

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: It’s all in the hips. You watch carefully, yes?

Grock: It even convinced Lilli!

Grock: Puzzums…CANARY!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: LHBG: aren’t you suppose to watch the hands 🙂

Tom Holt: <tin can>

Grock: Yes.

Grock: An official death!

Stella Graham: First death….very far into the film

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: The Can has spoken

Grock: Yes.

Grock: It usually happens a lot faster!

Mrs Weebles: Stella: it was hard to wait

mystery guest: did he say trap door

Stella Graham: Yes Mrs w, very unusual

Grock: And there it is!

Grock: Do you see the message in red that I see?

Mrs WeeblesBLOOD

Grock: “Humility only defence againsr rightful blame.”

Stella Graham: Second murder very close behind

Deacon Foxx + Angel: John (“Sgt.Schultz” Banner would be good hre opposite CC.

Grock: In red (blood): “Your message hasn’t been sent. It’s like a flood. Wait for 20 seconds and change the message text or activate VIP status.”

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: I do not see any message in red.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: That “like a flood” stuff has prevented some of Fox & my best stuff from getting to fellow detectives.

Grock: I am seeing things!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Luna take hams luau.

Grock: Red…RED…RED!!!

Mrs Weebles: RED?

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Agnes Moorehead as the diva would be cool.

Nayda: yes Deacon

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: She would be nicely evil.

Miss Finch: Miss Moorehead would have been very good indeed

Grock: Yes.

Grock: Gravelle peeks in from above!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Poor Gravelle.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Oh, Miss Finch, we’re SO glad you agree! Would you like to join us in our stateroom for scones? We have a sconce. You could be ensconced, easily. And scones brought to you.

Mrs Weebles: I warned you about those scones

Grock: Angel…very classic!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: The plot thickens.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I’m SORRY, Mrs. Weebles; i don’t BELEEEEEEVE anyone was speaking to YOU!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Quick, Miss Finch. Hide the sconces. Stuff the scones.

Grock: This is where the Marx Brother would show up.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Charlie meets Gravelle~~

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Harpo, surely.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Gravelle is stoned.

Grock has left this room

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Grock!!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: MAN OVERBOARD! MAN (OR PERSYN) overboard!!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Mrs Weebles, Luna put Hawaiian curse on anybody who talk badly to you. Luna do, yes?

Grock has joined this room

Grock: This is where the Marx Brother would show up.

puzzums: sorry guys, i can’t keep me eyes open. see you next week. I’m hounder.

Grock: Which one, I am not sure…

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Stow the curse, Luna. We have the microfilm.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: bye Hounder

Stella Graham: Night hounder

Grock: maybe thhre…or even all four!

The Suva Star: Later Hounder!

Nayda: Night hounder

Mrs Swenson: I do like those silly boys on those movies

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Good night, Hounder! Sleep well.

Grock: Good night, Hounder!

mystery guest: good night puzzums

Deacon Foxx + Angel: You never see isinglass anymore. Didn’t see it then, either. Hmmmmm.

Mrs Weebles: Luna joins the cursing contingent

Grock: I was tossed out for a while!

Grock: Sorry!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Outer darkness is so unentertaining.’

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Welcome back, Grock

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Welcome back Grock.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: What film is Grock from?

puzzums has left this room

Nayda: Welcome Back Grock

Deacon Foxx + Angel: We’re gonna rock around the Grock later tonight.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: It is the inner darkness that is more fascinating, is it not Angel?

Grock: Well, I was wrong about who Hounder was!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: The inner darkness, A and Z, is deeply absorbing.

Miss Finch: Why would Chicago have a photo of this opera guy

Mrs Weebles: Hounder was puzzums?

mystery guest: wire photo

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Oh brother, Luna put Hawaiian curse on Deacon & Angel for telling bad puns.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Who wouldn’t, Miss Finch? I find him quite—fascinating,

Grock: I think that the fire was in an opera house in Chicago.

Stella Graham: Love that fax machine

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: That does not matter, Miss Finch. The do, however, have the only other fancy picture-sending device.

Grock: yes.

Grock: Wire photo.

Nayda: I love Deacon Foxx +Angeles humor

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Tickertape FLASH—ANGEL, FOXX, RUSHED TO HOSPITAL

Deacon Foxx + Angel: POIZON ZUZPEGDED

Grock: “Mr. X”

Mrs. Snodgrass has joined this room

Mrs. Snodgrass: back in

Grock: Mrs. Snodgrass!

The Suva Star: stampede

Mrs Weebles: And Mrs S returns again

Mrs. Snodgrass: Hmmm

Grock: We have a revolving door tonight.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: And you’ll find that you’re in the rotogravure!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: 16 online though

Grock: And most of us seem to have been forced to use it!

The Suva Star: I think everyone is jumping off the ship for a swim

Stella Graham: Hold the boat!

Grock: Yes, Bill.

Grock: NOT Phil!

Mrs Weebles: actually 18+ of us here tonight

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: I gotta use that line, “I’m taking on a new job today, keeping you happy” Oh yeah!

Grock: Ah HA!

Grock: Great gathering this night!

Mrs Weebles: That includes the guy who was mad at us because we weren’t on Zoom

Grock: Touching scene here.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: The place is packed! Front doors is locked! When the po-lice knock, those doors—hmmm!

Miss Finch: we can do zoom here?

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Yes, I’m afraid cause your Frankenstein!

Mrs Weebles: Creepy dad

mystery guest: tonight’s after party is on ZOOM

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: You’re afraid of me. They’re all afraid of me.

Stella Graham: Sing for me daddy

Grock: He can’t help being “creepy”!

Grock: He has been through a lot!

The Suva Star: It’s those eyebrows

Deacon Foxx + Angel: He just wants some hugs, Jugs.

Mrs. Snodgrass: where on zoom?

Grock: She should rmember some of that.

Mrs Weebles: OK, a faint is the next best thing

Grock: Yes.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Music hath something or other to soothe the savage bresses.

Mrs Weebles: Zoom is tonight’s joke

Deacon Foxx + Angel: EEEK!

Grock: Protective dad.

mystery guest: no joke mrs weebles

Mrs. Snodgrass: oh my

Mrs Weebles: MG: you do Zoom?

Miss Finch: Now he must answer to Ma Bell

Deacon Foxx + Angel: You can say that again, Mrs. S.

Grock: third person.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Don’t mess with the Chan.

Grock: This is truly Oland versus Karloff.

Stella Graham: Dead phone line

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: I think so too!

Grock: Sort of an “act-off”!

mystery guest: we can do zoom next week

Nayda: Yes Grock

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Or a duet

Grock: Karloff may win on points.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Poor Booris.

Stella Graham: Everybody thinks I am mad! They’re coming to take me away haha hehe

Deacon Foxx + Angel: CC would have made a great counselor.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: To the funny farm!!

Mrs Swenson: Oh – Going to be long night before I clean floors

Grock: Napoleon XIII.

Stella Graham: Yes deacon!

Stella Graham: Where life is happy all the time

mystery guest: take the night off mrs swenson

Grock: They must not be union performers!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Manager has invoked the magic word: Overtime!

Grock: Yes.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: One full extra service pay!

The Suva Star: I thought everyone was locked in

Grock: An extra three bucks to each of ’em!

Miss Finch: Has the boat to Honolulu left yet?

mystery guest: where is the sharpshooter?

Mrs Weebles: Darker

Grock: Scared by the dimming light.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Miss Finch, Luna wait for you at Honolulu dock.

Miss Finch: We will have to step lively girl, to make the boat after this.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Yes. He lives in a world of music!

Grock: She is not happy…

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: And she is singing all about it

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: No worry. Luna have surfboard. Get you there one way or another.

Grock: Time for “Take Me Out to the Ball game…”

mystery guest: look up in the sky – its a bird – its a plane – its bill lydig

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Of all the Chan movies, this one has the most music in it, Luna think.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Ha, yes, that’s me!

Grock: Luna is right!

Stella Graham: Yes Luna! Maximum music

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: The music in “Opera” is a key plot point too.

PaulM has left this room

Mrs Swenson: Will be so hard to clean that up

Grock: Yes…sorry!

Stella Graham: CC the musical next season

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Now, the epilog.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: I find murders in theaters to be particularly stimulating.

Mrs Weebles: The music was written by Oscar Levant who had weird TV shows and spent time in mental institutions

Mrs Weebles: And was a prolific composer

Grock: Before we end…I was told to announce that next Monday is Melbourne Cup Night.

Grock: “Charlie Chan at the Race Track”

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Who told you to announce that Grock 🙂

Grock: Tickets for the race will be handed out during the evening.

Grock: Rush, of course!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Ah So.

Grock: He’s tied up at the moment.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Literally, one presumes.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Yuk, Yuk

Mrs. Snodgrass: We SHOULD do a Zoom some night

Grock: Everyone assumes that Gravelle is a homicidal maniac.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: I would participate. Perhaps my apparition would not be visible.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: SEARCH THE ARIA!!

Grock: All of it!

mystery guest: i knw it!

mystery guest: knew

Stella Graham: You are MURDERESS

Mrs. Snodgrass: Aha!

Mrs Weebles: BLOOD

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Stain of Blood!

Grock: Search he ENTIRE Oprah!

Grock: SLAP!!!

Grock: I mean… OPERA.

mystery guest: oprah did it!

Nayda: lol

Nayda: good one mg

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: nice uniform

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Like a milkman.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Oprah in the opera with the lead pipe

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Oprah at the Opera. Oh, my.

Grock: The men in the white suits have arrived.

mystery guest: yes dr z

Stella Graham: So bullet cures amnesia?

Mrs Weebles: Kitty has to pretend to be Kitty?

Grock: Only this time they are ambulance crew!

Miss Finch: Cures it one way – or the other

Grock: Kelly comes around.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Most heartwarming.

Grock: He learned a LOT tonight!

mystery guest: a swell dish

Stella Graham: A swell dish!

Grock: “Bume too late.”

Grock: BLOOM.

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Cue! Save for next case.

Mrs Swenson: I’ll be upstairs cleaning the floors. It will be a long night.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Escort

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I still like Sgt. Schultz for this part.

Grock: “Case now closed.”

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: I will be in seance

Mrs Weebles: Case Closed

Grock: He know nothing.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: You stay here with us, Mrs. Swenson!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Most entertaining.

Grock: Clocing credits…


Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Wow! Silence is golden

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Salts SMELL like Madame, anyway.

Stella Graham: Hold that boat..

Grock: The typos tell all…

Deacon Foxx + Angel: SEANCE is golden, too!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: A good cast is worth repeating.

Mrs. Snodgrass: Hmmmm…. Nicely done

Grock: THE END.

Tom Holt: <yee-haw>

Deacon Foxx + Angel: YAY!!!

Grock: (Applause from the coffins…)

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Yeaaa!

Grock: Well…

Deacon Foxx + Angel: APPLESAUCE!! APPLESAUCE!!

DanVenture: Indeed! A real Halloween treat.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Accolades.

mystery guest: my favorite chan film i think

Mrs Weebles: Great party

Miss Finch: do we guess?

Stella Graham: An excellent choice!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: One of the best in the series !!!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: The apparition is pleased as well.

Mrs. Snodgrass: Dead Men Tell is still my favorite

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Nice time, Rush, er I mean Grock.

Grock: How was this edition of our Halloween Evening?

Mrs Weebles: I think Luna is Nothere

Mrs. Snodgrass: Obviously

Deacon Foxx + Angel: The Frat Brothers weren’t credited! What if somebody wants a date?

Grock: OOPS!

Mrs Swenson: Dr zodiac – Mike?

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Wonderful, Grock/Rush!

Grock: Mask fell off!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Wrong. Try again.

Grock: Long ago!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Mrs. Weebles, i think, is GS.’

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: *bows* Yes, Mrs. S

Mrs Weebles: No, Mrs Weebles in not GS

Grock: Steve…Hawaii?

Mrs Swenson: I knew your footprints

DanVenture: Sadly, as Chan would say, Dan is slow on uptake. No mystery name to share.

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Luna? Luna? Lu-ise?

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Okay. But I gave up drag years ago.

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Honolulou coming in from CLE, here.

Nayda: I think Dan is Dan

Miss Finch: Mrs Weebles – Louise?

Grock: Lou!

DanVenture: LOL Nayda.

Grock: You GOT me!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: Grock! I mean Rush 🙂

Grock: No Idea!

Mrs Weebles: Yes Miss Finch, you are correct

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Who is Suva?

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Who is mystery guest?

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: GS?

Grock: THAT I would like to know too!

DanVenture: I do Grock Spock, though.

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Luna = Lou?

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Steve is Luna.

Grock: Ah!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Ohhhhhh!

Grock: Yes, steve!

mystery guest: all identities will be revealed on zoom

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Great job, Steve! loved the surfboard

Mrs Weebles: Steve: very funny tonight

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Suva = MnR?

The Suva Star: Suva Star is Cdirus

Grock: Tioo many Hawaii connections! Had to be!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Ahhh SO!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Nope Angel, we are Zodiac and Apparition

Deacon Foxx + Angel: And Deacon Foxx is Deacon Jessup!

Nayda: lol

Grock: You guys were GREAT!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Mrs. Weebles, I loved the interplay. You stayed true to character.

Grock: was nearly all wrong!

Mrs. Snodgrass: Mrs SNodgrass is Len Freeman

Mrs Weebles: You too Luna

Stella Graham: And who am I?

Grock: LEN!!!

Grock: Wow!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: We never SAID we was detectives, Mr. Brock!!

Mrs Weebles: STELLA!!!

Grock: Dona?

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Please remember that this was all in FUN !!!


Miss Finch: I am not a Nazi

Grock: Oh, NO?

Grock: ðŸ™‚

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Miss Finch, we were SURE we saw you at the Olympics.

Mrs Weebles: Have we said Matt is Tom Holt

Tom Holt:P

Grock: I had Matt.

Grock: He’s in a similar boat with me!

Grock: Hard to hide!

Mrs Swenson: I will ring out my mop now

Mrs Weebles: True Grock

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: The can is always a give-away

Mrs. Snodgrass: Bill is?

Deacon Foxx + Angel: My first question! Let us all get in our same boats and set sale!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Dr. Z, I thank you. Great job by all guests.

Grock: Dona, were you Stella?

Nayda: no

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Bill da burger!

mystery guest: you can run but you cannot hide

Grock: Dona…were you Nayda?

Nayda: yes

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I want to hide.

DanVenture: I feel like I am living “Who’s on First” here.

Grock: AH! Wrong again!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: So who was mystery guest?

mystery guest: third base

Mrs Weebles: Grock: can you post a final list someplace of who is who tonight?

Grock: You are all great!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Naturally!

Grock: GREAT costumes!

Nayda: who is mg

Deacon Foxx + Angel: And Naturally throws it to Who!

DanVenture: And I respond, MG, the shortstop…

Grock: VERY hard to connect!

Mrs Weebles: Third base

Grock: ðŸ™‚

Deacon Foxx + Angel: SAFE!

Deacon Foxx + Angel: I’m Dizzy, dean.

Miss Finch: are we done now

Grock: I’m DIZZY in my own way!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell: A very nice time all, Bill Lydig (Superman) here, or Honolulu, signing off. G’nite all and “Thank you so much.”

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Overdone, says our Meet Thermometer.

Stella Graham: All will be revealed in next week’s episode

Grock: Thank YOU so much!

Grock: Well!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Yes, Miss Finch. You may go back to your tea and biskets.

Tom Holt: Always my favorite Chan of the year…..Good night everyone!

Grock: See you all next Monday!

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition: Goodnight all. Thanks for a wonderful evening!


Nayda: Who is Stella

mystery guest: maybe charlie chan can identify the guests

Grock: Melbourne Cup Night!

Stella Graham: Night all

DanVenture: So great to “see” everyone! Have a great week y’all!

Bill Lydig (Dead Men Tell has left this room

Deacon Foxx + Angel: Some girl. Gnite!!

Grock: “Charlie Chan at the Race Track”

Miss Finch: Misses Finch and Swenson – Godwinshelley

Deacon Foxx + Angel: We coulda been a contendah!!

Grock: ðŸ™‚

Nayda: lol

Grock: GREAT job, Angel!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: GWS, which one were you?

mystery guest: what is melbourne cup night?4

Mrs. Snodgrass: Nite all… another great start for Halloween. :-)

Miss Finch: Finch & Swenson – Godwinshelley this evening

Nayda: Who is mystery guest?

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DanVenture has left this room

Dr. Zodiac and Apparition has left this room

Mrs Weebles: Ok, off to drink. Yeah, you heard me. Mrs Weebles signing out

Grock: You were the bow that finished tonight’s package!

Deacon Foxx + Angel has left this room

Grock: Okay, Mrs. W!

Mrs Swenson has left this room

Grock: Drink up!

The Suva Star has left this room

Miss Finch: Next week – the Race Track – yea!!!!

Mrs. Snodgrass has left this room

Grock: YES!

Grock: 24 horses…divided up as always!

Miss Finch: Everyone stay safe

Mrs Weebles has left this room

Grock: TYSM!

Grock: Yes…

Grock: be happy and SAFE!

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Grock: Good night!

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Okay. I gotta go take off my grass skirt. See you all.

Grock: I must be going as well…

Grock: Sorry…

Luna, Hawaiian Beach Girl: Aloha from Hawaii. Good night.

Nayda: Goodnight all. Great night!

Grock: Aloha!

Grock: And Mahalo…so much!

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Grock: Good night!

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