Chat Archive 10/26/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for October 26, 2020

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (Annual Charlie Chan Family Virtual Halloween Party)

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 4)

Allen Colby (Rush)
Carlotta (Dona)
Eve Cairo (fredsmom)
Gentleman in black tie (Mike in DC)
Gravelle (cdirus)
Kashimo! (Matt)
Lady Tiny (Louise)
Man in white t-shirt (?)
Phil & Mrs. Phil

Allen Colby has joined this room

Allen Colby: TEST

Kashimo! has joined this room

Kashimo!: Hello AC!

Allen Colby: Greetings, Kashimo!

Allen Colby: Any CLUES tonight, yet/

Kashimo!: <pssssst!>

Kashimo!: Hope you are well?

Allen Colby: I have this strange fear of grandfather clocks!

Allen Colby: Yes, besides that, very well, thank you!

Allen Colby: 🙂

Kashimo!: Always a fun time of year here!

Gentleman in black tie has joined this room

Allen Colby: YES!

Kashimo!: Hello GB!

Allen Colby: And, next week, another fun one!

Allen Colby: Gentleman in black tie…welcome!

Kashimo!: GBT

Gentleman in black tie: Good evening, sirs.

Allen Colby: I feel I came underdressed, Gentleman!

Gentleman in black tie: I see an Asian gentleman joins us this evening.

Allen Colby: Good evening!

Allen Colby: Yes.

Allen Colby: He darts in and out!

Allen Colby: (And ABOUT!)

Gentleman in black tie: Not at all Mr Colby. I am here to serve.

Allen Colby: AH!

Allen Colby: Very good, sir!

Allen Colby: I see that the clock in the corner is a few minutes off…maybe I can adjust it…?

Allen Colby: maybe not…!

Gentleman in black tie: Would the gentlemen desire any beverage before the serial begins?

Allen Colby: Hm…I don’t mind if I DO!

Kashimo!: Sasparilla, plz!

Allen Colby: Maybe something “Halloewwenish” for me…?

Allen Colby: By my typing, it seems I have already partaken!

Kashimo!: Sarsaparilla w/ dry ice?

Allen Colby: Perhaps aboard ship.

Allen Colby: That should do the “trick”, yes.

Gentleman in black tie: Sasaprilla for the Japanese gentleman. Coming right up. Perhaps a rum colilns for Mr. Colby.

Allen Colby: Perfecto, sir!

Gentleman in black tie: Quite so.

Allen Colby: I just heard talk in the seance room next door that we will begin watching the serial in about 5 minutes…

Allen Colby: Watch lip contact with that dry ice, Kashimo!

Kashimo!: I’m ready here!

Kashimo!: <psst> TY!

Gentleman in black tie: How mysterious! I will just tidy up the kitchen while we wait.

Allen Colby: I am ready, as well!

Allen Colby: Don’t be too long…you will miss the serial!

Allen Colby: Three minutes…

Allen Colby: According to the disembodied voice…

Allen Colby: The spirits say…”Two Minutes”…

Allen Colby: Do I hear…yes!…”ONE MINUTE”…!

Allen Colby: “45 seconds”

Gentleman in black tie: Spirits? How sinister. The other servants assure me that we are ready for whatever awaits.

Allen Colby: “30 seconds”

Allen Colby: 25….they say….

Allen Colby: 20….

Allen Colby: 15!

Allen Colby: 10!!

Allen Colby: 5!!!!

Allen Colby: GO!!!!!!

Allen Colby: n aeroplane flys by…a wave….

Gentleman in black tie: *administers Vallium to hysterical housemaid*

Allen Colby: BOMBS!

Allen Colby: Good idea, Gentlemen!

Allen Colby: “Chungking” chowmein…

Gentleman in black tie: I believe this was the commencement music at Eton when I graduated.

Allen Colby: Keye Luke…

Allen Colby: Yes, Gentleman?

Allen Colby: A ride in the country….of China…

Allen Colby: WOW!

Allen Colby: They must have been wearing seat belts!!!

Allen Colby: Phillip Ahn….

Gentleman in black tie: Nationalist China symbol on car!

Allen Colby: Indeed!

Allen Colby: Pre-1949.

Allen Colby: The Nationalist flag still files proudly over Taiwan.

Allen Colby: Translated: “SCRAM!”

Kashimo!: Pop!

Allen Colby: YES!

Allen Colby: Rickshaw license!

Gentleman in black tie: Yes, Mr. Colby Or as we might say in Britain: “shoo.”

Allen Colby: 🙂

Allen Colby: Haha…yes!

Allen Colby: Three Chan actors gathered.

Gentleman in black tie: I crave to serve those who ponder the Mandon Secret.

Allen Colby: Services appreciated, certainly!

Gentleman in black tie: A woman’s voice sounds from nearby: “What?”

Allen Colby: “The Black samurai”

Gentleman in black tie: Shout it from the rooftops? “If I had a hammer…”

Allen Colby: Oh, she’s in the seance room next door!

Gentleman in black tie: “All over this la-and…”

Gentleman in black tie: “OBT. Positive.”

Allen Colby: 🙂

Gentleman in black tie: *fizz, buzz* ODT, coming in feebly. Come in please.

Allen Colby: Tricked ’em!

Gentleman in black tie: ODT coming in faintly. We are completely duped. Will blunder into trap. Over and out.

Allen Colby: Over and WAY out!

Gentleman in black tie: Preesse to not shoot me. Ah so.

Allen Colby: “The penalty for failure is death”

Gentleman in black tie: Fräulen von Teufel!

Gentleman in black tie: The Evil Woman!

Allen Colby: Von Truffle?

Allen Colby: AH! Lee used that same whistle in….

Gentleman in black tie: Yum. Much sweeter than “of the Devil”

Allen Colby: recall?

Gentleman in black tie: Sounds yummy, Mr. Colby. *straightens tie* But, of course, I am here to serve.

Allen Colby: “On SECOND thought….”

Kashimo!: Not good marksmen

Allen Colby: Poorly trained henchmen!

Allen Colby: Just tear through the wall!

Kashimo!: Light a match

Allen Colby: Death trap!

Kashimo!: Jacks going for a swim

Gentleman in black tie: Quite so. A routine problem for an agent.

Allen Colby: Rising swords…

Gentleman in black tie: Rising swords. Sinking water. Feeble Japanese voice

Allen Colby: Until next week!

Allen Colby: “A Watery Grave.”

Kashimo!: What a sticky situation!

Allen Colby: THE END….for now!

Gentleman in black tie: “A Lame Conclusion” featuring “Smilin’ Jack”

Kashimo!: <clap-clap>

Eve Cairo has joined this room

Gentleman in black tie: *adjusts vest*

Allen Colby: Next week: “Smilin’ Jack Frowns!”

Kashimo!: Hello EC!

Eve Cairo: Good evening to all!

Gentleman in black tie: Pardon me, gentlemen. I was overcome with emotion. I shall not happen again.

Allen Colby: Eve Cairo, the illustrious reader of minds, has arrived!!!

Gentleman in black tie: Ah. Good evening, Ms. Cairo!

Lady Tiny has joined this room

Allen Colby: A hearty welcome to you, Madame!

Eve Cairo: Same to you!

Kashimo!: Hello LT!

Allen Colby: And…Lady Tiny!

Lady Tiny: I am here to dance my way through this party!

Gentleman in black tie: Is that your metronome or the beating of my heart that I hear, Ms. Cairo?

Allen Colby: NOW the party is getting some life!

Sgt. Reynolds has joined this room

Lady Tiny: Ready to dance the night away.

Allen Colby: Sgt. Reynolds….

Kashimo! has left this room

Eve Cairo has left this room

Gentleman in black tie: What is that I hear from my ankles? Ah! Lady Tiny!

Allen Colby: They are arriving like…released spirits from beyond!

Kashimo! has joined this room

Kashimo!: <psst> got booted!

Allen Colby: Welcome to all…!

Eve Cairo has joined this room

Sgt. Reynolds: Alright all women in swimsuits over to the beach plase.

Eve Cairo: got kicked off! I couldnt even forsee that!!!!

Kashimo!: Clue!

Allen Colby: Miss Cairo, I see that you have revived the “disappearing” act for this evening!

Allen Colby: BRAVO!

Eve Cairo: Yes!

Carlotta has joined this room

Sgt. Reynolds: Perhaps Dr. Zodiac interfered.

Kashimo!: Hello Carlotta!

Gentleman in black tie: tick tick tick…that metronome is quite seductive

Eve Cairo: Perhaps it was the work of Zodiac!

Carlotta: Hi

Carlotta: Good to see everyone

Gentleman in black tie: Good evening, Ms. Carlotta

Allen Colby: The spirits at the seance next door are saying….yes…”10 minutes until our feature…”

Sgt. Reynolds: Good job Kash should I take it to the station on my motorcycle?

Allen Colby: Ah..Carlotta!

Lady Tiny: The Great Lady Tiny says bring it on!

Allen Colby: A “kin” from my film!

Gentleman in black tie: Be wary of Carlotta’s short wave apparatus, Allen!

Allen Colby: It’s on its way, Lady Tiny!

Carlotta: I feel that this will be a fun night. The spirits say so.

Allen Colby: Yes, Gentlemen…do NOT touch those contacts!

Lady Tiny: My feet already hurt…

Sgt. Reynolds: So do Carlotta and Eve share a party line?

Allen Colby: I still think I should adjust that clock over in the corner….

Allen Colby: No….maybe not….

Gentleman in black tie: Perhaps I may procure a foot bath for Ms. Tiny?

Kashimo!: <pssssst> Cued!

Lady Tiny: You are truly a gentleman!

Eve Cairo: We should share a party line!

Gentleman in black tie: Mr. Colby. I was walking down the street one day.

Carlotta: Yes I agree Miss Cairo

Allen Colby: Make sure to use SIDE B!

Lady Tiny: I am always on Side B

Gentleman in black tie: I might ask, with trepidation, “Does anyone really know what time it is?”

Lady Tiny: Does anyone really Care?

Carlotta: lol

Eve Cairo: does anybody really care?

Sgt. Reynolds: Don’t worry Miss Tiny I can run you over to the beach on my motorcycle.

Carlotta: The spirits will guide us.

Gentleman in black tie: Ladies. We are, perhaps, dating ourselves.

Allen Colby: We care, Miss cairo!

Sgt. Reynolds: Yes Black tie. But it’s only that time in my time zone.

Lady Tiny: We date ourselves because no one else will date us

Carlotta: lol

Allen Colby: Good one, Lady Tiny!

Gentleman in black tie: I see. I’ll just tidy up the drawing room.

Allen Colby: “Four Minures….”

Allen Colby: Smelly!

Lady Tiny: Most men are too short for me. I like em big.

Allen Colby: Manures….

Sgt. Reynolds: Just enough time to search the room for attacking capes.

Gravelle has joined this room

Allen Colby: The spirits say….”THREE minutes…..”

Sgt. Reynolds: Hi Granelle

Gravelle: Good evening everyone!

Lady Tiny: Sing aay Gravelle!

Kashimo!: Hello, Gravelle!

Allen Colby: And….the great GRAVELLe has arrived…and, will he “sing tonight’?

Gentleman in black tie: Lady Tiny. You make me blush.

Carlotta: Hi Gravelle

Gravelle: Gravelle has larengitis

Lady Tiny: Blushinfg is good!

Gentleman in black tie: Ah! Mi accorda!

Gravelle: You would not want me to sing.


Allen Colby: I must say….your performance in “Carnival” brought down the house!

Allen Colby: 2 minutes….

Sgt. Reynolds: But does Gravelle have an opera cloack. I need to make sure there are no attacking capes or cloacks.

Gravelle: Untill someone shot me

Allen Colby: AH.

Allen Colby: 90 seconds say the disembodied ones…

Eve Cairo: Gravelle also has a snappy collar

Allen Colby: (A new group)

Gravelle: No cloak tonight, and I forgot the poofy collar

Allen Colby: One minute….I hear…

Allen Colby: 50 seconds….yes?

Allen Colby: 40 seconds sounds…

Allen Colby: 30 I hear…

Gentleman in black tie: *tick tick*

Allen Colby: 25!

Sgt. Reynolds: Poofy collars are o.k. I’ll head for the beach.

Allen Colby: 20!!

Gentleman in black tie: And what does the size say?

Allen Colby: 15!!!

Allen Colby: 10!!!!

Allen Colby: 5!!!!!

Allen Colby: GO!!!!!!!!


Allen Colby: The TITLE…..

Eve Cairo: love tha ambiance in this one!

Allen Colby: The MUSIC!

Eve Cairo: *the

Allen Colby: The CREDITS!!!!!

Sgt. Reynolds: So who handles the can tonight? AS Charlie’s assistant shouldn’t it be Kashimo?

Allen Colby: Kashimo! VERY scary!!!

Kashimo!: <ppppst> Hmmmm

Allen Colby: TheSENTENCE!!!

Allen Colby: “Sing-Sing.”

Lady Tiny: Death: you are so slimy.

Allen Colby: Gravelle, that’s right up your musical range, i believe!

Gentleman in black tie: Kashimo: Diligent but inept

Allen Colby: Death can be, Lady tiny!


Gentleman in black tie: Perhaps not an ideal can operator

Allen Colby: SHOTS!!!

Gentleman in black tie: Death, be a Lady?

Lady Tiny: Bang Bang

Sgt. Reynolds: An escape? To my motorcycle!

Gravelle: Nevermind the people across the street where the cops were shooting

Gentleman in black tie: Hop on, Sarge!

Allen Colby: The offiver firing from the window looked very familiar!

Allen Colby: Russell Hicks, maybe?

Gentleman in black tie: Gravelle: Collateral damage.

Allen Colby: SCREAM!!!

Lady Tiny: Marriage as a chamber of horrors? Yes

Gentleman in black tie: Chamber of Horrors. Marriage.

Allen Colby: I won’t let Colonel Tim know you said that, Lady Tiny!

Gentleman in black tie: Lady Tiny. Do tell.

Eve Cairo: Looks familiar to me

Lady Tiny: Tim knows it is true

Allen Colby: Yes.

Allen Colby: I suppose so.

Phil & Mrs Phil has joined this room

Sgt. Reynolds: Actually Tiny probably ha something like the chss player at the circus.

Allen Colby: Just tell him NOT to smoke those cigars in bed!

Allen Colby: NOT SAFE!

Carlotta: Hi M&M Phil

Phil & Mrs Phil: Allloooohhhaaaa! to all my Chan friends

Lady Tiny: Yes Allen. Stinky

Allen Colby: And that, too!

Sgt. Reynolds: Hi Phil type people.

Gentleman in black tie: Lilli Lattimer. Ultimate Chan Heart-throb.

Lady Tiny: The Phils are in disguise as…the Phils!

Gravelle: I didn’t think anyone was allowed in without a costume 

Gentleman in black tie: Hello Phil x 2!

Allen Colby: Phil and Mrs. Phil….I missed your arrival….welcome to our night of fright!

Lady Tiny: Gravelle, you need to do your thing and do them in.

Kashimo!: Mr is Mrs & vise versa?

Phil & Mrs Phil: Oh, that’s right! We’re doing the Halloween thing. Dang, I forgot all about it.

Gentleman in black tie: Perhaps the Phils are disguised as Mike n Rachel???

Eve Cairo: Ha!

Gentleman in black tie: Bwaaaahhh

Gravelle: Now did I ever actually kill anyone?

Phil & Mrs Phil: What’s our time, please?

Lady Tiny: I wonder what the Phils thought when they saw all these weird names! And if I remember correctly, they did the same thing last year???

Allen Colby: Well…you came as two Chan Family Members!

Gentleman in black tie: No, Gravelle. Just a couple of mediocre arias.

Allen Colby: That works!

Allen Colby: 🙂

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yes yes yes, I did the same thing last year.

Gravelle: Who are you calling mediocre?

Allen Colby: Willie Fern.

Gravelle: They were great!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Now, what’s our time please?

Gentleman in black tie: Between disguises and COVID masks this is a little confusing.

Allen Colby: 8:10

Allen Colby: 8:20

Gentleman in black tie: Now, please allow me to take orders for beverages.

Allen Colby: 8:30

Gentleman in black tie: Rum Collins perhaps? Gin fizz?

Allen Colby: I could use a refill, please….

Lady Tiny: I would like a mimosa

Gravelle: I have a nice hot cuppa tea.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Once more please.

Allen Colby: Good choice, Gravelle, after that walk you made in the rain!

Gentleman in black tie: Coming right up, Mr. Colby. I’m sure Mr. Narrvo will be here momentarily…ah…oops.

Kashimo!: Fill er up <hic>

Lady Tiny: Another lady reporter

Allen Colby: 9:45

Allen Colby: Try to say that one five time fast!

Gentleman in black tie: Yes, Mr. Kashimo. Another flask of sake coming!

Allen Colby: “This is Dr. Cream of the Cream Crime Museum”

Lady Tiny: psychocriminology

Phil & Mrs Phil: TYSM

Gentleman in black tie: Warmed to 98.º Fahrenheit, of course.

Lady Tiny: Sake sake sake!

Sgt. Reynolds: Doe the Cream Crime Museum have a Crème Crime Commission?

Eve Cairo: chip off chopstick

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yes, and it’s the de la Creme

Allen Colby: Lady Tiny, that might be something for Kashimo!

Sgt. Reynolds: Thank you Tiny, but I’m on duty. Back to the beach.

Gentleman in black tie: How much Créme would a Creme Crime Creme if a Creme Crime would Cream Crime?

Allen Colby: Joseph Rocke.

Lady Tiny: Oh my, Gentleman, you are making ME bluish…

Allen Colby: “Joe Rrrrrocke…”

Gentleman in black tie: In-sin-ooo-ate

Gentleman in black tie: Lady T. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Please wait until I am off duty. 😉

Phil & Mrs Phil: Hey, they go on at 8:15 too – just like us.

Allen Colby: Ladies…please forgive Mr. Chan for being from 1940….

Allen Colby: “Come clean…”

Allen Colby: A good title for a Laurel and Hardy movie!

Gentleman in black tie: Come clean?

Lady Tiny: I can’t stand it!!! No one should be named “Cream.”

Phil & Mrs Phil: Or “Come crean” if you’re CC

Man in white t-shirt has joined this room

Gentleman in black tie: Not in a PG-rated environment, LT.

Man in white t-shirt: Whoops – sorry didn’t know you were shooting here

Gentleman in black tie: Hello Man in WTS!

Eve Cairo: love this atmosphere! Noir!

Gentleman in black tie: CUT!

Allen Colby: VERY!

Lady Tiny: Gee, another Man in a shirt

Man in white t-shirt: Sorry!

Gentleman in black tie: Who is this guy in the underwear?

Gentleman in black tie: I know, I know. His name is Smith.

Man in white t-shirt: Just happened to be strolling by

Allen Colby: AH!

Gentleman in black tie: Lilli!!!!!

Lady Tiny: I would like to see a mashup of all the plastic surgery scenes in Chan movies!

Allen Colby: Welcome to you Man in the white t-shirt!

Phil & Mrs Phil: That’s where I’d want to be in a rainstorm.

Gentleman in black tie: Definitely, P&MP

Lady Tiny: Shiny coat

Allen Colby: I believe I caught a glimpse of you on a beach….

Eve Cairo: I just wish I was as cool as that cigarette holder

Lady Tiny: Yes Eve

Gentleman in black tie: She is sooo cool.

Sgt. Reynolds: Well I can’t say I like driving on the beach in the rain. I best check out the museum.

Allen Colby: Pull up a chair to our table of ghoulish spirits…

Man in white t-shirt: And – as rapidly as I arrived, I must leave. Packing the car. Will catch up with this fun crowd next week.

Lady Tiny: She belongs in one of the exhibits

Allen Colby: Yes she does!

Lady Tiny: Bye Man

Sgt. Reynolds: Night Tshirt

Gentleman in black tie: Glad you could drop in! See you!

Allen Colby: Okay…Man….Angel?

Man in white t-shirt: Good bye

Carlotta: Nice to see you

Sgt. Reynolds: Black tie and whoite shirt. Does no one have pants?

Eve Cairo: Good bye

Man in white t-shirt has left this room

Gentleman in black tie: Pants? Who needs pants around here??

Gentleman in black tie: *blushes*

Gentleman in black tie: *flees into dressing room*

Sgt. Reynolds: Careful you might find Gravelle in there.

Gentleman in black tie: EEEEEEEEE

Eve Cairo: true!

Gravelle: I promise not to look

Gentleman in black tie: too late…

Gravelle: ugh

Gentleman in black tie: I KNEW I should have got those boxers

Allen Colby: “Knock, knock”

Sgt. Reynolds: Fortunatly a gentleman doesn’t dress and tell.

Sgt. Reynolds: “Who’s there?”

Allen Colby: Jimmy nearly got it!

Gentleman in black tie: It’s all about the garters, Sgt.

Lady Tiny: This is actually a spooky movie!

Carlotta: lots of thunder

Gentleman in black tie: It’s a perfect combination of Chan, film noir and comedy

Allen Colby: “McBirney.”

Sgt. Reynolds: Don’t worry Tiny I don’t just protect women in swimsuits at the beach. Only mostly:)

Gravelle: I’m surprised they didn’t here Jimmy yell

Gentleman in black tie: Wow. She is cute.

Allen Colby: yes, Gravelle!

Lady Tiny: Sgt. Reynolds, I m ay have to report you

Allen Colby: Tom “Spiro” Agnew.

Gentleman in black tie: Bluebeard of Paris.

Sgt. Reynolds: I’ll put your report in my report. Kashimo make note.

Gentleman in black tie: Arrested in 1919.

Gentleman in black tie: “Mr. Chan. Ich bin hier.”

Allen Colby: Gentleman, he’d be lost in the kaliedescope of hair colors today!

Gentleman in black tie: Rock? “I AM A ROCK. I am an island…”

Allen Colby: 🙂

Lady Tiny: Are we singing again?

Sgt. Reynolds: Rock and Roll

Gravelle: I only sing opera

Allen Colby: Law firm.

Lady Tiny: Why is she biting her hand?

Gentleman in black tie: Yes, Lady T. This movie is lame in terms of musical score. Sort of an audience participation event…

Allen Colby: Tending to a small wound.

Lady Tiny: Yes, we provide our own music!

Eve Cairo: “just a scratch”

Gentleman in black tie: *raises eyebrows seductively* “It’s just a little blood, Mr. Chan”

Allen Colby: Von Brom has the proverbial light bulb go off!

Sgt. Reynolds: Well he did play a werewolf.

Gentleman in black tie: Yes, Ms. Cairo. Perhaps one could probe beyond the ‘scratch?’

Lady Tiny: Painful memories…I have these…from all the times I was nearly stepped on by tall people.

Gentleman in black tie: You are among friends now, Lady Tiny.

Sgt. Reynolds: Is that what got you into being such a talented dancer Tiny?

Eve Cairo: absolutely!

Lady Tiny: I always have to look up!

Allen Colby: The new warden.

Allen Colby: 8:18…

Allen Colby: 8:19…

Gentleman in black tie: Won’t that plastic thing melt if he throws the switch?

Allen Colby: We shall see….

Allen Colby: Marshmallows, anyone?

Lady Tiny: …lights?

Phil & Mrs Phil: Out go the lights

Gentleman in black tie: bzzzt, fzzzt, *melt* frrzzt, *fumes*

Kashimo!: Whats that smell?

Lady Tiny: fall already

Allen Colby: He fell.

Kashimo!: psssst…<tin can>

Phil & Mrs Phil: cue the can

Allen Colby: Thank you, Kashimo!

Allen Colby: Well done!

Gentleman in black tie: Very bad form to have marshmellow roast at execution.

Lady Tiny: So that’s where the music went

Gentleman in black tie: …but clearly worst aspect of lethal injection…

Allen Colby: yes, by why waste all that electricity?

Allen Colby: (but)

Lady Tiny: darts, again. How many real dart murders there ave bene?

Allen Colby: Oh, those Dyak headhunters!

Allen Colby: Good question.

Sgt. Reynolds: Sorry Mr. Colby Dyak is outside my jurisdiction.

Gentleman in black tie: Mr. Colby: I believe this is similar to the apparatus your son used at the haunted house.

Allen Colby: There was an ATTEMPT with a dart on Charlie Chan in “Charlie Chan in London.”

Gravelle: Wasn’t there one in the Jade Mask?

Allen Colby: Then, there was the dummy dart device in “The Jade Mask.”

Gentleman in black tie: True, Mr. Colby, but that dart was the size of the Queen Mary.

Gentleman in black tie: Looked like the Graf Zeppelin

Allen Colby: A dart is a dart, sir! It’s all poison to ME!

Sgt. Reynolds: Not many. There are notes on the poision dart frog, bit not poision art murder.

Gentleman in black tie: Poison? Or Poisson?

Allen Colby: AH!

Lady Tiny: I am inside…I am the only one who can fit.

Allen Colby: The mechanical chess player….JIMMY!

Eve Cairo: POP

Allen Colby: Yes, lady…but Jimmy managed somehow!

Sgt. Reynolds: Here Black Tie, just take this pill, and don’t worry about it. 🙂

Allen Colby: Shoplifting at automat.

Lady Tiny: Jimmy learned some twisty tricks from Sue Toy

Allen Colby: Through Lee!

Gentleman in black tie: Lady Tiny: This is a family show.

Sgt. Reynolds: Shoplifting? To my motorcycle!

Allen Colby: The “Lady in Black.”

Lady Tiny: Yeah a family show, but my family is more bizarre than yours. Circus folks after all.

Allen Colby: Mrs. Joe Rocke.

Sgt. Reynolds: Long as the permits are in order let the circus commence

Eve Cairo: haha LT

Allen Colby: Thank you, Sgt. reynolds!

Allen Colby: “The show must go on!”

Sgt. Reynolds: Just doing my duty.

Lady Tiny: Mrs. Rock, Mrs. Boulder, and Mrs. Dirt walked into a bar…I can’t remember the punchline.

Allen Colby: “Suspicion is only toy of fools.”

Allen Colby: Jimmy deserts his post.

Allen Colby: The Chan figure.

Allen Colby: Nice dreary, stormy night!

Sgt. Reynolds: Which will of course be completely unimportant, and never come up again.

Gravelle: Slap!

Allen Colby: We shall see, Sgt.!

Allen Colby: You have the badge, though!

Sgt. Reynolds: True, but I’m out of my jurisdiction. Not as much as Chan or Kashimo though

Allen Colby: “Red” Maddox.

Phil & Mrs Phil: “Evil Choir Boy”

Allen Colby: Jimmy comes through.

Lady Tiny: Trap door!

Allen Colby: Dr. Cream, caught in a lie, starts talking up a storm!

Lady Tiny: There is an artist in everyone…

Allen Colby: Yes, Lady T.

Phil & Mrs Phil: BINGO!

Allen Colby: MacBirney will NOT be happy with Miss Latimer!

Allen Colby: Butcher Dagan.

Lady Tiny: tonga?

Allen Colby: Tonga!

Sgt. Reynolds: Headquarters has called me in. Before I leave anyone care to guess what my other name is?

Lady Tiny: Gee Sarge, I’m stumped

Allen Colby: “NO! It was my brother, BRYL!”

Sgt. Reynolds: Well with no guesses I guess I was just………….Nothere:)

Allen Colby: “I don’t know, you idiot!” Or… “I don’t know you, idiot!”

Eve Cairo: I almost guessed that!

Lady Tiny: I tried Nothere!

Carlotta: very good Nothere

Sgt. Reynolds: Happy Halloween and see you all later. Whoever you are.

Eve Cairo: nice job nothere

Allen Colby: YES!

Allen Colby: Had me stumped, too!

Sgt. Reynolds has left this room

Allen Colby: I should probably remind everyone that next week, it’s MELBOURNE CUP NIGHT!

Allen Colby: Another lights out situation!

Lady Tiny: Time for gambling

Kashimo!: Pop!

Allen Colby: Dr. Cream obviously had a key to the cuffs.

Allen Colby: Yes, lady Tiny!

Allen Colby: And, our film will be: “Charlie Chan at the Race Track.”

Lady Tiny: I guess 3 times Pop has used that same trick

Allen Colby: We have been doing this since the beginning…2000.

Allen Colby: And, the winner receives the silver half-dollar!

Allen Colby: Now…back to our murderous finale…

Man in white t-shirt has joined this room

Man in white t-shirt: And me?

Allen Colby: And YOU!

Eve Cairo: love the chinese when Jimmy speaks it

Kashimo!: pssssst….<tin can>

Allen Colby: Yes, Eve!

Allen Colby: Dr. Cream’s signature: XXXXX

Lady Tiny: Bad face lift

Allen Colby: WET out there!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Betcha that guy’s butt got all wet.

Phil & Mrs Phil: He probably only wanted to shoot that scene once.

Allen Colby: ALL wet!


Allen Colby: Either way, Cream is in a LOT of trouble!

Gentleman in black tie: Back room? WIndow?

marcycloud has joined this room

Allen Colby: So is Lilli Latimer.

marcycloud: Boo!

Allen Colby: Marcycloud!

Allen Colby: Happy Halloween to you!

Gentleman in black tie: True, Mr.Colby

marcycloud: To you Alll Tooo!

Allen Colby: Sorry, we are all in virtual costume tonight!

Gentleman in black tie: Happy Halloween, MC!

Lady Tiny: Too many characters in this one

Allen Colby: Happy you could stop by!

marcycloud: ahhhh, i just noticed…haha

Allen Colby: They are ALL Dagan!

Lady Tiny: I’m Dagan, you’re Dagan, we are all Dagan

Gentleman in black tie: SHE’s Deagen? Gender identy crisis.

Man in white t-shirt: Excuse me while I slip past this camera

marcycloud: yup. busy here..hopefully i remember next week!

Allen Colby: Next week, MC….

Allen Colby: “Melbourne Cup Night.”

Allen Colby: With “Charlie Chan at the Race Track.”

Carlotta: YAY

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yeah, next week I’m coming dressed up as somebody else.

Allen Colby: MC, are you on our weekly newsletter list?

Gentleman in black tie: $0.50 on Hellcat

Allen Colby: 🙂

marcycloud: yes!

Allen Colby: Very good!

Allen Colby: Then you will receive the details!

Gentleman in black tie: Excuse me, Mr. Chan. That dart is not made of bamboo

Allen Colby: “Who will win the silver half-dollar?”

Allen Colby: Agnew is Dagan!

marcycloud: was just going thru emails and said oh…cr*p…gotta get here if u’all still on…

Lady Tiny: the dart wins

Gentleman in black tie: Mrs. Rock is…oof…still Mrs. Rock

Allen Colby: Yes.

Allen Colby: No change…

marcycloud: Have Fun y’all. c ya next wk

Lady Tiny: She still belongs in “Rebecca”

Gentleman in black tie: Bye MC!

Eve Cairo: Im due to win—20th time is the charm!

Allen Colby: Good night, MC!

Gentleman in black tie: Where is Lili???

marcycloud has left this room

Allen Colby: Ready?

Allen Colby: KICK!!!

Lady Tiny: Hah!!!

Allen Colby: Poor POP!

Allen Colby: THE END….

Gentleman in black tie: *polite applause*

Eve Cairo: clapclapclap

Allen Colby: 🙂

Gentleman in black tie: Very entertaining

Kashimo!: Pssssst….<yee=haw>

Allen Colby: And a few SCREAMS and shrieks…

Eve Cairo: eve cairo is………Fredsmom!!!!!

Allen Colby: well, I was obviously…Rush….

Gentleman in black tie: FM?

Gentleman in black tie: Wow!

Lady Tiny: Matt is Koshimo?

Allen Colby: Got me, FM!

Eve Cairo: yes!

Kashimo!: Yep!

Gentleman in black tie: No cans to betray the disguise?

Lady Tiny: GS is Gravelle?

Gravelle: Nope

Kashimo!: I tin canned!

Gravelle: I thought Rush was Kashimo

Kashimo!: Gravelle….Louise?

Gentleman in black tie: My apologies. I must have been polishing the silver.

Gravelle: nope

Lady Tiny: I thought Gravelle was Koshimo/.,.

Allen Colby: Louise….Lady Tiny?

Kashimo!: Who’s on first?

Allen Colby: gentleman…your true ID?

Carlotta: lol

Gravelle: whats on second

Gentleman in black tie: Gravelle. Perhaps NT?

Lady Tiny: Yess, Allen you have outed Lady Tiny!

Kashimo!: Gentleman=Mike?

Gentleman in black tie: Ah. Doffs virtual cap.

Gentleman in black tie: Rachel forbore to don a disguise.

Allen Colby: NICE job, Mike!

Gravelle: NT was someone else

Man in white t-shirt: And?

Allen Colby: Angel?

Gentleman in black tie: Boggs, sir. Robert Boggs. From Chan in NY.

Lady Tiny: I guess Phil and Mrs Phile are really Chan and Mrs Chan? Am I playing this wrong???

Allen Colby: Good guess, Lady T!

Gentleman in black tie: Lady Tiny is Angel?

Lady Tiny: No, I am Louise

Gentleman in black tie: Ah. Excellent disguise.

Allen Colby: AH! Louise!

Allen Colby: NICE!

Gravelle: who is carlotta

Carlotta: who is Eve?

Gravelle: ?

Eve Cairo: all well played. I have missed yall so much! Fredsmombids you farewell and a Happy Halloween-stay safe until we meet again!

Lady Tiny: Who is Gravelle?

Gentleman in black tie: Eve – GS?

Kashimo!: Another very good annual gathering!

Allen Colby: And was Carlotta unmasked?

Eve Cairo: eve is fredsmom

Carlotta: Carlotta=Dona

Gravelle: I’m Cdirus

Gentleman in black tie: Love the unmasking of the masked

Lady Tiny: Hah! good on you CD

Gentleman in black tie: Hi CD!

Allen Colby: AH!

Eve Cairo: Goodnite all!

Kashimo!: Got to run, but have a great week folks…..Been fun!

Gravelle: Hi guys!

Man in white t-shirt: GS = Man in White shirt – I’m in Indiana again packing to head home

Allen Colby: And White T-shirt?

Lady Tiny: bye eve

Gentleman in black tie: Sorry, FM. Got confused there.

Kashimo!: Psssssssssssssst!

Allen Colby: GS!!!

Gravelle: Good one GS

Allen Colby: WOW!

Gentleman in black tie: Ah. Hi GS. Should have recognized the t-shirt.

Carlotta: Fun time everyone. See you at the races!

Allen Colby: Carlotta was…

Phil & Mrs Phil has left this room

Man in white t-shirt: Since I could only drop by – a character who drops by

Allen Colby: Sorry, I missed.

Gentleman in black tie: Always a fun evening…but even more so on Halloween!

Lady Tiny: I think the unmasking is as much fun as the movie!

Kashimo! has left this room

Gravelle: Yep

Allen Colby: Me too!

Eve Cairo has left this room

Gentleman in black tie: Agreed, Lady Tiny

Carlotta has left this room

Gravelle: See you guys next week! Gotta go.

Gentleman in black tie: Thanks for everything Rush! What a wonderful tradition.

Lady Tiny: And so, a tiny good evening and Happy Halloween to you all.

Gentleman in black tie: Until next week.

Allen Colby: Take SCARE!

Man in white t-shirt: Night all – back to packing

Gentleman in black tie: Boo!

Gravelle has left this room

Man in white t-shirt has left this room

Allen Colby: See you next week…at the race track!

Allen Colby: Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Gentleman in black tie has left this room

Lady Tiny has left this room

Allen Colby: Good night, Louise!

Allen Colby has left this room

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